My Father Is Strange (2017) s01e11 Episode Script

Episode 11

Father, Mother.
I'm pregnant.
Jun-yeong is the father.
Wait, what was that again?
You're pregnant?
Yes. I'm carrying Jun-yeong's baby.
Jun-yeong keeps stalling,
but this isn't something
that can be stalled.
Stalling can only make things worse,
so now that Jun-yeong's exam is over,
I thought I should take charge,
and I took the liberty
of coming to see you.
Should I get you some water?
No… I'm fine.
Do you have any questions for me?
You're being awfully quiet.
I'm sorry,
but can you go home for now?
Sure. I will go home.
You can talk to Jun-yeong for the details.
He already has the ultrasound photo.
I hope to hear from you soon.
Father and Mother.
Can I get two anxiety pills?
Oh, I should get one for Grandma too.
Make that three, please.
I can do it.
I can do it.
Yu-ju, give me the strength.
Jun-yeong's home, isn't he?
Dad, Mom.
-I have something to tell you.
-You're too late.
-You idiot.
-You hooligan!
-You punk! You delinquent!
-What are you doing, Dad?
-What are you doing, Dad?
I don't know what it is,
but don't hit him.
Dad, what's going on? It's scary!
Get away!
-Calm down, Dad!
-Let go of me! You punk!
Calm down and pull yourself together.
Mi-yeong, let go of your dad.
Yes, leave him be. He deserves it.
Why are you doing this, Dad?
Tell me why you're hitting me.
We heard your girlfriend is pregnant.
How did you know?
How did we know?
Your girlfriend came and told us.
"Mother, Father,
I have something to tell you."
"I'm carrying Jun-yeong's baby."
On top of dating while studying
for a state exam,
you got her pregnant?
And you made her come and tell us?
I told you to be careful!
You even cooked for her, so no wonder!
You even cooked for her?
Get out! Go die!
Get out! Go kill yourself!
-You punk!
-Get out!
Why live? Just go die.
What happened?
Start explaining.
Stop sighing and start talking.
-Is it the same girl?
Jun-yeong, you've gone completely nuts.
You're out of your mind.
Completely mad.
How could you get her pregnant?
I didn't get her pregnant.
It just happened somehow.
"It just happened"?
When you acted like Romeo
after five years of studying,
you should've at least been careful.
You got her pregnant,
and it just happened?
"It just happened" isn't appropriate here.
It's for when you used
salt instead of sugar
or put on socks inside out.
You can't say that after dropping
a bomb on this family
and breaking our parents' hearts.
You think I don't know?
I'm just saying what's done is done.
Right. I'm glad you said that.
What's done is done,
so you should've tried to resolve it.
Why make her come here
and tell our parents?
Are you a moron?
Don't you have a brain or a mouth?
How can you say that? Huh?
Who do you think is
in the most pain right now?
It's me.
You girls don't have to add to this.
I'm already miserable enough as is.
You shouldn't have caused all this, then.
Or you should've told us yourself.
Can you imagine how Mom and Dad felt
when they heard it from her?
Is this even imaginable? Is it?
Fine. I'm a total scumbag.
I'm brainless and mouthless,
and I'm the biggest moron in the world.
How dare you raise your voice here?
You have no excuse right now.
Let's say it just happened.
No human should let this happen,
but humans make mistakes sometimes.
But you should've told
Mom and Dad yourself.
You should've let them know!
I know. I know that.
And I tried to tell them…
I even bought anxiety pills for them.
You should've bought rat poison instead.
So you could kill yourself.
-Byun Hye-yeong.
What are you going to do?
Why do you care about that? Huh?
I'll deal with my problems,
so stay out of it.
What? How can I stay out of it?
Why do you care? Why?
Did I ask you to pay for my wedding?
Did I ask you to feed my baby?
Hey! Did I do something bad to you?
I know I disappointed our parents,
and I have no excuse for that,
but you have no reason
to treat me this way.
Jun-yeong, you… You really…
This is my problem. I'll deal with it.
As your older brother, I…
Fine. I know
I'm not much of a brother to you,
and I have nothing to show for it.
