My Father Is Strange (2017) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

-Here you go.
Thank you.
I was only a lurker,
but now I'm making my first post.
I'm Judo Girl.
I finally start working next week,
but I'm more worried than excited.
-Goodnight, Aunt Bo-mi.
-You too, Mi-yeong.
Someone who bullied me in high school
works at the company I got a job at.
-When did you get that?
-In the last fall.
I guess it's not because of the suit.
Go ahead and wear it.
"What if I run into her?
Should I just give up?"
Millions of thoughts went through my mind,
but I'm old,
and this is such a great opportunity
that I couldn't pass it up.
What do you think I should do
if I run into her at work?
Please tell me my decision
to keep my job is a smart one.
Are you still in high school?
Just go and destroy her.
Are you rich? If so, just quit.
I guess you're not desperate.
You call this a concern?
I sympathize with you.
I've been bullied too.
You made a good decision.
Avoiding her would be losing.
You can't ruin your life
just because of her. Cheer up.
Once you start working,
you'll be too busy to care.
Let's do this, Byun Mi-yeong.
Oh, did I wake you? I'm sorry.
What's this?
Some pocket money.
It's not much.
You can't work part-time anymore,
and your payday is a month away.
You'll need money for lunch.
Thank you.
Go back to sleep.
Hye-yeong, you need to get up.
Hye-yeong, you have to go to work.
Why did you wake me up so late?
Hye-yeong, I have to go to work…
Hye-yeong, this is my first day.
I'm going to work.
Just give me a minute.
I can't believe this.
Dad, I'll go to Grandma's place…
Ra-yeong! Mi-yeong first!
-What time do you have to leave?
Hye-yeong, how long will it take?
Hye-yeong, how quick can you do it?
-Dad, I'll just use the kitchen sink.
-Kitchen sink?
Mom, I need to wash up here.
Can you get me a towel?
Oh, and the shampoo too.
Sure. Go ahead.
Honey, get the shampoo sample
from my drawer.
And a towel too.
-And the conditioner too.
Honey, the conditioner too.
What was that?
Well… Just bring the bathhouse basket.
It's on the balcony. And a towel too.
Wait, I have a towel here.
Mi-yeong, Hye-yeong came out.
-Go use the bathroom.
That's great. Here.
Take the towel and go to the bathroom.
See you later.
Hye-yeong, wait. I made you banana milk.
Yes, have some banana milk.
I have no time.
I couldn't even wash my hair.
Gosh, what a crazy morning.
It's pretty crazy to see
all three of them going to work.
We should fix
the master bedroom's bathroom.
Please fix it as soon as possible.
-Could you step on it, please?
Do you remember now?
-I'm late. Get out of my way.
-Me too. I have to go to work too.
Let's get it over with.
-I said get out of my way.
-I'm late too.
I said I'm late.
-So what was the reason?
-I said my client is waiting for me!
Serves her right.
What took you so long?
Your client came early
and has been waiting for 15 minutes.
This is crazy.
Get me a strong cup of coffee.
So handsome.
The most handsome in the universe.
Hello? Did you check your email?
Thank you. You can find him, right?
Yes. I just need
his address and contact info.
Yes, as quickly as possible, please.
Thank you.
Why does his only photo have to be
the one from junior high?
Al, are you hungry?
I'll be able to know what having a father
is like when I see his face, right?
Wait, should I bring something?
No, if I bring a gift, he'll think
I'm there because I missed him, right?
No, I'm An Jung-hui,
so I can't go empty-handed.
I think I should bring something.
Clothes? I don't know his size.
Health supplements?
To be honest,
I don't really care about his health.
Alcohol? That sounds good.
Let's order one.
What does he look like?
I hope I don't look like him.
If I do, I'd be annoyed.
-Is this your first day?
-Yes, it is.
-So we're colleagues.
-What year are you?
-Where are you from?
-Excuse me?
I'm from Gaon. This is my sixth year.
He's from With Us, and it's his 3rd year.
How about you?
I'm from home. Year zero.
Oh, hello.
-Mr. Kang Hae-sol?
-You're Team Four's team leader, right?
-Mr. Yun Jong-su.
