My Adventures with Superman (2023) s01e03 Episode Script

My Interview with Superman

[car horns honking]
- [woman 1] Oh, no! Up there!
- [woman 2] It's gonna crash!
[man] Don't look, don't look.
[blimp operator screaming]
[people clamoring]
Oh, no!
What was that?
Uh, there's a fire
on the blimp. We have to
[people clamoring]
[woman] Look!
[blimp operator panting]
Is everyone okay?
[traffic sounds resume]
[clears throat]
I'll take that as a yes.
Who Who are you?
- Just call me
- [Lois] Superman!
[panting] I'd like
to interview you for the Daily Planet.
Uh, sorry. No comment.
Uh, got to go
Gotta go take care of that blimp.
Oh, come on. Not again.
Superman, if I could just have
a minute of your time.
[alarm blaring]
[guards panting]
- [Mist] All right. Listen up.
- [Rough House] Kyle!
- [grunts]
- Have you found her yet?
[Mist] How many times do I have to tell you
not to use our real names
while doing crimes,
Rough House?
Oh. Sorry, Kyle.
[Mist] I just Ugh.
I'll only ask once.
Which jail cell
is Siobhan McDougal in?
[Silver Banshee] Kyle?
- [Mist] Sis!
- Oh, so she gets to use our names?
What are you guys doing here?
Long story short, a crazy lady gave us
stupid, powerful weapons.
And we're busting you
[strains] Out.
[clanging, thudding]
[Mist] For you.
Amplifies sound.
Aw, you guys.
Missed you too, sis, but
[warden] Prisoner 839
and associates!
Drop your weapons
and stand down.
[Silver Banshee] Uh, no.
What was that?
I said
[distant explosion]
[opening music playing]
Late, late, I'm so late.
Hey, Lo [groans]
[labored breathing]
Uh, Lois, are you okay?
You're not hurt, are you?
I didn't see you.
I mean, I did, but I got you coffee.
[chuckles softly]
This is from Waid's Cafe.
You said it was your favorite.
I happened to jog past.
That's clear across the city.
It was a long jog.
Are you sure you're okay?
I am now, thanks to you.
And I really need this
after the morning I've had.
Oh, uh, really? What were you,
uh, doing this morning?
Oh, I'll tell you what.
I've been trying to interview Superman,
but he keeps running away.
Seriously, what is that guy
so scared of?
Well, just a guess.
Maybe he doesn't want you
to find out all his secrets and publish them?
Yeah, but he doesn't know
that's my plan.
Saying yes to an interview
is simple.
Here, look, I'll be me
and you pretend to be Superman.
Hello, Superman. Lois Lane,
reporter for the Daily Planet.
[sputters] It's a pleasure,
Ms. Lane.
Clark, come on.
With a little more confidence.
It's a pleasure ma'am, miss.
You saved my life
and I want to know more about you.
It would mean the world to me
if you let me interview you.
What do you say?
If it was within my power,
I would do anything for you, Lois.
Well, see how easy that was?
So why can't that guy say it?
[Jimmy] Back!
Back you monsters!
[Clark] What's going on?
[Steve] You're getting scooped
is what.
Oh, no.
[Grant laughs elegantly]
Allow us to introduce
ourselves. Lights!
You're talking
to the Daily Planet's star news team.
Sports reporter Steve Lombard.
Award-winning journalism,
people-pleasing good looks!
[Jimmy yelps]
Yeah, gossip
and human interest, Cat Grant.
If you can't say something nice, darling,
then come sit by me!
But not too close.
I'm not doing this.
Ah, come on, Ronnie.
They got to know
who's scooping them.
No. We have real work
to do. [sighs]
Ronnie Troupe,
investigative journalist.
I apologize about Steve.
He thinks scoop means "to steal,"
which it doesn't, Steve.
It just means getting a story
before another reporter.
And I'm scooping this.
- [Jimmy exclaims] Not the murder board!
- Perry assigned
No. No, no, no, wait.
You can't just
Harry assigned us
the Superman beat.
He said you compiled research
we could use,
so we'll take this
and get out of your hair.
This isn't fair.
The Superman story
we wrote was perfect.
Look, you got a lucky break.
But Perry wants real reporters
on this.
We'll make sure you get an additional
reporting credit when we're done.
Thank you.
- Scooped.
- [Lois scoffs]
[door slams shut]
Also, the copier's broken.
Please fix it by lunch.
[Lois] Ugh.
