My Father Is Strange (2017) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

I'm your son.
I said I'm your son.
Don't you understand?
Well, I think you've had
a bit too much to drink.
Oh, come on.
-Look here.
-You know Ms. An Su-jin, right?
You must know Ms. An Su-jin.
Don't you know who that is?
I guess you had
a lot of girlfriends, right?
Although you don't look like you did.
Ms. An Su-jin?
Yes, An Su-jin.
I'm her son, Mr. Byun Han-soo.
Now you remember?
It's not like I expected you
to cry your eyes out and stuff like that.
But I had no idea you'd feign ignorance.
Are you…
No, wait…
Okay, why don't you sit down first?
Why would I sit down?
I didn't come here to catch up.
I came to let you know.
I thought you should know…
that An Su-jin had a son
and that he's alive and well.
Mr. Byun Han-soo,
you probably lived
a comfortable life until now, right?
You've probably slept soundly every night.
I had a really awful day today.
So I thought
you should feel a bit awful too.
Lose some sleep
and maybe lose your appetite too. Okay?
This is crazy.
How can you keep giving me that look?
Your son has come…
to see you after 35 years.
Shouldn't you at least ask for my name?
Even if you don't want to ask…
about how and where I lived?
Can we please talk?
Get your hands off me!
Let's never see each other again.
Excuse me! Wait, just a second.
-Star Palace in Mapo-gu.
Can we please talk?
Just for a second! Please!
What are you doing?
Are you shooting a new drama?
You're not doing Oh, My Boss anymore.
This doesn't suit you at all.
So we're not going on that cruise.
Why don't you go by yourself then?
I can't do that when your dad's not going.
Jeong-hwan, I am so depressed.
Your dad's like a teenager
going through puberty.
But he's too old
to be going through puberty.
I talk to him, but he won't answer.
And when he does, he gets irritated
and lashes out at me.
He does things he's never done before
and pushes my buttons.
Two days ago, without a word,
he moved his bed
from our bedroom to his study.
Mom, a man and a woman
meet as they are
and live together as humans.
But a married couple
should share a room together,
even if you have separate beds.
Oh, Mom, I guess
you still love Dad deeply.
Love him, my foot.
But son, this is really serious.
Your dad makes me so upset,
but I can never win
in an argument with him.
Oh, Mom, you're really upset, aren't you?
Gosh, Dad was too harsh on you, right?
Grandpa didn't like him at all,
but you married him
out of love, didn't you?
I know.
My dad couldn't understand why I was
in love with that stiff country boy.
Right. It's okay.
What is it?
Are you wearing cologne?
Yes. It's nice, isn't it?
I got it as a present,
so I thought I'd wear it.
I have to go. I'll be late.
It smells so nice.
I really love it when men wear perfume.
No, Mom, I have to go.
So hot.
I asked for milk instead of yogurt.
Oh, right. I'm sorry.
I'll get it.
-Dad, you did the same thing yesterday.
-I'm sorry.
When you get old, you'll be forgetful too.
-Why are you going to work so early?
-I have so much work.
I don't have time. Put it in my tumbler.
So bossy.
Mom, does your back hurt?
Why are you holding it?
What? It doesn't.
It's just itchy.
On top of working late,
you have to go to work early too?
Dad, I'll do it.
Mom, why don't you call my boss
and complain?
Come again?
Some law firm hired a junior associate,
and his mother called the partner
to complain.
Asking why he gives her son so much work,
saying her son's really tired
when he comes home.
See you later.
I heard moms are like that.
-Will you be home late again?
-Have a good day.
-See you later.
Honey, I'm going to go to my shop.
I didn't do much prep work last night.
You didn't?
But you came home late last night.
I know.
I had some other things to do.
See you later.
Okay. But eat something, okay?
What are you doing?
Nut is on her way to work already.
If I'm going out tonight,
I have to go in early
and get some work done.
How about you, Cracker?
Cracker is watching Nut.
What's going on?
I came to drive you to work
because it's so hard to see you.
Get in, My Queen.
Good job, Eunuch Cha.
I thought treating you as queen
would make me king,
but I'm a eunuch.
