My Adventures with Superman (2023) s02e05 Episode Script

Most Eligible Superman

[elevator dings]
- Clark. Look, the other night
- Lois. Hey, about the other night
Oh, you first.
[sighing] Lois, I, uh
[softly] Hey!
Shut up and follow me.
I have an assignment for you.
You two are going to cover
Metropolis' most eligible
bachelor and bachelorette contest.
[thuds] No!
- What?
- What the
- [groans softly]
- Hey! Perry, that's my event!
Cat, they're the only reporters
Superman talks to.
What does Superman have to do
with some random contest?
- [groans softly]
- Oh, it's not a random contest.
It's the contest.
The most eligible bachelor
and bachelorette contest
is the highlight of the
Metropolis social calendar.
- The contest
- The contest puts together
a slate of the most accomplished
single people in the city.
- Then
- Then the winner is announced on live TV, live.
But why would Superman be there?
Because Superman
is one of the finalists this year,
and the contest raises money
for the children's hospital.
- Oh, geez.
- Okay, so he'll definitely be there.
Which is why I want my number one
Superman reporters on the beat.
You two, bring me gossip on Superman.
- [laughs hysterically]
- Lois, I'm
I'm worried that you're not taking
this assignment seriously.
You know, I heard that Superman likes
- a certain stubborn reporter.
- Oh, stubborn?
I think you mispronounced
brilliant, Smallville.
[cell phones ringing]
Mr. White's texting us the info.
Okay, the press conference
starts in 20. I'll go find Jimmy.
And then after, we'll talk.
- Yeah.
- [kisses] See you soon.
- [yelps]
- Lane, I demand you bring me along.
Oh, um
[chuckles nervously]
Perry was very clear. So, um,
why would we bring you with us?
[laughs cunningly]
Oh, darling.
You're going to bring me along.
Because you and I both know
Superman's secret, don't we?
[opening music playing]
- Wow.
- "Hey, Clark. It's Jimmy."
"The symposium sure went bad."
- Huh?
- No.
Hey, Clark.
So, I turned the Pentagon on you.
[groans softly]
Earth is for earthlings.
Hey, Clark.
How am I supposed to talk to you
when I don't know how to fix this?
[truck horn blaring]
[engine accelerating]
[groans softly]
Watch where you're going!
Are you all right?
Sorry. I I I just
- You You okay?
- You were assisting me?
I'm fine.
But who are you?
The name's Jimmy Olsen,
a leader at the Planet
and head of the Flamebird division.
You're the leader of the planet?
Then you can assist me!
My name's Kara.
And I'm searching for someone.
Sure, I can help.
- Let's start over here.
- Oh!
[cell phone ringing]
[Cat laughing]
And here we are!
The main event! Uh
Wait. Where did Kent go?
Oh. He's, um
[smacks lips]
He's feeding the meter.
[chuckles nervously]
Okay. I brought you.
Now, what do you mean
we know Superman's secret?
Darling, it's obvious,
because we both know
that Superman is
not single!
- [chuckles]
- [sighs in relief]
And we both know that
Superman's significant other
is in this very room.
Because Superman is dating
one of the other finalists.
I mean, it just makes sense.
The contestants aren't
ordinary people like you and me.
Well, I mean, being one of The Planet's
youngest reporters
is pretty impressive.
[chuckles softly]
So, naturally,
Superman is dating one of them.
We just have to figure out who
because then we can figure out
his secret identity.
What secret identity?
- I mean, maybe he's always Superman.
- [scoffs] Please.
You ever see Superman at the store?
No. He's hiding among us.
Disguised in plain sight.
This is the story of the century.
We are going to uncover Superman!
Great. I'll just tell Clark.
[chuckles nervously]
[groans softly]
- Jimmy's not coming.
- We've got bigger problems.
Cat is trying to figure out
who Superman is dating.
- If she realizes that we're together
- She'll figure out who I am.
So, when you show up as Superman,
you have to act super single.
You can't let anyone know
we're together.
So, no telling people about
the brilliant reporter I'm in love with?
No, don't do that!
Of course, Lois. I won't ruin this.
I promise.
Okay. No Clark.
