My Father Is Strange (2017) s01e16 Episode Script

Episode 16

-I'm home.
-Come in, son.
Now that Jun-yeong's here, tell us.
What is this about?
Take one of these first.
What's that? Anxiety medicine?
Why do we need those?
I told you to take it. Hurry.
I don't want to. Just tell us.
Do as I say.
I won't tell you if you don't.
We all took one, Mom.
Tell us.
Okay, then.
Your father…
has a son.
Your dad…
has another son.
How can Dad have another son?
Mom, did Dad cheat on you?
-No way.
He didn't cheat on me.
It happened before we got married.
They were briefly together
before he met me.
He had no idea but found out recently
that she had a son.
Your dad was really shocked, too.
An adult son appeared out of nowhere.
That can't be.
I know.
I thought this only happened in TV dramas.
Mom, are you okay?
Mom, are you feeling okay?
Yes, I'm okay.
I was really shocked at first,
but it happened before we got married.
He didn't cheat on me.
It wasn't your dad's fault.
Mom, you can be honest with us.
I said I'm fine. Don't worry about me.
There's one more shocking bit of news.
What could be more shocking than this?
What is it? He has a daughter, too?
That son…
is going to move in with us for a while.
What do you mean?
Here? At our apartment?
Yes, here at our apartment.
-Why is that?
That young man
said he wants to live with his father.
He's never felt the love of a father,
so he wants to live with his father.
I guess I was thirsty.
Do you have any questions for me?
She really said okay? Your spouse?
She did.
How many children did you say you have?
One son and three daughters, right?
Yes, one son and three daughters.
The eldest is a son, and three daughters.
They are all younger than you,
so don't worry.
My kids are all nice.
You'll get along well.
Little siblings…
Do you have any other questions?
What floor is your apartment?
-Fourth? You have an elevator, right?
No, I don't.
You don't?
So you take the stairs every day?
Is that going to be a problem?
We've gotten used to it.
But there are two bathrooms.
If I move in, there will be seven people.
But there are only two bathrooms?
No, there will be six people.
My eldest daughter moved out recently.
But she comes home on weekends,
so on weekends, there'll be seven people.
How big is the room?
I'm not sure.
It's smaller than your bedroom.
But it's bigger than your bathroom.
Your bathroom is pretty big here.
My daughter's bed is in the room,
so if you don't mind, you can use that.
If you don't want to, I'll get rid of it.
What would you like?
-Tell me.
Let me think about it.
When do you want to move in?
Why not this weekend?
This weekend?
That sounds good. Well…
I'll think about it and call you.
Okay. I'll go home for now.
-Call me.
-Call me.
They really said yes?
I really have to move?
You can get a son like this
all of a sudden?
Really out of the blue.
I'm so disappointed.
I still can't believe it.
This is betrayal.
This doesn't even compare to what you did.
He said he was so disappointed in me.
But he's worse.
I just can't believe it.
Don't we have to run
a paternity test or something?
Maybe we should do it.
What if he's a conman?
Most of all,
I just can't believe he's coming here
to live with us.
Maybe Dad has lost his mind.
How can he bring that son here?
Calm down. Don't get too excited.
What's done is done.
We must handle it properly.
So you're all against
that guy moving in with us?
-It's nonsense.
-Of course.
It's ridiculous.
Then let's tell Dad what we think.
Let's tell him we can never accept him
and that we can't live with him.
If we have to, tell him we're leaving.
I'm really going to leave.
I can't face Dad.
Hye-yeong, why don't you talk
to Dad instead of Jun-yeong?
I think Hye-yeong's better
at things like this.
Yes, I think so, too.
Okay. I'll talk to him.
You're home.
Where are the kids?
Dad, we have something to say.
Okay. Sit down.
I have something to say, too.
I will go first.
You were shocked to hear
what Mom said, weren't you?
It happened
before your mom and I got married,
but I know it has caused
great shock and confusion for you.
I'm sorry. I don't know what to say.
Dad, are you finished?
-Then let me tell you how we feel.
Like you said, when we heard it from Mom,
we were pretty shocked.
We trusted you more than anyone
in the world,
so to be honest,
we're very disappointed in you.
Mom told us your other son
wants to live here with us.
Objectively speaking,
from your point of view,
yes, in your position,
you could feel guilty
and responsible for that son.
