My Father Is Strange (2017) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

Why are you there?
Sorry? No, I'm awake.
What is it? When did you leave?
Your on-call help is here.
I'm sorry I woke you up.
I figured I couldn't finish by myself.
I welcome this kind of work anytime.
We haven't had
a big order like this in ages.
It's only 50 rolls.
Any more would be too much
for you to handle alone.
-When are they coming?
-Be careful. The knife is sharp.
At nine. We have plenty of time.
Help me prepare the ingredients,
and you can go have breakfast
with the kids.
You mean go and make them breakfast.
If you don't make Hae-yeong breakfast,
she won't eat anything
until late afternoon.
And Ra-yeong gets cranky
if she doesn't eat.
Jun-yeong has to eat so he can study.
People might think they are teenagers.
What about Mi-yeong?
She'd be disappointed if she heard.
She's on a diet and told me
not to mention having breakfast.
That so-called diet
that doesn't even last a full day?
Open the door.
Open it right now.
Can't you hear me?
Okay, fine.
Darn it.
Hey, go and see who's here.
Hey! I said go!
Who is it so early in the morning?
Would it have killed you
to come out sooner?
Is anyone home? Open the door, please!
I'm coming. Who is it?
Oh, boy. What took you so long?
Do you want me to fix it or not?
Fix what? What do you mean?
We're here to fix the water leaking
from the third-floor balcony.
-You haven't heard?
You have to fix
the third-floor leak from here?
Jun-yeong, why isn't water coming out?
Did you cut off the water for that?
No, that's not the reason.
How frustrating. You know nothing.
They're cleaning
the water tank in the building,
so the water is shut off today.
How weird. The water isn't running.
-The water isn't running?
What's wrong?
I didn't hear
about them cutting off the water.
It's Ra-yeong. I'll answer it.
Yes, I left my phone at home.
I'm at Dad's restaurant
on the first floor.
Fixing the balcony?
Yes, they already started working here.
And there'll be no water this morning.
No water?
The water isn't running there, either?
Why? What's the reason?
To clean the water tank?
How could they do this
without even notifying us?
Jun-yeong and I also pointed that out,
but apparently, they went around
and told every household two days ago.
They told Uncle Yeong-sik.
I don't know. I guess he forgot again.
Why does Uncle Yeong-sik
do this all the time?
Na Yeong-sik, that moron!
Okay. I have to go.
Dad got a big order,
but now he can't make gimbap.
I said I have to go.
The water is shut off all morning.
They told everyone,
but Yeong-sik forgot to tell us.
Really? He should've told us.
I'm trying to run a business here.
I know. I'll teach him a lesson later.
What do we do with this now?
What should we do?
Oh, boy.
The water purifier.
We could use the water from there.
It's not working either
as the water is cut off.
Is it? You're right.
Honey, bottled water.
Why didn't I think of that?
I'll run to the convenience store
and get some.
You take the radish off the heat.
No. I mean, the burdock--
Okay. I'll slice the pickled radish.
Just go already.
-Honey, we can send the kids for more.
Don't try to carry too many bottles.
What? What is it?
I need money.
-Turn the stove off.
-Okay, don't worry.
Ra-yeong, wake Mi-yeong
and send her down here.
It's an emergency.
We got a big order, but we're backed up.
Your dad went to get some bottled water.
Yes, send her downstairs.
And wake Hae-yeong
and tell her about the water.
Is she up? Okay, then. Bye.
How can she sleep at a time like this?
She's a beast, not a human.
Wake up, Pig! It's an emergency!
Emergency food?
-No, it's okay.
-Let me carry this.
Men can wipe our faces with wet tissues,
but women have to wash their hair.
It must be a hassle, right?
Why are you following me?
I'll drop you off at the subway station.
You'll be running late
if you drop by the bathhouse.
It's okay. I can take the bus.
That's great. I'm on my way out.
I'll drop you off.
Did you all sleep well?
Yes, Aunt. Did you sleep well too?
You should've told us about the water
so we could save some water.
I did tell Jun-yeong, though.
Did you blame it on me?
No, Uncle. I didn't.
-I'll get going.
-Wait, I can drop you off.
Jun-yeong, you shouldn't have done that.
You know Hae-yeong
doesn't like my husband as is.
It's not just that.
I'm subhuman to her.
Come on, Uncle. She's not that mean.
Don't frame me for things I didn't do.
You're pushing me to the wall
every time you do that.
