My Father Is Strange (2017) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

-Nice to meet you.
-I'm Byun Hye-yeong.
Ms. Byun, it's nice to meet you.
Hello, Mr. Nam. How are you?
It's good to see you.
Are you ready?
We'll begin.
Welcome to Love and Battlefield,
where we discuss various issues
regarding love and marriage.
We will discuss various topics
based on stories sent in by our viewers.
The first is about a man
who fell for looks…
It's cold.
I'm breaking up with you.
She does this whenever she's late.
Shouldn't I be the one to get mad?
-She won't pick up.
-The number you have dialed…
How much longer must I wait?
I'll let you live,
so just come without any backtalk.
Do you think I should get later tickets?
I'm not joking. And this isn't a prank.
It's like I texted.
I'm breaking up with you.
Don't ever call me again.
Hye-yeong, hello?
What the…
The number you have dialed cannot…
Get out of my way!
Hye-yeong, why are you doing this?
Did I do something wrong?
If I did, you have to tell me.
Hye-yeong, I'll change.
It's all my fault.
Please let me see you, Hye-yeong.
Come out, please!
Byun Hye-yeong!
Why are you doing this? Why?
Hey! Come on out, Byun Hye-yeong!
I will break up with you,
so come out right now! Byun--
Who is it? My sister's not here.
-I know she's inside.
-I said she's not here.
She went to Australia
on a working holiday visa.
You're still laughing?
Next is Ms. Byun Hye-yeong.
-Can he be prosecuted for this?
He can be prosecuted
for stalking and threats.
If he continued to come to her place
and bothered her
after she told him to stop,
it is stalking.
And the threatening texts
qualify as threats.
Stalking is still a misdemeanor.
All he will get is an 80,000 won fine.
So what good will it do
to call the police?
That was why I said
he should be prosecuted
for stalking and threats together
to ensure a stronger sentence.
A law to prevent continuous harassment
has been proposed
at the National Assembly.
Oh, that was a good save. Good.
But it's not his turn yet.
I see. Thank you
for pointing out the current issues.
Let's get back to the letters.
Just before the wedding,
you learned about the bride's
plastic surgery over her entire body.
You broke off the engagement
and were sued for punitive damages?
Yes, what I don't understand is that
she deceived me intentionally.
She told my colleagues and friends
that I am a pig
who only cares about appearance.
I suffered great damages, too,
so why do I have to pay her?
That's his story.
I'd like to hear from our two lawyers.
I believe he has to pay.
In the Korean court,
appearance doesn't qualify
as grounds for divorce.
Breaking off the engagement
for plastic surgery
is hard to interpret as justifiable,
so he must pay her for punitive damages
due to emotional distress.
I think he doesn't have to pay.
The bride intentionally hid
her plastic surgery,
and even after this truth came to light,
she colored Mr. Park Eun-su as a pig
who only cares about appearance.
He decided to break off
the engagement because he felt betrayed,
not just because of her looks.
That is right. That's what I want to say.
A husband and wife have a duty
to be honest with each other.
Their broken trust has led
to calling off the wedding.
It wasn't just because
of his notions on looks.
If the bride had told him
about it from the start,
things would have been different.
If she had told him about it
from the beginning,
he wouldn't have dated her.
Excuse me.
You said you dated her
because she was pretty?
I'm not trying to criticize him.
I love pretty women too.
I care a lot for looks.
I am not trying to criticize you either,
but the point here
isn't your twisted view on women
but whether or not
he must pay punitive damages.
That's what I am trying to say.
Let's suppose
your wife told you she was penniless,
but ten years into your marriage,
she says she has a million dollars,
which can be considered deception.
Can that be grounds for divorce?
I don't think you know
the meaning of deception.
I'm saying broken trust isn't the problem.
The problem is why that trust was broken.
It's not that he's mad that he's deceived.
He's mad because she deceived him about
her looks and he broke off the engagement,
so I think he must pay
for punitive damages.
-He's right.
That's right.
-I agree.
-He's right.
He's good.
That's right.
Up next are Ms. Ju Su-bin,
Ms. Kang Yeong-hui, and Ms. Kim Min-a.
You may go in.
I start my day by searching job posts
online every morning.