We're in the clear.
I mean, I'm not hiding.
- [chuckles nervously] No one is hiding.
- This
- What is this?
- Ice cream?
You've never had ice cream?
Strict no-sugar parents
growing up, huh?
I do have a strict father, yes.
- But it's unimportant.
- Uh-huh?
Well, you just say that
because you never had it.
Is that a challenge?
What is this?
- Mint chocolate chip.
- [full mouth] It's delicious.
Oh Hold still, you've got a
So, uh Who are you, uh
Who are you looking for?
I'm looking for a man, a warrior.
And the only person in the
universe who will understand me.
Oh, a guy.
- My cousin.
- [chuckling] Oh! Cousin.
Great. I have cousins.
Cousins? Am I right?
We've never met.
But I know he's in this city. I just
- I thought it would be easier to find him.
- Let me help.
And maybe we can get more ice cream
and a hot dog on the way.
- What do you say?
- I say, what is a hot dog?
Members of the press.
I'm pleased to introduce the finalists
for Metropolis' most eligible contest.
Fighter pilot and S.T.A.R. Labs astronaut,
Hank Henshaw!
Archer and three-time world champion,
Chandi Gupta.
They climbed Mount Everest seven times.
They're Dr. Bryna Brilyant.
Influencer, philanthropist
and fashion icon,
Silver St. Cloud.
And Superman!
Who we don't know
how to get ahold of
but are hoping he'll just show up.
- Shoot. I I gotta go because I
- The meter ran out.
- Right. The meter.
- Ugh! Again.
So, let's open the floor to
Sorry I'm late.
[audience cheering]
Hello, everyone.
[fanfare music playing]
Okay. So, let's go
to the questions.
Who has one
for our human finalists?
[crickets chirping]
And who has one for Superman?
George Taylor, Metropolis Star.
What does the Man of Steel
look for in a partner?
Well, I think kindness is important,
wanting to help others
and a passion for what they do.
A bit stubborn sometimes, but she
follows the stories that matter
[groaning softly]
on TV, which she watches when
she's not being a surgeon and tall.
She would be a tall surgeon.
Hi, Cat Grant.
The Daily Planet.
Any interest in your fellow finalists?
I know there's someone
I'm interested in.
[audience whooping, cheering]
[Cat laughing]
Oh, that's a good one.
Kidding aside, I'd love it
if I could get you interested
in helping the Combined Charities
of Metropolis Foundation.
- I run it.
- You do?
The foundation does incredible work.
I'd be honored.
Oh. That's wonderful.
- It'll mean so much to the foundation staff.
- Well, I'd, uh, hate to disappoint.
[chuckles softly] I can't imagine
the Superman disappointing anyone.
- [chuckles softly] Ms. St. Cloud
- Oh, Silver, please.
- [groans]
- Um, Silver.
Truthfully, I don't think
of myself as Superman.
- I consider myself a normal man.
- Pfft. Normal?
I have a question for you,
At what point will you stop
endangering our city?
This isn't a man. This is an
alien weapon waiting to go off.
Just look at what happened
to S.T.A.R. Labs.
Uh Did you forget the 30-foot tall
monster who tried to destroy our city?
- Superman saved us.
- You may have the masses fooled,
but those who matter
are keeping their eye on you.
Earth is for earthlings, Superman.
[audience gasps]
Come on.
We got what we came for.
I know who Superman is dating.
And you do too.
Right, Lois?
Welcome to Metropolis.
- What do you want to see first?
- Everything.
[sighs softly] Ah!
[ball whooshes]
Come on. There's one last
thing you have to see.
Huh. It all makes sense now.
The signs were there
staring me in the face.
The only person who could
possibly be dating Superman is
[sighs wearily]
Look, Cat, I
- Silver St. Cloud!
- What?!
It can't be Hank because Hank
seems to hate Superman.
It can't be Bryna or Chandi because
they clearly have never met him before.
But Silver defended Superman.
She's the only one he talked to,
- and there's a vibe between them.
- I don't think they have a vibe.
There's such a vibe!
She's a genius
who made her fortune at 13.
She's smart, talented
and raises millions for charity every year.