But I swear I didn't frame you. It was--
You just held your tongue, right?
Same difference.
Potayto, potahto.
"Potayto, potahto"?
-Good morning.
My gosh. You look so stylish today.
Ms. Byun, you look stunning today.
Do you have plans for dinner?
This is how I always look.
-Aren't you tired?
-I'm fine.
Just a second.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
-Please come again.
-Thank you.
Drive safe.
Gosh, it's been a really long time
since I made gimbap this quickly.
Good job.
Mi-yeong, sorry I had to wake you up.
Then make it two hours
and deduct 18,000 won.
What? You want to get 35 minutes for free?
-Why not? 18,000 won for two hours.
I'm hungry. Let's go and eat.
Let's eat.
Min-ha, you seem to live here now?
Now and forever.
Seriously, don't provoke me
this early in the morning.
I'm in a bad mood. I couldn't shower.
Ra-yeong, you need good food
when you're in a bad mood.
Good food for a bad mood.
-Nice rhyme.
Let's eat.
-Thank you.
-Thank you for the food.
Yes, it's maesaengi soup.
Try it, Mi-yeong.
It's really delicious.
Min-ha, try it. It's good.
Uncle's maesaengi soup is the bomb.
Ra-yeong, you haven't wired
your expenses for this month yet.
Mom, 150,000 won is too much.
Can't you make it 100,000 won?
Think about what I make.
That's true. Considering her salary,
I also think 150,000 won is too--
Then just for a few months.
I lost one of the classes last month.
You can pay it if you spend less
on clothes and shoes.
Mom, my babies, my clothes,
shoes, and bags,
are like Hae-yeong's law books
and classes Jun-yeong takes
for his studies.
Why can't you see
each person has different values?
What about you?
I raised you for 27 years,
yet I still feed, clothe, and house you.
My values say I have every right
to charge you that much.
How mean.
-Then charge Jun-yeong too.
I'm going to start paying next year.
Even if I fail
the civil servant exam again--
How dare you say that? You'll fail again?
Well, no. The bottom line is,
I will definitely make it this year
so I can chip in next year.
You've been studying for that exam
for five years.
-I know.
-So you shouldn't say things like that.
Even if you don't mean it.
-If you understand how we feel.
Even if my bones turn to dust,
I will make sure to pass this year.
Good. Eat.
Ra-yeong, let's finish what we started.
Jun-yeong's studying,
so we cut him slack until this year.
Mi-yeong helps out
at your dad's restaurant
to cover her expenses.
Hae-yeong pays several times what you pay.
Happy now? Wire it by tomorrow.
Yes, and that's final, okay?
Mi-yeong, did you hear back
from Monday's job interview?
She didn't get it.
-You didn't?
-You didn't get it?
When did they post it?
The result came out quickly this time.
It's okay. You'll get another chance.
Don't be like that. Let them eat in peace.
I don't want to,
but this rice feels like sawdust.
Chew every bite thoroughly.
That's what I'm doing right now.
I wonder if Hae-yeong ate.
Except for Article 2, Clauses 3 and 5,
she has accepted everything
on the prenup you have proposed.
Article 2, Clause 3.
"Upon discovery of an extramarital affair,
the spouse at fault must promptly oblige
if the other spouse demands a divorce."
She asked to insert this condition.
-She's afraid I might cheat on her.
Clause 5.
If they get divorced because of your son,
she demands 30 percent of his assets.
Thirty percent?
She's lost her mind. She must be insane.
-I agree with you.
-Mom, do something.
She must be insane
to marry a 40-year-old mama's boy
whose mother will definitely
turn her life into a living hell.
Thirty percent is a bit too much.
Am I right, Mom?
This is why I hate self-made people.
They keep forgetting where they're from.
If she came from a rich family,
she wouldn't date your son
in the first place.
This is why
family background is important.
Ms. Byun, don't you agree?
What do you think?
But isn't a self-made superwoman
still better than a nobody?
"Self-made superwoman"?
You have a better sense of humor
than you seem to have.
I am the self-made superwoman.
I detest self-made women.
Women who fought tooth and nail
to turn their lives around?
I can't stand them.
I don't want such a woman
to be my daughter-in-law.
My husband is like that.
You have no idea
how stuck-up those people can be.
No one knows
until they experience it for themselves.
My husband is more than enough.
A woman like that as my daughter-in-law?
Okay. Is there anything else?
More than anything,
character is important.
