My Brilliant Friend (2018) s02e01 Episode Script

Il Nuovo Cognome (The New Name)

1 He smoothed down his hair! He wobbled his head like this.
You thought the same thing? No, not me! It must be lovely to sleep in a huge bed, in a big luxury hotel.
- If you sleep! - Why, what would you do? - On your wedding night? - Take a shower.
- And then? - Then I'd take a bath.
- And then? - I'd look at the view.
There must be an ending.
And what happens on a wedding night? - Pasquale, I'll tell you at home.
- What would you know? - Did you tell her? - You're out of your mind? You're a lost cause.
Lila's hat was kinda weird She acts the lady and she's wrong, she looks ridiculous with a hat.
She doesn't need a hat, she doesn't need anything.
She's more a lady than the ladies.
But it's the fashion.
It looks good.
After the reception, the bride puts on her hat and going-away outfit.
But they're only going to Amalfi, it's not even two hours by car.
Pasquale, if someone loves me and marries me, I'd go on a honeymoon around the block, with or without a hat.
They left in a hurry, it was still daylight, the reception wasn't even over.
And we got kicked out! We wanted to close the joint! Obviously they had stuff to do.
Antonio, what's wrong? Why the long face? You didn't like the wine? - The food didn't go down well? - Pasquale, don't bust my ass.
They were so engrossed by their need to fall in love that none of them noticed Marcello Solara's vendetta.
Lila reappeared in her going-away outfit as if nothing had happened.
She had handed out the wedding favors and left with her groom.
I thought if she had overlooked that betrayal it meant she loved him madly like in the photonovels.
Pasquale, stop playing the racing driver with the boss's car! My stomach's all upset.
- I like it when you go fast like that.
- Do you like it? - What's gotten into Antonio? - He's been like that all day.
- Move over.
- Her too, they're always like that.
They didn't get to enjoy the reception.
- Antonio! Can we talk? - What do you want? - Can't you see I'm with you? - Liar! If Sarratore hadn't gone you would have left me there.
Because of you, my mother would have slapped me in front of everyone! You only think about yourself.
You made me swear to stay by your side.
- Let go of me! - Look me in the eye! You treated me like an asshole.
You talked with the poet's son the whole time, you humiliated me.
You made me lose face.
Why? 'Cause you're educated and I'm not? 'Cause I don't get things you say? It's true, sometimes I don't get them Blast it! - Lower your voice.
- Look me in the eye! You think you can push me around? You think I'm not capable of calling it quits? You're wrong.
You know everything, but if I say let's get together and then I hear you're seeing that dickhead Nino Sarratore, I'll kill you.
Lenù, I'll kill you! - You hurt me.
- Think about it.
Let's break up now.
Let's break up right now.
It's better for you.
Well? - Come with me.
- Where? - Come.
- Where are you taking me? Where are we going? I wanted to sink back into the neighborhood, I wanted to ditch school, notebooks full of exercises.
Exercising for what, after all? What was I compared to her in her wedding dress? To her in the convertible, in the blue hat and pastel suit? I wanted to be penetrated and tell Lila, when she returned: "I'm not a virgin anymore either.
What you do, I do".
"You can't leave me behind".
- Lenù, tell me you love me.
- Yes.
- Tell me.
- Yes.
- Let's do it.
- Yes.
- Yes? - Yes.
Lenù, don't do that, you're driving me crazy.
No, Lenù.
I don't want to do it like this.
I want to do it, but the way it's done with a wife.
And not here.
Because you and me are getting married.
Right, Lenù? Shall we get married? - Who have you been with? - Ada and Carmela.
What are you talking about? - You're not seeing Melina's son! - Leave me alone! That's not why we let you study! I quit, I'm not going to school anymore! I'm sick of it! Enough! - What's happening? - Your silly bitch of a sister! I was so exhausted that even if I tried to rest, I couldn't shake it off.
I didn't go to school for a week, I wandered around the city.
Why bother studying, if Nino hadn't published my article and I'd lost his respect? One ticket.
Thank you.
Lenù! Weren't you ill? You're a liar.
You got me to tell Galiani you had a fever, yet here you are.
When are you going back to school? - What for? - What are you saying? I'm marrying Antonio and I'll find some job in the neighborhood.
So it's best if I drop out.
I don't want to waste any more time.
Come back to school, please.
I'm not well.
Lila and Stefano are back.
- What? - A few days ago.
Lila didn't tell me anything.
Lenù! - Hi, Pasquale.
- What are you doing here? You know where Lila lives? In that building, on the third floor.
You've already been to visit? I should show up at a married woman's house? - If she wants to, she'll come see us.
