My Brilliant Friend (2018) s02e02 Episode Script

Il Corpo (The Body)

1 - Lila, please - No.
- What are we doing? - Now I'll show you.
Stop! Everyone's looking at us.
- Everyone has to see me.
- Why? I said you'll see.
- Everyone has to see me.
- Enough! Let's go back.
- Good morning! - Good morning! - What can I get you? - A tray of pastries.
Gigliola, a nice tray of pastries for Signora Carracci.
Marcello, come and say hello.
It's weird hearing you called "Signora Carracci".
- For me too.
- We saw you.
Didn't we, Gigliola? - Yesterday afternoon.
- It's true.
- Yesterday afternoon? - That's right.
- At the Rettifilo.
- On display in the dressmaker's window.
There was a photo of you in your wedding dress.
The dressmaker wanted a photograph, but I didn't know she'd put it in her window.
- Or I wouldn't have let her.
- Why? You looked so good in that dress.
I want my photo in the window too.
That's if anyone marries you.
- You're marrying me, right? - Elena wants to get married too.
- Since when? - What? I'd marry you even if you are four-eyed.
I'm sorry, Michele, she's already engaged.
- With Antonio.
- Mind your own business.
It's just that, poor thing, he's supposed to do military service.
There's no "supposed to", if he's gotta go, he's gotta go.
It's not good news.
We all know the situation at Antonio's house.
Melina's what she is.
If he leaves, how will they get by? What are you saying, Lila? Explain it to me.
No one in this neighborhood can help him, except the Solara brothers.
- You razzing us? - No, it's the truth.
Antonio doesn't deserve our help, but to make Lenuccia happy, 'cause she's a good girl, we can ask our friend if there's anything he can do.
- Thank you, it's kind of you.
- Here, Lila.
I gave you the best ones.
And a few extra of the ones your husband likes.
- Don't even try, absolutely not.
- Don't start.
Don't worry, he'll pay later out of his own pocket.
Let us know, then.
Have a good day.
You looked beautiful in that photo.
- Thank you.
- You could see your shoes too.
- I don't remember.
- I do.
Do you want to put my photo in here, too? No, I'd never dare in this neighborhood.
But I want to put a nice big one in the shoe store we're opening with your husband in Naples, in Piazza dei Martiri.
A shoe store? What's this about a shoe store? I don't know anything about your affairs.
Everyone knows and you know nothing? Don't you know what your husband does? You're clever.
If the dressmaker put your photo in the window for advertising, we'll put one in too, to sell Cerullo shoes.
Don't talk to me, you need to talk to Stefano.
He's the one who decides.
I don't know or decide anything.
Have a good day.
Lila! It didn't work out between us and that's fine, that's how it went, but I don't want things left unclear between us and I don't want to be blamed for things I didn't do.
I know your husband says I took the shoes as an insult.
But I swear in front of Lenuccia: he and your brother wanted me to have the shoes to show there were no hard feelings, it wasn't my idea.
You're like children blaming each other.
- Don't you believe me? - No, Marcello, I believe you.
But what you say and what my father, my brother and my husband say I don't give a damn anymore.
Are you okay? Yes, thanks.
What are you doing at home? - Why did you go to Bar Solara? - I bought pastries.
- Dressed like that? - Why, don't I look nice? - Like a pastry, Lenù? - No, thanks.
I'm going home for dinner soon.
- Who was at the bar? - Your friends.
They paid me a heap of compliments.
- Right, Lenù? - Lila They looked at me like they'd never seen a female before.
They told me the dressmaker put my photo in her window.
Michele wants to display it in the store in Piazza dei Martiri.
- And you said it was all right? - I said they have to talk to you.
I didn't know anything about the store.
Lenù, you're a respectable girl, will you explain to your friend that I work all day long? I work my ass off so she doesn't want for anything.
I give work to everyone, my family and hers.
I work in this neighborhood and she can't make me look like a fool.
Either you tell her or I'll have to.
It's getting late.
We need to have a talk.
Say hello to Mamma and Papa.
I'll stay if you like.
He's just an asshole.
If you provoke him, he'll beat you to death.
His beatings do nothing to me.
Afterwards, I'm better than before.
He can make all the money he wants with whoever he wants, but he can't have a woman like the one he has in mind.
"I have to work in this neighborhood".
"I give work to everyone, my family and hers".
Lila, come here! Come here! Lila! Open up! Stefano! Stop it! Don't hurt her! - Lila! - Goddamn it to hell! - Open up! - Bitch! Lila - Lenù.
- What is it? You're so beautiful.
- I have something to tell you.
