Mushi-Shi (2005) s01e07 Episode Script

Ame ga kuru niji ga tatsu

It's letting up
This one's close!
Don't disappear!
Don't disappear
Please don't disappear.
"When There's Rain, There's A Rainbow"
Can I join you?
You're telling me.
I couldn't even see in front me.
I wonder when it'll stop
It'll rain like this
for at least another hour.
Hm? You a merchant?
If you've got food, sell me something.
The long rain ruined everything I had.
No, this is empty
and I'm not a merchant.
Huh? Then what're you
planning to put inside?
That's a huge jar.
I'll tell you, mister
a corpse A corpse.
A rainbow
I'm on a journey to
bring home a rainbow in this.
That's a good one Hey, tell us
why you're doing such a thing.
I could use something to cure the boredom.
It was when I was just a kid
Kenro! Stop your pa!
Pa, not again!? Stop it!
Oh, the rain is coming
the rain is coming
A rainbow will appear
Honey!? Honey!
Ever since I could remember, my father
would suddenly become a different person
when he sensed a coming rain.
He would run about so happily
in the fields and mountains
and not come back home for several days.
He was strange like that.
Then, several days later,
someone'd find him stuck in the mud,
or he'd just pop in at home.
And on those days when it didn't rain,
he would drink enough water to shower in.
I can't tell you how embarrassing this is!
It'd be better if you never came back.
I don't know myself
what's happened to me
From the time I saw that rainbow
There's no such rainbow!
You've lost your mind that's all it is!
Say, Pa
Is it fun when you run around in the rain?
Well it's fun beyond description
Then, I'll do it, too.
You mustn't. Ma will yell at you.
Then tell me again about the rainbow.
Keep this a secret from Ma.
That day was the day
before you were born
The day the flood waters finally retreated.
Damn after all the work
we did building it
There's nothing we can do about it
It probably means we didn't
think it through hard enough.
But I don't think we could
build a bridge stronger than that
A rainbow It's so vivid.
He said that when he looked more closely,
the rainbow was growing
out of the riverbank right nearby.
They say if you dig at the foot
of a rainbow, you'll find treasure
It disapp
After that, the rainbow
began appearing somewhere
after every rainfall.
It changed it's form every time
It entertained Pa, but the others
apparently couldn't see it.
The only one who showed any reaction
was me, though I was still an infant.
But then one day,
the rainbow seemed so far away
Since then, it never appeared again
And I feel parched no matter
how much water I drink
My body becomes restless
from deep inside
on days when it looks like it's gonna rain.
The next thing I know I'm running
about the hills and plains
And in these moments of sanity
I long so long for that rainbow
The whereabouts of that rainbow
I want to go and find it someday.
But soon, Pa became bedridden.
Even then, he'd struggle to
go outside before every rain.
In the end, he became
too weak to even stand.
Pa, your water
I want to see that rainbow
So here I am on a journey to,
somehow or other,
find that rainbow and show it to Pa.
So, you plan to grab the rainbow
with both hands?
I won't know until I actually see it.
Oh yeah, that's true
Oh, it's down to a drizzle
I guess I'll be on my way now
Your story had a weak ending.
Well, take care.
Well, I'll be going, too.
Hey, wait up.
If you're going to look for
that rainbow, you should go that way.
That wasn't just a tall story, was it?
What your father saw
is a mushi called Kouda.
(Kou = rainbow; da = snake)
I've only seen it once before, too.
I've always wanted to see
its base rooted to the ground.
So if you'd like, I'll help you out.
My compensation, you pay
for my meals during that time.
Oh, and about that big jar, sell it.
I don't think it'll be of any help.
Well? What're you going to do?
First of all, normal rainbows can
only be seen with the sun at your back.
But Kouda appear regardless of that.
And also
The order of the colors is reversed.
If you don't check that first,
you'll be chasing rainbows forever.
Hey, you said your name was Ginko, right?
You must have some reason
to be traveling, too
Why help a passerby like me?
Like I said, I want
to see it, too. That's all.
I'm not traveling for any special purpose.
But I can't be searching for Kouda forever.
So let's see if we don't find it
by the first day of autumn, I'll quit.
How's that sound?
Apparently, like rainbows,
it appears often after the rain stops.
We'll have to move about
by reading the rain.
I've learned quite a bit about it.
There won't be any rain around here
for quite some time.
Look there are clouds
around that mountain.
It'll rain in that area tomorrow.
I haven't just been
walking aimlessly about
There it is!
No, that's an ordinary rainbow.
That isn't it, either.
Well, I expected this to happen
When you look for something,
you don't find it.
How long has it been
since you began your journey?
It's been five years
Five years
Hey, that story about showing it
to your bedridden father
That was a lie, wasn't it?
No one would travel five years
with sick family at home.
Wanting to show it to Pa wasn't a lie.
But that isn't what got me
started on my quest.
Did I tell you my name?
Hm? No.
It's Koro.
(Ko = rainbow; Ro = man)
It's a name that always
reminds people of my father,
who wandered about in search of rainbows.
