My Father Is Strange (2017) s01e12 Episode Script

Episode 12

Hye-yeong, what's wrong?
There's something in my eye.
What happened?
Mom, what's this about?
Well, that woman said I took her ring.
You and I were the only ones there.
So where did my ring go?
It's just weird.
Mom, tell me what happened in detail.
But how do you know each other?
You don't know her?
She's the landlord. The infamous landlord.
I mean, she said
it was her cafe's grand opening,
so I went over to help her out
and was doing the dishes.
And she suddenly accused me
of taking her ring
in front of everyone.
I've never seen any such ring.
Why are you making me seem
like the weird one?
-You think I lied about having a ring?
-Operation makes the thief.
-"Opportunity makes the thief."
If you give it back now, I'll forgive you.
Give it to me if you took it.
-I said I didn't take it!
Then explain to me what happened.
Where did my ring go? Where?
You're the only one who could've taken it.
Is this the ring?
It was stuck on your coat.
This is the ring, right?
Wait, why was this…
Why was this on my back?
Mom, why didn't you check first?
I had no idea
my ring would be stuck on my back.
-Look here!
-Oh my god.
What did you take me for?
I said apologize!
I mean, how could anyone know
the ring would be on their back?
I'm sorry, my mom was…
Stay out.
Please, sir.
Apologize to my mom.
You framed my mom for stealing
without any evidence.
You gave her indescribable distress
and insulted her
by destroying her character.
Moreover, in front of third parties,
you seriously damaged my mom's reputation.
You've committed defamation of character.
Apologize to her right now.
She has no character to defame.
-What was that?
-What did you just say?
I did it because I didn't know.
People make mistakes.
So why are you so upset about this?
I said apologize,
before I sue you for defamation!
What? Sue?
Look here, young lady!
She's a lawyer.
She's not bluffing.
As if being a lawyer is all that special.
I'm sorry. Let me apologize on her behalf.
My mom made a huge mistake.
But still,
suing feels a bit excessive.
I said stay out of this, sir.
Go ahead and sue. Do it if you want.
Hye-yeong, sue her.
A woman like her needs
to be taught a lesson. Sue her!
Okay, Mom.
I'll file a complaint tomorrow.
Go ahead. Do it.
Yes, I will do it.
-Just you wait!
-You all seem overly excited by all this.
Please calm down.
You're reacting way too emotionally.
-Being reasonable is--
What happened?
What's going on?
Goodness, are you okay?
Are you in too much shock to walk?
I'm fine. Let's go home.
There's a cab over there.
Let's go, Mom.
Like mom, like daughter.
I mean, people make mistakes.
How dare she attack someone
much older than her?
The mom and daughter
are both mean and impolite.
You branded her mom a thief.
I would've reacted the same way.
And she's smart, sharp, and pretty.
You call that pretty?
I thought you had good taste,
but I guess not.
Let's go. My car's over there.
Are you okay?
Why won't your dad answer my calls?
Is that landlord crazy?
How dare she accuse Mom of stealing?
Maybe she left decency
in her mom's womb at birth.
Hye-yeong, can you take
any legal action against her?
This is slander.
It's not slander,
but we can sue for defamation
as it involves a third party.
Then sue her.
Don't get too excited.
At least she found her ring.
This could've been much worse.
She would've kept me there all night.
Why didn't you tell me
she was the landlord?
Why? You know her?
-No need. Don't bother with her.
She's barely a person.
All right.
I can see how people can jump
to conclusions,
though not all who jump
to conclusions do that.
It was a very expensive diamond ring,
so yes, I can understand
if I tried really hard
with all my patience.
But she should've apologized.
Any decent human being
would've apologized.
That's what I'm trying to say!
Wow, you're a great lawyer.
I've never met anyone like her
in my whole life.
I freak out whenever I see her.
She doesn't have an ounce of decency.
She's unrefined, uncouth,
uncivil, and uneducated.
Remember? Who says
"Operation makes the thief"?
Mom, why did you go there
and do the dishes?
She begged me,
saying she couldn't find help.
