My Father Is Strange (2017) s01e13 Episode Script

Episode 13

Enjoy, everyone.
It's not crab season yet, but it's good.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
What is it? You don't like the food?
I'll talk casually.
Excuse me?
Of course.
No, there's so much food
that I don't know where to start.
Wow, these are all my favorites.
Yu-ju, my mom made all your favorites.
Thank you, Mother.
How old are you?
I'm 31.
You're the same age as Mi-yeong.
But why do you look so old?
You look much older than Hye-yeong.
-Why are you nudging me?
It's okay, Mother.
I hear that often.
You must be really impatient.
How can you get pregnant
before even getting married?
Mother, there are lots of couples
these days
who get pregnant before getting married.
It's like a trend.
We don't have to reach far
to find an example.
Hey, you guys got pregnant first
before getting married too, right?
By the way, how did you two meet?
Right. I want to know, too.
How did you two meet?
Mi-yeong, it's me.
I'm almost there.
Tell me the name of the bar.
Jun-yeong, I'm in a cab.
You texted me you were drunk,
so I came to get you.
Are you sure you'll be fine by yourself?
Stay awake until you get off.
Don't nod off at all.
It's fine. I'll be home soon.
Did Mi-yeong get home?
Yes, she crawled in.
Oh, that's great.
Excuse me.
Lend me your sneakers.
This foot hurts so badly
and this foot is freezing.
They look warm.
Here's my card.
I'll return them to you tomorrow.
I can't lend you them.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
Goodbye. Thank you. Call me.
Sure. Have a safe trip home.
It was right out of a movie.
I know. You were meant to be together.
Come to think of it,
if it weren't for Mi-yeong,
I wouldn't have met Yu-ju.
Thank you.
Mi-yeong has a lot to do with her.
A lot?
Actually, Yu-ju and Mi-yeong
work at the same company.
Yes, but I didn't tell either of them,
thinking it might be awkward for them.
Mi-yeong is an intern.
Oh, you are?
That's amazing.
Which department?
I'm the team leader of Design Team One.
You're a professional career woman.
Yeong-sil, lucky you.
The company can't function without Yu-ju.
I'm not that important, but I did get
promoted before my colleagues.
Have you ever run into Mi-yeong at work?
I'm not sure.
There are so many people there.
Come to think of it,
maybe I have seen her a few times.
It's nice to meet you.
Mi-yeong, what's wrong?
Are you not feeling well?
It's nothing. I have a stomachache.
I'm going to the bathroom.
Did you eat in a hurry again?
This can't be.
It was because of me.
I shouldn't have gone to that reunion.
Stop running!
You'll ruin your knees!
Take a break. Let me run one more lap.
She's so stubborn.
That's how she lost over 40kg.
I'm so thirsty.
The 42nd reunion of Yangdeok Girls' High.
Please RSVP.
She lost so much weight,
so she must show them.
I made it.
What were you doing?
-Oh, my…
Not coming.
You have to go.
"I lost this much weight."
"I did it." Show them off.
But still…
No, I can't.
I said go!
You're not the same Byun Mi-yeong anymore.
-Isn't it funny?
-What about your kids?
-They're adorable.
-I missed you so much!
-Me too!
-She's changed so much.
What about your glasses?
I got rid of them ages ago.
You did well.
-You became really pretty.
-You know how it is.
-What did you do?
-Look how pretty she got.
-Do you have a boyfriend?
-Don't ask that question.
-Who's that?
-I don't know. Must be from another class.
-She already has two kids.
-It's always the quiet ones.
It's been so…
-Kim Yu-ju!
-My gosh!
Yu-ju, come here. Here's your seat.
-Yu-ju, come.
You still look so amazing.
You look like a model.
I'm sorry. I've been busy.
I heard you work for Gabi Entertainment.
Do you see a lot of stars?
Do you like Jin Seong-jun?
We love him.
He's decent.
-Can I come and visit you?
-Of course.
-Mom, have some pear.
