My Father Is Strange (2017) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

Would you like something to go?
What would you like?
That's the menu.
-Ramyeon, please.
Coming right up.
Sir, can we have some more pickled radish?
Sure. Just a second.
Would you like some more tteokbokki?
You're still growing,
so you must be always hungry.
-Yes, please.
-Thank you.
Would you like anything else?
If that's not enough, tell me.
I'll give you rice.
I have to tell him.
Let's tell him.
If he asks me one more time,
I'll tell him.
Please take care of it. Okay.
Do you need something?
Do you want some rice?
No, thank you.
Just tell him. Are you stupid?
Just tell him. You can do it.
I can do it.
-Uncle, can I have two rolls of gimbap?
-Sure. Just a minute.
What? It's An Jung-hui.
On January 23, 2017, you signed autographs
at Ayeon Department Store
next to Jeong-yeon,
but you didn't even get 200 fans. Right?
-Hey, you don't have to be that specific.
-You are, aren't you?
-It is An Jung-hui.
-It's true.
-Hey, he's An Jung-hui, right?
-My God.
-He is.
-Wow, he's totally handsome!
What's he doing here?
-Oh my God!
-He's so handsome.
This is unbelievable.
What about your change?
This is driving me crazy.
-What the…
Gosh, where did he go?
Why did I run away?
Oh my.
Excuse me?
I can see you in there.
-What is it?
You can't park here.
There is a snack bar here.
Can you please move your car?
Excuse me!
How can you roll your window up so fast?
I almost hurt my finger.
Jeong-hwan, how do I turn the volume up?
Are you with Im Yeon-ji right now?
Yes, so I can't talk very long.
I don't know what's up,
but I'll see you later. Bye.
Cha Jeong-hwan, you jerk.
I hope you only eat cheonggukjang forever.
You easily swayed jerk.
You have no consistency at all.
You're worse than second-hand smoking.
Why did you woo me?
You're worse than taxes.
You think you can get away with this?
I'm going to lock you up in an airtight
space and make you breathe smog.
Excuse me.
You scared me.
You didn't hear me knock.
Mr. Yun is looking for you.
He's here?
Yes, he just arrived.
And the document you gave me this morning?
We should take that part out, right?
Cha Jeong-hwan, go suck an egg,
you awful jerk.
You scumbag.
I hope a Siberian tiger eats you.
You're more toxic
than the fermented bean smell.
Eat persimmons and get constipation.
You son of a bitch.
But I didn't type this.
Leave that here. I'll retype it.
Come in.
What are you doing here on the weekend?
Did you see the guy
who likes cheonggukjang?
You said you could eat that
all day every day?
How can you make such a mess?
I went through a lot to set that up
and told you to behave yourself.
Oh, boy.
I didn't make a mess.
I apologized politely too.
And I even paid for dinner.
You think I'm a joke, Hye-yeong?
Oh, don't go that far.
Geez, I'm sorry.
Would you like me
to call him and apologize?
You think he wants to hear your voice?
You won't have any criminal cases
for several years.
What are these?
Those are files on the civil case
Mr. Kim was on.
They are yours now.
Why do I have to take that?
You have to ask?
Mr. Kim is working on Park Gi-ju's case.
The trial starts in two weeks,
so hurry up.
I'm going home.
I'll give you the argument summary
on Monday.
But your client is waiting for you.
He came when you went
into Mr. Yun's office.
What are you doing here?
You look a little pale.
Maybe that's why
you look even prettier today.
You look especially like
a stray dog today.
Was the dinner at Shinhwa Hotel decent?
It was totally delicious.
Do you finally want me back?
No, not at all.
It went away
after that phone call last night.
What are you doing?
You'll think about it again now.
Now you remember how you felt?
Ms. Byun?
What about now?
What? You need something?
No. Did something good happen?
Things worked out,
so we don't have to move.
We'll be the superintendent like before,
and the rent will remain the same.
Oh, yes! That's great.
Talk about a dramatic breakthrough.
I know.
