My Father Is Strange (2017) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

Gosh, my stomach.
You know what? Because of your drama,
I went and looked for my father!
What was that terrifying flashback?
No, that can't be real. It just can't.
No way.
What am I going to do?
Wait, this is nuts…
You're nuts, you are.
But why? Geez, this is nuts.
What is that?
What is it?
Did I swear at him too?
Jung-hui, I got how serious you are.
I want you to audition once more.
I'll call you.
What's this?
What's going on?
Oh my God!
Oh my God! What's going on?
Hurry. Answer it.
Tae-bu, Mr. Ryu called.
What do you think?
He's giving me another chance!
My gosh, when did you come home?
I didn't know you were back
until I saw your shoes at the door.
I shouldn't have bought you
that apartment.
You hardly come home anymore.
The price increased.
You made a huge profit, thanks to that.
Your aunt talks to Ji-hun in New York
face-to-face via video call daily.
What about me? We both live in Seoul,
but it's so hard to see you.
Ji-hun is the crazy one.
Why does he video chat
with his mom at his age?
Right? Your aunt is a bit odd.
Doesn't she want her son to get married?
-So I was thinking--
-I want cheonggukjang.
You do? Then I should make you some.
-Take a shower and come down.
By the way, Jeong-hwan,
did you get a facial?
How come you became more handsome?
Come down.
-I will.
Let's eat.
Thank you.
Try this oyster dish. Okay?
Entertainment Today's ratings
are going down.
Isn't it in danger of being canceled
next season?
Dad, I told you not to check the ratings.
You aren't reading the comments, are you?
Even if I want to, there are none to read.
What's going on?
No comments are worse than bad comments.
Honey, we haven't eaten together
in a long time.
Why bring that up?
Shouldn't you be seeking a way
to improve it overall?
-Dad, it's like I'm eating with my boss.
I heard ratings have dropped
for every channel
because there are so many of them.
Wait, are you seeing someone?
No, why do you ask?
I heard you are.
-From whom?
-A fortune teller…
Well, if you're not, that's great.
Then why don't you go on a blind date?
Just a second.
I found you three whole candidates.
I told you not to do anything silly,
but you did.
Why is this silly?
It's not silly, Dad.
I'll do it, Mom.
-You will?
I know I'm not young.
These are the ladies?
Yes, you have to think about marriage now.
I chose them very carefully.
They look nice, don't they?
She's a teacher,
and she's a lawyer.
No lawyers, mom. I don't like lawyers.
You don't?
Okay. She doesn't look as nice, right?
And she is a pharmacist.
-Which one do you want to meet first?
-It doesn't matter.
If you set it up for a Sunday, I'll go.
-You're finished already?
-Yes. Enjoy your breakfast.
Why does your dad get meaner and meaner?
I feel like I'm being suffocated.
I told you.
It's because he's depressed
about retiring.
You said you'd be more understanding
for a while.
But for how much longer?
And it's not like he won a medal.
Other retired men tip-toe
around the house,
but your dad's getting
outside my hand more and more.
He might make me retire from my life.
Just say "out of hand," mom.
Not, "outside my hand."
Why can't I say that?
It means the same thing.
What's all that?
Hye-yeong said
she's having breakfast today.
All that's left is the rolled egg.
Rolled egg too?
You already made Hye-yeong's favorites,
japchae, gochujang jjigae
and Atka mackerel too.
Goodness, it's too much food already.
Is it?
Yes, you can't eat that much
for breakfast.
Don't you have a big group
coming in an hour, chef?
Hye-yeong, are you ready to go to work?
Why don't you come down
and have breakfast here?
It's too much trouble, but I'm hungry.
Jun-yeong, hurry up and come down.
You girls go down.
I'm not all that hungry.
Come with us. You have to have breakfast.
Right. You can't study
on an empty stomach.
I'm just not that hungry. You girls go.
Is this a protest or something?
How dare you skip breakfast?
I don't deserve to have breakfast.
That's why I'm not eating.
You think you deserve to skip it?
Just come down!
Jun-yeong, come with us.
If you don't, mom and dad will be worried.
Let's go.
He's hopeless.
We're the ones who should be angry.
It's so nice to have breakfast
with everyone.
Dad, isn't it too much work
now that I'm not here?
Your mom's been helping me, so it's okay.
Try some Atka mackerel.
