My Father Is Strange (2017) s01e15 Episode Script

Episode 15

So why did he come?
He wants
to live with us.
What do you mean?
He wants to live with me.
So I told him he could.
Are you out of your mind?
He came to me, thinking I'm his father,
so I couldn't say no.
I know it's late,
but I want to be
his father in Han-soo's place.
-I've met him several times.
He's a very nice young man. He's great.
He's tall and handsome.
He looks just like Han-soo.
Oh, right.
And he's an actor.
He was in some TV dramas.
His name is An Jung-hui.
You've been going to see him
after closing the snack bar?
Are you out of your mind?
What if you get caught?
Once you meet Jung-hui,
you'll like him.
I don't want to hear this.
If you want to be his father,
you can do it by yourself.
I can never agree
to that kind of nonsense.
My heart is pounding. Stop talking to me.
It's chrysanthemum tea.
I didn't ask you for that.
You're not making any sense.
How could he come here and live with us?
What will you tell the kids?
I know.
I know all that…
But he's Han-soo's son.
How can I turn my back on Han-soo's son?
How will I face Han-soo when I die?
I can't turn my back on Jung-hui
and face Han-soo after I'm dead.
Then don't face him.
Then everything's fine.
How are you going to face our kids?
What will you tell them?
That you have another son
and he wants to live with you?
-Is that it?
-About that…
Can you explain it to them for me?
You're better with words than I am.
And you're very persuasive.
Are you kidding me?
I'm begging you.
I've already said yes to Jung-hui.
Then go back to him and tell him no.
Even if you cry, my answer won't change.
Everything put aside,
what if you get caught?
Why can't you think about that?
You didn't have a moment of peace
all these years
because you were scared to death,
and you were finally learning
to relax, weren't you?
What about me,
who had to watch you suffer?
You think it was easy for me?
I was constantly nervous and worried.
You've always been a timid
and faint-hearted man,
so why are you being so reckless and bold?
You're not scared of getting caught?
I am scared.
How can I not be? Of course I'm mortified.
But I can't turn my back on Jung-hui now.
All these years,
Jung-hui believed
his father had abandoned him.
Because of me.
Because I lived as Han-soo.
He believed Han-soo was alive. Am I wrong?
But still, after 35 years,
he came looking for the father
who abandoned him.
He says he doesn't,
but I'm sure he missed his father dearly.
I grew up without a father,
so I know how that feels
better than anyone.
So how can I turn my back on him?
That'd be unforgivable, honey.
Honey, thanks to Han-soo,
we were able to raise our kids
without any trouble.
Thanks to Han-soo, our kids could grow up
enjoying a happy childhood.
Is that all you can think about?
You suffered more than anyone.
What about what you went through?
When I think about that--
Let's just think about
how much we owe Han-soo.
Don't think about what I went through.
should focus on what we did to Han-soo.
Lucky you.
You're so like Buddha.
I hope you attain Buddhahood.
But I can't do it.
No matter what you say,
I can never accept it.
-I'm home.
I have nothing more to say.
Baby sister, you're home?
Were you drinking?
Why? What's wrong?
Were you drinking too?
Because I was so upset.
Me too.
Come here. Have one more.
Should I?
What is life?
It's love and war.
How can this happen?
If this were a drama plot,
people would complain,
saying it's improbable.
I've never seen this even in dramas.
I object to this marriage.
Over my dead body. Never!
I object to this couple too.
But that won't make them
break up or anything.
That's true. That's the problem.
Darn it. Cheers.
Are you not asleep?
If you're not, let's talk.
Okay, go to sleep.
Oh, my head.
Oh, my stomach.
Why did I drink so much?
What's this?
Hey, drink. Drink up.
There was this girl
who bullied me really badly.
She and my big brother
are getting married.
Get revenge!
I'm getting revenge!
I must be crazy!
You're nuts!
Why did you blabber on about that?
No, Mr. An might not remember any of it.
He was completely wasted.
But why do I remember it?
Forget it!
Drama Plus interview.
Oh, no…
Ouch, my head.
Darn it…
Darn it…
I have an interview. I'm doomed.
Who did I drink with last night?
No, no… It can't be…
There are lots of people who have babies
but abandon them in this world.
You can find an example around you.
I didn't abandon a baby. I was abandoned.
I said all that to the intern?
I mean, how much did I tell her?
Was that all? Was that…
Telling her that was like
telling her everything. This is crazy.
No, it can't be.
It can't be? What can't be?
What's wrong with you?
