Mushi-Shi (2005) s01e19 Episode Script

String of Heaven

Say, Fuki
Your contract with us was
through next year, right?
What are your plans after that? Do you
have a job waiting for you back home?
Nothing yet
Then would you
Uhm Well, I'll discuss it with you some
other time. Oh, there's the first star.
Seijiro-san What is that?
There's a string hanging from the sky.
A string?
Where could this string have come from?
"String From The Sky"
There there stop crying
We can't go home until you stop.
Look, the sky is filled with stars.
Ah, I wonder what happened to that star?
The one with the long tail
Say, did you really see one?
The long-tailed star? Yes, last night.
Around there
Which way was it headed?
Um that way. It was zigzagging
as it blinked on and off
I wonder if such a comet exits
But if it did, it'd be a great discovery
All right, I'm definitely going to find it.
Your name was Fuki, right? Well done!
In the end I never found such a star.
Fuki came to us to care for
my fretful youngest sister.
Because she would sometimes
say such mysterious things,
some people in the village
looked upon Fuki with disdain.
Ah, Master, she's not around here, either.
We've looked enough. She must've grown
tired of babysitting and ran off.
That ingrate.
Father, Fuki would never
abandon her responsibility.
She attempted to grasp
a string on the riverbank
and then disappeared
right before my eyes.
Master Seijiro, if you want to help her,
you really should come up
with a better excuse for her
It's the truth
Where in heaven's name have you gone?
What's going on?
Where am I?
Who is this person?
Why am I walking with him
in the mountains?
Here, drink this.
Drink it and get better quickly.
I can't be looking after you forever.
You want to return to
the way you were, don't you?
The way I was?
You don't remember anything?
That's going to be a problem.
You've been affected
by a powerful mushi influence
and have become extremely ambiguous.
Other people probably can't even see you.
That white string
growing out of your hand
Touching it was probably the cause.
Left as-is, you'll drift farther
and farther away from being a human
Are you trying to help me?
Well I'm just doing what I want to do.
Oh well, you'll just have to bear it.
Yes. Your color is
looking a little better
- Really?
- Come on, let's go.
Where are we going?
We'll look for a village.
You'll recover faster
if you're around people.
If your memory doesn't come back,
stay at a nearby village
for the time being.
Now, which way should we go?
There's something glowing
inside the ground
Yes In your current condition,
you can probably see it very well
It seems that we're on
the path of the light vein.
What is it that's glowing?
It's called Kouki.
Schools of embryonic mushi
swimming together
Mushi you mean those tiny things
that lay quietly in the shadows
or float about in the air?
That's right.
I see They're lovely
Don't stare at them so much.
That glow is poison to the eyes
If you become too accustomed to it,
you'll become unable to see sunlight.
There's a river of light
in the sky, as well.
Even at night, it glows
by the light of the sun.
Look at that river instead.
Wow you're right
It's as though I were
looking at a reflection.
They're similar, but not the same.
Make sure you don't look
at the wrong one by mistake.
I slept well
The little mistress
didn't cry last night
Thank goodness
What's wrong?
I I have to go back
Your memory returned?
It's over there My village
is at the foot of that mountain.
You're Fuki, aren't you?
The one who disappeared
Oh, it is
- It's Fuki!
- Where have you been?
In the mountains all this time
We all searched the mountains thoroughly.
Where were you hiding?
I wasn't hiding
When I pulled a string dangling
from the sky on the riverbank,
everything around me went black.
When I came to, I was in the mountains
There you go with that nonsense again
Did you run away but come back
because you were frightened?
But it's too late now
Master already hired
someone to replace you.
Oh no
You're all right!
Are you hurt?
I'm fine That man helped me
How can I thank you?
Please come to my place
Let's go home, Fuki.
But you already have a replacement
I can't go back.
Then come back as my bride.
I was determined to ask you
when you came back
Is that okay?
That's absurd! I won't allow it!
I'm sorry to keep you waiting
Don't you have to go talk to him?
Sounded like you two were arguing.
It's okay. I didn't expect him
to approve right away.
So, what did you want to talk to me about?
I want to hear how Fuki disappeared.
I don't know if you'll believe me
That day, Fuki said she saw
a string dangling from the sky
and motioned as though she
were grasping at the sky.
In that instant
Fuki whisked upwards into the sky
and disappeared into the sky.
No one believes me
Until I saw it happen, even I thought
that the things Fuki claimed to see
were just figments of her imagination
I see That's Tenpengusa
They're mushi that live
high up in the sky.
