My Adventures with Superman (2023) s01e05 Episode Script

You Will Believe a Man Can Lie

[Lois] Ugh!
[clock ticking]
[alarm ringing]
Today's the day!
Yes! Clark, I know you told me
not to wake you up every morning with an update
on how close we are
to our camping-slash
Bigfoot-finding expedition,
but it's squatchin' time.
Oh, I guess you went jogging.
Without me.
[cell phone vibrating]
[groans] A Flamebird
response video? What?
[man] You may have seen the video stream
Flamebird making claims like this.
[Jimmy] And to sum it up, on the remains
of Sub Diego on the Pacific Sea floor
proves that Atlantis is real.
[man] But I'm here
to tell you, nah!
Like and subscribe to watch me
do this to every Flamebird video ever.
Nah, nah. Oh, yeah,
that's a nah.
[opening music playing]
Clark, where are you?
I waited so we could
walk to work together.
Oh, I had some errands to run.
Jimmy, I'm going for it today.
Going for our squatchin' trip?
No. I I mean, that too.
But I'm going to tell Lois
that I like her.
Yeah, buddy, I think
she's picked up on that.
But I haven't said the words
"I like you."
It's just been implied.
But, you know, she's been staring at me
nonstop for the past day and
Speaking of things that are today, the camping
trip to find Bigfoot.
I packed the gear already.
[train whistle blows]
So just meet me
at the bus stop at 5:00 p.m.
Yeah. That train's going
to crash.
Yeah, I'm going to be late.
Cover me until I get in.
[cell phone vibrating]
Lois, it's squatchin' day.
Yeah, sure. I'm all packed.
Random question.
If I gave you a list of dates
and times,
would you be able to corroborate Clark's
For instance, on August 3rd,
he said he was going to get a bagel,
but he was gone for 20 minutes
and then he came back without a bagel.
Also, have you noticed
how often he steps out for bagels?
Is this hungry Lois calling?
Do you need a bagel?
No, no, I just
There's this thing I think might be true, but it's crazy.
But I'm 99% sure I'm right.
But before I do anything,
I need to be 100% sure.
I have no idea what you're talking about,
but I'm at the office.
Oh, good. I'm running
a little late.
Can you cover for me?
Wait! Remember to meet me
at the bus stop at 5:00 p.m
[call disconnects]
for squatchin'.
All right, morning
is not going how I envisioned,
but this is still going
to be the best
- [shrieks]
- Scooped!
[chuckles] That's right.
It's Steve Lombard,
[clicks tongue]
the Daily Planet's star reporter.
Steve, I know who you are.
- Please do not
- [Steve] Think fast!
[woman yelps]
[Steve chuckles]
Anyhow, grab your camera
and let's go.
I asked Perry
for a photographer
for a special assignment,
and you're it.
- Get ready for the best day ever!
- [Jimmy exclaims]
Y'all know the score.
Crush the alarms, grab the gold
and I'll hit the safe.
- Anyone gives you trouble
- Heh.
Let's go.
[suit clanging]
[thug grunts] He's here!
[whimpering] He's here.
Go! Go! Go!
[female thug grunts]
[female thug] What?
Wait, you're
Rory, help me!
All right, Clark, how do I get you to tell me
you're Superman?
Ugh, come on.
This isn't the mailroom.
Ugh, what is in this?
Ugh. Steve.
Lois! Great. You're here.
Huh. Do you need a hand
with that?
There's something I need
to talk to you about.
[Lois] Uh-huh?
I know. I mean, anything.
You can tell me anything.
I want to talk to you about
- writing a story with me.
- About Superman?
About the strange tech
weapons that keep popping up in Metropolis.
I've got an idea for how to go
about it too, um, uh
Here, it's easier
if I show you.
Is that a murder board?
I call it
an investigation board.
But, uh, yes.
Livewire's harness,
Intergang's weapons, Ivo's Parasite suit.
Livewire stole this tech
and unleashed it onto our city.
But someone made these weapons.
I need to find out who that is
before more people get hurt.
And And there's something
weirdly familiar about the tech.
Familiar how?
I I don't know.
I just know this is important.
And then I got this.
One of the Planet's
old dispatch scanners.
Every time the tech weapons
have shown up,
- they've nearly destroyed part of the city.
- Hmm.
- So if we listen to the scanner
- We'll hear any reports
of the weapons
and can investigate.
And find out where
they all really came from.
This is the story
I want to pursue.
And I'd love your help.
Hey, I have an idea.
Let's ask Superman about them.
I don't think he knows
anything about them.
But we won't know
until we talk to him.
Me, you and Superman
in a room together.
At the same time.
"We"? Are you saying yes
to writing this with me?
This is going to be great.
You're the best journalist
I know.
I value your input.
And this really matters to me.
People have been hurt
by these weapons.
You've almost been hurt
by them,
and I won't let that
happen again
because I I
I care about you
And I, uh
[clears throat]
I wanted to ask
[dispatcher over radio]
All units, reports of a runaway bus
- on Main Street.
