My Adventures with Superman (2023) s01e02 Episode Script

Adventures of a Normal Man (Part 2)

- What is this?
- This is how you came to us, Clark.
From the sky.
Right down to here.
The answers
to everything you want to know,
we think they're all in there.
Uh, hello?
What's he saying?
I don't think that's
a language from Earth.
Kal-El, Krypton, it will
I I don't want
to come here again.
Clark, I know this was scary,
- but
- Jonathan, he's right.
We don't know
what this is or who sent it.
Am I not your son?
If I came from that, then I
Honey, no.
You will always be our son.
- But I'm not human?
- Clark, I
Who am I?
Why are we here
before work again?
Lois said we needed to come in
early for some big surprise.
Say hello to our new office!
Okay, technically,
it's the newspaper morgue.
It's also the boiler room.
And sometimes mail gets sent
here by mistake.
But it's the
perfect place for us
to work on our murder-board.
Our what?
Wait, did you ask Mr. White
if we could be in here?
She definitely did not.
Show us the murder-board!
I made it to help us track leads
for our Superman investigation.
Who is Superman?
I'm thinking he's maybe
tied to the military.
Please, Lois, I know
what Superman is.
You think he's a plane?
It kinda looks like a bird.
No, I'm the bird.
But who, and what,
is the Superman of Metropolis?
He's an alien!
Case closed.
Why is it so dark in here?
Wait, don't look.
I'm doing a thing!
Boom! Case closed.
We need our conclusion to be
backed by actual facts, Jimmy.
Not whatever "Firebird" is.
Flamebird. It's my stream.
Spreading the truth about aliens,
and it has five followers.
Nay, believers.
Maybe six if you followed me.
Mm-kay. I'm not following
your weird bird stream.
What I am going to do is find
hard evidence to bring to Perry.
Like taking this jacket
Superman wore
and finding someone
who can run his DNA off it.
Guys, if we break this,
we'll become real reporters.
This is the story we follow.
Uh, but, uh, but there are lots of
stories we could bring Perry, right?
Other than this one
that he hates?
Perry doesn't believe us, but
we would have died without him.
A man flew down from the sky
and risked his life to save us.
Not for a reward, or fame,
but just because
we needed help.
Don't you want to know
who that person is?
You're right.
I need to know.
I, uh, I'm not feeling
so great, though.
It's maybe something I ate.
Oh, I should take care of this.
Uh, see you later.
Come on, Jimmy.
We're leaving too.
Wait, where are we going?
Isn't it obvious?
We're gonna find the woman
who tried to kill us.
I don't know who you are,
but I'm sick of these goons
and that flying freak of yours
following me around.
So let's talk.
City Bistro. Noon.
Come alone
or your Tech is gone.
- Hey, Ma.
- Clark! Perfect timing!
I'm making pie and your pa is
just fretting about leftovers.
Hmph, but that won't be
a problem with you home.
Wait, why are you home?
Did something happen?
Are you okay?
I'm fine. But I used my powers
to save people and they saw me.
Oh, Clark.
Look, they don't know it was me, but
they know that someone rescued them,
and now, Lois,
there's this girl, Lois,
and she's amazing,
but, but now she's
calling him Superman
and she wants to know
more about him
and I want to know more
about him too.
Just Just slow down.
What are you saying?
I need to find out
who I am, Ma.
I need to go back to the ship.
Hold up.
I'm gonna need some more info
before I go looking for the
woman who tried to murder us.
Superman showed up when that
scary woman with the robots did,
and he vanished when she did.
So if we want
to find Superman
We find the woman
he was fighting.
And I know how! We'll
Hunt down eyewitnesses from the
dock and grill them about it. Yes!
That's not what
I was gonna say.
Don't argue
with your boss, Jimmy.
Aw. Boss? Excuse me.
We, as in you and me,
are both interns.
We're equals.
Hmm. Raise your hand if you've
been at the Daily Planet
for longer than Jimmy has.
- Oh, look!
- Hmm.
Therefore, I have seniority,
making me your boss.
Do you think Clark's okay?
I mean, he's sick,
so he's
Maybe we could
bring him some soup.
I mean, what if he has a fever?
We could drop off some blankets.
Do you think he likes blankets?
You like him?
No! I mean, I I like him
Yeah, you do.
I meant professionally, Jimmy.
I don't like, like him.
- Oh, then text him.
- I don't have his number.
- Now you do.
- I can't
Did you add hearts
to his contact name?
Okay. We've got more
important things to focus on.
Now let's get back to work.
Great. Off to find
the stolen boat.
Uh, what?
We don't need
to interview people.
I have photos of the boat
the scary lady stole.
So if we find the boat,
we'll find her.
I know anything that washes up
in Metropolis Bay ends up here,
at the Salvage Docks.
Not bad, eh, partner?
I mean, it's not the
way I would go about it,
but speaking as your boss,
I say it's worth a shot.
I don't like this, Jon.
What's not to like about a boy
digging up his childhood spaceship?
It's the most natural thing
in the world.
Well, I'm not feeling so good. I better go.
Is it just me, or is this
bigger than it used to be?
It grew.
You don't have
to do this, Clark.
