My Everlasting Bride (2023) s01e18 Episode Script

Episode 18

[My Everlasting Bride]
[Leave everything to me.]
[Episode 18]
Ms. Yan,
are you seriously doing this?
give it up.
I don't want to hurt you any more
than I have to.
Why can't you
show Xiaodie the same kindness?
You know nothing.
To you, she's Xiaodie.
But in my eyes, she's a nasty woman.
A schemer.
A btch who stole everything from me.
♪We missed each other♪
♪In countless intersections♪
♪Every step of the way♪
(Do you still remember this place?)
(It's where we first met.)
(Of course I do.)
♪The first time we met♪
♪Nodding politely♪
♪Back then, I never thought♪
♪I could hold your hand♪
♪Cuddled in the cold wind♪
♪For so long♪
♪When we meet again♪
♪Snowflakes falling on our shoulders♪
♪Never thought at this moment♪
♪We could also♪
♪Have a moment of aging together♪
♪But can no longer embrace each other♪
♪And stay forever♪
♪We missed each other♪
♪When the snow was falling♪
♪One step, one glance back♪
Why are you looking at me like that?
I haven't seen you in a month.
I'm trying to make up for lost time.
(He's not here. Search that area.)
(Fan out!)
Nie Zhen,
are you sure Second Young Master is safe?
He's going to suffer a bit.
But he'll live.
So how did you convince him?
Because I'm Nie Zhen.
I don't lose.
What were you thinking?
You're putting your life
on the line running away.
Because I wanted to see you.
When the time is right,
we'll go back
and rescue Second Young Master.
I know you're worried about Miss Shen.
But she's been through so much.
She's holding a grudge.
And that grudge has made her
an unwitting tool of someone else.
Is that Mr. Zhao?
The guy
who drugged you disguised as a doctor
and dared you to pull the trigger?
That's right.
I've been trying to gather intel on him.
But my efforts have not been fruitful.
Nie Zhen,
You're trying to bail Miss Shen out,
aren't you?
She's the most important person
in my life.
If it's just pure hatred for me,
I can live with that.
But if she's being used by someone
with hidden motives,
I will do everything I can
to get her out of this big mess.
just leave everything to me.
When we get out of Hongzhou,
I'll get to the bottom of this.
do you not trust me?
I knew
Second Young Master
would tell you about my whole plan.
I just knew it.
Are you keeping something back from him?
All these diversions
didn't exactly
divert Mr. Zhao's attention.
There has to be a hostage.
don't go doing anything stupid.
You're the one doing stupid things.
You got out of there too soon.
Only when we're alive can there be hope.
Do you understand?
We'll talk about it
when we leave Hongzhou.
It's too dangerous for you
to be here.
Let's not forget.
Keeping Hongzhou safe
is something much bigger than me.
Young Marshal
don't do this.
♪There it is, the predictable truth♪
Nie Zhen.
You said
we would eventually
share a simple life together.
I haven't forgotten that.
Stay safe.
I'll be right here when you get back.
♪My sad dinner♪
♪Pain disguised as sweets♪
I have something to report!
Do you have any message that you want me
to take to the Ivory Bridge?
Unlike you,
Xiaodie has always been a wise woman.
Just think this through.
Is this really worth it?
She isn't in love with you.
♪Dreams sifting through the fingers♪
♪With so many stories left unfinished♪
♪Drifting towards who,
turning and tossing♪
♪Long ago and so far away♪
♪Waiting, oh, for rebirth through Nirvana♪
♪The Milky Way's stars passed too hastily♪
♪Still clinging to those eyes♪
♪A gust of wind through the brambles♪
♪Unwilling to resign
the rest of my life to fate♪
♪Wading through endless seas of blood♪
♪Vainly hoping in the crevices of time♪
♪Never ceasing, learning to be composed♪
♪Loneliness cherishes
the afterglow of the setting sun♪
♪In rumors, where did she come and go?♪
♪As always, ice and snow melt♪
♪How did I fall into a silent void?♪
♪Eyes empty yet unrepentant♪
♪Concealing boundless solitary courage♪
♪Devoting half a lifetime♪
♪Indulging in♪
♪Life and death together♪
♪Loneliness wastes
the afterglow of the setting sun♪
♪In tales, with whom
did she once embrace?♪
♪Vulgar folks chat and laugh merrily♪
♪How did I disappoint sincere affection?♪
♪A thought insincere amidst the dust♪
♪She won't avoid
her destined ordeal in this life♪
♪Not destined to encounter♪
♪Yet firmly believing♪
♪Life and death together♪
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