- Pasquale, work! - Bye, Lenù.
- Bye.
- Who is it? - Elena.
Lila - When did you get back? - A few days ago.
- Why didn't you come and see me? - Come in.
I'll show you the house.
This is the living room.
See, I still have to put away all the gifts.
Do you like it? This is the kitchen.
- Nice, isn't it? - Yes.
We'll have coffee later.
There's even a telephone.
This is the guest room.
And this is the bedroom.
Nightstands, the writing desk.
The balcony's so big.
Come and see how beautiful the bathroom is.
There's a tub with a shower.
Whenever you want to take a bubble bath, come over.
There's even a bidet.
You sit and wash yourself.
- Lila - Come to the kitchen, I'll make coffee.
- Do you like my new house? - Yes.
- Why didn't you tell me you were back? - I didn't want you to see me.
The others can see you but I can't? I don't care about them, but I do about you.
Turn around.
What happened to you? I want to get out.
I can't sit in this car with you, I can't breathe the same air as you.
- I said stop.
Stop the car! - What are you doing? Listen carefully.
There are good reasons for what happened.
The Solaras are the only ones who can save us, all right? If they're against us we don't sell the shoes.
They can get the shoes displayed in the finest stores in Naples.
- I had to do it, absolutely.
- What the fuck do I care? What I need is what you need, you're my wife.
Me? I'm nothing to you anymore.
Nor are you to me.
Let go of my arm.
Your father, your brother are nothing to you either? Wash your mouth out when you mention them.
You're not fit to name them.
And who made the deal with Silvio Solara? Who shook his hand? Now you listen to me.
It was your father who made the deal and it wasn't easy because Marcello was furious with you, your family and your friends.
He says it was Enzo, Pasquale and Antonio who burned his car.
You know who convinced him? Your brother Rino.
What do you have to say now? When Marcello asked for the shoes you designed, Rino said he could have them.
What was I supposed to do? Fight with your family, go to war against your friends and lose all the money I invested? You treated me like a rag for wiping the floor.
You're a huge asshole.
Now take me home and tell them what you told me.
Shithead! See what the fuck you make me do? Don't you realize you go too far? Goddamnit We got it all wrong.
We haven't got anything wrong.
We just have to get a few things straight.
Now you are Signora Carracci and you do what I say.
Marcello Solara revolts me too.
When I think of the things he said about you, I want to stick a knife in his gut.
But if Marcello makes my money grow, he becomes my best friend.
Understand? If the money doesn't grow, no more car and clothes.
We lose the house too, and everything that's in it.
We'll end up beggars and our kids will grow up beggars.
Is that what you want? Look at me.
Look at me! If you ever dare speak to me like you just did, I swear I'll ruin that beautiful face of yours.
So you won't be able to even stick your nose outside.
Is that clear? Is that clear, Lila? Good evening.
- The newlyweds Congratulations! - Thank you so much.
Your first time on the Coast? The first time we've stayed over, I've always done day trips.
We've reserved Room 448 for you, it's our best.
- Your ID, please.
- Lila, your ID.
Carmine! I'll just register you then give them back.
Good evening.
- I'll do it.
- No, leave it.
- I'll help you.
- I can manage on my own.
As you wish.
Follow me, please.
I'll show you the way.
There's a magnificent terrace.
Lila, look at the seagulls! The bottle is compliments of the management for the newlyweds.
On the left is the bathroom, the closet.
Anything else you may require, just pick up the phone.
- I put the keys there.
- Very good, thanks.
- You need anything else? - No, that's all.
- So I should go? - Yes.
- Here.
- Thank you.
Good evening.
Lila, come and see how beautiful it is outside! Smell the fragrant air.
We're so high up! Wow, what a great view! But it's a little chilly.
- Shall we get a cocktail and go eat? - Yes! - Aren't we getting changed? - I'm going like this.
Isn't the pianist good? Great voice, too.
You don't know what you're missing.
I don't usually like shrimp, but these are special.
The fish is so fresh.
Business is doing well, we can have what we want.
Of course, it would do better if we sold coffee, but we'd be stepping on the Solara's toes, better not.
You're not drinking? Waiter! Thank you.
Lila You know those stores downstairs at our building? I thought of buying them to open a new grocery store.
What do you think? Money's starting to circulate, people want to spend.
For this store I want the best suppliers, quality stuff.
It doesn't matter if it costs us more.
You get it? Are you still mad about before? Lila You don't know how much I love you.
I spent an arm and a leg to come here, but it's worth it.
That's what our first night deserves.
You can't imagine how much I want you and for how long I've been waiting for tonight.
May I? - Thank you, this one is good.
