My Father Is Strange (2017) s01e09 Episode Script

Episode 9

Excuse me.
Can we talk for a minute, sir?
You're here to make him your son,
and all you say is, "Can we talk, sir?"
What kind of father
addresses his son as "Sir"?
Pull yourself together.
That young man is my son from now on.
He's my son!
We need to talk.
Give me a bit of your time.
I need to tell you something.
Who are you? Do you know me?
I don't know who you are.
So there's nothing
I want to hear from you.
Please don't bother me again.
Who's that?
I'll come back tomorrow.
Please let me have
a bit of your time tomorrow.
Whatever. There's no need to get mad.
The fact that I'm getting mad
makes me mad.
He has nothing to do with me.
Al, where are you? I'm home.
Oh, there you are.
Al, did you have a good day?
Give me a kiss. Don't go away.
Why are you hiding? Are you mad at me?
You look skinny. Tae-bu didn't feed you,
did he? What a jerk.
Do you want me to feed you?
Tell me.
Give me a kiss.
You're back. I was cleaning up.
Gosh, I hope
it wasn't too hard by yourself.
I'll do the rest, so you can go home.
It's okay. I'll finish this first.
By the way, why do you go out every day?
I didn't say anything to Yeong-sil
because you told me not to.
Well, there's something I must do.
I have to go out again tomorrow.
I know it's hard,
but I'll need your help for a while.
Tomorrow again? Sure.
Who's that?
He's back again?
If you're inside, can we please talk?
It'll only be a minute.
Gosh. Why didn't he leave?
-You're inside, aren't you?
-There's nobody here.
Did he already go out?
Man, I'm hungry.
He must be gone.
I don't get this.
Why is he still there?
How annoying. I'm starving.
Geez, there's nothing to eat.
Gosh, it hurts!
This is so annoying!
What now?
Darn it. Man, that hurts.
I can't believe how annoying he is.
What is it? I don't want to talk to you.
If you ring the bell again,
I'm going to call the guard. Okay?
Hello? Is this the guard's office?
This is Unit 202.
Salesmen aren't allowed in the building!
No, I'm not a salesman.
Please leave.
Okay. Just a second.
I'll leave. I will.
Hye-yeong, give that to me.
You should've asked me.
No, I'm almost done. Dad, have a seat.
Jun-yeong, Mi-yeong, Ra-yeong,
breakfast is ready!
I wondered for a second
if hell froze over, but apparently not.
Hye-yeong made all these.
She wouldn't let me lift a finger.
Mom, you're recovering from a cold.
What's going on?
Are you sick or what, Hye-yeong?
Wait. Is today Mom and Dad's
wedding anniversary?
Why are you making a fuss?
I made you breakfast from time to time.
Sit down and eat.
Dad, I'm late,
so I'll just drink this juice.
Aren't you late for work?
I'm going to leave a little late today.
I just finished a case.
Try this egg I made.
Let me try the egg
my eldest daughter made.
It's good. It's perfectly seasoned.
Smart people are good at cooking too.
Oh, there you go again.
If frying eggs is cooking, Mom is a chef.
Honey, did you see
how she dragged me into it?
She totally did.
She was dissing me, wasn't she?
Mom, you kind of lost there.
I'll see you later. I'm late.
Bye, Mom.
Be careful.
-Have a nice day.
-Have a nice day.
-Will do.
You have something to say, don't you?
You're very sharp, Mom.
Let's eat first.
What is it?
Yeah, I'm curious too. What is it?
Well, I've been thinking for a while
that commuting is too time-consuming
and exhausting for me,
so I thought of getting
an apartment near work.
And a few days ago,
my friend asked me to be her roommate.
She lives in an apartment
in Gangnam alone,
but the rent went up so much
that it became unaffordable,
and she asked me to share the burden.
There are two rooms,
so there'll be no problem.
So you want to move out?
Oh, but it's only during the week.
I'll come home on weekends.
So I won't be gone for good.
But you're still moving out.
What kind of friend?
A friend from college. You don't know her.
Her parents happen to live
in Seongnam too.
-She had to move out because of work.
-Right, it's a long commute.
It takes much more than an hour.
Wouldn't it be too much trouble for her?
But it was her who suggested it first.
Well, what do you think?
If it's just during the week,
it might be fine.
Of course. I'll come home on weekends,
no matter what.
Well, to be honest,
I would love to commute from home.
But to be realistic,
it takes too much time to do so,
and I'm getting more and more work.
It's getting hard for me to handle.
