My Father Is Strange (2017) s01e14 Episode Script

Episode 14

I was worried.
I thought I saw you leaving.
You brought alcohol, didn't you?
Is something wrong?
I want to come live with you.
I'm moving in with you.
Watching your happy family
made me want to join them.
Would you?
Let's do that.
Well, okay.
I know.
You can get a new car,
a new place, a new face,
and even a new personality.
But no, you can't get new parents.
I know. I do. I know, but…
I miss you.
Why do I have to give him up again
because of his mother?
Okay, let's make this simple.
Very, very simple.
Byun Hye-yeong,
let's say there's a bag you want.
But there's an option that comes with it
you really don't like.
You're not going to buy that bag?
Why? You really love that bag.
And you know you won't ever be able
to have it again.
You can throw away that option.
You can do that.
I'm going to go there to get my things.
I'm telling you 'cause it might be awkward
if we ran into each other,
so if you want to go out, go now.
He didn't actually go out, did he?
No, he'll try to stop me at least once.
How about some wine?
Wash your hands and sit down.
This tapas is only good when it's warm.
Let's eat.
You came by my parents' place?
I saw your mother and apologized.
Don't mention it.
The person at fault was my mom.
But I was a bit spiteful.
And petty.
Like you said,
I made you guilty by association.
I'm sorry.
I won't ever rashly ask to break up again.
Thank you for apologizing.
You don't want to talk about
what happened eight years ago,
so I won't ask.
I realized something from this.
Both now or back then,
figuring Byun Hye-yeong out
is a remote possibility.
I'm done trying to figure her out.
She's not someone I can figure out.
But I want to become the only man
who knows her best.
-That's kind of cool.
-I know. I wanted to hear that.
Go ahead and try to figure me out.
I will open up to you.
Bottoms up.
Here. Open wide.
Slow down.
Is it good?
Okay, move over. Move.
Was I too hasty?
But I couldn't not answer.
How am I supposed to tell her?
She's going to be in shock.
And what do I tell the kids?
Honey, we don't have
any blueberries or bananas.
Didn't you go grocery shopping last night?
Oh, I did.
-But the supermarket was closed.
You came back late,
so I thought you went grocery shopping.
What should we feed the kids?
We have bread, should I make French toast?
Okay. I'll make it.
-You go wake the kids up.
Let's eat.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Mom, where's Hye-yeong?
She left last night.
She has something this morning.
It's salty.
It is?
Let me see.
Oh, it's so salty!
Did you put in salt instead of sugar?
Gosh, I guess I did.
I'm sorry. What should we eat?
We don't have any fruit.
I'll thaw some rice cakes.
Drink your milk. I'll get it for you.
-I'll do it.
-It's so salty.
-I'll just have this milk and go to work.
I'm not very hungry.
What's wrong?
You've been down since last night.
I know. You look worn out.
Is work tough?
Should I call My Ju
and ask her to go easy on you?
What? Don't you ever do that.
I hate things like that.
Okay. I got it. You don't have to get mad.
I'll see you later.
Oh, yes, Mi-yeong. Good for you.
You can keep your work
and private life separate.
How can you be so dense?
They're the same age!
Do you think she'd like her?
Mi-yeong is only an intern now.
Oh, I didn't think of that.
I'm moving in with you.
Would you?
Let's do that.
What was he thinking?
He should've said no.
I asked because I thought he'd say no.
Geez, I just don't get it.
Does that mean
he told his family about me already?
Al, if I lived with them,
it would help with my drama, right?
Yes. This was a good decision.
Just focus on the drama.
Oh, wait. Al, would you be okay with that?
Get me films and dramas
on fathers and family.
Yes, sir.
Films on fathers…
Oh, there are a lot.
Like Father, Like Son
Darn it.
-Hello, Mr. An.
What's all that?
The resource materials you asked for.
That's a lot.
Put one on.
I'll come and get you later
for your personal training appointment.
Where are you going?
Sit here and wake me up if I nod off.
Yes, sir.
Hey, Judo.
Why do you look so upset today?
I'm not.
Why is he crying so hard?
The son misses his father so much.
It's sad.
Do you have a father?
Yes, I do.
Do you live with him?
How do you do that?
I don't understand what you mean by how.
You know…
When you live together…
Forget it. Put something else on.
Yes, sir.