So all I can wish for right now
is for you to pass your exam.
You can do it this time, can't you?
Yes, of course. I should.
-I should go upstairs.
Tell me if there's anything
you want to eat.
We're having dinner
with your uncle's family.
Tonight at seven, samgyeopsal party.
Everyone's attendance is desired.
No cover charge.
It's Na Yeong-sil's treat.
I'm in. Did something good happen,
No cover charge?
That's even nicer, Yeong-sil.
I'm coming.
Me too. I'll bring the green onion salad.
I knew Hye-yeong wouldn't reply.
Mi-yeong must be busy too.
The 2017 fashion lingo.
Puffer is a down jacket
that's like a pufferfish.
A down jacket. And fanny. Fanny?
But it's a hip sack.
It looks like the one dad has.
Mom jeans.
Boyfriend jeans.
But these are just jeans.
Being unfashionable makes them cool?
But that's me.
Who's more unfashionable than me?
Off-the, off-the-shoulder.
The world of fashion
is a very complicated world.
Slacks and loafers.
The sweater is…
I've seen it. I'm sure I have.
No, no.
Oh, Sten.
Sten 2016, homme line sweater.
Yes, I got it!
-You lost weight, didn't you?
Going on a diet was so hard.
Don't get fat.
Staying slim takes skills too.
I know.
But your outfit is so pretty today.
It is?
I'd say 96.
That's too much. I'd say 95.
You are so mean.
I'd say 94.
Who wants to make a bet?
-The loser buys the snacks. Are you in?
What are you doing? Get on.
-Get on.
-Get on.
-Get on.
-Get on.
-Get on.
-Get on.
That rounds up to 94.
You're buying snacks.
Of course. That's a great idea.
I've always wanted to do it, so I'm glad.
What? Okay. I'll ask him now
and call you right back. Okay. Bye.
Honey, my big sister called.
She asked if we could join her
and her husband
on a cruise to Europe in late May.
I've always wanted to go
after you retired.
What do you think?
The ship has everything inside,
and they throw a party every night.
There's even a party
where men must wear tuxedos
and women must wear dresses.
My gosh!
Where else could we wear clothes
like that?
I'm not going.
Why not?
We haven't traveled abroad for years.
If you want to go, you can go by yourself.
I'm not interested.
Why not?
Please tell me. Why don't you want to go?
You're bugging me.
I don't want to travel with you,
be it a cruise or whatever.
If you want to go, go by yourself.
But why…
Why don't you want to travel with me?
Why do you hate Chico?
You just do, right?
And you never liked dogs.
Same with me. I just don't want to.
How could you say such a thing?
Cha Gyu-taek!
How can you be so crass?
What about you? What are you doing?
I asked you why you don't want to travel
with your wife,
and you ask why I hate Chico?
Ask anyone on the street!
Ask if what you're doing is normal
and if what you're saying makes any sense!
That's your problem.
Why get strangers
involved in our problems?
Wait, that's because…
You really want to know the reason?
Yes. Tell me. Why don't you want to?
Have you ever read any of my articles?
You badmouthed me with your family
for not becoming
a political journalist
as your father wanted,
and retiring without making director.
Have you ever been interested
in what I wrote?
I did read them. Not very often, though.
When was I ever embarrassed of you?
You belittled me
for being from a poor family.
But aside from that,
how did you treat my family?
You chose a self-made man,
so you should've embraced his family too.
But you looked down on my family
for being poor.
When did I belittle your family?
I never did such a thing.
So from now on,
I'm going to live the way I want to live.
I'm going to enjoy my life by myself.
And I'm not going to humor you anymore.
I'm never going to join
your vain family to eat
at hotel restaurants.
I hate it, and I'm not doing it anymore!
So please leave me alone.
I cleaned the room yesterday
so I can have a brand new start.
Sit down.
Good thinking, Jun-yeong.
It's not too late.
You've been studying for so long,
so you can start again.
Yes, please don't just say it
and demonstrate with your actions.
Pull yourself together if you're human.
What is it you want to say?