You're assistant manager, right?
-Ms. Byun Mi-yeong?
Here's your organizer,
ID and business cards.
-And you're an intern.
Sign the form to confirm
you received your things.
Ms. Byun, you can go to Management One
on the second floor.
Yes, ma'am.
I am Byun Mi-yeong, and it's my first day.
-Yes, sir.
You can use that empty desk.
-Get a laptop from General Affairs.
-I will.
-The remote is…
-Here it is.
-What time is it now?
-It's 11:00 a.m.
Grab that lookbook
and you'll find Ms. Choi over there.
Get her signature. Hurry.
Okay, but who is Ms. Choi…
A lookbook?
What? I don't see "Look."
I am Byun Mi-yeong, the new intern.
Do you know who Ms. Choi is?
-She just left. The parking lot.
-Thank you.
Ms. Choi!
Ms. Choi!
Ms. Choi!
Ms. Choi!
Ms. Choi?
Ms. Choi!
-That's you, right?
I need your signature on the lookbook.
-You an intern?
That's the lookbook.
Don't be stupid
and run out with all three again.
Yes, ma'am.
How can you audition again?
You failed
the Oh, My Boss audition already.
That's why I'm asking you, Mr. Kang.
Go visit the director or call him
to get me one more chance.
Wait. Oh, that's right!
I think I heard they're done
with the casting.
They're not. I checked on the way here.
Please go and see him for me.
You think
that's going to get you a chance?
You barely got that last audition
because of the director.
Then go and see the director again!
Seriously, I can do a really good job
this time.
I can put everything on the line for it.
Why didn't you do it right
in the first place?
Goodness gracious…
Instead of doing nothing,
try to go see the director.
-I am getting this role, no matter what.
-Okay, I'll go later.
-Jung-hui, your coat.
-I'll go get it. You go ahead.
-Excuse me. I'm sorry. Just for a minute.
I can't breathe.
Of course.
It's almost over.
I see.
-I'm sorry. I really am.
-Who are you?
-A psycho fan? How did you get in here?
-No, I'm not a psycho fan.
-I'm sorry about that.
What? What happened? You!
I'm sorry.
-What am I going to do? Oh, no.
-Hey! What are you doing? Don't touch me.
-I wasn't trying to.
-Yes, you were.
What? Don't touch me.
The director? Okay. I'll be right there.
See you soon.
Darn it. Oh, you're an intern? Great.
-Hold that up. Hurry. I don't have time.
Hold that against your face.
To the side.
Your side. Turn to the side.
-Hold it up. Yes.
-Like this?
I have no time, so I'm leaving.
But I saved it here,
so I can charge you later.
My t-shirt, do you know how much this was?
-Can you send me that photo?
I don't need the side one.
Just that one from the front.
-Are you trying to get my number?
-No, I'm not.
All right. Then…
It's just that I've looked forward
to getting one of these IDs for so long.
Thank you for the photo.
Call me and I'll send you
the money for your shirt.
I'll see you again.
Oh, boy.
So you moved your afternoon classes
to the morning,
and canceled the afternoon ones?
Yes, I combined the two classes.
If you lost a class,
won't you be short for money?
Ra-yeong, the noodles are swelling up.
Don't use your phone when you're eating.
Let me check one thing.
Dad, why didn't you press "Like"? And mom?
I pressed it the moment I woke up.
You did that as soon as you woke up?
You have your exam coming up.
Even Mi-yeong got a job,
so you're the last one.
You must pass this year.
If you fail again, it'll be over for you.
Your mom's noodles are swelling up.
What are you doing?
The repair people won't answer?
I've already talked to them.
It's the building owner.
The number you have dialed…
She won't pick up.
I texted her too. But she won't reply.
She's such a strange woman.
Why is she refusing to renew our lease?
Come and eat. Hurry.
What? She won't renew
the lease on your restaurant?
That's why I'm calling her strange.
She asked for a raise on the rent,
and a few days later,
she said she's not renewing.
Well, maybe that's her way
of raising the rent.
How much more does she want?
It's a lot. 500 thousand won.
No way. She's abusing her power.
She sure is.