Do you have anything like
tips on how to become closer
to your father?
Oh, right. I did some research
to help you with acting
for Oh, My Boss.
And if a father and a son
go fishing or play go together,
they can get closer easily.
I hate fishing.
I don't know how to play go.
Going to the public bath house
together helps too.
Get naked and take a bath with him?
Yes, it's bathing, so you must get naked.
Right. I'd have to get naked.
Hey, look. That's interesting.
Wow, that acting is…
Hurry up and gather around.
We're playing for coffee.
Rock, paper, scissors.
That didn't work. Again.
Rock, paper, scissors.
You two, and you two.
Do I have to do this?
I don't want to partner with him.
Want to play with me?
Rules are rules, so let's just do it.
Okay, let's go.
The female instructors
are going to attack.
Male instructors, you can hide
behind the female instructors.
It's okay if the girls get hit,
but if the boys do, you're out.
Got it?
Let's start.
It started. Go get him!
It's okay to hit the women. It's okay.
Oh, she caught it. Throw it!
Wait! Good job. Hit him.
Here she goes.
You got hit! Get out.
Get out.
-Let's do this.
-Go for it.
Let's go. Here goes Ra-yeong.
I'm going to beat her no matter how.
Take this!
Oh, no! Ra-yeong, are you okay?
What do we do?
What are you doing?
-Coach Park, are you okay?
-Yes, I guess.
I think I should withdraw.
I'll head out.
I'll get going too.
I think I twisted my wrist.
Let me check.
If I do this, does it hurt?
Everything he does is so amazing.
Gosh, he's so cool.
Under 30 years of age.
I'm way over 30.
Experience welcome.
Oh, maybe I should've earned
a certificate.
What are you doing?
Why do you look so down?
Are you having twins?
No, I'm not.
Okay. What a relief.
So what's wrong?
I'm looking for a part-time position
for now,
but an unemployed 35-year-old
with no experience
can't find any part-time positions.
A 48-year-old with experience
can't find a job either.
Let me see.
"No experience necessary. Healthy male."
I am really healthy.
It's 70,000 won a day. Instant pay.
I could make two million a month.
It's a night job,
so I could moonlight.
Mr. Na? Mr. Byun?
-Fill these out.
-You don't have any illnesses, do you?
I'm fit as a fiddle.
Put these on.
Yes, sir.
It's simple.
Load everything here into that truck.
All of them?
-Just the two of us?
Place the heavy ones at the bottom.
And don't toss things like food.
-Do you understand?
-Of course.
Uncle, watch your back. Be careful.
Be careful.
I think I'm dying, Uncle Yeong-sik.
Me too.
That feels great.
I can't lift my arm up.
We're halfway done.
Can we do it?
It's 70,000 won.
-It's 70,000.
-It's 70,000.
Help me.
Two, three.
All right.
Good job, 70,000.
-Good job.
-Congratulations, 70,000.
What's that?
No matter how long I stare,
there's no solution.
Do we have to take out another loan?
But we just became debt-free.
Yes? I'm in here.
-You're not eating dinner?
-Is it already dinner time?
It is.
No one is home,
so it didn't even occur to me.
I'll make dinner.
If it's just the two of us,
can we have a drink?
Open wide.
You must have been really frustrated too.
Why? You want to know how I knew?
Of course I knew.
You were tossing and turning
all night last night.
You knew?
I had no idea you would know.
How could I not know?
I've been married to you for 35 years.
I wonder if our son knows
how he made his parents feel
worthless and heartbroken.
No matter how hard I think about it,
the only solution is to get a loan.
I thought about
borrowing some from Hye-yeong,
but I can't bring myself to ask.
When they raised the key money
two years ago,
it was Hye-yeong who got it for us.
She did.
It was only three months ago
that we celebrated
paying off our debt
over the past three years.
We have to take out another loan
to get our son married.
Even if we save every penny we make,
we don't know if it'll be enough
to retire on.
So how can we take out another loan?
What if we end up broke when we're old?
What if our kids
treat us like a burden
and try to avoid us?
I feel so lost and lonely.
We worked hard all our lives.
We did our best raising our kids.
And you were hardworking and diligent
in running your business.
And I've been working
every day for the past 30 years.
So how come
we have nothing left right now?
But we have our kids.
None of our four kids went down
a bad path or caused any problems for us.