You like it, too, Junyeong.
Eat up.
Why are you being so nice to your brother?
What about the lease?
We don't know yet.
I'm going to talk to the landlord
one more time.
I told you there's no use.
Look. She won't even call.
Aside from renewing the lease or not,
when someone got hurt because of her,
shouldn't she at least call
and ask how they're feeling,
and if they need to see a doctor or not?
-Mom, did you get hurt?
No. I didn't really get hurt.
That night, if it hadn't been for me,
she would've been hit by that sign.
I know that.
Maybe she doesn't know our phone number.
Of course she knows.
I called her a dozen times.
And I'm sure the real estate agent
told her that you wanted to see her.
She's impossible.
I'm going apartment and restaurant
space hunting later.
I mean, how can she stay silent like this?
Mom, I thought you were a realist.
They know you got hurt.
Wouldn't it be better to use that
to help renew the lease?
I won't ask anymore.
I'm sticking to my principles now.
I'm never going to beg
to a woman like her again.
Unless she comes and asks me
to renew the lease.
But you said she wouldn't.
So are we really moving?
This is all Uncle Yeong-sik's fault!
What's going on?
Ra-yeong must be badmouthing
Yeong-sik again, mother.
Don't feel pressured
about having to be number one.
Just do your best on the tests.
I'd rather be number one.
All right then. Okay. Let's eat.
You can't answer?
Then I'll answer for you.
My answer is "No, thank you."
So you won't even text me or call me?
Talk about an exceptional power
of execution.
Shouldn't you slip up
and make mistakes sometimes
to be more human?
That's not how it is for me.
For me, it's still going on.
He is so inconsistent. So inconsistent.
I mean, he was wooing me like crazy,
but now he doesn't even text me?
Hope you didn't forget
about the blind date tomorrow.
Oh, right.
Of course not.
He's a special friend, so behave yourself.
You promised to give me
that criminal case. Don't forget that.
Where is it?
-Did you think about it?
-Oh, you scared me.
I told you not to pop up
out of nowhere like that.
Iced cafe mocha,
extra whipped cream. Right?
You sure have a good memory. Thanks.
It's only good for you.
Because I love you.
Let's get to work.
-You haven't thought about it?
-Jong-beom is waiting.
Okay. Just think about it a bit more.
Okay? Just a bit more.
How did you get it?
I even got down on my knees and cried,
but it didn't work at all.
When will he call?
Oh, wait.
What if he calls me when I'm working?
Come on, you can give me your phone
when the shooting starts.
That's right.
Tae-bu, you're incredibly smart.
Good boy. Hold on.
Get me a bottle of 21-year-old
Royal Affair and put it in my car.
Is it for Mr. Ryu?
-Who for then?
-It's none of your business. Just get one.
-Okay. I'll go once the shoot starts.
You're supposed to work
on a day like this.
What? What's this?
There's no phone number.
There isn't? Darn it…
Excuse me, sir!
Do you know whose car this is?
Wait. 4885?
Oh, this is Mr. An Jung-hui's car.
An Jung-hui? Man…
You're here early. How are you feeling?
Great wardrobe today.
What's this? Look at the color.
You're so good at your job.
You all must be tired.
But it's the final shoot,
so let's do this right.
We can do it!
What's wrong with him?
He used to never say hi.
Is he excited because it's the last day?
Cha Jeong-hwan?
Why would he call me?
You parked like a very civilized man,
Mr. An.
Thank you for your compliment.
Who was that, Jung-hui?
Just spam.
You hung up?
Oh, boy… Did you really hang up?
Pick up. I said pick up.
Your call is being…
Hold these.
-Push. Just push. Push.
-It's in park.
It is?
He put it in park and just left?
Hello, Mr. Cha.
Yes, he's right here. Parking lot?
Okay, I'll be right there and--
Mr. Cha, I'm sorry.
I'm in Busan for a shoot right now.
Oh, are you? Then I'll just call
a tow truck and have it towed.
They come in about five minutes
these days. Bye.
You! You crazy…
Jung-hui, I'll go. I will.
Hey, hurry up. Hurry!
Tell him if I find even one scratch,
I'm going to sue for damages, okay?
One, receive the clothes
and deliver them to the shoot.
Two, deliver the gifts to the actor.
We have a meeting with the Art Team.
Bring these.
Yes, sir.
