My Adventures with Superman (2023) s01e04 Episode Script

Let's Go to Ivo Tower, You Say

[Lois] Superman is a liar.
He dodged every question I asked him, Clark.
I have nothing.
This isn't an article.
It's a It's a dead end. Ugh!
Seriously, who is Superman?
Well, maybe he's a nice guy
who has powers
and just wants to use them
to help as many people as he can.
Clark, if you had powers, you'd do that,
but I'm not talking about you.
No. [sighs]
We need another angle.
Bam! Got it!
"UFO Sighting?"
"Miracles in the Heartland?"
What is this?
- Oh, you know, nothing.
- [Jimmy] Lois asked for them.
We're going to track down
Superman by reading tabloids!
There's nothing about Superman online
or in any reputable papers.
- So maybe Jimmy is
- What was that?
Couldn't quite hear
the last part.
Ugh, you might be right,
but since no one normal believes in aliens,
the truth will be in these.
We're so close.
Together we can do this.
Together we will
- Come upstairs with me.
- [Clark, Lois and Jimmy scream]
[opening music playing]
Easy. You're not in trouble
for being in the newspaper morgue.
Now, shut up.
I'm about to be nice.
[inhales and exhales deeply]
You keep telling me you want
to be reporters, loudly, repeatedly.
So tonight, I'm going
to give you your shot.
Dr. Ivo, CEO of Amazo Tech.
As in, Amazo phones, computers,
security and anything else you can think of.
And the man who used
his criminal connections to displace
a whole neighborhood
for his headquarters.
Not to mention the accidents
that always seem
to hit his competitors.
But no one has been able
to verify those rumors, and we work in facts.
Fact is, he's the most
eligible bachelor in the city.
So Cat's writing
an interest piece on him.
He's throwing a gala
for his investors tonight
and Cat wants you three
to get pictures of the event,
and quotes about Ivo
from the people attending.
Wait. Wait, wait, wait.
Are you saying you want us to
to do real journalism?
- Just for tonight.
- Our first assignment from the chief!
Don't call me chief,
and it's just for tonight.
Anything you want, Chief.
[both] Yes!
[sighs] Don't make me
regret this. And dress up!
It's black tie.
Oh, and Lane
Impress me.
Hey there.
Oh, uh, hi, Jimmy.
Have you Have you seen Lois?
Not yet.
But look at what I've got.
The Planet's entire
camera room, huh?
Okay, ha-ha, Clark,
But, seriously, I need every one.
This is a fish-eye lens.
- And I might have to get a picture of the whole place.
- [gasps]
[Jimmy continues speaking
[Jimmy] And this one
is to block out the sun.
And I know
what you're thinking.
When would we need a UV light?
But when wouldn't we need
the coolest light?
[Lois] What do you think?
[sighs] Wow.
Ready to go to the most exclusive high rise
in all of Metropolis?
- And spend the entire night together?
- Almost like a a
An awesome evening
with three best friends.
[piano music playing]
- Wow.
- [Jimmy gasps]
There's the refreshment table.
I'm going to go grab plate
of canape, and then let's go!
All right. Cat prepared
questions for us,
so I can take half
and you'll throw them away.
Okay. Why?
There is the CEO
of Galaxy Communications.
There is Mayor Fleming,
and there is her opponent.
We are with the most powerful
and corrupt people in the city.
There's no way I'm asking
about Metropolis' most eligible bachelor.
"Do you have a comment
on your recent bribery charges?"
"Where did the campaign
money go?"
Lois, please.
You're going to get us thrown out.
You heard Perry.
He wants us to impress him.
This is our ticket
to more real work.
Look, I don't think that's what he mea
Okay? I grabbed anything
that said it contained gold.
Where Where did you go?
Senator Sackett! Lois Lane,
the Daily Planet.
Do you have a comment
on the allegations that your re-election campaign
- is taking bribes from special interest groups?
- Ugh.
Sir? Senator!
A moment of Sir!
- There you are.
- Oh, a photographer.
Thank goodness.
The old fraternity gang is here,
and Omega Pi
needs a picture, stat.
- Come, chum.
- Wait, what
Lois Lane, Daily Planet.
If you have a moment,
I'd like to ask you
Excuse me!
[Clark] Excuse me.
Clark Kent. Daily Planet.
Are you aware of corruption?
[chuckles nervously]
I think I'm on the wrong card.
[man] Yes, and then we need one of my grandson.
[camera shutter clicking]
Oh, and my granddaughter.
It's her debut this weekend.
Sir, I'm here
for the Daily Planet.
[man] Ooh!
Then we'll be on
the front page, undoubtably.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Can we get a picture with your fish-eye lens?
Yes, I also have a UV light.
[all] Ooh.
