My Adventures with Superman (2023) s02e04 Episode Script

Two Lanes Diverged

So, why do you think Lois' dad
called a house meeting?
- [The General] Huh!
- Ooh.
- [Clark groans]
- Kent, you forgot the code word.
Uh, Mr. Lane, can you please not
- Uh, what happened here?
- I think I've been made.
An unmarked car
has been parked out front
for the past 24 hours.
No, don't look!
Waller is ruthless.
If she's found me, no one is safe.
[banging on door]
- [The General] Kent, do not
- Hi, uh
- Package for James Olsen?
- Ooh, that's me.
[grunts in frustration]
[symposium emcee]
James Olsen, you are invited
to the 23rd Annual
S.T.A.R. Labs Symposium.
Defense. Science. Technology.
Every year,
an elite group in these fields
gathers to discuss
the issues of the day.
This year's topic is alien life,
and you, James Olsen,
Superman's best friend,
are invited to speak
at the keynote discussion.
[gasps] What?
I can't believe it.
[cell phone chimes]
[opening music playing]
This is Lois, leave a message.
[cell phone beeps]
Lois, uh, I've been trying
to reach you,
and we keep missing each other
and, uh
I need to talk to you.
Meet me at 8:00 p.m. tonight,
roof of the Planet?
And Lois
I love
[cell phone beeps]
[car horn honking]
Get ready for the best day ever!
Wow, look at this list.
"Other Symposium speakers
include CEO Hamilton,
Pentagon General Wade Eiling,
Senator Sackett."
Wow. This is really
impressive, Jimmy.
Are you sure you want me there?
What? Clark, I need you there.
Right. It's about aliens,
makes sense to bring the alien.
Uh, I don't need Superman.
I need Clark,
my best friend
and number one hype man.
Now which one screams
"hype man"?
I know you can do a quick change.
Okay. You can do this, Lane.
You are not a coward.
It's your dad.
Just do your daily check-in,
maybe tell him
about the job offer and
Yeah. Yeah
Um What is this?
- [Lois gasps]
- Gotcha. [laughs]
Oh, no! [laughs]
Go over the woods
next time, Cadet.
- Use your size to your advantage.
- [giggles] I know.
- Oh, you do, do you?
- Yes, I remember everything.
Let's test that.
See the Little Bear?
At the end is the North Star.
Do you know why it's important?
it's the Bear's tail?
Because the North Star
is always in the same place.
Find it, and you'll always
find your way home.
Doesn't Umma's name mean star?
Her Korean name means "silver star."
Eun, "silver."
Byeol, "star."
- Why didn't she come?
- Your mom, she
- She wasn't feeling well.
- She's always tired.
She doesn't even help
with homework anymore.
Hey. You're a Lane.
Lanes are doers, not complainers.
Now let's try again.
Remember, every contact
leaves a trace.
- I like the glasses.
- All right, cool, guy.
Welcome to the S.T.A.R. Labs
Excuse me, but are you
I work for NASA.
The things you've documented
with Superman, it's amazing.
- Can you take our picture?
- I'd love to.
You know, Jimmy even saved
Superman's life once.
Pretty sure I saved him
at least a dozen times.
Say, "Superman's pal, Jimmy Olsen!"
[camera shutter clicks]
A dozen times?
I'm counting when I covered
for you in college
and also every time
I dragged you to a party.
All right, hero,
what do you want to see next?
[Jimmy] Everything!
[alarm blaring]
[automated voice] Perimeter breach.
[gun powers up]
- Lois!
- Dad!
What are you doing here?
Um, I could ask you
the same thing.
Being here was putting
you in danger. I had to go.
- People are after me.
- [groans] You always do this.
What does that mean?
[automated voice]
Perimeter breach.
[both grunting]
That won't hold him long.
Waller is onto me, and I didn't
want you in the crosshairs.
Well, maybe you could have told
me that instead of running off.
I'm not running off.
I have a plan.
- Oh, great. What is it?
- Classified.
[scoffs] Seriously?
I need you to get as far away
from here as possible.
- I'll hold him off.