But it's not fair for you
to tell Mom and us to share that burden.
To Mom, it's really cruel.
The fact that he wants to live with you
and learn what fatherly love is like
is his problem.
It's not ours.
We don't want any part in it.
We're against that man coming here
and living with us.
Thank you for being
considerate of my feelings.
But I said yes, so why are you objecting?
I already told him it's okay.
Your father didn't know about him.
It didn't happen while we were married.
It happened before we married.
So I'm not interested in
criticizing his morality.
And I could understand
how that young man feels.
Imagine how much he missed his father
for 35 years.
So I've decided to accept him.
I have a feeling
your mind isn't sound now,
so you can't properly make decisions
because of unbearable emotional trauma.
Yes, it was shocking,
But it wasn't unbearable,
so I am of sound mind.
And Byun Hye-yeong, you're a lawyer,
not a psychiatrist.
I understand how shocking
this must be for you and how disappointed
you must be in your dad.
But do you honestly think your shock
was bigger than mine?
But I've decided to accept this
as if it's something
like a natural disaster,
something beyond my control.
I can't ask him
to take moral responsibility.
I am angry and hate this,
but despite that, I still love him,
so I cannot divorce him.
So what could I do?
I'd have to acknowledge
and accept the situation.
But still,
you don't have to let him move here.
If Dad wants to be there for him
as his father,
he can do that outside.
I feel pity for that man.
He lived 35 years without a father.
Doesn't that break your heart?
Mom, what about us,
who just got a half-brother?
You don't pity us?
Talk about a bolt from the blue.
Do you not care that we have to live
with our half-brother?
So I said let's live together.
Did I ask you to leave?
Mom, I'm leaving
if that man comes here to live with us!
Sure. Go ahead.
But do you have money to get a place?
Have some humanity.
Don't you feel sorry for him?
How come you all have no sympathy?
Jun-yeong, Hye-yeong, and Mi-yeong,
how can Mom do this to us?
Hye-yeong was right.
Mom is not of sound mind.
How can anyone be that cool-headed?
She's more cool-headed
than Hillary Clinton.
Not Hillary Clinton.
She's more like Mother Teresa.
She said she feels sorry
and her heart breaks.
She asked why we don't have any sympathy.
Maybe Mom went crazy out of shock.
So does that mean
we have to live with him?
Mom's adamant, so what else can we do?
I'm going to run away.
Hye-yeong, can I come and stay
with you and your friend?
-What about me?
-Should we get a place for us two?
Do you have some money saved up?
No. Do you?
What do you think?
I just got a job.
Be quiet.
Why would you leave?
Why would you let him drive you out?
She's right. Don't say that.
Why would we leave our own home?
This is so cruel.
Having to deal with Jun…
Jun-yeong's girlfriend is hard enough.
But now we have a half-brother.
I'm sad.
I'm so sad that I want to die.
Hye-yeong, you're lucky.
You already moved out.
I just can't understand Mom.
She's too cool-headed for her own good.
No one here can understand Mom.
Do you think the kids are okay?
Their faces looked like
they were in more shock than you.
I had no choice.
Once Hye-yeong began her interrogation
like usual,
I knew we couldn't handle her.
I had to put my foot down early on
to prevent them from panicking.
Thanks, honey.
The kids will hate me for a while,
won't they?
Mi-yeong and Ra-yeong
wouldn't even look at me.
You weren't expecting that?
That's something you must endure.
Of course.
I know.
Don't worry about it too much.
Outside Ra-yeong, they're all grown up,
so they'll come around soon enough.
By the way, what did he say?
When is he moving here?
Hey, Al.
His family said yes.
Why are his children so understanding?
His wife is worse.
She accepted her husband's son
born out of wedlock.
Isn't that ridiculous?
Is it because I'm a star?
Maybe he told them that already.
But then again,
I'm pretty hot these days, right?
I'm in Oh, My Boss.
That must be it. He told them all that.
Now I understand.
Delicious ground soybean stew.
Let's eat.
Thank you.
You probably don't have
much of an appetite,
but you should eat.
I'm sorry for disappointing you.
I'm ashamed of myself.
When Jun-yeong gets married,
he can move into that room.
For now, he'll live in Hye-yeong's room.
-It's been decided.
Let's try to make the best of it, okay?
What about on weekends?
Where am I supposed to sleep?
