Mushi-Shi (2005) s01e12 Episode Script

One-Eyed Fish

Hey Kid
Are you still alive?
"One-Eyed Fish"
You have the ability to see mushi?
There is no need to be afraid.
The type of mushi that give off light
don't have much influential power.
Or is it me you're afraid of?
Drink this. It will help with your injury.
I need you to hurry and get well
and leave. I don't want you to stay long.
Mom Mom!
That's odd. I wonder
if we took the wrong road.
What, Yoki, are you seeing
those weird things again?
Don't worry, don't worry.
They're just illusions.
You have to be strong.
There is no need to be afraid.
I can move my foot a lot better now.
I wonder what kind of fish they are?
They're pure white with green eyes.
They're all missing an eye.
It's because of the mushi
living in the pond.
Don't come near here
at night or at daybreak.
Uhm those are not
illusions, are they?
They're neither beings like us,
nor illusions.
But they do affect us.
Are they totally different from us?
They are of a different existence
but they are not disconnected from us.
That's a different form
of what we consider "life".
I see. I get it.
I can walk now without a cane.
Yoki, isn't your foot better by now?
You have a home to go back to, right?
I don't have a place to go home to.
I tagged along with my mom,
who was a traveling peddler.
And my foot
it still hurts when I walk.
I see.
By the way, I've been
wondering all this time
What kind of mushi live
in the pond? Tell me.
Ah well, the best way I can
describe them is "darkness".
Yes. There are two types of darkness.
One is the darkness that occurs
when you close your eyes,
or when you're in a storehouse,
or when it's a moonless night
It's the darkness that happens
when the sun or light is obscured.
The other darkness is
"perpetual darkness".
During the day, they lie motionless
in dark places like this,
but at night, they come out of
the pond to eat smaller mushi.
Why did the eye and hair color change
for you and the fish in the pond?
At dawn, sometimes the
pond sparkles silver.
It's probably decomposing
the mushi it ate into light.
It seems that if you are constantly
exposed to that, you become like this.
Then, won't you lose your
other eye if you stay here?
You saw the fish in the pond, didn't you?
Oddly, there are no fish
with both eyes gone.
That's probably the way it happens.
Come now, the sun will soon set.
We'd better go in.
What are those mushi called?
Mushi with the characteristics
of darkness are called Tokoyami
The mushi that give off light seem to be
a separate mushi that live in Tokoyami,
but I don't know if those
mushi have a name.
I call them "Ginko".
How about this one?
You can't eat it.
Then, what about this one?
You can try biting into it.
Don't swallow it.
It's hot!
Ick, what is this?
It won't kill you. Your stomach
will even toughen up from it.
Oh! They're balled up!
You broke them up?
They'll ball right back up again.
Whenever I walk through the mountains,
it's a common occurrence.
Hey, can I do that, too?
This isn't something you do just for fun.
I know.
It's a bit strong.
Let's turn on the light.
Oh, sorry.
I wasn't aware since
I can see in the dark.
Is it because of the Ginko?
Probably. But it's a
convenient ability to have.
You know, Yoki, when you walk alone
through the mountains at night,
you may suddenly become unable to see
the moon that was shining on the road
and the stars disappear
so you become disoriented.
Although it's a common occurrence, if it
seems as though you are starting to forget
your name and past, it means
the Tokoyami is getting near.
It is said that you can escape it
if you can somehow remember something.
And what if I just
can't remember anything?
They say to come up
with a name for yourself.
It doesn't matter what it is.
That will do?
But they say you won't be
able to remember anything
from the time you had the previous name.
Do you mind if I ask why you live here?
Sure, I don't mind.
Past these mountains lies my hometown.
Although it's isolated,
it's a beautiful village.
Because I have the
tendency to attract mushi,
I'm unable to live in one place,
so I became a mushi-shi who traveled
around to villages, driving mushi away.
Still, I frequently returned to my village
to visit my parents and friends,
but above all my husband and child.
However one day, I was
told that many villagers,
including my husband and child,
father and friends,
went into the mountains, never to return.
After searching around in the mountains,
I realized that Tokoyami lived in this pond.
