My Father Is Strange (2017) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

Oh my gosh!
This must have been so expensive.
It's so pretty.
Let me see.
What's this?
What happened?
Why did I have a baby dream?
Wait a minute,
maybe it means
Jun-yeong will pass the exam.
But why do I feel so chilly?
Am I catching something?
Mom, are you really driving me to work?
If you can't, I have to leave now.
I'll drive you. Sit down. Hye-yeong!
Mom, I have to leave within 15 minutes.
Let's eat.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
I had a baby dream this morning.
What? Mom, are we getting another sibling?
What? Honey, did you hear that?
Thank you for thinking
I'm still that young.
But unfortunately,
I don't think that was for me.
I'll sell it to you. You buy it.
A baby dream is as lucky as a pig dream.
-Oh, really?
-What kind of dream was it?
I got an expensive bag as a gift,
and I opened it,
and a giant peach came out.
Oh my, that is a baby dream.
If it weren't for your exam,
I wouldn't sell you such a lucky dream.
But I'll do it for my son.
How much do you want?
Well, how much should I ask for?
At least 50,000 won, right?
I'm not sure.
Mom, I don't have a lot of money.
Just make it 10,000 won.
If you pay too little,
it won't have any effect.
Then 12,000 won.
I really don't have any money.
Okay. Since I feel like being nice,
I'll take it.
That can't be a real baby dream, right?
Right? I'm not the only one
thinking that, right?
I hope it's not.
It can't be.
If it turns out to be,
Byun Jun-yeong is dead.
I'll help you kill him.
Please say it isn't.
Hurry up and eat.
You have less than ten minutes.
Mom went downstairs already.
-I'll see you later.
-See you later.
-Have a good day.
Wait for me!
I was hoping for it,
but there is no phone number.
I have to get it somehow.
That's the agency he's with,
so maybe I can get it if I go there.
Min-ha, do you have another exam?
How did you know, Grandma?
When you have an exam
your mom cooks curry for every meal.
It's not just for the exam.
It's for the family's health
and budget, Mother.
The turmeric in curry
stimulates brain cells, so it's good
for teenagers' intellectual development
and for preventing Alzheimer's disease.
And you can eat meat and vegetables.
What meat?
It doesn't look like there's any in here.
That's weird.
Only your bowl is missing the meat.
It's Han-soo.
Hello, Han-soo.
Mom, I only got half of my pay this month.
We're not getting any customers.
When will that photography studio
get customers?
Starting today?
Yes, I can do it.
I'll come downstairs later.
What did he want?
He asked me to work part-time
in his snack bar for a few days.
This is great.
Mother, I'll get paid,
so I'll make you a meat dish for dinner.
I told you not to accept payment
for helping him.
-Work is work.
-Work is work.
Grandma and Mom
are actually agreeing on something.
Tae-bu, it's Byun Mi-yeong, the intern.
I was wondering what happened to Mr. An.
What? He's been hospitalized?
Oh, that's great to hear.
At least he doesn't need surgery.
Should I come and--
I think it's too soon.
I see.
If you need anything, call me.
Goodbye, Tae-bu.
Oh, man…
Why did I have to pull that chair
at that moment?
Thank you.
Hey, that nurse recognized me, didn't she?
Of course she did. There's a tag that says
An Jung-hui right on the foot of your bed.
She must know, right?
-Well, if she doesn't, that would be bad.
-What do I do? This is humiliating.
But she won't tell people, will she?
Because of doctor-patient confidentiality.
Of course she won't.
So? What does the article say?
It says overwork, not hemorrhoids, right?
-They're being uploaded.
-Let me see.
How could An Jung-hui overwork?
The whole world knows he has no work,
except for himself.
-Are you that desperate for attention?
-Not interested.
How do they know if I have work or not?
It's because the agency
can't manage the artist.
You think you're a manageable artist?
That took you long enough.
-When your artist has been hospitalized.
-How do you feel?
Fire that intern right now.
What? Who?
Who do you think?
The one who did this to me.
Can't you see?
Look at what she did to me, why don't you?
I brought some macaroons. Want some?
Sweet treats can make you feel better.
Tae-bu told me everything.
You picked that intern.
If I see her again,
I'm going to end her life, so fire her.
Oh, it won't come out.