Maybe my last interview went well.
Maybe there's a new job post.
I haven't put my phone down
for the past three years.
From a CPR certificate
to a Class One driver's license
and Sports Instructor's license,
I've acquired any licenses I could,
but that didn't help much.
I used to be in the provincial judo team.
Winning a bronze medal at the National
Sports Festival in 11th grade
was the highlight of my life.
But not long after, I had to quit
because of a serious shoulder injury.
Later on, I started gaining weight,
and my shoulder ached whenever it rained,
and my asymmetrical breasts
could be seen clearly.
The consequences of that were terrible.
Things were pretty tough for me.
But one day I decided to change my life.
I've been job searching for three years,
but as I have once beaten
hardships before,
I won't give up, and I will do my best.
I will be a diligent
and passionate worker.
Please give me a chance.
Ms. Park Ha-na, Mr. Kim Dong-jun,
Ms. Yang Ji-u, please go in.
Excuse me.
I need to use the restroom.
I'll be quick.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Kim Yu-ju?
Ugh, the smell of pig.
The next candidates are Ms. Lee Yu-na,
Song Yeong-jeong, and Byun Mi-yeong.
-Please go inside.
Pull yourself together.
-Lee Yu-na?
You speak English, Japanese, and Chinese.
Oh, you went to UPenn?
Yes, I did.
You look amazing on paper.
What is your motivation
for applying to Gabi?
I've always wanted to work
in a cultural business.
As proven by the Korean wave,
entertainment businesses in Korea
have endless possibilities.
-Ms. Song Yeong-jeong.
You worked for S Electronics
and quit after a year?
Isn't that where everyone dreams of?
I've always dreamed of Gabi.
To be specific, of Gabi's artists.
I have this groupie gene inside me.
That's the best reason to apply here.
-Ms. Byun Mi-yeong.
You did judo?
You were on the provincial team?
You seem petite.
I was in the 52kg class.
Is that the lightest class?
No, 48kg is the lightest class.
You were an athlete, so you can persevere.
Yes, I can.
I can endure pretty much everything,
to the point where
people think I'm foolish.
But she's too old. She's 31.
That's the age of a team leader,
not an intern.
Even if we hired you,
you might get married soon.
Do you have a boyfriend?
No, I don't.
I don't have one, I've never had one,
and I don't plan on having one.
My goal isn't getting married.
It is to have a job and work hard.
How did it feel?
Bring it on.
How long has it been?
Do you have Alzheimer's?
We saw each other a few days ago.
-Like you said, we just saw each other.
-We saw each other again just now.
It's been eight years, right?
The first time
after that crazy break-up call
in front of the movie theater that day.
I guess you're right.
Do you know how hard I looked for you
after that day?
Do I have to know?
That just leaves me speechless.
Right. You don't really have to know.
That's not right. You should know.
I got dumped out of the blue
without any explanation,
so I at least need to know the reason.
Why did you dump me?
This isn't because
I still have feelings for you
or want to do anything with you.
Don't think that.
I don't think that.
You think I lack that kind of judgment?
It's great to hear
you have that kind of judgment.
I just want to know the reason.
It's not like you're a lizard
and I'm a lizard's tail,
so why was I cut off so rudely
and so violently like that?
Why did you do that to me?
Why did you dump me?
I'm sorry.
I don't remember.
I said I don't remember.
How could I remember the reason
I dated or broke up every time?
And eight years is a very long time.
I'm leaving.
It was so great to see you again,
after eight years.
What? You don't remember?
What is he trying to do?
It's been eight years, so what's the use?
What are you doing?
Are you a witness at a hearing?
How can you not remember that?
Let go of my hand right now.
Just tell me the reason.
Why did you dump me?
You were here!
I thought you had already left.
Thank you so much for today.
You're very eloquent,
but you also look amazing on-screen.
Right. I am kind of pretty.
Thank you.
Thank you.
See you again.
You were amazing. You want to do it
a few more times? If you do--
Just do it!
Of course I will. Why would you even ask?
You didn't want to do
anything but miniseries.
I meant daily dramas,
not a 30-episode one.
And a 30-episode series is a miniseries.
A 30-episode series
is the same as a miniseries?