Wait, she didn't beg.
She said it over the phone and hung up.
So why did you go there and do the dishes?
Stupid people think it's their right
when you do them a favor.
Mom even gave out flyers for her.
Okay, I'm sorry.
I'm never going to talk to her again.
Good. Don't ever talk to her again.
I will do all the maintenance
and cleaning for the building.
Don't do any maintenance or cleaning.
Just pay more rent.
Why do stuff like that?
It's okay.
I've done the maintenance work all along,
and the help you got us
is doing the cleaning right now.
I don't like it,
but a contract is a contract.
I know. We signed that contract.
I'll review that contract.
You said there were customers there?
How many customers were there?
That's important for a defamation suit.
I think two.
But, Hye-yeong, I'm not happy,
but there's no need to sue.
Right. I'm not comfortable
with that either.
But today, thanks to you,
I felt really good and proud.
Not a bit stressed.
Before I sue you for defamation!"
When you lashed out at her like that,
I felt fearless.
I felt so reassured.
I'm glad.
But I'm not letting this go.
Even if we don't sue,
I will at least make her apologize.
Yeong-sil, do you have some anchovies…
Why are you sitting there together?
Why didn't you answer your phone?
What are you talking about
after barging in here?
When your wife calls you four times,
you should answer it
because something might be wrong.
Oh, don't overreact.
You're in the wrong here, Dad.
It might have been an emergency.
Why didn't you answer?
What is it?
Did something happen?
I called because something happened.
I'm coming from the police station.
Do you know
how lonely and embarrassed I was?
The whole thing was your fault!
Why did you jump to conclusions
and accuse someone?
And why didn't you apologize?
You found your ring,
so you should've apologized first.
But son, why are you so mad…
But I really thought
she took it.
Now I see what happened.
You accused an innocent person
of stealing.
You rushed into suspecting someone.
You weren't any better!
Why do you both have to mess up my life?
Geez, when did I ever mess up his life?
I can't believe him.
Who did you frame this time
to end up at the police station?
Why are you so rash?
Can't you behave yourself?
How can you say such a thing?
If your wife says
she was at the police station,
you should worry and ask
if she's okay or if she's in shock.
But you say I'm rash?
That I should behave myself?
Why are you screaming?
What do I mean to you?
You should behave more like my husband!
I can't believe
I called a man like that my husband
and devoted 40 years of my life to him.
What a waste…
My life was in vain…
Your call is being forwarded
to an automated…
She won't pick up.
She's angry.
She has every right to be angry.
I'm sorry about my mom.
My sincerest apologies.
Of course you should be sorry.
But the woman in question must apologize.
She read it. It says she did.
She read it, but there's no reply.
She's really angry.
How am I supposed to resolve this?
The water's only on your side.
Give me a second.
I have more hair than you do.
-How's that?
Let me join you.
Hye-yeong, use Mom's bathroom.
-Jun-yeong must be done.
-He's still in there.
Still? Is he constipated?
Be quiet. Let me have that.
You're a total bully!
Why do you keep coming home?
You think I want to come home?
Things keep happening every day.
Let me have that. My eyes sting.
Hurry! I'm late!
Be quiet! You're hurting my ears.
You're the one who cut in!
Okay, fine. Here.
It was nice and quiet,
but you're back at it again.
Jun-yeong's driving you. Take your time.
Why didn't you tell us that sooner?
Give me that.
Congratulations on getting their blessing.
How do you feel?
A bit confused.
-When are you introducing her to us?
-Dad told me to invite her over.
-She'll visit soon.
-What does she do?
She's an office worker.
She's pretty good at what she does.
So why would someone like her date you…
-How old is she?
-She's your age.
Is she pretty?
She's really pretty.
-He says she's pretty.
-How about her personality?
She's really kind. She's an angel.
I doubt that.
How can a kind woman come alone
and meet our parents?
Well, that was because I kept stalling
and didn't tell them about her.
You're siding with her already?
What does she like about you?
My good looks, perhaps?
Don't wake me up.
-Why aren't you answering?