And being pretty won't hurt.
My son has high standards
as he grew up seeing me.
It would be better for their kids too.
As I mentioned before, her family.
The environment you grew up in
is very important.
You learn from your surroundings.
A young lady who grew up in a good family.
Someone obedient and easygoing.
She must respect the elders and be kind.
That should be enough.
Get married? Why should I?
I had no intention to begin with,
but watching you really puts me off.
You cook, make money,
give birth, and raise kids.
I'm full of regrets right now.
Even if you get married,
you should never end up
with a man like my husband.
Find a successful guy with no family.
What did I say
when you said you'd get married?
It's a mistake to steal
the breadwinner of another family.
I thought he'd change a bit.
You can't change people to fit your wants.
He called me selfish.
Then this is what you should say.
"I love you so much
that I can't stand watching you live
with a selfish woman like me
for the rest of your life.
Let's go our separate ways."
You really are a lawyer after all.
Daughters-in-law in Korea
are like the untouchables
in the Indian caste system.
I warned you from the beginning.
I should've listened to you.
But people kept pressuring me
to get married.
Look. Is marriage
a citizen's duty or something?
The only good thing about my new job
is getting closer to your office.
Oh, my God. You look fantastic.
What do you mean?
This is how I always look.
Yeah, right.
Look at you, all dolled up.
I guess you're going to the reunion.
I might. I don't have any plans tonight.
Good choice.
Everyone will be so happy to see you.
Is Jeong-hwan coming too?
I heard he is.
I saw his name on the RSVP list.
How long has it been for you two?
What do you want to drink?
I'll buy you coffee too.
Can you save it?
Then do it.
Cut. That was nice,
but try being more serious
to bring out a comical side.
Wouldn't it look like I'm overdoing it?
If it does, I can just edit it out.
-Let's do it.
-Let's go.
Standby. Go.
Can you save it?
Then do it.
Good job.
-You must be tired.
-I'm totally exhausted.
No, I want coffee. You don't have coffee?
-You drink too much coffee.
-I need some caffeine. Give me coffee.
Bring me that one.
This was why
I didn't want to do a soap opera.
Being too serious in that scene
would only make it boring.
He has years of experience, though.
Since soap opera directors
are seasoned pros--
They're too seasoned to read the trend.
Look at the script. It's so lame.
-Tae-bu, did you tell Mr. Noh?
This is my last soap opera.
I won't do another one.
From now on,
I'll only do miniseries or films.
Sure. But we rarely get
casting calls from miniseries.
So I need you agency people
to step up once and for all!
You just answer calls all day
like a call center operator, don't you?
-Am I right?
Why are you smiling? What's so funny?
-Did you watch something?
Let me see.
-Hold this.
Let me see it.
You should share it with me
if there's a funny--
This is Yesterday's Idol Star Special!
This is Mr. An Jung-hui
from eight years ago.
Back then, his robotic acting made a stir.
Except for your gold teeth,
I will chew up every bit of you!
Among dancing, singing, and acting?
Acting is the easiest for me.
What the hell?
Why has this interview come out
with that footage?
This isn't how they intended then.
I know. I also realized
what evil editing looks like.
What does that make me?
-It makes you a joke.
Who's the producer of Entertainment Today?
Don't let it bother you.
No one would watch it or give a hoot.
-Because I'm not popular enough?
I was talking about Entertainment Today.
The rating is only three percent.
So who is Entertainment Today's producer?
Hello, Chief.
-Look who's here. Mr. An Jung-hui.
-I'm disappointed in you.
Did you have to make me a laughingstock
with eight-year-old footage?
That footage made me
the icon of terrible acting
and caused me so much pain and suffering.
You know it better than anyone.
People finally forgot about that footage,
and I was finally shaping up as an actor.
Did you read the online comments today?
Now I'm the icon of terrible acting again.
On top of that,
that evil editing job of yours
made me look like a total joke.
It's a misunderstanding.
I had no idea that was on the show
until this morning.
Hey! Where is Jeong-hwan?
-Tell him to get his butt over here!
-He's in the editing room.
Gosh, this is bad.
Mr. Cha Jeong-hwan!
Mr. Cha Jeong-hwan?
Where are you, Mr. Cha?
This is An Jung-hui. Come out.
We need to talk.
Mr. Cha Jeong-hwan, come out!
-You should get up and go out.
-Where is Mr. Cha?
-Go tell him I'm not here.
-Come out.
Do I have to search every room?