She thinks she's above everyone,
and she looks like
she has no class at all.
Gosh, and her clothes are so flashy.
she wears zebra prints at her age,
and she doesn't even know
what a bakery is.
She's the strangest person
I've met in ages.
Does that mean
Dad's business has to move again?
No, we don't know that yet.
We'll have to try to work things out
so that we can renew the lease.
Let's drop by the real estate agency
to discuss tomorrow.
Jun-yeong, you'll be home tomorrow, right?
They're coming to fix the bathroom.
Can I take a family photo here?
-Excuse me?
-You see…
I want to take one with him.
Is that possible?
Yes. Of course.
When it comes to dog photos…
I mean, family photos, I'm an expert.
Your son looks just like you.
All right. Why don't you come this way?
-We'll start now.
You look a bit stiff.
Give me a big, bright smile.
Chico, you should smile too.
Chico, hot dog.
Look at the star up there, Chico.
The star of bones.
Eyes far into the distance.
So precious. Chico!
Oh, nice. Two, three.
You look beautiful, sir.
Wait, where did he go?
Oh, boy.
He went out again?
He said he had a cold.
Where could he have gone?
Why do they keep calling me?
When did you go out?
I left some pear ginger tea in your study.
Don't forget to drink.
I'm going out. Are you feeling better?
Good job.
So dumb.
How can she not know how to spell?
Let's go, Chico.
The darn ratings.
Where is Entertainment Today…
Four percent? Three percent?
How can it be lower than three percent?
Hey, Cha Jeong-hwan? Jeong-hwan?
-Are you busy?
-Why do you ask?
I was wondering
if you were too busy to check
the rating of your show.
-Take a look.
-I already did.
But that's not my fault.
There's no wiggle room for me.
I always get censored
over the slightest things.
Just look at the cable channels.
I'd rather watch their shows. Not ours.
You're giving me heartburn again.
And the show's been on for so long
that it's at the end of it's run.
Because I'm so good,
I was able to keep it alive for this long.
Keep it alive? How can you even say that?
Look, you've been setting new records
for the lowest rating every episode!
Go on Love and Battlefield one more time.
No way.
Why do I have to go on that show again?
The viewers love you
and that female lawyer,
like Tom and Jerry.
You need to do something for this company.
So go on that show one more time.
As you said,
I'm in no place
to focus on someone else's show.
How much are you going to pay me?
I will deliver the verdict
if there is nothing more to defend
regarding the loan case number 2016-70007.
Plaintiff, are there any grounds
for further arguments?
That can't be.
Your Honor,
please take a look at article number 10.
As you can see,
this is the seal certificate
the defendant received
and the promissory note
with the same seal on it.
Defendant, the plaintiff's evidence
proves what you have been arguing
is not the truth.
-Do you have a counterargument?
Well, actually…
You don't?
Should I close the case?
Oh, no.
You said we won,
so why ask for deferred sentencing?
Things are going badly for us,
aren't they?
Say something. Why aren't you speaking up?
You already got your legal fees,
so you don't care?
How can you say that after deceiving me?
You should've told me the truth
from the beginning.
I didn't deceive you.
Why didn't you tell me
your father has Alzheimer's?
You should have told me
he could be out of it
just like he was in the courtroom.
Then I could have gotten a doctor's note!
This is crazy.
So you're putting the blame on me?
You think we'll lose, is that it?
This isn't bad. My first meal of the day
is a soju-beer cocktail.
Let me see.
I see a woman.
What? What woman?
I asked if I should sell my building.
That building's giving me such a headache.
There's a woman at that building.
it's not a woman or two, but three.
Geez, they are some strong-willed women.
And one of them is smart and articulate.
She's the strong one, guarding the house.
If she were a man,
she would've conquered the world.
Wait, what are you talking about?
So are you telling me to sell it or not?
You have a son, right?
Yes, I do. Why do you ask?
Your son is surrounded by yin energy.
He met a woman.
Gosh, there's no way.
My son doesn't have a girlfriend.
Gosh, she's a fierce one.
She's going to eat your son alive.
Wait, what if he really is dating someone?
Again? he won't answer.