-It's spam.
You've been getting that since yesterday.
Please pick up.
Your call is being forwarded to…
-You're up?
Where's Mom?
You keep refuting to act like my husband,
so I'm going to stop acting
like you're wife.
I can't stand
your personnel attacks anymore.
Your on your own now.
Kook your own meals
and do the dishes yourself.
I'm not doing the lawndry or the cleaning.
Do you fink it's easy?
Let's cee how long you last.
Did you read it?
She wrote "Personnel attacks."
I asked you to be nicer to Mom.
I went to her grand opening
like you told me to.
You're playing favorites
just because she's your mom.
Whatever. I have too much on my plate.
Solve your problems yourself.
Did I ask you to make me ramen?
Forget it.
I can take care of cooking
and cleaning. No problem.
Let me see.
How do you make this?
They're not calling.
So they won't renew.
Seven years of working together
down the drain.
Fine. I was going to end it too.
Entertainment agencies
are a dime a dozen now.
But still, this is too easy.
It's too simple, isn't it, Al?
Why won't you eat?
You're too worried about me to eat? Eat.
I'm fine.
This isn't my first day as a celebrity.
Al, I can make enough money to feed you,
so don't you worry about anything
and eat. Okay?
Are they really not going to call me?
Fine. I can just go to another agency.
Is it good?
How can you eat at a time like this?
I'm on standby at the office.
Call me if you need anything.
Fine. Be on standby all you want.
That's right,
you should be the one to call first.
What could you want with me?
Mr. An,
can you come by the office right now?
I thought you were in, but you're not.
Actually, I have personal business,
so I can't come in today.
Oh, you'll come in immediately?
That's great.
What? What are you talking about?
I can't let this go without an apology.
Hello? Hello?
Mr. Ryu is here. Hurry over.
Mr. Ryu?
Director Ryu Gyun-sang of Oh, My Boss?
Why? Why is he there? Why?
To see you.
He even brought a revised proposal.
Hurry up.
I'll be right there. In 15 minutes.
No, give me ten minutes. Wait.
Calm down, Jung-hui.
Don't get ahead of yourself.
Mr. An, you're here.
-It's been a while, Jung-hui.
-Yes, I guess it has.
-Let's sit down.
Sit, sit.
I thought long and hard
before I came to see you.
For this project…
I want to work with you.
I know we hurt your feelings.
But I'd like you to review this.
I've made some revisions.
It's not the leading role from before.
But it's a significant
second leading role.
It's a very strong role.
Wasn't there an article
on Oh Jae-han playing that?
So I'm a replacement?
Why phrase it like that…
You're not a replacement.
Think of it as the right man
getting the role.
It was like a journey
to find the right man.
Talk about a rough journey.
The journey was rough,
so the rest of it
will be a walk in the park.
Let me make you a formal offer.
Please join the project.
Let me use the restroom.
It's not easy to put everything behind me,
but since you came
all the way here and asked.
I'll do it.
Alright, good thinking, Jung-hui.
Let's do this.
You won't be disappointed.
How are you getting along with that man?
Has there been any development?
Well… Yeah…
It'll greatly help your emotions
while acting.
I hope you'll keep seeing him
and build a relationship
for the sake of our drama.
Yes, I'm doing it slowly.
Kick and pass.
I'm not watching him.
He keeps appearing in front of me.
I don't want to see him,
so why is he doing that?
Ra-yeong, it's spring.
You're not dating anyone?
-Do you have a type?
-I don't.
But everyone has a type.
Come in.
Go back to your position. Here's the ball.
Oh, no! Ra-yeong!
Ra-yeong, are you okay?
Are you okay? What do we do?
Are you alright?
Look at her! What do we do?
Oh no! What should we do?
Get up.
You've been here for two hours.
-You can only stay here for an hour.
-I still have a headache.
-Then you should go home.
I'm expecting someone.
Just 30 more minutes.
Whoa, Mr. Park Cheol-su is unbelievable.
I ended up here because of him,
but he won't even call to ask if I'm okay.