Yes, it is. Who's the writer?
-The one who wrote Descendants of Mars.
I have a good feeling about this one.
Hey, the title is nice too. "Oh, My Boss".
-But there's an audition.
I'll do it. I will.
I should, right?
That place, Hollywood, has auditions too.
You didn't know? I did.
Who's the female lead?
Hey, isn't this a romantic comedy?
No, it's about a father and a son.
It's about a father who gets cancer and…
Oh, that was why you asked
about the female lead.
It's a miniseries. It is.
Yes, it's a miniseries.
-Jung-hui, why aren't you eating at all?
-Huh? There's nothing to eat.
What do you mean?
There's steak.
Sweet and sour tofu is good.
-And the salad is fresh and--
-That is tree bark, not beef.
This sweet and sour tofu is too soggy,
and this salad…
The salad dressing has
a ton of sugar in it.
I don't know what I can eat.
Then have some salmon at least.
You like it, so I brought a lot.
Freshness is the key to salmon.
Look at the color.
-You think I can eat it? No.
-Don't talk to me.
Entertainment Today,
Yesterday's Idol Star Special.
Mr. An Jung-hui's robotic acting
regained the spotlight,
making number five on our list.
An Jung-hui's bad acting
when he first debuted,
which created numerous parodies,
is still considered legendary
and is beloved by people.
Let's look at the chart.
They won't stop bringing that up.
It's too much.
Hang in there for now. It's temporary.
They'll forget about it soon.
Cha Jeong-hwan,
I wish you bad health and long life.
I'm going to remember your name
until the day I die, you scumbag.
So when's the audition?
I'm home.
Did you do well?
Go get washed up for dinner.
I don't feel like eating.
Eating has nothing to do
with how you feel.
-Just go wash your hands.
-How did the shoot go?
-You can watch it on TV later.
You ruined it, didn't you?
With your personality…
If you did a good job,
you'd be acting like you're all that.
All that what?
It means she would've bragged about it.
That doesn't sound good.
It went badly?
It didn't. Just watch it on TV.
I'm just exhausted,
so I don't want to talk.
I'm sure it was a lot of stress.
I won't talk to you, so eat.
Oh, this. Try this. It's good.
How did your interview at Gabi go?
-I told you not to bring it up.
-Did you have a job interview today?
Why didn't you tell us? Did you do well?
Yes, the interview went well,
but don't get your hopes up.
It's not even a big conglomerate,
but people had such decorated resumes.
It was unbelievable.
I got humiliated
during my first TV appearance.
It was my ex-boyfriend
who screwed me over.
I want to grab him
and feed him to the sharks
or expose him to air
contaminated by radiation for 18 minutes.
That nut job who should be locked up
in an asylum…
I'm sorry.
Kim Yu-ju?
No way.
How can someone like her
have such a nice job?
It's so unfair.
And I'm still job searching.
Let's go to sleep.
Don't even think about it.
I can't believe that piece of trash
is keeping me up right now.
Let's go to sleep.
How can someone like her
have such a nice job?
What are you doing out here at this hour?
I can't sleep.
Don't look at me.
I don't want to look at your eyes.
I can't grow attached to you.
Come out! I'm dying out here!
Hey, Poop!
Ra-yeong, you'll break the door.
Hye-yeong, come out if you're done.
Ra-yeong has to use the toilet.
Go down to grandmother's apartment.
can't you come out for a minute?
-Do you need more time?
-I do.
Ra-yeong, go down
to your grandmother's apartment.
Why didn't you get up when I woke you up?
-I'm going to kill you!
Geez, we never have a peaceful morning.
Oh, boy.
Only two people go to work,
and it's this bad already.
So once Mi-yeong and I start working,
it'll be worse.
But I'd love for it to be that bad,
you rascal.
-What are you doing here so early?
-Why did you dump me?
Are you insane, Mr. Cha?
Don't you still remember?
Didn't you think about it?
Try to remember. I'll come back later.
You're nuts…
Why are you doing this?
Compared to how you screwed me over
eight years ago, this is nothing.
I'll keep coming here
until I hear the reason,
so if you want to end this,
try to remember why you dumped me.
-Good morning.
I don't remember the last time
we had breakfast with our son.