Sleeping in the night duty office
isn't easy.
You have no idea how heavy and tired
I feel all day the next day.
I understand what you mean.
I'll think about it, so you go to work.
Okay, Dad.
Please think about it.
It'll be cold at night.
Wear something warm.
You're against it?
She asked me to think about it,
so I'll think about it.
I'm going to work too.
I said I'm pregnant.
I see. A restaurant
on the first floor in Mok-dong?
The rent must be pretty high.
Business must be booming.
What am I going to do?
Why did I tell such a lie?
I wish I were dead.
Maybe I should just kill myself.
-Good morning.
-Good morning.
-Are you feeling sick?
-No. Why?
Normcore is in right now,
so I tried it out.
But your signature look
includes the killer heels.
You must be free if you have time
to discuss my outfit. Want more work?
I guess Jun-yeong is busy right now.
Should I check out
how big the restaurant is?
"Otosan Sushi in Mok-dong."
"Otosan Restaurant in Mok-dong."
What's going on?
I'm sure it's Otosan Sushi. Is it not?
Your call is being forwarded--
Jun-yeong, call me when you can.
By the way, your father's restaurant
is Otosan Sushi, right?
Hey! Hey, why won't you answer me?
Hey, is there something wrong?
What are you going to do?
There's only one way.
Han-soo wouldn't kill you.
Just grit your teeth
and tell him the truth.
What else could you do?
Your girlfriend said she wants to keep it.
So you have to tell him.
Is that really the best way, Uncle?
How about I tell him after my exam?
No, after the baby is born?
Do you think that's possible?
Thank goodness you have
that much of a grip on the situation.
Why didn't you be more careful?
Why did you put yourself
in such an awful situation?
Gosh, my poor sister.
What did she do in her previous life
to deserve a little brother like me
on top of a son like you?
I'm sorry.
I can't help
but think about Yeong-sil today.
Anyway, what does
your girlfriend see in you
so she wants to have a baby with you?
Uncle, actually, Yu-ju thinks
my father runs
a big Japanese restaurant in Mok-dong.
She does?
I didn't mean to lie to her.
It just came out the wrong way.
In Japan, they call gimbap "sushi."
I didn't want to tell her he sells gimbap.
I can't believe you!
Uncle, please don't add to my torment.
I already feel like dying.
Wait, stop making excuses
and call her right now.
Call her and tell her the truth, okay?
She deserves to know the facts
before making the decision. Okay?
I know.
I know I should tell her,
but I can't bring myself to do it.
Hey! Is that a good enough excuse
not to tell her?
Call her right now.
Ask her to meet up and tell her the truth.
Uncle, I can't. I really can't.
Just a second. I can't do it.
Answer it.
-Answer it already.
-No, I can't.
The number you have dialed…
Are you ignoring my calls?
Why won't he call me?
Did his schedule change?
Isn't Mr. An coming here?
Jung-hui will arrive in an hour.
Thank you.
What should I do?
There's nowhere to hide.
We're late. Mr. Kang is waiting.
It's okay.
If I arrive early, he'll only nag.
Wait, I have something to tell him.
Tae-bu, hurry up.
I can do this. I can handle anything.
Hello, Mr. An. How do you feel?
Mr. Kang, rather than humanism or family,
how about bloody action?
How about a movie like that?
If not, a drama of any other genre
will be okay.
Read it.
The director is pretty good, and--
Even with Park Chan-wook,
I won't do a daily drama.
If I were the writer or the director,
I wouldn't give you a role.
Acting skills are really important
in daily dramas.
You should be grateful
you're getting offers.
Why are you so oblivious
to your lack of talent?
Is it that you can't realize it
or you won't?
Mr. Kang, how can you say that
to your own artist?
Now I can clearly see
what this company thinks of me.
That's why you gave me
a crappy employee and treated me this way.
-"A crappy employee"?
-The intern. Why didn't you fire her?
Don't you remember what she did to me?
And that apology letter too.
She is really twisted inside.
-Shall I fire her?
-For the tenth time, yes.
I should send her to Jin Seong-jun.
Seong-jun happens to be short-staffed.
He is so busy these days.
Why send her to him?
-You don't want her.
-I only told you to fire her.
You just want her out of your sight.
This is great.
Jin Seong-jun really likes the new intern.
No, you can't do that.
Don't be unreasonable.
You're 35 years old, not 35 months old!
Fine. I'll keep her. I will.
I'll keep her!
That little…
Did you have a nice talk?
Where are you going next?
I will make sure
you quit of your own volition.