It's really sweet.
Thank you.
By the way,
didn't you know Jun-yeong
was studying for the civil workers' exam?
I did. How could I not know?
Of course I knew.
You knew about it, but you asked him
two months before the exam
to come and cook you dinner?
Telling him to make stew, fish and eggs?
-She shouldn't have done that.
Did you really do that?
Yu-ju didn't ask me to do it.
I did it because I wanted to.
Yu-ju gets indigestion often
because she has a weak stomach.
Jun-yeong, it's not the time
to try to defend her.
Right, Jun-yeong.
I'm sorry, Grandmother,
Mother, and father.
He was studying,
and I was a bit inconsiderate.
I'll be more careful in the future.
I'm relieved now that you know.
Right. Eat.
Have some, Grandmother.
Here, Mother.
-And father.
Father, Yu-ju has to go to work tomorrow,
so she should go home.
I didn't realize time went by so fast.
All right. Let's wrap this up.
We held onto you for too long.
You should go.
What's taking her so long?
Mi-yeong, are you still in the bathroom?
Wrap it up and come out.
Jun-yeong's girlfriend is leaving.
I can't come out.
She can't come out.
She's still doing her business.
You should just go.
You can see Mi-yeong again another time.
Okay. I will go.
Thank you for inviting me,
Father and Mother.
Go home and get some rest.
You must be worn out.
Good night and see you again.
I'll see her off.
Let's go, Yu-ju.
Good night.
-Good night.
-I'll be back soon.
-Good night.
-Take care.
Oh, there you are.
I thought you decided
to move into the bathroom.
Are you sick? Is it bad?
No, I'm fine now.
What did you think about her?
I'm not as biased as before.
To be frank, I didn't like her.
I couldn't believe how she came here alone
and dropped such a bomb on us.
But she seemed affable and well-mannered.
Me too.
Jun-yeong can get indecisive,
so he needs someone like her.
And she's a team leader
already at a big company,
so she's really smart, too.
That's what you really liked
about her, isn't it?
I can't deny it.
You can't make a living
on a single salary now.
But on the other hand, at the same age,
Mi-yeong is just an intern,
but she's a team leader, so I was jealous.
And I'm worried about Mi-yeong
being discouraged.
Mi-yeong will be a full-time worker
next year.
She's not the type
to get discouraged over that.
You should go to sleep.
I'm going down to the snack bar.
I was in a hurry, so I didn't clean up.
Okay. I'll go to sleep.
Don't spend too much time downstairs.
I won't.
What? She's pretty?
Jun-yeong has terrible taste in women.
It was Jun-yeong who was blinded by love.
And did you hear how she talked?
"Father, Mother,
I was a bit inconsiderate."
She's so sly.
She's going to eat Jun-yeong alive.
Don't you think
she seemed too extravagant?
She was wearing really expensive clothes.
What's wrong with you all?
Hye-yeong, you look angry,
and Mi-yeong, you look lost.
-Talk about double standards.
-What double standards?
It's okay for you but not okay for others.
For you it's fashion,
for others it's extravagant?
Mi-yeong, wasn't it discouraging for you?
She's the same age as you,
so how did she become
a team leader already?
You really haven't seen her at work?
It's late. Let's go to bed.
You're doing this again?
You did it eight years ago,
and you're doing it again.
You're stabbing me in the back again.
Fine. Let's break up.
And sue her.
If you want to do it, how can I stop you?
Go ahead and sue.
You said yes to breaking up,
just like that?
Your mom was the reason eight years ago,
and your mom's the reason now.
So what am I supposed to do?
Why don't you get a new mom?
You won't even call?
Fine. Let's break up. Let's do it.
That'll take care of everything.
Let's break up.
My friend.
I'm going to go see your son
again tomorrow.
But I'm worried.
When your son said not to come again,
do you think he meant it?
Out of guilt,
I went to see him
and told him I would be his father,
but I'm not sure if what I did was right.