You didn't forget
about the couple's spa, right?
No, I'll see you later.
Oh, man…
But I ate a bowl of fermented bean soup.
Should I eat two bowls?
Jeong-hwan's show's rating
went down again?
I can't believe
there's still room to go down.
Want to place a bet?
I bet his show is going to get canceled.
You haven't placed your bet yet?
-Everyone in my team's done it.
Jeong-hwan can't do entertainment shows.
He has no clue how to do them.
I can do a better job.
Let's go.
Why those little…
Those punks…
There's a wager?
I'm going to survive this
and make all of you regret it. I will.
No, I can't go out
on a spa date right now.
I'm sorry. I have so much to look over
that I can't go to the spa with you.
I wanted to help you relax a bit.
Let's have dinner.
Where should we meet?
Sure. Wherever's convenient for you.
No, you're busy,
so I'll come wherever you want.
My apartment would be the best.
Okay. I'll see you there.
I'll see you then.
I'll cancel the reservation.
Why would you? Just move in here.
Getting that reservation was so hard.
It would be a total waste to cancel.
Gyeongju, what are you doing for lunch?
Does that hurt?
No, I was moaning because it felt good,
so you can do it harder.
This feels great.
Though I don't know
whose spot I'm filling.
Cha Jeong-hwan.
I'm seeing him again.
For real?
Miss, you can't do that here.
I'm sorry.
I can't believe it!
Yes, I thought I saw something
between you two at the reunion.
How does it feel
to get back together? Better?
Just as good?
For now, it's better.
Cha Jeong-hwan in his 30s is pretty nice.
I'm so jealous.
He asked me to move in with him.
What? He wants to live with you?
I guess. And I'm kind of…
We're both so busy
that we don't have time to see each other.
And even when we do have time,
our dates are so routine
that they're boring.
All we do together
is go to good restaurants,
watch movies and go have coffee.
I mean, we don't even have time to sleep,
so why do we have to go to Paju for eels?
All dates are like that.
But as a mom, I'm so jealous.
We were barely able to make time to go
to the movies a few days ago,
and all we did was doze off.
Why do we have to take time
from our busy schedule
just to go to the movies
and get neck pain from sleeping
when there's an apartment ready for us?
It sounds like you're ready
to pack your bags.
More than anything,
I want the kind of romance
I didn't have when I was in my twenties.
We won't have to make time.
I can go there,
and Jeong-hwan will be there.
We can cook food for ourselves,
watch TV and read books.
After work, we can have a glass of wine,
talk about our day
and go to sleep together.
You might as well get married.
Are you crazy? I'm not getting married.
In Korea, unless the man's
an orphan, can you avoid
the jumble of connections
that come with marriage?
The woman has to do everything.
Raise kids, do the chores
and look after your parents-in-law.
Right. You don't need to look far.
-I'm a perfect example.
-Why are you living like that?
My words exactly.
I can't get a divorce
because I won't get alimony.
But still, think about it.
What about your parents?
And you're getting old.
And getting married is better
than living together.
Please flip over.
You're getting a call.
Can you check who it is?
It says "Hole."
-It's okay. I don't have to answer that.
-Who is it?
My husband.
I want to permanently shut the hole
that said he'd treat me like a queen.
And you're telling me to get married?
I should shut my hole.
-Ms. Byun Mi-yeong?
-Yes, I am Byun Mi-yeong, the intern.
Have a seat.
Why do you think I asked for you?
I'm sorry, Mr. Kang.
So you know you're in trouble.
You know about
An Jung-hui's temper, don't you?
And he ended up in the hospital
because of you.
I'm sorry.
No need to apologize to me.
You should apologize to Jung-hui.
He's really angry.
But he won't give me
a chance to apologize.
No, I will apologize to him
no matter what.
Why do you think I hired you?
Your resume was subpar,
you were older than others,
went to an average college
and had an average TOEIC score.
Nothing stood out about you.
I was wondering about that too.
I thought you could take a few punches.
-You were an athlete?
-Yes, I did judo.
And I needed the tenacity and endurance
of someone who was an athlete.
I thought you had them,
and I hoped you would hang in there.
But you went and caused trouble.
I'm sorry.
Use any means you can think of,
and use your guts and tenacity
from your judo days
and make up with Jung-hui.