Do whatever it takes
and make him review these.
Yes, sir.
You're getting in?
Because I have to be with you
all the time.
Okay. Then walk.
Oh, is it too far to walk?
Yes, though I don't know
where you're going.
Then run.
-Mr. An.
-I'll call you.
What a heartless jerk.
What a tenacious guy.
I'll give you the notebook
I kept for the past five years.
Inside are the records
of everything on An Jung-hui
from his illness to romantic history
to the number of his moles.
Review them thoroughly
and make use of them.
He was born in America.
He finally got what I meant.
Where are you?
At my office.
I'm drowning in files.
I'm getting some sunlight.
Did you tell them?
Yes, this morning.
What did they say?
I think my mom's okay with it,
but from how my dad looked,
I expect some difficulties.
Try to convince him.
How? Tell him the truth?
How's work going, Nut?
We're out of seaweed.
Honey, do you have some time?
I got some good pears.
Try it. It's like sugar.
It is. It's really sweet.
The price was even sweeter.
It was five for 10,000 won.
I got some for my mom too.
Did you think about it? About Hye-yeong.
I can't say yes.
The commute may be hard,
but it only takes a bit over an hour.
It's actually harder on Mi-yeong.
Hye-yeong's been taking the subway
for three years.
Mi-yeong just started.
She doesn't take the subway every day.
You give her a ride often enough.
When she gets married, she will move out.
So what's all the hurry?
Many people move out
before they get married.
There's this "Kangaroo generation"
where grownups don't leave their parents,
which is a bigger problem now.
So you're saying yes?
Yes, I'm saying yes.
My heart breaks whenever I see her
come home looking like blanched spinach
every other day.
If she moves out, she'll get enough sleep.
She'll be here on weekends,
so she won't be completely gone.
But she'd still be leaving home.
And eating is
just as important as sleeping.
She barely eats when we spoon-feed her.
What will happen if she moves out?
Is it because you're sad?
I'm not sad.
I'm worried because it's not safe.
How can you let your daughter
leave home so easily?
I can't understand you.
Are you sick of our children?
Wait, what? That's not true.
That's not fair.
How can it be so easy for you?
What do you want me to do?
Hold a family meeting?
Okay, let's do that.
Fine. I'll tell them before I forget.
There's a family meeting tonight.
Come home before nine o'clock.
The agenda is
about Hye-yeong's moving out.
And Ra-yeong,
you haven't wired this month's expenses.
Wire it now.
I'm going down.
What about the pear?
See you later.
-Hi, Yeong-sil.
Didn't you go to work?
Well, I had a shoot outside,
so I dropped by.
Mom is home, right?
-I got you some fruits.
Well, Yeong-sil, is everything all right?
Sorry? Why do you ask?
Well, it's just that
this thought suddenly struck me.
Do you remember
what you said after I got conned?
"You never know what might happen,
and life doesn't always go your way."
So Yeong-sil, cheer up,
no matter what happens.
What's wrong with you?
Did you get into trouble again?
No, that's not it.
I was just thinking about the old days.
Yeong-sil, you know
I love and respect you, right?
So keep your chin up. You've got this.
I'll see you later.
Good luck.
What the…
It's delicious.
Oh my goodness.
It's tiny, but it looks delicious.
I thought of you, so I got a lot.
-You did?
How's your back? Is it really okay?
Yes, it's fine.
It hurt really badly that day,
but I felt fine after some sleep.
By the way, did she call you after that?
Of course.
I swept the hallway
and the steps again this morning.
I've never met anyone like her.
Oh my! it's sweet.
It's delicious. You have a bite too.
Right? Enjoy.
Bo-mi, you try some too.
It's yummy.
It's really sweet.
This will cover Mother's snacks
for a while.
Wait, what?
If someone overheard,
they'd think you bring me
all kinds of snacks.
Geez, Mom. Some might think
Bo-mi never brings you any snacks.
Thank you, Yeong-sil.
Bo-mi, is everything all right?
-Like what?
-Nothing. Just asking.
Of course, everything's fine.
Is everything fine with you too?
Like what?
Nothing. Just asking.
Why are you startled?
I'm the only one who knows this place.
-What brings you here?
-To make plans. Do you have any clothes?
Plans? Clothes?
What are you doing?
I don't see any suits.
Wait, do you only have tracksuits?
Wait, I just wanted to…
What is it that you want to say?
I want to talk about the wedding tomorrow
and check on the dress code.
Just give me the bullet points.