Because of my name, I was
the laughingstock of the village.
In a western province,
there is a famous rogue river.
I come from a long line of bridge builders
who built the bridge
that spanned that river.
No matter how many times we rebuilt it,
floods washed the bridge away each time.
Everyone had high hopes for Pa, though.
My older brother, who followed
in Pa's footsteps, was very talented.
Each time it was destroyed,
he designed a more solid bridge.
I didn't have an ounce of his talent.
After tearing a tendon, I lost
the full use of my left hand.
I'm worse than second-rate
as a carpenter as well
Before I knew it, the only place
for me was at Pa's side.
I couldn't stand it, so I ran away.
Then, after all that, what is your reason
for searching for the rainbow?
Each time I saw a rainbow, I couldn't
keep myself from chasing after it.
Don't disappear!
Don't disappear
I wanted to confirm what Pa said.
I also wanted to say to the people
who laughed at Pa and me,
"This was the cause."
But even though I left the village,
I'm still a loser.
I needed some sort of goal in my life.
I couldn't go on living
just for living's sake.
A goal, eh?
You said you were traveling
without a purpose
I suppose you have your reasons.
Traveling about is not an easy life.
Can a person keep on
traveling about without a purpose?
Well, sometimes I do want to take a rest
When I feel that way,
I set a goal like this.
Then that creates
some leisure time like this.
Those who "live for living's sake"
have no leisure time, so
I'm very serious about what I'm doing
but for you it's a diversion?
I am taking this very seriously, too.
It's an issue of attitude.
What's that supposed to mean?
Relaxing is one of life's pressing issues.
And besides, I think it's a
more honest motivation than yours.
All you're doing is torturing yourself by
chasing after rainbows to ease your guilt.
What a waste
You should've set roots anywhere
and discarded your past.
I know
But I can't that's why I'm here.
But maybe it's time to put an end to that.
I think I'll quit after the
first day of autumn, as well.
Hey, wait up!
Oh, you have a good eye, sir.
Those are mermaid's nails.
They make a love potion when
boiled in water and drunk as tea.
I'll give you a discount.
Don't you have some medicine
that'll bring rain, instead?
There's no such thing
With the long drought
that we've been having
the rice fields will dry up.
If there was such a medicine,
I'd have used it by now.
Keep a sharp eye on the sky.
Isn't it about time it rained?
My throat's parched
I can't even perspire any more
The rain is coming
The rain is coming
The rain is coming the rain is coming!
A rainbow will appear
Look at that
Ah! The sun is
inside the rainbow
Hey, what about my love potion?
Sorry, I'm closing shop.
Hey! Don't run so fast from the start.
Where'd it disappear to!?
The location should be about here.
This area looks like it might still rain.
It may not have gone very far.
Let's wait here today.
I knew where the rain would be
without seeing it.
Was it like this for Pa, as well?
You're probably at the point
where you come to detest me
and the name I gave you.
I wanted to give you the name
of the most beautiful thing
I had ever seen in this world
I'm sorry
Because of that, your friends
laugh at you, don't they?
Take this
I thought up a different, better name.
From tomorrow, use this name.
I don't want it
Don't say such things
I'm not going to give in!
I'll become an even better
bridge builder than you, Pa!
Hey, wake up
It's raining.
Ah it appeared
Hurry! It's close by!
The name of the most beautiful thing
I had ever seen in this world
What Pa said was true
I've got to bring this home with me
You fool!
Are you okay?
Y- yeah
I had no proof until I saw it up-close
But when I touched it I felt
a shock on my skin
This is one type of nagaremono.
(nagare = flow / drift; mono = thing)
(nagare = flow / drift; mono = thing)
They possess life, but they
resemble natural phenomena
Except for the fact that they are alive,
they're identical to rainbows,
a phenomena created by light and rain.
The Kouda was likely the result
of light and Kouki-laden rain.
It's the basis of mushi life.
Nagaremono are things that
resemble floods and typhoons.
They happen for a reason,
but they have no purpose.
They are born only to drift
They are not affected by anything;
they only affect other things,
then disappear.
If you come into contact with such mushi,
they will possess you.
For an instant, I felt
as though I was within it
I wonder if Pa was swallowed up
by that rising, waterfall-like object?
I guess it wasn't something
I could have my way with
I feel like a part of me is gone
In fact, it's rather refreshing.
What're you going to do from now on?
Who knows? I'll think about it a while
What about you?
I guess you're like this thing
You'll just start drifting again, huh?
After that, I have no idea
where that man went.
But I did hear that an
indestructible bridge had been built
across the famous rogue river
in a western province.
When the water rises,
one side of each plank is detached
and allowed to flow with the waters.
When the waters recede,
the bridge is restored.
The Nagare-bashi, as it is called,
was built from the ideas of one man.
"When There's Rain, There's A Rainbow"
"When There's Rain, There's A Rainbow"
Where Sea Meets Man
"Where Sea Meets Man"
Where Sea Meets Man
"Where Sea Meets Man"
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