- I mean, who else should Superman be with?
- Well, what about me!
I'm the one who broke
the Superman story.
I'm the one who got
the interview with him.
Logically, it makes sense
for it to be me.
[laughs hysterically]
Why is that so funny?
Oh! You're serious.
Lois, he's Superman.
And these people are superhuman.
The least impressive one
climbed Mount Everest seven times.
- Yeah, but
- Listen, we're reporters,
outside observers looking in on
worlds that we aren't a part of.
We write the story.
We don't become the story.
And what you and Kent have is cute.
Focus on that.
[all laughing]
It's my favorite view of the whole city.
I come up here all the time
with Lois and
and with my best friend.
Why did you say it that way?
Is this best friend your enemy now?
Jimmy Flamebird,
I will make your enemies mine.
No, it's just
Have you ever messed up on such a
grand scale it hurts someone else?
And then you avoided them because
you didn't know how to make it right.
Avoiding? Yes.
I came here against my father's wishes.
He wanted to come with me,
but I wanted to do this on my own.
See a world without limits,
without rules or parameters
to go to new places.
- Discover new things.
- And step into
- the unknown.
- The unknown.
- [sighs] I'm sorry.
- For assisting me?
For using you to avoid my best friend.
But nothing's solved by silence.
I have to talk to Clark.
What do you say? One last
stop on the Metropolis tour?
Ah! The big event.
- You excited, Lane?
- Yep. Can't wait.
[camera shutter clicking]
They're the best of the best.
Ugh! [groans]
[sighs wearily]
I can't get a signal.
- They must be here somewhere.
- Ugh! [gasps]
There he is.
You found him.
Wait, your cousin is
This is the moment
you've all been waiting for.
Out of these luminaries,
only one has captured the city's heart.
And the people's choice
for most eligible is
[fanfare music playing]
Finally. I have been
looking for you for so long,
- hoping to meet you
- Sorry,
but there's something
important I need to do.
Lois, are you hurt?
What's wrong?
Everything is wrong.
The contest,
my dad running off, the job offer.
- It's all too much.
- Job offer? What job offer?
Vicki asked me to move to Gotham
and become her number two.
What? Wha
Why didn't you tell me?
- Because we never talk anymore.
- I've been trying. I
I wanted you to be there
when I set off the beacon.
- You what?
- This isn't coming out right.
Because this isn't working.
We don't make sense, Clark.
There's a whole room of people
way better for you than I could ever be.
I mean, I'm not a genius,
or billionaire, or a super-person.
I'm just me.
And it's not enough.
Everyone always leaves me in the end.
So, why are we even doing this?
[voice shaking] Lois, are
are you breaking up with me?
Kal-El from Krypton.
I answered your call.
The beacon reached me
across your galaxy,
the only other Kryptonian in existence,
and I arrive only to see you
brought me to this
sickening display.
You're Kara? You're my cousin?
And you're a disappointment.
I thought I would find a warrior.
Instead, I find a joke.
A lap dog serving as entertainment
to a weak and dissolute world.
I'm not saying there
aren't temptations here,
but a true Kryptonian pushes through.
- This planet has made you soft.
- What are you saying?
You have two choices.
Join me in conquering this planet
or kneel before
the new Kryptonian empire.
No, no, no, no. That's not
Kara, the empire is gone.
[Primus] The empire is eternal.
- Primus, orders?
- [Primus] We have no need of weaklings.
[Primus] Take him down.
I don't want to fight you,
but I won't let you hurt anyone else.
[both grunting]
Kara, you don't have to do this.
[Kara] You don't understand.
We're Kryptonians.
- [grunts]
- [groans]
[groans softly]
Run! Now!
[crowd gasping]
[Primus] You're hesitating.
Is there a problem, scion?
Or will you comply?
No, Primus. I will comply.
[Primus] Oh. Oh.
What is this?
Kara, new parameters.
Bring Kal-El to me.
- Jimmy?
- We have to catch them.
Come on.
[breathing heavily]
Kara, you don't have to do this.
For the empire
I'd do anything.
[Primus] Status, scion.
My daughter?
En route, Father.
[helicopter whirring]
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