Mushi-Shi (2005) s01e16 Episode Script

Daybreak's Snake

"Sunrise Serpent"
So peaceful
I'll say
But when it's this sunny and nice
every day, people grow lazy.
These days, my old lady stays in bed
all morning Won't even fix breakfast.
I wonder if that's what they mean
by "spring nights know no dawn"
On top of that, she's gotten
very forgetful, too.
The other day, she left
our kid at the market.
That's pretty bad.
Hope she still remembers what
you look like when you get home.
Actually, that might be a good thing.
She isn't unable to
sleep at night, is she?
Huh? She sleeps well, snores loud too.
No, it's not. She's so loud
that I can't get any sleep.
I have medicine for her snoring.
Does it work?
Uhm, about what you said earlier
Hm? About the snoring medication?
No, about being forgetful
Is it bad when someone
can't sleep at night?
You know someone like that?
I'm home.
Oh! Help me, Kaji!
There's a strange creature in here!
You mean this crab? You forgot this, too?
They come up from the river
every year around this time.
W-was that so?
Oh, you're Kaji's friend right?
No, I just met him.
This is Ginko-san, the mush-shi.
Mind if I come in?
Please. I'm Kaji's mother, Sayo.
That's how she usually is.
She was always the laid-back type
and would forget things a lot,
but from about last spring,
she's had some weird memory lapses.
One day, I had an unusually
large number of customers,
so I bought Mom her favorite dumplings.
These sweets are so good
I've never had anything like this before.
What're you talking about?
You have them from time to time.
No, I don't. Are you saying
I eat them behind your back?
Mom had completely lost
her memory of dumplings.
On another day
I'm thinking of selling
the ones I don't wear much
What's the matter?
Did I own one like this?
You cherished it
because it was expensive.
I did?
Oh I remember this one
It didn't look good on me,
so I never wore it much.
Among the kimonos she rarely wore,
she forgot only the ones with prints.
It's cold today.
Boy, you scared me! Don't do a
strange thing like that suddenly!
It was just a sneeze.
A sneeze?
She had forgotten what a sneeze was.
And when we went to visit
our relatives for New Year's
Kaji Who are those two over there?
Uncle Masa and Aunt Mitsu.
And who's that next to them?
Your younger sister!
Even her younger sister?
That's strange, indeed.
That's more than just forgetfulness.
It's progressive amnesia.
You see? And she stays up
day and night, working.
Before, she'd often take naps
in-between chores under that tree.
Something's definitely wrong with her.
Dinner's ready. Please join us, Ginko-san.
It's nothing special, though.
Afterwards, I want you to write down
everything you can recall
that your mother forgot.
Huh? Who's that for?
Oh, don't mind that It's a setting
for my husband who's away on business.
A setting for your husband?
Yes. He's a peddler who
travels around throughout the year.
They say doing this keeps him
from going hungry during his travels.
Well, it's just for peace of mind.
I sure hope he didn't die or anything
and she's forgotten it
Thanks for the food.
I told her to stop it
because it's wasteful.
It's not that much.
You reduce your serving to make it.
For whose sake do you think
your father is away on business?
He gets much hungrier
than I do here at home.
For all the time he's away,
he doesn't make much money.
He should take a job nearby.
Usually, he would've come home by now
He hasn't even written once.
Mom, you've become absent-minded
because Dad always makes you worry
Stop it.
Stuffing his face and
running off like that
I'm so sorry. I think he just wants
his father to be here with him.
His kind heart is about the only thing
my husband has going for him.
I'll bet he got lost somewhere.
His father is not the only one
he's worried about, it seems
I know
You came because he asked
for your help, didn't you?
Yes. I've heard most of the story.
Then, did you figure out something?
I'm afraid not yet.
I see For his sake, too
I'd like to ask for your help, as well.
If this keeps on, one day, I'll
forget even my husband and son.
And then, I'll even forget
that I've forgotten.
That frightens me more than anything
Are you done?
Yeah, just about.
"Sake. Bucket. Watermelon."
What're you doing?
"Fog, Thunderbolt, Rainbow."
"Fog, Thunderbolt, Rainbow."
I thought there might be a common thread
among the memories she's forgotten,
"Sake, Rice cakes."
I thought there might be a common thread
among the memories she's forgotten,
"Bucket, Watermelon, Ginko nuts."
I thought there might be a common thread
among the memories she's forgotten,
"Persimmon, Snail."
but I don't see any tendencies.
Say, do the relatives she
forgot have anything in common?
Yeah, they all live across the river,
so we don't even see them at the market.
She simply forgets things that she has
the least frequent contact with first?
No, if that was the case, she should
have forgotten her husband long ago.
It's very late, but it doesn't look
at all like she's going to sleep.
