My Father Is Strange (2017) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

What? What did you say?
Just you wait!
Why bother calling anyone?
Why don't… we start dating again?
Let's get back together.
What's wrong?
Isn't your lawyer daughter picking up?
As if she exists.
Watch what you say!
Why would I lie
about having a lawyer daughter?
Why are you screaming?
What will you do if she's a lawyer?
What will you do then?
What? If she's a lawyer,
then she's a lawyer.
Lawyers are a dime a dozen.
Everyone says they are lawyers these days.
Oh, you look like
you're about to punch me.
So? You're going to sue?
Go ahead and sue. And--
We're moving, so get our deposit ready.
Goodness, that's really great to hear.
That tiny deposit is only 50 million won.
I'll get it for you,
so don't you worry about it. Okay?
Pay attention
when people are talking to you.
I can't believe you're so slow.
It's not just the snack bar.
We're moving out
of the third and fourth floors too.
I said not to worry about it.
I'll get it to you by tomorrow.
Oh, really? Is that so?
Since you're so sure,
let's see how quickly you can get
that large amount of deposit ready.
And we're moving
because you told us to move,
so you must pay
the real estate agency's fee. Got it?
Wait. They live in this building too?
What was that about the third
and fourth floors?
Jeong-hwan, you're joking, right?
No, I'm not.
But I'm not interested.
Why? Why aren't you interested?
Why do you want to get back together?
Because of last night?
I told you.
I was a bit drunk last night.
So? You're abandoning me?
-You don't have to put it like that.
-I told you I wasn't joking.
Sure. That night is a nice memory.
Isn't that enough?
What do you mean? So I…
So I was a one-night stand for you?
-Don't be that extreme.
-Byun Hye-yeong!
We're in a public place.
You're really saying no?
Yes. What we had ended eight years ago.
-It was only because you were drunk?
-Yes. 100%.
And there's no looking back in my life.
Happy now?
Let's eat.
I'll start eating, okay?
I really have no time.
You can eat alone.
I'm not a very understanding person.
That's not how it is for me.
For me, it's still going on.
It's not because of last night.
The moment I saw you at the reunion
after eight years…
Darn it.
So, I mean…
I mean, it's been eight long years,
but why am I still…
attracted to you?
Why? After eight long years, why…
Why is my heart still racing?
You should reconsider. I'm a great catch.
Enjoy your food.
It's exhausting to be pretty.
Oh, you're back.
How did it go? Good?
Honey, let's move.
Let's all move out of this whole building.
It didn't go well?
That woman is crazy. She's demented.
Nothing works.
The reasoning or even the law.
She totally abused her power
as a landlord, and kept saying no.
She thinks she's above everyone,
and thinks we're a bunch of nobodies.
I couldn't handle it anymore.
Okay, honey.
Calm down and breathe. Breathe.
We don't have money, but we have pride.
I don't want to live in a building
owned by that monster of a woman,
not even for a second.
I'm Byun Han-soo's wife
and a mother of four kids.
I couldn't put my dignity and pride aside
and lower myself and beg
for something so small.
It'll cost us some money,
but we should all just move.
Okay. I got it.
Drink some water and catch your breath.
Sounds like you're making
a speech to parliament.
It wasn't that I couldn't. I didn't.
There are things
you shouldn't put up with, honey.
Right, you're right.
Drink this.
Are you okay? Feeling calmer now?
Honey, tell me what happened in detail.
What exactly happened?
Didn't Hye-yeong say
she was going to help you?
Hye-yeong? Don't even bring her up!
She wouldn't answer her phone
when I needed her.
She embarrassed me so much!
It smells amazing.
All done.
I said you could remove your makeup.
Showing you my bare face is bad manners.
Wow, this looks so delicious!
Sit down. You must be hungry.
You should sit down too.
Okay. Just a second.
Here you go.
It's so delicious.
Are your fingers made of honey?
I taste curry in the mackerel.
I covered it with curry powder
and grilled it.
It gets rid of the fishy smell,
and, Yu-ju, you love curry.