-Mr. Cha Jeong-hwan!
-What are you doing?
He's going to search every room.
Get up, Jeong-hwan.
If I go out now,
he'll come down on me twice as hard.
Go out and tell him I'm not here
before he starts searching rooms.
Gosh, seriously.
-Oh! You were hiding in here!
-My goodness.
-You seem to know what you did wrong?
-Well, hello, Mr. An Jung-hui.
What is a top star like you doing
in a humble place like this?
I was taking a nap. Have a seat.
"Have a seat?" Are you kidding me?
Gosh, why are you so upset?
Is this about
Yesterday's Idol Star Special?
Yesterday's Idol Star Special, my ass.
More like The Terrible Actor Special.
Why did you edit my interview that way?
Mind your manners, for God's sake.
I'm even older than you.
So, you came all the way here for that?
You could've called.
That's what your manager is for.
Call? Why you little…
-My gosh.
-You'd better not do this.
-Why not?
Please don't do this.
-We have a CCTV over there.
-Jung-hui. Let go of him first.
Do you wish to be
the icon of violence as well?
Fine! Let go of me.
Happy now? I didn't hit you.
Okay, fine. I'm not sure
what I did to deserve all that.
So what do you want?
Make sure you remove
all my interviews and footage
from the show aired yesterday
for future reruns and online clips.
Starting from tomorrow's rerun.
Okay. I'll do that.
He'll do that, Jung-hui. Don't be so mad.
Mr. An.
I'll take the footage out like I said.
But there's something I don't get.
Isn't going viral for a bad reason
better than being forgotten?
Ever since you became an actor,
you haven't been as popular as before.
For what it's worth, my show placed
your name first on the search engines.
If I were you, I'd be totally grateful.
I'll take care of my popularity.
It's none of your concern.
You just keep your word.
How dare a trash can block my way!
Come out. Come!
Gosh, this is all dented!
-Oh, boy.
-Darn it.
Here you go.
Cold air and coffee hit the spot.
I'm so pissed.
We'll have to pull an all-nighter
to reedit the show, right?
Why ask? Of course we'll have to.
No matter how busy you are,
you have to attend the reunion tonight.
You're out of your mind.
Reunion in this situation?
If I don't bring you tonight,
Yeon-ji and I will get kicked out.
That's too bad.
Aren't you coming?
I'm coming. I should.
I am coming.
Is she busy? She's not replying.
Did something happen to her?
Is she sick?
She might feel uncomfortable
if I call too often.
Jun-yeong, I'm going out.
You're the only one home right now.
What? Okay. See you later.
Man! I'm dying to see her pretty face.
I want some ID photos taken for my resume.
There's a mirror and things over there.
-Come back when you're ready.
-If you're ready, come out.
All right. Smile.
No, don't show your lower teeth.
Just the upper ones. Good.
Now, close your mouth and smile.
No, try to look more natural.
Good. Moving on to a profile shot.
Turn around and show your better side.
You don't know?
Just turn to any side then.
Yes. Good.
Drop your shoulders.
Yes, that's it.
You're looking great.
Can you make my chin look slimmer?
It would be great
if you could enlarge my eyes too.
If it looks too different from you,
the interviewers might feel betrayed.
But still…
Maybe not too much.
Just a little bit, please.
-Here you go.
-Thank you.
I have to renew the lease soon.
I was going to call you about that.
You're renewing?
Of course.
My business is doing well,
and my family lives right above.
But the beauty salon lady said
that the new building owner
is raising the rent.
Yes. The rent around here
all went up last year.
By how much?
-By 500,000 won.
-By 500,000 won?
Oh, that's too much.
How could it go up so suddenly?
I was thinking around 200,000 won.
Why don't you talk to the owner?
The beauty salon lady
struck a deal with the landlord
and renewed the lease.
I guess the landlord isn't too stubborn?
So how much was it?
Where is your husband?
Where is your son-in-law?
Why would you call him?
We'll be back soon anyway.
I'm texting him
that we're going to the bathhouse.
You can't park there!
Excuse me!
Hey! Oh, my gosh!
Who drives like that?
-Oh, my gosh!
Look here, how can you walk up like that
when you clearly saw me backing up?
Do you know how much you scared me?
Geez, I almost had a heart attack.
Did you do something wrong?
That's what I'm wondering.
Look. You're the one
who almost ran me over.
That's how you scared the hell out of me.
-Why did you stand there?
