Mushi-Shi (2005) s01e08 Episode Script

Kaikyô yori

Lots of unusual items
wash up onto the seashore.
Nuts from distant southern lands
and seashells,
giant deep-sea fish,
and on rare occasions people.
And empty boats
with no one on them as well
"Where Sea Meets Man"
Let's go somewhere else
Excuse me
I heard there's ferry
from here to across the bay.
Was I mistaken?
At this hour, I think
everyone's out fishing.
Oh Then I guess I just have
to wait till the afternoon, huh?
What're you doing
in a place like this?
I'm waiting, too
My wife and I parted strangely
out there on that sea.
You probably don't want
to hear the story, right?
Well, actually I do want to hear it.
You do? Then let me tell you
I think it was about two
and a half years ago
This place reeks of fish
I never imagined
your hometown was so rustic.
Hey, let's go back.
Shut up! Where do suggest we go back to?
I'll talk to Father
He shouldn't have fired you
for such a small mistake.
It won't do any good.
Why not?
The store was headed downhill anyway.
He was looking for a
good excuse to get rid of me.
Then why did it have to be you!?
Father said he'd let you
take over the shop.
Because I got engaged with you,
my peers became intensely envious of me.
They might've told your father stories.
And he probably never expected
you to follow me to these boonies.
Frankly, I didn't think you would, either.
What's that supposed to mean?
You're not the eldest daughter,
and you must've had plans.
If you want to go back, go ahead.
This place isn't for you.
Missus, aren't you getting on?
I'll apologize when we make land
Huh!? Sea snakes?
It's suddenly gotten hazy
Not to worry. The land's
very visible. We'll be fine.
Hey, where are you going?
That way's the sea!
I don't get it
I can't steer the rudder!
Abandon the boat! Swim this way.
Michihi! You, too!
No there are snakes!
What!? Wh- where!?
Never mind that! Swim this way. Hurry!
Which way is that?
Where Where are you!?
Follow her boat. Quickly!
My boat capsized
and I washed ashore to this beach.
But no trace of my wife's boat
was ever found.
Maybe it's because of the
currents along this shore
everything in the sea washes ashore here.
If my wife's boat capsized as well,
at least part of the cargo
should wash up here
Assuming she floated out to sea,
she's probably dead
But because I don't have any proof,
I can't move from here.
But you've stayed here
for two-and-a-half years?
You're quite a fool.
Whether you find any evidence
or not, she's no longer alive, right?
Even if she was rescued,
she's living a new life now.
Isn't it about time for you
to think about your own life?
Well, I guess it was none of my business.
Now, take care.
Sounds familiar
Then, here's the usual amount.
Thank you very much.
Are you going to sell that in town?
Yes so?
Is that all you're paying her?
You think because she doesn't
know the going price in town
That's taking too big a cut.
You can charge twice that, you know.
You talk as if you know
I worked a long time for a wholesaler
It's because of middlemen like you
that the fishermen around here are poor.
Even figuring in a fee
for coming from town,
this is what the price should be.
Hmph. At that price,
I'll just go to the next village.
Then, how about this much?
Well, but that's
She can't go any lower than this.
You can charge this much from now on.
Are you sure? Can I really
charge this much?
It's a big help.
Tell the others, too.
Thank you.
I'm sorry I thought you
were a strange person
I was able to sell for a
good price today again Thanks.
This isn't much, but I want you to have it.
Why don't you check out of the inn
and come and live in our cottage?
Make this place your home.
That's a great idea. Why don't
you do that? Right, everybody?
- Yes
- I think it's a good idea, too
Hey, there!
Shark! There's a shark!
What!? Where!?
There's nothing here.
C'mon, Shiro, don't scare us like that.
Was yesterday spring tide?
I wonder what's going on
the tide's awfully high.
He's not here
Oh, excuse me
There was a guy around here
who was waiting for his wife for a long
He isn't here anymore?