Why do you always get into trouble
when you drink?
Can the intern hold her liquor?
She was an athlete, so I'm sure she can.
The probability of her blacking out is…
I'm doomed.
Darn it…
Tae-bu, where are you?
At work.
Because of the level test for the rookies.
Tae-bu, listen carefully.
I'm feeling terrible today.
So can you please come
instead of the intern just for today?
Why, Jung-hui? You're sick?
No, I'm not sick.
I just had a bit too much to drink
last night.
Can you please come?
I don't think I can. I'll tell the intern
to get some hangover soup…
Please. You have to come.
It has to be you. Okay?
Tae-bu, I know you work so hard.
I'll be waiting for you. Bye.
Mommy! Gosh, you scared me to death.
Hello, Mr. An.
Yes, hi.
What are you doing here?
Well, I was cleaning the back.
What about him? Tae-bu?
Tae-bu is busy
with the level test for rookies,
so I had to come…
I see.
Let me take a nap.
It's a hangover latte.
Tae-bu said you like that.
He taught you every single detail.
The reporter is running a bit late.
Okay. I got it.
My throat hurts a bit.
-Is your stomach hurting too?
-Yes, a bit.
Oh, by the way…
why did we drink last night?
I don't remember anything at all.
This is why they say
An Jung-hui might be a robot.
You don't remember? Obviously, you do.
I'm not sure.
I don't remember anything at all either.
Really? You don't remember?
How weird?
I don't remember anything at all either.
I'm telling you because you're my manager.
I suffer from an illness.
I'm a pathological liar.
It doesn't come out when I'm sober,
but when I drink, I can't control it.
So whatever I said last night,
they're all lies. All of them.
I see.
When I get drunk,
I write soap operas.
It happens all the time.
My dream was to become a writer.
So if you remember anything at all,
just think, "Oh, she must've been
brainstorming for another soap opera."
In case you're still hoping,
I came down to tell you one last time.
No matter how hard I think about it,
we can't do this.
Think of how you've been living
all these years.
Why have you been doing this?
It was all for our kids.
You were always worried
and nervous for our kids.
You never got a driver's license.
And you never traveled abroad
or even in Korea.
It was always home and work,
home and work.
You never opened a bank account.
Both our apartment and this snack bar
are under my name.
you're going to throw all of that away?
Our kids lived their entire lives
as Byuns,
and you're going to tell them
their dad's last name is actually Lee?
No, you don't even have to go that far.
They think their dad is the best dad
in the world.
So can you really tell them
that their dad has another son
who wants to live with them?
Jun-yeong, Hye-yeong, and Mi-yeong are…
Fine. They're over 30.
They might understand.
What about Ra-yeong?
Our baby girl is still young.
And do you know anything about
what happened between Han-soo
and Ms. An Su-jin?
How they met and why they separated.
You're just guessing.
Do you know if Ms. An was pregnant
or if he was already born at the time?
Do you know for sure that that young man
wouldn't ask you about those things?
Are you sure you can make things up
when he does?
Despite all these,
if there's a reason
why he must live with us,
persuade me.
And I will be persuaded.
How could I persuade you?
When you just
left me speechless like this?
That's why…
I thought you could persuade our kids.
Yes, you're right.
What I'm saying is crazy. I know.
I can get caught. It's dangerous.
I know all that.
But he's Han-soo's son.
And I want to
cook Jung-hui warm meals.
He's rather grumpy. And he's very edgy.
He's sensitive.
You said he's an actor.
It's because of that.
It's not.
I don't think
he's ever experienced family love.
He looked really lonely.
There was no warmth at his apartment.
It was bleak and his fridge was empty.
It didn't look like anyone lived there.
You've been to his apartment too?
I've been there twice.
If Jung-hui moves in with us,
he could move out anytime.
He asked to move in,
but he's always lived alone,
so he might come
and move back out the next day.
So I want to cook him warm meals
as many times as I can.
And I want him to feel
the affection of family.
And if I can,
I want him to feel fatherly love too.
No, that's not enough.
If you want to cook for him,
if you want him to feel fatherly love,
go to his apartment and do it.
That's not the same thing.
You said he's already a famous celebrity.
So why is he lonely?
He must be loved by thousands of people.
Forget it. This conversation is over.
You failed to persuade me.
Let's pretend this never happened.
Wait a minute.
When Jun-yeong gets married,
his room will be available.
Mother, isn't it uncomfortable for you
to share a room with Min-ha?
He's all grown up now.
Oh, what if it is?
There's no solution.
