Music City (2018) s01e04 Episode Script

And the New Miss Tennessee Is...

1 [chatter] Cheers to Brunching.
The weekend.
Did we make oh, did we make eye contact? Bad luck.
Bad luck.
So how are you and Jackson? We're doing really well.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Yeah, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Really well.
Really well.
It's a step up, guys, from what it was.
I'm actually going to get together with Bryant.
I have a bunch of lyrics, and I've just been talking to him, and he's like, well, I have these song ideas.
So we're going to finally get together and see if we can blend it, or Is this one of your first writing sessions, kind of? Yeah.
It's something that I've been trying to avoid, like having to co-write.
Why? I don't know.
Because I think it terrifies to have to share my deepest, darkest secrets with a stranger.
You have to be vulnerable with your audience.
I mean, I'll be vulnerable with the people out there, but I don't want to be vulnerable with this stranger that's right here.
That seems weird.
Why? I don't know.
We're going to find out if I can do it and kinda get used to it.
It's different with a co-writing, though, because that is the deep stuff.
You know? And I feel like, I'm not just going share my world with some stranger.
I don't know you.
Well, maybe you start with the people that you know.
Like, maybe we could write together.
Are you OK? Yeah.
[music playing] I'm shutting it down Running like a mother And taking the crown Ooh, on top of the world Mom, I am so nervous.
You could be Miss Tennessee in 48 hours, going to Miss USA.
I mean, just knowing the stories that you've told me and when you were Miss Tennessee, just growing up, and hearing the stories, and seeing the clothes, and all the pictures.
And I can't think about anything else that would be just more neat for any mother/daughter to have in common from the same state.
I know.
I know.
That would be unusual.
Whenever I think about it, my heart just starts beating.
No, it is scary.
Because years ago, a girl could have their makeup artist and their hair stylist backstage.
And there's nothing like that There's nothing.
So tease, hairspray.
Tease, hairspray.
Tease, hairspray.
Asphyxiate yourself.
Asphyxiate myself.
You've got to stay focused.
[laughs] But when it comes down to it, I've worked so hard, but there is nothing that will compare to how nervous I am right now.
I know you're nervous, but I also know you're going to do great this weekend.
I'm ready for it.
And I'm ready for a party.
Oh my gosh.
Why not? I'm not even there yet.
I'm not even there.
We're having a major celebration.
[laughs] I'm serious.
I want friends, I want family, I want the supporters.
And it's going to be wonderful.
And even if I lose, maybe, too.
Mm, I don't know about that.
[laughter] [music playing] And for the first time, I'm waking up.
And for I loved your party.
That place is so cool It is so cool.
That was kind of You were so good on stage, though.
That was so cool.
[laughs] Thank you.
Did you enjoy meeting Ally and everyone? Yes.
Thank you for bringing her.
Actually, I mean, the whole pageant thing, she's going to have a party.
Her mom is going to throw her one.
If you'd like to come Your whole family is going to be there? It'll be my family, it'll be her friends, people that have been important in her life, you know.
Like your mom, and Yeah.
Can I bring Alisa and Rachyl? Of course you can.
Yeah, absolutely.
Oh my word.
This is so pretty.
I know, it's been great.
Thank God it's a nice day outside.
You never know here.
It's raining one day it's sunny the next.
The weather's so unpredictable.
I've had fun with you.
Yeah? Mhm.
I really enjoy hanging out with you.
This is just a very, very different thing for me.
Well, you have been really cool about taking things slow.
Of course.
I'm Team Take-It-Slow.
[laughs] Team Take-It-Slow.
Very good.
Try not to spill them, OK? Look at that mess.
Cheerios everywhere.
No, not the airplane.
There's a hurricane in here this morning.
OK, let's get dressed.
Come here.
Will you help put his shirt on before you go? Here.
Hey bud, come here.
Stand up.
Hey, you're not standing up.
Ready? Arms up.
There it is.
Go down.
Good job.
[baby talk] Yeah, he's going to work.
He's going to wear his boots.
When are you going to come to work, buddy? You want to go to work? I'll stay home, eat Cheerios all day.
Love you, honey.
Bye, Wolfgang.
Say "bye, Dada.
" Bye, Dada.
Bye-bye buddy.
[text alert] Ding.
Bye, Daddy.
[text alert] [text alert] [music playing] Uninvited, but they're here anyway Bye, Daddy.
and you hide them and hope that I'll never say anything.
Going through because I imitate them because that's what we do.
[music playing] [laughs] I'm trying to make this coffee over here.
I've never used this kind of machine, but we're going to see how it works.
It's just a normal coffee maker.