Your call is being forwarded…
Good job. You got one more verdict.
No, it's been postponed to next week.
Why is that?
There is one more client waiting for you.
One more?
But I just had a drink.
You've gone insane.
I paid for this session.
I need legal advice.
On what?
I want to be compensated
for the pain and suffering
I received from being rudely
and violently dumped.
I see.
There are four apples
that changed the world.
Adam's apple, Newton's apple,
Apple's apple and finally, the fourth one,
an apple of apology from deep down.
If you tell me why we had to break up
and offer an appropriate apology,
I won't have to take you to court.
That was a lot of fancy words
for a load of crap.
Why are you so snappy today?
Oh, I heard you had a final hearing.
Did you lose?
You've been a pain in the ass
since morning.
And thanks to you, I had a horrific day.
Stop avoiding me and tell me the truth.
I'm tired of coming to see you
morning and night.
Or is it that you want to keep seeing me?
You should go home. Thank you.
I'll clean up.
Why did you close that?
What is it? What are you doing?
Hey, stop it.
Hey, Byun Hye-yeong, stop it!
-You crazy moron!
-Byun Hye-yeong!
You can't handle being dumped?
Is that why
you've been stalking me like this?
How dare you! Don't throw that.
I said don't throw that at me!
You still have feelings for me, don't you?
That's why you're being such a pervert!
You sick pervert. Pervert!
I thought you were sane, but I guess not.
Maybe you still have feelings for me.
That must be why
you keep luring me to come
instead of just telling me the reason.
What? Lure you to come?
I told you I don't remember!
As if you are so amazing and fantastic!
Why do I have to remember
dumping a loser like you?
I've had dozens of boyfriends since then,
you crazy, idiotic, sick pervert!
You think I don't know how to swear?
Stop swearing at me! And dozens?
I had hundreds
and hundreds of girlfriends!
You think I'm doing this
because I'm lonely?
Let go of that!
-No, if you beat me with these--
-Let go!
Hey, my hair, watch it! Wait--
How dare you kick me there?
You're going to lose all your hair!
Let go!
-Let go, I said let go!
-You first.
-You first.
-You first!
I can't believe you!
On the count of three,
we should all let go, okay?
One, two, three.
Hey, let go.
Let go! Let go of me!
Were you drinking?
Yes, I was. So what?
You're freaking sexy.
Then why are you just staring?
Intern Byun Mi-yeong.
Even the business card is pretty.
Isn't it? I already got assigned.
Management team 1.
-So you're going to be a manager?
I guess I am,
but it was my first day, so I'm not sure.
Everyone was out, so I only met
the team leader and not the team.
Let me have a few more.
Some for your grandmother, uncle and aunt.
And one for Min-ha.
I don't know if Min-ha would need one.
Would he?
Take that off.
Why are you still wearing that?
Leave her be.
She worked so hard to get it.
Let me get a closer look.
-Let's see.
-Yes, pretty.
Are you waiting for a call?
No, I was just checking what time it was.
I guess Hye-yeong's working late again.
-That firm gives her too much work.
Where are you? Still at the office?
Hello? Hye-yeong?
Yes, I am at the office.
Then you should've called.
I figured that, but I was still worried.
Sorry. I fell asleep while working.
Damn it.
Mom, I can't talk right now.
Let go.
Hello? Hye-yeong?
Mom, I can't talk right now.
I have to go.
Are you busy?
I have something to tell you.
I'll call you back later.
Did you sleep well?
Of course. I slept well.
Did you?
Me? I did.
I had some soju and beer yesterday.
Can you go in there for a minute?
I need this right now.
Hi, is this the office manager?
This is Byun Hye-yeong.
Are you at the office…
The counseling center is a mess, right?
There was a bit of a commotion there
last night.
No, no. It wasn't that kind of commotion.
Can you please clean that up for me?
Thank you. I'll see you later.
I must be crazy.
Why do you always cause trouble
when you drink?
No, this is okay. I'm okay.
It wasn't me. It was the soju and beer.
I wasn't of sound mind.
-You're leaving now?
The repairmen will be here at 1 p.m.
If they don't show up,
the number's on the table, so call them.