Wait, Art Team means… Kim Yu-ju…
Last year's photos were in Wudy's
winter collection, and were well-received.
But Jung-hui asked for Daor suits
and not Wudy.
Number four in this collection?
We got this for Mr. Jin Seong-jun.
We got number 11 from Daor, too, right?
That's for Baek Yun.
Jung-hui will get mad
if I don't bring one.
We have no choice.
Let me recommend something else.
The cleric shirt
from Senne's 2017 FW collection.
And the MF double-breasted jacket.
Didn't you hear me?
-Excuse me?
-Set them up.
Get the cleric shirt
from Senne's '17 FW collection
and the MF double-breasted jacket.
What about the shoes?
Brown wingtips.
I'm sorry, but which one is the cleric?
The shirt.
That white shirt. Cleric.
No, the collar. The white collared shirt.
I'm a busy person.
I'm sorry.
Move over.
It looks okay,
but it needs something more.
Why not make it formal with a tie?
Paisley? Camouflage?
Paisley in indigo and motif.
Let's see both.
What are you doing?
I'm sorry.
-I told you I'm busy.
-I'm sorry.
-Move over.
-I'm sorry.
-Let's go with indigo. What do you think?
-I like it.
Me too.
-Yes, I like it too.
Excuse me?
Why do you like it?
Well, the shirt and…
What was the shirt?
Mr. Kim,
how do you select your interns these days?
I'm not sure. I wasn't in the interview.
Were you?
If I were, I wouldn't have picked her.
They let anyone in these days.
Let's wrap this up here.
-Take a photo of that.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
I must have been possessed.
Why did I buy this building?
Should I ask how her ankle is?
If I do, they'll ask me for a renewal.
You're the new landlord, right?
Yes, I am.
Hello, I live in No. 301.
The heater must be broken.
There's no hot water.
Can you hurry up and fix it?
Why do I have to fix that?
You broke it, so you have to fix it.
I didn't break it.
And it's the landlord who has to fix it.
Why does the landlord have to fix it?
You're so strange.
Hello, Ms. Oh.
Mr. Byun, just call the heater guy.
She's going to pay anyway.
No, we don't need a heater guy for this.
I feel bad because you always do this.
Oh, and the maintenance
in this building is bad.
The broken hallway light
hasn't been replaced.
It's really inconvenient at night.
Look here.
I'm done. Why don't you turn it on?
It's working now.
Thank you, Mr. Byun.
That's great.
-It's done, Ms. Oh.
Thank you. You're a jack-of-all-trades.
No, it was nothing.
The last owner neglected this building,
so you'll have a lot
to deal with for a while.
But I just don't understand that.
So the building owner
has to pay for all of it?
Gosh, buying this building was a curse.
I almost got killed
because the sign fell off.
Oh, wait… How is your wife's ankle?
Is she okay?
Yes, she is. You don't have to worry.
That's great to hear.
At least you're easy to talk to.
By the way, the real estate agent
told me you wanted to see me.
Is there something you want to say?
Well… Yes.
Instead of looking for new tenants
for the 3rd and 4th floors,
I should just renew their leases
if they ask.
What is it you want to tell me?
It's okay. There was something
I wanted to ask, but not anymore.
Why didn't he say anything?
Shouldn't he ask for the renewal first?
-That's mine!
Do they really think he'll notice them
if they do that?
Let's take a break.
Let's go!
Good job.
How cute!
Take a break.
Why did I smile?
Well, because the weather's so nice?
Practice dribbling.
He's looking at me.
He's going to talk to me.
He's looking at me.
The weather's so nice,
so let me take a selfie.
The ball!
Bring it to me.
The weather's so nice.
I mean, I'm so pretty,
so why won't he look at me?
Is something wrong with his eyes?
Was there glare?
Even if there wasn't,
I am way too dazzling.
I'm bad news for eye health.
Oh my God! Why are you standing there?
I was just watching.
I mean, why were you watching?
Did you secretly take a picture of me?
Because I might say no if you asked me?
Let me have it.
I'll take one of myself for you.
Give it to me.
I don't need any.
-You must prefer the paparazzi style.
-I didn't take any photos.
So you videotaped me?
I won't get mad for doing
it behind my back.
Everyone wants to take a photo of me.
Because I'm so pretty.
Why didn't you take my photo?
Why would I?
I'll come with you.
I can work on getting a degree.