There is one solution.
-You want to move?
When Jun-yeong gets married,
his room will be available.
-You want Min-ha to move into that room?
I have to look after my son, mother.
So what are you saying?
You're telling me to move
into the rooftop room?
I just thought you should think about it.
Being roommates with your grandson
could be uncomfortable,
and you really love Yeong-sil.
I never said it was uncomfortable.
But maybe it was for you.
You shouldn't be like this.
Telling your old mother-in-law
with bad joints
to move into the rooftop room is like
telling me to leave this house.
No, Mother. I didn't mean it like that.
Then what did you mean?
If you're going to say that,
give me back the deposit I pitched in.
And I'll take that money
and move out of this house.
Oh, boy. If anyone heard you,
they'd think I was a freeloader
at my son's house.
Oh, boy.
Should I not have said that?
Oh, I'm so furious.
Oh, I'm so heartbroken.
If I didn't have a daughter,
where could I take my grief to?
You know what? Bo-mi told me
to move out of her house.
She said Jun-yeong's room
will be available when he marries,
and told me to move in there.
Goodness, my heart is broken to pieces,
so I can't even talk.
My whole body is shaking.
Oh, my…
What are you doing? What's going on?
You can't hear me?
Mom, I have so much on my mind
that I can't hear you. Tell me later.
Wow, what a horrible daughter you are!
Forget it!
Fine. I will leave.
When I'm gone,
you'll be hit with a ton of regret.
You horrible people.
At today's rate, it's 1,92 million won.
-I'm paying back my student loan.
Thanks to you,
I paid most of my student loan back.
Your big brother's the best, right?
Hey, you were only born
two minutes before me.
-Anyway, thank you, big brother.
-Cringy. Bye.
Move your feet faster.
Kick once. Go.
Slow down.
Move your feet faster.
Oh, how disappointing.
He has the nicest outer cover.
We were both flirting.
Don't cry.
This is like a natural disaster.
It's not something a person can change.
Move your feet faster.
But it hurts so badly.
No, there's no need for this.
It's not just me he's unavailable to.
Okay, Byun Ra-yeong.
It's okay to have one male friend.
Eye candy exists to be enjoyed
with your eyes.
That's it for today.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Thank you.
No need to thank me.
Not when we're friends.
I saw everything.
We share a secret no one else knows.
A secret?
The night duty room?
Oh, and I saw that person.
I understand. I do.
Don't worry about it.
I don't have a prejudice about that.
What? What are you talking about?
I said I understand.
So we're friends now.
If you have a problem, come and tell me.
Let's be there for each other, okay?
Oh, you have a class, right?
Good luck.
I know your love life isn't easy,
But keep your chin up!
I haven't been home for a while,
but none of my kids are calling me.
What horrible children.
Why are you here?
I fought with your mom,
so I ran away from home.
Where are you coming from?
An after-school class.
What did you and my mom fight about?
Don't worry about that.
Go home
and see if anyone is looking for me.
Ask your mom
where your grandmother went.
Ask her if something happened
and make her worry.
Grandma, you're so cute.
Just come home with me.
I'll tell my mom I got worried
and went looking for you.
Aren't you hungry?
Of course I'm hungry.
I didn't have much luck with my kids,
but I got lucky with my grandson.
Let's go. You carry this.
Gosh, my back.
-My little baby.
Let me have your bag.
Aren't these pretty? Nut and Cracker.
These are pretty.
This is totally…
Oh my gosh!
It's buy one, get one free. There you go.
Mix it?
We'll get a headache.
Okay. We're home.
Let's go.
Your son came to see me.
He brought Korean beef and flowers
and formally apologized.
He's not getting away with that.
We're home.
Hello, home sweet home.
Should Nut try to make dinner tonight?
What do you think, Cracker?
No, I told you not to do that again.
But when Nut cooks,
I can't guarantee it'll taste good!
-I told you not to do that. I love it!
-Who's that?
-Who could that be?
-Who is it?
-It's Mom. Open the door.
The bedroom… No.
The utility room.
What's taking so long?
Your jacket!
-My shoe!
What? What are you doing?
Hi, Mom. I'm not wearing any pants.
Just a second.
Hi, Mom. I'm sorry it took so long.
-Come here.
Why is it so hot in here?
-You know what happened today?
Wait, what's all this?
You bought all that for yourself?
No, I'm working on my new show.
It's a kind of eating program called
Take Care of My Three Home Cooked Meals.
You went to see that woman?
The snack bar woman?
What? Yes.