I will. Don't worry about it.
You're visiting
your friend's grave, right?
How did you know?
Well, Mom told me a while ago.
You go every year. You must've been BFFs.
Yes. We'll see you later.
Okay. See you later. See you, Mom.
How have you been?
What? The hamburger?
You visited me in my dream a while ago
and told me you wanted one.
I've been great, thanks to you.
And my family's doing fine too.
You know what?
Mi-yeong got a job recently.
We're going to visit Aunt later.
Don't worry about her.
Some spring clothes, socks and underwear.
And some snacks my aunt likes.
How is she doing?
She's fine. And she's eating well.
Would you like to see her?
She's feeling pretty good today.
Maybe next time.
Please keep looking after her.
Of course.
Did he really visit you in your dream
and tell you he wanted a hamburger?
He hasn't appeared in my dreams
for a while.
So it was nice to see him.
I'm sure.
What is it?
I'm fine.
I didn't say anything.
I'm simply holding what's mine.
Let's drop by the real estate agency
on the way.
Sure. Let's hurry up. Bo-mi must be
having a hard time at the snack bar.
Everyone, please take a look
at the announcement handout.
First, check the sockets.
See if there's any dust in the sockets
or if the cord is frayed or not, or if…
How about dinner tonight?
There might be sparks
which can lead to a fire.
-Who's that?
-He's handsome.
I call dibs.
-Especially the male instructors!
Be careful of unwanted sexual advances.
-Were you listening to me?
-Next. Ms. Byun Ra-yeong?
You've lost a third of your students
since last year.
And people have been posting complaints
on our website
about the quality of your classes.
If you keep losing your students,
we might not be able
to renew your contract.
Finally, we have a new person.
Coach Song went to study abroad,
so we have Coach Park Cheol-su,
who will take over the youth soccer team.
Say hello.
Hello, I am Park Cheol-su.
I hope we get along.
-So handsome.
-You're totally cute.
He's so handsome.
-And he's tall.
-He's so handsome.
He is amazing.
He's not too bad.
Sir, I will take that.
-Are you Ms. Byun?
-Here you go.
-Thank you. Goodbye.
What took you so long?
"Chocolate couverture set"?
"Cookie mold"?
"How to make chocolate"?
He has less than two months
until his exam!
Oh, yes. Come on.
Honey, I'm sorry I couldn't reply sooner.
I was so busy at work.
Were you worried about me?
I had lunch, but it was terrible,
so I'm craving your cooking.
Soybean paste stew, grilled mackerel,
eggs and things.
Who is it?
Oh my god, you scared me.
What is it this time?
Nobody. What do you mean?
What's nobody? What is it?
Why are you acting so suspiciously?
What do you mean?
I have to study, so leave.
About what? How to make chocolate?
Hey, how could you…
How could you open my package?
You don't like your life?
You gave up on your exam?
Or did they add how to make chocolate
to the state exam recently?
Well, no, actually…
They mixed up my order.
I should return it.
I was about to go to the bathroom.
A heart?
A heart? What the hell!
A heart and chocolate…
It's a woman.
How dare he have a girlfriend?
-Goodbye. Come again.
They should be back already.
Onions, carrots.
Green onions.
Oh, burdock.
Perilla seeds.
What are you doing?
You scared me, Mother.
I'm getting some vegetables and spices.
We're out of ground chili
and sesame seeds as well.
They'll think they have a rat.
So I only took two of each.
And I put in seven dish scrubbers, Mother.
Take some sesame oil too.
There was only half a bottle left.
Not taking that won't save you from shame.
You're right.
Then I should put
three more dish scrubbers here.
Your call is…
-She's not picking up?
-No, she's not.
She hardly ever answers her phone.
I know.
I also think the best thing to do here
is to talk to her
and try to meet the rent
and renew the lease.
Of course.
But 500 ,000 won is a bit too much.
How about 400,000 won?
But isn't 400,000 still
too big of a raise according to the law?
That's true, but it doesn't always work
according to the law.
Then why bother making the law?
If you try to negotiate,
you may not be able to renew.
Is it impossible to meet 500,000 won?
What do we do?
Let's give her 500,000 won.