He won't even come and visit me.
He's a terrible person.
Is that him? He's here?
Director, what are you doing here?
You're not feeling well?
Darn it, it's not Park Cheol-su.
I heard someone's been living
at the center.
There's a bed here,
so I wondered if anyone lives here.
I lock the door when I go home.
You do?
Then where could it be?
I should go on guard duty tonight.
Anyway, thank you.
-Sure. Goodbye.
Even if you don't come,
you should at least
text me and ask how I'm doing.
Why should I give him this kind of tip?
Forget it. Whatever.
Who cares if he gets caught?
Please leave.
I kept you waiting too long, didn't I?
My parents were pretty angry with me.
I'm sorry.
I should've waited until you told them,
but I felt anxious.
No, don't be.
I should've told them.
I made you do that, Yu-ju.
I'm sorry.
I've missed you.
Me too.
my parents invited you to our home.
Then I'll definitely go see them.
Let's go.
Any time is okay with me.
How about this weekend?
How many siblings did you say you have?
You said you have a little sister.
I have…
three little sisters.
That's a lot.
But they're all very kind.
You don't have to worry about them.
I'm sure you'll be able to get along
like sisters and friends.
The eldest one can be a bit aggressive,
but she treats the family great.
As for the youngest one,
you just need to keep your eyes
on your stuff.
The second one is really kind and sweet.
She's a lot like me.
Ah, I see.
Wait, how about your family?
I should meet your parents too.
There's no need.
What? What do you mean?
I don't have parents.
You mean they both passed away…
I see.
Yu-ju, you've met them, so you must know.
My mom and dad will treasure you
like you're their own daughter.
Like their daughter?
And I will treat you even better.
You can trust me.
We'll live happily ever after.
So I've typed up some plans.
"Number one, pass the civil worker exam."
After you pass it,
number two,
when the baby is born,
I'd like you to get paternity leave
sometime next year.
At my job,
it's not easy to get maternity leave.
Civil workers have fewer issues with that.
-Is that okay?
-Uh, yes.
Thank you.
And number three.
About housing.
Do you have
a subscription savings account?
I don't.
You don't have one?
Fortunately, I do.
Let's use that to apply
for an apartment for newlyweds
as soon as possible.
Hey. You're going in there?
Their coffee is outrageously expensive,
and it tastes terrible.
And the owner is totally rude.
I know because I've had coffee here.
-You're students?
Then you should be frugal with your money.
Try digging the ground.
Can you get five dollars?
-Don't go in.
-Thank you.
Mom, why are you sitting here?
Get up, please?
Get up, Mother.
What if the owner comes out?
Who cares?
I'm doing this so that she'll see me.
But, Mom,
she owns this building.
That witch accused your big sister
of stealing.
Your personal gain is more important
than your sister's honor?
Mother, our lease will be up next year.
With the money we have,
we can't find an apartment like this one.
This isn't for personal gain.
It's for the greater good, Mother.
I guess I've been sitting here too long.
It keeps bugging me.
If I call him, he'll think I'm holding on.
Forget it.
-Man! You won't pick up?
-The number you have dialed…
Forget it, then.
His loss.
He didn't get caught already, did he?
Why won't he read it? This is nuts.
On top of marking the central area,
play various roles as a bridge
between offense and defense.
-Got it?
That's it for tonight.
I'll see you next week.
-Thank you.
The director is going around the center.
If you're alive, run over.
He read it.
This is the floor
with the night duty office.
This is nuts.
If he read it, where is he?
The director is
on the night duty office floor.
Darn it. What do I do?
It's me, director.
Ms. Byun?
I didn't know you'd be here.
I'm sorry! I've had my reasons!
What do you think you're doing?
I told you over and over again
not to live at the center at our meeting!
I'm sorry. I had reasons…
Ms. Byun Ra-yeong,
you can't keep doing things like this.
You have the lowest enrollment numbers
and on top of that,
you've ignored the center rules.
So why should we keep you on?
I'll keep an eye on you.
Ms. Byun Ra-yeong, you've been warned.