Number one,
act like you're deeply in love with me.
Number two, wear something fancy,
if not a luxury brand suit.
Since your cover is fine,
you just need a touch of luxury.
What do you mean by "cover"?
Well, this is it.
Your cover is your appearance.
How you look.
I don't have any fancy clothes.
The director's number is…
See you at 1:30 p.m.
In front of Seongsim Convention.
What? "Hye-yeong's moving out"?
Did you wire the money, Ra-yeong?
Not yet. I'll do it tomorrow.
But I still think 150,000 won is too--
Jun-yeong's here.
Honey, everyone's here.
As your mom said in the text,
Hye-yeong wants to move in with her friend
who lives in an apartment in Gangnam.
And I wanted to hear what you think.
Lucky you, Hye-yeong.
What kind of friend?
A friend from my college club.
It'll be good for both of us.
My friend can't afford the rent,
and I can't handle the commute.
I'm so jealous.
You're moving out
because you can afford to.
We haven't decided on it yet.
I say yes.
The commute is really hard
and takes a really long time.
One question.
Just because she's moving out
doesn't mean we have to pay more, right?
-Then I say yes. And I'm taking her room.
No. I'll be coming home on weekends.
What nonsense is that?
We have to leave it empty
so you can use it two days a week?
Mom, Dad, is that fair?
Be quiet. We haven't decided
if she can move out yet.
I mean, she's being selfish.
How dare she hog the room
just for two days a week?
I say no.
Fine. You can have my room.
I'll sleep with Mi-yeong on weekends.
And I want to borrow your bag for a day.
-Just say no.
-I say no.
I say no too.
It's dangerous for a girl
to live away from home.
What are you talking about?
It's because I'm your big brother.
It's too dangerous for my little sister.
You're no help at all.
I heard that.
I say yes.
-You get no vote.
I'm a member of this family,
so I get a vote.
Although the votes weren't cast in secret,
I also have the right to vote
according to universal suffrage.
The candidates of presidential
and legislative elections vote.
They are both candidates and voters.
What she says is right, but don't you want
to smack her when she says it?
Honey, what do we do?
She's right. Let her vote.
That makes it two to two.
Mom, Dad, how about you?
I, well…
We're married, so we're one.
I'll go with Dad's decision.
Then it's up to Dad. How about you, Dad?
I say no.
What do you mean, why?
As a father, I'm worried and reluctant.
We will forget
about your moving out for now.
You're dismissed.
It serves you right.
She must be upset.
Is your family meeting over?
It is.
Dad was adamant, so I can't move out.
What? What do we do, then?
I don't know.
I'm not myself because of the shock.
I'm regretting not lending my bag
to Ra-yeong.
Ra-yeong said no?
Why didn't you do so?
Lending a bag isn't a big deal.
Don't add to my troubles.
I'm already feeling a wave
of deep regret and anger.
Just relax.
Nut, you're dying to move in
with me, aren't you?
What's with him?
Are you that sad
to let Hye-yeong move out?
I'm not sad. Stop saying that.
It's because I'm worried.
It's written all over your face.
You're too sad to let her go,
but now that you've said no,
your heart breaks to see her suffer.
That's not it.
Go to sleep. I'm tired too.
If this makes you sad,
how will you see her marry?
You're going to live with her forever?
Fine. I'll stop talking.
Gosh, you even turned your back.
She's neither 14 nor 24.
She's 34 years old.
How can you still dote on her like that?
I wonder if Hye-yeong knows
how much her dad loves her.
I'm going to sleep.
Good night, okay?
Otosan… Otosan Sushi.
How weird.
What is he trying to do?
Otosan Sushi, and he said something else.
Otosan Sushi.
It means "Dad's sushi"
or "Dad's restaurant."
Something like that.
They are closing it down
at the end of this week.
They won't be in Mok-dong anymore,
but they are reopening
in Suwon as Dad's Snacks.
Dad's Snacks?
Mr. An…
Get me snailfish soup
from Jeil Restaurant in Sokcho.
Send me a photo too.
"Snailfish soup"?
What time is it?
It's only 5 a.m.
What is it?
Are you disappointed
that we won't let you move out?
I'm not disappointed.
I just don't understand.
It's only for weekdays when I go to work.
Why won't you allow it?
I sleep in the night duty office
all the time anyway.
You really don't get it?
No, I don't at all.
Gosh, you're not so smart after all.
Your dad's sad, that's why.
He doesn't want to
because you're his heart.
Well, I'm not saying
I'm moving out for good.