And hang in there for just one year.
After a year,
you'll have a full-time position.
And when you do, you'll get
all the benefits that come with it,
and you could be reassigned, right?
-Do you understand, Ms. Byun Mi-yeong?
-Yes! I'll do my best!
Full-time position.
One year.
Full-time position. One year.
If I last one year,
I'll have a full-time position.
Full-time position.
Full-time position!
You can do it.
Call Tae-bu first.
What do you think?
Bring everything good for hemorrhoids
and apologize sincerely.
Oh, and write a letter of apology.
If you do that, he might forgive you.
I'm sorry.
Excuse me.
Is this where Gabi Entertainment is?
Yes. How can I help you?
I was hoping to meet an actor
who is with this agency.
How can I do that?
Well, I won't be easy.
Can I at least get his number or address?
Why don't you go to the 4th floor and ask?
Oh, the 4th floor?
You can take the elevator over there.
Okay, thank you.
This is where Mi-yeong works…
Help me switch positions.
Slowly. Careful.
Yes, good.
Jung-hui, that intern is here.
What? Why would she come here?
Well, probably to apologize.
Forget it. Tell her to go. Seeing her will
make me mad and make me sicker.
But Jung-hui, wouldn't you feel better
if you get a sincere apology?
Not getting an apology when you are
in this much pain will make you feel bad.
-Okay. Tell her to come in.
I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.
Oh, she brought something.
What could this be? Wow.
Seaweed is packed with fiber,
so it's good for constipation
and hemorrhoids.
Take that away.
I wanted to apologize to you,
so I wrote a letter of apology.
I didn't know
how to put things into words,
so I wrote a few lines
from the bottom of my heart.
A letter of apology?
Jung-hui, she wrote it,
so you should listen to it.
Read it.
"Letter of apology, Byun Mi-yeong."
"I am sorry."
"Although I did not intend it,
I deeply regret causing
serious harm to your body."
"I sincerely apologize
for the pain you are in
because of my negligence."
"I heard hemorrhoids are beyond painful,
so I can't even imagine
how hard it must be."
"But what's fortunate is
that you have nothing
on your schedule for a while."
"If you can find
it in your heart to forgive me,
I will devote my time and effort
to help heal your wound
during your break!"
Come here!
Jung-hui, please don't kill me! Please!
Hey! Close the door!
Close it!
Are you insane?
Are you?
You've really lost it? Is that it?
-Ms. Kim Yu-ju?
How may I help you?
Well… It's because of this.
I've been on birth control pills.
So I wanted to check.
Do you see this little figure here?
It's the fetus. The position looks great.
So I am pregnant?
Yes, you are.
It looks about five weeks.
You'll be able to hear the heartbeat soon.
From now on, no alcohol,
no smoking and no caffeine.
There is a security issue,
so make sure no one stays
behind after hours.
You must leave by 10 p.m.
I heard the shower room's water heater
was turned on at around 11 p.m.
a few nights ago,
but I'll just trust that
it wasn't any one of you.
That's it for the weekly meeting.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Excuse me. Can we talk?
I have nothing to say.
What happened last night was…
I don't usually take showers naked,
but it just happened…
Are you crazy?
No, I didn't mean it like that.
This is crazy.
You don't take showers naked?
You take showers wearing socks?
He takes showers wearing socks?
He's a total pervert.
Mom, are you feeling sick?
My body aches all over. What is it?
I came to give you the money
for your dream.
You look really sick.
Gosh, you're burning up.
Don't you need a doctor?
It's not that bad.
Leave the money there,
or my dream won't go to you.
Hi, Jun-yeong.
Your mom?
Honey, is it bad?
Why didn't you call me?
You're burning up.
I'm fine.
I took some medicine.
If you get a shot,
you'll feel better quickly.
-You really don't want to see a doctor?
Honey, let me get some sleep.
Okay. If you don't feel better,
I'll take you.
I should get her some ice.
It's okay.
You go up and study. I'll do it.
Come home early. Mom's sick.
Mom? Is it bad?
She has a high fever
and her body aches. It's bad.
Why? What happened?
Isn't it because of all the cleaning?
I knew it.
She should've listened to me.
Come home early
and bring something Mom likes.
