My Adventures with Superman (2023) s01e06 Episode Script

My Adventures with Mad Science

[Lois] Jimmy, it's Lois.
[sighs] Again.
I'm so sorry
for standing you up,
which was completely
Clark's fault.
I'm on my way to the campsite.
I'll see you there.
- [gasps]
- Uh
Oh, I I didn't realize
Lois Lois, I
Uh, Jimmy
isn't answering my calls.
He's not answering
yours either
[clears throat] Maybe
Maybe because
you stood him up.
It's more than that.
I flew to the campground.
No, Jimmy.
I flew over the forest,
the Daily Planet. Nothing.
Lois, he's just gone.
- He
- Disappeared.
Just like everyone who came
into contact with that tech.
I know you're mad at me
but this isn't about us.
Something has happened
to Jimmy.
You're the best investigator
I know.
And I can't find him without you.
- Hmm.
- [sighs] Thank you.
Let's get one thing straight.
I'm doing this
for Jimmy not you.
And we could be overreacting.
Maybe he just turned
off his phone.
[gasps, struggles]
Why am I strapped
to a
[opening music playing]
- Lois, hold on for a second.
- These are Jimmy's size.
Uh, he was walking, not running.
This way.
Uh, how do you know
how to track people through the woods?
Wilderness weekends.
Dad took me on wilderness
survival weekends as a kid.
He taught me how to use
a compass,
find a path, purify water,
set bones
You know, et cetera, et cetera.
That sounds intense.
I didn't know that about you.
Yeah, well,
there's a lot about me
you're never gonna know.
[softly] Great going, Kent.
Lois, wait. I'm sorry.
[exclaims] Huh?
I scouted the forest
from the air at least a dozen times.
How did I miss this?
[cellphone ringing]
[Lois] Clark!
I found Jimmy's phone.
This is the moment,
Tonight we find
- [growling]
- [gasps] What's that?
Did you hear that?
Is it a [screaming]
Oh, my gosh.
Bigfoot kidnapped Jimmy.
I've been kidnapped by Bigfoot!
And some other guy.
We are Monsieur Mallah
and the Brain, trespasser.
And those are the last words
your spying ears
will ever hear!
Mallah, the lasers.
On it, mon amour.
Any last words, spy,
before we end your life?
Thank you.
This isn't how I thought
it would end but at least
I got to meet a super-intelligent
French gorilla before I died.
Which means I was right
about everything!
Too bad my so-called "friends"
will never know.
So go ahead and open my brain.
At least someone cares
what I think.
You seem troubled
by something.
Would you like
to talk about it?
[both] What?
[Lois] Ugh!
[Lois] What the
[Clark] It looks like
an army invaded
and then melted.
What is this place?
I've heard that name before.
Disavowed by the government,
who knows what horrors Cadmus,
aka Area 52, still contains.
UFOs, alien technology?
"Alien technology."
Pull up the next video.
Birdwatchers, get ready to meet
tomorrow's special guest.
Now, these two were late
to get on the Bird-Train
but they are without a doubt,
the most important people
in my life.
So join me and my best friends
as we unearth
the secrets of Sasquatch
quatch quatch
when Jimmy told you
all his theories about aliens,
did you
I mean, does he know?
- About, you?
- No.
How come you never told him?
Let's just keep going, okay?
No. I'm tired of you
not answering my questions.
I don't wanna talk
about this right now.
Then when? When is a good time
for the truth with you?
Lois, I've told you more
about myself
than I've ever told anyone.
You already know I'm Superman.
What else do you need to know?
Did you lie
about your feelings for me?
Everything you said to me
was it all just a cover
for you?
Lois [sighs]
How could you think that?
[machinery beeping]
- Run!
- [screams]
And welcome to Cadmus.
[Jimmy squeals excitedly]
[Brain] For the record,
I am against this.
[gasps] Is that
the Loch Ness Monster?
It's one of the mutants
we lost in Scotland. Yes.
No, way! Are those
[both] The CIA's classified
Sonic Guns under development
until the creator
mysteriously vanished.
Mai oui.
Also, the Creator
didn't vanish.