Dad is turning 60 this year.
Dad's already 60?
So how about the four of us pitch in
and send dad and mom
on a vacation abroad
to celebrate his 60th birthday?
Yes, I'm totally for it.
They have never been abroad before.
So how much?
One million won each for Hye-yeong and me,
and 500,000 for you two.
What? 500 thousand won?
I have nothing after I gave mom rent
and paid my credit card bill.
But you make more than I do as an intern.
We'll need that for a trip abroad.
But Jun-yeong,
do you have one million won?
I don't have for now, of course.
Lend me one million won.
I'll get a job and pay you back
after my exam.
What? You're borrowing money
for the dad's gift?
I can't get a job right now.
You expect me to borrow from a loan shark?
Are you threatening me?
-You told me to study.
-Is it for me?
What do you want me to do, then?
Darn it!
Fine. But I need an IOU.
Hye-yeong, can I borrow 500,000 won?
You went through my closet, right?
Oh, a mosquito!
-Kids, come down and have dinner!
Enjoy, everyone.
I was in a generous mood,
so I got prawns too.
Wow, but they must have been expensive.
My stomach is going to freak out.
And there was no cover charge, Mother.
Yeong-sil, congratulations.
Not having to move is great enough,
but the rent is the same?
It's because Han-soo is a virtuous man.
What are you talking about?
My daughter is like the Goddess of Mercy.
She's the real virtuous one.
Mom, you're embarrassing me. My goodness.
Right, Mother, my wife's not that nice.
Wow, Han-soo, you've gotten cheeky.
Mom, why did that evil landlord
change her mind?
That's what I want to know.
I don't know why that evil-hearted woman
changed her mind.
Well, Han-soo's going to keep maintaining
the building like he used to.
And I'm going to be in charge of cleaning.
I have to do it, but I do feel lost.
Gosh, it's hot.
Good grief, don't worry.
I won't ask you to help.
Yeong-sil, my family will help out
when we're free.
-Hey, let's get that on tape.
-My gosh.
I'll help you after my exam in June.
Mom, just hire someone.
If you work too hard at your age,
you'll get sick.
Let me try it out.
I won't work hard enough to get sick.
Don't worry.
Well, Dad, Mom. I have something to say.
-Dad, you're turning 60 this year.
Wait, Han-soo, you're already 60?
So we're going to send you two
on a vacation abroad.
The four of us are pitching
in an equal amount,
so don't worry about the money.
-Equal amount?
-Let go.
Yeong-sil, you must be so happy.
This must make raising the kids
all worthwhile.
Han-soo, lucky you! Where are you going?
Europe? Australia?
No, it's okay.
Your thoughts are enough for me.
I'm not interested in traveling abroad.
You know he's scared of airplanes.
Even when he gets on a plane
to Jeju Island,
he panics because of his acrophobia.
So how can he go abroad?
So you're not going?
What are you talking about?
That's nothing.
Isn't it like motion sickness?
You're not going to die.
I'm sorry, Mother.
I can be silly that way.
Oh, you are being so silly.
You can't drive or get on an airplane.
And you call yourself a man?
Mom, some people can't ride bicycles.
And he has qualities
that make up for that.
From Yeong-sil's point of view,
there are no in-laws.
Be quiet.
I'm so furious.
Is it that you can't drive or won't drive?
You made her do
all the driving her whole life.
How can you be that dumb?
But, Mom,
why do you keep changing your word?
You said he was the best son-in-law
in the world.
Min-ha, what was it?
What did your grandmother say?
You mean "MFP"? My favorite person.
Yes, you said "MFP",
holding your thumbs up. Man…
Oh, you're an idiot.
You're so dumb.
I'm sorry, Mother.
I'm sorry, kids.
But I really appreciate your thoughts.
I do, ten, 20 times.
No, honey. Don't say that.
I'm not that kind of woman.
Kids, I want the money
for the trip in cash.
We may be parents and children,
but we shouldn't just say thoughts
are enough.
But Dad said that was enough.