This is a parking spot for cars,
not people.
My goodness. I can't believe my ears.
-I know, Mom.
-Look here, Zebra.
Where are your manners?
Shouldn't you apologize first
if you almost ran over a person?
What about you? You're really rude.
How can you call someone
you just met "Zebra"?
I'm very offended.
Rude? Rude, my ass.
-Do you even know what "rude" means?
-Stop, Mom!
Excuse me, ma'am.
Do you know what this is?
This isn't a real zebra.
It's a zebra print. Zebra-print fur.
You don't know what you're talking about.
My goodness.
What nonsense are you spouting?
Who cares if it's called bras or undies?
Mom, just a second.
Excuse me.
Setting aside everything,
did you come to Dad's Snack Bar?
No. What would I do
at a snack bar like this?
I can't believe how rude you are.
Move your car.
You can't park here.
That spot is for customers only!
Excuse me, I parked here for a reason.
My gosh!
Look here!
-Don't grab me!
-Move your car!
-You'll pull out the fur!
-It won't!
I have one just like this. Move your car!
-You're ruining my coat!
-I'm not! Move your car!
Honey, what are you doing? What's wrong?
You're here, Ms. Oh.
Oh, my gosh!
Well, this is Ms. Oh,
who bought the building we're renting.
This is my wife.
Well, I…
Oh my, I had no idea.
Why? What happened?
Well, I…
What happened is…
Didn't the real estate agent call you?
I'm actually on my way back from there.
I got your message.
I wanted to talk to you
about that in person.
No. Since I've already said
what I want to the Realtor,
I won't be talking to you again.
Excuse me.
What happened?
Why is she so mad?
What's this about a Realtor?
Does she want to raise the rent?
Gosh, they are so beneath me.
I'm not renewing their lease.
-Hello, Ms. Oh.
We finished the painting yesterday
and are installing the sink now.
Perhaps you're not being thorough enough.
I'll be running the cafe myself.
You have to be extra careful.
Geez, what's this? Wait.
What is all this dirt on your paw?
Let me see.
I'm home.
Aren't you cold?
Maybe I shouldn't have bought
that building on the outskirts.
I should've paid more money
and bought one around here.
People on the outskirts are rough,
low-class, and uncouth.
I get stressed out whenever I go there.
What should I do?
Maybe it was a bad idea
to remodel into a cafe.
Honey? What should I do?
Should I sell it even if I lose money?
Do what seems best.
I'm asking what would be best.
Hand me the ointment.
I mean Chico's ointment.
-When did he get a sore here?
Isn't it because of too much brushing?
You don't know what you're talking about.
Why do you get cranky
whenever I talk about your dog?
Go inside.
I want to enjoy my time alone with Chico.
After my retirement,
this time is my only solace,
comfort, and oxygen to breathe.
Okay. Brush the dog all you want.
She has no depth.
You can see the dog's sore
but the concern on your wife's face?
He thinks retiring gives him power?
Other retired men
can't even hold their heads up
and try to keep a low profile.
He has no respect for his wife.
Please do it for me.
I'm begging you, Jeong-hwan.
I have no time to go to the reunion.
I already put your name on the RSVP list.
You have to come this time, okay?
Why would you do such a thing?
Let's just go and have dinner.
You have to eat after all.
Is this about Hae-yeong?
Because she might be there?
Fine. Let's go.
I can't believe you said that.
Let's go.
But we're only staying for one hour.
Let's go!
-You should come out more often.
-It's been a while.
-No way!
-Look who's here!
How long has it been?
You look prettier
now that you're a lawyer.
-It's nice to see you again.
-Drink up.
-How have you been?
Congratulations on passing the bar.
Don't be silly.
I passed it three years ago.
Let's go this way.
It's because you stopped
coming to the reunion then.
It's my fault. I'm sorry.
Have you been well?
-Look who's here!
-Is this some special day?
It's been so long.
I thought you kicked the bucket.
What a horrible thing to say.
I completed my mission.
We should keep in touch.
Hae-yeong is here too.
He's here.
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-Come, Jeong-hwan.
-Just a second.
-It's been a while.
-Hello, Jeong-hwan.
Has it been eight years?
Really? Already?
-How have you been?
-Pretty good.
I heard about you.
Congratulations, though it's late.
Thanks. It's late, but congratulations
on doing your own show.
Hae-yeong, congratulations.
Sure. Thanks.
-Jeong-hwan, come over here.
-Let's go.