Thank you, everyone.
Thank you.
-Thank you.
-That's the director.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Jung-hui, why did you bring
your car today?
I was going to go somewhere
if I got out early.
Don't book anything
after my interview tomorrow.
Where are you going to go
without telling me?
I know you won't tell me even if I ask.
I got you the scotch.
Oh, I'm such an idiot.
I'm sorry, Jung-hui. I forgot the bag.
I'll be right back.
What kind of snack bar closes this early?
Is it this one?
That one?
It's been three days,
and you won't call
or text me?
Do you really want to end this?
I'll do it.
Are you asleep?
Are you mad?
You're being a clingy ex-girlfriend?
Erase it. Just erase it!
How are you?
"How are you?"
Are you kidding me?
We met just a few days ago.
Did you really do that? Why?
I just wanted to protect your dignity
at that moment.
If you hate the idea that much, I do too.
I'm sure we can find somewhere to move.
When we sold our restaurant in Mok-dong
and came here,
things looked so hopeless.
But we made it work.
That's true,
but you worked so hard to get here.
It's okay.
The kids are all grown up,
so we don't need much.
Let's start searching
for a new place tomorrow.
What is it?
Did I do something wrong again?
Come here. Let me give you a kiss.
No, it's okay.
Why not? Let me give you one.
Just hearing she asked you
if you had something to say
makes me feel so much better.
She asked me twice.
Now I have to give you a kiss.
Let's turn the lights off first.
We have plenty of time
before the next hearing,
so let's take it slow and be really ready.
But the amount in question is so big that…
Why won't he reply?
It says he read it.
Reply. Reply!
Cha Jeong-hwan, I'm Byun Hye-yeong.
You will regret this!
Have you always been this cold?
Oh, Hye-yeong, is everything going well?
-What's up with you today?
Are you already excited
about your blind date tonight?
What were we saying?
You must've been shocked
by my sudden call.
Yes, a bit.
Why are you so nervous?
Don't worry, it's nothing.
When I saw you at the reunion,
I thought I should take you out to lunch.
But I've been so busy until now.
I see…
Hey, don't be so nervous.
Eat up.
I'll do it.
-Eat up.
-Thank you. You have some too.
Is it good?
Yes, it is. Maybe this place is famous.
Have you been to the restaurant
at Shinhwa Hotel?
No, I haven't.
Have you?
I'm going tonight.
I'm going on a blind date.
Oh, how time flies, Jong-beom.
I have to start thinking
about marriage already.
It's at 8 p.m. at Shinhwa Hotel's
2nd-floor restaurant.
I heard their signature dish is great.
I'm meeting a prosecutor
with the Eastern Branch.
I think he's your age.
He's younger than me.
Actually, I've only dated younger men.
Everyone I've met
has been younger than me.
I've only dated younger men,
but you wooed me
and now you dare to ignore me?
Never mind. Eat up.
It's 8 p.m. tonight
at the 2nd-floor restaurant
in Shinhwa Hotel.
Go tell him.
If you get the time or place wrong,
there will be a serious problem, right?
You still don't know why
I'm telling you this?
I thought you were smart. You're not?
I know, Hye-yeong. I'll make no mistake.
Hye-yeong's going on a blind date
with a prosecutor from the Eastern Branch.
at the 2nd-floor restaurant
in Shinhwa Hotel at 8 p.m. tonight.
How did you find out?
That's what I'm saying.
Why do I have to know that?
At the restaurant in Shinhwa Hotel
at 8 p.m. tonight.
I told you, okay?
My stomach hurts.
Let me go get some medicine.
You're going on a blind date?
I can't believe it.
How are you?
Wow, she's being cute and cheeky.
Byun Hye-yeong, you've read me all wrong.
Yes, boss.
I'm finished and I'm on my way back.
Yes. I'll see you tomorrow.
Come on, "Gimbap." Yeah!
Roll it well
Roll, roll, roll
Press on it
Press, press, press
Like how rice sticks to the seaweed
Stick, stick
You! Do Jeong-tae!
Do Jeong-tae! You stop right there!
You scumbag!
You jerk!
Hey! You stop right there!
You scumbag!
Hey! You stop right there!
Excuse me.
Wait, I'm sorry.
-You stop right there!
-Stop following me, Yeong-sik!
Hey, how could you steal that money?
-Don't you know what that means to me?