We recruited her.
I can't believe
I'm touching one.
Have you guys seen my phone?
[Brain] Phone?
You wish to expose
our existence?
I'm just trying to show the world
how amazing this all is.
And prove how right I am
to two people specifically.
[Brain] People
you brought with you?
Brain, for the love of
Would you stop
threatening our guest?
[Brain] Prisoner!
And why are we
giving him a tour?
He'll lead others here
to destroy us, my love.
Aw, mon amour.
Must you always assume
the worst?
For decades,
we have been alone.
No one to talk to, let alone
admire our work.
Perhaps the world
is more accepting now, huh?
Perhaps things,
won't be like last time.
What do you mean,
"Like last time?"
[Brain] No.
No, don't tell him any
Twenty two years ago,
we belong to Cadmus.
The U.S. government's
top-secret science agency.
We, along with military
division Task Force X,
were given strange technology
by the government.
Our orders were
to make weapons.
But while our sister program
relished the charge,
we were not interested
in destruction.
We used the technology
to create.
After an experiment gave me
super intelligence,
I began to work
with another young scientist,
which bloomed
into a wonderful partnership.
We were men of science
stepping into the unknown.
But when it was discovered
that we were making things
to change the world, not harm it,
Task Force X was sent
to eliminate us.
But in their attack,
they disturbed
our most fragile experiment,
an unstable black hole!
Task Force X assumed
there were no survivors and moved on.
Brain lost his body.
But his mind
and his art remained.
And so I can spend my life
with the man I love most in all the universe.
You know, your story
and mine are kinda similar.
[gasps] Were you also hunted?
Close. My friends stood me up
for a camping trip.
Okay, your story has
more kill squads
but I know how it feels
to be abandoned
by people who are supposed
to support you.
My friends
don't take my work seriously.
They don't take me seriously.
I know little in this world.
But if someone cares for you,
they want to know how you feel.
You just need
to speak your mind.
And if they still reject you,
you can stay with us.
[Brain] What?
Nein! We must eliminate him.
Oh, that is your answer
to everything.
Eliminates this, kill that,
leave the dishes
until they get mold,
then claim it's some sort
of experiment.
- [Brain] It is an experiment!
- I, um
- need to use the bathroom.
- You just don't want to clean.
[Brain] You don't see mold
as a part of life.
It is a phylum!
[muffled] When we run
out of penicillin,
don't come crying to me saying,
"Brain, we are out of penicillin."
[panting] Keep running.
[screams, groans]
Hang on.
- [exclaims]
- Hold tight.
I'm sorry. Something's wrong
with my powers.
They're weaker somehow.
Clark, run!
They're not following.
We're in the clear.
Are you all right?
I'm fine. But, Clark
[Clark] I'm okay.
Everything's okay.
How did you know
you'd be bulletproof?
I didn't. I just knew
that you weren't.
Yeah, let's find Jimmy and get out of here
before something else happens.
Is this the unstable
black hole that destroyed everything?
Of course, not.
This is a new one.
Why would you make a new one?
Well, you see,
we may have
deliberately blown it up
to fake our deaths and escape.
But since then, we have lived
a simple life of peace.
When we figure out
how to stabilize it,
it will become a wormhole.
A gateway to other dimensions.
Dimensions where
we might be welcome.
Not feared.
[Brain] Ohh,
unless it blows up first.
That's not something
to be excited about!
Ah, fear not, Jimmy.
As long as nothing disrupts
the flow of power to this room,
it's perfectly safe.
- [alarm buzzes]
- Huh?
We need to be careful.
Who knows what could be
[Brain] I told you
he'd lead enemies to us!
Everyone stop!
[Mallah] You know
these intruders, Jimmy?
Yeah. These are the "friends"
I was telling you about.
- The bad ones.
- [Brain] Mmm.
What? What?
No. No. We're, um
I mean, yes,
we did forget about camping.
Mmm . Oui. D'accord.
We will give you space.
[Brain] Mallah, I want
to watch them fight.
we are
so sorry that we let you down.
am sorry.
This whole situation today
has made me realize that I I
I held things back from you
and I shouldn't have.
