Mushi-Shi (2005) s01e23 Episode Script

Twitter of Rusts

I thought I heard a sorrowful call
like none I'd ever heard in the icy air.
Was it my imagination?
No, there it is again Over that way.
A human voice?
Rust What the heck is going on?
It stopped
"The Sound of Rust"
So, when did this sickness
start affecting this town?
It's already been fourteen years
Everyone looks the same,
but their skin becomes
frighteningly hard in places
and they become unable to move their limbs.
By far the worst case is
an old friend of mine
He can't even get up anymore
Where is this person?
He and his wife live on the
western outskirts of town.
All the townspeople say that their
daughter is the cause of the illness.
Ever since that girl-
Shige's her name- was born
the people around her came down with
the sickness one after another
That is a fact, but
We've done everything we could
over the past fourteen years,
but we haven't been able to find the cause.
The girl hasn't spoken a word, and that
has just made people more suspicious.
Here. This is for this month.
Really, what is the Master thinking
If he's going to show pity on this child
just because he's friends with her parents,
I wish he'd give us a raise instead.
My, that's a huge hole, isn't it?
Sorry, but I don't have a replacement.
Use this.
Those townspeople never
get tired of it, do they?
You should give them a piece
of your mind sometimes.
Those are only rumours, right?
Even if they were true,
it wasn't your intention to make
your family and friends sick, right?
Back home at my village,
I lost half my family and
friends in a storm two years ago.
That's why I decided to stay here
to earn money in place of my dad.
Like me, you decided this was
the only way to survive, right?
I give you credit
- Hey.
- Huh?
I'd like to ask you about that girl.
Are you another one of those
doctors summoned by the Master?
I don't know a thing.
She won't say a word to me.
Tetsu! What's keeping you?
Okay! Be right there!
I see
Welcome home
Thanks for doing that
Shige right?
You can see this rust, can't you?
My name's Ginko. I was only asked
here to help cure the sickness.
I'm not going to condemn you.
This sickness is curable.
Won't you tell me about it?
That should be enough
It's okay for you to speak in here.
I don't want to rust either, you know.
You see? Nothing happens.
You can see the rust, too?
It was
My voice does frightening things
That's why I tried to stifle it
a deep, hoarse voice that
did not match her tiny body
by yelling in that cave until
my voice turned like this.
yet it reverberated with sweet,
sober overtones
But no matter how much my voice changes,
my voice still causes rust to appear.
It was a voice with a mysterious sound
Daddy! Welcome home!
Hi What's that doll?
It's my little sister.
Oh, so that's who it is
Whenever I used my voice, rust formed
on the people and things around me
To me, it was perfectly normal.
Say Shige, why don't you sing me a song?
I didn't think it was strange, and so
I sang songs that I liked to everyone.
But they could not see it
I realized it wasn't a good thing
around when I turned four
and everyone was becoming crippled.
I told my father and mother about it.
Shige, you must never
tell anyone about this.
If you do, we won't be able
to live here anymore.
Both of us are already unable to work.
We're only able to survive thanks to
the kindness of the Master of the big house.
Let's live here deceiving everyone
and casting ourselves on the Master's mercy.
The day will come when we
can repay his kindness
Until then, you mustn't
use your voice Shige.
Since then, I've spoken to no one.
It's been ten years
since I've spoken to anyone.
I deserve to be despised by everyone
because I chose to go on living
with just the three of us.
I see The more I hear your
voice, the more unusual it sounds
I wonder how you're able
to speak in such a voice
There are levels to your voice that
most people cannot even produce.
It may sound a bit different to you,
but there is a sound close by that
sounds utterly similar to your voice.
This isn't rust.
It's a mushi known as Yasabi,
and it's alive.
Some can see them, others cannot.
They exist differently from other life.
Yasabi are normally harmless mushi
that attach themselves to
dead bodies and decompose them.
They make a sound in the process.
Your voice is that sound
amplified several hundredfold.
So, thinking there was food,
the Yasabi in the mountains gathered here.
But there was no food, so they attached
themselves onto even living things.
The answer, then, is to scatter them.
Is that possible?
And what's more There should be
a way to return your voice to normal.
They're on everything
Don't they have any preferences?
The entire town is evenly rust-coloured
What're you doing out here in the cold?
Oh, nothing
Say, aren't you afraid of Shige?
It's been only two years
since I came to this town,
so I just still can't believe that
Shige is the cause of the sickness.
Well then
Maybe that's why there's
not a single Yasabi on him.