-I told you I'll pay you back!
Try putting yourself in my shoes!
Can't you understand me?
Understand? How could I understand you?
You're dead.
You're dead.
That money was everything!
If I catch you…
Are you okay?
Yes, are you?
My car…
My car was…
What's going on?
Be quiet!
Who is it?
It's me.
Is it going well?
Why are you drinking soju, uncle?
Did something happen?
I lost him.
The jerk who stole money from us.
Where? When?
Just now?
You should've caught him.
I know!
Why do I bother living?
I couldn't even catch him.
Cheers. Drink, okay?
Look, it wasn't your fault.
Trusting someone isn't a crime.
Your friend's the bad guy for conning you.
It was his fault, Uncle Yeong-sik.
The soju tastes so bitter.
This yogurt tastes bitter too.
Seriously… What's wrong with me?
Why can't I get a hold of myself?
Why is My Ju so pretty?
Why did I meet My Ju at a time like this
when I have to study?
If she is the one,
why is the timing so bad?
My nephew,
you come into this world empty-handed
and leave it empty-handed.
But you can't be empty-handed
while you're alive.
If you live this way,
you'll be empty-handed.
I know.
You want a sip?
No, I have to study.
Yes, you must.
I don't know why you met
someone so gorgeous
at such a crucial moment in your life,
but on a day like this,
I want to tell you to forget your destiny
and pull yourself together.
Don't you think a loser like me
in your mother's life is enough?
Right. I must pull myself together.
You cheer up too.
Sure. You cheer up too.
Do you have instant noodles in your room?
Man, I'm starving.
What are those?
The trophies Jung-hui received.
"Most invisible, An Jung-hui."
Is this even real?
When Jung-hui was in an idol band,
he was invisible.
Should I put this out too?
We don't have enough trophies,
so we need that or it'll look really sad.
By the way,
do we have to put up the posters
and take them down for every interview?
Mr. Jin Seong-jun
has a permanent interview room.
That's because he has so many interviews.
But for Jung-hui,
he only gets one or two a year,
or when a drama series is finished.
But having a strong girl helping out
made it go fast. Let's take a break.
Tae-bu, I'm sorry,
but can you help me with training?
There are so many things
I still don't know.
The foundation of management is simple.
It's people.
So you need to study people.
And the most important one
is our artist, An Jung-hui.
He was born on June 6, 1982.
He debuted in Steel Heart,
a three-boy band.
He was in charge of vocals
and English rap,
but his presence was very small.
Nominated for the Best New Artist in 2004.
Nominated as the Teen Favorite in 2006.
for the Best Performance in 2007.
And "Nominated" means…
That means he didn't win.
-It's best if you never mention this.
Next. Because of discord among members,
Steel Heart broke up.
And it was a dark time
for the artist An Jung-hui.
Two years in the military, and…
And the age of bad acting began.
Of course,
the age of bad acting isn't over yet.
The age of bad acting isn't over yet.
The moment you say "bad acting"
in front of the artist An Jung-hui,
you'll feel the pain of your spine
folding backward
and your teeth leaving your mouth,
so you better watch your tongue.
He's been extremely temperamental
because of the Oh, My Boss audition,
and he's been going to places without me.
He needs close observation and care.
Oh, and the most important thing.
The most important thing.
He feels very competitive
about Jin Seong-jun,
so talking about him is banned.
That's about it. Any questions?
How can I learn about words or phrases
about clothes and fashion design?
I went to a concept meeting yesterday
and I failed horribly.
Just memorize everything. That's it.
Yes, sir!
You're tired, aren't you?
I told you not to come.
But you need your mom there.
You don't know anything.
People might think
I'm still in my twenties.
You feel confident because you have me.
If you didn't have me,
people would look down on you so much.
It's this one.
What do you think? Do you like it?
After we put in a couple of tables,
there will be no space for a refrigerator.
How can you bring us to such a tiny place?
No, this won't do. Let's go.
It is a bit too small.
How about this one?
Good grief, it's even worse.
It gets worse by the minute.
Let's go.
This won't do. Let's go.
This is on the second floor.
It's darker than the one before,
and the location is worse.
I kind of expected it,
but the rent has gone up quite a lot.
That darn woman.
Who do you think? That zebra woman.
This is all that woman's fault.
I couldn't say no.
She has such an unfriendly face.
Don't even start. It's obvious.