You must be a cooking prodigy.
How did you think
of combining curry with mackerel?
Maybe you should've become
a chef like your dad.
Why won't you inherit your dad's business?
Well, my dad is a very stubborn man and--
Right, you told me that.
But that's too bad.
Passing it down to your family
isn't all that bad.
You must be hungry, so eat.
I'd like to go to your dad's restaurant.
You said it's in Mok-dong?
Sure, sure. Here.
Here. Have some.
That's not fair.
The egg just melts in my mouth.
You scared me.
How come you lost so much weight?
Has work been tough?
The company can't function without me.
We got a new intern today,
and I'm sure we've met before,
but I can't remember.
Now that I'm past 30,
I must be getting forgetful.
What? No way.
Not when you have such an amazing brain.
I'm sure it's because that intern
has such an ordinary face.
How is your studying going?
You must be stressed out,
so I take that back.
Studying must be tough, baby.
You're the only person
who understands me, Yu-ju.
My Ju, you're the only one for me.
No way, no way.
He's still not home?
He's completely lost it.
Your call is being forwarded to…
You won't pick up?
Great. You're ignoring my calls now?
I'm home.
That hurts. Mom!
You dare call me your mother?
Why didn't you answer my call?
Wait, right. That was why you called me.
"Wait, right? That was why you called me"?
-You come here.
I'm sorry.
Something happened, so I forgot.
So? What happened?
Don't even ask.
Why do you want to know now?
This is why they say kids are useless.
How could you forget about that?
Your dad's snack bar is on the line!
Do you know the humiliation
I suffered because of you?
You don't need to go that far.
It was just a phone call.
So? What happened?
Be quiet. It's over.
You don't deserve to know.
Dad, why is she so mad?
It didn't go well?
I guess not.
Get some rest.
I still need to get more details.
Oh, it was such a long day.
Dad, you haven't even called me in years.
And what?
You should've told me
you rolled your ankle
and you became rich.
Didn't you think about
how lonely your son might be?
What more do you want?
I did everything you said.
You shouldn't just do what you're told.
-Then what? Ignore all that?
-Can you?
It's hard to just do
what you want in acting.
Gosh, this is crazy.
What do you want then? What's the problem?
-Tell me the problem.
-You lack feeling.
You cry, scream and do all that,
but there's no emotion.
I quit. I quit!
All right. I quit!
-Answer it.
How can I answer my phone right now?
Excuse me. I need to get this.
Try to calm down after you answer that.
Think about feelings and emotions!
Hello, this is An Jung-hui.
Did you find him?
Yes, he's running a snack bar in Suwon.
He is?
Thank you. Thank you for everything.
Yes, please text it to me.
Thank you.
"Dad's Snacks"?
He was this close?
It wouldn't even take an hour
to get there.
What are you brooding about?
Let's do this, okay?
We can just do it
as many times as it takes.
I'll try one last time,
and wrap it up for the night.
Sure. It's kind of late.
-Want me to write down the lines again?
-No, it's okay.
You didn't even think about…
how lonely your son might be?
how much did you love my mom?
Well, I loved her a lot.
Then why did you leave her?
And why did you leave me?
I know.
I said I wanted to leave.
But didn't you hate us for that?
That was it.
-That was it?
-Yes, that was it!
Are you still angry?
If you can't handle it,
let's try the Lamaze again.
No, I'm better now.
Are you sure?
-Want some more water?
-No, I'm fine.
Then why are you sitting like that?
It's scary.
I'm just upset.
Thinking about having to waste
our money on moving
makes me feel so upset.
I can take anything, but it hurt most
when she said there's no way
we'd have a lawyer daughter.
She belittled me, saying I was trying
to call my nonexistent lawyer daughter,
and I got so furious
that I just couldn't handle it anymore.
She really said that?
She is awful.
Good for you.
Sometimes you need to protect your pride.
What is the cost of moving
compared to your pride?
Let's call Yeong-sik and tell them.
It's already late. Let's talk tomorrow.