He comes home every now and then,
and goes back to work without breakfast.
I thought only journalists
like you were busy.
I had no idea TV show producers
were this busy.
Did you know?
How is the yellow croaker? It's new.
They're a bit saltier
than the last one, right?
Honey, can we talk while we eat?
When you were working, you were too busy,
but now you're retired,
and it'd be nice to talk while we eat.
I thought we could do that someday,
so I looked forward to your retirement.
Did you finish the book?
What book?
Beneath the Wheel.
Oh, that book.
I stopped in the middle.
I read and read, but there was no wheel.
Will it show up if I keep reading it?
By the way,
you have no plans today, right?
-Do you?
-Why do you ask?
Come with me to Ogeum-dong.
They almost finished the cafe's interior,
so come and take a look, please?
If you say it looks good,
I'll open the cafe,
and if you say no,
I'll think about selling the building.
I told you not to buy that building
from the start.
But I already bought it.
And I didn't buy it for nothing.
It's for our retirement,
but you won't pay any attention to it.
Is this why I bought that building?
I feel a sense of shame.
That phrase is going to feel
a sense of shame.
You can't just use that phrase
willy-nilly like that.
You'll come with me today, won't you?
She's here.
She is?
Don't worry. I'll be good.
If you want a healthy, long life,
stay away. From mom.
Where are you going with that cake?
To clean up the mess you and I made.
I'm going to see the building owner
and apologize and talk about the rent.
I'll come with you.
We did it together,
so we must fix it together.
No, Mom. You stay home.
You'll make things worse.
Don't worry. I know how to act. Come!
Mom, don't be like that.
Don't worry.
I'm Kim Mal-bun from Mokcheok Market.
You can't get mad or anything.
My husband's business is on the line.
Why can't he come and take a look?
Why won't that awful personality grow old?
Hello, Ms. Oh.
Look here, Zebra!
Why are you here?
Well, I wanted to apologize to you.
I'm sorry about how I acted last time.
I wanted to see you earlier,
but you haven't come the last few days.
This shop looks very pretty and fancy.
But a fancy cafe like this
won't do well in this neighborhood.
Well… What my mom is trying to say is that
she's worried
because it looks so nice and fancy.
So I bought you a cake.
Try some.
It's okay.
I don't eat cakes from small bakeries.
It's beneath me.
No, Ms. Oh.
It's from a bakery around here,
but they make
the most delicious cakes, Ms. Oh.
I said it's okay.
I don't eat cakes
from small neighborhood bakeries.
I only eat fancy bakery cakes.
I see. Let me have that.
-What are you doing?
-Let me have it, Ms. Oh.
You're going to say I bullied you,
saying the building owner
thinks she's a god.
-Well, then, put that outside.
And put the ones by the door outside too.
Oh, my! You can't drag that out.
You'll ruin the floor.
Lift it up. Up.
If you need anything else done,
just tell me.
-Do you have anything in there?
-Why are you being so stubborn?
She doesn't want people to think
she's a bully.
Where are you going?
To get some water.
Well, Ms. Oh.
About the rent…
If you ask for 500,000 won more
out of the blue,
it's a little too much for us.
Can you be a bit more accommodating?
As you know, the economy is really bad,
so my husband's business isn't doing well.
If that's true, you should close it down.
Why are you telling me about that?
Uh, right.
You are right about that, but--
And don't worry. I'm not interested
in renewing the lease with you.
What? Why not?
That's up to me, so you stay out of it.
Move out when the lease is up.
-Ms. Oh.
-How dare you put your dirty hands on me?
Oh, I'm sorry.
I forgot I just took out the trash.
Please, Ms. Oh.
If you're upset
about what happened the other day,
please forgive me.
Let me apologize again, Ms. Oh.
Forget it. That's not necessary.
I'm never renewing the lease with you,
so let me go.
-I can't.
-Why do you grab me whenever you see me?
-Let go of me!
-I can't. I won't.
-Don't be a nuisance! What are you doing?
-Fine, I'm a nuisance.
Let go of her!
Why won't you listen?
She must be senile.
I think I have to sell this building.
The feng shui here is really bad.
Mom, do you think I'm still a teenager?