And none of them are too needy.
It's because you did a great job
raising them.
That doesn't make me feel any better.
I was working, so I was a bad mom.
You raised them by yourself.
Don't say that.
Okay. Let's say we both did a good job.
Why isn't he up yet?
He got lazy after he retired.
Why did you get bread for breakfast? Gosh.
Get me rice.
What do you mean? This is my breakfast.
You get your own breakfast.
Fine. I will. I'll do that.
Why is the fridge empty?
I was the one who bought
all the groceries in the fridge.
If you need something,
go and buy it yourself.
I can't believe you.
This is how you're going to be?
Hello? Is this the take-out place?
Do you deliver now?
No, no. Just one.
He sure is smart.
I thought he'd order Chinese.
How did he know about that?
What are you looking at?
If you're done, get out.
Wait. You have to do the dishes!
I'll do them later.
Later when?
Wait. Look at these.
You were the one who used these dishes.
Look, I said I'll wash them later.
-I'm so full.
Honey, don't you see these?
What are these?
These are your pajamas
and these are your socks.
The towel you used.
If you leave them out like this,
who are you expecting to clean them up?
Are you a snake?
It's like you're a shedding snake.
Don't make such a fuss
so early in the morning.
I'll clean them all at once later.
Later when?
I don't care,
but if you can't stand it,
you can clean them up.
Good grief, I can't believe him.
I'm not doing it.
Let's see who wins.
If he runs out of clean towels,
he'll have to do the laundry and clean up.
Who is it?
It's here.
What's that?
My necessities.
There are 30 pairs of underwear,
30 pairs of socks, and 30 towels.
For one month. Okay.
Clean that right now!
If you want, you can clean it.
Cha Gyu-taek!
You little…
Gosh, I guess she was really tired.
Hye-yeong, you have to get up.
Mom, Dad…
I'm not Dad. I'm Jeong-hwan.
Oh, right.
I'm not home. I'm at the apartment.
Did you sleep well?
Of course I did.
How about you?
I didn't sleep so well.
It was my first time
sleeping with someone else in my room.
Oh, right.
I've always had my brother and sisters
to wrestle with.
How about a morning kiss?
Get up and come out. Let's have breakfast.
You go first.
Okay. Hurry up.
He didn't see it, did he?
Oh, disgusting.
Drooling is
the most disgusting thing ever.
How humiliating.
Did he see it?
Ta-da. Have a seat.
Hey, we should eat first.
Wait. Hey! Stop.
That hurt.
You're in pain, so this can't be a dream.
Is having breakfast with me like a dream?
No, the fact that
I have one more hour to spare
because my office is so close
is like a dream.
See? It was a good idea to move in.
Yes. You did great.
And the soybean paste soup is great too.
Thank you.
Isn't it good? Then reward me.
Cracker, what can't you do?
The soybean paste stew
just melts in my mouth.
Don't do that. That doesn't suit you well.
I know. I don't think it does either.
Jeong-hwan, you have some free time,
so why don't you go on a trip?
You haven't been assigned a new show yet.
Well, yes.
No, well, yes? Does that mean
you got a new show or not?
This is delicious.
Didn't we promise to share everything?
I did, I did get a show.
They want me to shoot
a making of a miniseries.
It's not a job for a man of my experience.
So I'm thinking…
Should I tell them I'm not doing it?
If I do, I'll have to take responsibility.
I might be transferred
to another department.
If it's a making of a miniseries,
you're recording the people
making the miniseries?
So why not think of it
as an observation show
for the people
who are making the miniseries?
You've always wanted to shoot a show
where you can pay attention to detail.
The format may be a making of miniseries,
but you can turn it
into something completely new.
You are pretty unique.
Even for entertainment news shows,
when you do it,
it has depth, and it's detailed.
So you knew.
I have depth, and I'm detailed.
As you know,
it's not easy to be both.
Of course.
This is the schedule for Oh, My Boss.
Yesterday was the first table-read.
They'll shoot the posters soon.
The first shoot is one week from now,
and there will be shoots almost every day.
That means we have to shoot
the making of footage every day.
-It's a tight schedule.
-It's totally tight.
And it's all outside.
From now until summer,
we must face the sunlight
during the day and mosquitoes at night
because it's all outdoor shooting.
It's going to be hardcore manual labor,
nothing like we've ever tried before.
