Mushi-Shi (2005) s01e06 Episode Script

Kiri o sû gun

Today, as everyday,
the sun rises and sets
Morning blossoms fall flower by flower
Today, as everyday,
the sun sets and rises
Flowers bloom throughout the area
But they are not yesterday's flowers
Hey, aren't we there yet?
We're almost there.
Uhm, since the doctor introduced you,
you must be one, too, right?
No, I'm a mushi-shi
Don't look so worried
From what I heard, this is
definitely my area of expertise.
I'm sorry. It's the first time
I've heard that term, so
Oh, I see it now!
"Those Who Inhale the Dew"
Did you know, Akoya?
Across the sea, there's a big,
beautiful land
where everyone lives happily.
Let's go there someday
I'll take you there.
So, don't look so sad
Say, why aren't you getting
the boat closer to the island?
The tide will change soon
This area has complicated currents
The currents are fast and powerful as well.
We can enter the island
only on the day of the spring tide
for only a short time.
I see it doesn't look easy to get in
Watch your head.
Are you a fisherman or something?
There are no fishermen on this island
because boats can set sail safely
only one day each month.
Nothing but rocks
Yes, there is very little soil,
so people on this island are poor.
They're all getting by somehow
having the "living god"
as their emotional support
"Living god"?
Somebody's there! Hide!
I'm sorry you can't eat this.
We have to give this to the "living god"
so that she'll heal your illness.
Now, get up on my back.
You'll feel much better soon for sure.
Hey, why do we have to hide?
The one I want you to
take a look at is that "living god".
She used to be an ordinary human!
Please help her!
Everyone is just being duped.
That's her
Next to her, is her father,
the present head of the household
Everyday, a "miracle" happens to her.
Today is the day that her believers
can pay their respects.
Her breathing has
completely stopped as well.
Did you see it?
So you can't see it
Now, breathe in the fragrance deeply.
It will take away your
inner pain and illnesses
It's the divine powers of
the immortal "living god".
Later, she returns to the way she was.
At dawn, she awakens as though
nothing had happened.
It was exactly as you said
But I admit, I was still surprised.
That cures people's illnesses?
It's all a sham!
My mom died without being healed
even though we offered nearly
our entire harvest to the "living god".
That "living god" worship was started by
the headman and his family on this island.
It's said the headman's family
read the tides
and were first to land on the island.
Since then, generation after generation
of "living god" has appeared in their family.
People heard about it, and gradually began
coming here, yearning for a miracle.
When one "living god" dies,
another appears
before even half a year has passed.
As time went on, some people said
the "living god's" fragrance cured
even their terminal illnesses.
I was very reluctant to believe it
Playing with an outsider again?
Come. I have important business with you.
It was about a month after
the previous "living god" had died.
I remember it was on the day
of the spring tide, like yesterday.
And, since that day
she became that inhuman thing
that can't communicate, or even remember
what happened the previous day.
I learned what it was all about
shortly thereafter.
Oh so someone recovered
from their illness again?
How simple those people are that they can
be cured just by the power of suggestion.
Akoya wasn't a bright child,
but she must be happy to be able
to do her part for the family.
I couldn't forgive them So I left
to find someone who could help Akoya.
I left the island,
saying I would never return.
If he found out I was back, the headman
would be suspicious of me.
To be honest, you're in danger,
as well, Ginko-san.
What have I gotten myself into
I don't want to give in
without doing something!
Well, count me in.
So, let me have a look at her soon.
Her pulse is abnormally fast
Her body temperature, too,
is far above normal.
It's almost time
Hold the light close.
Excuse me for a moment
There it is A mushi
An offspring was born and its parent died.
What did you see?
The cause is a parasite in the nasal cavity.
But I don't know if removing it
will bring her back to normal
Is this girl the only one affected?
There are several others.
They're kept in isolation
on that promontory.
All of them are like Akoya.
Since the old days, people like them
turned up once in great while.
Each of the past headmen praised them
and gave them homes here
as devout believers who were
able to be close the "living god".
The families they left behind
gave them their blessings,
believing their bloodline produced
someone free from all suffering.
After all that, we found nothing new.
Say, didn't she become affected
on the day of the spring tide?
Can you think of any place accessible
only during the spring tide?
The cave at the very tip
of the promontory
Over there.
Are you looking for something?
Look This guy has been
attacked by parasites, too
There should be more.
See if you can find
some more around this area.
I found two more.