It looks like everyone's here,
so let's start.
Raise your glasses.
Let's start the eighth reunion
of Film Gwangya!
Shoot and die, Film Gwangya!
Shoot and die, Film Gwangya!
Yes, I did.
I can't remember.
Did you always wear glasses?
-You did? I'm sorry. I don't remember.
-Let's drink up.
But your hair…
I'm married. I'm a father now.
-Let's go.
-Just a little longer.
You know what?
I've always wanted to ask you.
Hae-yeong and Jeong-hwan,
why did you break up?
What are you doing? Are you drunk?
He's dying to find out.
He's been whispering to me,
asking why you broke up.
What? I didn't!
Hey, it's not just you.
Everyone here wants to know.
The whole club argued
and discussed it, remember?
Why in the world did they break up?
Did Hae-yeong dump Jeong-hwan?
Did Jeong-hwan get dumped?
-That's what we want to know.
-Hey, you've had enough.
You're drunk!
It's okay. It's ancient history.
Right. It's ancient history.
But sometimes I wonder too.
Why did you dump me?
But unfortunately, I have to leave now.
If we meet again at the reunion
in another eight years
I'd like to hear why.
-It was nice seeing you again.
-Nice seeing you all again. See you.
-Hey, you really have to go?
No way.
Going this early is against the rules.
Enjoy your drinks.
-I'm sorry. We have to go.
-They're leaving because of you.
-Let's drink. Come on.
Hae-yeong, give me a bite.
-Say "Ah."
I'll get you another one.
Stop it. That's enough.
The number you have dialed…
I'm breaking up with you.
The number you have dialed cannot…
I met my ex-boyfriend after eight years.
Ex-boyfriends should be avoided.
The end.
-Ra-yeong, what would you like?
-I want Americano.
Wait. Ra-yeong, you first.
-I want a chai latte.
-A chai latte?
-One delicious chai latte, please.
-Cheap one.
-Byun Ra-yeong.
-Iced Americano.
-Iced Americano?
-Iced Americano, please.
-I warned you, didn't I?
And one latte, please.
Oh, isn't this new?
I was going to buy this.
How fancy.
Right? Breathtaking, right?
-It's gorgeous.
-I want one too.
-It's handmade. I got it as a present.
-Did you buy it from Itaewon?
It's handmade from abroad.
Let me see.
-It's pretty.
-Right? It looks good on me, right?
I'm going on a blind date this weekend.
-Do you have a photo?
-I'll show you.
She's leaving.
Is she letting me off the hook?
Ra-yeong, this is your chai latte.
-Thank you.
If you touch my stuff again,
I won't stop with a warning.
I will take action.
I have a bad feeling about this.
Ra-yeong! Where are you going?
What about your tea?
You're back?
Ra-yeong isn't home.
Hae-yeong, have some strawberries.
Look. I brought your baby home,
safe and sound.
Hae-yeong, no way…
You won't, right?
Why do you think I won't?
-No. No!
-Hey, get up.
-Let go!
-Calm down.
-Hae-yeong, stop.
My goodness.
Gosh, it's cold.
They must've gone mad!
It's cold!
Get away from me!
-Let go!
-Let go.
-Do something, Mi-yeong.
-Stop, Hae-yeong!
-Let go!
-Let's not do this. My gosh.
I told you to be careful.
Gosh. Turn it off at once!
-Hey! Stop!
-Don't go there.
-That's enough.
-It hurts.
Where is it? Get that thing off me.
Stop it!
My poor baby. My gosh.
This is super expensive.
I still have seven more payments left.
You asked for this.
I warned you over and over, didn't I?
Hey! Damn it!
-What are you doing?
-I'm going to kill you!
-Please, Ra-yeong.
-Do you have a death wish?
-Ra-yeong, let go!
-Let go of her.
Hae-yeong, just apologize.
That was not right.
Yes, Mi-yeong is right.
You're in the wrong today, okay?
Ra-yeong will let go of you
if you apologize.
Apologize and pay for my baby,
which I'm still paying for.
Pay for it!
You wish to die?
Stop it already! Break it off!
Hae-yeong, you let go first.
Apologize and let go of her first!
Am I crazy? Why should I?
What did I do so wrong?
What you did today was wrong.
Ra-yeong didn't ask you
to buy her a purse.
She just borrowed it.
Also, sharing one is cost-effective.
Isn't that a good thing?
If you like it that much,
you buy one and share with her!