- I'm glad you enjoyed it.
All delicious, compliments to the chef.
Bring us the dessert trolley, please.
Lila, a nice dessert? Lila? Lila? Are you getting ready? Are you ready? Lila? Don't you feel well? Do I have to bash the door down? - Be right there.
- I'll wait for you in there.
It took you long enough.
You're so beautiful.
I'm so tired.
I just want to sleep.
We'll sleep later.
We'll sleep now, you there and me here.
- All right, now come here.
- I'm serious.
So am I.
What's the matter? I don't want you.
Lila I've been waiting for tonight for so long.
See what happens when I just look at you? Where are you going? Come! You don't need to be scared.
Where are you going? It's a beautiful thing, don't worry.
- It's beautiful, don't be scared.
- Stefano, get off me.
I love you more than my mother and my sister.
Get off me! So, you're a woman who says no but means yes? Cut the tantrums.
You said wait and I waited.
Even if being near you without touching you, was dreadful.
But now we're married, so behave.
I don't want you! I don't want you! - You disgust me, I don't want you! - What the fuck are you doing? What are you trying to do? - What the fuck are you doing? - Let me go! Let me go! I don't want you! You're a twig, if I want I can snap you in two! - Let me go! - You're pissing me off! You want to drive me crazy? - Stefano! - Wanna see how big it is? Nobody's got one like mine.
You act like this now, but tomorrow you'll be on your knees begging me and I'll say all right, but only if you're obedient.
Is that right? You'll be obedient? Is that right? Say it! As soon as we got back, Stefano's mother invited us over.
- Come in! Here they are! - Good evening! - The newlyweds.
- Hi, Rino, how are you? - Dad - Stefano.
How you've grown! - Hi, Lila.
- Hi, Mamma.
How was the hotel? Wonderful, they treated us like royalty.
- Did you go swimming? - No, it was too cold.
We went for walks on the beach.
We had a great time.
Didn't we, Lila? - Mamma, shall we offer them a drink? - Of course, I'll be right back.
I'll come with you, so I can see the beautiful kitchen you have.
- Come, Nunzia.
- Come, children.
Lila Stefano told us that you made a fuss about something trivial.
Explain it to her for once and for all.
The ones who risked the most were your friends.
The knights in shining armor! Marcello thought you sent them to burn the car.
You wanted those three fools to get a beating? You wanted to ruin them? All for a pair of shoes that are too tight for your husband? He wanted them badly, so we said yes.
When we were kids, didn't you say we had to get rich? Well, let us get rich without complicating life, it's already complicated enough.
Boy, is it ever.
Do you understand now? Pinuccia! Come! - Here we are.
- There's spumante, too! Good evening, I brought some pastries.
Spagnuolo made them with his own hands.
Hi, Alfonso.
- Hi, Lila.
- Alfonso.
- Good evening, everyone! - Good evening, Pinuccia.
Rino, do we have something to celebrate? I have something for you, Pinuccia.
- It's beautiful.
- I knew you'd like it.
It's so beautiful, thank you! - Do you like it? - It's beautiful.
We're one big happy family! - It's very beautiful.
- I'll give you glasses.
Pour some in here.
- Rino, so you and me, what are we? - How should I know? Pinuccia You all have some? Lila, what do you say? Beautiful.
- What happened to your face? - I fell on the rocks.
You have to be careful on the rocks.
- You need to pay attention.
- It's slippery.
Stefano tricked me, he's the same as his father.
Remember when Don Achille gave us money instead of the dolls? We shouldn't have accepted.
- We bought "Little Women".
- We were wrong.
From that moment on I've been wrong about everything.
- Would you like to study at my house? - When? - Today, tomorrow, every day.
- Stefano won't like it.
If he is the master, I am the master's wife.
I don't know.
I'll give you the guest room, I'll lock you in.
What for? So I know you're there.
That I'm not alone.
I felt the distance between us had shrunk again and I was tempted to tell her that I had decided to quit school.
But I suddenly found I no longer had clear ideas.
This is the store I told you about.
Spacious, plenty of light - We also have a nice back room.
- Let's take a look.
It's nice and spacious! How many square meters? - Alfonso! - Lenù.
- Coming in? - I don't know.
Did you see what your brother did to Lila? - Yes.
- And you didn't say anything? Women need to be educated and we don't know what Lila did.
Would you do the same to your girlfriend? No, I wouldn't.
- Hi, Alfonso.
Hi, Lenù.
- Hi.
Where have you been? I haven't seen you.
Will you read it? - Now? - It's against the principal.
The top floor's dilapidated, the roof will fall on our heads.
Read it, you can give it back to me later.