When will you stop dumping water on me?
Go upstairs and get changed.
You'll catch a cold.
My gosh.
A cold?
You threw water at me knowing that?
I'm way past 50 now.
So why did you beg like that?
It was embarrassing.
And in front of your mom.
That was why I told you not to come!
Are you a servant or something?
You took her trash out, so why beg?
You can find another shop.
Don't you know why and because
of who he lost his old successful shop
and had to move all the way here?
Where else can he go?
Do you have to bring that up again now?
-Fine. It was my son's fault.
My idiotic son opened his business
and threw away your husband's shop.
And he is now making your life miserable.
I'm so stupid that when I gave birth
to that idiot of a son,
I ate so much seaweed soup for good luck.
I just stuffed myself with seaweed soup.
I had so much
that I can still feel it inside me,
slowly choking me to death.
And you had to bring that up just now?
You awful girl.
You're so mean.
I am so pretty, I'm so sexy
Tiny waist.
Technology is so wonderful.
"Hashtag, diet."
"I'm a bit swollen today."
"Hashtag, ugly."
Ugly? No way.
-You're pretty.
-Yes, I am pretty.
-You don't have to go on a diet.
-Thank you.
Welcome, my fair students.
Learn forward and touch your knee
with your nose.
Lift your body up.
Breathe in and out,
and lift your left leg up high.
Slowly lower your body,
one vertebra at a time.
Get up.
Next is the cat pose.
He's feeling his son's touch.
What? Why are you crying?
I feel so bad for that father.
You're not sad?
That's sad? Why is that sad?
Doing that with someone
you've never met before,
isn't that overreacting?
You can be so cold sometimes,
but you're especially cold
on matters like this.
The new drama is about
the bond between a father and a son.
Right. I have to feel empathy.
Put something else on.
I can't get into that.
Let's watch something better.
You don't feel anything here either?
This is why all your ex-girlfriends
cursed you when you broke up with them.
You want me to change
the order of your ribs?
I guess it's because you've been
living alone for way too long.
You haven't visited your home
in America for years.
And you don't call them often.
This is what my mom always says.
Even with family,
you must stay close to feel love.
So start calling your father every day.
If you can, video call him.
And the love you have lost
will come back to you.
You have to do it.
Leave. I need to practice.
Why did you turn that off?
Let me finish it. Gosh!
You always scare me whenever I see you.
I said leave.
You leave and stop stressing Al out.
"Dad, you haven't called me in years…"
"Haven't, you haven't…"
"Dad, you haven't called me in years."
Ga, gya, geo.
Geo, gyeo.
"Dad, for years…"
"Father!" No, that's not it.
Why do I feel so embarrassed doing this?
I have to understand the feeling
to be able to do it.
It's not like I called that often.
No news is good news.
I'm fine. I think I'll get busy soon.
I'll tell you when it's definite.
Mom, are you doing well too?
How's my stepfather?
Don't catch a cold.
I have to buy a new textbook.
You do?
Okay. Just a second.
-Is 30,000 won enough?
I'll get going. Keep up the good work.
Your bandage came off.
You might trip and fall down.
I can't do this right.
Eat. I'll do it for you.
Whoa, were you an athlete?
-You are really good.
-Dad, were you an athlete?
-You never told me that.
I wasn't.
You don't seem like a beginner, though.
Huh? That's my phone.
Yes, this is Byun Mi-yeong.
Thank you. Thank you so much!
-Why? Who was that?
-Dad, I got a job…
What? What is it? You got a job?
No, a package.
A package? Didn't you almost say "job"?
I'll go and get it.
Can you tell me that last digit
on the last one?
Just a second.
It's a seven.
-Today is March 5th, right?
Give me five tickets.
-What are you doing?
-Collecting the power of the universe.
When you pray, you need an offering
if you want it to work.
What are you doing? Have you
no conscience? Those are my noodles.
Buy me lunch here if you win money.
Slow down. Scratch it slowly.
Huh? The last one.
-You have two left.
-Two left.
Uncle, a penny is a little too…
You have to hit rock bottom first
in order to soar up high.
It's bad luck to get anything for free.
I can feel it.
I can feel it too.
Only 100,000 won? That's not much.