Lois, are you all right?
I thought those pictures
would make Perry take us seriously.
But if that didn't work,
then we'll have to beat
the Scoop Troop and get to Superman first.
And I'll get it on Flamebird.
This could get me
to seven followers.
This could be
a seven-follower day.
I still think we'd be better off
finding a different story.
There are other big things
happening in Metropolis besides Superman.
Like what?
[reporters chattering
[reporter 1] Turn it up.
[Bethany on TV] to prisoners
at a press conference earlier today.
Suspects have reportedly used
unknown tech-weapons to escape.
That looks like the tech
Livewire had!
That's what I've been calling
the electric-woman on Flamebird.
Livewire nearly destroyed
half the city with just one crazy weapon.
With three on the loose
I have to track down
those criminals and stop them.
I mean, write about them.
I mean, we go to write about them.
This is the story
we should cover!
We get the scoop
for the Planet.
And then Perry will have
to take us seriously.
What are we waiting for?
Lead on, Smallville.
Huh. Didn't expect you
to give up on the Superman story so easily.
Who says I am? Hmph.
[Bethany] This is Bethany Snow
for Channel 52 News,
asking the question
we all have on our minds.
With sci-fi weapons
and a Superman becoming the norm,
what is next for Metropolis?
What is it?
The last thing we got
from the crazy lady.
Allow Kyle to demonstrate.
Stand back.
I know, right?
And this button turns it off.
[weapon powers down]
[Silver Banshee] Boys,
they've looked down on us our whole lives.
But now, with this,
we are about to get the respect we deserve.
What do you say?
We say
[sighs in exasperation] Fine.
[all] Intergang forever!
Okay. We need to find out
all we can about Siobhan McDougal,
her accomplices and where
they could be going next.
Also, how to convince them
to let three interns [buzzer sounds]
talk to the warden.
And how to get her to reveal
the government's secret
meta-human soldier program
on Flamebird.
Uh, maybe not that one.
Yeah, no. I can get us in,
but you have to promise
not to be upset.
Why would I
[gasps] You stole their badges?
No, I borrowed them
When they weren't looking.
That's the definition
of stealing.
There is no way me and Jimmy
are going to go along with
Dibs on anyone
who is not Steve.
Fine. I'm not doing this.
Then we can go back
and brainstorm how to interview Superman.
I'm sorry. Who are you?
[Lois laughs gracefully]
We're the Daily Planet's
star news team.
Cat Grant, human interest.
If it's not real news,
then tell me all about it.
Ronnie Troupe,
investigative journalist.
A little patronizing,
but mostly professional.
[foot thuds]
Anyway, we're here
about the breakout, darling.
What can you tell us
about the escapee?
[sighs] Exactly what I said
at the press conference.
Siobhan's the leader
of Intergang.
A crew of small-time crooks
who rob convenience stores.
Kyle! Siobhan!
Cops are outside.
Stop using our real names!
Wait. Is that a camera?
And they are bad at it.
Siobhan spent most of her time here
yelling that one day she'd land a big score.
Wait, I don't remember
seeing you at the conference.
We don't like to bring attention to ourselves.
[chuckles nervously]
You literally pirouetted
into my office two seconds ago.
[chuckles] Yeah, that was fun.
Anyways, we were hoping
we could interview inmates,
investigate the cell?
Absolutely not.
I can't let the press
waltz through my prison.
There's protocols, as you know
[phone ringing]
Yeah, No.
The Planet reporters are already here.
Of course I'm sure.
I'm looking at them right [door slams shut]
Okay, the exit
has to be somewhere.
Once we get out, we can regroup, try to
figure out something else.
Or we investigate the site of the breakout.
[camera shutter clicks]
But the door's locked.
Unless someone had
the warden's keycard.
Oh, look.
Wait a minute.
Was that a smile?
- No, of course not.
- Uh-huh.
I'm very perturbed
by your actions.
- Of course.
- Because stealing is wrong.
[door buzzes]
Okay, look for anything that could
give us a clue [camera shutter clicks]
to where they might
be going next, and let's do it fast.
She's written down times.
[warden] Yeah?
Well, find where those imposters went, okay?
And bring 'em back here.
[Lois] Shoot.
We got to get out of here.
Okay. So, we know Siobhan
wants to do something big. But what?
Oh, my friends, this is why
you have me on your side.
Bam! It was on the back
of her poster.
[Lois] That's a bank layout.