But I'm going to give it a try.
-So you've made your decision?
Instead of looking for something new,
I'm going to approach this
from a new angle.
Instead of planning for a new show,
you're going to try to make
a new kind of "making of" show?
So I'd like you to join me.
Of course.
I would've been sad if you hadn't asked.
So I will gladly join
Cha Jeong-hwan's Making Of show.
I've already joined.
Jeong-hwan, let's put our hands together.
That's so lame…
-One, two, three.
-Let's do it!
Thank you.
It's me, Byun Ra-yeong.
Don't worry and open the door.
If I leave it,
I look like I have a crush on him.
I have to tell him
it's not because
I want something in return,
and I'm just being nice.
I've missed you.
How have you been?
Could I be fine without you?
They're men, why are they being so loving?
You should be fine
even when I'm not there.
Look how much weight you've lost.
Get in. I have something to give you.
That looks like a Diffany ring.
What's going on?
Even if I were available,
you're not my type.
No way.
Though he did seem
too indifferent to women.
So Coach Park is…
Thank you so much.
I wanted to give you more,
but Father's keeping a close eye on me.
But that ring was really expensive.
You could make a lot selling it.
I'm sorry for making you sell
your couple ring.
It was with my ex-girlfriend. It's okay.
If you're really sorry, call me and Mom.
Do you know how much Mom
wants to talk to you?
Okay, I'll call often.
Mr. An, we're here.
Oh, okay.
That building seems like the same size.
Mr. An, it's almost time
for your appointment.
Hey, people must live
in that building, right?
Yes, on the third and fourth floors.
How many square meters is that?
It looks about
the same size as my apartment.
About 115 to 120 square meters?
What? When there are six people
living there?
What? Never mind.
It looked really old.
It was older than that building.
And it looked a bit smaller.
But there are six people living there?
What am I going to do?
There's a building called Seongmo
in Suwon.
There are apartments there.
Find out how big they are.
Find out how many rooms and bathrooms.
Get me everything you can.
No, I'm not moving.
Just find out for me.
Find out and call me right back.
If it's really 115 square meters.
Darn it…
And if it's that building…
I can't even picture it.
-It's 120 square meters.
Four bedrooms and two bathrooms.
-But there's no vacancy.
Okay. Bye.
Hey, Al.
Hey, what am I going to do?
Don't run away. We've no time for that.
It really is 115 square meters.
Everyone at the snack bar must live there.
All six of them. All together, right?
Why in the world did I say such a thing?
I'm talking to you.
I can't. This is wrong.
I can't do it. I really can't.
It's me.
Oh, yes. Hi.
Can I see you? Right now?
Well, I can't right now.
But I can be there by seven o'clock.
Is that okay?
Okay, sure.
Why does he want to see me?
I should tell them soon.
Why do you look so tired?
I do?
Is it because of Jun-yeong's wedding?
Goodness, he's such a bad son.
Why can't he get a job and save some money
before getting married?
I can't help but sigh.
So I was thinking…
Mom, can you lend me some
of the money you've been saving?
What? What money?
Your savings account matured last year.
20 million won.
You have a great memory.
But I can't lend you that.
That's going to go into the key money
for this apartment next year.
Don't worry.
I'll pay you back before that.
Bo-mi, the lease isn't up until next May.
It's in a fixed deposit account.
If I take it out,
I'll lose all the interest.
And you know how I hate
ending things in the middle.
But I'm disappointed.
When Yeong-sik started his own business,
Han-soo and I cosigned for a loan
without question.
I knew you'd bring that up.
Right. You only care about Yeong-sik.
It's almost dinner time.
I'd better go. I have to make dinner.
It's Han-soo.
Hello, Han-soo. Yes.
Right now?
Okay, I will.
He's going out
and asked me to man the snack bar.
He did?
Okay, let's go.
Yeong-sil, I have something to tell you.
What is it?
I thought long and hard about this.
But you were angry at me
for not telling you
about Jun-yeong before,
so I thought maybe I should tell you this.
What is it? Why are you being so solemn?
-Tell me.
Han-soo's been acting weird lately.
My husband is weird?
He goes out way too often these days.
It's not just today.
I've already had to run the snack bar
by myself
more than a few days this month.
And on top of that,
he's been looking preoccupied,
lost in thought,
and he's been checking his phone
very often.