Yes, Your Highness.
-Did you have breakfast?
My dad made me a banana smoothie.
Want some?
I'd love some.
But why are you so busy these days?
I'm working on a real estate fraud case,
and there are hundreds of files.
That reminds me
of someone's hundreds of girls.
I thought we called a truce on that.
Okay. I'll let it go today.
Thank you.
It's Im Yeon-ji.
Why is she calling you so early?
It's because of the script. Excuse me.
Hi, Yeon-ji.
Jeong-hwan, are you on your way?
When are you getting here?
-Did you finish the script?
-No, I'm working on it right now.
I'm on my way to the coffee shop,
so if you're on your way,
I'll get you one too.
Cafe mocha with extra whipped cream.
Would you like a small or a large?
-No, I won't be there for a while.
-Oh, it's your bluetooth, right?
You're driving?
You're very sharp.
He is driving.
Who is this?
Byun Hye-yeong. How have you been?
Hi, you seem to be working hard.
See you at the office, Jeong-hwan.
Wow, this is delicious.
Are you still in bed?
Blood, blood…
Jung-hui, wake up!
Jung-hui, you can't leave me!
You're dead!
I thought you were dead!
I thought I lost my job!
Get away from me.
What's with all the fuss? Are you crazy?
Jung-hui, so this is just wine?
Oh, man… I thought…
Why are you here?
You haven't answered my calls for days.
I know you're disappointed
about Oh, My Boss,
but if you keep drinking like this--
Be quiet. You're stressing me out,
and my stomach hurts even more.
It's not like this was your first time.
I guess the image is more serious.
You finally seem like yourself.
Why don't you get up and take a shower?
You're getting new photos taken,
so you need to get a haircut.
Don't touch me.
I don't want to be bothered. Wait.
-Let go of me.
I don't want to. I really don't.
Let go. Let go of me.
You don't have to look like a celebrity.
Just look like a normal human being.
Open this door.
Okay. I'll take a shower.
So get me some food. Like rice noodles.
Okay. Take a shower.
Take a shower.
The Rav loafer, brown.
And two hoodies for the airport photo.
Thank you.
And finally,
suit no. 11 from the Daor Collection.
Yes, here's the suit.
Be careful with that.
Are you sure this is Daor no. 11?
Yes, it is.
I don't think it is.
What do you know?
This isn't it.
Let me go to Wardrobe real quick.
What? Hey, Intern!
-There's no time. Intern!
Sir, we have to go.
Just a second.
Here, Daor no. 11.
-Is this it?
I guess I mixed it up
with the last season's.
-That was close. We're ready now, right?
Thank you.
That was nothing. I got lucky.
I've been studying the look book,
and that Daor suit caught my eye.
Good job.
Jung-hui? You're not sleeping
in the bathroom, are you?
Just a second.
If you open it, I'll kill you.
What are you doing?
Jung-hui, no…
The threshold.
Watch out for the threshold.
-My legs.
Make an appointment with a doctor.
-For today?
-You think it's for tomorrow?
I want to make an appointment.
It's hemorrhoids.
What? You're fully booked?
He's an actor, An Jung-hui.
-Can you--
You want to see my hemorrhoids
in a tabloid?
Oh no. What am I doing?
Sir, something's burning.
Oh, boy.
I should've done something
to stop him from leaving.
I should've gotten his number at least.
The bill, please.
-Here you go.
Huh? It's An Jung-hui.
You're An Jung-hui, right?
It's An Jung-hui.
I'm such a big fan!
It was An… something.
Hi, uncle.
-A celebrity?
The young man who was eating ramen here,
you said he was a celebrity.
An something, right?
Oh, An Jung-hui?
An Jung-hui? His name is An Jung-hui?
-Is he famous?
He's famous for bad acting.
His name was trending a while ago for
his bad acting clip when he first debuted.
So he's an actor?
I think he started out as a singer.
Just a second.
An Jung-hui.
Right, Steel Heart.
He debuted in an idol band.
He's a former idol star,
but he's now an actor.
He was in a daily drama recently.
101, Happy Village?
What's NHST?