You coming in now? Laura is the woman Francesco Petrarca meets during his stay in Avignon.
The beauty of Laura's body instills in him the desire My temples were throbbing.
No one else at school stuck their neck out like Nino, undaunted by the teachers or the principal.
Not only did he write beautifully, he tackled real issues, he had character.
Laura is the symbol Greco! You're still not quite back with us? I'm sorry, Miss Galiani.
- Is everything all right? - Yes.
Laura is the symbol of temptation, of sin, of distance even from God, while for Dante, Beatrice and her beauty represent Marisa and I are getting a sandwich.
Want to come? I can't, I have to go home.
- Are you seeing each other? - No, she's gotten it into her head.
I'm glad, it's a good thing.
Bye, Alfonso.
- Hi, Elena.
- Hi, Marisa.
Nino! You wrote a really good piece, it's courageous.
You absolutely have to publish it.
When you say, the rubble of Italy stays rubble, it's very heartfelt.
- I mean it.
- You're not convinced? Miss Galiani said it's no good.
Why? What's wrong with it? Forget it, it's not worth talking about.
But thanks.
I never told anyone what I felt in that moment.
Time passed and I grew familiar with Lila's apartment, with the light, the colors, the sounds coming from the railroad.
in the pages of the book we're reading, in our bodies, in our flesh and above all in plants.
The water molecule is composed of three hydrogen atoms and one oxygen, bound together by bonds called Covalent.
They're called covalent.
It's not three hydrogen atoms, here it says there are two.
Then it's two.
Chemistry's such a pain! Come on, make an effort.
Tell me about how matter is measured.
Let's start with one of the smallest things you can see with the naked eye, a hair, which is often only one tenth of a millimeter wide.
That's all I remember.
With a microscope we can distinguish cells only a few microns in size.
Enough, I'm sick of it too.
It's always the same story.
Inside small things there's something smaller that wants to burst out.
Outside a big thing there's something bigger that wants to keep it prisoner.
- I didn't understand a thing.
- Nonsense.
Coffee's ready.
Look how well you came out here.
If you say so.
But you do, you look beautiful, like when you're happy.
- He kissed you on Ischia? - As if! Sarratore looks like he thinks he's something special.
- Why do you like him? - I don't like him.
I told you.
- I never see him.
- Don't you go to the same school? - Yes, but I never see him.
- Forget him, Antonio's better.
Why do you say that? He's skinny, ugly and presumptuous.
You're right, I used to like him when we were in elementary school.
I don't like him anymore.
How are things with Antonio? Good.
I feel comfortable, even though I don't think I love him.
When do you see each other? Usually when the workshop closes, before dinner, but lately I've always been here studying.
Come with me.
- Where? - Come with me.
- How is it? - Fantastic.
Now you'll smell nice for Antonio.
- Do you take one every day? - When I feel like it.
You can come and take one whenever you want.
- What's the matter? - Nothing.
- With Stefano? - Good.
No, it's horrible.
Like in Amalfi? - Yes.
- He hit you again? No, it's not so much that.
- It's the humiliation.
- What are you going to do? What can I do? I'll do what he wants so I can do what I want.
That will be him.
Hello? Yes, that's me.
Yes, Signora Carracci.
I ordered it, yes.
Not the red one, the blue satin one.
I soon realized that married she was lonelier, she didn't see anyone except me.
The condition of wife had sealed her in a glass container, like a boat navigating with sails unfurled in an inaccessible space, even without any sea.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Antonio? At the workshop they said he'd already left.
He's here, come in.
- Hi.
- Hi, Lenù.
You look so pretty.
Are you wearing makeup? I took a bath at Lila's place then she made me over.
- What's the matter? - The card arrived.
Enzo and Antonio have to be soldiers.
- You really have to go? - Yes.
I'm in the third draft, Enzo's in the first.
Lucky you, Pasquale, they rejected you.
Damn me that I didn't have tuberculosis like you! I'm sorry they rejected me, I wanted to be a soldier.
People like us should learn to use weapons because soon those who should pay will pay.
When I get back I'll teach you to shoot.
- You're overreacting.
- We're overreacting? Just think how cute he's going to look with short hair.
I'm worried about my mother, about Ada.
I'm the only one working, bringing money in.
- If I go away - We'll get by somehow.
Antonio Stefano Carracci wasn't a soldier, maybe there's a way out for you too.
Lenù, ask Lila what Stefano did.
That's right, you're the son of a widowed mother too.
- He'll tell us.
- Except we're not Stefano Carracci - I wonder what it's like in the army.
- It's shit.
- If you don't bend, they break you.
- Let them try with me.