But with everything going on,
if I were you,
I'd worry about my big brother first.
I wouldn't try to hurt him even more
or try to push him over the edge!
Byun Jun-yeong has gone completely mad.
He's lost it.
He has. I'm so furious.
He lost his head.
He has no human decency left.
His brain isn't working.
Mother, congratulations.
You're getting a great-grandchild.
What nonsense are you talking…
What great-grandchild?
Jun-yeong's girlfriend is pregnant.
Yeong-sil's family is in shock.
What are you talking about?
When did he get a girlfriend?
And when did he get her pregnant?
What? What happened?
They finally found out?
It passed by like a massive tsunami.
Han-soo beat Jun-yeong like crazy
with a badminton racket,
and Yeong-sil was screaming too.
I knew that would happen.
It'd be weird if it didn't.
What are you talking about? Huh?
You knew about it?
You knew, but you didn't say anything?
I told him he should tell Yeong-sil,
but he said he couldn't do it.
Mom, Jun-yeong's girlfriend is pregnant?
Son, go back into your room.
This is rated R.
Wait a minute,
I don't think I should just sit here.
Mom, are you okay?
Take these anxiety pills.
He got them because he knew
you might need them.
You girls knew about this, didn't you?
-That Jun-yeong has a girlfriend?
Why didn't you say anything?
He's an adult, so how could we?
We thought you might be worried.
And he seemed to have it under control.
You call this "having it under control"?
Well, we don't care
if you take it out on us.
But, Mom, take this anxiety medicine.
You're in shock.
Forget it. Not after what you've done.
Technically, we didn't do anything.
Wow! My gosh!
What happened?
I guess everyone has a special talent.
I thought he didn't have
any talent at all.
So how did he do such a thing?
I thought all he did was
study in his room,
so when did he meet a girl
and get her pregnant?
And if he was going around doing that,
he probably didn't study much.
Gosh, I can't believe him.
Oh, and it wasn't just a couple of years.
He made you support him
for five long years,
making you worry about him all that time,
so he should at least have
some conscience.
How could he have a girlfriend?
Oh, my heart feels like
it was hit by a missile,
pounding like crazy.
So imagine how you two must be feeling.
Are you okay?
Han-soo, are you okay?
Why do I bother?
You must be in so much shock.
Wait, you should take
some anxiety medicine.
-Here's anxiety medicine, Grandma.
-Oh, you had some.
Good girl. I'm glad you got some.
Here, Han-soo.
Take this.
Try it.
It's okay. Give it to Yeong-sil.
Good grief…
Call me when the storm passes.
He betrayed us.
How can he do this to us?
Hye-yeong was right.
His brain isn't working.
People can go nuts,
but not as badly as he did.
What? Pay for his wedding? Feed the baby?
I would've hit him
if he weren't my brother.
That woman is crazier than Jun-yeong.
Maybe she's completely insane.
How could she come here
and say she's pregnant?
Imagine how Mom and Dad
must have felt when they heard it.
Devastated, I'm sure.
Poor Mom and Dad.
I'm going to make Jun-yeong pay.
And that woman.
I'm curious.
About what?
What kind of woman is she to marry a man
who's been studying
for a state exam for five years?
I know.
I couldn't understand that woman either.
What does she see in Jun-yeong?
He has no money, no job,
and he doesn't have a rich family.
And he's not handsome.
Maybe she loves him.
Jun-yeong isn't all that…
I hate him now,
and I don't want to defend him,
but he's kind and tall.
That's why you don't have a boyfriend.
She must be a TC.
Or she wouldn't have come here.
-She must be mental.
What's "TC"?
-Tough character.
-I see. And?
Like you said,
she must be blinded by love.
Just think about
where Jun-yeong is right now.
Even if you were pregnant, marrying him?
That wouldn't be easy.
-That's all.
We don't know much about her.
We'll find out what she's like
when we meet her.
And how we will treat her.
I'm going to be a sister-in-law from hell.
How dare she come here
and shock Mom and Dad like that?
What kind of woman is she? I'm so curious.