Born from yin, they gather
at the border with yang.
Fuki described them as tiny things
that lay quietly in the shadows
or float about in the air
Few people can see them, but they
exist in every corner of our world.
You can see what Fuki sees?
Well, I make my living from them.
I envy you
Fuki is a lucky woman
But watch out for her.
She still is not completely
free of the mushi's influence
Tenpengusa normally appear as
balloon-like objects with a tail
and move about in the skies
above special ground
called the path of the light vein.
They live by feeding on
feebly luminescent mushi in the air.
So, at night, they also appear
like stars weaving through the sky.
That's why they're also
known as wayward stars.
That way It was zigzagging
as it blinked on and off
This rarely happens, but when
there isn't enough food in the sky,
they extend their tentacles down near
the ground like dropping a fishing line.
It looks like a string.
When an animal makes contact,
it reels the animal skyward,
but then spits it out high in the sky
because it is unable to swallow it
Most times, the prey falls
to the ground and dies,
but Fuki was fortunate to get
caught in a tree, so she survived.
But perhaps because
she was partially swallowed,
Fuki became greatly affected by the mushi.
That was why you couldn't find her
when you searched the mountains.
Fuki had turned into something
human eyes could not see
This medicine has helped her
recover considerably,
but she's still not completely cured.
She's still connected to the sky
by the string on her hand
and remains in an unstable condition.
So if things go wrong,
she'll have a relapse.
Fuki requires more than just this medicine
to return to being human again.
She also needs to feel that
she wants to remain a human being.
You must make her feel that way.
Well, maybe it's none of my business
I'll take your words to heart
Why not stay a bit longer?
I can't stay any longer
than I already have.
Well, we'll be holding our wedding
in the near future for sure
Please be sure to attend.
Hmm? You don't have to bother.
But we owe you our thanks
for everything, Ginko-san
Okay then, I'll drop by again.
I later received a letter
It said Fuki had disappeared once again.
What in the world happened?
My old man just wouldn't
give us his blessings.
Day after day, I tried
to change his mind
And Fuki felt miserable the entire time.
As that went on, Fuki's body
gradually became lighter.
So light that the breeze would
send her floating up into the air.
And as the days went by, she became
unable to stay on the ground.
Fuki, please come on down.
I don't know how to come down
I've almost got Father convinced,
but if he sees you like this
I'm sorry My body
floats up by itself
Okay, stay right there. You have
to take your medicine as well.
But then one day
I've looked everywhere, but
I thought I told you that you
had to keep her tie to this world.
I did try. I tried to
get others to accept Fuki.
But with her the way she was
More than anyone else
you are unable to accept Fuki.
Because you rejected her, she became
unable to maintain human form.
Unable to maintain?
You can't see her,
but Fuki is still here
That's ridiculous!
If you don't want to lose Fuki,
accept who she is.
You say to accept her
But how, when I can't
even see or touch her?
You're the only one who can save her.
You're probably the reason why
she's barely still around here even now
What what should I do Fuki?
Master Seijiro Why do you
always gaze at the stars?
Hmm I wonder myself
Even when unpleasant things
happen during the day,
the stars never fail to appear at night
When I see that, I feel calm
for some reason
Me, too When I feel sad because
the little mistress won't stop crying
I take my mind off of it
by counting the stars.
So when dawn's light appears,
I somehow feel lonely
The number of stars gets
smaller and smaller
Before you know it,
there isn't a single one left.
Where do they all go during the daytime?
You're so silly, Fuki The stars are
still there in the sky even during the day.
Yes. The sunlight is
too strong for us to see them,
but they're actually still up in the sky.
So they don't go anywhere
even if we can't see them
they're still up in the sky
They said it was the strangest of sights
A wedding was hastily held
without the bride being present.
- Despite that
- Now, Fuki, it's your turn to drink.
the groom behaved as
though his bride were there
Maybe this way is better
Seeing him act that way, people whispered
that the groom, too, had lost his mind
In time, he took up his residence
alone on the outskirts of the village.
As always, he conversed with
his wife who wasn't there
Eventually, the villagers
stopped coming around.
But as time passed
Oh? Isn't that
That's Fuki. When did she come back?
People began to see Fuki.
They say that ever since then,
Fuki's habit of disappearing
never returned.
"String From The Sky"
"String From The Sky"
"A Sea Of Writings"
"A Sea Of Writings"
"A Sea Of Writings"
"A Sea Of Writings"
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