My Father Is Strange (2017) s01e10 Episode Script

Episode 10

Let's hear it.
Go ahead and talk.
I said go ahead.
Have you eaten?
Oh, I brought the scotch you left behind.
I'm really sorry…
I didn't recognize you that day.
I know it's really late,
I want to be there for you as your father.
No, thank you.
I have no intention
of letting you into my life.
I know…
how shameless it sounds.
If you know,
I don't need to explain anymore.
I told you that night, remember?
Let's not see each other ever again.
Oh, you're here because I went to see you?
That was my mistake.
I had a bit too much to drink that night.
Just go on with your life.
Stop doing things that don't suit you.
To be frank,
if I wasn't drinking that night,
you wouldn't even have known
my name, right?
come back here again.
And let me tell you once more…
let's never see each other again.
Your food's here.
Do you live there?
-I heard a celebrity lives here.
I've never seen him though.
He always tells me
to leave the food there.
Does he order food often?
Almost every day, I think.
Who could it be?
Like how leaves fall down in the fall,
TV shows get canceled when it's time.
It's the old-fashioned show's fault,
not yours, Jeong-hwan.
Of course not.
But those leaves…
Why do they have to fall down
when I'm in charge?
No matter what people say,
I love your style.
You don't cross the line when you work,
and I like that about you.
She has good taste.
Drink up.
Can we have another bottle of soju?
It's Nut.
Excuse me.
Are you okay?
Oh, boy.
Yes, how did you know?
I am drinking.
Things must be better now
seeing how you are out having a drink.
Jeong-hwan, I got my parents' permission.
Wow, really?
That's great.
Nut, you must've been in a hurry
to let me know.
But I'm sorry.
I had a bit too much to drink,
so I can't talk to you for very long.
That's the only reaction I get?
I'm very disappointed.
What are you doing?
Come back. Hurry.
are you drinking with Im Yeon-ji?
Yes. Are you a psychic? How did you know?
Okay. Bye.
Hye-yeong, dinner's ready.
Mother, you're here.
Our furnace is broken,
so we all came here to have dinner.
-Your furnace?
The gas stove.
I see. Welcome.
Eat, Mother. Let's eat.
Thank you!
I have an important announcement, Mother.
What? Important announcement?
What is it, Dad?
Hye-yeong is moving out.
Her commute is too far and exhausting,
so she's moving in with her friend.
What? You're saying yes?
Lucky you, Hye-yeong.
I know. I'm so jealous.
So, Hye-yeong, you're leaving home?
Yes, Grandmother.
But I'll come home every weekend.
But I'm still sad.
Yeong-sil, you must be sad too.
I'm not. I'm relieved.
Your room is my room now.
Clean it before you move out.
It's delicious.
Jun-yeong, what's wrong?
Why aren't you eating?
He's stressed out because of the exam.
Don't worry about it and eat.
What's wrong? You can't eat?
You have indigestion?
Should I make you porridge tomorrow?
No, my stomach's fine.
Oh, this is braised butterfish.
It's white meat fish,
so it's tender and easy to digest.
Why are you sighing like that?
-Is something bothering you?
-Did you get conned again?
-No, actually…
It's about Jun-yeong.
What did Jun-yeong do?
Keeping this a secret from everyone
makes me feel so frustrated.
I can't sleep because of guilt,
and I got a sore on my tongue.
Okay. Come clean and be free.
-Don't be shocked.
Jun-yeong's girlfriend is pregnant.
What? Jun-yeong's girlfriend is pregnant?
Keep it down. Min-ha might hear you.
Wow, I didn't even know
Jun-yeong had a girlfriend,
and she's pregnant?
I can't believe this.
A student whose exam is coming up for the
fifth time knocked up his girlfriend?
Imagine how I must have felt
every time I saw Han-soo and Yeong-sil.
I felt so uncomfortable and guilty
when I haven't even done anything.
You did.
You can't hide something like that.
Han-soo and Yeong-sil need to know.
He has to tell them, not me.
He said he'll tell them.
My gosh, you really can't trust anyone.
How can Jun-yeong do this?
I know.
But honey, our son Min-ha wouldn't do
things like this to us, would he?
How dare you mention Min-ha?