- Is it good or bad? - Something I did for you.
- What happened? Lila talked to the Solaras.
They offered to help you get out of military service.
Marcello said he'll take care of it.
They'll take care of it.
They'll do it for sure.
What did you do? What did you do, Lenù? I never asked you to talk to the Solaras! Don't you see? You made me look like a guy who sends his woman to ask for favors.
From the people I despise most in the neighborhood! - It's not like that - Shut up! Shut up! You and your friend, who thinks she's queen of the neighborhood because now she's Signora Carracci.
If Pasquale and Enzo find out, they'll spit at me and they'd be right.
You humiliated me.
Now you can go find the poet's son, you and me are over.
Antonio, what are you saying? I did it for you, for us.
It's over, it's over for good.
I was angry with Lila and I didn't want to see her for a while.
I thought about how she used me to provoke the Solaras, to get revenge on her husband.
I thought about how she got dressed up, about how much the humiliation and suffering were making her mean.
Since she'd become Signora Carracci she changed more every day.
Don't complain! We're lucky we can still buy meat.
- No, leave it.
- I'll give you a hand.
No, I'll do it.
Stefano Carracci asked me if you will accompany him to the Rettifilo.
- What for? - I don't know.
What did you tell him? How was I supposed to answer Stefano Carracci asking us for a favor? Why doesn't he go with his wife? The whole neighborhood wonders what those two do at night.
Do they play cards, watch television all night? - That's why she's not pregnant.
- Maybe she's busy.
Anyway, we have to be nice to the Carraccis.
When I go shopping they give me credit.
Did I say anything? But tell me something.
At night, have you ever heard me say: "No, I'm tired, let's play cards"? No! Because you're not a respectable person.
Do you want me to become a respectable person? A little bit, but not too much.
- Mamma, we're going downstairs.
- All right.
Can I hang out the washing with you? - But I'll carry the laundry.
- No, I'll carry it.
You can carry the clothespins.
- Who is it at this hour? - You go.
Stefano, hello.
Excuse the intrusion, seeing as I am busy later, I wondered if Elena could come now.
- Come in.
- Good morning, Stefano.
- A coffee before you go? - Thanks, but I'm in a hurry.
I bet a young man like you has very important things to do! Lenuccia's ready.
Come, Lenù.
Don Vittorio, what's the word in Naples? Do you have to go back to work? Come.
Hi, Stefano.
- Hi, Lenù.
- What do we have to do? We have to go to the dressmaker who made Lila's dress.
Let's just say I need your special skills.
- I have to study today.
- Go out for a drive.
Go! Don Vittorio, thank you so much, have a good day.
A good day to you, too.
- I'll bring her right back.
- Whenever you want.
Let's go.
- Have fun.
- Thank you.
If you don't move we'll be here all day! She's the most beautiful and clever girl I ever met, but she doesn't want to act like a woman.
You get me? How can I explain to people what my wife's like? They don't know anything about my troubles.
Know what she says? That all I think about is money.
Maybe she's right.
But why do I do it, in your opinion? I do it for the family, for her father, for her brother, for the kids that are gonna come.
Shouldn't they have a life like mine, better than mine? Am I wrong? You're educated, tell me if I'm wrong.
I don't know what she wants.
Does she want to be poor again? Or can only the Solaras make money in this neighborhood? We gonna move here, or not? Go! The car, the new house, the new grocery store, the shoe store downtown Shouldn't a woman enjoy all that stuff? Shouldn't she be happy? Shouldn't she hold her husband at night and say "come here"? You're not talking, but you agree with me.
Because I'm right.
There's a reason men and women get married, but she doesn't want me.
I sleep with her every night and I can't touch her, I can't make her see how much I love her.
I don't know if she tells you these things.
I have to touch her, Lenù.
I'm a man.
We're married, but she behaves like she doesn't get it.
She has this force inside I can't explain.
An evil force, a poison.
Why doesn't she get pregnant? I'm losing my mind.
Everyone in the neighborhood asks me.
Friends, family, even customers.
With little grins on their faces, they ask me: "Any news?" I pretend I don't understand.
Or what should I tell them, the truth? My wife kills the babies in her belly with that evil force of hers.
She does it on purpose, I'm telling you.
She wants me to look like an asshole to the whole neighborhood.
But now she has to agree to work in the new grocery store and she has to help me out with the books, so she'll grow up and stop being so spiteful.
I was stunned, I'd never heard a man talk about himself like that.
His language was full of feeling, defenseless, like in certain songs.
I liked the importance he ascribed to me, it felt as if he saw in me a beneficient power capable of getting the better of Lila's evil one.