"Never heard of or seen that."
It means he didn't make
much of an impression.
Whoa, what a fraud.
He didn't look like he was 181cm.
He definitely added 2 or 3cm
to his height.
He did. I'm sure.
Whoa, Yeong-sil…
You're cleaning again?
Yes, I should sweep at least once a day.
-You're going to the bathhouse?
-Just Mother.
I'm babysitting again,
so I'm on my way there.
Don't try to clean too well, Yeong-sil,
or you'll get sick.
She can't do that.
Whatever Yeong-sil does,
she gives it all she's got
and moves the gods.
That's how everyone should be.
That's why she's so blessed.
There goes my mother again.
If she had in-laws,
she would've been great
to her mother-in-law.
Right, Mother.
You were so blessed
that you don't have in-laws.
What? What was that?
Mom, go and take a bath.
Bo-mi, you'll be late. Go.
See you later. Bye, Mother.
Hey, don't work too hard.
You have to think about your health. Okay?
I'm not working too hard.
Mom, make sure your hair's fully dried
or you'll catch a cold.
Don't worry. I will.
Now that it's clean, it looks nice.
Yeah. Since it's my job,
I should do it happily.
Isn't it great?
I'm making money and exercising.
It's the landlord,
the one mightier than the Lord.
Are you here to check on my homework?
You're here?
Yes, I'm doing it. I'm almost done.
I did a good job,
so come and check it out.
Which floor?
Just how confident is she about it?
Did you check it on your way up?
I mopped every floor,
including the entrance.
You should've cleaned
every nook and cranny.
It looks like you just pretended to mop.
That's not true.
I swept and mopped every nook and cranny.
Did you remove the gum too?
There was none.
You can check, if you want.
Oh, okay. I'll believe you.
You know
the convenience store near here, right?
Go there and hand these out
to the pedestrians.
What's that?
It's my cafe's grand opening flyer.
It's only a few days away,
so hurry along and start.
Why do I have to do that?
They're your cafe's flyers.
That's why I'm asking you.
The part-timer starts tomorrow,
so I need help.
I'm going to do it later too.
Why? You don't want to?
I'm disappointed.
I was really good to Dad's Snack Bar.
But you won't do this one thing for me?
We're opening a new cafe.
We're opening a new cafe.
Thank you.
It's a grand opening.
It's a grand opening.
What are you doing?
-Hi, Mom.
-What's that?
These are the flyers
for the landlord's cafe.
But why are you handing these out?
That's what I'm saying.
Now that I'm cleaning the building,
she's using me like her part-time worker.
Why, that awful woman!
She thinks you're a doormat?
Let go of me.
You gave her an inch,
and she's trying to take a mile.
I'm going to nip it in the bud
and make sure
it never happens again.
I'll nip it in the bud if I have to.
If you get involved,
what will that make me?
You'll embarrass your own daughter,
Ms. Kim Mal-bun of Mokcheok market.
I told her I'd do it for her,
so let it go. Just for today.
After today,
I'll tell her no from the start.
Are you sure?
If you act like a doormat again,
you're not my daughter.
I didn't give birth to you to do this!
You think I endured
life-threatening labor pain
so you'd grow up to do this?
I didn't work at Mokcheok Market
in rain or snow
without anyone to rely on
and put you through college
for you to do things like this.
I know. It's just for today.
Let me have some. I'll help you.
No, it's cold. So go home.
No, you had to clean the building too.
I'll help you. Let me have some.
What if you catch a cold?
-Did you dry your hair completely?
-My hair?
Oh, of course I did.
It won't be on our electricity bill.
Let's go.
Sir. It's over there.
Here. It's down there.
-We're opening a new cafe.
This is unbelievable.
He's got some nerve.
What should I do?
You're going!
Should I go and make a scene?
That'll make you a loser.
We can't let that happen.
You must look sizzling hot.
You've gained weight.
Really? I have?
Darn it. It's all Yeon Tae-su's fault.
I've been so stressed out lately
that I've had too many sweets.
-Shed those pounds.
-And cover yourself in luxury brands.
And bring a really handsome man.
Where can I find one?