If Jun-yeong were one-tenth
as smart as Min-ha,
he would've passed the exam ages ago.
Honey, should we take a test too?
Go turn off the lights.
We should go to the market if we're going
to make some food for Hye-yeong, right?
We should.
I'll come with you in the afternoon.
I want to go to the temple in the morning.
Jun-yeong's exam is coming up.
You go there.
I'll go to the market alone.
No, let's go together in the afternoon.
You can't carry everything alone.
It's okay.
I'll get some cow's trotters too.
I want to make some broth for her too.
She won't have time to make soup.
Sure. With oxtail.
Get baby anchovies too.
Hye-yeong loves
the sweet stir-fried anchovies.
You look even sadder than me.
I am.
Now that we've decided…
Once she moves out, I don't know when,
but she'll get married too.
And we won't ever get
to live with her again.
Probably not.
Maybe I shouldn't have talked you into it.
No, you were right.
As you said,
when I think about the commute,
I should've let her do it ages ago.
Of course.
Let's go to sleep.
The number you have dialed…
So you're passed out?
After drinking with Im Yeon-ji?
No, Byun Hye-yeong.
Yes, it's morning right now,
and I have coffee in my hand.
And today, I look…
even more beautiful.
I should start the day feeling happy.
Okay, Cracker…
I'll talk to you later.
You just came to work now?
My show got canceled,
so why bother coming in early?
Did you decide to run wild?
-When am I getting a new show?
-I told you to be on standby for a while.
Do the outdoor shoot
for Jeong-su tomorrow.
Jeong-su? You mean Han Jeong-su?
You want me to do
Jeong-su's outdoor shoot?
You get paid every month.
You want to get paid for doing nothing?
You should do the work.
But I have to wrap my show up and--
empty the trash can.
Okay. Thank you.
What do you want to know?
Remember the young man I asked you about?
-An Jung-hui?
If I want to know all about him,
what should I do?
After I met him,
I became his fan since he was so cool.
You have to become his fanatic.
What's that?
When you become a fan,
you become a fanatic.
When you become interested in a star,
join his fan club, read his articles,
and keep up with his schedule,
you're his fanatic.
Oh, I want to do that.
Can you show me how to do it?
Dad's Snacks.
You've joined the fan club now.
You could probably find out
all about him here.
What do you want to know?
His favorite food.
Oh, because you're a chef.
Here it is. His favorite food.
-Spicy short-arm octopus.
Let me take some notes.
Spicy short-arm octopus.
Deep-fried shrimp.
Sizzling rice soup.
If I ever see you again,
I will kill you.
What do I do?
What am I supposed to do
at a time like this?
This is crazy.
And since his comeback is this spring,
and since green is the color of 2017,
I thought we could accentuate
the boyish image.
Ms. Kim, what do you think?
Ms. Kim?
Sorry. Where were we?
I brought some snacks.
Let's take a break.
-I want the steak.
-Mine's chicken.
I want the cheese.
Ms. Kim, your usual.
It's okay. I'm not very…
I'm fine. It must be my lunch.
You look like
you're having morning sickness.
That was a joke.
How can you joke
about something like that?
Byun Jun-yeong,
you're not going to call me?
You're never going to see me again?
Is it gastritis again?
Are you going somewhere?
Yes, to get some lunch.
Perfect timing. There's no need.
I brought some.
Oh, did you get us eel?
That's great.
Jeong-hwan drank a lot last night,
so he needs something healthy.
I heard.
You all went out to drink last night?
Let's go up.
I got some for you and Jong-beom too.
You're working with my boyfriend,
so I have to look after you too.
You look very happy.
You're not worried about Jeong-hwan?
About what?
You don't know?
Jeong-hwan's show got canceled.
You really didn't know?
They just decided for the new season.
I guess Jeong-hwan never
tells you anything.
have you heard of "Office wife"?
Men tend to share a lot of things
with their coworkers.
Their wives at home
don't understand anything,
and they can't even if they tried,
but with their office wives,
they can share a lot,
and they understand each other.
Is that so?
Then I should be even more grateful.
It'd be better for him
to share it with someone
rather than to be stressed out about it.
I am very, very relieved.
I was worried because
I'm not familiar with broadcasting.
I'm glad. I'm relieved now.