Should we? Before Yeong-sik goes to work?
You should lie down and get some rest.
After you get mad, you have to rest.
Dear Yu-ju, goodnight.
Sweet dreams.
Blue crabs, mushrooms, wine?
I'll see you later!
Hye-yeong, did you get my business card?
My company's great, right?
Even interns get business cards.
Hye-yeong, I ran into her yesterday.
-You're not going to ask?
-Just tell me.
She didn't recognize me.
But I did lose a lot of weight.
But she's already a team leader.
So? You didn't say hello?
No, she didn't recognize me,
so I didn't feel the need to.
Hello, sisters!
You want me to drop you off
at the subway station?
I'm running an errand for Mom.
What the heck?
Oh, boy.
It smells like spring already.
Winter has gone, and now spring is here.
-Should I just drive you to work?
-Did something good happen to you?
It just feels nice
to get out of the house so early.
Isn't it more like
because you don't have to study?
You are so sharp.
You're just so sharp.
-Why do you study if you hate that much?
-Should I quit?
Got a death wish?
Just kidding.
you've been coming home late recently.
Working is great,
but look after your health and--
-You're driving me all the way to work?
-Of course.
Then keep it quiet.
Sure. You must be tired.
Miss Piggy, Miss Piggy.
Miss Piggy, isn't it great to be working?
How is it? You know what you're doing now?
Jun-yeong, I'm sorry, but I want to sleep.
All right.
-What did you say?
So I told her that we all are moving out,
including the snack bar,
your house and my house too.
I told her to get our deposit money.
I also said we can't pay
the real estate fee,
so don't worry about that.
So I want your family to move with us.
What do you think?
Well, if you ask us to move,
we should… Ouch!
we still have 18 months on our lease.
We have a year on our lease.
So you don't want to?
Uncle, you should move with us.
You want to live here
after what the landlord did to Mom?
Mother, what do you think?
Do you also think
we should move with them?
Wait, what's that smell?
Something must be on the stove.
-There's nothing on the stove.
Mom, what do you think? You don't want to?
Well… I…
When I think about what that woman did,
I get so upset,
and I think we should move
a hundred times over,
so we could show her we mean business
and get our revenge.
But we should think about profit too.
Why not move only Han-soo's snack bar?
Let's do that, Yeong-sil.
We can't always follow our emotions.
The real estate agency fee
isn't the only cost.
Right, honey.
This is betrayal.
Why did he have to move here
in the first place?
It was all because of you, Uncle.
You two shouldn't do this to Mom.
Mom, why is Yeong-sil being like that?
I don't know.
Oh, I guess she's getting old.
How can she be so unreasonable?
Mom, why don't you go up this afternoon
and talk to her
about just moving the snack bar.
You know that Yeong-sil can't afford
to move to a new place too.
And Han-soo didn't seem like
he wanted to move.
Right? It looked to me like
he didn't want to move either,
but he just couldn't say.
I know.
He should just say what's on his mind.
He's too nice to his wife.
I know he's the best son-in-law ever,
but he loves his wife too much.
I wish I could be loved like that too.
Mother, we're going to work.
Please get Min-ha some snacks later.
go up and see Yeong-sil later, okay?
You can do it.
See you later, Mom. See you.
Such an idiot.
She doesn't know how to be shrewd.
Oh, that girl.
I need…
Where did he go again?
He's wearing the same hoodie as the mutt.
My goodness. What a sight.
My God…
I have to go out. You'll be home?
Man, he's at it again.
Whenever he gets mad, he never
says anything and keeps his mouth shut.
I'm sick of it.
My gosh!
So her brother's family lives
on the third floor
and her family lives on the fourth floor?
Yes. You didn't know?
How could I possibly know that?
You don't take a census
when you buy a building.
So it's best to just renew
their lease, Ms. Oh.
Or there would be three vacancies.
Oh, my head.
I mean, she said I abused my power
as a landlord,
but she is the real one who's abusing
her power as a tenant.
By the way, you should've told me
about this sooner. Don't you think so?