- Oh, I forgot all about my bagel in the kitchen.
I'll be right back.
[Lois growls]
[cell phone chimes]
[dispatcher] All units, disregard.
Superman stopped the bus.
- Where were we?
- [dispatcher] All units,
- there's a mugging on 47th.
- Cream cheese!
[dispatcher] Disregard previous request.
Superman has it under control.
Okay, new plan.
[Steve] Okay, the school
of Steve is in session.
And lesson numero uno is that
you've got to be prepared
for the real life
of a reporter.
It's not all glitzy galas.
A lot of it is hitting
the pavement.
The mean streets.
The dark side of the city.
Oh-ho! I got shivers.
Take notes.
Oh, uh, uh-huh.
[Steve] You know, you remind me
of me at your age.
Plus, you're clearly
the Steve of your group.
What do you mean,
I'm the Steve?
I am not the Steve.
Uh, I know a Steve
when I see one.
Always on the outskirts.
Never really part of the main group.
A lone wolf.
I am not a lone wolf.
It's Kent, Olsen and Lane,
journalism pals for life! We're a team.
Oh, my mistake.
So, uh, where were
your other halves this morning?
They They had things to do
and something about bagels.
But I've got their backs
and they have mine.
Because they listen
to what you say.
Well, Lois thinks my ideas
are weird, but
Which she tells you, because there's no secrets
among the three of you.
You're a Steve.
Bruh, being a Steve is great.
We're mavericks,
making our own rules.
Then living by those rules,
which I call the Steve code.
You actually wrote them down?
Why is "never skip leg day"
on here three times?
Lesson numero dos, protege.
Don't question the Steve code.
- [sighs] I am not
- Oh, we're here. Give me a sec.
Clark, I don't know
where you are,
but I need you to call me
with a fake emergency and get me out of this.
Or answer me at all.
- [Steve] Think fast. Ah, nice.
- [yelps]
Uh, let's set up here
and get to work.
Ugh, this day
could not get any worse.
So what am I shooting?
Coverage of the stadium?
A practice?
Oh, no, no, no.
You're filming me.
[clears throat] Steve! Steve!
Steve! Steve!
Uh-huh, okay.
Aliens. Mothman.
The Loch Ness monster,
and that one psychic starfish
in Germany,
- Flamebird says it's all real.
- Huh?
But I say, nah!
- [dispatcher] Disregard backup request.
- [Lois] Huh?
[Lois panting]
[Lois grunts]
[crowd cheering]
[camera shutter clicks]
[dispatcher] Sinkhole is under control,
thanks to Superman.
Ugh, this is never
going to work.
[dispatcher] Reports of suspicious people
at McGuinness Luxe Garage.
- [dispatcher] Be warned, armed with strange tech weapons.
- Hmm.
Stay safe.
Hold it
right there.
Uh, Ms. Lane,
you can't be here.
There's a robbery in progress.
[panting] Heard about
the break-in over the scanner
because my good friend
is working on a story
about the tech,
and I came here to help him.
You know Clark Kent, don't you?
Oh, that young man
who works with you and Mr. Olsen?
He's quiet, but thoughtful,
upstanding. I like him.
Yep, that's him.
Anyhow, Clark really wanted
to talk to you and track down this tech.
So until Clark can show up
and ask you questions himself,
I'm not letting you out
of my sight.
[tires screech]
He's already here.
Hit 'em and run.
[thug grunts]
[Lois yelps]
[Lois yelping]
Watch out!
Superman, are you okay?
Uh, I'm fine. Just, uh
Come on, come on.
Why does it need more time?
Her gloves aren't working.
[Heat Wave straining]
[gloves sputtering]
[tires squealing]
I'm sorry, Superman.
Please don't kidnap me
like the others.
[both] What?
You're Nah?
You're the guy
who's been trolling me?
Wait, you're Flamebird?
Great minds, bruh.
Except you're wrong
about aliens.
This is why I'm the mentor
and you're the student.
Now get my good side.
I had to do voice-over
for the first vids
'cause I didn't have a camera guy.
Honestly, today is working out
even better than I had hoped.
So let me get this straight.
You dragged me out here
to blow off work for your video stream?
I thought we had
a real assignment.
Does Mr. White know about this?
[scoffs] Like you kids
do what Perry tells you.
Besides, this is great.
Just me and my protege.
Two lone wolves making videos.
I'm not like you!
Me, Clark, Lois,
we're best friends.
The Three Amigos,
the Three Musketeers.
And when you called them
to help you get out of working with me,
did they answer you,
young D'Artagnan?
I'm not just a handsome face,
you know. I notice things.
Look, you guys are tight now,
but life goes on.
Things change
and people get left behind.
Take it from me.
That's not
what is happening here.
I mean, sure, Clark's
trying out some new things,
and Lois has her "find Superman" stuff,
but we're a team.
Are you sure
about that, wolf cub?
