My Adventures with Superman (2023) s02e06 Episode Script

The Machine Who Would Be Empire

What's what's happening?
- You you kidnapped me?
- Yes.
Someone had to extricate you
from that backwater planet.
- You're welcome.
- Am I in outer space? What's going on?
- Wait. Kal-El.
- [grunts]
My name is Clark, and you can't
just hold people against their will.
Where do you keep the helmets
on this thing?
[helmet whooshes]
[forcefield whooshing]
Where am I?
- Where's Earth?
- Earth is not your home.
Krypton was your home.
And we are going to bring it back
and build a glorious
new empire
[opening music playing]
[Supergirl] You know, this is not
how I pictured our reunion going.
Oh, so sorry I'm not cooperating
with my kidnapper.
Next time
I'm knocked unconscious,
I'll make sure to wake up
in a cheerful mood just for you.
I'm going back to Earth.
Without coordinates,
you will never find your way back.
Kal-El, I promise you
we will both return to Earth
when we conquer it for the Empire.
I told you I'm not going
to conquer Earth.
It's just not happening.
Oh, Kal-El.
I think I understand.
Earth has made your brain weak.
All that soft living has made
your brain bad and weak.
Look, wanting peace isn't weak.
Father was worried something
like this would happen.
- But we can fix that.
- Wait. Your father?
Your father survived?
There are
there are others besides us?
Who did you think
I was bringing you to see?
I've spent my whole life helping
Father reestablish the Empire
for the good of the universe.
Let me show you.
[forcefield whooshing]
Show me your Krypton.
A thought-projector.
It records and displays memories.
This one has files from the last days
of Krypton. [thought-projector chirps]
[thought-projector warbles]
- What is this?
- It's us
before the fall.
Krypton was the most
advanced society in the universe.
The apex of science,
art, everything.
The Empire brought less
advanced planets into the fold,
giving them the opportunity
to become model Kryptonian citizens.
- [chuckles softly] This is beautiful.
- Isn't it?
I mean [clears throat]
This is what
we're trying to rebuild.
[chuckles softly]
They look like my parents
back on Earth.
That's Garden Citizen
One and Two.
Oh, and this one?
That's Food Citizen.
I often wonder
what our food tasted like.
[gasps] Ooh, watch this.
[holograph chirping]
I used to do this all the time
as a child.
When not training, of course.
Kara, these people
They're, uh they're all gone.
- I know that.
- I know what it's like to be lonely.
I'm not lonely,
and I'm not alone.
- You have returned.
- Didn't really have a choice, did I?
[sighs wearily]
Look, Krypton is gone.
But Earth,
I have a family and friends
and a Um, people.
I want to show you
what I'm fighting for.
Will you let me?
[thought-projector chirps]
That's Ma and Pa.
They adopted me.
It wasn't always easy,
but they loved me.
And they made sure I knew it.
Okay. Just how we practiced, son.
[straining] Sweet Martha Kent!
Okay, I'm all right, kiddo.
It's all right.
[sighs] That was great, Clark.
But I bet you can throw it
even softer next time.
All right. Go again.
That's my boy. Come on.
[Superman chuckles softly]
They taught me everything I know
about love and family,
about what matters.
[scoffing] Kal-El,
they taught you how to hide.
This was a lesson
in how to stifle your true self.
What? No.
It's it's catch.
- It's sweet. My parents love me.
- They diminished you.
They told you to conceal
who you are.
Did anyone on that planet
ever care for the real you?
[thought-projector warbles]
[thought-projector chirps]
That's enough. We're we're done here.
No, wait!
Don't look in there. Don't!
Is this Jimmy?
You know Jimmy? My Jimmy?
W-When did you even meet him?
It's reconnaissance of Jimmy Flamebird,
the leader of your planet.
[snickering] The leader of what now?
- [grunting] Don't!
- [laughs]
- Give it back!
- Okay.
Wait, wait, wait.
Do you Ow, ow!
Do you do you like Jimmy?
What? No! What?
I don't even know
what that means.
- Stop being all weird with your bad Earth brain.
- [groans]
[laughs heartily]
Jimmy's gonna lose it when he finds out
an alien has a crush on him.
I will not crush him.
I will simply conquer his planet.
- Now close the
- Oh, what's this?
[sighs wearily]
More reconnaissance?
They're from the planets
I've been to.
Euphorix, H'lven Thanagar.
Then why are you hiding them?
Father says my affinity for anything
non-Kryptonian is a weakness,
that I should strive only to be
a perfect Kryptonian warrior.
Okay, that's what he wants.
But what do you want?
I want what is good
for the Empire.
We brought these planets
into the light of Krypton.
Why would you not want that
for Earth?
What if you showed me one of
these planets in your new Empire?
Not not a projection.
The real thing.
I know exactly where to go.
Hold on.
[spaceship whooshes]
[Brainiac] Hmm.
Off course. Again.
Oh, Kara.
There will be no more delays.
[sighs wearily]
What's wrong?
That's a solid hydrogen state
asteroid field.
Ship can't maneuver around it.
- We have to clear the way manually.
- Oh, neat!
Not every day you get
to do that. Uh
helmets, please.
[helmet whooshes]
[forcefield whooshing]
Yes, ship. Helmet.
[helmet whooshes]
Where should we start?
Kara? [static noise]
[coughing, gasping]
[straining] Helmet
Kara. No! No!
Uh What do I do? I don't know
what to do. I'm not an astronaut!
[laughing] Your face!
Kal-El, we're Kryptonian.
We don't need these.
It's so easy to mess with
your sad little Earth-brain.
[Superman] That's not funny.
