Music City (2018) s01e05 Episode Script

Text From An Ex

1 Previously on "Music City" Alexandra Harper, you are the new Miss Tennessee! I cannot believe she won.
She's going to have a party, if you'd like to come.
Kerry and I are separated.
And I hooked up with this other guy.
Oh, my gosh.
He texted you? Are you going to tell Kerry? I don't know.
Your marriage is stronger than some guy.
I don't know that.
This is, like, my friend, so yeah, absolutely, I'm going to set them up.
How are you doing? Jackson Boyd.
I'm Savana.
Why is this girl talking to Jackson so heavy? I think it's time.
He doesn't get a goodbye.
Oh, one more good one.
One more good one.
Oh, my There you go.
Come on.
No shortcuts here.
There you go.
On back.
Miss USA, here we come.
Do you feel all right from last night? Yeah, I do.
I guess you didn't drink.
But you, on the other hand (LAUGHING) I know, right? Feeling good.
So did you talk to Jessica much? Uh, no, I don't Did they say bye? I didn't get even see them leave.
I didn't either.
I think that's a whole Jessica thing and it's not going to happen.
Why do you say that? You know, I just sort of felt like she was a little off.
And I just think that you and Savana are a lot more compatible.
She's one of those girls that does not play games.
And I can see you guys, like, hitting it off just like you did last night.
I mean, I think it's a great option.
Three, two, one, let's knock it out.
Excellent job, y'all.
Keep it up for me.
We got 30 seconds.
20 seconds.
A little quicker here.
Pulse it out.
Get those pushups moving.
Now we're talking.
Woo! Ey! Thank y'all very much.
Appreciate it.
I'll let you know.
Yeah, you can give me the details later.
Good luck.
How are you? I'm OK.
I need to talk to you.
What's up? I feel like you were kind of a jerk at the pageant party.
I mean, how so? OK.
You invite J Mack to meet, like, your whole family.
We showed up, and then it was like you were just talking to this other girl like the whole time.
It just sucked.
Like, were you trying to hurt her? Absolutely not.
I mean, that's not my nature to just, you know, hurt someone.
I mean, maybe it wasn't the best look for me to talk to Savana that long of a time.
But, like, she didn't even say bye.
Yeah, I think she was pretty pissed.
I just feel like you need to figure out what you want.
If it's not in your heart, it's not in your heart.
If it's not there, that's fine, Jackson, but you need to let her know.
I know.
[MUSIC PLAYING] (SINGING) These are the things that will carry away.
[BAND PLAYING] So I haven't seen you since all these pageant celebrations.
I had fun.
Like, I had fun with the two of us.
I felt weird for Jess, because Jackson was talking to that pageant girl the whole night.
Savana? She's cool.
You know pageant girls.
They go after what they want.
It's so hard to date in Nashville.
No! No? What do you mean no? I don't want to date people that I meet in a bar.
I'm pretty sure they're all in love, too.
Everyone except Bryant.
We're actually co-writing tomorrow.
Oh, my god.
It's like, I don't know that guy.
That's just, like, a hot drummer.
Thank you, everybody.
We are Jet Black Alley Cat.
[CHEERS] [MUSIC PLAYING] OK, so don't hate me, but I actually went to Jackson's class today.
And after the class, I went up and talked to him.
You talked to him? Yeah.
About? Yeah.
Oh, my gosh, Rach, what did you say? I told him he needs to talk to you and just figure out what he wants, and stop messing around.
No, I don't I mean, I know you were looking out for me.
I appreciate that.
I just have no idea what I even want to say to him right now.
You know? That night was such a mess.
Can we talk about that, though, the text? Yeah.
I mean Have you talked to him? No.
Why are you so scared to tell him? It's hard to explain, but like, when Kerry and I were separated and I hooked up with J and everything, we were in such a bad place for our marriage.
I know that I hurt Kerry so much.
And so I don't want to do anything that would, like, take us back to that place that we were in.
You're a good wife.
You're a good mom.
You haven't done anything wrong.
I just think the truth is going to take this big weight off your shoulders.
I think y'all are strong enough to handle this.
[MUSIC PLAYING] I have a few ideas.
Just lyrics, though.
Do you mind if I read them through here? Yeah, go ahead.
So These are just thoughts in my head.
What are you thinking chorus-wise? Maybe the "dear love" yeah, that would be Yeah, I kind of think so too.
Yeah, do you have any music melody ideas? Well, do you want this to be like a power ballad, like "dear love," or do you want it to be like "dear love?" [LAUGHTER] I love power ballads.
I think power ballads are good.
So F up to A minor.
D minor.
B Sus2.
So I And I think that's a cool chorus.
So And now I just have to figure out how to sing this.
