Mushi-Shi (2005) s01e20 Episode Script

The Sea of Brushes

"A Sea Of Writings"
Oh It's you, Ginko.
How's work?
The same.
How's Tanyu been?
Like you, the same.
She was writing for some time,
so she's resting right now.
Here to view the archives
again today, right?
Wait there.
What would you like to read?
I've read most of the
past generations' works, so
Then you're at Miss Tanyu's generation
It starts from that shelf.
Thanks, I appreciate it.
Oh, and give me that thing your cigar.
I'm not going to smoke in here.
I can never be too sure.
These are not merely guides
to sealing away mushi.
You haven't forgotten that, have you?
I realize that.
these are indisputably secret documents.
Not only for their contents,
but more so for their raison d'etre
"Forward: Circumstances
regarding the birth of
Tanyu, fourth-generation scribe
of the Karibusa family.
Recorded by Tama Minai,
mushi-shi to the Karibusa family."
This is
There is no mistake.
The black birthmark She is
the fourth-generation scribe.
Miss Tanyu.
Please return to your room.
I want to play outside like the others.
Why is studying how to read
and write all I ever do?
Why won't this leg move?
Yes, you're right
You are old enough now
to understand, Miss.
I will tell you everything.
That birthmark on your right leg is a
remnant of mushi sealed away inside you.
My mushi-shi ancestor sealed the
forbidden mushi in your ancestor's body.
By nature, flora and fauna
are in harmony with mushi.
Where flora and fauna flourish,
so do mushi.
Where they die off, the mushi do, as well.
But once upon a time, as flora,
fauna and mushi were dying
following a terrible natural catastrophe,
a different sort of mushi appeared
One that attempted to erase all other life.
What was that mushi like?
No records have ever been
found of its shape or form,
or even how it was sealed inside her body
The story passed down in my family
is that your ancestor was pregnant
when the mushi was sealed inside of her,
causing her entire body
to turn coal black
The mushi continued
to live inside her body,
but she died after giving birth.
Since then, once in several
generations of the Karibusa family,
a child is born with
a coal-black birthmark.
You mean it's still alive in here?
Am I going to die soon, too?!
I'm here to keep that from happening!
You should have the power to
put the mushi to sleep for good.
I will help you do it.
When you have gotten a little
better at reading and writing,
we will move to the country house.
There, we will bury the
forbidden mushi underground forever.
Then, your black birthmark will disappear
and you will be able to walk.
Three of your ancestors put the mushi
to sleep that way little by little.
We're here, Miss.
That was a dream of long ago
The way to put mushi to sleep that Tama
told me of later on was surprising.
Please write down everything
I am about to tell you later.
All of Tama's stories were about how
she defeated mushi as a mushi-shi.
They seemed like fantasy,
but they were all true.
She described major roundups
with dramatic flair
and told sad stories
by dim lantern light
They were stories of faraway places
and unfamiliar people
Every one of them always fascinated me.
But, when I wrote them down,
an intense pain ran through my birthmark.
Are the mushi leaving my body right now?
That's right.
The fact that I have defeated many mushi
is a curse to the forbidden one.
I realize it's painful,
but please bear it
All because of me,
you were forced to become
a mushi-shi, weren't you?
There must've been difficult times
You must've begrudged your fate for that
Those feelings disappeared
the first time I met you, Miss.
Now, I am grateful.
Tell me the rest of the story.
Will you be all right?
Yes, I'll be fine.
How hard Tama was
trying to ease my pain
It wasn't until later on,
when she ran out of stories
and began inviting other mushi-shi
to tell theirs, that I realized it
And in order to wipe out the vermin mushi,
I used its natural enemy
this mushi here and released
huge numbers of them in the mountains.
In less than a month, you could
not even find a vermin mushi.
Afterwards, of course,
I destroyed these mushi, as well.
We can't have too many of them around
I knew how to get rid of them
Every one of the stories
I heard was about killing
The pain in my leg was joined
by a pain in my heart
Killing brought on by arrogance
toward tiny, lower life forms
and by unfounded fears of things
different than themselves
It was something I sensed very strongly.
