Mushi-Shi (2005) s01e13 Episode Script

Bridge at Night

Are you all right, Hana?
We're almost to the bridge.
"One-Night Bridge"
Gee, what a nice bridge
Guess I'll have to cross.
Hey, it's already about to give way!
Man, how nerve-wracking.
Are you from these parts?
This bridge is on its last legs!
But I have to cross this bridge
on my way back.
Yeah, you're right.
I'll do something about it.
How long will you be around?
Frankly, I'm not sure.
Do you know the sender of this letter?
Thank you for coming such
a long way. Please, come in.
This is my daughter, Hana.
Around three years ago, she fell off
that vine bridge and into the ravine.
She survived, but ever since then
All she does is sit in the sun
in a daze like that.
I've taken her around to many doctors,
but since there's no sign that she hit
her head, we still don't know the cause.
Oh? Aren't you?
Ah How's Hana?
Oh, you're friends?
Hana's that way because of me.
Please, I want you to help her.
Take me the bottom of the ravine.
Also I want you to tell me how she fell.
C'mon stop crying
I can't turn down a marriage offer
from the head family
Yeah if you refuse, they'll probably
stop helping our village, I guess
Well not that you could refuse, though.
Shall we run away?
But If we did such a thing,
our families would be ostracized.
My parents would understand.
And if your parents really want you to
be happy, they'd be able to bear it, too.
If we stay here, we can't
live the way we want to.
Let's leave the valley and cross
the mountains to a wide-open, bright land!
Let's do it, Hana!
Careful, it's bit weak there
What's the matter?
I can't do it
It isn't right for just the
two of us to become happy
I can put up with it
Zen you'll always
still love me, won't you?
I'll always love you, too.
Even if I have to smother
my true heart once I'm there
I don't want it to be like that!
Anyway, let's cross the bridge.
Have you found her?
She fell from a height she
couldn't possibly have survived
But Hana came back,
walking on her own two feet.
But she came back a
shell of her former self.
Everyone lamented that
she became a tani-modori.
They say people like that appear
in this ravine once in a great while.
They fall into the ravine and luckily
come back, but without their souls.
Then on the night the "One-Night Bridge"
spans the ravine, they die.
Well, it's probably
just a legend, though.
One-Night Bridge?
Some people say they've seen a bridge
that spans the ravine for just one night.
That was quite a long time ago, though.
Something the matter?
Looks like they're here.
What are?
The same things that
have taken over Hana.
Hana has been taken over?!
Yes, by vine-shaped mushi
called Nise-kazura.
I don't see anything.
They're usually hard to see.
They're awfully weak for Nise-kazura.
If I pull in the opposite direction,
they're strong
Just like the Nise-kazura I read about.
The sunlight is no longer shining through?
They're gathering toward
the remaining sunlight
So this area is sorely lacking sunlight?
So how'd it go? Learn anything?
This'll be hard for you to accept
The tani-modori and the One-Night Bridge
are probably not just legends
Both can be explained by Nise-kazura.
Normally, Nise-kazura
live in the treetops.
But the Nise-kazura in this ravine
are probably trying to get out
of the bottom of the ravine
by taking over the bodies of creatures.
That's because they need more sunlight,
but lack the strength
to climb out of the ravine.
They dwell in the bodies of creatures to
get more sunlight and build their strength.
Each time enough of them have done so,
they leave their hosts and form groups
to get across the ravine
and move to a better location
That's what the
One-Night Bridge probably is.
I've heard before
that there is a ravine that mushi
cross over once every 20 years or so.
Then why do the tani-modori
have to die when that happens?
If those mushi things leave,
won't they return to normal?!
I explored the bottom of the ravine,
and I found no animal bones.
There's a high likelihood that the
Nise-kazura are living in dead bodies.
If that's so, even if they leave,
only a dead body would be left.
No Then you mean Hana
will eventually be?
This is the year!
I heard the One-Night Bridge was seen
on the year of my grandpa's birth.
Grandpa's 60 this year!
Isn't there any way to delay it?!
I'm afraid that's
I'm not asking you to bring
her back to the way she was.
I just want her to stay alive
just a little bit longer
So please
Then you mean?
I'm afraid that keeping her like this
is the best way to extend her life
You can remove the mushi, can't you?
Yes But if I did, in all probability,
she'd die instantly
It doesn't matter!
Do you think she's happy
living like this?!
I'd rather
There's no need to take
such a reckless gamble.
If she had really survived three years ago,
she'll return to her former self
after the One-Night Bridge appears.
There's no telling when it'll appear
or if it even really exists.
If Hana returns to normal, she has a
good marriage offer waiting for her.
I cannot keep the other family
waiting any longer!
I can't go along with that
She's no longer who she once was,
but she's at least still being kept alive.
I can't treat her like a thing.
Oh, Zen
Already leaving?
I'd like to, but
Tomorrow, I'll have the
bridge reinforced with this.
So spend the night at my place.
You live here alone?
I have family in the village,
but I'm, you know, ostracized.
The people in the village won't
have anything to do with me.
You didn't think of leaving by yourself?
Well, I thought of it many times,
but Hana is still alive
When Hana's gone,
I'll probably leave soon enough.
What's that noise?
So it finally fell
Isn't it because you crossed it?
No one's gone across recently.
Well Rebuild it quickly please
But we'll have to work on it in
our spare time It'll take a while
Darn what bad luck.
I hear you're giving shelter
to the mushi master here.
He and I still have unfinished business.
Give me a break!
That must be a tani-modori, too
Could there be more
of them around here?
What's the matter? Where're you going?
You're warm
You're still very much alive
You are Hana, aren't you?
You've just forgotten everything,
that's all, right?
There she is!
Zen?! What do you think you're doing?!
I told you never to come near Hana again!
She's not breathing
Hana! Wake up, Hana!
Zen! What's the matter?
Hana is dead.
A black thread came out from her neck
I see
Say Zen, why don't you leave here with me?
That would be for the best.
What? But
The One-Night Bridge will
probably appear tonight.
We should be able to
cross over it from this side.
This area is already filled with
Nise-kazura that gained enough strength
to be visible even to your eyes.
Make up your mind before midnight.
If you miss this chance, there's no telling
when you might ever leave.
You came There's no looking back.
If you go back on this bridge, you'll fall.
Don't worry. We'll somehow make it.
Yes he's right
I'll forget.
I know I can forget once I leave here.
What's the matter?
What're you doing?
You can no longer go back!
I can't go on What was
once Hana is in here
You're wrong! Hana died three years ago!
No, I'm not
I kept on going these three years
because Hana was still alive
though it was hard to
see her in that state
But now, when I think about it,
it was still better that way
I can't go forward by stepping on Hana
Don't go back!
I do not know exactly what
happened to him after that.
But in all probability
It will be about another 20 years
before a one-night bridge
spans the ravine again.
"One-Night Bridge"
"One-Night Bridge"
Inside the cage.
"Inside The Cage"
Inside the cage.
"Inside The Cage"
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