We're in no position
to move the restaurant.
Right. We have no choice.
It's okay.
We can afford it once I go back to work
after the extension work's done.
-You should go. You must be tired, though.
-I'm okay.
Get some rest and try calling Ms. Oh.
Oh, this one is a lawyer?
She's 31 years old
and her father is a retired principal.
Gosh, I keep getting phone calls today.
I can't believe these people.
Your call is being forwarded to…
What? She just hung up?
Geez! Wow…
I should get changed first.
Intern, you're in charge
of Mr. An Jung-hui.
He's at KBC to shoot a drama,
so go there and give this to his stylist.
And say hello.
-I called his manager, so hurry along.
-Yes, sir.
Can I help you with…
Wait, I should find out
what he looks like.
An Jung-hui.
Oh, he's a former idol star.
Number 270! A little bit lower.
And 229, a little lower, too!
The props are missing!
That's right. What about 298?
-Come this way.
-Number 298 and 299, a little bit lower.
Excuse me,
but do you know where Mr. An Jung-hui is?
I thought I saw him go out.
Thank you.
How come there are so many lines?
Excuse me, I'm sorry,
but do you know where Mr. An Jung-hui is?
Why are you looking for An Jung-hui?
What are you doing here?
You're in the same drama
as Mr. An Jung-hui?
Oh, that was quick.
This is Ms. Byun Mi-yeong.
She'll accompany us. She's an intern.
Mi-yeong, this is Mr. An Jung-hui.
I apologize for not recognizing you.
I'm sorry. I'll do my best.
At your service.
You deal with her.
Tae-bu, the intern's not here yet, right?
I forgot to tell them
about the premiere suit.
But she's here.
Hello, I'm Byun Mi-yeong.
Let's introduce ourselves later.
Go to the office and get the suit.
It's right after the ending,
so there's no time.
-I'll call them to bring it to the lobby.
-Okay, I got it.
Hurry up! It's really expensive,
so be careful!
What am I going to do?
It's okay. I can do it.
I have to go. I must.
-I'm here for the suit.
-You're with Jung-hui?
How could you forget something like this?
Don't make this kind of mistake again.
Have we met before?
I think I've seen you before.
You don't remember meeting me?
Ms. Kim?
Just a second.
This is worth far more than your paycheck,
so be careful with it.
I will.
What are you doing?
What took you so long?
You should hurry up.
You're so lazy.
Why won't she call?
Should I call her?
Mr. Lee was looking for you.
-Go ahead and start.
Hello, who is this?
Is this Ms. Byun?
I am the producer of Love and Battlefield.
Hello, Mr. Lee.
Our viewers really loved you.
So I was wondering
if you could join the show again.
Thank you.
I'll sort out the schedule
and call you back.
Thank you.
Byun Hye-yeong, the lawyer?
Is she coming back?
Of course.
She liked that Tom and Jerry thing
with you.
You've heard about it, right?
You have to do it too.
I really don't want to do it,
but I'll do it for you. Remember that.
So Jerry missed Tom?
What foolishness are you up to now?
What? You don't know what's going on.
I do know. You're trying to match
Jeong-hwan up with someone.
Why is this foolish?
Our son's so busy
that he can't meet anyone, so…
Don't. He's not a baby.
He'll take care of his own life.
Why are you getting angry at me?
Don't do anything foolish.
I'm going to let Jeong-hwan marry
someone he loves.
Wait, so he's saying
he didn't get to marry
the woman he loved? Is that it?
-Where should I put this?
-Let's go into that room. This way.
-This way.
-Put it down there and let's have a look.
Did it come out nicely?
I gave it all I got. Take a look.
That looks good.
Photography is the art of light
and communication with the subject.
There's a slight, very small issue
with the composition and technique,
but you captured Chico's expression
very well.
You have a great eye.
I totally agree with you.
When I take photos of people and dogs,
I focus on harmony and communication.
And capturing the expression
at the moment of capture.
Thank you so much for noticing that.
-Let's put it up here.
Why does it have to be now…
Okay. Fine.
I'm coming. Goodbye.
Thank you for everything.
-Thank you.