If it's really gross So I had a date with Jackson yesterday.
He was so funny at our birthday.
He's got that Southern charm, which could be good, if it's genuine, or it could be a trap.
And you don't know until you find out.
Which I think you can only find out with time.
His cousin was cute.
And she does pageants too, yeah? Mhm.
I was like, yeah, I see.
I see pageant written all over this.
She's in the Miss Tennessee pageant.
It's happening tonight.
That's where Jackson is.
Sarah's there too.
Can we watch it? Eh, I mean There has to be some I'm not watching that.
It would be a cultural experience.
Y'all don't think that's kind of weird for me to creep on his cousin and She's putting herself out there to be creeped on.
It says here that we could stream it.
We can watch it.
That's fine.
Are y'all ready for tonight? [music playing] We'll get the party started in just a few seconds.
We're just moments away.
[cheering] Miss Tennessee USA, 2018.
The legacy and tradition continues.
[music playing] Cut off the distraction It's time for some action No time for relaxing.
Because we're making it happen.
Oh! Oh! [gasps] They have a choreographed dance? They're dancing.
This is like Price is Right.
This is the weirdest thing I've ever seen.
Where is she? We begin with Nashville's Megan Miller.
Williamson County, Alexandra Harper.
[cheering] Hey, we know her.
Woo-hoo! Ooh, that slit.
Is this turning you on? [laughter] Definitely.
I knew that was what it was.
We now present the top 15 semifinalists in the swimsuit competition.
[music playing] Yes, no Maybe so Like a rocket, going to blast off Watch me go Hey, hey, say my name Haters going to hate, but my mind is in the game, so ha Hello, Baba Everybody looking at me, but I don't mind Because dang, straight Could you wear a swimsuit? Swimsuits.
I could never.
I'd be the only girl in a one piece, y'all.
I'd be like [laughter] [music playing] Let's start your game Come on now Come on now Let's start Come on now Come on now, that's right! All right, looks like everybody's ready, so let's get back to the business at hand as we begin our second and final phase of the semi-final competition, evening gown.
[music playing] You got four seconds until I roll Three seconds until I blow Two I'm Losing my self control Don't trip, don't trip.
She's pretty, y'all.
You liked her space dress.
Oh, that was Ally Yay! Yay, Ally.
[music playing] losing my self control I suggest you run, 'fore I get to one Get to one Before I get to one All right.
The results have been validated and are now official.
Let's do this.
Three women remain, however, only one will wear the crown.
Let's continue.
The second runner-up to the title of Miss Tennessee USA, Greater Nashville's Savana Hodge.
I'm having a panic attack.
Oh my gosh, this is kind of exciting.
This is the winner, right here.
It's time.
Only two women left.
Only one will be at the top, wearing that beautiful crown.
Ladies, you're in position.
Good luck.
The judges have made their decision.
One of these ladies is about to become Miss Tennessee USA 2018.
Oh, they're announcing first runner-up? Yes.
So that means Second place.
And the runner-up for Miss Tennessee USA is North Knoxville, Hannah Sluss.
We are crowning Alexandra Harper.
You are the new Miss Tennessee USA.
[cheering] Go Ally! Oh my god! Jackson, we watched it! Yes! Yes! [music playing] Yeah, we can do anything [music playing] [music playing] So you are Miss Tennessee.
I mean, it's just surreal.
There's nothing to even describe this feeling.
I've never worked so hard to actually win something.
You do realize that your life will never You're just as much to thank as anyone else, seriously.
You did everything that I asked you to do and more.
Well, thanks.
I mean, it's been great, and it's still so surreal.
So what's next? My mom is so excited about throwing this party.
I mean, with all of the So she's going to do it big? Yes.
She has to, though.
I mean, yeah.
You only win Miss Tennessee one time.
I- And of course she hase rthe win, you have the win.
That's a huge deal.
It is.
Yeah, it's I'm excited about it.
I think it's going to be really close friends, family, and a few, actually, of my friends from the pageant.
Including my friend Savana I heard you had your eye on.
Oh yeah.
She got my vote for sure.
[laughter] Duly noted.
[music playing] For a little while I feel OK For a little while, I float away Ooh Wolf, can you take this to Dada? Take that to Dada.
Thank you.
Go give it to him.
Just what I needed, lip gloss.
Thank you.
Babe, I don't think he's had a lot to eat, so give him a big dinner.
Mama! Mama! Him! Did you hear me, honey? Mama.
You said order him a pizza and beer.
Yeah, that's fine.
Just make sure he eats.
[text alert] Do you think he likes heavy beer or light beer? Are y'all going out after, or you just doing that? I don't know.