Who is it? Why didn't you answer?
It was spam.
Can't you answer?
When are you coming?
I can't come.
What's this? This is it?
"I can't come"? Geez.
All her stuff is here, so what's going on?
We haven't had a single night together.
You've been here all this time?
You weren't asleep?
I thought you were.
How could I sleep?
Should we have some soju?
No. I'll bring it.
That brat.
I supported him for five years,
and he dumps crap on me like this.
If he cared about his parents at all,
how could he do such a thing?
How dare he have found a girlfriend
and gone to her apartment,
claiming he'd been to the library?
Doesn't he know
what we have done to support him?
What's most unbelievable
is that he couldn't tell us himself
and made his girlfriend take care of it.
My son was a harebrained idiot.
Why won't you say anything?
I can't even speak.
What could I say?
Like you said,
that's all my son amounts to.
Then call him names like I'm doing.
You not saying anything scares me.
I don't want to waste my energy.
From now on, he's not my son.
How could I call him my son?
I did that horrible thing…
so I could protect him.
That was a huge mistake.
I think my life has been a failure.
Honey, that's not true.
He wasn't as smart as Hye-yeong,
but I believed in him.
Thinking, "He just needs time.
He'll get there one day."
I didn't have great hopes for him,
but I did have a dream,
and I wanted good things for him.
But I feel like…
all of it was in vain
and was merely false hope.
He wasn't worth it.
That ungrateful punk.
Even that idiot Byun Jun-yeong is in love,
so why am I alone?
He's so mean.
How could he say no to me?
Park Cheol-su, you jerk.
Do you know how I feel?
Do you?
You don't, do you?
If you don't know,
I should tell you.
This is Park Cheol-su.
Hello, Mr. Park Cheol-su?
Did you have dinner?
Yes, I did. What is this about?
Oh, you ate?
Mr. Park Cheol-su, you're in love,
and you ate.
But because of you,
I can't eat, and I'm drinking right now.
Wait, come to think of it,
I haven't told you I like you.
Why did you reject me?
Why did you dump me?
Does that even make sense?
You rejected me? How dare you!
Park Cheol-su!
I'm sorry. Ra-yeong's a bit drunk.
Give that to me. I have more to say.
Ra-yeong, what are you doing?
After what happened just now at home.
You moron. Go to sleep.
Park Cheol-su, why you little…
There are so many channels,
but there's nothing to watch.
Why are they showing
that award show again?
Isn't this a waste of airtime?
It was an honor to be nominated
with such great actors,
so thank you so much
for giving me this award.
Lucky you.
I can do a good job too.
Al, why won't they give me a chance?
What do I need to do to get a chance?
I really want to act.
I really, really want to…
Is there something I'm missing?
That proposal,
should I take a look at it?
Jun-yeong, you're up early.
When did you make all this?
Just get the rice.
And get Dad and Mom.
I guess he feels guilty.
For him to get up early
and make breakfast.
Of course. It's incredibly obvious.
Go wake Ra-yeong up.
-I'll get Mom and Dad.
Dad, Jun-yeong made breakfast today.
He made your favorite, curled mallow soup.
Mom, try some rolled eggs.
He used fermented shrimp, your favorite.
I'm sorry.
You're sorry?
How could you do such a thing
when you were sorry?
Did you think of your mom and dad
while doing all that?
If you had thought about us,
how could you do such a thing?
This is indescribable betrayal
and an unrestorable breach of trust.
You've fallen, Jun-yeong!
Finish eating and go to work.
Your dad and I will eat later,
so you guys eat.
Honey, come have breakfast.
The kids went to work,
so I whipped something up.
I'm not hungry.
Even so, you still have to eat.
You haven't eaten
since yesterday afternoon.
If you don't eat, I can't eat either.
It's bitter, isn't it?
It tastes bitter for me too.
But we still have to eat.
And, honey,
let's just pretend
this is how it should be.
Let's not think everything is ruined.
The order got mixed up,
but he's at the age
to get married and have kids.
I can't believe how easy this is for you.
It's not easy. But he's our son.