Wire the money by the day
before his birthday.
She must be a total idiot.
I don't know why she loves him so much.
After all these years,
she's still head-over-heels
in love with him.
Go to bed. Goodnight.
Right, Mom?
I mean, it looks like
she is literally blinded by love.
To her, being able to stay blinded
by love forever
might be a blessing, Mother.
The moment that goes away,
she might want to punch herself
for being so stupid.
Son, you should brush your teeth.
-Jeong-hwan, how's this one?
-And this?
I think this one's better.
I said it's good.
What about the 8 p.m. dinner
at Shinhwa Hotel?
-Would you like some coffee?
-Hurry up.
Yes, sir.
He thinks he can joke around with me?
Are you in bed?
Not yet.
What are you doing?
I'm about to go to bed.
This is our Day One.
It's not.
You're changing your mind again?
Today is our Day 3,003.
I'm going to bed.
Goodnight, Nut.
Goodnight, Cracker.
Seriously? Cracker? Cracker…
Hye-yeong, are you asleep?
I am.
How can you talk when you're asleep?
Do your eyes hurt?
It's because you're always
on your computer at work.
Are you really sleepy?
Don't beat around the bush.
Cut to the chase.
I mean, I thought I would be okay.
I'm much older,
and a lot of time has passed.
And I'm not a fat loser anymore.
I thought I could pretend
to be okay at least,
but I'm not okay yet.
I feel as if I'm back in high school
when I see her.
And I don't know how to handle her.
And she still belittles me
and looks down on me.
Throw her to the ground.
You used to do judo.
What kind of lawyer suggests violence?
Sometimes the fist
is more effective than the law.
But choose the location carefully.
Make sure there are no witnesses
or security cameras.
I recommend the bathroom.
I'm tired. Let's go to bed.
-You're joking, right?
-Get out.
Do I look like him?
My nose?
My cheekbones?
I don't know.
Who cares if I look like him?
I think I should try to communicate
with him before my audition.
Darn, I left the scotch there.
Should I get another bottle?
-The director of Oh, My Boss called.
He asked if you're free
the day after tomorrow.
Oh, I am. I am totally free.
Tae-bu, thank you so much. Good job.
Yes, I got it.
I never looked down on his family.
He doesn't realize
he has an inferiority complex.
This is why you shouldn't marry
a self-made man.
The reason I didn't read his articles
wasn't because I looked down on him.
Why does he think I got bad grades?
It was because I hated reading anything,
including books.
Not to mention,
when did he ever try to humor me?
I was the one who had to put up
with his extreme temper.
What? "I'm going to live my life now"?
Good grief,
as if he never lived his life until now.
He's always done whatever he wanted.
Oh, man.
Mom, rinse, please!
-Just a second. Hye-yeong is almost done.
Mom, my eyes sting really badly. Hurry!
That's enough.
Oh, okay.
Mom, give me a bit more water.
There's not enough lather.
Okay, just a second.
I feel like a puppy being bathed.
Please fix your bedroom's bathroom.
I got it fixed. It just broke again.
Okay, fine. Since you're blaming me
for something I didn't do,
I will drive you to Gangnam today.
-That'll give you time, right?
-Oh, yes!
Have some rice cakes too.
Even one is enough to fill you up.
I'll go and get the car,
so come down when you're done.
Mom, I'm done. Wait for me.
I'll see you later.
Dad, bye.
-Hye-yeong, finish that…
Hye-yeong, finish this!
Have a nice day.
Ra-yeong, your water!
She's gone.
Oh, boy.
-Ra-yeong, your water.
-I'll drive our ladies to work.
Dad, I love you.
I'll see you later.
-I love you.
-Drive carefully.
-I'm rolling the window up.
I'd go with them
if it weren't for the restaurant.
I hate you, but I'll give you breakfast.
Come in. It's this room.
I want to move this bed to my study.
-Can you lift it?
What do you mean?
Move your bed to your study?
I'll tell you later.
Please be careful. This way.
What are you doing
without talking to me first?