Until Jun-yeong gets married,
sleep with Mi-yeong and Ra-yeong.
Or you can sleep with me.
I'm so sorry.
But we've already decided,
so if you can be more understanding,
I would be very grateful.
I'll drive them to work after breakfast.
Girls, eat. You have to go to work.
Should I drive you to work?
No, thank you. Jun-yeong, you drive us.
It's me, Jeong-hwan.
Did you have breakfast?
I'm going to work now.
Jeong-hwan, I can't come home for a while.
Again? Why not?
Don't ask.
I'm too flabbergasted
and embarrassed to tell you.
I'll tell you later.
Okay. Don't forget breakfast.
Hye-yeong, I'm so upset.
I really can't understand Mom.
I'm scared. I think the shock
damaged her brain or something.
When you become 58,
maybe you don't get shocked
no matter what life throws at you.
Hurry. Get in.
-Let's go.
How about moving back home for a while?
I'll drive you to work every morning.
Right, Hye-yeong.
With everything going on, if you don't,
we're going to feel really abandoned.
I was going to do that anyway.
Jun-yeong, Hye-yeong, and Mi-yeong,
do we really have to live with him?
I'd rather die than do that.
Ra-yeong, I thought about it all night,
but with Mom reacting that way,
I don't think we have any other choice.
For something like this,
Mom's opinion matters more than ours.
Right, Hye-yeong?
I hate Dad!
How can he do this to us?
"Am I a kid?
You might think I'm an immature son…"
If my bed can't fit in the room,
just how small is it?
It's a little bigger than this bathroom?
I can't even guess.
They must have…
They must have one, right?
But do I have to share with them?
I don't want to.
They'll give me the room
with a bathroom, right?
Should I pack this? Just in case?
How does this work?
Maybe I shouldn't have told him yes.
I'll see you later.
-Aunt Yeong-sil, hello.
-Hi, Min-ha, you're going to school now?
Hi, Yeong-sil.
-See you later.
What are you doing here so early?
you have something to say, right?
I can see in your face you do.
I have something to tell you, Mom.
So in the near future,
he's going to come and live with us.
Oh, my gosh.
See, Yeong-sil?
I told you
something wasn't right with Han-soo.
They say you can't trust anyone.
How could Han-soo do this to you?
Where is Han-soo right now?
-Let go.
I'm going to break his legs.
Don't do this.
He really had no idea,
and it wasn't his fault.
How can you side with your husband?
Geez, you moron.
Maybe you're actually retarded.
That hurt!
Mom, you're really strong.
You still pack a punch.
Oh, you moron.
You're such a moron.
Bring me a bowl of water.
I think your sister needs a cold shower.
Geez, I can't believe this.
They say you can't trust anyone,
but this is too much.
How can Han-soo do this?
And does he have to bring that son home?
That's what I'm saying.
Your sister is such an idiot
that she has no idea what's going on.
She just told him yes.
And she's defending him,
saying it's not his fault.
Goodness, I can't believe I gave birth
to an idiot daughter like her.
I'm so disappointed in Han-soo.
She has no in-laws, her husband's caring,
and her kids are nice,
so I always envied Yeong-sil,
but not anymore.
What am I going to do about this?
What do we do about your poor sister?
When there's a child,
even the coldest people change.
But she's still defending her husband.
I guess I gave birth to a Buddha.
I must have.
Yeong-sil must be so forgiving.
She asked us to welcome him when he comes.
Oh, my goodness.
Hey, go.
Hey! Judo!
Hey! I said go.
Oh, yes, sir.
I'm sorry. Mr. An, are you okay?
I'm not okay.
What's wrong? Did something happen?
No, it's about my family…
I'm sorry.
I have a big decision to make,
so I'll let it pass.
But pay attention, okay?
The shoot will start soon,
so how will you keep up with the schedule?
I'm sorry. This won't ever happen again.
Yes, please don't let it happen again.
I'll come back on my own
after the meeting,
so you go back and book me
a practice room.
Make sure I can start
as soon as I get back, okay?
-Yes, sir. Have a nice meeting.
-Wake up.
I thought I should eat
with my leading actors
before the shooting starts.
Everyone's saying we have the dream team,
so I'm feeling the pressure already.
If it doesn't do well,
they'll blame the director.
Really? I'm scared
they'll blame the writer.
Jung-hui, have you been practicing?