All right.
[wolf whistle] Dang.
Mommy! [inaudible] you get all dressed up for us.
Kisses, kisses, kisses.
Pretty, pretty.
Pretty, pretty.
I love you.
Say bye, Miss Rachyl.
Have fun.
Have fun at prom.
[scoffs] Call me if you need anything.
Say bye-bye, Rachyl.
Bye-bye, Rachyl.
[chuckles] [music playing] I just want to let go I'll take you upside down.
all want to do is let go, let go All I want to do is let go, let go All I want to do is let go, let go I just want to let go All I want to do is let Aah! My lady.
[laughs] Hey, how are you, bud? Jackson.
Nice to meet you.
Yeah, you as well.
I just want to let go.
For real.
[laughs] This is like for real.
What's going on? Look who's here! How are you? Hi, ladies! Hi! Look at you.
How are you doing? Good, good.
What's up? How are you? Good to see you.
How are you? You remember my cousin, Ally.
How are you? Thank you so much.
Oh my gosh, you look amazing.
What's up? You look so good.
Thank you.
You too.
How have you been? You clean up nice.
Thank you.
This is a little different than Not in my frat t-shirts and all that good stuff.
Your workout attire.
Exactly, yeah.
Hey, Jackson.
How are you? Mother.
I'm Jackson's mother.
It's so nice to meet you.
I've heard a lot about you, Jessica.
I've heard a lot about you, too.
I probably haven't heard everything, but I have heard a lot.
Well that's hopefully all good.
It really is so nice to meet you.
Thank you.
You have a lovely son.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
In more ways than one, obviously.
[laughs] Come meet my mom.
Yeah, hi.
I met you earlier.
You're the sweetest person in the world.
I see where you get your charm.
No, don't say that.
Mine is too! Whoa! You just told on yourself.
I'm kidding.
I'm kidding.
I'm kidding.
[laughs] [tapping glass] Hey, y'all.
First, I want to thank you all for coming out to celebrate Alexandra representing our great state of Tennessee.
[cheering] You know, you've heard that old saying, it takes a village to raise a child? It takes more than that to be a state winner! Thank you so much for being my mom I love you.
and being oh my god, I'm going to start crying.
And the only mother/daughter that's ever won Miss Tennessee! [cheering] [music playing] Stand up, stand up, stand up Say what you want to say Say what you want Go on Go on Go on Hey! Be who you want to be Who are y'all talking about? My cousin Jackson.
How are you doing? I'm Jackson Boyd.
Very nice to meet you.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
I like your dress.
OK, I have to tell you guys something.
What happened? Your face is telling me it's not good news.
What? Are you OK? I got a text message a few days ago.
From who? Well, you remember when OK.
So Kerry and I got married, and then we were separated for awhile, and he wanted a divorce.
And we didn't together, blah, blah, blah.
And I was I hooked up with that guy, J.
Oh my gosh.
He texted you? What? He just said, do you still live in Nashville? So So Did you respond? Yeah.
Why? Are you going to tell Kerry? I don't know.
You know, I just even feel badly that I wanted to hang out with him.
But if it's eating you up, can you live with not telling him? Yeah, I do feel like I'm being dishonest.
But you guys are both musicians.
If you don't know what it's like to be the other half, waiting at home while your partner's on the road all the time, never home.
And, like, what? Then your partner just gets home, and you're like, oh, by the way, my ex texted me.
That's so not fair.
Like Rache, you are a good wife.
Come here.
Your marriage is stronger than some guy who's coming up out of the blue.
I don't know that.
It is.
It is.
How do you guys know? Because this isn't the first thing you've dealt with.
And it's not the last thing you're going to deal with.
[sighs] Same.
[laughs] Why is this girl talking to Jackson so heavy? It's fine.
No, it's not fine.
It's fine.
She's too pretty to be having that long of a conversation with him.
You think he's going to ask her if he can kiss her? I don't know, you guys.
[music playing] If you stop believing, there's nothing I You about ready? Yeah, I'm ready.
I think it's time.
won't do for you He doesn't get a goodbye.
who am I to try to save you? Oh, I ain't going to hide You have to fight to change Into the fight, I'm standing beside you But I won't let you down I won't let you down No, no, no But I won't let you down I won't let you down No, no, no, no Next time on Music City Were you trying to hurt her? Absolutely not.
You need to figure out what you want.
I didn't know that I hurt Kerry so much.
I think y'all are strong enough to handle this.
I kind of messed up.
What are you going to do if he keeps contacting Rachyl? Then we've got problems.
Maybe one day I'll be good enough.
Do you like me? I really do think you're the perfect girl.