It's not too late, Ms. Oh.
Mr. Byun and his wife
are really nice people.
Whatever. You should've told me earlier.
I can't deal with this.
Just sell it for me.
-I want to sell the whole building.
But there are so many buildings
listed for sale in this neighborhood.
And no one is interested.
Even if someone is,
you'd lose so much money.
Oh, my head…
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Come again.
Are you still upset?
Then go upstairs and get some rest.
The lunch crowd is gone,
so I can manage by myself.
It's okay.
I'll get more furious
if I'm just sitting down.
Like Ra-yeong said, this is betrayal.
How can Mom and Yeong-sik do this to me?
You look like you're feeling a bit better.
You wouldn't even open your mouth earlier.
What could I do?
He's my brother, so I can't kill him.
Let's move without them. I'll start
looking for a new place tomorrow.
So you won't kill me either, will you?
What if I go and talk to Ms. Oh
one last time?
We have nothing to lose,
so even if she says no,
I'd like to give it one more try.
There's no use.
She's not someone you can reason with.
I already asked Mr. Park
at the real estate agency
to set up a meeting.
We put so much effort into this snack bar.
It's not easy for me to give up.
What if she says no again?
It'll only hurt your pride.
My pride doesn't get hurt
over things like that.
That only happens
when I don't try my best,
and I give up too early.
Suit yourself. You said
you already made the call. Why even ask?
Honey… Are you mad?
Ms. Na?
He's in no position to be seeing anyone.
What am I going to do with him?
Mom, have you eaten lunch?
Shall I make you some noodles?
No, I'm not hungry. Don't mind me.
He won't know until he meets her.
He'll have to meet her to realize
how she is and how I feel.
Who are you talking about?
It's nothing.
Should I make
some grilled mackerels for dinner?
With some pumpkin jjigae?
What? I'm sure I put a mackerel
in the freezer.
Did I move it to the fridge?
It's not here.
What? Where did the pumpkin go?
And the tofu?
How strange.
I'm missing some side dishes too.
You raided the fridge for that woman?
Did Han-soo take them to the snack bar?
What's wrong? Drink some water.
What's wrong with me?
I should stop eating.
I'm heading upstairs. Enjoy the rest.
Has he gone completely mental?
His exam is only weeks away!
Someone I want to share good food with.
You've lost it, haven't you?
Are you living with her?
Something unbelievable happened.
Jun-yeong has a girlfriend.
He's gone mad.
Attached are photos of evidence.
What? Unbelievable.
Six this evening.
Byun Jun-yeong's hearing.
Attendance required.
-Are you busy?
-No, I'm not busy. I'm not.
Then get coffee. Three Americanos,
two with everything, one with sugar,
a decaf, two lattes and a hot chocolate.
Yes, sir!
"Three Americanos, two with everything,
one with sugar,
a decaf, two lattes and a hot chocolate."
Hot chocolate.
Hey! Who made this coffee?
I did!
From now on, you make all my coffee.
Yes, ma'am!
Me? Oh, okay.
-From now on, empty all the trash cans.
-You know how to recycle, right?
-Yes, I do.
Nice shot.
-Intern? Sweetie.
Are those all from Jin Seong-jun's fans?
Yes, they are the so-called tributes,
or… support.
It's unbelievable.
-You're in charge of An Jung-hui?
This box here is for him.
Take it.
I guess he doesn't have
that many fans yet.
For some reason, I feel disappointed.
Byun Mi-yeong?
Right? Byun Mi-yeong.
I knew you looked familiar.
You've completely changed.
What did you get done? Liposuction?
By the way, why are you ignoring me?
You don't want to say hello?
I don't believe this.
You won't even say hello.
Fine. See you around.
You're here early.
You too.
You're okay?
There's no need to get nervous.
You did a good job last time.
It looks like you're the one
who's nervous.
I'm always nervous…
around you.
Is that so?
Want me to make you really nervous?
I'm sorry.
-Did you think about it?
-I thought I already gave you my answer.