Maybe my guilty conscience
is making your son more miserable.
And why did I go see him
when I have nothing to offer him?
My friend,
why do I always act like an idiot?
Intern? Intern.
What's wrong? Did something happen?
No, I just wanted the stamp
to show up clearly.
Go easy. This building isn't that strong.
I'm sorry.
What brings you here, Ms. Kim?
Have some coffee. It's my treat.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
You're busy?
Have some coffee.
I don't need any.
Why? You should be craving coffee
about now.
Do you want something else?
I brought some juice, too.
Don't bother and get it away from me.
Ms. Kim,
you became friends with our intern?
Of course.
I found out we went
to the same high school.
-What? You did?
-Intern, lucky you.
I felt so happy when I found out.
So for my sake,
you have to give her a good score.
Of course.
It must be great to have
a team leader friend.
In that sense,
I want to spend some time with her.
Can I borrow her?
Of course.
I don't have any work for her right now.
Let's go, Mi-yeong.
Stop it.
Are you busy?
Stamping recycling paper's not urgent.
I'll give you a tour of the company.
Take advantage of your friend.
Let's go.
Intern. Sweetie.
-Bring the cart dolly to the parking lot.
The gifts arrived.
Yes, ma'am.
Ms. Choi, I was going to borrow her.
If you need an intern,
talk to HR and get your own.
Stop borrowing our intern.
Hurry up.
Thank you, Ms. Choi.
-About what?
-About getting me out.
What are you talking about?
You are really busy right now.
Okay. I'll do my best.
This is Cha Jeong-hwan.
I love you, Mr. Cha Jeong-hwan.
Forget it! Don't love me. Love isn't…
It's a machine.
I'm fully awake.
Were you a guillotine
in your previous life?
How can you cut me off just like that?
Knowing her, it was crazy for me to hope.
Fine. Let's end this.
I'm not going to beg anymore.
Ouch, my stomach…
What do you want?
I'm sorry.
Why is the director asking for me?
Okay, I'm coming.
How heartless. You won't even call me?
You can't hide the truth.
The security camera footage shows
it was your fault.
And they have a witness to vouch for it.
We can try to lower the amount
by going to court,
but let me make it clear
that you can't avoid paying.
Good job. But you have another client.
But it's lunch time.
I asked him to make an appointment
and come back, but he insisted on waiting.
Okay. I'll be right out.
Oh, boy.
He came back posing as a client again?
What brings you here?
You're asking me to shoot
the making of Oh, My Boss?
It's the company's 20th-anniversary drama,
so we're going to air a two-part special
on the making of the drama.
The whole company is backing the project,
so make it great.
It's from the department head.
Why don't you just ask
for my letter of resignation?
Or why don't you transfer me?
Then resign.
It starts tomorrow.
Tomorrow's the first table-read,
so you can report there.
Sir. Aren't you being too harsh on me?
Breathe in, breathe out.
Good job today, everyone.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Thank you for last night.
I put you in a difficult situation,
didn't I?
I can't say no.
So if you haven't eaten yet,
I'll buy you lunch.
I like barbecue.
Why aren't you eating?
It is barbecue, but it's really plain.
I'm not doing so well right now.
By the way,
why are you living
at the night duty office?
I have my reasons.
I'm wondering what they are.
It's personal.
Anyway, you saved my life.
Thank you again.
Then this isn't enough.
Buy me coffee, too. A good one.
-Give me one mojito.
-It's 4,800 won.
Seriously, does he really have
a girlfriend?
With his looks,
it'd be weird if he didn't.
But he's always at the center.
Thank you. Have a nice day.
He smiles too much.
He smiles at anyone and everyone.
Wait a minute, he doesn't smile at me.
Darn it…
What about you?
I'm okay.
By the way,
do you really have a girlfriend?
I mean, you're always watching
soccer games,
and you never seem to go out on dates.
You seem rather neglected.
You said you were grateful.
She's studying abroad.
Oh, studying abroad?