-Pick one of your admirers.
-No more eating.
I'm so stressed out.
All my admirers look like Shrek.
What do I do?
You don't have any friends who are guys?
Men and women can't be friends.
There are men you've dated
and men you will date.
That's very you.
So what are you going to do?
Who are you bringing?
Oh, how annoying!
Oh! There is one who looks decent
on the outside.
Hello, Mother.
I'm eating right now.
Of course I'm eating well.
Don't worry.
My tuition? I got a student loan.
Yes, I'm okay.
Is Dad still angry?
Okay. I'll call you often.
I feel good today
Love is… Holy crap…
Jeong-hwan, are you daitng Hye-yeong?
The woman who hurt you once
can hurt you again, over and over.
You don't know that?
It's not your concern.
What about me?
I'm out?
You were never in.
How can you be so cold?
You just badmouthed
my girlfriend and your senior.
But that was a fact.
Is our show going to get canceled?
-What are you talking about?
-There's a list of shows being canceled.
I heard our show is on it.
You haven't heard anything?
No. It's not like this is the first time.
If these rumors are right,
we should've gotten canceled years ago.
Stop talking nonsense.
Call Jong-beom.
Let's finish our meeting.
Guess where I am right now.
The lobby.
It's a surprise from Nut.
I was at the Western District Court,
so I dropped by.
Can you come down for five minutes?
What do you think about this?
-He's not here right now.
He was summoned by the director.
Who am I talking to right now and
why did you answer my boyfriend's phone?
I'm Im Yeon-ji.
Oh, you're now directly
answering his phone?
Jeong-hwan's facing cancellation,
so he's having a very hard time.
He needs to focus on work
now more than ever,
so he has no time to go out with you.
You seem to be a bit clueless,
so I'm just letting you know.
I need to see you.
I'm in the lobby right now.
Should I come up instead?
Do you know the success rate for couples
who have broken up
and gotten back together?
It's three percent.
It's only three percent.
So you've seen that movie.
Rules of Dating.
I like statistics,
so I've always known it.
In other words, the chances of you
and Jeong-hwan ending up together
are less than three percent.
And you have dumped Jeong-hwan once,
like a pair of broken flip-flops.
Do you know the percentage of a first-time
offender committing another crime?
Gosh, Yeon-ji,
you really do love statistics.
Okay, let's think about this.
What is the college graduation rate
It's one percent.
Let's narrow it down
to Korea's population.
What percentage of South Koreans
are college graduates?
It's more. It's 18 percent.
Education is important in Korea.
And of them,
lawyers make up 0,004 percent.
And of them, female lawyers
make up 0,000536 percent.
And I am one of the 0,000536 percent.
And of those female lawyers,
I am pretty, deadly charming
and incredibly smart.
And my personality is like velvet.
Do I need to explain further?
But you already hurt Jeong-hwan badly.
Maybe that's not a problem for now.
That's something
Jeong-hwan and I will deal with.
I am…
Byun Hye-yeong.
I have a crush on Jeong-hwan.
You keep making me repeat myself, Yeon-ji.
But there are ethics, right?
It's okay to desire someone available,
but when he's taken, you shouldn't.
Jeong-hwan isn't taken.
It's not like you two are married.
Oh, I admit it.
Like you said, you are pretty,
charming and smart.
And you're one of the 0,000536 percent.
And you have so much that I don't have.
But there's one thing of mine
that you can never have,
no matter how hard you try.
I am…
So I'm going to give him a bit more time.
It's not over yet.
Excuse me.
-Who is it?
-It's me.
What do you need?
I was really concentrating on my studies,
so I don't want to be disturbed.
Take a five-minute break.
I'll just stay for five minutes.
Watching you study so hard
makes me feel so proud.
I am studying hard,
but I don't think I can do it.
At least I had confidence last year.
Dear nephew,
even if it's covered with dust,
a blue paper will always be blue.
You're just temporarily covered
by a bit of dust.
I'm sure you'll make it.
Uncle Yeong-sik,
if I become successful
and have something like an interview,
I will say this,
"My uncle was the man
who helped me get here."