Jimmy, you deserve to know.
I am
Clark. I know you're Superman.
This is not a big reveal.
Wait. What?
You know, since when?
We've been roommates
since freshman year.
The day I met you,
you ripped the handle off the door,
then tried to play it like the screws
had just come loose.
I mean, it could have
been the screws.
[Jimmy] The handle
was ripped in half!
I didn't say anything because it seemed
like a sensitive subject.
So I thought that if I waited,
you would tell me
when you were ready.
[groans] You've known
this whole time?
Why didn't you tell me?
Hold up!
You told Lois
before you told me?
Your best friend?
Okay, it's been
a weird 24 hours.
My powers aren't working and we've been
chased all over this place by robots.
So let's just take
a deep breath and stop yelling.
[Mallah] Uh, robots?
What robots?
What happened
to giving us space?
[Mallah] Forgive me, Jimmy,
I love drama.
But Cadmus never created
any robots.
If you are being chased
by something,
it is not one of ours.
[all exclaim]
[Brain] The OMACS.
They are from Task Force X.
The original kill squad!
Something must have
awakened them.
Allow us!
[Brain shouts orders in German]
[in English]
And who are they?
So we got bored hiding,
like, one year in and made
a bunch of mutants, okay?
But other than
creating a black hole
and an army of mutants,
we live a simple life of peace.
Uh, mostly.
[gasps] The containment field.
Fall back!
Why is there a black hole?
Ask the mad scientists.
[Brain] Genius is never
appreciated its own time.
[loud thud]
[all scream]
We need to access the control panel
and turn on the backup systems.
Tell me what to do.
Set the frequency ratio
to .1778.
[Brain] It's 1887.
You always transpose
your numbers.
- Then what?
- [Brain] Keep entering those numbers
until it works or we die!
Mein Liebchen!
[in English]
Before we die, I gotta know,
why did you cut me
out of a huge part of your life?
- And me?
- Because I was scared!
All I've ever wanted
is to be normal.
I don't want you to treat me
like an alien.
I just wanna be your friend.
We don't care "what" you are.
We're friends
because of "who" you are.
And we just want you
to be open with us.
Open That's it!
[together] What are you doing?
[Mallah] We need to open
the containment field
and let the black hole
hit critical mass for it to stabilize.
[Clark grunting]
Hold on.
[all creaming]
- [chuckles]
- [Mallah sighs]
We must leave.
The red-sun-omega-field
that was keeping Cadmus hidden
is no longer
operational. But
I will miss you, Jimmy.
So, The General found you yet?
How How did you
The OMACS woke up after you
entered our parameter.
The omega field affected you.
The tech reacts to you.
I don't know what they gave
us 22 years ago but
you are somehow caught
in the middle of it.
And if you are,
then you're in the crosshairs
of Task Force X.
- Of him.
- Who is he?
A man who would blot out
the sun
if he thought his country
demanded it.
The one we've been
hiding from.
Because once he sees you
as a threat,
he will never, ever stop.
Come with us.
You are different.
Strange, like us.
And this world,
it's not so forgiving of that.
I have to stay.
I have to believe
this world can be a place
where everyone's
accepted and
I need to help it get there.
With the people I love.
Then until we meet again.
Auf Wiederschen, Clark Kent.
And now we must take our leave.
If you come back, we're doing
an interview for Flamebird.
And the Daily Planet.
I think we'd need
some pictures, though.
Perry might take some
convincing to become a true believer.
Like us.
Ready to step into the unknown,
mein Liebchen?
Always, mon amour.
[soldier] Sir, we finished
scouting the area.
No sign of the old tech
that pinged us.
But we found clear signs
of recent habitation.
This is nostalgic for me.
My first operation.
The first hard call
I had to make
I want your opinion
on the tech here.
Put that brilliant mind
of yours to work.
But why would a humble,
kidnapped billionaire like me do that?
[The General] Because
we want the same thing.
To take down Superman.
To rip him from the sky
and to bury him so deep
the world won't even remember his name.
[laughs] Yeah, no.
In that case, I can work with all of this.
When do we start?
[closing music playing]
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