How long has she been doing that?
You said you were grateful.
A bit over a year.
Out of sight, out of mind.
Is she pretty?
Oh, that was quick.
Let me see. Do you have any photos?
I'll have to see if she's really pretty.
You want to see them?
Forget it. I don't want to.
I wonder how much
you love her to turn down a woman like me.
This is like
a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
You'll regret it.
Even if I was available,
you're not my type.
I have a class.
I've paid you back.
Goodbye to yourself.
You're not really my type either!
You came because you missed father,
didn't you?
One day, you just missed him.
But how?
How could you?
Do you know how hard he searched for you?
He waited for you!
Oh, Jung-hui…
Why? Was it weird?
You're just reading again.
Are you a robot?
If we could have robots act,
why would we hire humans?
Humans have feelings.
But I read it like a person with emotions.
I'm not asking you
to read like a person with…
What do you want from me?
You think getting angry will help?
Tomorrow is the table-read,
so you're in trouble.
You want to be humiliated
at the first table-read?
Getting humiliated isn't the issue here.
You can get fired in the middle
if you can't act nowadays.
I know!
How do I do it? Tell me again.
You were great that one time.
You had to take a call, and when you
came back, you tried it again.
Who were you talking to?
You were like a human being then.
With emotions and a heart.
Why don't you talk to that person again?
I can't.
It's over. I deleted the number.
Fine. Then try to think about
how you felt that time.
How have you been?
I couldn't come
because we had some family issues.
You weren't home,
so I thought I'd leave it here.
I'm sorry.
For coming back when you told me not to.
But I wanted to do something for you.
If I could,
I'd like to cook for you,
but I can't.
Why don't you?
Go ahead. Cook for me.
Can I?
Sure. Can you do it now?
I can.
Okay, I'll go get some groceries.
So don't eat and wait.
It won't take long.
Maybe I shouldn't have done that.
No, don't worry about anything else.
Tomorrow's the table-read.
He's my biological father,
so it'll be a father-son talk.
Just a father-son talk.
It's ready.
I heard you like perilla seed stew.
I was in a hurry,
so I only made a few side dishes.
Sit down.
Why don't you join me?
It's okay.
Should I?
How is it?
It's perilla seed stew.
Yes, it is.
Does it suit your taste?
It's a bit salty.
It is?
I guess I put too much salt in it.
What do we do?
It's okay. Eat.
How's that?
It's spicy oyster.
Yes, it is.
Eat up.
Tell me about your family.
How many children do you have?
What? My kids?
I have four.
The eldest is a son,
and I have three daughters.
One son and three daughters?
You have a lot.
I kind of do.
What do you mean?
Gosh, what do I say now?
I don't know what fathers and sons
talk about.
I read the article.
You're doing a new drama?
I couldn't watch your daily drama much,
but this one I will watch.
-What is it about?
-Well, it's…
Something interesting.
You're going to get busy.
Is there anything I can do for you?
I can't do much, but I'm a good cook.
Can I come by sometimes and cook for you?
Go ahead.
I can do that?
Yes, once or twice a week would be fine.
I'll call you when I want you to.
Would you?
Yes, please call me.
My number is…
Punch it in here.
What is this?
Why do I feel like
I'm looking at Pedestrian One?
Why don't I feel anything?
Are fathers supposed to feel this way?
Shouldn't I feel all choked up
or something?
You're late.
I've been waiting.
Don't you think we need to talk?
I still have nothing to talk to you about.
Really? But I…
Until I sort things out.
She's become triumphant overnight.
Oh, I'm late.
Hye-yeong, you slept here last night, too?
Are you sure you moved out?
It feels like you come here every night.
Why? She comes home because she misses me.
How did you know?
I gave birth to you,
so why wouldn't I know?
Oh, my gosh.
Jun-yeong, can you drop us off?
We're late.
You can drop by Mi-yeong's office
-and see your girlfriend.
-Should I?
It's okay. I'm taking the subway.