You can have the room to yourself.
It's natural for males and females
to live apart when we get old.
-Be careful. This way.
Be careful.
Sharp look.
Manly look.
Kind look.
Isn't the sharp look best?
Speaking from experience
from the past five years,
I'd say the best one
is the frontal headshot.
You didn't have to stress the five years.
Let's do it.
Eyes relaxed.
Chin in. Smile slightly.
Did you successfully create a new mindset?
Yes. More than anything,
I must pass for My Ju.
Good. I don't want to stress it,
but I can't help it.
Who dates a man who's been studying
for a state exam for five years?
Does she work
for a volunteer organization?
Of course she is nice enough
to work at one, but she doesn't.
She works for an entertainment agency.
What was the name?
Anyway, it's a big company that represents
people like Jin Seong-jun,
Gu Ju and Lee Yeon.
Jin Seong-jun, Gu Ju, Lee Yeon?
That's Gabi.
Gabi… Sounds right. I think that's it.
That's where Mi-yeong works.
Wow, what an unbelievable coincidence!
Uncle, Yu-ju and I must be
a match made in heaven.
I should tell Yu-ju.
Are you serious?
You are so dense.
No woman wants one of her in-laws
as a coworker.
In-law? One of her in-laws?
-You're not going to marry her?
-Of course, yes.
You will, right?
Not now, though.
But someday!
Then you and I should keep this a secret.
Let's do this.
Did you see?
One, two, three.
I thought I told you not to call me.
I have something to say.
I don't want to hear anything.
I really want to see you.
I'll wait at the cafe near your workplace.
Oh my, you're keeping
your ex-boyfriend close?
Wow, you're really something.
I'm not keeping him. He won't get lost.
I've been begging him to get lost
for four months,
but I guess he likes where he is.
He won't leave.
Isn't it more like
you don't want him to leave?
Are you jealous?
You want me to give you a guy?
-You must be lonely.
-My gosh.
What? Lonely?
What would you like? Coffee?
We're in no place to sit together
and have coffee.
We broke up four months ago.
You can't keep doing this to me.
I know it's hard to get over me,
I do, but…
I wanted to meet you to give you that.
Open it.
A gift certificate?
Now you're using bribes to get me?
"Groom Yeon Tae-su, bride Kim Ye-ji"?
-Your ex-girlfriend, Kim Ye-ji?
One thing became clear
after I started dating you.
How amazing Ye-ji is.
Thank you for letting me see that.
So you're not here to beg me
to come back to you?
I'm getting married, thanks to you.
So I'd like you to come.
That was why.
You come here. Come here!
What was that? What did you say?
Let go of me!
I'm going to kill you!
That really hurts!
It's Sunday. You better come!
Come see for yourself.
Yeon Tae-su! You!
How humiliating.
I'm going to kill myself.
It's humiliating…
Darn it. Why did it have to be Coach Park?
Wait, does he use cologne?
This smells nice.
Did he do this
because he's interested in me?
That must be it. Right?
Are you okay?
Yes, I feel a bit better now.
-Then let me have that.
Good luck.
How can you say "Good luck?"
I can't believe that jerk!
He really left!
Jung-hui, we're here.
Tae-bu, must I go
to someone's movie premiere
at a crucial moment like this? Huh?
What's going on?
He looks happy even though
he's going
to Jin Seong-jun's movie premiere.
He's getting another audition.
I see.
You haven't even called me in years…
Look up, please.
As if nothing happened…
-Please close your mouth.
-All done.
-Thank you.
My makeup looks awful, doesn't it?
-It looks the same as always.
I need to look the part
I'm auditioning for.
This doesn't look like that character.
You're getting ahead of yourself.
It's too soon.
Should I dye my hair?
Make an appointment for me.
I'm dyeing my hair.
Something's not right.
Wait. Where is that from?
It's from Base.
Cho-rong, we're doing a miniseries, right?
So try getting some luxury brand sponsors.
Can you do that?
Jung-hui, it hasn't been finalized, so…
Why not? Of course, it has.