Let them try, I'll break them! You gotta stay close to him.
People are more important than books.
Antonio's fragile, help him.
I've been looking after a crazy person since I was a kid, two would really be too much.
Melina! Have you seen Antonio? - No, he'll be at the workshop.
- All right.
Antonio! - Don't be like this.
- What's going on? I never see you.
- I have a lot of homework.
- Has it suddenly increased? - It's always been a lot.
- Lately you didn't have any.
Just happened like that.
- Good evening, Antonio.
- Evening, Salvatore.
- Why are you wearing makeup? - I told you.
It was Lila, after my bath she wanted to make me up.
Yeah, sure Wait! You don't wear makeup to school, do you? - What are you talking about? - I warned you.
You know what'll happen if I see you talk to that asshole Sarratore.
- What are you talking about? - I can't give you what Lila's got.
- You don't know what I want.
- You're always at her house.
You want to do what she does! - What are you hiding from me? - Nothing.
Do you still love me? I'm scared that if I leave you won't wait for me.
I'm scared you'll find someone else, that's what I'm scared of.
You need to relax.
Enzo just got engaged to Carmela, but he trusts her.
Why don't you ever trust me? Have a good night! Vittorio, don't get used to it, I'm not your driver! Papa's there, I have to go.
Lenù! - Come with me.
- I can't! Come with me! I don't trust you because you're beautiful and you're good at school, too.
You read, you study, you speak proper Italian.
What do I have in common with you? Don't talk rubbish.
You'll see, everything will be all right.
Don't ever leave me.
Hi, Lenù.
You came early, do you have a lot to study? No, I wanted to ask you something.
- Is Stefano home? - No.
What do you want to ask me? - Everything okay? - Yes.
Shall I come back tomorrow? Come on, come in.
- Are you sure? - Have an orzata then go.
- I'm in a hurry.
- Where do you have to go? What do you want to ask? I need something, Antonio is beside himself.
His military service card arrived, he's desperate.
Sit down.
I don't want to bother you, but do you know how Stefano got out of military service? - I have no idea, but I can ask him.
- Would you do me this favor? What's that? - They have nowhere else to go.
- Who? Rino and Pinuccia, never mind.
- And Stefano? - He doesn't know.
You're crazy, if he comes back he'll kill you.
He's never home before eight.
Lenù! How are you? - Good, you? - Good.
We came to look at the railroad.
Pinuccia's never been here during the day.
- Right, sure.
- Have you been here long? - No, I just got here.
- That's good.
Nice record player, huh? Remember, at home I did it.
- Lenù - Pinuccia.
- How are things? - I'm good, and you? We're leaving, we just came to see the house.
- And the railroad.
- Let's go.
Pinuccia, I was just wondering.
Do you know why Stefano was exempted from military service? The only way to get out of it is to pay.
- Stefano paid? - Yes.
But no one must know.
Please, Lenù.
How much did he pay? I don't know, the Solaras took care of it.
- What do you mean, the Solaras? - We have to go.
Yes, but I'd like a coffee.
Explain it to me first then I'll make you some.
Neither Michele nor Marcello went into the army.
They were declared unfit because of thoracic insufficiency.
We have to go.
- Those two? How is that possible? - With contacts.
- And Stefano? - He asked them.
You pay and they do you the favor.
Would the Solaras do the favor also for Antonio? You do favors for those who can pay or who can return them.
Antonio would never ask the Solaras.
I'll ask Marcello and Michele on the sly if they can help him.
You don't love your boyfriend if you're willing to humiliate yourself with the Solaras.
You know they won't lift a finger for him.
- We have to go.
- Wait.
Move it! Have a nice day.
Do you get it? - He tricked me from the beginning.
- What do you mean? Stefano and the Solaras were thick as thieves before the wedding.
The shoes, the store, the debts have nothing to do with it.
He used me as a bargaining chip.
So why are you happy? They were already buddies before our engagement.
- You're exaggerating.
- He told me a bunch of bullshit.
It's got nothing to do with selling shoes in stores in the city.
The debts from the store, the best man That he wanted to help my family If it's like that, Lenù, what's the difference between Stefano and Marcello? I don't understand.
At least Marcello doesn't have to answer to anyone.
I'll come with you.
- Where will you come with me? - To the Solaras.
Don't you want to ask the favor for Antonio? - Not with you.
- Why? - You'll make Stefano mad.
- Who gives a shit! If he can talk to them, so can I, I'm his wife.
What are you doing? Why are you dressing up like that? Are you insane? Stefano will kill you.
I said I'll go alone.
How do you come into it? I don't want you to get into trouble because of me.
Why are you putting on that lipstick? You'll see.

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