[Supergirl groans]
- Kara?
- Think fast!
[chuckles softly]
- Really?
- You're quick.
But I'm faster.
Kara [groans]
You don't have to hide
your powers with me.
Throw as hard as you can.
[groans softly, grunts]
[grunts, chuckles]
[groans, coughs]
- [Superman laughs]
- [exclaiming] Ah! Yes!
Much better.
- This is neat.
- [chuckling] Yeah, it is.
It's very neat.
[laughs heartily]
Okay. Pretty good, Kal-El.
[breathing heavily]
You changed.
You did that on Earth too. How?
Whenever I've needed to protect
someone I care about, I get stronger.
I always thought
it was a Kryptonian thing.
No, you're mistaken.
I am the defender
of the new Kryptonian Empire.
If anyone should be able to get
stronger when fighting, it should be me.
[low rumbling]
Finally, Thanagar.
The people of Thanagar have the
ability to fly too. You'll love it.
[wind howling]
No How is this possible?
What happened here?
[static crackles]
- They will become model citizens of the
- [Superman] Kara!
Is this what you wanted
to show me?
- A dead planet?
- This doesn't make sense.
Thanagar is a thriving part
of our Empire.
Is this what you do
when you conquer a world?
Are are all the planets in
the new Kryptonian Empire like this?!
No! I don't understand.
They were cities, people
when I was last
When was I last here?
[screams echoing]
Kara? Hey, what's going on?
Something's wrong.
- Kara, get back.
- It's all right.
They're Father's.
I have delayed us
from Kandor too long.
What's Kandor?
[heavy metallic footsteps]
Kal-El, kneel before Father.
Uh, why are we kneeling
before Zor-El?
Who is Zor-El?
Zor-El, my uncle.
Your father.
My father
is the light of the Empire.
The might of Krypton.
Primus Brainiac.
Kara, Kal-El. Welcome.
You're a robot.
I am many things.
I was once
the artificial intelligence
that ran through every ship,
computer, city,
and defense system in the Empire.
Now I am the mind that controls
this station.
All that is left of Krypton.
And I am the father
of a wayward daughter.
Forgive me, Primus,
but my detour was necessary.
As was going to Earth alone,
despite my command
that we arrive together.
I Primus, I
I didn't mean to
[chuckles] We will work
on your compliance.
But you found Kal-El
and brought him home
to help us build the Empire anew.
You've done well, Kara.
As I told Kara,
I'm not going to help
Please, son of Jor-El.
Yes, I knew your father.
I worked with him
on the council before the fall.
With Jor-El
- and your mother Lara.
- My my mother?
Her name was Lara.
I knew all in the house of El.
I assure you,
the Empire I seek to create
is not the one your father knew.
Go, child. We will speak later.
[sighs softly]
[Brainiac] Please.
Let me show you my Krypton.
[ominous music playing]
[lights clicking]
- Who are these people?
- A means to measure your potential.
[Brainiac] You are familiar with the
Kryptonian mind-scan, are you not?
Consciousness preserved
in a holographic form.
[Brainiac] These scans are all that's
left of those who did not comply
with the original Kryptonian Empire.
Their hatred and anguish
is perfect for training our warriors.
This is this is too cruel.
Cruel is a word
created by the weak.
[breathing heavily]
[straining] Kara said you wanted
to bring back the best of Krypton.
The technology,
the scientific advancements.
How do you think we made
those advancements?
War was the engine
which fueled the Empire.
This was my Krypton.
It was you.
You destroyed Thanagar.
[laughs maniacally]
You really don't understand
anything, do you?
Luckily, I don't need your mind.
I only need
what your body can do.
[Brainiac] There it is.
You, Kal-El,
are what I have been waiting for.
With you as our weapon,
the Empire will rise again.
No! I am not a weapon!
[Brainiac laughing maniacally]
[Superman breathing heavily]
[Brainiac] Did you think
it would be that easy?
I will take what is rightfully mine
and rebuild the Kryptonian Empire.
- Starting with your Earth.
- No. No!
[Brainiac] Activate
Red Sun Omega Field.
[groaning softly]
Jor-El, your father,
was weak,
with ambitions so small they
could be contained within a cradle.
But I dream of the Empire perfected.
- You will make that happen.
- I'm not going to help you.
I'm going to take Kara
away from this place.
[Brainiac] Oh, I don't need
your cooperation.
I just need you to kneel.
Father [gasps]
What's going on.
[Brainiac] You went
to Thanagar.
You disobeyed my orders
for Earth.
You ran away
from all your responsibilities.
Is this correct?
[sputtering] What? No!
I mean, yes.
Or perhaps you wanted to disappoint
all those who died
clinging to the dream of Krypton,
the home that only
you and I can bring back.
Do those deaths
mean nothing to you?
I gave you memories of our world
and you throw them aside
like so much dross.
You are a disappointment, Kara.
[sighs] What's going on?
I need to know.
[Brainiac] No, you don't.
But you will comply.
[Supergirl] I will comply.
[sinister music playing]
Father? Kal-El?
When did
I don't remember bringing you here.
Kara, you did so well,
bringing your cousin Kal-El home.
Uh I did?
Yes. I did.
Good. Very good.
You will be venerated by all.
[both] And all will become
model citizens of the Empire.
Are all the planets and the new
Kryptonian Empire like this?
[Supergirl] Set coordinates for H'lven.
Set coordinates for Euphorix.
Set coordinates for Thanagar.
Show yourself!
Show me!
[screaming echoes]
[screams echoing]
[Supergirl] No!
I couldn't.
I don't remember.
What do I do now?
[portal chirping]
Jimmy Flamebird?
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