So you're saying no?
Are you sure?
You'll regret it.
What? What is it now?
-First of all…
-First, do a good job, right?
Right. First do a good job. But--
Don't forget the pay. Last time--
-Oh my… What are you doing here?
What do you think? I came to see you.
Are you making a professional debut?
Why not?
-Hold on. Your makeup is smudged.
It's okay. Don't worry. Where?
What's the use of looking handsome?
We're going to start shooting.
Guests, take your places.
Audience, come in.
We will see you next week. Thank you.
Thank you.
-Thank you.
-Good job.
Thank you all for today.
-Good job.
-Thank you.
-Thank you. Good job.
-Thank you.
Right. I should at least say goodbye.
-Jeong-hwan's rating went down again?
-I can't believe it has room to go down.
Is he slow or something?
He ruined his show,
but he goes on another's show?
You mean Mr. Cha Jeong-hwan?
You can be charged
with defamation or slander
if you badmouth someone behind their back.
Did you know that?
Who are you?
Why do you want to know?
You bunch of shameless slanderers.
What the heck? Let's go.
Did I overreact?
-Good job.
-Good job? I'm never doing it again.
Why not? You did such a good job.
-I just did it since…
-He told you to?
Thanks to you…
I'm not doing it next week.
Don't expect me to.
Mr. Cha Jeong-hwan, can you hear me?
-Is that Yeon-ji?
If you can hear me, make a circle.
Is there something you want to check?
I can hear you.
Is your shoot finished?
Then, do you want to go out with me?
I'll get your answer later in person.
Yeon-ji, you've really got guts!
What? Guts? What are you going to do?
It's not like that. What are you doing?
-Didn't you hear?
-Be quiet.
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
Are you okay? I thought you had left.
I'm leaving now.
Why? You're feeling pressured?
No. About what?
See that?
This is why you can't lose me.
Nervous, aren't you?
You're running out of time.
-Does that taste different?
-What's yours?
Jun-yeong must be out of his mind.
I'll be there by six.
What's taking Hye-yeong so long
to read it?
-That's it?
Frosty witch.
Don't be late. Be there by six. You must.
Isn't Coach Park really tall?
He has such long legs. He's my type.
But your ex was short.
No, I don't like anyone
shorter than 180cm.
-As if.
-I'm not lying.
Get some vitamins.
Our center's star,
Ra-yeong, I got your favorite, SBL.
Strawberry banana latte.
Thank you.
They are such idiots.
A beautiful body houses a sound mind.
Just like Coach Park.
Are you saying my body is ugly
and my mind isn't sound?
-Did we have a subject in that sentence?
A beautiful body and a sound mind
can also be applied to women,
don't you think?
-Were you talking to us?
-I didn't have a subject in my sentence.
-What the heck?
Would you like to have coffee with me?
My treat.
I don't really like coffee.
Enjoy yours.
I even used a curling iron
on my hair today.
It's okay. It's not just you
he's not interested in.
He's not interested in her either.
You're home?
You have a dermatologist's appointment.
Right. I forgot.
Can you cancel it for me?
You haven't left yet, right?
No. I haven't left yet.
-Are you going somewhere?
-I am.
If you keep making appointments
without telling me--
Hey, I have to go. Bye.
Is there something specific
you're looking for?
It's for a man in his 60s.
Is it a gift for your father?
Just a man in his 60s.
-In that case…
-Can I see that one up there?
-Sure. Just a second.
Is Jun-yeong home?
Yes, we just checked. Let's go.
Is that you, Uncle?
What? What do you want?
You know what that is, don't you?
Hey, why do you have this?
See why we're here, don't you?
Come out.
Can we get a table with no escape route?
Have you eaten?
Why are you being like this?
This is how an interrogation begins.
You know why you were dragged here,
don't you?
No, I don't.
-You really don't?
-No, I don't.
You won't open your mouth
without evidence?
Hey, even though you're my sisters,
isn't this going too far?
Aside from us being siblings,
even if we were closer than that,
this is wrong.