Why did you go and apologize
to that woman?
What does that make me?
You made me look like a joke!
What are you doing
when your mom's furious?
Gosh. My jaw hurts. I wonder why.
What? Stop trying to change
the subject like your dad does!
No, Mom. Go ahead.
What did I ever do wrong?
Why did you go and apologize?
Do you know how that ignorant woman
boasted to me about that today?
Because of you,
that ignorant woman from the boondocks--
Oh, my goodness. My heart…
I mean, I can understand
what you mean, but I…
Why do you keep checking behind my back?
Wait, don't…
Why did you go in there, Mom?
You're being weird, Mom.
Are you hiding something from me?
No. What could I hide from you?
Why are you acting this way?
Like you need to pee?
All antsy and sweaty?
Well, I… Actually…
Everyone in my team is coming over soon.
We're going to cook and make plans.
So I can't have you stay here.
Even if you asked me,
I wouldn't stay. Don't worry.
So what I'm saying is,
that rough, vulgar, and rude woman--
Oh, what's wrong with you?
Are you crazy?
I'm in a hurry. My team is coming over.
Mom, let's go, okay?
Why can't I be here when they come?
I'm your mom.
No, that'd be bad.
It will make them so uncomfortable.
Let's go, okay? Let's talk outside.
Let's go.
Be understanding. I lost my show.
Let's go.
You said you're sorry,
so I'm going to forgive you this once.
I know. This won't ever happen again.
Never ever.
Let's go, Ms. Oh.
Drive safely.
Goodbye, Mom.
She's still here, right? What do I do?
I'm sorry.
About what?
Stopping family members from visiting.
Breaking Article 3 of our Apartment Rules.
I forgot that. Not changing the lock code.
So you know what you did.
So? What will you do from now on?
I'll change the code right now.
And can I make a call?
Hi, Mom. It's me. If you want to see me,
ask me to come to you.
I love my team. I won't let them
suffer any inconvenience.
So you can't come here again. Okay?
This guy was upside down.
-Should I change the code?
-You weren't going to?
I have to put my arms down to do that.
Put them down.
-Shall I make the code your birthday?
-Were you gonna make it your mom's?
Don't be absurd. I'll go change it now.
You're not coming up? It's late.
I'm coming.
Why didn't you go to bed?
Okay, I'm coming up.
I'll turn the lights off.
What's wrong?
It's my stomach.
What's wrong with it?
I think my ulcer is acting up.
Is it bad?
It's okay. I can handle it.
I'm going to sleep.
I think I'll feel better after that.
Okay. Get some sleep.
Tell me if it hurts.
I'll take you to the ER.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Porridge for breakfast?
Oh, your dad's stomach ulcer is back.
What? Dad, your stomach ulcer is back?
Dad, is it bad?
You don't need to see a doctor?
I'm fine.
You didn't have to make porridge.
Don't worry. Eat and head to work.
I wonder why.
Dad, is something bothering you?
Right. Dad, when something's worrying you,
your ulcer comes back.
I can't eat because my stomach hurts.
I'm going to work.
Maybe you should see a doctor.
You look really sick.
No. It's just that I can't eat.
It's not that bad.
Call me if it gets bad.
I'll take you to the doctor.
-Have a nice day.
-Dad, get well soon.
Hurry up and eat.
Your dad skips a few meals
when his ulcer acts up.
Oh, that's too loud.
She hid it?
There are no more, right?
Let's go back to sleep.
Why won't you turn off? Turn off…
42,825 times the square root of 27?
Hye-yeong, wake up and solve this.
I can't solve this.
Hey, Hye…
I mean, she can't get up,
so why does she set so many alarms up?
Oh, seriously!
Man… I majored in liberal arts.
"It was more like
you didn't look for Father.
So why…"
This kind of chance
doesn't come every day.
I'm getting so much spam.
He's not calling,
so maybe he hasn't told his family yet.
Oh, whatever. If he can't do it,
he should let me know.
I've been waiting.
Hey, Al. We shouldn't move there, right?
If we do, both of us
will be uncomfortable.
But he should let me know how it went.
I don't think I can come today. I'm sorry.
As if anyone's been waiting. Right?
Why does he think that?
It's time for the poster shoot.
Darn it…
-Hello, everyone.
Hello. Hi.
-Hi, Jung-hui. You're here!
-You came early.
-I had to.
Oh, right.
This is the photographer
for our poster shoot.
-Hello. I hope it goes well.
You're the lead here, you know?
I put you at the top of the list.
