Mushi-Shi (2005) s01e18 Episode Script

Clothes to Embrace the Mountain

"Thrift Shop"
"Thrift Shop"
What is it this time?
What is it this time?
This short kimono coat.
Wow! This lining is amazing!
It's the work of a genius painter
who made a name for himself a while back.
There's someone cooking
in the mountains here.
Sometimes when you look at it, you can
see white smoke rising up in places.
It's as if the smoke's wafting
slowly upward from peoples' homes
"Clothes That Embrace The Mountain"
You know, someone must be
living up in those mountains.
Huh? No one lives beyond here.
But I see lots of smoke rising.
Then someone must be
burning charcoal or something.
The mountain god is cooking his meal.
Gods cook, too?
How else are they going to eat?
Gods don't get hungry.
Then he must be heating his bath.
Then he must be heating his bath.
Hey, you two!
Head on home now and cook our meal!
Head on home now and cook our meal!
Come on.
Back then, there were
mysterious things in the mountains
The mountains look the same as they
did then, but they're no longer the same.
Until that time, our hometown certainly felt
as if it were wrapped in a soft cloth
Sis what's this?
I made it so that you can make yourself
presentable to your art teacher.
It's woven from silk thread
from silkworms from the mountains
and dyed with plants
found in the mountains.
Kai, if you can't return that's okay.
If you become successful,
Father will forgive you.
But look at this sometimes,
and think of home
Thank you, Sis
I will absolutely become a fine artist
l so wish l could start painting soon
l wonder how Sis
and the others are doing.
You there
Rinse those dishes.
Yes, sir.
It's getting warmer
Hey, give me a hand here.
This your coat?
This lining whose work is it?
Forgive me! I wanted to paint so badly
You drew this?
I don't like it
I don't like it at all
From tomorrow, I want you in the studio.
Not that there's much I can teach you
Oh no l'm out of paint
when l'm so close to finishing
How's it coming?
The delivery date is coming up soon.
Yes, don't worry, it'll be ready.
Now what can l do?
There isn't anyone else
l can borrow money from
And l have nothing left to sell
"Pawn Shop"
"Pawn Shop"
It's badly tattered
I can't give you much.
"Pawn Shop"
Please! I'll come
right back to redeem it.
Please! I'll come
right back to redeem it.
This is truly magnificent.
I can see why your master
had such confidence in you.
To think someone with your talent
is still an unknown
Yes! I like it.
What do you say? I know
this is short notice,
but can you paint
another one by next month?
My grandson's wedding is coming up.
It'll also be a good opportunity
to make a name for yourself.
By all means! Let me do it!
No I have no time to sleep
Your work was tremendously popular.
I've got all these orders for you.
You did me proud. Good luck to you.
I did it!
Let's see what shall l paint next?
"Pawn Shop"
Let's see what shall l paint next?
"Pawn Shop"
Master, here are today's letters.
Oh, just leave them there.
More prodding for the delivery of works?
Won't they ever stop? Good grief.
Was I ever scared
It was a huge landslide. I heard that
an entire village was swept away.
I was almost caught in that.
It was out west, at the foothills
of Mt. something-or-other
There's no way it could be our village
This is no time to be worrying
about other things
This is an important time for me.
"Pawn Shop"
This is an important time for me.
"Pawn Shop"
"Pawn Shop"
l'm going to make a bigger
and bigger name for myself.
"Pawn Shop"
Yes indeed you are indeed a master
But have you not been well, sir?
The paintings I had seen you do before
seemed so truly full of life, but now
Well, I might be worrying about nothing
Darn what's wrong with me?
It appears to be fatigue.
Take your medicine and rest a while.
What's the rush?
Your reputation is now solid.
Kai, how're you feeling?
Drink this. It'll make you feel better.
How many years has it been
since she left to get married?
l wonder if she's doing well
l wonder if Father will forgive me now?
Ten years have already
passed since then
lt's selfish of me to think of them
only at times like this
But l want to see them
l want to take a stroll in our hometown,
taking in the scents of
the mountains and streams
What's there to be afraid of?
They're my family
Once l see them, l'll be able to
create good paintings once again
Oh no It can't be
Is that you, Kai?
Whatever in heaven's name
Didn't you get your sister's letter?
You didn't read it?
Three years ago, was it?
There was a terrible landslide
The homes, the fields
just about everything was swept away.
We got together and asked her
to write a letter to you
asking you to help the village
since you became famous.
What happened to Father and Sis?
Your father was killed in the landslide.
Your sister also died after giving birth
to this child the following year.
I'm saying this for your own good
Go back to town
Don't ever come back.