- Or we do this my way.
Can you believe this?
- We're flying.
- Crazy.
[Jimmy] Hey, Clark, how do you
stop when you're flying?
Uh, you know, in this situation,
I'm not really
- Oh Oh, boy.
- [Jimmy screams, grunts]
Thirteen times.
You're one of the only people
who made me feel like
being an alien wasn't some
terrible secret,
that being myself
could be good.
So, you've saved me 13 times.
The first time was when
I walked into our dorm room
and you told me
we were going to be friends.
Uh, okay.
No getting mushy in the
anti-gravity machine, Kansas.
[symposium emcee] James Olson,
please report to the auditorium.
Welcome to this year's
keynote discussion,
"The Superman Problem."
Let's welcome Superman
and alien expert, James Olsen.
And scientist, entrepreneur,
founder of LexCorp
and rising star in the
defense tech community,
Lex Luthor!
[cheering and applause]
[The General] Amazing.
We can traverse the entire city
without being spotted
in these tunnels.
- How did you find this?
- The normal way.
Tracking a crazy
electrical lady your dad created.
- [grunts in pain]
- Dad, uh, are you okay?
I'm fine. Keep moving.
[sighs] It's nothing.
Uh, it's an open wound
in a sewer, Dad.
Just hold still.
[both panting]
Forty-eight minutes
from start to finish.
Come on, Cadet,
you've done better.
Your next waypoint.
Start by finding the North Star.
Big Bear Little Bear
points to uh
Lois, are you even trying?
Five-minute cooldown,
then we go again.
So how's your friend
Izzy doing?
She was three whole
deployments ago, Dad.
Christine then, how's she?
Kristen. We haven't talked
since Mom
We keep moving all over the world.
- It's not like anyone stays in touch.
- Well, they should.
If they really cared, they would.
[Lois grunts]
- Lois!
- I'm fine. Just
None of this is fair.
I don't understand why we have
to keep moving for your job.
- It's classified.
- That's what you say about everything!
We leave
and no one talks to me.
You don't talk to me,
and you're the only one
I have now.
It's just not fair.
You're very good at this, you know.
I learned from the best.
Lois, those lessons
when you were a kid
I was trying to prepare you.
The world's a dangerous place.
But in hindsight
there are things I'd do differently.
- If I could.
- Does that mean you'll stay?
[weapon powering up]
Get down!
[Atomic Skull] General Lane.
I knew I'd find you
with the rest of the scum.
[Lois] Oh.
[symposium emcee]
Ladies and gentlemen,
we know that we aren't alone
in the universe.
The biggest issue in Metropolis
today is the alien question.
- Is Superman's presence here a threat?
- What? No.
Superman saves us from threats.
Yes, Superman is an alien,
but he chooses
to use his powers to do good.
Isn't that what matters?
[man 1] Hmm, he's got a point.
[guests mumble]
James, I love you
for using that word, "choose."
Superman chooses to help.
But what happens the day Superman
chooses to hurt us instead?
It's not like we've never
seen him fight humans.
Yeah, bad guys.
Who is he to decide
what counts as a bad guy?
Why do we trust an alien to
say what's right for us humans?
- Uh, okay, hold on
- Say we fight a war,
and Superman decides that
the other side's the good guys,
what happens then?
Or we create
a technological wonder
and he decides
that we shouldn't have it?
Who stops him?
[guests murmur]
- He would never do that.
- He already has.
Superman destroyed Amazo Tech
and pushed Dr. Ivo into
becoming a monster just like him.
Knowledge is power
and power is security.
But what security do we have
against a Superman?
Ever since that alien showed up,
Metropolis has been a parade
of freaks and destruction.
Our city used to be safe?
It used to be normal.
I say, it's time Superman went back
to where he came from.
So what are you saying?
Earth should just be for earthlings?
Earth is for earthlings.
- We're here.
- At a pawn shop?
[bell rings]
[door buzzes]
[shopkeeper doorbell rings]
- [Winslow] Don't touch the bear.
- Win.
- Took you long enough, Sam.
- Lois, Winslow Schott.