I was flattered.
Ada, tell Mamma I'll be back in half an hour.
Yeah, I'll tell her.
- Thank you.
- I thank you, Lenù.
Let's not tell Lila we spoke.
There's no need, okay? But try to talk to her, maybe you'll make her see reason.
Help her behave like a wife, not an enemy.
Help me make her understand.
All right.
I'll do what I can to see you two are happy.
- Who is it? - Elena.
- Long time no see.
- I had to help Elisa with school.
Those two are here, but they've done what they came to do, they're just leaving.
- Hi, Pinuccia.
- Lenù, how are you? Good.
- Hi, Lenù.
- Hi, Rino.
- How are you? - Good, you? What a coincidence.
Every time you come you find these two.
Lila, don't be a hypocrite.
Where are we supposed to meet, out in the fields? Is there anything to eat? I'm starving.
No, there's nothing.
You don't cook for your husband? - Do I have to answer to you too? - Rino, cut it out.
What's wrong, you're on edge? - Get off me.
- What a beautiful sister I got, eh? Pinuccia, the Solaras want to put Lila's photo in the shoe store.
I don't think it's appropriate.
- Why? - What do you mean, why? Lila can put it in the new grocery store.
You're running it, right? Yes, I'm bringing Carmela in to work with me.
You got Ada a job, now you'll give Carmela one? She needs it.
Seeing as my brother said that I'll be at Piazza dei Martiri, I'll decide what goes in there.
- Make that clear to the Solaras.
- Yeah, all right Anyway, the thing about the photo's not bullshit.
I think it has huge commercial potential.
- Lady Sister doesn't want to talk? - Maybe you better go.
I've had it up to here with the photograph.
I'm going.
- We'll be back tomorrow.
- Come back alone.
We need to talk.
Have a good day.
Lenù, do you think Lila's photo should go in the shoe store? I don't think Stefano will give permission.
Yesterday he went to get it from the dressmaker.
If he went to get it, it wasn't to give it to the Solaras.
You're so clever.
Wanna bet you're wrong? If the Solaras ask, Stefano will give them permission.
No, Lila, Stefano's not like that.
The shoes are another matter, but he loves you.
Don't exaggerate.
- It's true.
- You wanna bet? - I don't have any money.
- Who said anything about money? If you lose, you can't ever pass again without A or A+.
I don't even know if I'll pass this year.
You mustn't fall behind with your studies again.
- And if you lose? - I'll enroll in a private school.
I'll start studying again and I swear I'll get my diploma with you.
Actually, I'll do better than you.
Let's bet.
Stop acting crazy as usual.
You have the new grocery store now.
Why do you want to study? Besides, I'd like to know when you're gonna make me an aunt.
Who knows.
At this rate I'll be a mamma before you.
If you're always glued to Rino, it's possible.
How dare you? Who do you think I am? You've lost your mind.
You think you're Lady Fucking High and Mighty! - I'm not even going to answer you.
- No one can ever tell you a secret! Enough, I'm leaving too.
- Bye, Lenù.
- Bye, Pinuccia.
Are you really thinking of going back to school? It would be nice.
I saw Pasquale and Ada the other night.
We went to get pizza.
What? With Stefano too? No, by myself.
- Did they invite you? - I asked them.
Stefano doesn't say anything if you go out alone? Getting married doesn't mean living like an old person.
If he wants to come with me, fine, if he's tired I go out alone.
I went to get gelato with Antonio too.
- When? - Yesterday afternoon.
- How is he? - Good.
He's going in September.
Did he ask about me? Why did you tell him we spoke to Marcello? I told you he wouldn't accept.
Besides, you know Marcello wouldn't do anything for Antonio.
Too bad for him.
I understand him.
He doesn't want to get mixed up with them.
- Stefano does.
- Lila, you've got to stop it.
Stefano loves you.
He lets you go out with your friends, he's giving you a job in the new store.
He's always working, he wants you to be a lady.
What do you know about Stefano? What do you know about what I put up with every night? - You talk but you don't know anything.
- I'm on your side.
- I just wanted to help you.
- What do you know? The only thing he asks you for is legitimate, any husband would ask.
Let's hear it, what's he asking for? You know.
Why don't you make an effort? You're married, everyone's waiting for you to have a baby.
Did you know that Melina hardly eats anything? What little she does eat, she throws up.
Did you know Giuseppina Peluso has palpitations and can't sleep? When she visits her husband in jail, on the way back she cries unconsolably.
The very idea of getting pregnant disgusts me! Bear with me, I'm tired now.
I want to be alone.
I'll see you.
Giuseppina Lenù! You've grown so pretty.