And just look at her chin.
It's like you could put a hole
in a table with it.
She has no good fortune on her face.
And her eyes are so mean looking.
And her mouth…
Whenever she opens her mouth,
she says such dumb things.
Right? I knew it.
Many people said I have a harsh face,
but compared to hers, it's nothing.
What are you talking about?
How could you compare your face with hers?
Compared to hers,
your face is that of a queen.
You have so much dignity,
warmth, beauty, and…
You have such grace dripping off you.
Gosh, you're the only one
who thinks so, mom.
But it's nice to hear it.
What are you talking about?
You take after me.
I knew it. He didn't even open the lids.
Oh, boy…
Yes, I'm the owner of that building.
What is it?
It's the beauty salon on the first floor.
The toilet in the women's bathroom
is broken, so you need to replace it.
It's been leaking since last month.
But why are you asking me…
Oh, okay. I said okay!
My goodness.
I don't want to hear it.
Just sell it for me or buy it from me.
You have to do something.
If it hadn't been for you, I wouldn't
have bought an old building like that.
Ms. Oh, please calm down.
How could you sell
such a bad building to me?
Did you think I was an easy sell?
Why don't you hire a superintendent?
The owner before put Mr. Byun in charge.
Mr. Byun is such a hardworking man
that he scheduled to clean the water tank
and fixed the broken lights
in the hallway.
And he cleaned too.
As if it was his building,
he managed it so well.
But he did get a discount on his rent.
Why didn't you tell me that before?
It's too late.
It's not too late, Ms. Oh.
They will renew the lease if you ask them.
I'll never ask them
to renew the lease first.
It's a sports team?
What? Hi, you're back. I'm crazy busy.
You should've called me.
I got back earlier.
I'm still here, Yeong-sil.
Bo-mi, you were here? Thank you.
It was nothing.
I got paid, so I have to work.
I see.
I thought you weren't paying her.
Unless she refuses it, I can't pay her.
-Which table?
-Number Five.
-Eat up.
-Thank you.
Eat up, and let me know if you want more.
It's the real estate agency.
-It's about renewing the lease.
The landlord asked for it?
Of course it's not a bad idea.
You're here.
Yes, I just got here.
Have a seat.
Thank you.
What would you like to drink?
I'm okay.
As I told you earlier,
I begged Ms. Oh to reconsider,
and she made her decision
for the general good to renew the lease.
I see.
I personally thought it would benefit
both of you
to renew the lease, so I--
You already said that.
I understand what you mean.
I was out hunting for a restaurant space.
But since this happened,
I guess it was meant to be.
Right, Ms. Oh?
Well, perhaps.
You must've been shocked that day.
You don't have to worry about my ankle.
It's fine.
I heard from your husband.
He said you recovered the same night.
I'm glad anyway.
And as I asked you on the phone,
can you continue to be the superintendent?
If you do, Ms. Oh said
she won't raise the rent
and will renew the lease
under the same conditions.
Well, I talked to my husband about it,
and he said he would do it.
On top of cleaning, you have to make sure
I don't have to do anything.
You clean the first floor
with the beauty salon.
I'm talking about the stairs
and the hallway.
The stairs and the hallway.
Well, that's doable. Okay.
That's great. Let's sign the lease, then.
-Did you bring your seal?
Here it is.
-Jung-hui, you're here.
-I told you I'd pick you up.
-It's okay.
I have to be somewhere afterward,
so I drove.
What time will the interview finish?
The last interview is…
Dispect is the last one.
It's scheduled at five o'clock.
Hey, why is she here?
I'm sorry.
I'm new,
and I made a huge mistake that day.
It will never happen again.
I'm very sorry.
Jung-hui, she's just an intern.
But she works really hard.
Make sure it ends by six.
I have to leave by six no matter what.
How does my hair look?
The makeup's not too much, right?
-No, I think you look okay.
-I do? Maybe I should've slicked it back.
Hey, hey!
Where are you going? Isn't it in here?
Well, actually, Jung-hui.
The room over there has better lighting
and is warmer, and how should I put it?
Feels more peaceful?
Mr. Jin Seong-jun has a special interview
with Cine24.
He does?
Well, that's not what's important today.
It has to be finished by 6 p.m. sharp.
What is the advantage of a long series?
Having plenty of time
to absorb the character.
What are your plans for the future?
