Mushi-Shi (2005) s01e22 Episode Script

Underwater Shrine

Give birth to me once more.
I want to meet you all over again.
I want to see this lovely ocean once again.
"Shrine In The Sea"
Who was that?
Don't know I'm not really sure,
but he came asking about uminaoshi.
I wonder how he heard about it
I came all this way with
nothing to show for it
Islanders are tough people.
Well, I'll just take it slow.
What's that glow?
It's too bright to be sea-fireflies
and too dim to be fishing lights
Beats me
Oh you can see them?
You know a lot about things like that?
Well, yes It's how I make my living.
Mom! Grandpa's back. Let's have dinner
Oh, it's the man from this afternoon.
You're welcome to come over if you like.
There are too many snakes
around to camp out at night.
Grandpa, we have company.
Now that's a rarity
Who is he, Mana?
She's Isana.
So she is. Sorry, Mio.
I don't think it'll appear anymore
since the moon is out.
Oh, I see.
Ginko-san Did you come here
to ask about uminaoshi?
Do you know something?
That glow always appears
around that rock over there.
There's a trench we call the
Dragon's Palace below that rock.
People who lose their lives there
are reborn looking exactly the same.
Did Isana look like
a normal child to you?
Are you saying?!
She's the uminaoshi of my mother.
Don't do it, Dad. She's still alive.
Mio no one has ever
survived this disease.
She won't be able to come back unless
we submerge her while she's alive.
I don't want you to!
Forgive me Mio
I'm afraid of dying and
going away forever
I want to fall asleep thinking
that I will come back here
Let me do it.
Mio, tomorrow is the day
The full moon is finally here.
Please don't you want
to see your mother again?
I do, and so do all our relatives.
We're all waiting for Mana to return.
I know it's been hard on you to lose
your husband and then your mother.
All the more reason having a child
will give you something to live for.
Mio, please You're the
only one we can turn to.
All right
If seeing that child will comfort you all
then I will give birth to it.
But the child is no longer my mother.
Promise me that you won't call her Mana.
Just one will do.
Any one?
Yeah. If a person swallows it, it will
become a child who will look the same
as the person we submerged
in the sea within the past month.
That was how Isana was born.
Any chance she's the
child of your late husband?
My husband died two years
before Isana was born.
I want to know what that child is.
I'm not really sure yet,
but she did appear human
and there's no denying
that you gave birth to her.
It's better if you just think
of her as a child that looks
a lot like her grandmother.
Mio what's the matter?
Can't fall asleep?
When that happens,
this is what Mommy does.
I imagine myself as a huge fish,
swimming slowly downward
into the quiet, blue ocean
Then before I know it, I'm asleep.
What's the matter?
Good night, Isana.
There's nothing to worry about.
Yup, that's right.
They say I'm Grandma's uminaoshi.
There are lots of people
like that. Oh, that child is one.
When she was about six, she was
bitten by a snake and almost died,
but she was reborn.
That woman over there is one, too.
Soon after she got married, a shark
attacked her and she was reborn.
Her husband waited nearly
twenty years to marry her again.
They were all reborn
and are living happy lives.
Are you happy, too?
I feel at a loss when
someone calls me "Mana,"
But it doesn't bother me
since Mom doesn't call me that way.
So I'm happy to have been born to Mom.
I love this ocean,
this island, everything
I can't see anything in there
It'd be unsafe to approach
the glow at night
Maybe I'll wait for them
to spawn at full moon.
Then you'll stay until then?
Wow look at how lovely that is!
An island where one can
regain lost loved ones
An island where one can
choose never to say goodbye
In that sense, this is a true paradise
But yet
A child that resembled my mom I was
able to feel that way when she was a baby.
After all, I don't know what
my mother looked like as a child.
But as she got bigger,
her face changes little by little
and everything, such as her
personality and minute habits,
is becoming close to
that of the mother I knew
My mother is gone, but she looks
just like her and calls me Mom.
The daughter I gave birth to and
raised doesn't seem like my own
They're coming from deep down
in the Dragon Palace
Those globules I think they're created
by some sort of mushi, after all.
I don't have any proof, but it all
makes sense if you think of it this way
What I found inside those globules
was the embryos of various animals
The form fundamental to all
The fact that one who swallows a globule
becomes pregnant with a child identical
to the one who was submerged at sea
suggests that this mushi can
return animals to their very embryos.
Which means
That child is physically
identical to your mother.
From here on,
she'll resemble her more and more.
But since she was born
and raised by you,
she cannot turn into your mother.
To her, you are every bit her "mother".
Yes I have to be strong
I'm thinking of leaving tomorrow
if the weather will allow it.
If I get any more involved,
I'll start questioning if it's
okay to leave this island alone
even though I don't have any right
to take away your happiness.
Thank you, Ginko
If Mom is about to die,
I'm going to give birth to her.
I can't imagine life without Mom.
I think you'd better wait and see today.
It could be a typhoon.
I guess I have no choice.
The storm's getting worse
I didn't know there are actually
times when you can't fall asleep.
Of course. It's just that I know
a good way to fall asleep.
When you can't sleep,
it helps if you imagine
that you're a huge fish
swimming down into the ocean.
Swim past the coral, with the
remora or such at your side
slowly downward into the dark deep
Then you'll gradually
I'm sorry I'm a little thirsty
I'm fine. Wait here for me.
I have to be strong
It's going to get swept out
My boat is missing.
You don't think?!
Hey, look at that.
She's over there!
Wait, Isana! Don't go near
that glow! It'll eat you alive.
Don't rush in! We'll approach cautiously.
Mom! Over here!
They're surrounding the boat.
What do we do?
Stay away!
Wait, Isana!
You're all right!
Isana, what about you?
I'm okay.
Get in, quickly!
Darn I can't fight this
If they eat me like this, will they
turn me into an embryo as well?
To a time before everything begins
Gosh that's a really bad
They're letting go
Now! Get out of the water quickly
The storm has passed!
And why did they suddenly
So that's it
The moon is out
Although I know only a
very little about these mushi,
they seem to glow to attract
and capture animals,
then return them to their essence
before discharging them.
That is probably their nature.
You may be able to say they're mushi
that feed on the "time an animal lived".
Anyway, you both know
about those mushi very well.
Give it time and your issues
will work themselves out.
In any case, Isana,
you jumped into the water without
a second thought, didn't you?
You scared the lights out of me.
Sorry about that.
Even if they ate your mother,
you would've seen her again
if you gave birth to her.
But then they would've eaten up
the time Mom had lived, right?
That'd be sad
I'd rather see Mom die
while she's still my mom
than give away her
entire lifetime to someone else.
You think just like I do.
That's just what
I'd expect of my child
On that island, uminaoshi will probably
continue as a regular occurrence,
helping to put the dying at ease
and filling the void in the
hearts of those left behind
Perhaps being able to die
without having that wish
is a rare and fortunate blessing.
"Shrine In The Sea"
"Shrine In The Sea"
"The Sound Of Rust"
"The Sound Of Rust"
"The Sound Of Rust"
"The Sound Of Rust"
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