Robotics and demolition expert,
and an old friend.
Win's the one who sent me the
warning about Waller earlier.
Ah, someone's got to
look out for you. [chuckles]
Do you have the stuff?
[The General] The alien tech
is in here, as promised.
Good. My contact will meet us here,
then take you to the docks.
Wait This is your plan?
You're still leaving?!
[clears throat] I I I'll, uh, give you a
a moment. Hmm.
- Lois.
- Why do you want to leave so badly?
- I don't want to leave. I have to.
- No, you don't.
Why won't you trust me?
Haven't I proven
I'm good enough?
Lois, that's not
You are more than enough.
But I can't let you get hurt
because of me.
You leaving hurts me, Dad.
Please, for once stay.
[The General sighs]
- Win, I won't need that passport.
- Aww, too bad.
I really think Win got your good side.
The General and Superman's
gal pal. [laughs]
- Today is my lucky day.
- You weren't warning me.
You were luring me out.
All so Waller could
capture me again.
Oh, Sam. Sam, you don't get it.
Mommy doesn't need you anymore.
Ahh! Not the bear!
[The General groans]
[Wilson] Target on the move.
You know the orders.
[Atomic Skull] Let's go kill Sam Lane.
- [Lois] Uh!
- [both groaning]
[Lois groans]
[The General groans, screams]
- [Lois] Ahh!
- Lois!
[Wilson] Sorry, Sam.
I'd say nothing personal,
but you were never my favorite.
[groans in frustration]
Dad, come on!
Look out!
[Superman grunts]
- The General's gone. Orders?
- Fall back.
[Lex] Well, well, well.
- Is everyone okay?
- No thanks to you.
The cutting edge
of defense technology,
and he broke it all
like a child's plaything.
If you think you can protect
yourself from him, you're wrong.
If you think you can
control him, you're wrong.
Superman is the number one
threat to humanity.
No, you don't understand.
- I I was just trying to
- [man] He's right.
[indistinct yelling]
[Lex] Hey, by the way,
thanks for the advice, Jimmy.
I would not be here today
without you.
You're a real pal, you know that?
[indistinct chatter]
[man] You don't belong here.
- Jimmy
- Huh
Now, are you sure
you'll be okay on the couch?
Lois, I'll be fine.
Besides, anything is an
improvement to living with Kent.
- Dad.
- [The General] He's a weirdo, Lois.
There's just something off about him.
- He's different.
- He is, yes.
But that's what I love about him.
Speaking of, I have to make
a call, but, um
[chuckles softly]
Thanks for staying.
[Clark on recording]
You've reached Clark Kent.
Hey, I can't make it tonight.
Dad stuff came up,
and I'm sure you've kind
of had a day as well.
But I promise
we'll talk tomorrow, yeah?
[cell phone beeps]
Uh, Kara
I don't know if this will work,
but if you're out there
and you get this message,
I'm tired of being alone.
I thought you might be too.
Your cousin, Kal-El.
[Lois] Hey, Dad.
I know we can't go anywhere
while you're hiding
Dad! [breathing heavily]
Oh, please be okay.
Big Bear, Little Bear.
- You're okay.
- Congrats, Cadet.
Finally found the North Star.
I've been waiting.
This was a test?
I woke up, left my tent
and you were just gone.
- I thought I lost you.
- Come on. None of that.
You made it out on your own.
- Be proud.
- You left me!
Don't be so dramatic.
Lanes are doers.
You're never gonna get it, are you?
My whole life, I've been
making excuses for you,
but it's it's never
going to change, is it?
- Lois, what
- All you've ever wanted is for me
to make it on my own.
Okay, Dad, you win.
I'll make it without you.
On my own.
[Lex] You've seen the threat.
The masses might think
the alien is on their side,
but we We know better.
You've got an alien problem.
Task Force X has an alien solution.
S.T.A.R. Labs, the Pentagon,
all of us.
Whatever you need to deal
with Superman, you'll have it.
Good. When the time comes,
we'll need your support.
Because with us in charge,
I promise you
Earth is safer than ever before.
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