[cell phone chimes]
Yes, you are wrong.
Now, if you'll excuse me,
I've got a Bigfoot to catch with my best friends.
[Superman] Kidnapping?
What are you talking about?
I've got this, Superman.
Okay, listen up, bud.
I hate two things.
Secrets and liars.
So you're going to tell us
everything you know about that tech
and what you meant
about kidnapping,
or I let my flying friend here
cut loose.
That's not happening.
Then I'll cut loose.
Ms. Lane, please don't threaten people.
It's wrong.
Tell us what you know
or my friend here
will worry excessively
about your welfare.
Worry about
Are you kidding me?
He's the one taking us all.
My crew, members
of the Gazzo family, bag men, pickpockets.
Every single person who got
tech weapons from that Livewire lady is gone.
We were trying to lift a ride
to get out of town before he got us too.
I'm not "getting" anyone.
Why would you think that?
I saw you do it.
We were knocking over
the pawn shop on 25th,
and then there was this blur
and half my crew was gone.
Who else could move that fast?
But I'm not going down easy.
[suit powers up]
[Heat Wave grunts]
As long as she has that
heatwave weapon, she's incredibly dangerous.
What do we do now?
First we have to go back
to the Daily Planet.
Come on.
[man 1] Two targets,
headed in different directions.
What's the priority?
[man 2 over comms]
Superman can wait.
Get our tech back.
[man 1] Roger that.
Okay. What do we do now?
Why did we have
to come back here?
Because it's too dangerous
for you to come with me.
Wait, you're leaving me behind?
I have to stop that woman
before she burns down the city.
You told me before
you don't know how your powers work.
Do you even know
if you're fireproof?
And you still don't know
who is kidnapping people.
I'm not letting you go.
I'm sorry, Lois,
but I can't let you get hurt.
[Lois] Stop!
Don't do this. Superman!
Superman! Clark!
[Heat Wave panting]
You won't get me, Superman.
[Heat Wave grunts]
I'm not letting you take me.
I'm not taking anyone.
I just want to help.
[Heat Wave grunts and strains]
I have visual
on the final target and nemesis Omega.
Permission to engage.
Suit is operating
at optimal efficiency.
Integrating the reclaimed tech
has made it stronger.
General, there will never
be a better time than this.
Permission granted.
Requesting support.
You'll have it.
[Heat Wave grunts]
[Superman groans]
Intergang's freeze ray?
But how?
Who are you?
[man] Oh, that's easy, Superman.
We're the good guys.
Agent Wilson, contain it.
[Wilson chuckles]
[Wilson grunts]
[Superman exclaims]
[Waller] Power fluctuations
are wildly off spec.
The enemy is weaker
than anticipated.
This technology, these
These weapons, they're yours.
[steam hissing]
You're the ones
kidnapping people.
[Wilson] He's got
a super brain too.
[Superman grunts and groans]
Why are you doing this?
[The General]
As if you don't know.
Drop the act, Superman.
There's no one here
to swallow your lies.
You. Who are you?
I'm the one keeping
the Earth safe.
Unh! Aah!
[The General] Hit him.
[Superman groaning]
Wait. I don't understand
No, I didn't
[screams in pain]
[Superman] Aah!
[grunts, groans]
[Wilson grunting]
- [Wilson] Ha!
- No!
[horns honking]
You need to stop.
People need help.
[people screaming]
Wilson, take the shot.
No. Stand down, soldier.
General, we have an opportunity
and we need to take it.
Not if it endangers civilians.
Remember why we're doing this.
And when everyone dies
on the next zero day,
will they thank you
for sparing a handful
now? Wilson
Is this your operation,
Mandy, or is it mine?
[Waller] Hmm.
Wilson, retreat.
[Wilson sighs]
Be seeing you, Superman.
[Superman straining]
- Lois?
- Clark!
I was so worried.
You're hurt.
Oh, that's from shaving.
But there's no need
to be worried.
I just went home for a
To water plants.
Don't. Don't lie to me again.
What are you talking about?
I've spent all this time
worrying about you
and this is how you're going
to play it?
Play what?
[Lois] Fine.
We'll do this the hard way.
I knew it!
[Lois struggling]
Lois, please let me explain.
You lied to me, Superman.
I didn't lie to you.
I just didn't
tell you everything.
A secret is
another type of lie.
Lois, you have no idea
what's going on in this city right now.
Then tell me.
You hated Superman.
You said he was a liar
and you were going to find
and publish all of his secrets.
My secrets.
I would never do that to you.
I had no idea it was you
until after the gala.
How could you think that?
You jumped off a roof!
I don't know what to think.
You kept this from me
and I'm your
I don't know what we were going
to be, but that's all over now.
[thunder rumbling]
[rain pattering]
[Lois on voicemail] It's Lois.
Leave a message or text
if you've got a tip
on Superman.
[Clark hesitates] Hello.
You've reached Clark Kent.
Leave a message after the
Fine. Who needs them anyway?
[crickets chirping]
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