We should be prepared, okay?
That's the face of a miniseries star.
She is doing the cleaning, though.
Honey, give that to me. I'll do it.
It's okay. I can do this.
Give it to me. You have a bad back.
There's really no need…
You have a customer. Give that back.
Hurry up. You have a customer.
Oh, my! Hello.
I am cleaning right now.
So when is the grand opening?
It looks like you can open any day.
-Excuse me.
Come here.
Do you see that?
What? The stairs?
All you see are stairs?
You can't see the filthy dust
covering this?
Sweeping isn't all there is to cleaning.
You must get rid of all the dust too.
Okay. I'll wipe it clean.
Why didn't you remove this gum?
Yes, that is gum.
I didn't see that before.
Remove it right now.
Why are you looking at me like that?
The real estate agent said
you were a school nurse,
so you're very tidy
and have a strong sense of responsibility.
Yes, I'll remove that.
All the stairs.
I'm going to check later.
How did you get away?
You said you were busy
with the special show.
I'm skipping lunch.
I only have 30 minutes.
I have to get back after I finish this.
Wow, the air smells different.
It'll be spring soon.
I think flowers are already blooming
in the south.
Do you still drink only iced café lattes?
Do you still have cheonggukjang everyday?
I wonder if that place by our college
is still there.
It is.
I saw it when I was in the neighborhood.
So you only dated younger men?
I heard from Jong-beom.
Oh, that…
Not on purpose, though.
I look so young, and I'm so irresistible.
So the dozens of men were all younger?
Not all of them.
-Why? Does that bother you?
So how old was the youngest one?
It does bother you.
It doesn't. When I think
of all the young girls I dated,
I couldn't say anything to you.
Oh, you mean those hundreds of girls?
It wasn't that many.
That was a kind of hyperbole.
If you take that away,
how many did you date?
Why? Does that bother you?
Well? Were they pretty?
Well? Did you sleep with them?
Let's go out for your welcome dinner.
You pick the menu.
Yes, sir.
But I don't like heavy food
like pizza and pasta.
Oh, okay. Pizza, pasta.
You shouldn't have chicken
on the company credit card.
Something you boil
and share with everyone.
And don't even think about beef.
You'll get into trouble with Accounting.
I can't eat anything raw.
I got it.
This is it.
How come we always have this?
Intern, think outside the box.
Use your creativity.
How come it's always samgyeopsal?
As you can see here, everyone likes…
Grill it. It's burning.
Thank you.
Oh, my!
Your team is having dinner together?
Where are you going?
Grill the meat.
I don't eat fat, so remove it for me.
Excuse me?
If you eat all that, you'll get fat.
Then why eat samgyeopsal?
You should've ordered moksal.
But samgyeopsal is the best type of meat.
What are you doing? Cut them off.
You're still very slow.
She's our intern,
so don't order her around.
Oh, did I do that?
You should have these.
I have a feeling you like these.
Is this to welcome your new intern?
I should offer her a welcome drink.
Goodness, your team lacks affection
for your intern.
Mr. Bae, let me pour some.
If you pour that much,
I won't have any room for my affection.
It's just that I have
a lot of affection for her.
I didn't want to miss my chance.
Oh, no!
My gosh, you should've been more careful.
Let me go to the bathroom.
You haven't changed at all.
Just like before,
you're still nothing.
Look who's talking, Ms. Kim.
Say that again.
What did you say?
Stop it already.
Before I throw you to the ground.
Good for you, Byun Mi-yeong.
Good job.
Don't sit down. It's over.
No, you have to stay for the greetings.
-Jin Seong-jun will be out soon.
-Why do I--
The reporters are everywhere outside.
If they catch you leaving,
it'll destroy your image.
Okay, fine. Be quiet.
Here are the stars.
First is the star everyone loves,
the star of this movie, Mr. Jin Seong-jun!
Please welcome him
with a big round of applause.
How did you make this movie?
The actors and the staff did their best
and made a great movie.
I hope you all find it moving.
Thank you.
