My Everlasting Bride (2023) s01e12 Episode Script

Episode 12

[My Everlasting Bride]
[I'll do anything to save her!]
[Episode 12]
Why did you become like this?
Are you out of your mind?
It's all thanks to you.
[Yuzhou Hospital]
Miss Shen.
You're awake.
Who are you?
I'm Zhao Ying.
I saved you.
Why did you save me?
We saved you
in hopes of getting your help.
I can't even save myself.
If you're willing,
this will be your new identity.
[Head of Household: Yan Bingbing]
Yan Bingbing.
In the whole Hongzhou,
there are too many people
who have suffered the same fate as you.
Saving these people is my plan.
If you have hatred in your heart
and don't want anyone else
to suffer as you did,
then joining us
is the best choice for you.
Do you want to
Get rid of the Nie family.
They're the root of all evil.
About your personal maid, Xiaodie,
I've got something
for you.
Have you ever considered
what position
your personal maid stands in?
[Xiaodie's profile]
Why hasn't she shown up yet?
Why did she gradually gain control
over the Shen family?
Why is the only son of the family
so obsessed with her?
More importantly,
only she knows that you were waiting
at the dye house
in the north of the city, right?
It's an abandoned dye house.
Why would anyone come there?
Are you implying
that Xiaodie set me up?
But why would she do that?
Perhaps in the past,
there wasn't enough temptation for her
to take such drastic measures.
But there's one now, isn't there?
She wants to enter the Nie family.
Right or wrong,
you can find out
while you're recovering.
You're dead now.
There's plenty of time.
Miss Qingxia.
We've been together for over 20 years.
Has it been completely invalidated
by someone else's words?
I don't want to believe it either.
But don't what you've done since then
just prove it?
I did it to save you.
Save me?
You didn't have to take poison
for Nie Zhen to save me.
This has nothing to do with him.
I have to thank Nie Zhen.
He's become your weakness.
Without him, I couldn't defeat you,
and I wouldn't have
made up my mind firmly.
That day, when you didn't
have the courage to set fire,
I had already found
the final confirmation in my heart.
Oh, by the way,
I forgot to tell you,
Nie Zhen has gone
to get the antidote for you.
But the chances
of him surviving this trip
seem to be less
than even the Fourth Concubine.
Where is he?
Dr. Zhao.
You are…
Nie Zhen.
So, you're the Young Marshal.
Ms. Yan really didn't lie to me.
She's got a lot of nerve.
Dr. Zhao,
I'm here for the antidote.
The antidote.
I can give it to you,
you have to fulfil two conditions.
As long as it's something I can do,
no matter what the requirements are,
I'll do my best to satisfy you.
That's great.
I have a reagent here
that has never been tested.
I can't guarantee that you won't die.
I'm not sure
how much pain you'll suffer.
Would you like to try it?
I was wrong, Miss Qingxia.
I just beg you
to tell me,
Where is Nie Zhen?
He's indeed your greatest reliance.
You've caused my death for him.
With such a big leverage,
you can't afford to lose it all.
Am I right?
Miss Qingxia.
You can interpret it
any way you want.
I won't argue anymore.
It's no fun.
I'll tell you where he is.
But I want a promise from you.
If you're willing to give it a try,
I can promise you.
Even if I die here,
I hope you will deliver the antidote
to Xiaodie.
I promise you.
[Grand Marshal's Manor]
(Wait for me.)
(Even in death,)
(we're gonna die together.)
♪Dreams sifting through the fingers♪
♪With so many stories left unfinished♪
♪Drifting towards who,
turning and tossing♪
♪Long ago and so far away♪
♪Waiting, oh,
for rebirth through Nirvana♪
(I really want)
(to see you again.)
(Even if it's just for the last time.)
♪Vainly hoping in the crevices of time♪
♪Never ceasing, learning to be composed♪
♪Loneliness wastes
the afterglow of the setting sun♪
♪In rumors, where did she come and go?♪
♪As always, ice and snow melt♪
♪How did I fall into a silent void?♪
♪Eyes empty yet unrepentant♪
♪Concealing boundless solitary courage♪
♪Devoting half a lifetime♪
♪Indulging in♪
♪Life and death together♪
♪Loneliness wastes
the afterglow of the setting sun♪
♪In tales, with whom
did she once embrace?♪
♪Vulgar folks chat and laugh merrily♪
♪How did I disappoint sincere affection?♪
♪A thought insincere amidst the dust♪
♪She won't avoid
her destined ordeal in this life♪
♪Not destined to encounter♪
♪Yet firmly believing♪
♪Life and death together♪
♪Waiting, oh,
for rebirth through Nirvana♪
♪The Milky Way's stars
passed too hastily♪
♪Still clinging to those eyes♪
♪A gust of wind through the brambles♪
♪Unwilling to resign
the rest of my life to fate♪
♪Wading through endless seas of blood♪
♪Vainly hoping in the crevices of time♪
♪Never ceasing, learning to be composed♪
♪Loneliness cherishes
the afterglow of the setting sun♪
♪In rumors, where did she come and go?♪
♪As always, ice and snow melt♪
♪How did I fall into a silent void?♪
♪Eyes empty yet unrepentant♪
♪Concealing boundless solitary courage♪
♪Devoting half a lifetime♪
♪Indulging in♪
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