-You have to do a good job.
-Don't worry.
Hey, Judo.
-Let me see the schedule.
What? It's true?
Why am I the first one on the list?
It's probably because you have
more experience than Mr. Jin Seong-jun.
That must be.
He's shooting a commercial
and is running late, so you're first.
-Did you really have to tell me that?
-But that's the truth.
What's the truth? That's not the truth.
Hello. I'm Cha Jeong-hwan,
and I'm shooting the making-of.
-Mr. Cha?
It's nice to see you here.
You brought a camera?
I think our ancestors
were surprisingly wise.
Have you heard of this proverb?
"You encounter your enemy
at the worst place."
Our ancestors also said this,
"What goes around comes around."
Making-of? Why?
A variety show producer
shooting a making-of film?
Oh, right.
Entertainment Today got canceled. How sad.
No, it's because Oh, My Boss
is a special drama,
KBC sent a special variety show producer.
But for a special drama,
the casting isn't as nice as I expected.
I heard the final episode
of Entertainment Today
also broke the lowest ratings record.
Oh, boy.
You're so interested in my affairs. Man…
Jeong-hwan, we should start.
Yes, we should. We should start shooting.
But there's nothing to shoot here.
When is Mr. Jin Seong-jun arriving?
-Not sure. I'll ask.
-Thank you!
I think I've seen her before.
-An Jung-hui's manager.
-We'll start with Mr. An Jung-hui!
Why does my shoulder hurt? Let's go.
Jung-hui, nice. Nice.
A bit more of a mellow look. Okay.
Mellow. One, two.
Okay. Nice.
Jung-hui. Look at the camera.
-I'm sorry.
Let's go. One, two.
Mr. Jin Seong-jun is here.
Hi. Cha Jeong-hwan
from the Entertainment Department.
-Let's do a good job today.
-Seongjin, hi.
Hello, Jung-hui.
Is it going well?
It's not too hard to get into character?
-Let's take a break.
Let's take five.
Good job.
Seong-jun. Did your shoot go well?
-You should buy us a drink.
It's you, the intern. It's been a while.
You're here early.
I heard you were shooting a commercial.
I finished early so I could come
and help you get into character.
Mr. Ryu was really worried.
-About what?
-About what happened at the table-read.
Don't worry, Jung-hui.
I told him I'd assist you
and make sure you do a good job.
If you can't get into character,
I can work with you and help you.
Mr. Jin, you're very kind.
Yes, Seong-jun. Thank you.
Let me go get ready.
Get ahead of him.
I'm going to the practice room afterward,
so call my teacher to come.
Right after?
-I think you need some rest. Last night--
-How can I rest right now?
-Book the practice room for the whole day.
-Yes, sir.
An Jung-hui's in the shoot too, right?
Yes, he went first.
They should be done by now.
Really? That's great.
-What? It's nothing. Let's go.
Good work today!
Good job! Thank you!
-I need to go to the restroom.
-Good job.
Ms. Kim,
the restroom is on the other side…
This is crazy.
What kind of formal apology does she want?
You can go straight to the practice room.
Your teacher is waiting for you.
Don't you think it looks like me?
Five weeks means
the cell division isn't even over yet.
No, no. It looks like Yu-ju.
It does.
Are you happy?
Now that you're getting married?
I don't know what to say to Mom and Dad,
but I am happy.
What are you so happy about?
Marriage is the tomb of life.
I'll be in the tomb with Yu-ju,
so I'm happy.
Wow, you sure are blinded by love.
It's really serious.
She deserves it.
She cares for me,
and she always encourages me.
When I'm with Yu-ju,
I feel like I'm a pretty good man.
Your aunt was like that too.
Before the wedding.
My Yu-ju won't ever change.
Sure. I hope that's true.
So where are you going to live?
We're going apartment hunting
this weekend.
I searched a bit online,
but the key money now is crazy,
so I'm worried.
Wow, I got so many comments.
-This is nice.
-I sympathize.
I don't like it.
This guy has no clue about poetry.
Poet Zorba?
"I enjoyed your poem, Mr. Cha Gyu-taek."
"It was a good poem
with deep insight on life."
"The sadness and futility
of the lost youth
overwhelmed my heart."
"I'm so happy to meet someone
I can share this feeling with."
"Can we meet soon?"
"I'd love to see you."
Great minds can recognize each other.
Let me see. When is the next gathering?
Let me see…
I think we can see each other soon.
Is this what they call a soulmate?
How do you feel?
If you're not feeling well,
you should see a doctor.