Well, honestly, the easiest thing for me is to kind of dig into something I've already felt before.
Maybe I can get there, but right now I'm kind of just like Wouldn't if you don't mind me asking, is this song about an ex? Mm-hm.
Yeah? Were you in love with him? It's just, like, I don't know.
It was (VOICE BREAKING) it was a really hard time.
I didn't want to fall in love with him and I did.
And I just felt constantly like I wasn't good enough, but I just stuck around because I was like, maybe one day I'll be good enough.
And then it turned out he found somebody else who was good enough.
But they had a baby.
[SNIFFLES] And he wasn't coming back.
But for me, that's, like, what I needed, because it wasn't healthy and I didn't need to be involved with him.
But that was the only way I was able to get out.
This was last year and and here I am still, like Still feeling the weight of it.
But if I can use my heartbreak to maybe help somebody else from theirs, then that's what I want to do.
So let's pull that.
Let's figure it out.
All right.
You want to try the whole thing? Yeah.
Here we go.
(SINGING) The lies I've told myself that it'll be OK, I created a fairy tale and lost the strength to walk away.
I thought this letter would help, mend our brokenness.
I finally figured out we're so much better than this.
Dear love, I trusted you! And you let me down.
You told me to open my heart.
But I jumped and fell to the ground.
I'm gathering up the pieces and starting to move on.
I was terrified for a while.
Oh, how you made me strong.
Are we playing a track? (SINGING) I would like to sing to a track.
If I can, that'd be just great.
Go for it.
Hey, Jared, could you give us a minute? You can come in.
What's going on? This is a surprise.
I figured you'd be in here.
I've been, you know I hope I'm not bothering you.
No, I can take a little break.
You sure? Yeah, you wanna How are you? Good.
How are you? Good to see you.
What's up with you? Nothing.
I was just hadn't talked to you in a little while.
I know.
I've been really busy.
And Is something else on your mind? I mean, kind of.
I was just kind of confused.
I just haven't heard anything, you know? I know.
I'm not awesome at confrontation, so.
I don't know, I felt a little bit I mean, to be frank, a little disrespected.
You mean when I was talking to Savana? Yeah.
I mean, I didn't want you to babysit me, because I don't think I didn't need that.
It was just like a 30-, 45-minute conversation.
I was just kind of forgotten.
Is that why you all kind of, like, left in, like, a hurry and didn't really say anything? I mean, we were wondering if you noticed that we had left.
I apologize.
That's not ever my intention to hurt you.
And I feel like I've done that.
It makes me feel terrible, because the thought of you being by yourself at that party is not what I wanted.
I know.
I just kind of got caught up in the moment, and, you know I guess maybe those are the kind of things I need to work on.
I don't think you're a bad guy.
I think you're awesome.
But I just want a guy that is proud to be with me and he's not going to make me feel second-best in the room.
That's why I'm still single.
I'm waiting for a guy to make me feel special.
There's always been that big question mark in the back of my head of, is he ready for what I'm looking for? Obviously, that night at the party was just a red flag.
It was confirming what I was scared of.
So many times in my life, I've felt like I've been in the right situation, but I'm just still growing as a man.
I really do think you're the perfect girl.
(SINGING) Speak softly to me.
To be honest, I'm just terrified because I don't know if I'm ready for that at this point in my life.
I just don't know if I have the time to wait.
(SINGING) Time wasted to disagree.
I want to tell you everything.
What are you doing here? I brought you a snack.
Well, thank you so much.
Appreciate it.
How's work? It's good.
Can we talk in the truck for a sec? Sure.
You're pregnant.
I kind of messed up.
And I was thinking about just not telling you, but I feel like it's better to tell you.
Remember when we were separated, I was hanging out with that guy? Four days ago, he texted me.
And he just said, are you still in Nashville? And I was like, yeah, what's up? And then he's, like, nothing, I just moved back.
Do you want to meet up? Okay.
And I'm sorry I didn't tell you right when I got that text.
And I should have told you a while ago.
So you didn't do anything.
You just got a text from a dude that you hooked up with once? There's no, like, meeting up? You didn't call him? I felt bad for even responding to him.
No harm done.
You're not mad? No, I'm not mad.
I mean, of course, you hook up with a guy, he's going to be interested in talking to you more.
That's what happened to me.
Chased you till you married me finally.
So we're good.
Thank you.
I'm sorry.
I better get back to work then.
[MUSIC PLAYING] (SINGING) I wanna be a better man, but it's a hard life.
What's, uh, what's the latest with you and Rachyl? Well, she had a big, what I thought was going to be a life changer, but actually was like she showed up at work the other day and had, like, a sack lunch.
I should have known something was off.