-I want to, but I can't afford it.
-Is that something to brag about?
-Hey, how could you say that?
-Stop, Jun-yeong!
Hae-yeong. Stop it.
-I'm sorry. I really am. Stop it.
Stop it!
What the hell are you doing?
-You! Let go!
-You let go first.
Oh, my goodness.
I don't know what to say.
I'm lost for words.
How old are you guys?
I feel the same way.
Hae-yeong, no matter what happened,
how could you ruin your sister's dress?
I reasoned with her
and warned her enough times.
Words didn't work, so I had no choice.
Ra-yeong, you should've listened
when your sister told you not to do it.
What's so wrong with sharing a bag?
It's not like I would break it.
Ra-yeong is right about that.
What's wrong with sharing that
with your sister?
I just don't want to.
I can't stand people touching my things.
I have the right to use my belongings
as I see fit.
Did I say you don't have rights
over your things?
Dad, this is my preference
and my way of life.
The right to pursue happiness
in the Constitution.
I have the right to pursue happiness
unless I'm violating the rights of others.
Not even family can
take that away from me.
See? She's acting
like Ms. Smarty-pants again.
Ra-yeong, be quiet.
And how can you call
your big sister names?
Dad, she's a total basket case.
No matter how angry she was,
how could she ruin my silk dress?
Be quiet!
You're saying you did nothing wrong?
Is that it?
Then I have no choice.
You must think until you figure out
what you did wrong.
Get up.
I said, get up!
Take your seats.
Mom, we're not kids anymore.
Are you sure? Then why did you get
into a fight with your sister?
This isn't a matter of age
but a matter of maturity.
You may be old, but you're not mature.
Immature people
can't be treated as adults,
and parents must discipline
their immature children.
Take your seats.
Don't look at me.
What your mom said is right.
Take your seats.
Right now!
What are you waiting for?
All we did was try to stop them.
Right. We didn't do--
So you must reflect on yourself.
What kind of big brother are you?
Your sin is failing to stop them.
Take your seats.
For 30 minutes,
think about what each of you did wrong.
Let's go inside.
What are you looking at? What?
Aren't you cold?
What do you think?
I slipped and even wet my bottom.
Right? She's out of her mind.
How could she spray water on me?
Be quiet. You were just as bad.
Forget it.
Forget what?
You're shaking like a leaf. Come on.
How humiliating.
Whose fault is this?
Who do you think? You.
Why is this my fault? Ms. Poop…
-Hae-yeong's fault.
-Don't you dare touch my stuff again.
-Don't worry. I won't!
You're so cheap and petty.
Even if you beg me to carry your bag,
I won't ever do it.
I'd rather die than do that.
You're not making sense.
Why would Hae-yeong…
Why doesn't it make sense? Pigs can fly.
-They do.
She's trying to make us laugh.
Corn dog.
-She's not laughing.
-She's laughing.
Don't. Stop it!
They've flown.
They made up, didn't they?
They can't be fighting
and laughing together.
They still have to stay for 30 minutes.
Fine. Okay.
Stop it, you guys.
My goodness.
-It's freezing out here, right?
Next one.
By the way, Hae-yeong was so pretty today.
-She's a lawyer and--
-Get back to work.
Hi, Mom.
Just a second.
Go and make me a cup of coffee.
I'm sleepy.
-What is it, Mom?
-I was wondering when you're coming home.
You need to sleep at home,
not at the office like you always do.
Your dad's in his study as usual,
looking for his path in books.
You have to come home tomorrow, okay?
Okay. Bye.
I'm married.
You laughed?
Honey, are you thinking what I'm thinking?
When we made them sit on those stools
even when they were small,
Jun-yeong and Mi-yeong would do it
even if they'd done nothing wrong.
When Hae-yeong and Ra-yeong
were the ones causing trouble.
Even then, Hae-yeong used to object,
trying to defend herself
that she was innocent.
Is that why she became a lawyer?
She did that
because she was born to be one.
When did they grow up like that?
I know.
They were so tiny and adorable
that I wished they wouldn't grow up.
But what about the mess I made today?
The building owner.
Oh, why did you do that?
Who knows? I didn't know who she was.
-I'll try to patch things up.
First of all…
First of all?
Let's go to sleep.
Vivien Leigh said,
"Tomorrow is a new day."
Clark Gable, hit the lights.
Fine. I'll hit the lights.
Good night.
Good night.
Oh, my God!