Oh, you can see the ocean from here
Is it possible?
Just as I thought
If everyone's sickness is cured and I
can speak again, I can thank Tetsu-san.
I can tell him in my own voice.
That's right. We'll use your
voice to chase the mushi away.
But, for everyone to be safe after that,
you'll have to leave this town.
I understand. So the sickness
will be cured, right?
I'll do anything.
There's one favour I want to ask of you
I want you to teach me how to write.
Hi there.
Oh, my towel
Thank you Oh
What?! You found the cause?
Was it Shige?
Ah, that was nothing but a rumour.
No, it might be this way
Here Let me read it for you.
G-give that back!
"If I speak, you will
become sick, as well"?!
"Forgive me And thank you"
Tetsu! Who wrote this?!
Was it Shige?!
No! Give it back!
Oh no, it looked like you
were sympathetic to her.
This had to be her.
I'll show this to the Master.
Don't do that!
What're you doing, Tetsu?!
Thank you for everything.
Hey, Tetsu!
No need to go after him.
Clean out the furnace right now!
Damn that Shige She won't
be able to play dumb anymore!
Run away somewhere, Shige
They'll all be coming soon
No telling what they'll do to you
I can't. Ginko-san hasn't shown
me how to chase away the mushi.
Shige. Leave here for now.
Wait for me up there at the ridge.
I'll show you how to chase away
the mushi after I've convinced everyone.
I'll go with you. I can't stay
in this town anymore
That ridge is in the direction
of my home village.
Also it's dangerous to go alo
I'm counting on you.
You can do it, can't you, Shige?
Ginko-san, why are you protecting Shige?
Bring Shige out here!
Make her apologize.
Banishing Shige won't cure the sickness.
Besides, it's not Shige's fault.
All Shige did was talk,
laugh and sing like any other child.
Her voice had an element in it that attracted
the cause of the sickness that's all.
We don't give a damn about that!
What we want to know is how she plans
to apologize to those she made sick.
If it's an apology you want,
Shige's been doing that for ten years.
If she had broken her vow
and given an excuse or two,
she could've managed to stop
fanning your suspicions.
She bore her sin the entire time.
That doesn't mean we can forgive her!
My child is her age,
but she can't even walk!
My child, too!
She will, of course, make amends.
If it was Shige's voice that
brought the sickness here,
it is her voice that can make it go away.
Couldn't you call it even then?
Everyone who had something to do with
this sickness suffered the same way.
Shige, about that letter It sounded
as though you were going to leave town
Are you going to do that
after the sickness is cured?
Do you have somewhere to go?
Then, would you come
to my village as well?
It's a fishing village that had most
of the homes and boats washed away
Everyone's working together
to rebuild it little by little.
Things will somehow work out.
Why don't you do that?
They're not here Did something happen?
I have to call for help
My voice
If I call at this distance
This sickness is curable.
- That unmistakable voice was
echoing through the mountains.
- Help!!
Hm? My legs feel lighter
Hm? So do mine
Shige! Are you okay? How about Tetsu?
I'm sorry I'm so sorry
I made you get the sickness,
too, Tetsu-san
He's just unconscious. Relax.
He won't get the sickness.
Shige! You're all right!
Look my legs are
As it turned out, you did something
very close to what I had in mind.
My plan was to have your voice echo
through the mountains
that surround this town,
to disperse the Yasabi gathered
in the town into the mountains.
But the location had to be that ridge
with the ocean behind it.
That's because Yasabi dislike sea breezes.
The rust at the edge of town where
sea breezes blow in was ordinary rust.
Tetsu never got the sickness because
he was raised in a fishing village
and often stood out in the sea breeze
even after coming to this town.
If you live near the sea,
you can live a normal life, as well.
But you've scattered only
a small fraction of the mushi.
You'll have to repeat
what you did for years or
you'll never get rid of them all.
Your voice might be first to give out.
I don't mind at all.
It's just a vague memory,
but I remember how the town
was before there was much rust.
Back then, I really loved this town.
I want to do anything I can
to bring it back to the way it was
Later, after the girl left the town,
they say the sickness gradually went away.
Shige! Headed to the ridge?
I'll go with you.
The townspeople say
they still sometimes hear,
though just faintly, a very hoarse,
but strangely lovely
and familiar singing voice
echoing through the mountains.
"The Sound Of Rust"
"The Sound Of Rust"
The Journey To The Field Of Fire
"The Journey To The Field Of Fire"
The Journey To The Field Of Fire
"The Journey To The Field Of Fire"
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