It looks like their passion
helped create such a wonderful movie.
Next is Mr. Jin Seong-jun.
Can you hand him the mic?
I heard great news.
You picked your next project?
Yes, thankfully,
I'll be able to be on TV pretty soon.
It's a drama called Oh, My Boss.
-Oh, My Boss?
Hey, what did he just say?
I know. But…
It's a family drama
about a father and son.
It's a special miniseries from KBC,
and will be aired this fall
to celebrate the anniversary
of the company.
Let's give it up for Mr. Jin Seong-jun.
Weren't we supposed to have an audition?
Jung-hui, you heard already?
I was going to call you.
What happened was…
Make sure your excuse is plausible.
It was Jin Seong-jun.
How could anyone refuse Jin Seong-jun?
Jin Seong-jun is the plausibility.
I'm grateful for your efforts. You even
told me about your personal history.
But the company has its own affairs.
-Right. From our position, it's a bit…
-Oh, did you meet your father?
I'm sure it'll hugely help
your acting career--
Shut up!
I got it.
-Let go. Don't follow me.
Jung-hui, don't get into trouble.
How does it taste?
It's a good thing
you became a school nurse.
How mean. Is it that bad?
Let me try.
It's edible.
It is edible. It's not unbearable.
It's nice to have quality time with you.
I know.
But it's weird not having Jun-yeong here.
This will happen more often
in the future, right?
Very often.
After Jun-yeong gets a job
and they all get married,
it'll be just the two of us.
That day will come, right?
I can't even imagine it right now.
I want that day to come
as soon as possible.
I don't.
You don't have to stress that.
I know you're a doting father.
You felt uncomfortable last night,
didn't you?
Last night?
No, it wasn't something out of the blue.
I'm sad and sorry
you can't travel because of me.
Oh, do you want to go by yourself?
I'm okay with that.
Are you sure about that?
I wanted to take my mom somewhere,
maybe Japan, before she gets any older.
Around this fall
to celebrate her birthday.
Yes, that's a great idea.
Why didn't I think of that?
You should do it.
This is why sons-in-law are useless.
But I think this is delicious.
Try it again.
I'm sure you were born
to become a school nurse.
You're so mean…
Wow, aren't you an actor?
No, I'm not.
Wait, I think you are.
Where have I seen him? Who is he?
Take a photo with us, Mr. Actor.
Why do you want one?
You don't even know my name.
It doesn't look like you're that famous,
but you're really stiff.
Let's go.
This is why he's not famous.
My life couldn't be more messed up.
Excuse me.
It looks like you've had a lot.
Are you okay?
Am I okay?
Am I okay?
Let me have one more bottle.
What is this…
Jung-hui, I'm really sorry about
what happened this time.
I won't tell anyone about your father,
so don't worry.
I'm sorry. We're closed for the day.
Mr. Byun Han-soo?
Yes, I am Byun Han-soo.
Who are you?
Who could I be?
Oh, you were here yesterday, right?
You left your scotch here.
Where did I put that?
You're not him?
Then who are you?
You don't know me?
So he doesn't know me.
Is that possible? I guess it is.
You really don't know!
Wait. How can you not know?
I mean, it makes no sense.
It seriously makes…
your son.
Shouldn't you at least ask for my name?
Even if you don't want to ask about
how or where I lived?
He's really tall and handsome.
He looks a lot like you.
Yes, Your Highness.
Are you dating Hye-yeong?
I'm going to give him a bit more time.
I'm younger.
I must be old.
I don't care about eating.
I just want to lie down.
-Just move in with me.
-What do you mean?
-What should I do?
-You're going!
I am studying hard,
but I don't think I can do it.
-You'll be able to do it. Go for it.
-Why are you handing these out?
Now that I'm cleaning the building,
she's using me like her part-time worker.
Don't touch me.
I want to make an appointment.
It's hemorrhoids.
He's an actor named An Jung-hui.
-Can you--
Why do you look so exhausted?
Are you sick?
Can I?
Can I make him my son?
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