Why? He says he'll drop us off.
I need the exercise.
I'll see you later.
Wait for me. Goodbye.
If you miss me again, come home.
Sorry. You should walk too.
That's not fair.
-Mom, I'm leaving.
Have a nice day.
Have a good day.
Mom, have some, too.
No, you drink it. I'm old,
so I can't digest dairy very well.
Oh, wait.
Mom, what did you think about Yu-ju?
She's smart, skilled, and affable.
-I like her.
I knew you'd see it, too.
She's pretty, smart, and even considerate.
Yu-ju is a great woman, right?
So, have you made any plans?
Yes, I'm going to look
for a part-time job.
I think we should hurry up
and get married.
Yu-ju wants to get married
before she starts showing.
I'm sure she does.
But isn't housing your biggest concern?
Yes. We're going apartment hunting
this weekend
for a place with a deposit we can afford.
So I was thinking,
can I use this apartment as collateral
and get a key-money loan?
About 40 to 50 million won?
You would need that much
to find an apartment.
Yes, with that money, I think we can find
a two-bedroom apartment.
Okay. Let me think about that.
Honey, get me some toilet paper!
Can't you hear me?
I said give me some toilet paper!
Apologize to me first.
Then I'll get you some.
Apologize for what?
For constantly looking down on me,
not replying when I talk to you
and making me sad
by writing that degrading poem.
Apologize to me.
I can't believe that woman.
It's okay.
I don't need any.
You don't need any?
Fine. Forget it.
Take care of it by yourself.
You'll learn how important I am.
Did you take a shower
because you didn't want to apologize?
Oh, I feel so refreshed.
Do you really?
When you take multiple showers a day?
Does she not do any house chores?
Where are my clothes?
Why are you asking me?
I'm on strike, remember?
I'm sure you know what the phrase means.
Don't you remember how I said
I wasn't going to take care of you?
Go to the utility room.
Your clothes must be there.
Bo-mi, it's lunch time already?
It is. I'll make you
kimchi fried rice, Mother.
I know we're Koreans,
but do we have to eat kimchi all the time?
We can't help it.
Yeong-sik's photography studio
might close down anytime.
I know.
He has the worst luck with jobs.
Wherever he works,
he doesn't last more than a year.
I know.
Hey, I'm saying this just in case,
but don't say anything to discourage him.
You have to try to encourage him and
make him feel special at times like this.
Of course. I do that, Mother.
Good for you.
He's the best husband there is.
He's hardworking, handsome, and kind.
Yes, now that I've been married to a kind
and hardworking man in this life,
I'd like to marry a successful man
in my next life.
Anyway, I'm worried about
Jun-yeong's wedding gift.
What if Yeong-sik takes the wedding photos
as a gift, Mother?
Here we go. One, two, three.
Let's try that one more time.
Look this way, please.
-Very pretty. One, two, three.
-One, two, three.
-Yeong-sik, do it over there.
Yes, sir.
Don't look.
Don't look at him.
What are you doing? I can't get any shots.
Try to make it fun.
Yes, sir.
-One, two, three.
One, two, three.
I got it. Good, good.
Good job.
Good job, to you, too.
Making a living is so hard.
I wonder if Min-ha knows I'm doing this.
Look. There he is.
He's coming.
I hope we can do this often.
-Especially mathematics.
-You know math costs a bit more, right?
Can you tutor me on science?
-It's 2,000 won an hour. Deal?
You can go.
I need 30,000 won more
to go to TWICE's concert.
I'm almost there.
How many more are there to collect from?
What are you doing?
I can't do it. I'm quitting.
Jeong-hwan, no.
You can't quit when there's a recession.
Let go of me!
Telling me to shoot that
is telling me to quit.
It's not like that.
In-sik shot one last year.
In-sik did one, too?
The making of Descendants of Mars.
Let's do this.
I'll shoot the first table-read today,
so you stay here and get some rest, okay?
Jeong-hwan, I'll be back. Okay?