I said I'll come home on weekends.
That's how parents feel.
Don't you remember?
When you got into college,
he dropped you off at your dorm
and cried behind your back.
Your dad is a very doting father.
And he loves you most of all.
The day you were born,
he couldn't even hold you.
He cried like a baby,
worrying he might hurt you.
I wish you could see that.
As soon as you were born,
I stepped down from his number one,
where even Jun-yeong
couldn't oust me from.
Do you get it now,
my dense daughter?
I'm saying…
I didn't ask him to love me so much.
What brings you here?
Do you want to go on a date
with me tonight?
I get off work at six.
Why? Is this about your moving out?
We finished the discussion last night.
No, it's not about that.
I'm busy today.
And once again, you can't move out.
I said it's not about that.
Then I'm glad.
It's late. Go to work. I'm busy.
I'll see you later.
Oh, I'm almost there.
Where is it?
Maybe I should catch one
and cook it myself.
"Jeil Restaurant"!
-Please give me a lot and fill it up.
-All right.
-Thank you.
Ma'am, I'm sorry, but…
-One, two, three.
-One, two, three.
Hi, Mr. An.
I'm back from Sokcho.
I brought the snailfish soup.
Should I bring it up?
What took you so long?
You eat it.
Mr. An? Hello?
What should I do now?
Go wait at the office.
Sure. Call me whenever you need me.
Let's see how long you'll last.
Wait, how did she get back so soon?
Did she really go to Sokcho?
What? She really did.
Maybe I should ask
for the conger eel in Busan.
Man, I'm bored.
How do you like it?
I heard you like this kind of food,
so I did some searching.
-It's nice.
-That's good.
-Go ahead. Why aren't you eating?
-I am eating.
Can't you be a bit nicer to Mom?
I think she's been feeling lonely lately.
Your mom's always lonely.
She's been saying all her life
that she's lonely.
That's all because of you.
You're so indifferent to her.
She's not helping the situation.
Your mom and I are incompatible.
We have nothing in common.
But Mom at least tries to make an effort,
whereas you never do.
Isn't that your duty as a spouse?
So why don't you at least
try to understand Mom?
If you can't understand, try to memorize.
You love to study, so try to study,
research, and analyze Mom.
Why should I spend
my precious time on that?
I don't want to waste my life away.
Father, please.
Did your mom put you up to this?
Well, do you know
Mom opens a cafe in two days?
For what it's worth,
you should at least bring her a plant
that says "Happy Grand Opening."
Working at a cafe isn't hard.
It's a cafe, so make coffee,
serve customers,
do the dishes, and clean the cafe.
I can't stand anything dirty,
so make sure you clean well.
Also, fill the dessert cabinet
and help me open the cafe.
Oh, and help me
with the bookkeeping on weekends.
That's all.
So? Can you do it?
-Good luck.
Wait, Look here.
I'm the definition of a clean-cut,
responsible hard-worker.
Okay, but…
We are looking
for a clean-cut female part-timer.
What? Female?
Gosh, my back.
Can you make coffee?
-Can you make coffee?
-Of course.
In my youth,
I made coffee for everyone in town.
But, ma'am, you know what?
Didn't you see this?
Right here. There's an age limit.
This is a place for young people.
I'm sorry.
Well, you should've told me earlier!
My goodness.
Gosh, I came all the way here for nothing.
How could I tell you when we've never met?
For God's sake!
Goodness, hiring a part-timer is so hard.
This is bad.
The grand opening is in two days.
Did you enjoy your lunch?
The director wants to see you.
He does?
I don't know.
Did you ask for me?
The thing is, for the new season,
we're canceling Entertainment Today.
What? Cancel?
Who cancels their signature show?
Who's the one that tanked the ratings
of the signature show?
I already told you.
It couldn't be avoided
due to its old-fashioned format.
That's why we're canceling it.
Why do you always turn to the numbers?
Entertainment Today is--
We're losing the advertisers.
What choice do I have?
Can you run a show without advertisers?
This week's shoot is the last.
Wrap it up well
and wait for the next assignment.
Where is he? What if he doesn't show up?
How petty of him.
Gosh, what a perfect cover.
You're here. Let's go.
We're lovers.
Change your expression.
Give me love-struck eyes.
Let's go.
Friends of the groom and bride,
give us some space.
Look this way.
You're really here.
Of course.
You personally handed me an invitation.
How could I not?
I didn't expect you to show up.
Now that you're here,
don't forget the cash gift.
You and I had a very special relationship.
Well, all right.