Well, I'm not forcing you to,
but I'm just worried.
Don't worry.
I've been practicing hard every day.
Jung-hui is famous for practicing,
Mr. Ryu.
And have you ever seen any actors
who do badly
when they work with me?
You're right.
You're great at bringing
people's emotions out.
You're amazing. Here.
But still, I'm counting on you, Jung-hui.
You can't repeat what you did
at the table-read.
Practice a bit more
and work on your emotions, too.
Of course.
So I'm moving into my father's place.
Really? That's great.
But why did you decide to do that?
I'm going to make this drama my best work.
Being a writer,
my dream was to work with you, Seong-jun.
It's an honor, Ms. Lee.
I worked so hard to cast you
for this drama.
Thank you, Mr. Ryu.
I'll move in this weekend.
I'm coming from my mom's place.
I've told everyone.
Thank you.
Your mother's in shock, isn't she?
She is.
She might yell at you.
You must endure it.
Of course.
I'll move in this weekend.
Text me the address
so I can get my bed delivered.
Jung-hui is moving in this weekend.
Since we've decided,
maybe he should just do it.
We need to get Hye-yeong's bed out.
He's buying one
and getting it delivered here.
He asked me to text him our address.
Ogeum-dong, Jangan-gu, Suwon…
Oh, Dad…
Even if it was before he got married…
No matter how hard I think about it,
there's no other way. I must accept him.
It was before Dad and Mom got married,
so he's older than me?
Dad, seriously!
Don't forget the doctor's appointment!
Meet me in front of the clinic.
I'll let you hear the baby's heartbeat.
Why are you crying?
I know. It's embarrassing, right?
The baby is growing nicely.
Your morning sickness will start soon.
Please take good care of your wife.
Of course. You can rely on me, Yu-ju.
You'll be on my side,
no matter what people say?
I will always be on your side, Yu-ju.
You have to be, okay?
-No matter what happens.
-Of course.
But why would you ask me that?
Just because. I wanted confirmation.
This looks delicious.
-Thank you.
It's delicious.
Even after I give birth,
I won't have to worry about seaweed soup.
I'm glad.
My sisters also love it
when I make them seaweed soup.
Your sisters haven't said anything
about me?
No, they haven't.
I told you they're not mean.
You're worried?
No, I'm not.
Try this, too.
My dad made it
and it's perfectly fermented.
Are you okay?
Is it this kimchi? Let me put it away.
-You're having morning sickness, too?
-Maybe I am.
They say it happens
if you're deeply in love.
I must really love you, Yu-ju.
I've got to go.
Call me if anything happens.
Oh, if you get cravings,
even late at night,
you must tell me.
I will. Go.
Oh, Yu-ju.
What is it? Do you have something to say?
Oh, it's nothing. Go inside.
Let me know when you get home.
Yes, when she passes the first trimester,
I'll tell her.
If I tell her she has a brother-in-law…
Yu-ju's going to be so shocked.
He hasn't cleaned these up yet?
Oh my gosh. Hey! Why are you on the couch?
I told you not to climb up there.
Get down. Get down!
What are all these?
And what's this?
What is this? He bought this?
But he bought a new camera last year!
Oh my gosh.
He's buying new toys again?
Honey, what are all these?
Why did you buy so much?
To wear them, of course.
You said you're not doing my laundry.
Why aren't you throwing away the boxes
and food containers in the living room?
I was going to do that later.
You came home earlier than usual.
Do you have money to burn?
You should do your laundry.
Are you missing limbs or something?
They aren't disposable!
What are you doing?
I am going to wash them.
I'll wash them all one day and wear them.
We're minding our own business,
so respect my living patterns and style.
How can I respect you
turning our home into a dump?
Can't you see for yourself?
That's your standard.
By my standards, this isn't dirty at all.
Who cares if there are some dirty cups?
That's how people live.
Don't try to make me conform
to your standards.
Just leave me alone.
You're so lazy! What are you doing?
You don't even make a penny.
You're belittling me
because I don't make money?
I worked my butt off until last year
to provide for you.
But you're not making a penny right now.
So you should limit your spending.
What are all those?
And why did you waste money on that?
"Waste money"?
I'm spending the money I made!
"Your money"?
Then why are you living in this house?
This is my house. The house my father,
who you hate so much, bought for me.
That's what you've always wanted,
isn't it?
Yes. I'm not going to put up
with this anymore.