What if this thing tries to
change you, or hurt you, or
I don't know what will happen. But
I need to find out who I am, Ma.
But I know who you are.
You're my son
And I don't wanna lose you.
Okay, this is new.
Are you
You're responding to me.
All right, well,
the boat's not here.
I say we go back to my plan.
- Yes!
- That's the spirit, Jimmy.
- Support your boss.
- No, not that.
I found the boat.
Superman, here we come!
Uh Or not.
Hold that thought.
She was here.
I don't know how she blasted
this grate open but
She had those giant
killer robots with her.
What if those weren't
the only things she stole?
Look, you're right.
She left her bolt
Taking the
stolen stuff with her.
So, if we follow the tracks
It'll lead us straight to her!
All right!
Team Lois and Jimmy
are on the trail.
Smile for Clark.
Uh, wait.
You sent that to Clark?
Sure did, partner.
As your boss,
I need you to stop!
Or let me approve
the pictures first!
I know you're trying,
but I can't understand you.
Uh, what do you want me to do?
What am I doing here?
I don't even know who you are.
What's happening?
Who is that?
Did you take me from my mother?
Wait. Are you my
If this is my past, then I
Don't worry. I'm still me, Ma.
I'm still your son.
Of course you are.
But you're
something else now, too.
What did that
Lois girl call you?
Heh. Superman.
It suits you.
But I think this needs
something more.
A belt?
Definitely shorts.
Come with me.
Oh, man.
I'm thinking Black Ops.
You can always spot
the military types.
Oh, I know your history,
Leslie Willis.
The thief known as
Let's skip to the only part
I care about.
I have something you want.
You have something I want.
Let's trade.
What do you want?
I want off your
weird hit list, genius.
You really think you're the
smartest person here, don't you?
You have no idea what kind of
technology you're dealing with.
Then I'd say it's a good thing
I planted explosives
all over the city,
and I'm ready to blow
this place sky-high.
Go on.
I lifted 10 containers
of your Tech with the robots.
I said come alone!
You're right.
I am black ops.
And you're right
I am the smartest one here.
I see the detonator.
You start taking pictures,
I'm going to stop the
explosives from going off.
Wait, Lois! We should
The shorts add a lot,
don't they?
Well, I think that does it.
You don't think people
will recognize me?
Oh, sweetheart,
I barely recognize you.
Clark, I
That's some get-up. Huh.
Uh, your phone.
I see the detonator.
You start taking pictures,
I'm going to stop the
explosives from going off.
Wait, Lois!
We should
I have to go.
Love you guys.
Miss. Are you all right?
Yes. Do you have a comment
for the Daily Planet?
Or maybe we talk after this!
You made me lose my robots.
You ruined my operation!
You put a target on my back!
There's explosives
in the sewers!
Why don't you just die already
and get out of my
If I'm going down,
I'm taking you with me, freak!
I'm not here to hurt you.
I'm here to help.
Are you okay?
I am now, Superman.
Stop the presses!
We've got a new front-page story!
You did it, boss.
We did it, partner.
As your partner, I'll only
accept this if you call Clark.
I I don't know, Jimmy.
What if he isn't interested?
Lois, you just helped Superman
save the city?
Are you really going to let
a phone call stop you? Hmm?
What are you two still doing
in my office? Get out!
- Oh, it's this thing we did today where
- It's actually touching, you
No, don't start telling me!
I don't care!
Leave! Go! Now!
Hey-o, Lois!
Hey-o to you!
Open your front door.
Uh, one sec.
I was gonna call,
but then I thought, hey,
why stop at calling you,
and then I kinda just
started walking and then I
Uh, it turns out
it was something I ate.
I'm feeling a lot better.
How was work today?
Clark, we got the story.
Perry literally stopped
the presses.
I wish you'd been there
to see it.
I wish I could've
been there with you, too.
I still can't believe
we pulled it off.
I mean, we did,
but I can't believe it.
Well, I knew
you'd make it happen.
You just want in on the byline.
No, it's the truth.
There was never any doubt in my
mind that you'd find Superman.
Because you, Lois Lane,
are extraordinary.
And, uh, driven and smart
and and funny
and and smart.
You said that already.
Well, I stand by it.
Oh, good. You're both here.
You have to see this.
Flip gave me an advance copy
of tomorrow's paper.
"Daily Planet confirms,
the Superman is real."
We made the front page!
Read the byline.
"By Cat Grant, Ronnie Troupe
and Steve Lombard."
Leslie Willis.
We found the rest
of your explosives.
Your plan failed.
Now you're going
to tell us everything.
The explosives
were a distraction.
While you wasted
your time on them,
your Tech was carted away by every
low-level criminal in Metropolis,
because I sent a message
telling them where I hid it.
We'll get it back. Nemesis Omega.
Zero Day. Task Force X.
Tell us what you know.
Tell you what a bunch
of gibberish means?
Zero Day.
Tell us what you know.
Nothing! Nothing!
I have no idea, okay?
I'm not lying!
The flying man.
Tell us what you know.
He's not with you?
Who are you people?
That's easy, Willis.
We're the good guys.
Now, tell us everything
you know about Superman.
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