Mine says 100 million won. Nice.
It should be at least 100 million won…
100,000 WON
-100,000 won?
-I won!
It's unethical to take it back,
my future civil worker nephew.
A percentage of that is mine.
But you gave it to me.
It's for Min-ha's after-school class.
I'm taking classes too.
Are you proud of that?
They cut my pay by half
at the photo studio.
And you know how hard my wife has had it
because of food prices, don't you?
At least you have a wife
to suffer along with you.
I can't even date because I have no money.
It's more like
because you don't have a girl.
I do have a girl. A totally pretty one.
Good luck.
A girl's not important.
My cousin is more important.
Use it for Min-ha's tuition.
Thanks, Uncle.
I should thank you.
Ms. Byun Mi-yeong, you've passed
the final round. Congratulations.
Come to work by nine next Monday.
Are you okay?
Hey, lower your shoulders.
This hallway doesn't belong to you.
Ugh, the smell of pig.
Don't touch her. She smells.
She stinks.
Why does Kim Yu-ju have to work there?
Of all the companies in Korea?
Of all the companies I applied to!
Why there?
Kim Yu-ju!
Were we enemies in a previous life?
Why are you working there?
Of all people, why are you working there?
Why should I?
Why should I worry about this
because of her?
I haven't had a chance like this in years.
How come there's nobody to help me?
This is crazy.
-Hye-yeong, what are you doing?
When do you finish?
I need to talk to you about something.
Not by text.
Can I come to your office?
Darn it.
What is it?
Are you finished?
Let me make it clear.
This isn't about me.
It's about one of my friends from judo.
So to sum it up,
after years of trying,
that girl finally got
her dream job at Gabi,
one of the top five
entertainment companies,
but someone who bullied her works there?
And so she's not sure
if she should work there?
Is that it?
How bad was the bullying?
She teased her a lot for being fat
and ostracized her.
Did she ever use violence on her?
Did she take money from her?
Make her do things?
Threaten to kill her
if she didn't do them?
No, never. It wasn't that bad.
So it could be slander.
Slander by continuous bullying
and teasing.
Hye-yeong, she's not trying
to take her to court.
She totally wants to, but she doesn't want
to involve the legal system now.
But can you be legally punished
for calling someone a pig or bullying?
What do you think?
I don't think you can be.
You know well.
-Why are you looking at me like that?
-I'm curious about how your brain works.
How can you even be bothered with that?
How many resumes have you sent
in the last three years?
A hundred? A thousand?
How many of them got you hired?
Was there anyone other than Gabi?
If there was, and I'll leave you alone.
-Don't lie and answer me.
Anyone can tell that girl is you.
Yes or no?
Don't make it sound so simple.
How else can I describe
this ultra-simple situation?
Are you in grade school?
Even kids can't control other kids.
That's life.
But you're wondering
if you should take the job
that took you three long years to get
because someone you hate works there?
Do you even have a brain?
It's not like that.
It's not as simple as that.
You have no idea.
Do you know what I was thinking
when I called you?
What were you thinking?
You don't ever want to work?
I didn't say that. It's not like that.
Haven't you considered
the psychological pain,
stress and frustration I'd feel
whenever I see her if I worked there?
People work because they want to be happy.
I want to be a happy working person.
Happy working person? Unbelievable.
You think life is some kind of fairy tale?
How long are you going to live in a dream?
What about Mom and Dad?
Don't you feel sorry for them?
They supported you all their lives.
Since when did you care so much
about our parents?
Be quiet.
Take that job, no matter what.
Tough it out.
What? Frustration? Stress?
Everyone who works a day job
feels that way every single day.
Don't you think I ever felt that way?
What about Mom and Dad?
Mom, Mi-yeong finally got a job.
She just got the call now.
-Of course she's happy.
She's so happy she's dying.
-Let's throw a party for her tonight.
-Hye-yeong, stop. Don't do that.
What is it?
Honey, Mi-yeong got a job.
Mi-yeong's finally got a job.
-What? She did?
When? When did they call?
Just now.
It's at Gabi, it's some…
It's a pretty big company.
Mi-yeong finally did it, right?
Where is Mi-yeong right now?
She's with Hye-yeong.
She'll be home for dinner.