Good. Leave them here.
I found a cure.
It's going to be okay, Akoya.
Keep still.
It'll be over in an instant.
Here it is.
Na gi?
Akoya! You're okay!
I'm so glad!
I see but why did Father?
Akoya, let's leave the island
There're three days left
until the next spring tide.
You must keep the fact that you've
been healed a secret from the headman.
But I love this island.
I'm sure Father will admit he was wrong.
My leaving will only cause someone else
to become the "living god".
Then you should remove
the cause from the island
to stop the abuse of mushi on the island.
Do you remember what happened on
the day you became the "living god"?
That day, Father summoned me
Look, I picked this just for you.
It's lovely
Doesn't it smell wonderful?
Breathe it in.
A flower resembling bindweed blossoms
with a strong fragrance?
I've seen them in the promontory cave.
They were blooming in the dark.
Are they the cause?
In three days?
Yes. In any case, we can't
let the headman find out.
Akoya, act like you're
the "living god" until then
What's the matter?
Still not feeling like yourself?
Somehow I feel so uneasy
When I was the "living god",
I could always close my eyes
with such a feeling of satisfaction
when I began to grow older at sunset
and began to fall asleep
But now I'm afraid
When I awake, the reality that I left behind
yesterday is waiting for me.
I cringe at the immense amount of time
that spreads out endlessly before me
Perhaps you were living on mushi time.
That mushi harmonizes its
host's biological clock with its own.
All living things have different life spans,
but it's said the number of heartbeats
in their lifetimes are about the same.
That is, time runs at
a different rate for each.
The life span of that mushi is about a day.
You experienced that every day.
I see, maybe that's why
Each and every day
and every passing hour
felt breathtakingly fresh
When I tried to think
I couldn't keep up
I always
felt fulfilled in my heart
In another hour or so,
we'll be able to go in.
Oh, it's odd
By this time you should be old and weak
F- Father I don't know how,
but I'm healed
Silence! I hear Nagi is back.
You know where he went, don't you?
Oh today is the
spring tide day, isn't it?
Bindweed blossoms in the dark
What a strong fragrance.
So this part is the mushi's nest
I guess animal hosts must ensure
better survival of their young
"Living god"! Where are you going?
Please tell me where
the promontory cave is!
Hey, the "living god" spoke
I'm sorry I'll explain everything, so
save Nagi!
Nagi, what are you doing here?
Why you! How could you!?
Stop it. What're you going to do?
Leave him alone. They don't
have much time left, anyway
Those who continue
to use mushi carelessly
gradually lose their sanity
You guys will eventually be ruined
You're unfit for handling mushi.
He's provoking them
I wonder if he has a plan
Now then, Nagi
- Yes?
- Let's make a run for it!
- After them!
- Yes, sir.
Make sure the bodies don't surface.
Well then
He was holding a flower!
Yeah Just like Akoya-dono said
Looks like we lost them,
but the tide is rising.
Damn! We'll last another hour at most
There's someone there
I found them! Nagi and his friend!
Hey down there! Stand clear!
We're going to widen the opening!
I killed him
Look, I picked this just for you.
Don't look so sad
Doesn't it smell wonderful?
Breathe it in.
Forgive me Nagi
Over there I can go on living
It's more firmly embedded
than the first time!
Removing it will be
It's okay
because Akoya only appeared happy
from the bottom of her heart
when she was the "living god"
Today, as everyday,
the sun rises and sets
Morning blossoms fall flower by flower
Today, as everyday,
the sun sets and rises
Flowers bloom throughout the area
But they are not yesterday's flowers
Yet today's flowers are just as beautiful
That day, Ginko-san missed
the spring tide
so he stayed on the island for a month.
During that time, he was able to treat
everyone living on the promontory.
But each spring tide
when the cave was exposed,
someone became a "living god" once again.
Several probably don't
appreciate the treatment
Eventually, they'll breathe
the flowers again
Akoya told me
I'm afraid
I cringe at the immense amount of time
that spreads out endlessly before me
We're not all that different
I don't know what to live for from now on
Just live a normal life.
Life will be somewhat easier
once you're able to fish
Work with others to open up that cave so
you can set boats out to sea at any time.
It won't be easy
But you have before you
an infinitely large amount of time.
"Those Who Inhale the Dew"
"Those Who Inhale the Dew"
When There's Rain, There's A Rainbow
"When There's Rain, There's A Rainbow"
When There's Rain, There's A Rainbow
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