Sure. What does Mom like?
I'm not sure.
Hye-yeong, do you know?
I don't.
We don't even know what Mom likes.
I feel so guilty all of a sudden.
So you bring something on my behalf too.
I'm totally broke.
-I've exceeded my credit card limit.
-Byun Ra-yeong, seriously?
Be quiet.
Mi-yeong, you get fruits.
Ra-yeong, you get some cake.
I'll bring some eels.
Don't be late.
The number you have dialed…
Oh, you sent me a text already?
Jeong-hwan, I'm sorry.
Something came up,
and I can't see you tonight.
How about tomorrow after work?
Sure. I hope
we can see each other tomorrow.
Oh, honey.
You're awake? I think your fever broke.
I feel a lot better than before.
But why are you here?
What about your snack bar?
Bo-mi's there. Don't worry.
Since you're awake,
you should have some dinner.
You can sleep afterward.
I made sesame porridge.
Sesame porridge?
But I don't have much of an appetite.
Even if you don't, you must eat.
Wait. I'll bring you some.
We're home.
Mom, you're sick?
Jun-yeong acted
like an older brother for once
and asked them to come home early
and bring something delicious for you.
I'm home.
See? Hye-yeong's home too.
Mom, is it bad?
How do you feel?
She's much better. Her fever broke.
It still feels a bit warm.
Compared to earlier, she's much better.
I'm alive. I feel fine now.
You still look sick, Mom.
I canceled all my plans and rushed home
because I heard you were sick.
-It's because of all that cleaning, right?
-No, it's not.
-Of course it is!
-Of course it is!
I called a cleaning company
and hired some help.
Someone will come twice a week
in the morning.
You don't have to--
Good. Good job.
But it'll cost more
than the raise in rent.
It won't. It's the same amount.
And money's not important
when you're sick!
But I can manage…
-No, you can't!
-No, you can't!
-Are you sure you were a school nurse?
-I think I feel worse now.
It's because you don't know what to say.
Wait, but what's that?
Seaweed and some fruit.
They're for Mom.
Hye-yeong brought you eels, Mom.
But why seaweed?
I know. As if I had a baby.
Why? You had that baby dream this morning.
But she sold it to Jun-yeong.
-Maybe Mom's pregnant.
That can't be.
Here's some sesame porridge.
Wow, sesame porridge sounds delicious.
And eels. She has to have some of this.
-Why didn't you bring anything?
-Just wait.
Have some beef in soy sauce too.
Mom, let me try it first.
-It's really good. Open wide.
-You should let mom have some first.
-You're the king.
-Cool it down first.
Mom, this is a big one.
One person at a time, please.
It's not hot.
-Mom, are you wearing it right?
-I don't know. It feels uncomfortable.
It's too much.
How funny.
Isn't this better than a cake?
Can you remove this?
I'm sick, so why should I do this?
Don't worry about it and go to sleep.
I'll remove it when it's time.
How can I sleep when you're all talking?
Mom, isn't this nice, though?
To have everyone here?
Yes, it is. Getting sick was worth it.
We like being here like this too.
-Don't you like it too, Hye-yeong?
-Be quiet. You'll get wrinkles.
Okay, okay.
You know what, Hye-yeong?
Ra-yeong's ex-boyfriend's getting married,
and he sent Ra-yeong a wedding invitation.
Crazy jerk.
What does he take Ra-yeong for?
So I told Ra-yeong to go to his wedding.
I told her to wear a killer dress and be
the most inconsiderate wedding guest.
What's one of those?
Someone more beautiful than the bride
who steals the bride's thunder.
Really? Ra-yeong could definitely do that.
But should you go?
Of course, Mom. He sent an invitation.
Right. Come to think of it, you should go.
Hye-yeong, so I was thinking,
can I borrow your bag for just one day?
Just for that afternoon.
She's going to her ex-boyfriend's wedding.
Yes, please let her borrow it. Please?
Don't go. Why would you go?
Why waste your time and money
on a jerk like that?
You want to borrow my bag?
What? Man…
What kind of bags do you have?
Why do you care?
Do you have a red one?
You're going to put that back on?
I don't have a bag,
so my skin has to look nice.
Help me.
Do you have a red bag?
Isn't she so funny?
She's asking for a specific color?