If you do something like this again,
I can't guarantee
I'll renew your contract.
This is crazy.
It's a miniseries.
I finally have a miniseries script
in my hand.
Let's do this right. I can do this.
Fath… Darn it.
"Someone's asking for you. A man."
Oh, that's not it.
"Fath… Father."
"Someone's asking for you."
"A man."
This isn't it. This is crazy.
Who is it?
Food delivery.
If he was going to stop, why did he start?
Did he think I'd go,
"Oh, this is how much you love me"
if he brought me food a few times? Man.
He thinks life is so easy.
Has there been any development?
I hope you'll keep seeing him
and build a relationship
for the sake of our drama.
Whatever. I just need to do a good job.
I just need practice.
Her soup bowl.
Hurry over.
Let's eat.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Come home early tonight.
Jun-yeong's girlfriend is coming over.
Tonight? That's fast.
Why put it off?
What time?
Mom invited her for dinner,
so at six o'clock.
Six? That's early.
I'm not sure I'll be home by then.
If you're busy, you don't have to be here.
Hye-yeong, you've been here a lot.
Won't you go to your friend's?
Mi-yeong, you have a job, so don't bother.
don't you have plans for tonight?
Why? You're trying to keep us away because
you're afraid we might be mean to her?
You know what you're making me
want to show up on time, don't you?
Yes, I want to take the afternoon off
and come.
What does she like?
It's her first visit,
so I should go shopping.
She likes just about everything.
But most of all,
she likes ribs,
mussel and seaweed soup, eels,
perilla soup,
mung bean jelly with soy sauce,
fish cake with glass noodles,
fermented skate,
mung bean sprouts, stir-fried beef,
broccoli in soybean paste, lotus root
in perilla and parsley sauce…
Oh, boy.
Being the son of a father
who dotes on his kids.
So he dotes on his girlfriend.
I can't believe you actually answered her.
But she asked.
To help Mom decide the menu.
Oh, sure. Thanks. Thanks a lot.
An Jung-hui's doing that.
"Oh, My Boss."
Chap Popekin and Cheese Chagok
are watching a movie called Power Weight
with Rachmaninoff's piano concerto.
Mr. An, congratulations.
You scared me.
I just heard from Mr. Kang.
You were worried
about doing a daily drama,
but you got another chance
with a miniseries.
I will do my best
while you do the miniseries
and help you in every way I can!
I will keep making efforts!
-Hey, Judo.
You're really loud.
I'm sorry. I was so excited.
I'll watch out.
And I haven't officially accepted you
as my manager just yet.
You're here anyway. So go sit over there.
-Over there. See that chair?
Seoul Metropolitan City,
Patent Department's Mr. Heo…
I'm sitting down.
What should I do?
Search my name online. Let me know
if any articles mention Oh, My Boss.
Yes, sir.
Peter Piper picked…
Picked a peck of pickled peppers.
A peck of pickled…
It's not up yet.
She sells seashells by the seashore.
Chap Popekin and Cheese Chagok
are watching a movie called Power Weight
with Rachmaninoff's piano concerto.
How much wood would a woodchuck chuck
if a woodchuck, if a woodchuck
could chuck wood?
-It's up!
-It is?
They didn't have to say "replacing".
They're so dense.
What? There are no comments?
the key to being a fanatic is information.
I've been so preoccupied
I didn't visit him.
I wonder if he was expecting me.
what's all this?
Commenting job.
You'll get used to it.
I've got my hopes up for him this time.
The role is perfect for him.
I can't wait to watch you work.
An Jung-hui? Refreshing change of pace.
The writer is nice.
The new actor seems pretty good too.
Hi, Intern.
Art Team wants some help.
Ms. Kim Yu-ju asked for you.
But I'm…
posting comments for Mr. An right now.
That's not urgent.
Do it later and go to Art Team.
How come there are no customers?
Oh, and no one's applying for the job.
Oh my god.
Can you not slam the door?
Where are your manners?
Manners? I'm relieved.
You know what manners are,
so this conversation won't be too hard.