You should look at other families.
See how much men have changed
and how little the retired men
think of themselves.
I'm cancelling your credit card.
I'll give you a check card
with 300,000 won a month.
What right do you have
to cancel my credit card?
That way, you won't waste any money.
Go and clean the living room
and do all the laundry.
If you don't want to,
move out of my house.
I'm telling you once and for all.
I'm not unemployed. I'm retired.
I worked my butt off for my family
all this time,
and I retired last year.
I'm finally spending time for myself
as a retiree.
But instead of respecting and thanking me
for the tireless effort
I put in for my family,
you're treating me
like an unemployed loser.
I'm not going to put up with that.
You should know how good you've had it.
For the past year,
I put up with you, thinking about
all the hard work you did.
But I can't do it anymore.
Your boasting and difficult personality
are unbearable.
And I can't stand how you do
everything you want.
So clean the kitchen by tomorrow morning.
Or I'm reducing your allowance
from 300,000 to 250,000 won.
I'll drop by tomorrow. Let's do lunch.
I have something to say.
What was that sound?
There shouldn't be anyone here.
How can Dad do this?
This is betrayal.
I loved my dad more than anyone
in the world.
I was going to marry a man like Dad.
Dad, I hate you!
Who could that be?
Dad, I hate you.
How could you deceive us like this?
Poor Mom…
Ms. Byun?
What are you doing here?
Oh, it's my friend, Cheol-su.
Come here. Sit down.
-The guard is going to go on patrol soon.
-Who cares about that?
I don't care if I get caught.
Ms. Byun.
If the director gets mad at you again,
you won't be able to renew your contract.
If you get caught drinking here,
the director's going to be furious.
-It's late, so you should go home.
I can't. I won't.
Is something wrong?
Are you worried about me?
Cheol-su, you're the best.
Actually, this is really embarrassing,
but we're friends who share a secret,
so I'll tell you.
My dad betrayed my family.
So I can't go home.
If I go home,
I'll have to see my dad.
My dad…
was raising a son behind our backs!
All men are the same.
I thought my dad was different.
Whatever. I'm leaving.
Ms. Byun, the guard is on his way.
-We have to hide.
-But I'm leaving.
What are you doing?
-If we get caught, we'll both be fired.
-But it's stuffy here!
Oh, boy.
They didn't clean up again.
I told them not to drink beer here.
Why didn't they turn the lights off?
It's Mi-yeong.
Where are you?
I'm at the convenience store.
Okay. I'll be right there.
My friend Cheol-su, bye.
What's wrong with Ra-yeong?
I think she had too much to drink.
She came a little while ago,
but she dozed off after just ten minutes.
I was going to finish this
and carry her home.
Is one can enough?
-Me too.
-No, you should stop.
I'm sober now.
-Ra-yeong, who did you drink with?
-By herself, she said.
It's too embarrassing
to share with my friends.
You couldn't focus today, right?
I made several mistakes.
Pull yourself together.
You drive all the time.
I know.
But my mind kept going blank.
I did some thinking at work.
We have two choices.
Move out with you two
and get our own place.
Jun-yeong's moving out soon anyway.
Really? Hye-yeong…
What's the second one?
Just accept him.
Which one's better? Tell me your opinions.
I like the first choice.
Why? Mi-yeong, you don't?
I don't think we should leave home.
Mom and Dad will be devastated.
Why should we care about how Dad feels?
How about Mom?
She did nothing wrong.
So we have to accept him.
Yes, unless you want to leave home.
There's no point in discussing it.
That's not true.
We made this choice.
It's like this.
Not eating because
you don't have anything to eat
and not eating because you're on a diet.
Very different.
That kind of makes sense.
Hye-yeong, thank you.
I feel better now.
Knowing you thought about
taking us and leaving home,
I feel reassured.
Sure. I wish I had a big sister like me.
It's Jun-yeong.
You're drinking by yourselves?
Why didn't you call me?
I wanted a drink, but I thought
I shouldn't drink at a time like this,
so I was heading home. Cheers.
Are you feeling better now?
I'm a bit better.
Hye-yeong and the rest of us
made our decision.
To accept him.
Okay. Good for you.
So we have to call him big brother?
Big brother, my butt.
We're accepting him,
but he's not family.
It happened before
Mom and Dad were married,
so he must be older than us.