- How are you? - How should I be fine.
- We get by the best we can.
- I know.
If it weren't for Carmela and Pasquale giving me the strength to go on It's hard.
Say hi to Mamma and Papa.
Elena, come here a moment.
He's so beautiful.
- How's school? - So-so.
You're smart, and it's not long to go.
When school's over you gotta give me a hand with the girls.
Take them to the beach like last year.
- All right.
- I'll give you a little more money.
You deserve it.
- I don't know - Of course you do! Don't forget now! Bye.
Stay here! If I catch you I'll kill you! You're worse than that shameless father of yours! I'll break your bones one by one! Ciro, where are you going? I suddenly realized that, without being aware of it, I had tapped into Lila's feelings.
She was engaged in a mysterious fight to destroy the life Stefano wanted at all costs to fit her into.
She didn't want to become like our mothers, neighbors and relatives, who looked like they had lost their female features.
They had been eaten away by the bodies of husbands, fathers, brothers whom they ended up resembling.
Did this transformation begin with pregnancy? With housework, with being beaten? Would Lila's delicate face burst open to reveal her father's? And would my parents emerge from my body? PASS Greco! Are you happy? Then smile.
Miss Galiani left some books for you, I'll go get them.
- Miss! - Hi.
I left you some books with Nando, they'll help you to reason.
Thank you, Miss, I'll go get them.
- You didn't study much this year.
- Yes, I know.
Start studying seriously.
I mean it, don't waste all this.
If you waste it, you'll be sorry later.
I have to go, the exams are about to start.
Come up, if you like.
- Is that Sarratore's class? - Yes, final year.
I'll see you up there.
- Here are the books.
- Thank you.
See you.
Good evening.
- Is Maestra Oliviero in? - The doctor's examining her.
Attilia, who is it? My name's Greco, I'm an ex-pupil of hers.
- It's Greco.
- Let her in.
I can come back another time.
Come now, they're sending her to the hospital.
Elena! Come.
- Good evening, Doctor.
- Good evening.
- How are you? - I'm well.
- Did you pass the year? - Yes, but don't think about me.
- What happened? - Nothing.
It's nothing.
Elena, you're smart, you're very smart.
Not really I didn't get a scholarship this year.
That's no good.
Keep still, madam.
I'm sorry, but this year I can't give you any books.
Forgive me.
Don't worry about me, think about getting better.
They're taking me to the hospital now.
I'll be all right, don't worry.
I'll be fine.
Rest now.
Girls, stay here! Don't go too far! Yes, Lenù.
- Guess who it is! - It's Marisa.
- Alfonso! - Hi, Lenù.
What are you doing here? - We came to take a dip.
- I thought you were on Ischia.
No, Alfonso stayed here so I thought I'd stay with him.
What can I say? At Lila's wedding we made a connection.
Yes, I figured as much.
Nino? How did he do with his final exams? Straight As.
After the results he left for England without a cent.
He'll work there until he learns English.
- And University? - I don't know, maybe Economics.
But he keeps changing his mind.
- Is that Lila and Antonio? - Yes.
Stefano was busy at the new store and he asked Antonio to bring us.
Lila has something to tell you.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Antonio! - Antonio! - Grazia! - How are you? - Good.
- Wanna go for a swim? - Yes.
- You've learned to swim? - I don't know how to swim? Let's say - I know how to swim.
- Come on, then! Lila, I'm going for a swim.
- Shall we go for a swim too? - Yes.
- You coming with us? - No, thanks.
17 years of shit.
- What is it? - A book on the origins of inequality.
- Who gave it to you? - My Latin teacher.
- Why didn't you tell me? - I didn't think you'd be interested.
- You know what I'm interested in? - Calm down.
When I finish it I'll lend it to you.
Did you know that Nino's gone to England? - Nino, who? - You're saying that on purpose? The guy in the wedding photo, Marisa's brother.
- The ugly one you like? - I don't like him.
- But he does great things.
- What? He travels, he studies He's even learning English.
You and I could do those things too.
Travel, work as waitresses to support ourselves.
- Has he finished school? - He got his diploma this year.
- Is he smart? - He's as smart as you.
There's trouble with the store in Piazza dei Martiri.
What? Michele wants Gigliola to work there, Rino wants Pinuccia.
They were tearing each other's hair out.
How did it end? Stefano stepped in, they're both going to work there.
As long as Stefano accepts one condition.
- What? - Guess.
How should I know? Stefano gave them the photo.
You lost the bet.
I told you it was only a matter of time.
Study hard next year, you have to get all top grades.
Lenù I'm pregnant.

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