They're planning to rob a bank.
But it won't be just any bank.
Siobhan wants respect.
That means it's going to have to be
the biggest financial center in the city.
The hardest one to crack.
[Clark and Lois]
The Metropolitan City Bank.
Those times, they must be when
armored cars come in
with cash transfers.
It's a quarter till 5:00 now,
which means
[Lois] It's all going down
in the next 15 minutes.
[Mist panting]
[door slides open]
[electricity crackling]
[customers exclaim]
Well, gang, what do you say?
[bones crack]
Let's get rich!
- [Intergang cheering]
- [Silver Banshee] Yeah!
That's what I'm talking about.
[Mist] Hey, come on.
Let's get this and go.
Relax, Mist.
This isn't like the smash and grabs
we did before.
This time, we have everything
under control.
There it is.
Stay here, out of sight
where it's safe.
I'll call the authorities.
And we'll go get captured.
Wait. What?
You call for help, Jimmy
and I will get taken hostage,
and then Superman
will come and save us.
That's when we'll get
our interview with him.
This was your plan
the whole time?
To find trouble,
then ambush Superman when he flies in?
I mean, it worked
when we did it with Livewire.
You did that on purpose?
[security guard] Hands up!
The authorities
are on their way, so just leave.
[Clark] Watch out!
[people clamoring]
Clark, are you okay?
Ms. Lane, Mr. Olsen.
Get to safety.
[weapon powers down]
For the well-being
of the people of Metropolis,
I need you
to unfreeze everyone.
How about no?
[Superman straining]
Then I'll do it.
[Superman grunts and strains]
[Rough House screams]
Mist, do your thing.
[Mist panting]
Mist, this guy
ain't staying down.
[electricity crackling]
[weapon powering up]
[Mist] Albert!
Code names!
Turn it off.
[Mist] It's jammed.
[grunts, strains]
[Mist] I can't move.
I got it.
[Mist] Wait,
not with the gloves.
[Intergang screaming]
- Everybody get back.
- [pedestrians] Oh, no!
- [people screaming and shouting]
- Go! Go!
It's not stopping.
At this rate, it'll overtake the whole city.
What do we do?
We evacuate everyone
and keep looking for Clark.
Come on.
[ice breaking]
- Huh?
- [Silver Banshee screaming]
No! Aah!
- Huh?
- [Lois] Let's go people. This way. Come on.
[both gasp]
Lois, Jimmy, run!
How'd you
[grunts, strains]
[groans weakly]
[people murmuring]
I took out the machine causing this,
but the people in the back got hit hard.
They need help.
[Jimmy] Clark!
- Clark! Where are you?
- Clark! Come on, man.
Ms. Lane, Mr. Olsen.
Superman. We can't find Clark.
He's okay.
I, uh I saw him phoning
for help before I flew in.
I understand you want
an interview, Ms. Lane?
[Grant] Superman! Oh, hello!
- Superman! Superman, it's me.
- [Steve] Yo, Superman!
What do you say
we take this interview elsewhere?
[Lois gasps nervously]
I'd say hold on.
[Lois screams]
[camera shutter clicking]
Is this how you see the world?
[gasps] It's beautiful.
Yeah. Beautiful.
Phew, well,
that's one way to, um
Um, sorry. [gasps]
It's all right.
I'm I'm nervous too.
[chuckles nervously]
Then why agree to this?
I think we've pretty firmly established,
I can't outrun you.
Because when I told you and Jimmy to save yourselves,
you stayed to help others.
If you can face down
a city-destroying freeze ray,
I think I can answer
a couple of questions.
[hesitates, clears throat]
Well, let's start
with the basics.
Where do you come from?
I don't know.
How do your powers work?
I'm still figuring that out.
[sighs] Who are you?
What are you?
I'm kind of figuring
that out too.
Ms. Lane, the truth is, I'm still piecing together
who I am and what I can do.
But at the end of the day,
I'm here to help the people of Metropolis.
That's what matters.
[grunting, panting]
You're all right.
I'm so sorry I didn't tell you
my plan to interview Superman.
- I put you in danger because of it and I
- [Clark] It's okay, Lois.
I know how important
this is for you,
and I promise,
from here on out,
I'll do whatever I can
to help you get that interview.
Actually, I just got it.
Wow! You got the interview?
That's incredible.
I I knew you'd get it.
So, what'd you think
of Superman?
Pretty great guy, right?
Oh, he's a liar.
Grea What?
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