I want to try out different roles,
but for now, I want to take a break.
Thank you. Goodbye. Handshake. Goodbye.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
So many rumors started
after Steel Heart broke up.
There were rumors about discord
in the band and about the sign-up bonus.
But as far as I remember, you never
offered any explanations on that.
So much time has passed, so isn't there
something you can say now?
Are you expecting a call?
You've been checking your phone a lot,
you're unable to focus on my questions.
There are so many pauses.
Can you hurry up a little?
All reporters have similar questions.
I didn't mean it like that.
I've been getting
so many similar questions,
that I'm wondering why you reporters
are so uncreative.
At this rate, to be honest,
you could get the answers
from the reporter before.
Why are you taking up
so much of my time?
I was joking.
That was a joke.
Did you fall for it?
When it was just a joke?
So what was your question?
Your next question.
Thank you for everything.
Where are you going?
You have Dispect left.
-It's already 6 p.m.
-No, Jung-hui. It's Dispect.
Number one in the field.
You know it's hard to get them.
Let go.
I have to be somewhere this evening.
Just 30 minutes.
They'll be here in 30 minutes.
If you lose this chance,
you may not get another.
Okay. Let go.
Let go! You're wrinkling my jacket.
6:45 P.M.
So how much longer…
At 7:30 p.m.?
You will definitely be here by then?
Okay. Drive carefully.
7:30 p.m.?
Jung-hui. Please!
You really need this interview, Jung-hui.
FROM 10:00 A.M. TO 8:30 P.M.
-When will they be here?
-By 7:30 p.m.
Jung-hui, what time
do you have to be there by?
How come today feels longer than 35 years?
Cancel everything for tomorrow.
-I'm going tomorrow.
Do you go on blind dates often?
Do you?
About two or three times a month.
Is that considered often?
I'm willing to have at least 100.
But I haven't met anyone
who I felt was the one.
Why isn't he here? He should be here.
Did Jong-beom tell him or not?
If he heard, I'm sure…
I knew he'd be here.
What? It's not him.
-Your food is here.
You can put that down.
Just a second!
You can eat now.
Okay. Enjoy.
The new season's coming soon,
and you think this is enough?
You have nothing catchy,
like a bad acting special?
What if we get complaints again?
It's fine as long as we don't get sued.
How about the dark age special?
Is that too similar
to the bad acting special?
You're quieter than I expected.
You don't have any questions for me?
How come what you're waiting for
never shows up
and the value of something
is felt only by absence?
Excuse me?
Do you like cheonggukjang?
I don't.
-Do you?
I really don't like it.
But I think I could eat it every meal
if I were asked to.
He wouldn't ask to have it every meal,
would he?
What are you talking about?
I am saying I have to go.
As an apology to you, I'll pay for this.
Jeong-hwan, it's me.
Where are you? I'll come over.
I'm at my office right now.
Okay. I'm coming over.
-To KBC, please.
Hello, Jeong-hwan?
I'm at the steps
in front of your building.
But I left my office.
You said you were here.
I was.
I was on my way out after a meeting,
but you hung up on me.
Where are you right now? I'll come to you.
I'm driving right now.
Where are you driving to?
Jeong-hwan, how do I turn the volume up?
Are you with Im Yeon-ji right now?
Yes, so I can't talk very long.
Down there. Yes, yes.
I don't know what's up,
but I'll see you later. Bye.
Your call is being forwarded to voicemail.
Okay. Forget it.
Fine. Forget it!
4:12 A.M.
Why did I wake up?
It's only 4 a.m.
Go back to sleep.
What? It's not even 6 a.m. yet?
Are you going to a funeral?
It has to be casual.
I can't look like I care.
Why did I pick these?
I have to look like
I didn't try to dress up,
but also like I kind of did.
Something like that.
Suwon-si, Jangan-gu,
Ogeum-dong, 374-4.
Dad's Snacks.
Searching for the fastest route.
Starting navigation.
Your destination is 300 meters ahead.
You are at your destination.
Instruction is over.
Dad, you're turning 60 this year.
So we're going to send you two
on a vacation abroad.
Do I look like him?
My nose?
I feel as if I'm back in high school
when I see her.
-Throw her to the ground.
-Do you finally want me back?
Sweeping isn't all there is to cleaning.
I'm going to check later.
-Weren't we supposed to have an audition?
-Who are you?
Who could I be?
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