Please help him out a lot, Yeon-ji.
So can you take this upstairs
and ask Jeong-hwan to come down?
Tell him I'm waiting at the cafe.
Oh, you didn't have to.
You didn't have to bring me eels.
What's wrong? Are you angry?
Yes, I am angry.
To be more explicit,
I am pissed off right now.
Tell me why you're pissed off.
-I will fix it right away.
You know how Im Yeon-ji feels about you,
how hard she's been trying to woo you.
So how could you drink
with her until 2 a.m.?
I won't complain about you working
with her because she's talented.
But you need to draw a line.
And why do I have to hear about
what happened to you from her?
They're making changes next season?
From now on, tell me everything first.
Be it good news or bad news.
Why do I have to hear about you
from Im Yeon-ji?
Why do I have to hear
the phrase "office wife"?
Yeon-ji said that to you?
I'm not dating you
just to share good things.
I'm not moving in with you
after lying to my parents
just to share good things with you.
So watch how you act.
My tolerance is at its limit.
Sorry. I'm sorry.
Are you really angry?
I was going to tell you.
I was going to, but…
I thought…
I was worried you'd be disappointed.
You think I like you
because of your talent?
Then why do you like me?
Your face.
That's nice to hear.
I'm moving in tomorrow.
-We should tape the box, right?
-Of course. Even if we tie it, we must.
-Give it to me. I'll do it.
Hye-yeong, are you ready?
You're leaving now?
You didn't have to come out.
I told you I'm coming home on weekends.
But I still feel sad and lonely.
No matter how busy you get,
you have to visit often.
Yes, I'll come home every weekend.
Your bags are all loaded.
You'll be late. Go.
Yes, get in.
-We'll be back, Mother.
Goodbye, Hye-yeong.
Go. Come home on weekends.
See you this weekend.
Goodbye, Hye-yeong.
Okay. Aunt, goodbye.
Grandmother, I'm going.
We're leaving.
Let's go. It's cold. Let's go in.
Yes, let's go in.
Let's go.
What happened? You haven't told them yet?
Poor boy.
You've lost weight.
Did you make up with your girlfriend?
I haven't even called her yet.
Why? You should go
and beg her to forgive you.
I know. I should, but…
What's wrong?
You're afraid she might kill you?
Either my father or Yu-ju will kill me.
I'm dead either way.
One of them will kill me,
so I'm not scared.
What if Yu-ju doesn't forgive me?
I'm scared of that.
What's all this?
Some side dishes and bone broth.
Share them with your friend.
Why did you make all these?
I could just buy some.
It's not the same.
Don't let them spoil. Eat all of them.
I packed them into two portions each
and froze them, so it'll be convenient.
Your dad spent two days making the broth.
It'll be good.
I mixed some oxtail in it,
and it came out nice and wholesome.
Oh, boy.
You didn't have to do this.
Thank you.
You must watch your manners
even with friends.
Don't cause trouble for your friend.
I know.
Don't worry.
I said I'll bring them up for you.
My friend won't feel comfortable.
I won't go in.
I'll just walk you to your door.
They're too heavy for you.
I'm fine.
It's not heavy at all.
They have wheels, so I'll be fine.
Let her do it. She doesn't want you to.
Okay. Go ahead.
You have to get them upstairs
and go to work.
Goodbye, Dad.
Bye. Come home this weekend.
I will.
You go.
Should we go?
I have to help with another show,
so I'm going on a three-day business trip.
Welcome to our secret home.
I'll see you in two days.
Two days?
Why didn't he tell me?
Goodness, I'm going to be late.
I should go and exercise.
-Tae-bu, I want to exercise.
-I'm in a meeting. I'll call you later.
He's gone nuts.
What is it?
Jung-hui, I'm tied up
with the New Talent Team,
so I can't come and see you today.
Please call the intern. Please.
What? No way.
I've been on standby for three days.
Did Mr. An break his fingers?
I'm going to the gym, so clean it.
I mopped the floor and cleaned everything.
As you can see,
I got you all kinds of drinks,
and I have a towel for you.
-Be quiet.
-Turn around.
-Excuse me?
I don't want to see your face,
so turn around.
Yes, sir.
-I'm sorry.