Excuse me, Lois Lane, Daily
Ma'am, for the Daily Planet.
Can you comment on
[sighs in exasperation]
Thanks, Smallville.
Lois, maybe we should go back
to Cat's questions?
No. We have a golden
opportunity here to write a story that matters.
And we will one day.
But for now, we should stick
to the assignment.
You don't understand.
Lois. [sighs]
I'm going to go back
to Ms. Grant's cards
and I'll take the next person
who comes in.
[guests murmuring]
[man] Ladies and gentlemen, you know him
as the founder of Amazo Tech.
The boy genius who, at 21,
disrupted the way we interact with technology.
A leader, a humanitarian
and your host.
Put your hands together
for [drum roll]
Dr. Ivo!
Oh, oh, oh, what?
Oh, hey, that's me!
[Dr. Ivo chuckles]
Thank you. Thank you.
You're welcome. Thank you.
Oh, and what a spread, huh?
Okay, my assistant Alex
went all out,
so a round of applause for the little people.
[guests hooting and cheering]
[sighs] Alex, Alex, Alex.
Now, I want you to take a moment.
Look to your left.
Look to your right.
Remember these faces.
Because these are the people
that you'll witness history with,
as we reveal the latest
from Amazo Tech.
Until then, enjoy the canapes,
snack some of those lamb chops,
and get your phones ready
to record.
Ah. [grunts] Boom!
Nailed it. [chuckles]
Well, sure, that, obviously,
put that on the Tube,
but also what I'm about
to unveil.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Oh, yeah. This one's all yours.
Welcome in advance.
Curtis, my man.
You know what?
Glad you're here.
The board is meeting
for the vote tonight, Anthony.
They won't be held
off any longer.
Let's talk over here.
Yeah, that is not
what we agreed on.
- The tech I'm about to debut
- Won't change anything.
The latest profit numbers
are nonexistent, Tony.
Yeah, you can't vote me out
of my own company, okay?
- I am Amazo Tech.
- [Curtis] And you're broke.
So listen to me.
No, no, no, no, no.
You listen to me.
There will be a grand unveiling
of our newest product.
It will redefine humanity
and all the money problems will go away.
So, why don't you go ahead and keep
the board happy until the end of the night?
[clears throat] Dr. Ivo,
Clark Kent with the Daily Planet.
[exclaims] Excuse me.
What? Wow.
I didn't realize
reporters came in this size.
What are you, a linebacker?
[grunts] Think fast. Ow!
[chuckles] Ouch.
I know who you are.
- Uh
- You're from Cat, right?
Aw, love that little lady.
But between you and me,
I'd much rather talk mano a mano.
How about this.
I'll give you the juicy deets for that bachelor article,
and if you forget anything you might
have overheard between me and Curtis,
we can introduce you
to the gala's finer bachelorettes.
Huh? Little quid bro quo.
[Lois groans]
Oh, no. Well, not her.
Gross, ugh, gag.
[gags] No, I meant
a classy gal, you know?
What do you say, buddy? Hmm?
Well, I'd say your company
displaced an entire neighborhood
in a real estate deal
connected to the Gazzo crime family.
Is that what you'd like
to focus on?
Or perhaps you want to comment
on the investigation into the fires
that took down
your other competitors?
Because I'd love to talk
about that, mano a mano.
This kid! Oh!
I love it. I love it.
You're great.
Hey, you know what?
Let's just escort you to the press section.
Shall we?
[Clark grunts]
[clears throat] Hi, Lois.
- Uh, sorry. I just got, uh
- Oh, I don't know if I should let you back in.
I mean, you don't follow
the cards,
you don't stick
to the assignment.
[chuckles] And I don't
even meet the dress code anymore.
That we can fix.
Take it off.
Wha What?
The jacket, bad boy.
Wha What?
I've ripped enough blazers running after stories
that I'm always prepared.
Wow. Uh
[chuckles nervously]
Uh, so this seems old,
a high school jacket?
Chess club,
I never played sports.
[cell phone ringing]
[both gasp]
It's my dad.
Oh, you can take it
if you need to.
No, no, it's fine.
My dad and I,
we don't talk.
My whole life, he's kept things
to his chest.
His job, where we were moving
next when I was a kid.
How sick Mom really was.
And even before she passed,
he wasn't someone you went to with your problems.
He doesn't want to hear
about my screwups.
Wait, what? Lois, what are you
talking about?
Clark, It's been a year
and I'm still an intern.
I couldn't even get anyone
to talk to me tonight.
I became a reporter
to do work that matters.
- But every time I tried
- Lois, since I started this job,
you have almost gotten
me fired, frozen and smashed by robots.
Clark, do they not teach you
how to comfort people
in Kansas?
But if it weren't for you,
I'd still be making coffee,
dreaming of a chance
to do more.