And she says, can we sit in your truck and talk? In the first year of our marriage, we split up and she went off and was dating some other guy.
And I guess that guy had started reaching out to her again recently.
Oh, snap.
Does he know, like, she's married and has a kid? Well, she was married then.
It was still inappropriate.
But he wouldn't know.
I don't.
With, like, social media, he could see what she's up to.
Like, he's got to know.
It's still going in the back of my head that this guy's, like, still lingering around in our in our lives.
It's such a small town, though.
It's Yeah, you're not wrong about that.
My turn? Yup.
All right.
Dude, so what are you going to do if he keeps contacting Rachyl? Well, then then we've got problems.
What do they say? It's a drinking city with a music problem? Yes.
I'm so sorry I'm late.
Hi! Hi.
How are ya? We already got our drinks.
We couldn't wait.
Oh, get her a mocktail! [LAUGHTER] Just, like, been a day.
So what's happening? Jackson, actually.
Like, we just decided to not be dating.
So Mutually or Obviously, that pageant party was a pretty telltale sign.
I was probably dumb for, like, thinking it could be more than what it was.
But I'm, you know, 30 and I'm ready.
I'm so ready, y'all.
You always have us to come and cry with.
We got your back.
Oh, y'all change the subject.
What's going on with you guys? I had a very therapeutic writing session with Bryant, and there were tears involved.
Why? Why were you crying? I was writing about my ex, but I kind of cried it out and I'm like, that's done.
Chapter closed.
I'm ready to move forward with my relationships.
Stop looking at her like that.
[LAUGHTER] I mean, are you sure you don't like Bryant? I feel like we're close, because we spend a lot of time together writing and stuff.
I feel like the best relationships stem from good friendships.
It's true.
I'm just trying to write some music, OK? Yeah.
Well, I did something really good today.
Yeah? What did you do? I finally told Kerry about the text messages from J.
How'd it go? What is the verdict? He took it really well.
That's so good.
I'm proud of you.
Good job.
Do you feel better? Yeah.
I just want to move forward.
Look at us.
All of us are, like, closing the chapter on We are.
stupid boys.
Today was a day of new starts.
[CLINK] New starts! Yeah! I like it.
Yeah! And don't feel like you can't keep, you know Matchmaking? Yeah.
It's my fault for hooking you guys up.
I do feel bad.
He was a good he's a good guy.
He doesn't deserve you.
I mean, I think pageant girl is kind of more his speed.
Kind of seems that way.
[MUSIC PLAYING] (SINGING) Baby, I'm the real thing.
What is up, pretty girl? Why, hello.
How are you? [LAUGHS] You look amazing.
How are you? Thank you.
You wanna sit? Yes.
Here, my dear.
Thank you.
Oh, yeah.
So glad we're doing this.
What did you think about the pageant party the other night? Yeah? I liked it.
I didn't, like, plan on sitting there talking to you.
It just, like, happened.
I was like, you.
[LAUGHS] Come here.
So speaking of the, like, pageant What? You walked across the stage, and I was like, damn.
[LAUGHTER] Not trying to get, like, personal, but what's your relationship past and stuff? The last relationship I was in, we broke up in June.
When was your last relationship? I was talking to a girl kind of recently.
And I guess the timing was off a little bit.
Was it? I'm just kind of like live out of the seat of my pants a little bit and, like, wear my emotions on my sleeve.
So it's like someone who's not afraid to be forward.
Kind of.
If I like you, I'm going to tell you I like you.
Like, I hate playing games.
She Do you like me? [CHUCKLES] I mean, I wouldn't be here right now if I didn't like you.
[MUSIC PLAYING] (SINGING) Sneak up on you like a deadline.
Leave you standing all alone on the sideline out of time.
Do you want to make a move? (SINGING) Just a goodbye.
Hiding right there in plain sight, all the damage done before you realize.
How can a love just give up over night? Shouting through a crowded room or whispering alone with you.
All the bombs drop the same way, with a "wish you could, but you can't stay.
" They never tell you how the game is played.
And the million different ways, a heart can break.
Never seem to know till it's too late the million different ways a heart can break.
Sorry I won't do that.
And that's all you got? They never tell you how the game is played and the million different ways a heart can break.
Never seem to know till it's too late or the million different ways a heart can break.
- So Jackson's playing - Ne at the Basement.
Have you heard Jackson perform before? No.
How do I raise this up? [FEEDBACK SQUEAL] I didn't know you were going to be there.
If you were to cross paths with Jessica again, it would be like playing with fire right now.
I nominated you as Most Eligible Single.
I'm going to meet with this writer named Brooke Eden.
Is Rachyl cool with you writing together? As long as we don't meet after the sun goes down with a bottle of wine.
Let's go.
[CHEERS] Check, please.