-Don't laugh. You'll get wrinkles.
Mom, do you have a Louis XIII bag?
You stop it!
Dad, are the girls still in your room?
Yes. Your mom's having a great time.
She's lying with her three daughters
wearing a face pack.
Face pack?
But don't you think she's tired?
She should get some rest.
That's resting for her.
Her three daughters came home
because she's sick.
I'm sure she's very happy right now.
Thanks to you.
I didn't do anything.
I came to get some water.
Isn't it hard?
It should be hard.
Even if it is, hang in there.
You're almost there.
Tell me if you want anything to eat.
What? Since when did he write poetry?
"Bernard Shaw said,
'They say you'll be unhappy
if you get married on a Friday.
Is that true?'"
"'Of course.
You think Friday would be an exception?'"
"How did Shaw know?"
"I once dreamed of becoming a poet,
but now I am a mere retiree."
"Oh, cruel Life.
One mistake landed me in hellfire."
"Locked inside a prison without bars,
I am a prisoner enduring years of agony."
"When can I escape this?"
"The girl who was shy only briefly
now makes me shiver
at the mere sight of her."
"Oh, the restraints of agony."
"The eternal Oh Bong-nyeo…
"The restraints of agony,
the eternal Oh Bong-nyeo…"
He shivers?
"Prison without bars"?
"One mistake landed me in hellfire…"
Oh, my…
My gosh…
This is the man
I was married to all these years…
Is Nut here?
Is she here?
Is Nut here?
What's wrong, Mom?
What is it? What happened?
Your dad is at it again…
What is it, Mom?
He hurt your feelings again, didn't he?
Geez, I can't believe him.
It's okay. It's okay.
Now do you feel a bit better?
I can't forgive him.
I'm going to destroy him.
But Mom, for you to react this way
about a poem is…
It was a poetic expression.
That's not how Dad really feels.
"Hellfire, makes me shiver"!
That's how your dad feels.
That's not true.
If he does, why would he live with you?
That's not true.
I think he's experiencing
a late-life crisis,
seeing how he's begun writing poetry.
Late… What's a late-life crisis?
It's like a midlife crisis,
but it occurs in people who retire.
Kind of like puberty for teens.
So why don't you leave him alone now?
I am leaving him alone.
I don't do anything.
If that's what a late-life crisis is like,
it's no crisis, but madness.
He's a nutcase.
Mom, saying he's a nutcase…
Hey, by the way, what's this?
Isn't this a hair tie girls use?
That's mine, Mom.
My hair got long,
and it keeps getting in my face.
So when I do this…
It's really nice.
Still, men shouldn't do that.
It's okay.
Also, the No. 1 rule of domestic dispute.
Never leave home.
The first to leave home loses.
Why would you leave home, Mom?
-Of course.
The moment you leave your home ground,
it's over.
So hurry home.
I'll drive you.
Let's go, Mom. Let's go.
Right. Why should I leave home?
If anyone should leave, it's him, right?
Right. Yes.
You can't leave home, Mom. Okay?
Let's go, Mom.
Just a second, please? Wait!
I should've stopped him.
How am I supposed to find him?
Star Palace, Mapo-gu.
Mapo, Star Palace.
Let's run.
Go in.
Go inside.
A bed…
I can't believe him.
When did you come home?
-Last night. You went jogging?
-Yes, with Chico, around the block.
-I see.
-What are you doing home?
Aren't you busy preparing
for the new season?
I am. I'm busy,
but I had to bring Mom home.
Bring her home? Did she go somewhere?
Dad, you didn't even know she was gone?
How could I know?
But why? What is her problem this time?
Your mom's never going to grow up.
Her mental age is that
of an elementary school kid.
But it's because of you.
You called Mom the root of all pain?
The eternal Oh Bong-nyeo?
You called her hell that makes you shiver.
You read that?
Who said you could read my first draft?
Dad, don't you think
you're being too mean to her?
Okay. I'll head down now.
How do you feel?
I heard you were really sick.
The news already reached you?
Yes, the whole neighborhood
is talking about it.
Oh, you look kind of sallow
and pretty sick.
No, my fever's down,
and I feel much better.
No, you still look sick.
You should stay in bed. Lie down.
Oh, no. I have to go and clean.