What can we do?
It's not like we can kill him.
Life is long.
Our son
has disappointed us and broken our hearts
right now,
but no one knows what the future holds.
When Hye-yeong wanted to study
for the bar,
remember how worried you were for her?
You tried to talk her out of it,
saying it wasn't her major
and she was getting old.
-In the end, Jun-yeong might--
I don't want to hear it.
Okay, I'm sorry. I will stop.
You eat.
I just can't.
Honey, I said I'll stop.
You've been in the office all day.
An Jung-hui has nowhere to go?
Well… He hasn't asked for me yet.
Did he read the proposal?
He told me to leave it
at the guard's office, so I did that.
Guard's office? He's not going to read it.
Keep going. Clean the windows too.
Yes, sir.
Is Mr. An still angry at me?
What exactly made him angry that day?
Was it because I asked
about his parents' last names?
Practice room four.
Practice room four?
Yes, I'll be right there!
Please don't make any mistakes today,
Byun Mi-yeong.
Opportunity comes to those
who are prepared.
I'm going to turn over a new leaf.
Nice. Good job.
Even my handwriting deserves
to be in a miniseries.
Let's do a miniseries now, please.
I've done two daily dramas,
and that's enough.
-Did you ask for me?
-Give me the proposal.
You told me to leave it
at the guard's office.
-They didn't have it.
-But I left it there. How weird.
I'll go and print another copy.
It's okay. Have a seat.
Have a seat over there.
Oh, okay. I'm sorry.
You read it, didn't you?
-The proposal? Yes, I read it.
-Give me a three-sentence summary.
-Only 3? It was over 50 pages long--
-Do it.
-Okay, then I'll tell you--
-Do it sitting down.
The pros and cons.
For the pros, the script is well-written,
and the director is really talented.
As for the cons, the role is
very similar to your previous role,
and if you do another daily drama,
you might be stereotyped
as a daily drama actor.
-So what's your recommendation?
-Excuse me?
Your recommendation.
Should I do it or not?
I don't think I should have a say in that.
You're talking like you were careful
about what you should say before.
I know I often made you angry
because of that.
Your recommendation.
Well, in my opinion,
I don't know much about casting,
but looking back on my judo days,
instead of entering lots of small
tournaments to get more medals,
it was better for me
to prepare myself
and enter one big tournament.
Okay. You may go.
Yes, sir.
Call me if you need me.
She's not completely dumb.
-Can we talk?
-Huh? About what?
-Let's talk.
-Wait. Talk about what?
-What are you doing?
What's this? Oh, boy.
-Did you read it?
-Read what?
The proposal.
I told you many times to read
the proposal for Family Like Family.
I'm not doing that.
Why not?
It would be
my third daily drama in a row.
The role is identical
to what I played before.
I don't want to be typecast like that.
I'm not doing it.
You're not in a position to be picky.
You can't see where you stand?
If I can't be picky, what can I be?
Just where do I stand?
Is the agency in trouble, Mr. Kang?
Are you trying to make me work
to get more money?
As if you can make that much.
Your contract is up for renewal soon.
If you don't do this, you can't renew.
You need to be doing something
so you'll have leverage
at the negotiation.
Are you threatening me?
-I'm giving you the facts.
Okay, then. I say no too.
You think I'll put up with this treatment?
No, thank you.
I'm not doing it.
Mr. Kang,
I'm not renewing my contract.
That prick.
I brought you some snacks…
If you're going home, I'll drive you.
Leave him be.
Is something bothering him?
Why is he being so difficult?
I think it has to do with Oh, My Boss.
That darn miniseries.
Keep an eye on An Jung-hui.
If he gets in contact
with any other agencies,
let me know right away.
Yes, sir.
What am I going to do?
Why did you drink that much?
Because of you,
I can't eat, and I'm drinking right now.
You rejected me?
How dare you!
Park Cheol-su!
You've lost it.
You've gone mad, Byun Ra-yeong.
You should just go die!
If I go to work,
I'm going to run into him.
You're not going to work?
What are you doing?
Did you lose another class?