I just did. It was pretty bad.
Really? What did the doctor say?
It's my ulcer acting up.
I got medicine for a week.
I took it and feel much better already.
That's great.
You should have lunch.
You skipped breakfast.
A bit later.
I don't have an appetite.
Okay. If it gets worse,
come up and get some rest.
Is your answer still no?
When I went to see the doctor,
I wrote down "Byun Han-soo" on the form.
I've lived as Byun Han-soo for much longer
than I did as Lee Yun-seok.
I did Han-soo wrong,
and I owe him so much.
And he's Han-soo's son,
yet you expect me to turn my back on him?
Can you please let me do this?
Think of it as saving my life.
I can do everything else for you.
But this has to do with the safety
of our entire family.
Did he say his name is An Jung-hui?
What does he look like?
Bo-mi, are you busy right now?
That's great.
Can you man my husband's snack shop?
Yes, he and I have to go somewhere.
Okay. Thank you.
Did you eat lunch?
How do you feel?
Are you feeling good enough
to go somewhere?
Okay. Can we go somewhere?
Yes. I'll bring the car around.
I'm sorry, friend.
I'll make amends for this when I die.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Han-soo.
I'm sorry.
I really am.
Bring Han-soo's son home.
You're right.
We can't turn our backs on Han-soo's son.
Bring him home.
Did that young man named An Jung-hui
really say he wants to come live with us?
Are you sure…
you won't get caught?
I'll stay on guard and do a good job.
I promise.
I think…
he can use Hye-yeong's room.
And when Jun-yeong moves out,
he can use his room.
I'll tell the kids,
so don't worry about that.
Thank you, honey.
Thank you.
Let's go down before the sun comes down.
We need to go home and call the kids over.
I should tell Jung-hui too.
Thanks, honey.
I'll be even better.
I mean it. I'll be much, much better.
Record that.
Okay. I'll record it.
Emergency family meeting at eight tonight.
Including Hye-yeong, everyone is required.
Okay, Mom. I have a class soon.
What's on the agenda?
I can't tell you by text.
Be here and don't be late.
Okay. I'll see you later.
I'm getting really curious.
Oh, how's Dad doing?
Our eldest son is the best.
He's okay.
He saw a doctor and is much better.
-He's eating now.
-Mom, I'll be home on time.
Okay. Have a good day
and I'll see you later.
Son, daughter, daughter, daughter,
I love you.
She said she loves us.
Doesn't Mom hardly ever say
things like this?
She never did.
Just reply saying you love her too.
Who got into trouble?
Who's planning on getting into trouble?
Come clean right now.
It wasn't me.
It's not me either.
Not me.
Was it Uncle Yeong-sik again?
What is on the agenda?
What could it be?
No one got into trouble? For real?
I'm in shock.
Mom told us she loves us.
Mom. Not Dad.
She didn't say that
when I passed the bar exam.
I'm scared.
I'm scared too.
But let's all get back to work for now.
Oh, and don't forget
to reply that you love her too.
I love you, Mom.
I love you.
Mom, I love you too.
Mom, I love you too.
The die is cast.
What are you doing here unannounced?
I thought of calling you,
but I wanted to tell you in person.
I told my family, and everyone said yes.
-When are you moving in?
Your family said yes?
Your family really said yes?
Did you force them or pressure them…
No, I didn't.
They said yes
without any pressure from me.
They must be very laid-back.
But I'm sorry.
That bed is too big.
It won't fit into my daughter's room.
You're moving
into my eldest daughter's room.
She moved out recently,
so her room's empty now.
I see.
That girl won't even say hello to me?
Didn't her parents teach her any manners?
Girls as rude as her
should never get married.
Girls like her always ruin
the lives of good women's sons.
-I'm home.
-Come in, son.
Now that Jun-yeong's here, tell us.
What is this about?
Take one of these first.
What's that? Anxiety medicine?
Mom, why do we need those?
I told you to take it. Hurry.
I don't want to. Just tell us.
Do as I say.
I won't tell you if you don't.
We all took one, Mom.
Tell us.
Okay, then.
Your father…
has a son.
Your father…
has another son.
We're against that man coming here
and living with us.
I said yes, so why are you objecting?
I thought my dad was different.
All men are the same.
She accepted her husband's son
born out of wedlock.
Isn't that ridiculous?
I didn't know you were here. I'm sorry.
What's going on? You're seeing someone?
You can't repeat what you did
at the table-read.
This is a top secret between you and me.
I'm moving.
To your dad's house?
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