Right. Say hello.
You know her, don't you? My wife.
Congratulations. You look beautiful.
You gained weight.
Is it because of the breakup?
What do you mean?
It's not like that.
I can tell it's from drinking too much.
All you had to offer was your body.
What a shame.
You're standing too close
to my girlfriend.
Is he your boyfriend?
Yes, he's my boyfriend.
Congratulations on your wedding.
But please don't be so rude
to my girlfriend ever again.
And don't contact her, either.
All right, sure.
Shall we go, Ra-yeong?
Gosh, you are a beautiful couple.
Why don't you take a photo with them?
Here we go.
One, two, three.
You said you'd finish early, didn't you?
This isn't that bad.
What are you doing here?
I had an errand to run,
and I thought I might wait for you.
Let's go.
That friend of yours.
Is she very close to you?
Of course.
That's why we tried to move in together.
Are you sure you won't be intruding?
I'll chip in for the rent too.
Okay. Go ahead and do it.
Move out.
But you have to come home on weekends.
Of course.
I opposed because I was sad.
I had never once thought
that my kids would move out
before getting married.
You were upset, weren't you?
Make sure you don't skip a meal
after moving out.
However busy you are in the morning,
you must have a smoothie
or rice cakes at least.
Come on, Dad.
I'm not a child.
Of course, you are.
Until the day you grow old and die,
you're all children to your mom and dad.
Let's go.
I'll come home on weekends.
-The tteokbokki was good.
-It was.
-Should we get some tomorrow too?
Pick up.
Jun-yeong, pick up.
How did you find out?
Is this…
Otosan Sushi?
No, actually…
Then what's this?
I mean…
What happened was…
Is this place
your father's restaurant, Otosan Sushi?
I didn't mean to lie to you.
It's the truth. Please believe me.
I didn't intentionally deceive you.
I just wanted to make a good impression.
I thought you'd think little of me
if I told you it was a gimbap place.
Do you think I'm a joke?
No, Yu-ju.
How could I think of you as a joke?
-Otosan Sushi?
Is this Otosan Sushi?
Please calm down.
-How dare you do this to me?
-Please, Yu-ju.
If you move too much,
it could be dangerous!
How could you do this to me?
What am I going to do now?
Why did you lie?
Why did you lie to me? Why?
What Otosan Sushi?
Otosan Sushi, my foot!
How dare you do this to me?
If I ever see you again,
I swear I will kill you.
Jun-yeong? Jun-yeong!
What's all this?
What happened, huh?
Jung-hui, you've been home all this time?
Have you eaten anything?
You had a meal, right?
For an actor, health comes first.
Be quiet and chop the cabbage.
Al is hungry.
Should we go on a trip next week?
I have nothing on my schedule.
But I do.
How can you when I have nothing?
I really do.
There are auditions and meetings
for the New Talents Team.
Why are you involved with that team?
I've been promoted.
I'm the team leader
of the New Talents Team.
What is he saying?
Who told you to get promoted?
What about me?
That's why the intern will be in charge
of dealing with your business.
No way!
Why do you hate that intern so much?
She did make a few mistakes,
but she's hardworking and sincere.
I just hate everything about her.
I hate how she wears round glasses
like yours.
And I hate the fact her last name is Byun.
What kind of last name is Byun?
Come on. That's harassment.
How come? Why are you making me a bad guy?
It is harassment.
Harassment based on her last name.
You can laugh it away,
but don't step on my foot.
What? I'm not doing that.
You son of a…
-We're supposed to have dinner together.
-Go. You scared Al.
He needs to recover psychologically.
This is so annoying.
Did you leave something behind?
What did you leave--
You were home.
Let that go.
Let's talk.
I said, let that go.
I have something to tell you.
Are you kidding me?
I told you I don't want
to hear anything from you.
Let go.
I said, let go.
Do I have to push you?
I said, let go!
Come in.
Come in. Hurry.
Okay. Let's hear it.
Go ahead and talk.
Once she moves out,
we won't ever get to live with her again.
Welcome to our secret home.
Jeong-hwan's show got canceled.
I guess Jeong-hwan doesn't
tells you anything.
From now on, tell me everything first.
May I put my hand on your body?
I've been studying a lot about you.
You didn't get any surgeries, right?
This is all-natural.
Wasn't he flirting? I will make you mine.
-Park Cheol-su.
-I saw you eating take-out food.
This might be better
than store-bought food.
I'm sorry.
You must be very disappointed in me.
Yu-ju, wake up.
Wake up!
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