But holding it like that
will hurt your wrists.
I'm sorry. As a former athlete,
I can't help but warn you
about the dangers of injury.
Darn it.
So? How do I hold these?
Your wrists and the bar
must make a straight line.
Straight line. Like this?
No, you can't bend your wrists.
At a right angle.
May I approach you?
Like this.
The back of the hand,
wrist and elbow must be straight.
-Like this?
-Yes, that's right!
Wow, Mr. An, you are a very quick--
Back to your position.
Back to my position.
Ouch, my back. What's wrong?
Don't lie too flat like that.
There has to be this at least much space.
-I was going to do that.
-Back to position.
-Got it.
Oh, I can't do this.
Mr. An, may I show you how to stand?
Part your feet at shoulder width.
Don't push with your bottom.
-Pretend you're sitting.
Slowly lift your upper body first,
followed by your knees.
Finally, pull your bottom in. Yes.
I'm hungry. I want food.
I figured,
so I made a reservation at Hanul.
The number 2 meal.
Take care.
Do you expect me to drive?
Can I do it?
Get in. I will escort you safely.
I've been studying about you,
starting with your debut.
And you were different,
even when you were an idol star.
If I had known
about Steel Heart back then,
I totally would've been a fangirl.
I just can't understand
why you didn't win the Best New Artist.
You think so too?
I'm sure there was a conspiracy.
We had higher scores
on votes and album sales.
Oh, how disappointing.
By the way, in the photos from your past,
you look just as handsome as you are now.
-You didn't get any surgeries, did you?
I was born this way. This is all-natural.
I see why people might think
I had surgery.
I have a handsome nose.
Right. People could misunderstand you.
But when you first debuted,
you weren't An Jung-hui
but Jung-hui An Parker.
You used both of your parents' last names?
An from your mother,
Parker from your father.
So why do you only use
your mother's last name?
That other name was pretty nice and fancy.
Is your father Korean-American?
-Pull over.
-Excuse me?
I said pull over.
I made another mistake, didn't I?
Darn it… Was it the name?
Why didn't I stop
before talking about his name?
I saw you eating take-out food.
This might be better
than store-bought food.
I hope you like it.
Excuse me.
You're watching soccer again?
Are you a soccer freak?
I'm hungry.
Aren't you hungry? You're not hungry?
No, I'm not hungry at all.
That can't be true.
You must be hungry.
Your hand.
Your hand.
The other hand.
Oh, no! Give it back.
I said give it back.
No, give it back.
Give it back.
Wow, I can't believe this.
How can you do this?
While I was busy looking
at your outer cover.
This is fraud. Restore it.
You can't leave!
Hey, Park Cheol-su!
How mean.
Park Cheol-su!
I mean, I was being that obvious,
so he should've noticed.
He was pretty forward at the wedding.
Wasn't he flirting?
Shall we go, Ra-yeong?
Let's go.
I can't let him tarnish
my romantic history.
I will make you mine, Park Cheol-su.
He should be here by now.
Excuse me!
I have something to tell you.
Got time?
It's important.
-Go ahead.
Let's go. I'll buy you coffee.
No, I don't have time.
Tell me here.
Just 30 minutes.
No, 15 minutes.
You can't spare 15 minutes?
Are you going to tell me
you have feelings for me?
What? No.
Well, it's something along those lines.
Don't do it.
I said don't do it.
Why not?
There's someone I love.
Hi, Yeong-hui.
Oh, no!
Look at them.
Scoot over. I have to watch something.
Watch it later.
It's getting really good.
It's been hours. It's so trashy.
You always watch things like that.
Things like that?
They make people laugh.
It's really healthy.
And honey, your son
is a variety show producer
who makes "things like that."
Give me that remote.
What are you doing?
-I'm watching that.
-Just a minute.
What's going on?
Oh, boy.
Why watch shows about playing go?
Who could that be?
Oh, it's my sister.
Come in.
What brings you here?
I was in the neighborhood.
Hello, Gyu-taek.
I brought some pie. Join us.
I'm fine. I was watching something.
Come with me.
Would you like a hot iced Americano?
Hot iced Americano?
It's delicious.
When was your last Botox session?
Your skin is all wrinkly.
My 60st birthday party is next year,
so I'm old enough to have wrinkles.