He was quite a popular artist.
But one day, he suddenly vanished
and never came back
That painting alone
would fetch a good price.
Is that so
What do you think?
It's a thin cloth,
but it's unusually heavy
It definitely smells of mushi.
Then you could probably
sell it for a good price
to that doctor who likes rare goods.
How's this price sound?
You say it's caused no trouble so far,
but without knowing
the true nature of this mushi,
I can't ask for a high price.
I'll take it at half price.
You jest.
You probably bought it
for the price of a rag.
Well, I'm sure you could learn its
true nature and resell it at a high price.
I don't want to deal
with troublesome mushi
No mushi-shi would fork over a fortune
for something like this.
Wait! All right. I have
one more piece to the puzzle.
They say these mountains
are in the artist's hometown.
Now, that will help
your investigation, right?
At half price it will.
Okay, you win.
I'm very sorry to hear that
But you must come back.
I can't go back.
I can't paint anything anymore
Even when I hold the brush,
nothing inspires me
Today again the mountains
look so foreign to me
Just as l have become a stranger
to the people of my hometown
Maybe l should go to live
somewhere unknown to me
What's this?
The taste of homegrown
l don't feel dizzy nowadays
And l have energy, too.
Hi, Toyo All by yourself today?
I'm just on my way over to deliver these.
Is your granny at home?
Granny turned cold
What'll we do about the child?
She had relatives on
her father's side, didn't she?
They live far away, but let's
have them take her in
Let me Let me take her in!
She's developing slowly
both mentally and physically
You can't raise her.
I vow to raise her with all my love
So please, don't send her away.
Toyo, hold this for a minute.
Good job.
Not like that. Let me do that. The way
you're doing it, it'll topple right over.
Here you go. Don't spill it, okay?
She's already five,
but she's still a baby
Thank you for your hard work.
Here. These're for your niece.
She'll love these
They're back to normal
The mountains are back to normal
That smoke what could it be?
What's this?
I thought I was a goner
Never should've bought that thing
Wh-who are you?!
No one you need to worry about
lt's gotten lighter
That's my coat
So I came looking for the
mountains in this painting
to learn the true nature of the mushi
that live in this coat.
But something odd happened the moment
I set foot on the mountain.
What?! My pack is getting heavier
What's going on?!
And when I finally managed
to escape from the mud,
the mushi seemed to have left the coat.
Well, that was enough for me.
The mushi in the coat were ubusuna
native to this area.
Ubu suna?
Mud-like mushi unique to each region.
But they're like that only
when they're in the ground.
Above ground, they take a smoke-like form.
I hear there was a
big landslide in this area
A large number of ubusuna
were probably also swept away.
The ubusuna then found this coat
and made it their home.
Apparently, quite a huge number
were living there.
They might've gathered since ubusuna
can't survive outside their own region.
This fabric it was woven from
materials in this area, wasn't it?
Yes My older sister made it completely
from things found on the mountains
Around the time I left home,
wearing this reminded me of the
scents and sounds of the mountains.
Ubusuna congregate
at the scents of home
They dwell on all the plants from
that region in minute quantities.
And by eating the plants, animals become
hosts to the ubusuna, as well.
As ubiquitous as they are, these mushi
have very little influence,
and if the host leaves the region,
they completely lose their power.
Once he returns to the region
where he was born,
they'll try protecting him for life
from other minor mushi.
Do they have something to do
with a child's slow development?
If the child did not get enough ubusuna
when it was weaned from its mother,
that might happen.
If that was the case, now that a
huge number of ubusuna have returned,
she'll probably gradually catch up
if you feed her plenty of local foods.
I see
Say, you don't need
this coat anymore, right?
Won't you sell it back to me?
Well I was going to sell it
to you no matter what, so
Please! This coat means a lot to me.
All right. But I have one condition.
A coat in which ubusuna live?
That is very interesting.
Yes And once in a great while,
smoke rises from the
mountains in the painting.
Once in how long a while?
Maybe about once every ten years or so.
That's truly a rare occurrence.
Hmm This painting is
also quite a work of art
It is, isn't it? It's the work of
a mysterious artistic genius.
Whoa! I can't wait
for the smoke to appear
Since l almost got myself killed,
l suppose l can be forgiven for this
What? On this?
That's right. The exact same painting.
No paints?
No, I still have them.
Whoa! You're good
That's right, Toyo. They're our mountains.
Paint some more
Okay, I will!
"Clothes That Embrace The Mountain"
"Clothes That Embrace The Mountain"
"String from the Sky"
"String From The Sky"
"String from the Sky"
"String From The Sky"
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