I had heard from other mushi-shi
what happens and what to do
when captured by the Tokoyami.
So I continue to live here,
with the hope that the villagers
are still wandering around somewhere.
How long have you been here?
It's been six years maybe.
By yourself for that long
I wonder if the others have the
same appearance as you do now?
I'm sure they do.
I'll help you look for them.
That's okay, right? So let me just stay
Why not? Why can't I?
Because I want to do this alone.
That's the only reason. Don't make
that your excuse to stay here.
If you say any more,
I'll have you leave right now.
Nui is hiding something. There's a
reason why she doesn't want me to stay.
Come on out, Tokoyami, Ginko.
What's with that fish? Its good eye
is being consumed and
It disappeared!
What are you doing? I told you it wasn't
good to be exposed to that light
Nui The reason why all the fish
only have one eye is because
they disappear when both eyes are gone.
You knew that?
It's not that they disappear.
The light emitted by Ginko
turns living things into Tokoyami.
It's the same thing as disappearing!
If you knew that, why didn't
you do anything about it?
You were a mushi-shi, right? Why do you
allow such a terrifying mushi to live?
Do not let fear and anger
cloud your vision.
They are all just being as they are.
We are the ones with wisdom, so we
should avoid those things that we can.
Mushi-shi are people who have been
seeking how to do that since long ago.
I, too, have been taking notes on Ginko.
And, by the time I finally
realized the fate of the fish,
I had already been exposed
to too much light as well.
I took the one-eyed fish out of the pond
and tried repeatedly to
protect them from the light.
However, once the fish
started turning white,
although there was a small delay,
they eventually lost both eyes
and turned into Tokoyami.
No then you're saying
Still, I refused to believe that
my husband and child became Tokoyami.
I stayed alive by avoiding exposure
to the light and searched for them.
But, after all that, I eventually came to
realize that all the answers were here.
It's too late to do anything.
Yoki, if you understand
what I'm saying, leave here.
No! I'm sure something can be done.
You should leave, too, Nui!
Don't be silly!
I'm beyond help, and I thought
I really didn't care anymore
but it just makes things
harder if you stay.
Please, leave already.
I'm sure you can live on the road.
You're better off not
having a beloved home.
No! My home is here!
It's where I've lived the longest.
No. This place is where
the Tokoyami and I live.
It's not a place for you.
I've done enough, right?
The pond
Don't go! Don't go!
Don't go! Nui!
What have you done?!
Nui? It's you, isn't it?
Go back!
What about you?!
It's too late for me.
Ginko will awaken soon.
Get as far away as you can.
Come now hurry!
Your hand I don't feel anything.
It's neither cold nor warm.
Your hand is still warm.
And not just your hand.
I no longer have eyes,
but when you look at me,
it's warm like sunshine.
After living near that dim pond,
you don't know how nostalgic
it made me feel.
Now, Yoki. From here on,
walk with one eye closed.
Give one eye to Ginko in order
to get away from the Tokoyami.
But close the other eye tightly,
so that you'll see the sunlight again.
Oh, no! Ginko is waking up!
So that's Ginko
An eye-less fish at the
bottom of perpetual darkness.
Do not let fear and anger
cloud your vision.
They are all just being as they are.
I smell dirt.
There's the moon again.
How many times is this?
I don't know anymore.
My name
In times like this,
what was I supposed to do?
The next day
my right eye was staring
at the sunlight.
Who are you? I've never seen you
around in these parts before.
Hey, I'm back. Are you well
enough to be up? Don't overdo it.
So were you able to remember
anything else besides your name?
Don't worry. If you like,
you can live here.
In any case, let's pay a visit
to the village head tomorrow.
The only thing was
The hole of my left eye,
even in the sunlight,
was black as if it was seeped in darkness.
And it attracted weird things.
If it continues to do that,
misfortune is sure to follow.
That's the feeling I get.
Hey! Ginko! Dinner time!
Ginko? Hey!
Where did he go?
"One-Eyed Fish"
"One-Eyed Fish"
One-Night Bridge.
"One-Night Bridge"
One-Night Bridge.
"One-Night Bridge"
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