There may be a way
without killing them, you say?
With all due respect,
that is something only one who has
actually faced mushi should say
He was right, of course.
But there was nothing
I could do about it.
If only I could use this leg
Excuse me
Might you be the daughter
of the Karibusa family?
I am.
I thought you might be since there
aren't any other houses around here.
Oh, so this is the
black birthmark I've heard about?
Are you a mushi-shi, too?
You're collecting stories
about mushi, right?
I understand if I cooperate,
I can peruse the Karibusa archives.
I'm sorry, but please leave.
I've heard enough about killing mushi.
Then, I'll tell you stories
about not killing them
Yeah, I happen to have
many more of those.
But those won't be of use
Let me start with a story
about the mushi that eat moles
Hm? You were about to say?
No, nothing
Tell me your stories about mushi
Actually, you need
Tama's permission first.
But Tama probably wouldn't want
to hire a mushi-shi like you
so this is an exception.
Be very careful how you
handle the documents.
There are mushi lying dormant
in those character strings.
Yeah, I've heard.
The forbidden mushi, right?
It won't kill me that easily.
At any rate, this is quite
a treasure for mushi-shi.
Yes, it is But everything
in here is a record of death.
I want to hear more stories of
animals and mushi living together.
I'll somehow convince Tama.
So will you come and talk with me?
It'd be my pleasure.
Miss? Oh, you're already awake.
Ginko is here.
Bring him right away.
Huh? What's this?!
Bookworm eggs
Uh-oh Here and here, too!
The character strings are
beginning to come apart
Is it happening?!
Otama-san! The bookworms are
starting to eat the paper!
The seal is gonna break!
Oh no!
Miss Tanyu!
What's the matter?
The seal is partially broken!
They're heading your way!
This is trouble
Not to worry. They can't leave this room.
Still alive, huh?
Yes It's hard to believe that
they had been dormant for centuries
No, I was talking about you, Ginko.
You don't seem fazed Can you return
these things to the way they were?
I know a few mushi
control methods as well, you know.
Here you go.
The character strings
have stopped moving
The walls and ceiling of this room
are covered with a special paste.
Volume 1853, chapter one.
Chapter two.
You memorized the entire contents?
Whether there are bookworms or not,
paper will eventually deteriorate.
I need to copy the text
from time to time like this.
But just copying it in a normal way
doesn't seal the mushi.
This is the way of copying
passed down in my family.
Those bookworms are Miss Tanyu's pets.
They're sort of cute.
Don't you think they've
proliferated a bit too much?
It's okay as long as I make copies
in a proper way like this.
Such a dangerous pastime
I won't make mistakes
since this is, after all, my job.
There is a young woman who lives in a
sea of writings as if she's drowning in it.
So is that "case closed"?
Any other stories?
Let's call it a day.
We can still continue.
Less than half of what you told me
is useful for sealing away mushi.
You had a hard day yesterday and
you must be tired. Don't overdo it.
All right
Ginko, stay there until I finish, okay?
There is a young woman ravaged by mushi,
who loves mushi while sealing them away.
Is she done?
Yes, please prepare her bedding.
I'll be fine without rest
I want to go outside instead.
Will you take me there?
When will I ever be able to use this leg?
Don't rush it. The birthmark is
gradually getting smaller, isn't it?
Yes, though little by little.
If I can't get rid of it before I die,
my descendents will
inherit the birthmark
Just as it's always been
It may not happen in my lifetime, either
What will you do if your leg heals?
I want to travel with you.
To see the mushi you told me about
Just a thought
Even in the best case,
I'll be an old lady by then.
I was just kidding.
Let's do it. That is, if
I'm still alive and well at that time.
You have to stay alive.
You never know I might be
eaten by a mushi tomorrow.
You still have stay alive.
That's asking a lot.
You'll manage somehow.
"A Sea Of Writings"
"A Sea Of Writings"
"Cotton Spore"
"Cotton Spore"
"Cotton Spore"
"Cotton Spore"
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