You've changed my life
for the better, Lois,
in every possible way.
Thank you.
I've been feeling off lately,
and this means
a lot.
Actually, there's something
I've been wanting to say. Something I
I need to tell you.
- Lois, I'm
- And it's all Superman's fault.
I know that guy
is hiding something,
and I hate being lied to,
you know?
It's throwing me off. Ugh!
Sorry, you were going to say?
I, uh
[both] Huh?
[woman crying]
- [grunts]
- Lois!
[Lois grunts]
[Clark] Um
[electricity crackling]
- Uh, looks like it was just stuck.
- Ha!
Lois, this is the same kind
of stolen tech Intergang had, and Livewire.
What are those?
[Dr. Ivo] Alex, if you
make me late, so help me, I will ruin your life.
But it's still a prototype.
And short-term wear
- caused out-of-control aggression in the test groups.
- Aah!
Oh, my God, at what point
did this seem like a conversation, Alex?
[sighs] When you started
talking to me.
[grunts angrily]
The board's against me,
the baby reporter humiliated me.
But with this,
I'll shut everybody up.
Ladies and gentlemen,
the time has come for you to see the future.
I present the Parasite 1.0.
[guests gasping]
We live in dangerous times.
Metropolis was the safest city
in America.
Now we're in the midst
of a crime wave like nothing before.
And then there's Superman,
a guy who claims
he just wants to help.
But can we really trust
a stranger to help us for free?
Of course we can't.
The only person you can trust
is yourself.
And now, with the Parasite,
you can become your own Superman.
But don't take my word for it.
Let's get a volunteer.
How about you?
[helicopter whirring]
[guests screaming and shouting]
[Jimmy] Lois!
Where's Clark?
I thought he was with you.
What do you mean?
He's right here.
We're trapped.
[police sirens wailing]
[helicopters hovering]
This is taking too long.
Let's speed things up.
[Curtis screams]
- Huh?
- Hello.
There you are.
Dr. Ivo. I don't know
what's going on here,
but you need
to let these people go.
Whoa! What? And lose my audience
right when the main attraction arrives?
Buddy, I don't think
you understand sales. Alex!
That's right, folks.
Our pal Superman is gonna help with our demonstration.
You see, the Parasite 1.0
gives me strength,
speed and durability
equal to his.
[both grunt]
[Superman groaning]
And if he tries to fight back,
the suit absorbs
that kinetic energy
and redirects it.
So the bigger they are,
the harder you hit back.
- [Superman screaming]
- [Dr. Ivo] And while the Parasite runs off
the energy it absorbs,
for longer, sustained, battery life,
my portable Amazo panic room
has your back.
Available now.
[Jimmy] Huh?
The show is being controlled
from there. Come on.
[Superman groans weakly]
[Dr. Ivo] You know,
I built this company myself.
And I deserve more.
[Superman grunts]
[Dr. Ivo groans]
[Dr. Ivo] More!
[moans weakly]
No, I am not letting you interrupt Doctor
[camera shutter clicks]
Sorry. Your life seems hard.
We got to turn off the cage.
One of these buttons
has to do it.
Okay. Which one is it?
A-ha, found you.
Jimmy, this isn't the time
for taking pictures.
UV light isn't just cool.
It can reveal fingerprints.
[cage powers down]
[both grunting and straining]
[Dr. Ivo] You cheated!
[both shouting]
[Dr. Ivo groans]
This isn't a game.
You need to stop.
You're afraid
that I'm better than you.
[Dr. Ivo groans]
[both grunting]
[electricity crackling]
I don't have to be better
than you.
I just have to stop
supplying you with power.
Fight me!
[Dr. Ivo whimpers] Coward!
[Dr. Ivo bellows in rage]
[Dr. Ivo screams]
[groans weakly]
Please, this man
needs your help.
You ruined me.
What's your angle?
What's in this for you?
Dr Ivo, look around you.
Is it that hard to believe
that some people just want to help?
[labored breathing]
[Clark] The proof's all there.
The stolen tech, which Ivo could only have gotten
from his criminal connections.
Once we get the photos,
we'll have our story.
I just can't believe
it all disappeared.
Someone must have taken it
during the fight.
But who?
Lois, I have to figure
this out. Too many people are getting hurt.
It's cute seeing you
obsess over a story.
[clears throat] You know,
when I was getting ready,
I kept wondering
if this counted as a date.
And what did you decide?
Walk me back, Smallville.
Yes! You guys have to see this.
I got photos of everything.
I even posted the fight
on Flamebird.
I told you this was going
to be an amazing night out
With three best friends.
An exclusive on the collapse
of a Amazo Tech is sent.
What is this?
[Lois straining]
[sighs in exasperation]
Clark Kent is Superman?
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