I haven't cleaned in three days,
and the landlord called just now.
What are you talking about?
How can you clean with a face like that?
I'm just going to do some sweeping.
Fine. Man…
I will sweep the building today
in your place,
so you stay in bed.
No, Mom!
Don't worry about it.
I won't work as stupidly hard as you.
Lie down.
You can't…
You'll get sick too.
Be quiet. Lie down. Just lie down.
Oh… Ouch, my back.
Ma'am, why are you doing that?
Where's your daughter?
She can't work because she's sick.
Oh, that's why you're doing it?
But you're not doing it right.
You need to pay more attention.
And after you're done sweeping
you have to mop that side, okay?
Why do I have to mop too?
People will be walking
all over this place.
Oh, man… You're funny, I'll give you that.
Do you not wash your face
because it'll get dirty anyway?
You wash it because it's dirty.
If that's what you want,
you do it yourself.
I can't mop! I refuse to do it!
-But ma'am!
Oh, my!
You're in my way.
What are you doing? I can't believe you…
This is a breach of contract!
This was written in the contract.
I renewed the lease because
she volunteered to clean the building,
so this is a breach of contract.
I'll have to raise the rent
or find another way.
So? Will you mop
or should I talk to your daughter?
I'll do it! I will!
I didn't say I wasn't going to do it.
She's a regular witch.
What was that?
Oh, my back.
Ma'am, when you finish,
don't forget to wipe here.
Oh, it's so dirty.
And this one too. Right here.
It's so disgusting.
Oh, boy.
Oh my goodness.
Mom, what's wrong?
Do you have any pain relief patches?
I need one for right here. Right here.
Gosh, I told you not to go.
That cruel witch.
Even stray dogs wouldn't eat her poop.
Because it'd smell like poison.
-Right here.
-Stay still.
Put it over here.
Sushi One.
Sushi One. This is it.
But it looks really expensive.
Yu-ju, you came early.
What should we get?
I'm wondering,
is it some kind of special day?
This place looks really expensive.
I wanted to buy you a nice lunch
because you're studying really hard.
I must be dating an angel.
This steamed egg is from another world.
It's perfectly warm and silky.
They did an amazing job with this.
This is…
This is "Yaburi," red seabream.
Yaburi means…
Why are you looking at me like that?
Maybe it's because your dad
runs a Japanese restaurant.
You seem to have
in-depth knowledge about food.
This is common knowledge.
I'd like to visit your dad's restaurant.
What is the name?
Take your time.
Sushi Byun? After your dad's last name?
I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.
It's Otosan Sushi.
It means "Dad's sushi" or
"Dad's restaurant." Something like that.
Oh, Otosan Sushi.
It's a very lovely name.
Which floor is it on?
Or is it the whole building?
Well, no. It's on the first floor, mostly.
A restaurant on the first floor
in Mokdong?
The rent must be pretty high.
Business must be booming.
What am I going to do?
Should I tell her the truth?
Why did I tell her sushi
instead of rice rolls
and get myself into this mess?
I should tell her
before it's too late, right?
What's that? A thermometer?
I'm pregnant. It's five weeks.
am pregnant.
I can't go
to my ex-boyfriend's wedding alone.
His shoulders are too narrow.
And he isn't tall enough.
How come nobody looks decent?
Oh my god!
Can we talk?
Can you do that from over there?
About that night,
I'm not sure why you were there,
but I didn't mean to show you
what you saw.
That was the men's locker room,
and I didn't think you would be there.
So you're putting the blame on me?
I don't think you have the right.
So she knows. That look means she knows.
Why didn't I think of him?
I don't know how you found out,
but I have my reasons.
I won't live here long.
I'm getting a place.
What? He's living here right now?
Oh my god.
Oh, the night duty room
that's been closed down?
If the director finds out,
you'll be in trouble. Right?
He sure is handsome.
Yes. I'll move out as soon as possible.
By the way,
what are you doing this Sunday?
-Remember the other day? At the cafe?
You know, the jerk who ran away?
That was my ex-boyfriend,
and that bastard…
That jerk invited me to his wedding.
I can't go
to my ex-boyfriend's wedding alone.
Would you come with me?
I don't think I can do that.
I'm sorry.
Sure. I got it.