We should throw a party.
I'm going to the market.
Want me to come with you?
The stuff will be too heavy for you
to carry home.
-I'm coming with you.
-I'd love that.
But I'm not going to be frugal.
I feel like a millionaire.
Sure. Go ahead.
You can be a millionaire today.
-When would you do that if not now?
That looks good.
I want some.
-Is this cod?
-Yes, it is.
This is nice.
There should be lots of scales. No.
Come here.
This one is fresh.
We'll take this.
What? Why?
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Gosh, we bought so much.
Isn't that heavy?
Want me to carry one more?
They aren't heavy at all.
I feel like I'm walking on air.
Are you still like that?
No, I'm not.
I thought I saw a new shop.
I really don't anymore.
That was so long ago.
Okay. Let's go.
Right. We'll be late.
"So many years…"
I'm ready. I'll try that again.
Sure. Take it easy.
Don't get too nervous.
"Dad, you haven't called
for so many years."
"And what?"
"Dad, how much did you love my mom?"
"I loved her a lot."
"Then why did you let her go?"
"Why did you let me go?"
"I know."
"I'm the one who said I was leaving."
"But you didn't hate us?"
"No, it's nothing. Nothing's happened."
"I said, nothing's happened!"
What are we going to do?
I don't think he gets the script one bit.
Have you ever felt this before?
The father you always thought was mighty
and strong suddenly seems old and small,
and you get angry because you feel sad.
Should I try that in a sad tone?
No, we're not asking you to sound sad.
Your manager said you're close
with your father.
You don't talk to him often?
When you get to that age, don't you go
drinking with your father sometimes?
Right. I do.
When you hear the word "Father",
what do you feel?
Someone who gave birth to me?
That he did. Your father did.
Let's stop here for now. Thank you.
Thank you. We'll call your manager and--
If you tell me exactly what's wrong,
I will fix it immediately.
have you ever cooked instant food
exactly according to the recipe
yet it came out flavorless?
You followed the recipe. That you did.
But it's flavorless.
You don't want to eat it.
That's how your acting was right now.
Acting isn't just about
following a recipe.
Hello, Mr. Ryu.
Well, I don't think we can work together.
Can you tell Jung-hui?
Mr. Ryu? We worked really hard on this.
If you can reconsider…
What's the use of working hard?
How can he be so terrible at acting?
It's like he's never talked
to his dad before.
This will only worsen his reputation
as an actor,
which will be really bad for him.
Jung-hui just can't do this miniseries.
I'm sorry.
Mr. Ryu? Mr. Ryu…
Pull over.
I said pull over!
It's like he's never talked
to his father before.
Jung-hui just can't do this miniseries.
My opinion as a psychiatrist is
that you'll never be able to do it.
You're sick.
You're an egocentric jerk
who can't commit or feel anything.
Uncle, it's me.
Do you remember
asking me if I wanted a photo you found?
Do you still have it?
A photo? What photo?
The photo of my dad.
You lack so many things,
but you lack taste, most of all.
Look at these. You think they go together?
It's okay. They're just dish scrubbies.
But it's better if they're pretty.
If you put more care into what you do,
you can accomplish anything.
So try to put more care into it.
Party to celebrate Mi-yeong's new job.
Tonight at seven.
Oh my, I think Mi-yeong got a job, Mother.
Yeong-sil sent me a text.
Gosh, that's great news.
-Mi-yeong got a job?
Wow, Yeong-sil must be so relieved.
That's why you should always have hope.
-Right, Mom?
-Of course.
She's throwing a party
for her tonight but…
She's charging us.
Is it 10,000 won per person?
She should do it for free
on a day like this.
Geez, I love everything about her,
but that's her only flaw.
She's too stingy.
-But what's on the menu?
Beef ribs, glass noodles, and so on.
Beef ribs, glass noodles.
We can't go.
Let's have kimchi stew at home.
I'll text Yeong-sil we can't go
and congratulate Mi-yeong.
Hey, it's a special occasion,
so she'll let it pass.
There's a big difference
between her not charging us
and us being shameless
and not paying, Mother.
One, two, three, four, five…
Oh, five…
What? Where did you get that?
It's 40,000 won.
