Mushi-Shi (2005) s01e15 Episode Script

Exaggeration in Spring

That which blooms when everyone
grows silent is a false spring
If you stay too long to enjoy the spring,
before long, your body grows icy cold
Huh? Blossoms
A butterfly!
"Pretense Of Spring"
Who is it?
I got caught in this snow.
Could you put me up for the night?
Come in.
Where could he be wandering off to
so early in the morning?
Did he leave?
What's he doing?
That's dangerous! Don't be stupid!
Did he do something wrong?
You need to tell him to keep his
hands off of strange things he finds.
But that was an unusual one
You're at it again?! Stupid!
Excuse me You can see
what he sees, too?
We call them mushi.
Those who can see them are either
afraid of them or fascinated by them.
That boy definitely
seems to be the latter.
Yes, he's always liked living creatures.
He would catch them and bring them home.
Ever since he began seeing
those things three winters ago,
he's been behaving strangely.
That winter, Miharu went missing
after he went into the mountains.
For several days after that,
there was a blizzard.
Let's go back.
There's nothing more we can do
We thought there wasn't any hope.
But then
He returned unexpectedly
when the spring came.
After that, he began saying that he sees
strange things and chasing after them.
Then, when our winter food stores were
just about gone, he'd suddenly disappear.
Later that night, we'd find him collapsed
on the outskirts of the village
and he'd stay in a deep sleep
until spring came.
In his pocket, he'd have mountain greens
that never grew in winter.
When I asked him
where he'd been, he'd say
I don't remember. You mustn't
open the bag outside the house.
There'll be trouble if everyone found out.
That was all he said
We've only got each other so I can
understand he's trying to help out, but
I'm so worried. No matter how
you look at it, it isn't normal
Hmm Harumagai might be the cause
Haru magai?
I've heard there's a mushi called usobuki
that looks like tree blossoms.
They have a peculiar scent that makes
hibernating animals and plants active.
Then they suck out the life energy
of those animals that they lured out
The animals whose energy was sucked out
fall back into sleep until spring.
I don't know anything
more than that, though.
What exactly are mushi?
Not all of them are frightening.
As long as you don't mess with them,
they're not much of a problem,
but in your brother's case
At the very least, I could teach him
which ones are dangerous.
Hey, Miharu, see that one over there?
That one's a troublemaker.
Hey, pay attention!
Look! You can find
lots of them in these places!
Ahhh Don't pull them out
Can't you stay still
Darn I should've thought
before agreeing to this
Say, where do you find
those mountain greens?
I don't know.
It's not like I'm planning to take them
from you. So, show me the place.
You're planning to tell
my sister, aren't you?
All I want to do is study them.
You realize you're making
your sister worry, don't you?
At least tell her where this place is.
If I do, she'll follow me there.
I know you want to help her, but
if you ignore her concern for you,
you're just being selfish.
You have a place where you belong
Don't go stepping too far
into the other side.
Oh, I've seen this one.
Okay, then how about these?
Hmm never seen them
Miharu! Pay attention!
Uhm, Ginko-san, can we
continue this tomorrow?
That's fine with me
I don't have much else to do.
Then how long can you stay?
Not sure. It depends on the area
but I think I can stay until he
at least learns the mushi in this locale.
He's a quick learner, so
maybe about another ten days.
It depends on the area?
I seem to be a mushi magnet.
I can't stay long in rich soil areas
where many mushi live
Nothing good will come from
too many mushi in one place.
But judging from the mushi
that Miharu's seen,
it doesn't seem that
this area has rich soil.
There'd probably be no harm
in staying here a while.
Then you're welcome
to stay as long as you can.
Traveling in winter is difficult.
Stay until spring.
Well that depends
on the mountain conditions
Huh? What's that?
A chrysalis?
I think it was around there
It looked like a mushi.
Have I begun to attract them?
I'm right. There are more
than there were before
Maybe I've stayed a bit too long
Oh, Ginko! I have business in the village.
Look after Miharu for me.
He's inside, sleeping.
Sure. Be careful.
Hey, Miharu
Darn that kid he's gone
wandering off again
How far did he go?
Darn which way did he go?
Maybe I should go back and start again.
Miharu! Hey!
Could it be?
Come on, Suzu Don't be so worried.
His symptoms are
the same as usual, right?
He'll awaken in the spring.
I'd like to stay with you until then,
but I have to be on my way
But Miharu will miss you
when he awakens
I'm sorry
I'll come back to see you guys.
When everyone awakens,
the false ones go to sleep
And when winter comes once again to
the mountains, they pretend it's spring.
Hey, Suzu.
You mean he's been asleep for a year?!
Yes. I just don't know what went wrong
I guess I'll just have to
find where Miharu used to go
But you might end up like Miharu.
Miharu was supposed to
awaken in the spring, right?
Whatever it is that
woke him up is missing.
If I go there, I should be
able to find out what it is.
If I don't make it back,
search the mountain's north side.
Last year, Miharu's footprints
headed in this direction
Damn Where the hell is it?
That's the same kind
that was in Miharu's bag
A sweet scent
That way!
I feel giddy
I'd better get out of here quickly
I recall usobuki take
the form of tree blossoms
They all look like ordinary blossoms
Where is the clue I'm looking for?
lts body temperature
is dropping rapidly
The scent has changed
What's happening?
My body's getting colder
all of a sudden
I can't move my hands
Why are only those butterflies still?
This is!
Now I know but I'm so sleepy
Stupid Ginko!
What am I supposed to do now?
What do I do to wake them up?
What's this?
It seemed like something flew out
What's this scent?
Oh spring's already here
What the heck is that?!
What about Miharu?!
Miharu! Miha
After that, the flower-like object
on the ceiling released a strong scent
for a few days and then transformed
into something I've seen before.
I didn't imagine that that chrysalis-like
object I saw then was a usobuki.
So, you used the usobuki's emergence
as a signal for the harumagai?
Yes If you hadn't
let the butterfly escape,
it would've become a flower
in spring and awakened me
You should've told me that sooner.
I liked those butterflies the most,
so I wanted to keep them a secret
They grow mountain greens
in the winter, which helps us out.
and they're so beautiful
flying about in the snow.
But they're just doing it to
gather food to survive, aren't they?
Well well You're beginning
to understand.
That's right, they're certainly not
our friends. Just unusual neighbors.
Don't let your guard down.
But you're free to like them.
Say, why don't you drop by
the house before you go?
No, I've stayed too long.
I should leave as soon as possible.
Sis will feel sad if you don't
Tell her thank you for all she's done.
Hey! You'll come again, won't you?
Who knows? Well, not in winter, anyway
Why not?
People grow weak during the winter too,
and that can be a problem
An illusionary spring where
buds blossom in the icy mountains
The light from homes that
illuminates the snowy path
They are tempting and invite animals
and mushi for a prolonged stay
and humans as well
"Pretense Of Spring"
"Pretense Of Spring"
"Sunrise Serpent"
"Sunrise Serpent"
"Sunrise Serpent"
"Sunrise Serpent"
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