Yesterday, he sighed all day…
So I think it's a woman…
I understand what you're saying.
I do, but that's not true.
I know Han-soo isn't the type.
But everything points to…
I know it's not true.
I'm his wife, so I know.
So don't jump the gun.
And don't say anything
to my mom or Yeong-sik.
I won't. I should go.
He's been going out that often?
But he never said anything to me.
Long time no see.
Yes, I suppose.
You did a great job raising your son.
Your son came to see me.
He brought Korean beef and flowers
and formally apologized.
My son Jeong-hwan?
He was so earnest, respectful, and polite,
and he bowed down and apologized,
so I couldn't turn my back on him.
So I accepted your son's apology.
I'm not a petty and narrow-minded person.
So you can relax now.
Let's put it all behind us.
Goodness, I can't believe him.
You haven't sorted things out yet?
We can't talk here,
so let's go to the rooftop.
So, did you sort things out?
Though I don't get
why you need any sorting.
I mean, it's been over ten years.
It's about time
we develop our relationship.
Wouldn't it be hard on both of us
to let our past drag us down?
We were kids,
and we had silly misunderstandings,
so I guess you have some grudges.
Why don't we use
this chance to resolve them?
Silly misunderstandings?
Okay, how will you resolve them?
Go ahead and try.
Gosh. You're holding a major grudge.
I did those things for your sake.
So you'd be shocked and go on a diet.
-That was how you lost the weight.
-Hey, Kim Yu-ju!
You scared me!
Why would you scream like that?
You're scaring my baby.
I'm not the same Byun Mi-yeong
you used to know.
Don't try to make any lame excuses.
I'm not going to stay silent
like I used to.
What are you going to do?
Are you saying you'll tell Jun-yeong?
No reason not to.
You think that's going to change anything?
Maybe you forgot, but I'm pregnant.
The more you complain,
the harder things will be on Jun-yeong.
Yes, things will become hard for him.
But things will become hard for you too.
Getting married won't be easy for you.
What do you want from me?
What is it you want?
What am I supposed to do?
What I want?
For you to not join my family.
Byun Mi-yeong.
For you to not marry my brother.
Can you do that?
You can't, can you?
Then apologize to me.
I was wondering what was going on.
The progress.
It's hard for you to tell your family,
isn't it?
I understand.
No, I'm going to tell them.
I'm going to do it tonight.
I see.
That was why you asked me to come?
Don't worry. I'll do it.
No, actually,
it wasn't that.
I need to know how big your apartment is
so I can start preparing.
It's about 115 to 120 square meters.
With four bedrooms and two bathrooms.
You should answer it.
Okay. Excuse me.
Hi, Ra-yeong.
I'm out grocery shopping.
No, I'll be home soon.
Okay. See you at home.
You should go.
I need to practice my lines.
I'll go.
Is this the market?
Darn it.
There's nothing to eat.
Man! Why does it have to be Kim Yu-ju?
There are so many women in this world.
Half of this world is women.
So why Kim Yu-ju?
I can't believe her.
She's screaming there all alone.
What are you doing?
Mr. An, what are you doing here?
What about you?
Why did you have
three cans of beer all alone?
Look. You have no snacks.
Take them out.
I'll drink with you. Hurry up.
Isn't it an honor?
I know. Sit down.
Yes, sir.
-Hey, it's overflowing. Jeez.
-I'm sorry.
Come again?
I was once really fat.
So that was why you drank?
There was this girl
who bullied me really badly.
She said I smelled like a pig
and flipped over my lunch box.
-That was really mean.
But you know what?
She and my big brother
are getting married.
Mr. An, you know what? This is how I feel.
My heart still starts pounding
when I see her, and I get really angry.
It's hard enough to see her at work,
but she's going to marry my brother.
Hey, look here.
So that girl works at the same company.
She works at Gabi Entertainment?
Who is it?
I want to know.
Okay, I won't ask who.
I'll let go of that.
your brother and that woman
are getting married?
You're going to let them do it?
Just break it up.
The thing is…
I can't do that.
She's pregnant.
And my brother really loves her.
Hey, drink. Drink up.
Hey, don't cry. Don't.
Be a man. Oh, I'm sorry.
Cheers. I'm sorry.
Hey, there's no other choice for you.
If that's the case,
get your revenge.
Pinch her when no one's looking.
