My Everlasting Bride (2023) s01e10 Episode Script

Episode 10

[My Everlasting Bride]
[Xiaodie, you are mine now.]
[Episode 10]
What's wrong?
Is something bothering you?
Have a drink with me.
Shouldn't you
say something before drinking it?
What do you want me to say to you?
You may say whatever you want to say.
The day we first met,
you owed me five minutes.
(You've wasted five minutes
of my time today.)
I'll find an opportunity later
to have you make up for it to me.
Let's see if you will find the chance.
I've been wondering
how you are
going to compensate me
for the five minutes.
Tell me.
Have you figured it out?
I thought
of having you hug me for five minutes,
but the novelty of that has worn off.
I also thought
of having you kiss me for five minutes,
but I fear you're too shy to do that.
Eventually, after some thinking,
I dropped the idea.
I'll leave the debt uncollected for now.
Someday, if the occasion arises,
I'll collect it from you.
every second of every minute
I spend with you
strikes me as precious.
I know this glass of wine
was prepared by Yan Bingbing,
and she's the real Shen Qingxia.
♪Spring breeze is too tender
to blow away the olden days♪
I was orphaned at a young age.
The Shen family brought me up.
Miss Shen
is the one closest
and kindest to me.
More often than not, I get the sense
that I cannot live without her.
I owe everything I now have to her.
So there's no way I'm betraying her.
But I also know
you are a very,
very good man,
so good that I can't help wondering
what I have done to deserve
an acquaintance with you.
Nie Zhen,
thank you.
♪Trapped in love in a desperate moment♪
♪Let the wind dissipate yesteryear♪
wait here for me, okay?
I'll find her and get the antidote.
Nie Zhen,
don't go.
It's so hot here.
Can you stay?
♪I saw your smile again♪
♪Amidst the clouds♪
♪The same forbidding visage♪
♪The same crying♪
♪I dare not go forward♪
♪Joining you in your act♪
♪The final meaning
hasn't been pursued yet♪
♪Letting our sweet dreams♪
♪Hold up the ignition point
that's cooling down♪
♪Drawing the bright moon and stars♪
♪Gradually sobering up
as I wipe the rainwater away♪
♪The flooding dark nights♪
♪Leaving behind lonely shadows♪
♪Seeking out the distant night stars♪
♪Only to find them in your eyes♪
♪I'm willing to flip the world
upside down for you♪
♪And listen to you♪
Delicious as congee is,
protein supplements are more important
for breakfast.
They can do you more good.
I, uh,
have no idea what protein is,
so I'll just
do everything you ask me to do.
How did you sleep last night?
If only I could live here forever,
but I know it's just a pipe dream.
Qingxia, have a seat.
by the way,
where's Mistress Nie?
Mr. Hou took her back
to visit their parents.
She'll be back at a later hour.
I see.
well then,
you should keep Bingbing company.
You're old classmates.
I think you could use some time
to catch up.
I have an errand to run.
I'll leave Bingbing to you.
Why are you silent?
What is this exactly?
Haven't you tried it already?
Why are you still asking me?
Why did you do that?
Isn't it obvious enough?
I did it to help you.
Help me?
With what?
actually you've long since fallen
for Mr. Nie, right?
I perceived it the day you were
at the front gates of this manor.
you're the smartest girl I've seen
in all these years.
You can handle both people and business
better than I do.
your only shortcoming
is your inexperience in sex.
We've been inseparable
since our childhood,
and you never studied overseas as I did.
At least
I saw romantic love
expressed in a direct manner.
Therefore, I felt
that considering your unromantic nature,
there's no telling how many years
it'd take you to make that move,
which was why I gave you a push.
my intention to bring down
the Nie family is also true.
It's just
I need you
to keep Nie Zhen under control.
We can use
everything we should use
so long as our ends are achieved,
and I learned this from you.
By the way,
you'd better pray
Nie Zhen is as clever as always.
Then why did you lie to me?
I was just kidding you,
(In that moment,)
(the feeling I'd been having)
(since Miss Shen's return)
(finally solidified into a word.)
(This feeling,)
(like a screen window,)
(weirdly separated me and Miss Shen.)
(It's named)
♪Dreams sifting through the fingers♪
♪With so many stories left unfinished♪
♪Drifting towards who,
turning and tossing♪
♪Long ago and so far away♪
♪Waiting, oh,
for rebirth through Nirvana♪
♪The Milky Way's stars
passed too hastily♪
♪Still clinging to those eyes♪
♪A gust of wind through the brambles♪
♪Unwilling to resign
the rest of my life to fate♪
♪Wading through endless seas of blood♪
♪Vainly hoping in the crevices of time♪
♪Never ceasing, learning to be composed♪
♪Loneliness cherishes
the afterglow of the setting sun♪
♪In rumors, where did she come and go?♪
♪As always, ice and snow melt♪
♪How did I fall into a silent void?♪
♪Eyes empty yet unrepentant♪
♪Concealing boundless solitary courage♪
♪Devoting half a lifetime♪
♪Indulging in♪
♪Life and death together♪
♪Loneliness wastes
the afterglow of the setting sun♪
♪In tales, with whom
did she once embrace?♪
♪Vulgar folks chat and laugh merrily♪
♪How did I disappoint sincere affection?♪
♪A thought insincere amidst the dust♪
♪She won't avoid
her destined ordeal in this life♪
♪Not destined to encounter♪
♪Yet firmly believing♪
♪Life and death together♪
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