It's not "60st." It's 60th.
-Did I say "60st"?
Oh, no. I keep slipping as I get older.
My goodness.
By the way, I heard
from the hair salon yesterday that…
That singer who got married?
Jo Hun? Jo Hun.
Yes. He had a girlfriend,
but he got another girl pregnant
and was forced to marry her.
Oh my gosh.
So that was why his face
was so full of concern on his wedding day?
-So it was a rifle marriage?
-Rifle marriage?
What? It's called a rifle marriage.
It's a shotgun marriage.
Oh, right. Shotgun marriage.
Hey, maybe you have tongue incontinence
and not urinary incontinence.
You slip too much.
Tongue incontinence…
That's so funny.
Right, I must have tongue incontinence.
What am I going to do?
I can't believe them.
I can't take this any longer.
Hi, Chico.
Are you hungry? Come here.
Good boy. Here.
Here, Chico.
Chico, listen to nice things
and eat healthy food
so we can be healthy and happy
as long as we live, okay?
Yu-ju, wake up.
This is all my fault.
She needs help right now. Hurry.
This way.
-Put her down here.
She collapsed in front of her place.
She's sweating. I think it's her stomach.
Where does it hurt?
Right here.
I often have gastritis,
and it might be that.
Please wait.
Are you okay, Yu-ju?
Excuse me.
How much longer does she have to wait?
She's in too much pain.
Her hands are really cold,
and she's really pale.
-She won't stop sweating.
-The doctor will be here soon.
She's sick!
What's taking the doctor so long?
You kept telling us to wait!
I'm sorry.
It's just that Yu-ju has to be okay.
There's a baby…
She's pregnant,
so I'm… I'm begging you.
Can you please call the doctor?
Yu-ju is dying over there.
What kind of emergency room is this?
Please call the doctor!
-Your wife is calling for you.
Yu-ju, are you in a lot of pain?
You can't handle it?
It's embarrassing, so keep it down.
Okay. Sure…
Lie down.
I'll make you some porridge.
I think you had a stomach cramp
because you didn't eat anything.
Why didn't you call me?
Because you told me not to.
That meant you were supposed
to call me until I answered.
I see.
I'll be sure to remember that.
I'm sorry, Yu-ju.
You must be… very disappointed in me.
I was really going to kill you
if you didn't come by tonight.
I'm really sorry.
So what should we do now?
Whatever you want to do.
That's what I want.
What I want is…
First of all,
your exam is in two days, right?
Do a good job on it.
Second, after you take the exam,
tell your parents about us.
Third, I want to get married
before my belly starts to grow.
Fourth, pass the test
and become a civil worker.
I will, of course. I'll make it happen.
That's all.
Thank you for forgiving me.
Give me two days.
I will tell my parents
right after the exam
and come and get you.
You're coming home now?
You stayed at the library for a long time.
Why did you stay here until this late?
I made some kimchi.
I've had a lot on my mind lately,
so I've been putting it off.
-Let's go.
How's your stomach?
Do you still have indigestion?
No, I'm fine.
That's great.
Keep it up for two more days.
I think you'll do a great job this time.
You've worked so hard all this time,
I'm sure you'll get lucky this year.
Oh, man…
You're home.
I'm hungry.
I figured, so I cooked dinner. Let's eat.
Sit. Sit down.
When did you come home?
About an hour ago.
Were you sad I wasn't here
when you moved in?
I actually loved being alone.
Why did I bother cooking?
Sit down while that warms up.
Let's set up some apartment rules.
What's this?
You want me to write?
First, stop any family members
from visiting.
No, they must be averted at the source.
Of course.
Second, pay 50% of rent
and other living costs.
But the rent is my…
I changed my mind.
I'm paying rent, so take it.
No, you don't have to.
I'm paying. And also the living cost.
We will each put in an equal amount
every month in one bank account
and spend that.
That includes maintenance
and utility bills.
Sure. Is that it?
You do the cooking.
Hey, I'll do the cleaning
and the laundry too. I will.
But do we really have to talk
about that right now?
When we have all the time in the world?
The stew is boiling.
Right. The stew is boiling.
It's not just the stew.
It's my heart too.
Ouch, that's hot.
I'm going home after dinner.