Mom, do I look swollen?
Yes, you do. Really puffy.
Remove the pillowcase. I'll wash it.
What am I going to do?
Mom, can you make a call for me?
-What kind of call?
-To my work.
Can you call them and tell them
I'm too sick to come to work? Please?
Please, Mom. Please.
Don't be ridiculous.
Shut up and go to work.
But there's a meeting today.
That's why you must go.
Don't add to my problems,
because I already have too many.
Stop talking nonsense and just go to work.
Give it!
Ugh, Mom! You don't know anything.
Why is she yelling at me
when Jun-yeong got into trouble?
What am I going to do?
Don't I look a bit sick?
My face feels swollen.
I think my throat hurts a bit.
I really am sick.
I'm sick. I'm sick.
I'm sick.
Hello, This is Byun Ra-yeong,
the yoga instructor.
Yes, go ahead.
Park Cheol-su…
I'm Ra-yeong's big sister.
Well, actually, uh…
Ra-yeong isn't feeling well,
so she can't come to work today.
Can you please tell the director?
I will.
Thank you.
Why did it have to be Coach Park?
He didn't recognize my voice, did he?
I hope not.
What am I going to do…
"The hottest trend right now
is observation entertainment."
"There are many successful
shows of this type,
and the trend will continue for a while."
Oh my god.
You're writing another proposal?
Yes, as you said before,
I shouldn't goof off while getting paid.
This wasn't what I meant.
Over the past week, I've analyzed
all the variety shows
that are being aired.
The successful ones
pay attention to detail.
It reminded me of this saying.
"It's the details
that set luxury brands apart."
You won't be disappointed.
I will come up with a new kind
of observation entertainment show.
Use recycled paper.
You shouldn't waste company supplies.
Why won't you reply?
Reply, please.
What do you want?
Well, you wouldn't reply.
Are you really busy?
I just got out of a meeting. What is it?
Well, you're coming home tonight, right?
-I can't.
-Not again!
When will you come?
I'm not sure.
Your brother's exam must be over, right?
Are you having troubles at home?
I can't talk for very long. I have to go.
Okay, so…
I'm busy too.
You can't come today either?
Why did you move your stuff, then?
You think my apartment is
a storage facility?
Wait, maybe something bad happened
to her family.
-Are you going somewhere?
I made you some spicy beef soup.
Mother was worried
about you losing your appetite.
Did you know about Jun-yeong?
Yes… Yeong-sik told me.
Yeong-sik also knew about it?
I can't believe you two.
How could you keep it a secret from me?
Yeong-sil, I told my husband many times
that he should tell you.
I thought you and Han-soo
must know about it.
Then you should've told me.
Yeong-sik said the involved parties
had to be the ones to reveal it.
I'm sorry.
You shouldn't have done that.
You're a parent too.
I'm sorry, Yeong-sil.
Everyone's blaming me.
It's almost dinner time.
When do you want it?
You peeled a whole sack of them
two days ago.
You're doing it in advance?
You're right.
It's better to keep yourself busy.
I cleaned the whole apartment today.
Should we just kick him out, honey?
If you can't find it in your heart
to forgive him,
we'll pretend we never had a son.
I'm okay. I'll do what you want.
Should we kick him out? Huh?
Let's accept it, honey.
There's no other way.
What's done is done. It's too late.
Let's give him a break
and give him your trust. Please?
I want to believe in my child.
If we don't believe in our children,
who will?
Please forgive Jun-yeong, honey.
Imagine how awful he must feel
about everything that's happened.
Jun-yeong, are you still being scolded?
So I can't call you just yet.
Sit down.
What's the use of staying in your room?
You need to help your dad blow off steam.
Well… I don't know how to.
How can you say that?
You have to beg him to forgive you.
You have to keep doing it until he does.
Don't you know what you did?
I do.
I do have a conscience, Mom.
Good grief, I can't believe you said that.
I'm sorry.
It's something I never imagined happening.
I was going to pass the exam
and bring Yu-ju home
and introduce her to you and Dad.
I had no idea she'd suddenly get pregnant.