I'll work even harder
if there's another chance.
Thank you.
Don't you think you're being too mean?
What do you mean?
You got a photo of your dog
to hang on the wall?
Geez, why don't you eat with Chico too?
A photo of a dog?
Chico is my family.
So it's a family photo.
If Chico is your family, what about me?
That mutt is your family, but I'm not?
Don't you remember last fall?
I begged to get a family photo taken,
but you made up excuses and refused.
-But you got one with that mutt?
-Stop calling him a mutt.
Do you know
how appalled and disgusted I get
when you use such vulgar language?
What else can I call it?
A mutt's offspring?
I can't get through to you.
Where are you going
in the middle of our conversation?
I can't believe those people.
Why do you keep calling me?
Hello, Ms. Oh.
I'd like to see you.
When is it good for you?
You're so odd.
I told you I have nothing to say to you.
Oh, fine. Whatever.
I have to be there anyway,
so I'll see you now.
What is this about?
Why do you keep bothering
and harassing me?
Just wait. I'll be there.
I can't believe this woman.
Fine. Let's not get mad.
I need to renew the lease,
so I won't get mad.
Hye-yeong, this is me. Are you busy?
I have something to tell you.
Is it urgent?
Go ahead, then.
Yes? Lease Protection Act?
Dad has to renew the lease?
Yes, so the landlord will be here soon.
Can you come?
I think having a lawyer there might help.
Right now?
I can't come right now.
If things don't go well,
call me and let me talk to her.
Okay. Thanks.
Of course.
I will try to resolve it. Don't worry.
It's nice to have a lawyer daughter.
Yes, you get back to work. Bye.
Let's see.
Oh, yes. Mackerel.
How much are the ones without legs?
24,000 WON
10,000 WON
Hey, Byun Jun-yeong.
A man's lips must always be ready.
My nose is runny.
Risque and dizzying
Lure you into my arms
You're here.
I'm sorry you had to work late again.
It's my destiny.
You're going home?
No, I have work to do.
Where are you going now?
To grab something to eat.
That's good. I haven't had dinner yet.
Geez, she's all dressed up.
Why can't she dress like her age?
So many accessories.
How can anyone be so classless?
So dowdy.
She has no fashion sense whatsoever.
How can she come outside
wearing those clothes?
She's so uncivilized.
What is it?
Why did you annoyingly
ask me over this late?
It's cold, so why don't we talk inside?
Tell me what it is.
I'd like to renew the lease.
I will pay you 500,000 won more for rent.
Funny people.
Didn't I tell you?
I'm not renewing the lease with you.
Wasn't it because we asked for a discount?
We will give you the amount you asked for.
I said I don't want that anymore.
Why do you keep asking?
I'm not renewing the lease with you.
I'm not.
Why is that?
According to the Lease Protection Act,
this is all illegal,
and you're abusing your power
as a landlord.
My eldest daughter is a lawyer, so I know.
But according to the Lease Protection Act,
a five-year lease is guaranteed,
and you can't raise the rent
more than nine percent.
Did you even know that?
If I sued, I would undoubtedly win.
What? Sue?
All right. Go ahead, then. Sue me.
A lawyer daughter?
If you have a lawyer daughter,
I have a prosecutor son.
Go ahead and sue.
What? What did you say?
Just you wait.
You must have been tired.
You didn't sleep well.
Yes, a bit.
Are you going on
Love and Battlefield again?
People love us.
They call us Tom and Jerry.
So I hear.
Hye-yeong, why don't we…
start dating again?
Let's get back together.
Answer me right now.
Do you want to date me or not?
Mr. Cha, do you want to go out with me?
Do you have feelings for him?
No, you don't.
Honey, let's move.
Let's all move out
from this whole building.
You know that Yeong-sil can't afford
to move to a new place too.
Just sell it for me.
I want to sell the whole building.
We put so much effort into this snack bar.
What if I go and talk to Ms. Oh
one last time?
We got a new intern today,
and I'm sure we've met before,
but I can't remember.
Someone I want to share good food with.
-You've lost it, haven't you?
What did I do that's so wrong?
I was going to ignore him until the day
I died, but I went and looked for him.
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