My Everlasting Bride (2023) s01e11 Episode Script

Episode 11

[My Everlasting Bride]
[Nothing is more important than you!]
[Episode 11]
Are you going to deal with me now?
That coward Hou Ping may fear you,
but I will never submit to you.
Why have you been
targeting me all this time?
Don't pretend to be dumb with me.
What I want is the same
as what everyone wants -
Is power that appealing to you?
If not, why would I marry your father?
He treats me
not so well after all.
Mistress Nie,
you indeed made a wrong choice.
I don't need you to tell me
what I did wrong.
You should leave
the Nie Manor as soon as possible.
Don't you also want to drive away people
who pose a threat to you?
Isn't that consolidating your own power?
I don't care about power.
You don't pose any threat to me, either.
I'm only trying to
save your life.
Last night
Last night, I had a sweet dream.
I was with you.
are you in a bad mood?
I can feel that you are down.
Nie Zhen,
if someone has completely changed
into someone unrecognizable to you,
what would you do?
Get to know them again.
But what if the process
of getting to know this person again
is very dangerous?
Then come to me.
Here I am, coming to you.
didn't do anything
too outrageous to you, did she?
Was what happened last night
too outrageous?
last night didn't happen,
when would we become a real couple?
Xiaodie, are you OK?
Shen Qingxia,
what did you give her?
Answer me!
What else could it be?
Aphrodisiac drug.
You poisoned the drug.
Give me the antidote!
I don't have it.
Cut the crap. Give me the antidote!
That is a toluene compound.
Ordinary doctors can't even detect it.
In the entire Hongzhou,
I only know one person
who has the antidote.
he is a somewhat eccentric madman.
You probably won't find it easy
to get the antidote from him.
What on earth do you want?
This is not a negotiation.
My goal has already been achieved.
I think you should know the story
"killing three warriors with one peach",
which utilizes jealousy
but is not cruel enough.
Be good and go get your antidote,
74 Yuhua Alley, Bailing Town.
I will take care of
the Nie Manor for you.
Young Marshal!
Young Marshal,
The doctors all said
they couldn't figure out
what was wrong with Young Madam.
I already got some answers
from Yan Bingbing.
What do I need to do?
Has the Fourth Concubine left?
I haven't heard anything
from the housekeeper.
Isn't the Grand Marshal home?
Are you the new nurse?
You just came back,
and you're leaving again?
Did Nie Zhen tell you to flee?
So, you are the threat!
Fourth Concubine, are you too old
to run fast enough?
Miss Qingxia,
how far do you want to go?
I'm here to do good deeds.
It's fine if you don't believe me.
What evil deed did I do
to deserve being drugged unconscious
with an aphrodisiac drug
and then poisoned to death?
Are you feeling wronged?
For you,
I can even sacrifice my life,
so I don't feel wronged.
Your life doesn't seem too valuable.
You're willing to sacrifice it
for Nie Zhen too, aren't you?
The Miss Qingxia I know
was never like this.
These flowers
are called manjushakas,
and it's best to water them
with human blood.
The Fourth Concubine
didn't seem too friendly to you before,
so I took care of her for you
and also watered the flowers.
Shouldn't you thank me?
Why did you become like this?
Are you out of your mind?
It's all thanks to you.
♪Dreams sifting through the fingers♪
♪With so many stories left unfinished♪
♪Drifting towards who,
turning and tossing♪
♪Long ago and so far away♪
♪Waiting, oh,
for rebirth through Nirvana♪
♪The Milky Way's stars
passed too hastily♪
♪Still clinging to those eyes♪
♪A gust of wind through the brambles♪
♪Unwilling to resign
the rest of my life to fate♪
♪Wading through endless seas of blood♪
♪Vainly hoping in the crevices of time♪
♪Never ceasing, learning to be composed♪
♪Loneliness cherishes
the afterglow of the setting sun♪
♪In rumors, where did she come and go?♪
♪As always, ice and snow melt♪
♪How did I fall into a silent void?♪
♪Eyes empty yet unrepentant♪
♪Concealing boundless solitary courage♪
♪Devoting half a lifetime♪
♪Indulging in♪
♪Life and death together♪
♪Loneliness wastes
the afterglow of the setting sun♪
♪In tales, with whom
did she once embrace?♪
♪Vulgar folks chat and laugh merrily♪
♪How did I disappoint sincere affection?♪
♪A thought insincere amidst the dust♪
♪She won't avoid
her destined ordeal in this life♪
♪Not destined to encounter♪
♪Yet firmly believing♪
♪Life and death together♪
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