Apologize to my mom.
Why would I apologize?
From my point of view,
my actions were justified.
But isn't it all over?
My mom likes hydrangeas
and blueberry cheesecake,
so get those for her.
You are unbelievable.
Why do I have to get them?
Go and apologize to her.
I refuse.
You leave me no other choice
but to sue you.
We'll see you in court.
I see a security camera over there.
In case you didn't know, let me explain.
For defamation of character, audience,
in other words, attendance of
a third party or witnesses is needed.
You had two customers, right?
So, will you apologize
or will you see us in court?
I can't believe you.
Are you threatening me right now?
No, I'm just letting you know.
I'm sorry, but you know nothing
about manners or etiquette.
I can use all my patience to think
it was all a silly misunderstanding,
but you must apologize
since you got the ring.
Isn't that what
any decent human being would do?
Apologize right now.
I refuse.
So we'll see you in court.
And I scanned this building,
and I spotted illegal extensions
and rebuilding.
Did you know about the rooftop and porch?
Well, extensions and rebuilding like that
happen in just about every--
And about
the maintenance of this building.
The 500,000 won you demanded.
I'll pay it, so you maintain the building.
What are you talking about?
The contract says--
That's why I told you
about the illegal extension
and rebuilding.
Starting next month, I will wire you
500,000 won a month to your account,
so hire someone
for maintenance and cleaning.
And stop harassing my parents.
Look here, you think
being a lawyer gives you power?
Is it okay to threaten
those older than you?
Yes! I do it when the person deserves it.
Don't ever treat my mom like the cleaner,
and don't ever see her
or harass her again.
Have I made myself clear?
I can't believe how rude she is.
My gosh.
Fine. You win.
Talk about being petty.
Fine. Let's do that.
Wire me 500,000 won.
I'll maintain the building.
And there's one more thing.
I will take care of that.
How can someone so young be so rude?
Good grief, I'm furious.
I let that little child
take advantage of me.
Why did I buy a building out here
in the boondocks?
Wait a minute.
I have a feeling
I've seen that rude girl before.
That was the agreement.
So from now on, don't ever worry
about the maintenance or the cleaning.
How did she agree to that?
I made her.
It's my trade secret,
so don't ask about it.
Oh, okay.
I'll do it since that was the agreement.
But your dad and I will pay the rent.
No, I'll pay.
I insisted on it.
It's okay.
You think your dad and I are incapable?
Come on, I didn't mean it like that.
Don't worry. We can handle it.
Your dad's snack bar is doing well,
and I'm going back to work next month.
thank you.
I feel like I'm walking on clouds.
If anyone messes with you,
whoever they are, I won't let them be.
I don't care if anyone messes with me,
but if it's my family,
I won't ever hold back.
Did someone mess with you?
I'm going to my room.
You haven't changed a bit.
Not even a little bit.
But I have changed a bit.
I saw you, and I just…
Just a second.
-What are you doing here, Mom?
My bad. Thank you, Mom.
Hye-yeong, this is my mom.
Mom, this is my girlfriend.
Hello, I am Byun Hye-yeong.
Pretty, isn't she?
Do you know why I asked you to see me?
No, Mother.
I'd prefer it
if you didn't call me "Mother."
I heard my son Jeong-hwan paid
for a course you're taking?
But I paid him back a week later.
I didn't ask him to pay.
I hadn't been paid from work yet,
so I couldn't pay,
and he found out and paid it for me.
I even yelled at him.
And he apologized.
Anyway, that means your parents
can't pay for your courses?
It's not like
I can beat around the bush for this,
so I'll get straight to the point.
Break up with Jeong-hwan.
I don't like you.
There are many reasons,
but the biggest reason is
your family's financial situation.
Being born into a poor family
isn't your fault,
but there's no need for Jeong-hwan,
to have to share your burden.
People should meet people
with similar backgrounds
to be happy.
You understand what I mean, don't you?
I'll take that as a yes
and leave.
I hope
you meet someone who's right for you.
People don't change that easily.
That's the truth.