You did judo, right?
That lapel grab. The grip.
You must have a really strong grip.
Use it to pinch her.
And be a mean sister-in-law.
Stress her out psychologically
by torturing her physically.
They show how to do it on TV dramas.
You know, don't you?
I said she's pregnant.
She won't be pregnant forever.
She'll give birth in a few months.
I said she's pregnant.
Then tell your brother.
Tell him, so he'll get sick of her.
I said she's pregnant.
Are you a parrot?
I know she's pregnant.
So what?
There are lots of people who have babies
but abandon them in this world.
You can find an example around you.
Mr. An.
You abandoned your baby?
Hey, are you crazy? Be quiet!
Hey, be quiet.
I'm a star.
And I didn't abandon them.
I was abandoned.
Your parents abandoned you.
Don't look at me like that.
I won't.
Then you get revenge too.
Bloody revenge.
I'm going to. I'm going to move in
with him and live there.
Isn't it a fantastic plan?
Get revenge and help with the drama.
I already dropped a bomb on that family.
I'm sure things are a mess right now.
I heard they have lots of kids.
They have four kids.
I'm not great with siblings.
Killing two birds with one stone, right?
Mr. An, I respect you!
I'll get revenge too! I will!
Go ahead. Get revenge.
I'm getting revenge!
-Let's get revenge!
Bottoms up!
When did you come down here?
Have a seat.
Where did you go?
Why have you been going out so often?
Did something happen?
Something did happen.
What is it?
Did you meet someone who knows you?
Don't be alarmed.
Han-soo's son came to see me.
He had a son?
When he and Su-jin split up,
I guess she was pregnant.
Han-soo never told me,
and he was only married for a year,
so I never even imagined it.
But he came to see me about a month ago.
Some young man came to me
and asked me if I knew who he was.
But I had no clue.
He asked me if I knew Ms. An Su-jin,
and that was when I realized it.
I remembered Han-soo's wife's name
at that moment.
You must be in shock.
I thought it was all over.
I never thought I would have to
be reminded of it until the day I die.
YEAR 1982
Hey, what are you looking around for?
You look like a hillbilly.
I can't believe this.
-Thank you for bringing me here, Han-soo.
-Hey, I said don't mention it.
I brought you here because I need you.
But still…
If it weren't for you, I'd be…
Thanks to you, I have hope.
Yun-seok, let's make tons of money.
Let's make all of LA ours!
Sure. I'll work really hard.
You better.
If we work hard for about ten years,
we can go back to Korea
and open a restaurant.
You want to go and dance?
Oh, no. I can't dance.
Don't feel small.
They're all regular people just like you.
How will you run
a business here like that?
This won't do. Take off that jacket.
You look like a hillbilly in it.
-What's wrong with this?
-Take it off.
Hurry up and take it off. Hurry.
My passport and wallet are in there.
I know. Don't worry.
We switched our jackets, so let's go.
What about Han-soo?
What happened to my friend?
What happened to Han-soo?
You can't move yet.
Are you Korean?
Where's my friend?
What happened to my friend?
Unfortunately, Mr. Lee Yun-seok,
who was with you,
passed away.
Who died?
You must be in shock,
but you must lie down.
You've been in a coma for over two weeks.
Mr. Byun Han-soo,
is there anyone you can call?
A family member?
Mr. Lee Yun-seok's girlfriend
is coming here
from Korea to collect his body.
What are you talking about?
Put it on. Hurry.
My passport and wallet are in there.
No, there's been a mistake.
I'm not Byun Han-soo…
Yun, Yun… Yun-seok…
Yeong-sil, are you awake?
You're alive?
You were alive all this time?
Thank you.
Thank you, Yun-seok.
So the person who died was…
It was Han-soo.
Han-soo died.
Han-soo and I exchanged
our jackets before the explosion,
so they think I'm Han-soo.
Yeong-sil, are you okay now?
Stay here.
I should go and sort it out.
Can we just let things be?
What do you mean?
Let's just live like this.
Yeong-sil, how can we do that?
Let's keep things as they are.
It wasn't our mistake.
We didn't do this.
We couldn't make this happen if we tried,
but it did happen.
So let's keep things as they are.
You're being ridiculous.
So why did he come?
He wants to live with us.
What do you mean?
He wants to live with me.
So I told him…
he could.
Are you out of your mind?
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