Where did you get this?
Just take it. I didn't steal it.
Right. Who cares about that?
We can attend the party now. Get up.
-I'm home.
-Min-ha's home.
-Mom, let's hurry up.
People always praised you growing up,
so you'll never understand
how people like me feel.
I'm not as strong as you.
I'm sorry for disappointing you.
Please tell Dad and Mom for me.
I can't work there.
Why are you standing there? Come.
-Hurry up.
Welcome, Mother.
Yeong-sil, congratulations.
Thanks, Mom.
-Congratulations, Yeong-sil.
Congratulations, Yeong-sil.
-Congratulations, Aunt.
-Why is it 5,000 won?
-Teenager discount.
-We're home.
Oh, you're home.
Oh, my baby.
I'm proud of you. Good job.
I'm proud of you, my girl.
I'm so happy because of you.
Good job, little sister.
I'm pretty impressed.
-Congratulations, Mi-yeong.
-Congratulations, Mi-yeong.
I made loads of food.
Take your time and enjoy it.
We made your favorite, steamed cockles.
Chew carefully and enjoy them.
You have to eat the meaty parts first.
Min-ha, eat up. Bo-mi, you too.
When did you cook all this food,
Mi-yeong, your favorite, oyster pancakes.
Don't worry about your diet today
and eat up.
A person's status can change overnight.
I haven't seen you for a while, Min-ha.
How's school? Is your studying going well?
For grades, I'm the U-N-O, so it's okay,
but these days,
the K-F-Es have been bugging me,
and my teacher's been G-O-M-C
for my grades. It's just too much.
I want to T-I-E-C-W, but I can't.
What's he saying?
Oh, he's the undisputed number one
when it comes to grades,
but kids flunking English
have been bugging him these days,
and he's tired of his teacher
getting on his case for his grades.
He wants to take it easy
in this complicated world,
but it's not going his way.
You understood all that?
He's amazing at W-T-B-I and W-T-N.
Man… You're our M-F-P in this family.
Hey, what was that?
Min-ha is our most favorite person here.
Min-ha, you're my M-F-P.
Huh? Most what?
Most favorite person.
It means he's the best. M-F-P.
Oh, right.
Han-soo is my M-F-P.
No one else is a better son-in-law
than him.
My son-in-law, you're my M-F-P.
Mother, thank you.
You're my M-F-P too.
-Did you find it?
It's this one.
You've never asked before,
so why did you get curious
about your father?
This man I've never met before
is getting in his son's way.
Which one of these three is he?
The one on the right.
His name is there too.
I hate that you're so happy
Can't we work it out?
-You can't!
-You can't.
You can't! No!
You can't. Next.
Why? The next part is the highlight.
Mom, give me one more chance, please?
We were pretty easy on you.
The prize money is in my hand.
Who's next?
There's no one left.
We've all done it already.
Please let me try again.
-Did everyone already have a turn?
-Mother, that's our money.
I know. I feel really upset.
Dad hasn't sung yet. Neither has Mom.
I'm the host.
Han-soo, you do it, then.
Me? It's okay.
Why? Everyone's done it,
so you should too.
Right. Sing a song for us
on a day like this.
Hurry. Hurry up.
I'll be generous with you.
So this is how it is?
The prize money was Dad's from the start.
It looks like the host…
What is it? She played us.
-She played us. She did.
-All right.
Han-soo. Come on, baby, come on.
Dad, don't sing "Dad's Youth."
Of course not. He sings that too well.
No. Not that one.
Every parent in this world
Wants the same thing
For their sons and daughters to do well
For them to be happy
I wish that from my heart
And I'm Byun Han-soo
-Byun Han-soo! Byun Han-soo!
-Byun Han-soo! Byun Han-soo!
"Byun Han-soo"?
What does he look like?
Did he really visit you in your dream
and tell you he wanted a hamburger?
I am Byun Mi-yeong, and it's my first day.
Huh? What are you doing here?
You've been setting new records
for the lowest rating every episode!
-Do you remember now?
-You've gone insane.
Why do I have to remember
dumping a loser like you?
-Who is it? A heart?
I'm not renewing the lease with you.
I'm not.
Why won't you renew the lease?
I must be crazy.
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