Why won't you answer my calls?
Not answering my calls
because of my mom is…
That's like guilt by association.
Are you still mad?
Please don't be.
I'm really sorry.
If you're that sorry,
then persuade your mom
to apologize to my mom.
I told my mom many times,
but now that she's old,
she's gotten stubborn.
Okay. I'll talk to her again.
But you know, you overreacted
at the police station, don't you?
She's my mom,
yet you brought up suing her…
How will you face my mom later?
Later? When?
Why would I ever have to see your mom?
Well, you could--
And how did I overreact?
It was your mom who overreacted.
She did. My mom did overreact.
-I'm not saying what she did was right.
I'm glad you know.
And that's why I'm telling you
I'm thinking about suing your mom
for defamation.
So before that,
you should convince your mom
to apologize to my mom.
So you're really going to sue?
Byun Hye-yeong,
do you have to drag this out like that?
All I'm asking for is an apology
for the insult my mom suffered.
But it's my mom. Not some random stranger.
Do you have to do this to my mom?
-Let's break up.
I want to break up.
You're doing this again?
You did this eight years ago,
and you're doing it again.
You're stabbing me in the back again.
Okay. Let's break up.
And sue. If that's what you want,
how can I stop it?
Go ahead and sue.
You better sue.
Even if we're breaking up,
I need to know one thing.
Why did you break up with me
eight years ago?
Fine. Let's say this time
it's because of our moms.
But why did you break up with me eight…
Hey! Byun Hye-yeong!
It won't be so bad.
Ms. Kim, are you going somewhere tonight?
Your outfit looks like
it's for a blind date or something.
I don't have a blind date.
I have a boyfriend.
Oh, really?
Who? What does he do?
Tell you later.
I think I'll have good news,
so I'll tell you then.
Let's see…
I heard you asked for me.
You're late.
When a team leader calls you,
you must rush over.
Why did you call me over?
I want to use your abnormal strength.
Over there.
Are you tired?
I'm okay.
You're strong enough to throw people down,
so you can't be tired already.
Pick that up.
It's really heavy. It has stage costumes.
-When the others come--
-It's okay. This intern is really strong.
Just get back to work.
-Are you okay?
Don't drop it. It's really expensive.
You wouldn't understand
even if I told you how much it was
or why I was wearing it.
-I'm sorry.
The idiots who cause problems say
they're sorry all the time.
I'm busy tonight, so I'm leaving,
but I'm going to need to
talk to you tomorrow.
So I can evaluate your performance.
By the way,
clean this entire room before you go home.
I have to leave on time tonight.
Interns have no right to a private life.
First, sort them by color
and then by size.
Hi, Mom.
They asked me to work overtime,
so I'm going to be a bit late.
What about Jun-yeong's girlfriend?
I'll try to finish as quickly as I can.
Dad, Mom, Yu-ju is here.
Hello, Father and Mother.
Welcome. I'm glad you're here.
Welcome. It's nice to see you.
Thank you for inviting me.
This is for you, Mother.
Yu-ju got these for you, Dad.
How pretty.
How did you know I like hydrangeas?
Thank you.
You didn't have to bring these.
Thank you.
Don't be so formal with me,
Father, Mother.
In time.
-We need to introduce our family to her.
Come this way.
This is Jun-yeong's grandma.
Uncle, aunt
and cousin.
Hello, I am Kim Yu-ju.
I hope we get along.
Welcome. Nice to meet you.
Hello. Welcome.
-It's nice to meet you.
And these are Jun-yeong's little sisters.
She's the eldest little sister.
I'm Byun Hye-yeong.
And the baby sister.
I'm Byun Ra-yeong.
Hope to get to know you better.
It's nice to meet you.
Jun-yeong told me a lot about you.
There's no way he talked about us.
And there's one more,
but she's not home yet.
Oh, Mi-yeong isn't home yet.
I'm home.
There she is.
This is his second eldest little sister.
I am Jun-yeong's little sister,
Byun Mi-yeong.
Hello, I'm Kim Yu-ju.
I hope we get along.
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