Oh, boy…
Hello, Mr. An.
It's an important day,
so I wanted to drive you myself.
Get in.
"Father, you…"
Did you get me coffee? Let me have it.
What's this? It's not coffee.
Caffeine can make you tense.
Being it the first table-read,
you might be nervous,
so I got you quince tea.
Jung-hui, we'll go up first
and see if Mr. Jin Seong-jun
is here and call you.
It's been so long.
Why are we waiting for Mr. Jin Seong-jun?
Because Jung-hui can't arrive
before Jin Seong-jun.
Doesn't coming early
mean you're hardworking?
Wow, you don't know anything.
Look. If Jung-hui is there first
and Jin Seong-jun arrives later on,
he has to get up and say hello.
Oh, I see. Wow, you're good.
It's nice to meet you. Let's go.
Run over and get Jung-hui.
Everyone's so good-looking.
-Hello, Jung-hui.
How have you been, Mr. Ryu, Ms. Lee?
We've been good.
Jung-hui, you look good. How are you?
Of course. Thanks to your concern, I have.
Hello, Jung-hui.
Oh, hi. Sit down.
I had no idea I'd be working with you.
But Mr. Ryu practically begged me
to do it, so I had no choice.
I'm happy. It's an honor, Jung-hui.
Don't. You're making me uncomfortable.
Jung-hui, we'll be outside.
-Okay. Go.
-You can do it.
You scared me.
Why didn't you turn the lights on?
Seung-min, it's not true, is it?
This isn't you, right?
Did you try to dig up dirt on me?
Seung-min, you came
because you missed father, didn't you?
One day, you just wanted to see him.
Wait, Jung-hui.
Instead of this interrogating mood,
let's go with a bit of a begging tone.
You sound like
you're threatening your brother.
Like you're about to punch him.
Let's try that again.
-Let's try that once more.
Seung-min, you came
because you missed father, didn't you?
One day, you just wanted to see him.
-Let's just move on to the next scene.
Mr. Cho Su-hwan, who's playing the father,
couldn't be here today,
so I will read the father's part.
Let's start the scene
with Father and Seung-u.
What happened? Why are we drinking here?
Did you get into trouble?
No, I didn't.
I just wanted to have
a drink with you, Father.
Good. We can't drink at home
because of your mom.
Why does her nagging get worse and worse?
You should know. How would I know?
Is that so?
I can't seem to figure your mom out.
She's weird.
Mom said,
you can't figure out a woman
until you die.
Don't try to figure her out!
that wasn't it.
It's not just some man. It's your father.
You're too stiff and awkward.
Relax. Soften up.
Relax. Soften up.
On top of relaxing and softening up,
to Seung-u,
his father is
both a father and a friend. Best friend.
-Yes, a friend.
Jung-hui, taking notes on your script
isn't important.
How should I put it?
Think of the feelings, the emotions.
You didn't get anywhere with your father?
Excuse me?
I'm saying,
when a father and son drink together,
they say things they couldn't say sober,
and they get this chance to become
closer together, man to man.
Jung-hui, I think it's something
like this.
-Mr. Ryu, should I give it a try?
-Okay, Seong-jun.
No, I didn't.
I just wanted to have
a drink with you, Father.
You should know. How would I know?
That sounded like
you were talking to a friend.
Yes, that was it. That closeness.
The closeness
between a father and his son.
Just like that.
Jung-hui, did you see that?
That's what we need.
If you still don't get it,
why don't you have a drink
with your father?
Try it tonight, if you can.
Come in.
I'm going to court.
Are these the documents I need to submit?
Should I submit this, too?
No, I'll take care of this.
Since when did you do what I say?
Can't you tell I was just angry?
Aren't you busy?
I still had to come.
This is a nice cafe.
The decorations are very special.
This is how you should be.
Your dad said, "What a waste of money.
You think spending money is decorating?
You think that painting goes
well with this cafe?
It doesn't."
He said that.
-Come and have a seat here.