Yeah. She says she can't
sleep even though she tries.
That's why, as she works
the loom all night like that,
she thinks about Dad over and over
so that she won't forget him.
So that's it
If only she could at least sleep
it'd make the waiting easier
The warm breeze, the fragrance
of flowers, the sound of the loom
Normally, a night like this
draws people into a deep,
deep slumber
She's finally beginning to nod off
She's already awake?
Oh, it's already morning
Breakfast breakfast
What's the matter?
That's just as I suspected
A mushi that eats memories?
Yes. It's called kagedama.
It's a dark, translucent,
curtain-like mushi
that likes to hide by blending in
with the shadows of large, old trees.
There, it waits for people
and animals to rest,
and as they begin to fall asleep,
it enters their brain through their ears.
The host becomes unable to sleep much
and gradually loses its memory.
And that's in the shadow
of the cherry tree in our yard?
Most likely.
Once it feeds on
enough memory, it divides,
and sends its clone out when
its host is asleep for a moment
The clone then hides in the shadows
of trees. That's how they reproduce.
By nature, they are fragile and vanish
if the sun strikes them for too long.
But if they hide in the body,
they go deep inside the brain,
and there's nothing we can do.
You mean it's incurable?
Sunlight is the only
known weakness of kagedama.
We can't cast a light inside the head.
But you may be able to protect
the memories you don't want to forget.
For example, suppose memories are stored
in a series of drawers inside your head.
Dumplings, far-away relatives
and sneezes
They're categorized and stored
in countless different drawers.
Kagedama pull them out
along with the drawers.
The order has nothing to do with
your interest, and appears to be random.
However, there is one set of memories
that the kagedama hasn't attacked.
The things you do repeatedly every day,
see every day and think every day
How to cook rice, weave on the loom,
memories of your son
and the husband in your memory
Kagedama may be leaving memories
of the basics of daily life for last
in order not to kill its host
Then, I won't forget those memories?
Yes, although it's only my conjecture
And if your memories start
becoming depleted later,
it might prey on those memories, as well.
So what I can suggest
you do to deal with it
is to store up as
many memories as possible,
and recall the things you don't
want to forget over and over again.
I understand. I'll do that
That's right, Mom. You should go out
rather than wait quietly at home.
You're right maybe I will.
Maybe I'll go find your father
instead of waiting for him at home.
Stop making such a silly face.
I've been actually thinking
about doing that for a long time.
But I was afraid of finding out
what happened to your father.
But I've had enough of waiting.
But how do you plan to?
Your father often talked
about a city to the west
Maybe I'll start from there.
Will she be okay?
You'll come with me, won't you, Kaji?
We'll let you off here.
Thanks for everything.
Thank you.
Have a safe trip!
Yes. You take care.
It was about a year later that I learned
whether or not that decision was
the right one for the two of them.
Hey. So you're back
Oh, Ginko-san!
Welcome! What will you have?
Welcome! What will you have?
Let's see
Let's see
Your mother's looking good, too.
Did you meet your father?
Yes. He was in the city to the west
living there with another family
Yes, I know him. Try the house up ahead.
There you go. You like that?
Does it feel good?
Mom! Why didn't you say something?!
On our way back, Mom kept walking,
without saying a word.
She walked without
eating or sleeping until
Mom? Let's rest a litt
Mom! Mom!
She must've been completely exhausted
After she collapsed, she slept
without waking for several days.
It's morning
Something just left here
Why're you looking at me like that?
Boy, I slept like a log.
Time to fix breakfast
Where are we?
Why're we in this place?
We're on our way back from vacation.
We are?
What was that sound?!
Don't worry. It's nothing
Have something to eat.
Good idea. I'm starving.
After that
Let's let's hurry back home
That morning, other than me, things at
the house, and a few personal effects
Mom had lost her memory
of everything she knew.
During the time she was depressed,
nearly all of her memories
might've been eaten away
But she hasn't forgotten how to
cook rice or about me, just like always.
Maybe it's because, as you suggested,
she began going out and
experiencing many things every day.
She forgets most of it the next day,
but she enjoys herself every day.
Does she still get
hardly any sleep at all?
Yes, she works the loom
all night, just like always.
I see Sounds just like always.
Just like always.
I'm home.
Welcome back. Dinner is almost ready.
Go wash your hands.
Mom, you set an extra setting again.
You're right When I only need
to set places for you and me
Why in the world did
I feel I had to do that?
But somehow, doing this
makes me feel better
Why is that?
I wonder why that is?
"Sunrise Serpent"
"Sunrise Serpent"
"Pickers Of Empty Cocoons"
"Pickers Of Empty Cocoons"
"Pickers Of Empty Cocoons"
"Pickers Of Empty Cocoons"
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