I came by to see you.
Tomorrow's my brother's exam.
Oh, boy…
Jun-yeong, good luck
on your exam tomorrow.
I got you lucky rice cakes.
Please pass, I'm begging you.
Lucky chocolate.
Make this one the last exam.
Are you feeling okay?
Kind of.
Thank you, everyone.
-What's that?
-Luxury brand underwear.
A brand I've never even worn.
I hope tomorrow
becomes a very special day in your life.
What, Hye-yeong? This isn't like you.
I know.
I don't know why I'm doing this either.
Don't. It was very clever, just like you.
I'd love to see them
if it weren't men's underwear.
What does luxury brand underwear
look like?
Underwear is underwear.
You bought Jun-yeong
luxury brand underwear,
but you won't let me raid
your closet even once?
-So petty!
Don't wear Jun-yeong out. Come downstairs.
Jun-yeong, good luck!
-Good luck!
-Go for it!
-Good luck!
-I can do it!
Son, good luck.
Relax and stay focused.
I'll cook all your favorite dishes
when you come home.
Don't make anything special. It's okay.
We can eat whatever.
You worked hard, so you need good food.
Go in.
Okay. I'll see you later.
I have something to tell you
after the exam.
What is it? Is it important?
Later. I'll tell you at dinner.
-Go in.
Jung-hui, let's eat.
What's going on?
The team leader
of the New Talent Team is here?
Jung-hui, have some. It's good.
It's delicious.
Everything is delicious.
There's your favorite,
spicy short-arm octopus.
-There's sesame salad too.
-Incredible. Hurry up and eat.
Short-arm octopus.
-It's really delicious.
-It really is. Wow.
Where are these from?
You found a new place?
Didn't you order them?
They were by the door.
Stop eating.
Why did you bring them in?
Why? We weren't supposed to eat it?
But we already have.
Jung-hui, did I make a mistake?
It's okay. Eat.
Can I really eat?
Who cares? It's just food.
I can do it. I must do it.
I must do it for Yu-ju.
You're home.
I was wondering where you were,
so I came out.
Did you do well?
Yes, I think so.
Good. Good job. Let's go inside.
-Honey, Jun-yeong is home.
Jun-yeong, you're home. Good job.
Did you do well?
You didn't mess up, did you?
You shouldn't say things like that.
Jun-yeong, sit down. Good job, my son.
We made beef ribs today.
Because it's the last day
of our son's hard work,
my husband cooked a special meal for you.
Enjoy, everyone.
Thank you.
My tongue's going to have a heart attack.
Thank you, Jun-yeong.
We owe it all to you.
Jun-yeong, thank you.
Dad never buys hanwoo beef.
You spent a lot of money today.
You must be hungry.
You never know, so chew carefully.
You love pan-fried pollack too.
-Have some while it's hot.
Han-soo, you should eat too.
Okay. Thanks.
Yeong-sil, you have some of this
and cheer up.
Me? You want me to cheer up?
Why should I?
Thanks anyway.
You'll need a lot of cheering up
from now on…
Didn't you say you have something
to tell us?
Goodness, slow down.
What is it?
Jun-yeong, do you have something to say?
Well, no.
Thank you for all your support.
Thank you, Mom.
Oh, my son's all grown up now.
The number you have dialed…
Byun Jun-yeong,
you're not answering my calls again?
Oh, I'm sorry.
We're not ready to open yet.
Hello, Father.
Who are you?
remember when I told you
I had something to say?
Yes, I do. Tell me.
Honey, I think
you need to come downstairs.
Okay. What is it about?
You're Jun-yeong's girlfriend?
Yes, I am, Mother.
It's nice to meet you.
We didn't even know
Jun-yeong had a girlfriend.
Yes, that was what I thought.
I see he hasn't told you yet.
Yes, well, we don't have to know
all about our grownup son's romantic life.
Yes, that's right. I think so too.
So why are you here?
You don't have to know everything
about your grownup son's romantic life,
but there's something you must know.
I told Jun-yeong to tell you himself,
but I guess he couldn't.
He hasn't called me.
But I was in a hurry,
so I came here to tell you.
You were in a hurry?
Father, Mother.
I'm pregnant.
Jun-yeong is the father.
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