Good luck.
This is the closed down night duty room.
It's off limits.
But I hear someone's been living here.
Let me go inside.
Someone is living here.
So the person using this bed,
studying soccer
and wearing these uniforms, who is he?
It's coach Park Cheol-su.
Of all people to catch me…
This is Park Cheol-su.
When did you say the wedding is?
I can't tell the difference
with the one before.
It's coming up.
Do you have plans?
Why do you keep checking your watch?
No! The new season's coming up.
I can't go on a date!
I didn't say a date.
Hey, stop that. Pause.
Let me go make a phone call.
How embarrassing.
Cha Jeong-hwan, get a hold of yourself.
Or you're going to lose it.
I'm sorry, Nut.
I'm sorry.
I have to take a rain check again.
It's just until the new season
has been decided.
It's not just you. I'm busy too.
I guess there's no need to hurry.
Good job. See you tomorrow.
-Good job.
Let's go.
Is fried chicken and beer okay?
Nut, you like wings, don't you?
-Are you sure you can handle it?
-Maybe not, right?
-Have a drumstick.
You must be crazy busy.
You look exhausted.
This always happens around the new season.
This is so nice.
This is how it feels when I come home
after work and you're here.
Why are you looking at me like that?
-You're making my heart flutter.
-That's what I want.
But you have huge dark circles
around your eyes.
Have you thought about it?
-Moving in here.
I am a very proper and conservative woman.
And I am even more proper
and conservative than you.
What does that…
-Who's that? Were you expecting someone?
My mom.
Stay here.
My room. Go to my room.
Who is it?
-Who is it?
-Jeong-hwan, it's me, Yeon-ji.
What are you doing here so late?
You left your USB drive at the office.
You said you were going to review it.
Oh, really? I didn't even know.
Thanks. But I can check this tomorrow.
Oh, were you with someone?
Who is it?
Oh, it's you, Yeon-ji.
What are you doing here so late?
I had something to give Jeong-hwan.
I guess it was really urgent
for you to come all the way here.
I'd better go.
Press the one on the top. Right there.
What was all that?
You're laughing? How can you laugh?
-Does she come here often?
-No, this was her first time.
-How can I believe that? Are you sure?
Geez, you didn't have to
smudge your makeup.
-That was too cruel. She's just a kid.
Did you just call her
a kid in front of me?
She's not a kid!
She's even naughtier than I am!
That can't be. Oh, boy…
I said don't laugh.
So move in with me, okay?
Let's live together.
What's the size of your bed?
-Are you going to charge me rent?
-Maintenance fee?
-What if your parents visit you?
-I'll make sure they never do.
I'll pay for what I use.
So you're saying…
I'll move in. I'm feeling generous.
Let's live together.
Yes. You said it.
But I'm not really moving in.
It's just during the weekdays.
It's like my weekday place.
I'm going home on weekends.
And I'm going home whenever I want to.
Of course.
-Are you done?
Then give me a hug.
-Put me down. I want to walk.
-You do?
Let's go.
Sit down.
Here are his clothes for when
he gets discharged and other stuff.
Thank you.
Drink up.
I'm sorry.
I know.
What's wrong with me?
I really wanted to do a good job.
What do you think was the problem?
It was probably
because it was your first time.
What can I do to make Mr. An feel better?
He hated my apology letter.
I'll do anything.
If I feel the same pain,
will he feel better?
Should I go get hemorrhoids
from somewhere?
But I have such healthy bowels
that I've never had anything
like hemorrhoids.
If I let him beat me up,
will he feel better?
Actually, all that will only
make him even angrier.
I'm sorry.
I really don't know how.
Let's try to build on his hatred for you.
I'll call you over whenever I can,
so you should just keep coming.
If only you had some attractive features,
it would be so much easier.
-I'm sorry.
Jung-hui is really upset. Hide.
-Congratulations on getting discharged.
I'll call you.
Are you okay, Jung-hui?
-You called her, didn't you?
Oh, the intern? Actually--
Try that one more time.
I'm sorry.
We're almost there.
-Stop the car.
-Right here? But you'll have to walk.
-Why not--
-I said stop the car.
-I'm okay. You can go.
-I'll walk you to your door.
I'm fine, so go.
I'll go. Call me if you need anything.
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