Hye-yeong, you should know.
-This is clearly illegal and--
-That's true.
Putting everything aside,
this is dehumanization.
It's about human dignity.
That's true too.
We did violate your dignity.
What about you?
Don't you think
you violated our parents' trust?
Jun-yeong, did you really go to her house
and cook for her, as it says in her phone?
Can't you read?
I just can't believe my eyes.
You only have two months left
until your exam. Right?
So aren't you glad I used my nimble body
to go on a stakeout and crawled my way in
and collected all the evidence?
-Be quiet.
I'll ask a serious question.
did you perhaps give up on the exam?
-Then what are your plans?
Did you give up on your life?
Please don't put it like that.
Those preparing for state exams can date.
And they're allowed to go
on dates sometimes.
Does she know you've been studying
for five years?
Does she?
-She does.
-She does?
And she still made you cook for her
when your exam is two months away?
He even raided our fridge for her.
She's bad news.
Don't say things like that.
My Ju isn't like that.
Your Ju?
You're so mean.
Maybe what I did was really bad,
but how could you break into my phone
and interrogate me like I'm a criminal?
I'm your big brother!
I need room to breathe too!
Do you know how frustrating it is
to be studying for five years for an exam?
Only My Ju understands how I feel.
Then move in with her.
Stop stabbing our innocent parents
in the back and leeching off them.
Do you think the money
they give you for classes
was so that
you could buy her food and wine?
How can you…
I know I have no excuse, but--
If you have no excuse, shut up.
You have no conscience at all, do you?
You think it only affects your life?
You're ruining our parents' lives too.
How can you be so childish?
How old are you?
Did you leave your brain at her house?
Is that why
you lost your ability to reason?
Hye-yeong, that's a bit…
Is something wrong at work?
Yes. I'm sure Jun-yeong understands now.
Yes. Right, Jun-yeong?
Why don't we make a toast?
-Yes, let's do that.
-Are you kidding me?
Fine. Do whatever you want.
It's "YRYL" after all.
Jun-yeong. Jun-yeong?
Drink up.
-Yeah, we ordered these, so let's drink.
What's "YRYL"?
That? "You're ruining your life."
That's too far.
Oh, Gwonseon-gu is…
It's too expensive.
If it looks good,
the rent is unbelievable.
I came up all upset
but he won't even come and check on me.
And I was glad the kids came home early,
but they all went back out. Gosh.
It's best to just renew their lease,
or there would be three vacancies, Ms. Oh.
Mr. Byun and his wife
are really nice people.
Ms. Oh, can you tell me where this goes?
Sir, please be careful with that,
so you won't damage the wall.
I paid so much money for the work here.
Of course. Don't worry.
Let me see. Where is my phone?
Oh my, I guess I left it in my car again.
What? Cafe de B?
I guess she is going to open a cafe here.
-What do you want?
-Oh my God!
Why are you so startled?
You must have done something wrong.
I didn't do anything wrong.
You showed up out of nowhere,
so I got startled.
What is it?
Do you have something to say to me?
No. Didn't we finish our conversation
the other night?
Ms. Oh, are you okay? Did you get hurt?
How can you be so careless?
You almost killed me.
-I'm sorry.
-I'm so sorry.
The screw came loose. I'm sorry.
Are you okay?
You shouldn't have been snooping around
a construction site in the first place.
Goodness gracious.
Did you get hurt?
No, I think I'm fine.
Are you okay?
Well, yes, I guess I am.
She must be hurt.
Did you get hurt? Are you injured?
Help her to her feet.
-Why don't you try to get up?
Get up slowly.
Are you okay?
Honey, what's wrong? Are you injured?
No, I'm fine.
Goodness, what happened?
What happened to her?
Well, you see…
I'm fine.
If you keep asking her,
she'll feel uncomfortable. Let's just go.
If you need to see a doctor, do it, okay?
-I'll pay for it.
You must be hurt badly.
-Lean on me.
It's okay.
Be careful.
Oh, boy…
-Are you in a lot of pain?