I didn't want to disappoint you and Dad.
I don't know
why things like this keep happening.
Maybe I shouldn't have been born.
All I've done since my birth
is disappoint you and Dad.
Be quiet.
You think you can soften me up this way?
What can we do? What's done is done.
You need to talk to your dad first. Okay?
I will.
It's because you're his son.
You are his other self.
That's why he's so angry and disappointed.
I know.
I'm sorry. Please forgive me.
No matter how hard I think,
I don't know how to make you feel better.
Just hit me like you did yesterday.
You can do it until you feel better.
I'm really sorry.
As long as you know.
What are you going to do now?
If you and Mom give me your permission,
I would like to marry her.
Then bring the girl home.
We can't waste any more time.
Bring her home this weekend.
Introduce her to us.
I'll do that.
Go home.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry I keep disappointing you.
Are Mom and Dad still angry?
I came home really late last night.
When I talked to Mom on the phone,
she seemed better,
but Dad was still angry.
Right. It's pretty serious,
so their anger won't subside easily.
Did you sleep well?
You got up early.
Yeah. Did you sleep well?
You're up?
Wake Jun-yeong and Ra-yeong up
and go get washed. Breakfast is ready.
Dad, Mom. Aren't you angry anymore?
What else could we do?
We just can't kill our son.
So the emergency alert has been lifted?
It's been completely lifted.
Yes! I'm going back
to my friend's apartment tonight.
Is that all you think about?
This is why
people shouldn't have children.
Ms. Na,
you're still hopeful
after what Byun Jun-yeong did to you?
Right. I'm out of my mind.
What's going on?
Mom, Dad, you're not angry anymore?
Huh? Mom, I think your phone's ringing.
Who could it be? So early in the morning?
Oh, what is it now?
It's me.
You know it's my cafe's opening, right?
Come down by nine o'clock.
What are you talking about?
Why should I come to your grand opening?
I told you to help me.
I'll pay you,
so wear something clean and come down.
When did I say I'll do it?
She hung up before I could answer.
Oh, boy.
But they say landlords are above lords.
I'll do it
since this is your grand opening.
What took you so long?
Congratulations on your grand opening.
It's not much.
You didn't have to.
Put that down there.
There isn't much to do.
When there are customers,
give them coffee and tea.
When there are no customers,
do the dishes.
-Do you know how to make coffee?
Then just make tea.
Bring these cakes and some herb tea.
It's better than doing nothing.
Bring us some napkins, please.
Have some.
It looks good. Thanks.
I ordered iced herb tea.
But you didn't say that.
I didn't tell you?
Go make another one.
You hired a bad part-timer.
You should've hired
someone young and pretty.
I'm not a part-timer here.
Why were you eavesdropping?
I wasn't.
You were loud enough for me to hear.
Focus on your work, okay?
Don't pay attention to our conversation.
Who is she? She's not your part-timer?
Oh, don't worry about her.
Drink up.
Well, Jeong-hwan asked me,
so I came.
You're sleepy
because you're doing nothing.
Don't put off doing the dishes
and do them now.
They're already done.
And starting tomorrow, I can't help you.
I came to help you
only because it's your grand opening.
Then what am I supposed to do
starting tomorrow?
You should hurry and hire someone.
I have work to do,
so I can't do this anymore.
I already told you.
How did you know about this?
I didn't tell you it's the grand opening.
Jeong-hwan told me.
Where should I put this? Over there?
Hello. Thank you.
I'm her husband.
I see. Hello.
-Keep up the good work.
-Oh, no.
I'm just helping out for today.
-You are?
-Come here.
What do you think? It's nice, right?
I paid attention
to the design and everything.
You paid attention to what?
You think spending money
means paying attention, right?
What's wrong? Where…
The theme is all over the place.
Do you think that painting
goes well with everything else?
These chairs and the table.
Geez. They are so crude.
There's no unity.
All the items here
are clashing with each other.
What's wrong?
A very famous interior decorator did this.
And you didn't do any market analysis.
You think this design will make
a good impression in this neighborhood?
I was parking my car and scanned
this area, and I could see it.