You… How did you get in here?
-How can you sleep wearing all that?
-How did you get in?
I memorized the password
when you were punching it in.
Gosh, I can't believe you did that.
It's because you won't meet me.
I've missed you, Jung-hui.
Leave. I have a schedule.
You should go. Leave!
-I said, leave!
-How can you be so cruel?
How can you keep working
as if nothing happened?
I can't do anything without you.
Then close your clinic and get some rest.
That's not the point.
Jung-hui, let's get back together.
I won't talk about marriage. I'm sorry.
Let's just date like we used to.
Jung-hui! Come on.
-Yes, Hyeon-ji.
I'll leave first. Take your time.
Let go of my arm.
You jerk! Don't you have any feelings?
Even if we broke up,
how could you do this to me?
Actually, I don't get you.
I told you from the beginning
that I hate women and loathe marriage.
But you insisted on dating me.
What do you want from me now?
Your horrible acting clip is back on.
So is the robotic acting footage
that you loathe the most.
I downloaded them
so I can watch them when I'm mad at you.
Too bad. You desperately want
to be a good actor,
but I know, as a psychiatrist,
that will never happen.
You're a sick, egocentric jerk
who has no feelings,
but commitment issues.
Fortunately for me,
you'll never be able
to get rid of this label.
An actor who can't act, An Jung-hui.
Talk about a curse.
What did I ever do wrong?
Gosh, this is stressing me out.
Oh, my God!
Hey, make some noise, will you?
Things were kind of weird.
-Should I do it?
-You? Why?
Why do you need to know my password?
Hurry up and get in.
Darn it.
How heartless.
A woman left your place sobbing,
but the first thing you do
is to change your password?
My gosh.
Thank you, young lady.
10 A.M.
This is bad.
Excuse me.
I'm sorry,
but is there a convenience store nearby?
It's about ten minutes away.
I see. Thank you.
This is bad.
-Number 4885, please.
-Just a second. I'll get it for you.
-Number 4885.
All done.
I'm such a big star that people
recognize me even in my sunglasses.
You'll need paper to get my autograph.
I just need to get out.
I'm sorry. Excuse me.
I'm sorry,
but please be sure to thank him for me.
What the hell?
Hold on.
Do a good job. No, don't try too hard.
Or you'll get nervous, okay?
You're that happy I'm going to be on TV?
Of course. Must you ask?
-I'm going.
-Okay. Have a good day.
You can do a great job!
How did I end up
having such a wonderful daughter?
Should I get a bottle of water?
What a weird week.
People I haven't seen in eight years
showed up all in a single week.
It feels
Please come this way.
May I help you?
I'm Byun Hae-yeong,
one of the guest panel members.
Attorney Byun Hae-yeong, hello.
We talked on the phone.
Jo Yeong-gwang of Love and Battlefield.
I see. Hello.
Hello. Please come with me.
As I told you on the phone,
you'll only get the questions
on the sheet.
You can relax
and give your prepared answers.
-It's on the last page.
Thank you.
Am I really the only one?
Yes, you're my only hope.
Gosh, seriously.
Sit in the audience section
and ask the questions on the sheet.
The regular guests
will take care of the rest.
So you don't have to worry about a thing.
Just sit there with your handsome face.
I'm telling you.
You know how my show goes.
-Okay, fine.
-You'll do it?
Thank you so much.
You're a lifesaver.
We're even now.
You better not milk it again.
When did I ever do that?
We'll begin in 30 minutes.
Get ready. Thanks!
Am I supposed to wear a suit?
Gosh, unbelievable.
I was sure
I'd never have to see her again.
Guests, please come up. We'll begin soon.
-Nice to meet you.
-I'm Byun Hae-yeong.
Ms. Byun, it's nice to meet you.
-Mr. Nam, good to see you.
Sit up straight!
Why did you dump me?
Are you insane, Mr. Cha?
Why did you dump me?
What are you doing?
I will be a diligent
and passionate worker.
-I'm sorry.
-Kim Yu-ju?
Can you be a bit more accommodating?
About the rent…
I'm not interested
in renewing the lease with you.
Ms. Oh.
How dare you?
I have to feel empathy.
"Nothing's happened.
I said, nothing's happened!"
How can he be so terrible at acting?
It's like he's never
talked to his dad before.
-Mi-yeong's finally got a job!
-She did?
What about Mom and Dad?
Don't you feel sorry for them?
Do you still have it?
The photo of my dad.
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