-What would you like?
One coffee, one herb tea.
You're not getting any customers?
I know. I'm not getting any at all.
But Mom, for a small business like this,
if you lose people's trust, it's over.
The best marketing strategy
is getting along with the neighbors.
Really? How should I do that?
Should I hand out free coffee?
Well, that's a good idea, too, but…
You apologized to the people
at the police station
and made up with them, didn't you?
Apologize? No way.
Their daughter came here,
and do you know what she did?
If you want to talk about that, just go.
Okay. I'll go.
I'll drop by often.
Hey, I didn't mean for you to really go.
Okay. Come again.
You're not busy today.
It's okay to be like this sometimes.
You know what, honey? Jun-yeong…
I met you at the police station.
I'm Ms. Oh's son.
-What brings you here?
-Well, that's…
You were very offended that night,
weren't you?
I wanted to apologize
on my mother's behalf.
I know this isn't enough
to make you feel better,
but I offer my sincerest apologies
once again.
Have a seat.
-Thank you.
-Sit down.
Would you like something to drink?
No, it's okay. I just had some.
First of all, thank you for coming here.
I'm sure it wasn't easy.
No, I had to come.
It should've been my mother.
-Then why didn't she come?
-I'm sorry.
-It's not you who should be sorry.
It's a bit disappointing,
but you came to apologize in her place.
I have children, too,
so I don't want to make you feel
guilty for your mom.
Okay. I accept your apology.
Thank you.
Let me apologize to you formally.
I'm sorry.
It's okay. I'll let it go.
But you didn't have to bring these.
It's nothing.
I'm really grateful
you accepted my apology.
I'd better go. I will see you again.
-Okay. Goodbye.
He's nothing like his mom.
I wonder if he's really her son.
Weird, isn't it?
It's Korean beef, honey.
Korean beef.
Drop me off and go home.
A drink?
It's no big deal. I'll drink with him.
Father, they say it tastes even better
if you sear it in olive oil first.
I'm home.
Come and sit, Hye-yeong.
I smell meat grilling.
The building owner's son brought it.
To apologize on his mom's behalf.
The building owner's son?
Yes, he apologized formally.
He brought Korean beef steaks.
You'd think he was saying hello
to his future parents-in-law.
That smells amazing.
Jun-yeong, is it cooking nicely?
He was nothing like his mom.
How did a woman like her
have a son like him?
He was great.
-He was?
He brought those flowers, too.
I guess sons like him happen
to moms like her.
He's very nice.
The flowers are pretty, too.
How sad.
Being a mom of three girls,
if it weren't for his mom,
I might have pursued him.
What does he look like?
I'm curious.
You met him at the police station.
Oh, right. I forgot.
He didn't look half bad.
Right. Not bad.
But who cares? You know his mom.
Here it comes.
Get me the plates.
Are you ready to eat Korean beef steak?
We are ready!
-Here you go.
-This is for Dad.
It's so juicy…
-Have some more.
-Mom, here.
This is medium rare,
my personal recommendation.
Jun-yeong did a great job
grilling the steak.
Wow, it's delicious.
Have some more.
-What about me?
The building owner's son picked these out.
You should eat while grilling.
-Eating this is turning you into a cow?
-It melts on your tongue.
It's like we're in Daegwallyeong.
-Don't be silly.
-It's so delicious.
Eat up.
Is someone here, honey?
-This is expensive!
-No. Excuse me.
Al. What am I doing?
Why am I so angry?
Why am I so angry?
I was worried.
I thought I saw you leaving.
You brought alcohol, didn't you?
Is something wrong?
I want to come live with you.
Watching your happy family
made me want to join them.
Why do I have to give him up again
because of his mother?
You should be fine
even when I'm not there.
What's going on? So Coach Park is…
Getting married won't be easy for you.
The more you complain,
the harder things will be on Jun-yeong.
I can't believe her.
Judo, do you have a father?
He had a son?
You must be in shock.
Are you out of your mind?
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