This neighborhood wants
familiarity and comfort.
Familiarity and comfort.
Why do you keep saying things like that?
Wouldn't it be nice
if you said good things?
Like, "I wish you success"
or "This is a nice cafe."
Excuse me,
why do you keep laughing from over there?
I'm sorry.
Reading this makes me keep…
You insisted, so suit yourself.
Honey, are you serious?
How can you say that
to your wife's new business?
I meant well.
"Suit yourself." What's wrong with that?
I've done my part, so I'm leaving.
And I did come
to your grand opening, okay?
-Good luck.
-Thank you.
Ra-yeong, were you really sick yesterday?
You didn't come in.
I'm better now.
You look too well for someone
who was sick.
Did you gain weight?
No matter how much weight I gain,
I wouldn't be heavier than you.
I heard you talked to my sister yesterday.
-But you did answer the phone yesterday.
I did.
I never said my name
when I answered the phone.
I don't know
how your sister recognized my voice.
So smart.
I'm Byun Mi-yeong
from Management Team One.
Hi, Mi-yeong, put them here.
-This is everything, right?
-Yes, this is it.
Daor, Senne, Wudi. They're all here.
Can you put them away?
This one's pretty.
Cho-rong? Cho-rong!
Where did she go?
Can't you see me?
Is that how you say hello? Do it again.
Why are you looking at me like that?
You're just an intern.
Intern training is all screwed up.
This week is the intern evaluation week,
isn't it?
Did you know I'm one of the evaluators?
You didn't know, did you?
Now that you know,
don't you think
you should act more appropriately?
Please don't lay your fingers on me.
Don't mix your personal feelings and work.
Personal feelings?
You've lost your head.
I thought about
what you did at dinner that time,
and I don't think I should let that pass.
How dare you look at me like that?
I told you, didn't I?
Let go of me!
Let go! I said let go!
What are you doing? Don't you care
about the intern evaluation?
Do whatever you want.
You're not going to give me
a good score anyway.
Hey! Byun Mi-yeong!
You're home.
You wouldn't come. What happened?
So? You're not happy?
No… I was worried
something bad might have happened.
Something did happen,
but it all worked out.
I don't know what it was,
but I'm glad to hear that.
So is tonight
our real first night at our apartment?
I guess.
Are you hungry?
I guess we should eat.
When are they going to leave?
It's almost nine o'clock.
They ordered one coffee
and decided to move in here?
Ms. Na.
We're going to close soon,
so wipe the tables one last time.
Wait a minute.
Where, where did my ring go?
I removed it when I did the dishes.
Ms. Na,
did you see my ring?
I didn't see any rings.
Well, I removed it and put it there
before I did the dishes.
Oh, boy. Where did it go?
Well, it's a diamond ring.
-You really didn't see it?
-I said I didn't.
Then where did it go?
If it fell down,
it should be on the floor.
But it's not.
How would I know about that?
You were here the whole time,
so I'm asking you.
You and I were the only ones
in the kitchen.
But you say you didn't see it.
Wait, are you suspecting me?
Look here, just what do you take me for?
Why are you raising your voice?
Put yourself in my shoes.
Wouldn't you be suspicious?
You were the only one here the whole time.
What was that?
Call the police!
Stop. Stop it!
-I surrender!
I surrender!
Wait, I'm getting a call.
-A call.
-A call? What call?
Don't answer that.
You can't answer that. Don't.
Hello? Mom?
I'll be right there.
What's wrong?
Did something happen at home?
I'll call you later.
I don't know what it is, but see you…
I wonder what's wrong.
Hi, Mom.
Huh? Why?
Mom, what happened?
-Apologize to my mom.
-I refuse.
I said apologize,
before I sue you for defamation!
I have a feeling
I've seen that rude girl before.
My parents invited you to our home.
Thank you for inviting me.
This isn't my first day as a celebrity.
I can just go to another agency.
Mr. An, congratulations!
I finally have a miniseries script
in my hand.
Why won't you answer my calls?
Not answering my calls
because of my mom is…
Let's break up.
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