Sure. Go for it.
The five minutes are up.
Go back in. Go, go.
-Good luck.
-Thank you.
Honey, what are you doing?
Would you like to have dinner with me?
I'm dying to see her.
For a future with My Ju…
I'm sorry.
I think I should study tonight.
Your pretty face is on my mind,
but let's wait until this weekend.
I miss you so, so much,
but I guess we have no choice.
You're studying,
so I'll be cheering you on.
It can't be, can it?
This has happened a few times before.
It's just late.
This is really great.
I can fart whenever I want.
I should've kicked him out sooner.
You think I let you stay here
because I wanted to?
Wait a minute. I should get a bigger bed.
What's he doing? He's cooking?
After moving out
and saying such mean things…
I guess he felt bad about it.
Why did he have to be so mean?
What are you doing?
You never cooked anything before.
Chico, enjoy.
Good boy. Here you go.
Chew carefully.
His vitamins.
A balanced diet is very important.
Chico, enjoy your meal.
He's having cup noodles,
but he cooked for the dog?
When he never cooked for me?
Not even noodles?
Honey, what's that chair by the door?
Why did you leave it out there?
When I called you,
you told me not to throw it out
and to put it in the living room.
Then you should've put it against the wall
or in one of the corners.
It's like you left it there
on your way out.
Then you should've been clearer.
How come you never say what you want
and change your story afterwards?
You're doing this on purpose
to infuriate me!
Why would I waste my energy
on such nonsense?
I don't care about you anymore.
So you should take your mind off me
and go live your own life.
-Is everything here?
-Did you check the list?
We're missing a hat
and two pairs of shoes.
I asked the intern to bring them.
Where is she? Intern!
Ms. Byun Mi-yeong! Where did she go?
Oh, why did I hide?
It'd be weird if I went out now.
Byun Mi-yeong!
Why in the world did I say such a thing
when I can't even deal with the aftermath?
-Where is she?
Let's go.
If I'm going to get scolded,
it may as well be now.
I don't want to get scolded.
I should let things die down first.
Let's go.
Yes, sir. Right now?
I'm at the studio.
Okay. I'll be right up.
Find the intern and get the rest of these.
Ms. Byun Mi-yeong!
Where did she go?
What the… Where have you been?
I had to run to the restroom.
-Right here?
-Hurry up and put them out.
This is today's schedule.
An Jung-hui is this afternoon,
and Jin Seong-jun is this evening.
Mr. An Jung-hui will be here soon.
Jung-hui, we're here.
Hide that so people won't see it.
Jung-hui, nobody thinks
this is a hemorrhoid pillow.
-You're being too self-conscious.
-I'm not self-conscious!
Oh, wait…
It hurts so much.
Tae-bu, is having hemorrhoids a sin?
It's not.
I am not self-conscious at all.
I am fine with it.
-Jung-hui, it's okay.
-Let's hurry up.
Is Mr. An feeling sick today?
-He doesn't look comfortable at all.
-Bring him the clothes.
These are what you'll be wearing today.
What's that?
They're not the ones I picked.
Where's the Daor suit?
Mr. Jin Seong-jun took them.
I picked it first, so why did he take it?
Daor asked for Jin Seong-jun
to be the sponsor.
To make sure he wears it.
Your image suits warm tones,
like the fall,
so this color will look great on you.
And this shirt isn't completely formal,
so it'll make you look younger.
Daor is a foreign brand,
so their suits don't fit
the Korean body type well.
But this Wudy suit was designed
for Asian men--
Get her out of here.
Jung-hui, these are
what Ms. Kim picked out for you.
She has great taste.
-Your photos last year were well-received.
-I'm so angry that I must become famous.
Just watch me.
If you're ready, let's do this.
Good. That's great. Amazing. Okay.
Scary. Yes, good. Great.
Okay. Good.
The woman you love is leaving. Stop her.
You must chase after her
and stop her. Yes.
She's getting away. You must run. Run.
You have to stop your girlfriend. Yes.
She's getting away. Good.
Faster. With your head up. You're running.
Oh, boy…
Just a few more.
This way. Good.
No, go back.