-I'm okay.
Call your boss right now!
How can you be so careless?
Call your boss!
I'm sorry.
Be careful.
Careful, careful.
-Oh, my stomach.
-You're okay?
Did you see her face?
What? You were faking it?
Did you see? Her…
Her face looking all sour?
Oh, boy.
You scared me!
Still, let me see.
I'm fine.
My stomach hurts.
Are you sure you're okay?
I am.
So awkward.
Or is it the least awkward one?
Are you aware of who I am?
I am An Jung-hui. Your son.
No, that's too lame.
Isn't there something
that's not a tear-jerker?
Something cool?
The 1980s… No.
Do you remember June 6, 1982?
That was the day your son,
An Jung-hui, was…
This isn't some reality show.
Gosh, what the hell should I say?
-What is it?
I'm busy,
so if it's not important, goodbye.
The thing is…
You can't get another audition.
I tried everything, including begging.
But they gave the proposal
to Mr. Jin Seong-jun.
They did say it wasn't definite, but…
Your call is being forwarded to…
-Your makeup is smudged.
-All better? Thanks.
Do you have feelings for him?
No, you don't.
Byun Hye-yeong.
I'll get your answer later in person.
This is why you can't lose me.
You're running out of time.
Where are you?
One, two, three.
I'm editing.
I need to see you.
I'll come over.
What does Jin Seong-jun have that I don't?
I look a million times better than him,
and I'm a much better actor than him.
Al, don't be a picky eater.
You have to eat a balanced meal.
You love cabbages too much.
You can't do that!
Wait, I only gave him cabbages.
I'm sorry, I apologize.
Just a second.
What? No!
What did I do that's so wrong?
It's not my fault I don't have a father.
I've never seen him or met him,
so how would I know?
So I was willing to meet him.
And I didn't ask for it for free.
I didn't demand it for something!
All I asked for was just one audition.
An audition…
-I'm going to call you until you answer.
-Your call is being forwarded…
Your call is being forwarded…
Your call is being forwarded to voicemail.
Mr. Ryu, why won't you answer?
I have something I must tell you.
I didn't want to go so low
as to tell you this, but…
I went and looked for my father.
Because of your drama,
because of how you described my acting,
saying that it was like flavorless food…
So I…
I was going to ignore him
until the day I died,
but I went and looked for him.
But you rejected me?
There is no one better than me.
Mr. Ryu!
Mr. Ryu, I…
After almost 30 years…
I was going to…
I was going to meet my father.
I really…
I can do a good job.
Mr. Ryu, I really can.
I can really do a good job.
I really can.
What are you doing here this late?
You have something to say?
Did you give your answer?
On what?
Oh, you mean Im Yeon-ji?
No, not yet.
Then don't.
Why not?
Because I don't want Im Yeon-ji
to have you.
-So are we getting back together?
-No, we're not.
What do you mean by that?
I don't know
if I want to get back with you yet.
I'm not sure about that.
But you don't want
someone else to have me?
What kind of crap is that?
Are you kidding me?
Am I your spare tire?
You don't have to go that far.
I'm asking for an extension.
Just don't give your answer to her
too quickly.
You said you like me,
so you could do that, right?
But that doesn't give you the right
to be this rude.
-If I offended you--
-There's no need to apologize.
But give me your answer right here,
right now.
Yes or no? Do you want to date me or not?
Jeong-hwan, I…
Yes or no?
Can't you answer?
Then I'll answer for you.
My answer is "No, thank you."
I'll never ask them
to renew the lease first.
I'm never going to beg
to a woman like her again.
-She's impossible.
-You stop right there!
How could you steal that money?
Don't you know what that means to me?
I have to leave by six no matter what.
Hey, why is she here?
Just memorize everything. That's it.
Yes, sir!
Tae-bu, Mr. Ryu called me.
Let's do this right.
We can do it!
What kind of snack bar closes this early?
Is it this one?
I'll come over.
You've read me all wrong
-Hye-yeong's going on a blind date.
-A blind date?
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