That person is living as a
member of our village now.
So, I don't know who you are,
but please leave him alone.
What's wrong?
It's nothing
You know that's not true.
I don't know why, but I'm afraid
You've been saying
strange things lately
And the tide's been rising
without stopping.
Nothing but strange things
have been happening.
You still stare out to sea
for a while sometimes, so
I worry you'll be washed out
to sea with the tide.
Don't be silly.
I'm not going anywhere.
This rise in the tides is
just like it was back then
Three years or so ago, wasn't it?
Yeah There was a haze
just like this that time, as well.
I think it'd be better if we don't
go out fishing until this settles down.
They say some boats that go out
in this haze don't come back.
Then about three years later,
the boats return, empty
The boats return, empty
No waves
Even if it did come back,
it wouldn't make it to shore
It still does bother you, doesn't it?
Your story weighed on my mind,
so I did a lot of checking.
According to what I learned, the boat would
show up again soon, so I came back here.
That mass of snakes you saw
No one else could see them.
Isn't that right?
Y- yeah
That's what I thought.
They were most likely mushi.
You've heard of umisen-yamasen?
(umi = sea; sen = 1000; yama = mountains)
A snake that's lives 1000 years in the sea
and 1000 years in the mountains
becomes a dragon.
This mushi has something
in common with that.
Of course, there's no way to tell
how long they've actually lived.
This kind of mushi is divided into ones
that amass and travel to the open sea
while giving off something akin to haze
and ones that live quietly
deep in the mountains.
At a glance, both look
no different from snakes.
When the time comes, the mountain mushi
descend from the mountains
and the sea mushi
approach coastal waters.
They meet in the sea,
and 1000 days later,
return to the same coastal waters
to become a single mushi.
So the same thing I saw is back again
I'm going out to sea.
I'll be fine.
You can't see anything
from outside that haze,
but oddly, you can see out of it clearly.
I'm sure you've wondered
why only your wife was swallowed
by the haze back then?
From inside the haze,
only those who want to return to land
can see the land and return.
The last time I saw you, it seemed you
might lose your desire to go on living
at the moment you found
any of your wife's personal effects.
Not anymore
So it would seem.
Well, that's how it is.
So long as you're aware of that,
you're welcome to come along
on my sightseeing trip.
Are you ready for the worst?
You were right.
It's almost uncanny how well I can
see land from inside this haze.
You can still see it, I hope.
I can see it.
They're coming!
Their numbers are huge.
There it is that boat.
Looks like her body's still in it.
I'll be all right
Pull up alongside.
You're all right
What's going on?
I had all but given up hope.
But what took you so long?
Leaving me here for days
It's already been at least
three days, right!?
What!? Three days?
What in the world?
I'm so sorry.
I said some terrible things to you
Yes, they were terrible things you said.
But it's all right.
You came to rescue me
I complained too much, as well.
But I didn't mean it
I can't wait to see your hometown
Yes, let's go there
Now come on over to this side.
Can you still see land?
It's okay. I can still see it clearly.
It's over that way.
It's time to say goodbye.
The land you should
return to is this way.
That is no longer human.
The mushi have begun to transform.
It isn't safe to remain here.
Stand back from that right now.
Found them?
We may never find them
Hey, a giant wave's coming! Careful!
Looks like the haze is clearing
By the time we washed up on shore,
the villagers had long given up
hope for our survival.
We thought we were out at sea
for only two or three hours
But on land, more than
a month had passed.
Inside that haze, time was
probably running on mushi time.
We could at least
take some comfort in that
she only had to spend
three lonely days out there
You're right.
The following day,
his wife's boat washed up on shore.
Wow! What a fine kimono!
Is it okay?
It's okay.
It's owner is gone
Look at this!
it's lovely
"Where Sea Meets Man"
"Where Sea Meets Man"
The Heavy Seed
"The Heavy Seed"
The Heavy Seed
"The Heavy Seed"
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