I love that one.
Let's have you sit down now.
Bring me that chair.
Get this cable out of the way.
I can do this.
I can do this. I can sit down. I can.
I really can do this. I can sit down.
-Who moved the chair?
-Jung-hui! Did it pop?
It was me.
Go away. Go.
Go. Go away!
You idiot!
Which one's better? This or this?
-You gained weight, so no colors.
Black is the answer.
No, you need colors
for your ex-boyfriend's wedding.
Go with the hot pink one.
-What are you trying to say?
-Just get both!
Are you mad? Do you know much they are?
You're going
to your ex-boyfriend's wedding.
I'll take them both.
That'll be 2,110,000 won.
-It's 2,110,000 won?
-Make it 12 monthly installments, please.
Everyone must be off work, right?
Nobody's here?
If I brought these home
and Mom caught me, she'd kill me.
Who left the shower on?
There are so many inconsiderate people.
It's probably just late
because of all the stress.
I've been extra busy recently.
Please, just one line.
You came on time.
I heard you're busy with the new season.
I pulled three all-nighters back-to-back.
But how did you know?
Im Yeon-ji told me.
She even answered your phone.
She did?
I had no idea. Man…
Don't leave your phone around from now on.
That way, I can reach you at any time.
If some wench picks it up again,
you're dead.
Okay. I'll take it everywhere from now on.
Are you going to keep working
with Im Yeon-ji?
She's diligent and really good at her job.
Oh, I see.
You have no clue, do you?
Are you tired?
You have huge dark circles
under your eyes.
And your makeup is melting away.
Why did I decide to go out
with this guy again?
I missed two nights of sleep
so I could see you.
Really? So you were looking forward
to our date? Oh, I'm so happy.
It's time. Let's go.
Sir, sir.
I'm sorry.
It's over.
Why did we come to the movies?
I know.
I must be old.
I only missed two nights of sleep,
but I nodded off
throughout the whole movie.
Let's go. We should eat.
I don't care about eating.
I just want to lie down.
In that case…
want to come to my apartment?
For some instant noodles?
Come in.
Come in.
When did you get your own place?
About a year ago.
The commute was too long.
This is your first time here, right?
Yes. It's cleaner than I expected.
That's because I cleaned it recently.
It hasn't turned into a pigsty just yet.
Sit down. You want something to drink?
No, I'm fine.
I have a bed in there,
so why don't you take a nap?
I'll whip something up.
No, I don't want to be on a bed.
I'll sit over there.
Sure thing.
If you want to watch TV.
You can relax.
Hye-yeong, wake up. Let's eat.
Let's eat.
I must have fallen asleep.
You think? You were snoring too.
That's absurd.
Jeong-hwan, what's that smell?
I'm so touched.
You can cook?
It's nothing.
Have a seat.
Why are you staring?
Let's eat first.
That's not what I was thinking about.
Yes, you were.
I wonder where you get
that kind of confidence.
My apartment?
It's so nice here.
It's cozy and comfortable.
Maybe I should get an apartment
and move out too.
How much was this?
Why would you?
Just move in with me.
What do you mean?
Exactly what you're thinking right now.
It's me, buddy.
I wanted to have a drink with you.
I was wondering
why you came to see me in my dream
after ten years.
Was it because of this?
Did you see that?
Your son came to see me.
He's an actor.
He's really tall and handsome.
He looks a lot like you.
Why didn't you tell me
I had such a handsome son?
Do you know how shocked I was?
At first, I couldn't understand
what he was saying,
and I made him really angry.
My friend.
I was thinking…
I don't think I should just do nothing.
About your son…
Can I make him my son?
Can I?
It says overwork
and not hemorrhoids, right?
-Fire that intern right now.
-What can I do to make Mr. An feel better?
I want the kind of romance
I didn't have when I was in my twenties.
-You might as well just get married.
-Are you crazy?
Don't you think
you're being too mean to her?
This is the man
I was married to all these years…
What happened?
Why did I have a baby dream?
It's five weeks.
I'm pregnant.
How am I supposed to find him?
Can I find him if I go here?
I want hoping to meet an actor.
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