But I can't accept him as my big brother.
I'll have to see
what kind of man he is first.
I agree.
Let's decide after we meet him.
From Mom.
-So is mine.
-Yes, me too.
Why aren't you home?
You guys are making me upset.
Hurry up and come home.
Let's go. It's not Mom's fault.
Let's go.
Let's go.
There's some left.
Let's eat.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
We'll do what you want.
Me, too.
It's dried pollack and bean sprout soup.
You had a drink last night, right?
Not a lot.
We just had some beer
at the convenience store.
This is great.
Ra-yeong, do you want some more soup?
It looked like you had the most to drink.
As if you don't know why I drank.
When is he moving in?
The day after tomorrow. Saturday.
-Why is he in such a hurry?
-That's kind of soon.
But we have decided to do it, so…
Thanks, son.
Eat up, my daughters.
Mi-yeong, have some of this.
How many people?
Well, I heard she made a reservation.
Oh Bok-nyeo.
Oh, I mean Oh Min-ju.
I'll show you to your table.
-Thank you.
-It's this way.
Why did she pick such an expensive place?
Thank you.
Mom, why did you pick such a fancy…
You're here.
Say hello. This is Ms. Lee Su-jin.
Hello, I'm Cha Jeong-hwan.
Sit. Why are you standing there?
Tell me what's going on here.
Can't you see?
I'll get up,
so you two enjoy your dinner.
It's my treat.
I heard you're a producer at KBC.
Oh, yes. I am.
A producer at KBC.
You're the producer
of Entertainment Today, right?
I really loved that show.
Oh, you did?
I'm sorry. It was cancelled.
Really? That's so sad.
Are you preparing for another show now?
Did you say your name is Su-jin?
To be honest, I'm seeing someone.
I didn't know you were here. I'm sorry.
My mother did this
because she doesn't know.
Once again, I'm sorry.
Ms. Kim, how can you do this to me?
-Hi, Mom. What's up?
-What was that about?
You're seeing someone?
Well, Mom, actually…
Why did you change
your apartment password?
Are you really seeing someone?
Mom, calm down.
I'll call you later.
I'm working right now.
Later when?
I'll come home after work.
Okay. I'll be there early.
I can't talk right now.
Ms. Oh, why are you so angry?
You! What is this about?
You're seeing someone?
No, I'm not. Not yet.
But there's someone
I'm a bit interested in.
Who is it? What does she do?
How old? What kind of family?
Mom, you're getting
ahead of yourself again.
Things are not there yet.
You're no longer at the age where you can
just date anyone you meet.
You have to be careful and cautious, okay?
The woman you meet now
might end up becoming your wife.
Don't go that far.
Okay, okay.
Did you change the password
because of that woman?
No! I told you before.
I'm using it as an office for my team.
I changed it to make things
easier for them.
Mom! Entertainment Today got cancelled.
Do you know how upset I am?
I'm trying to come up with a new show.
Okay, then.
-Did you eat dinner?
I didn't because
I wanted to eat your food.
Let me see…
One son, three daughters, and his wife.
What should I buy?
Yes, a watch. A watch sounds nice.
A watch for a man. A watch.
No, I don't know their sizes.
Perfume's nice. Perfume.
Luxury brand perfume for the ladies.
And for his wife…
A handbag?
She might think it's too much.
So something small, a scarf.
Let's go.
I'll need someone to carry these.
Hey, smell this.
Smells nice.
-It does?
I'll take this.
Thank you.
I'll take that one. What do you think?
I don't really know, but it's pretty.
-Let's go.
-Thank you.
Mr. An, you must be hungry. Please eat.
You go ahead and eat.
Yes, sir. I'll go ahead and eat.
A scarf, a watch, perfume.
Fruits and health supplements.
Did I leave anything out?
Oh… Wine would've been nice.
Who are these gifts for?
I'm moving.
-To your dad's house?
-So you do remember!
Right. You'll have to come and pick me up.
But this is top secret between you and me.
-Yes, sir.
Yes, I am moving into my dad's house.
So you've decided.
It must be so hard on that family.
Of course it's hard.
From the siblings' point of view,
they're getting a half-brother
out of nowhere.
They probably feel betrayed by their dad
and feel sorry for their mom.
They probably wonder
why this is happening to them
and not on some TV drama,
how they've become drama characters,
and why their dad wants to live with him.
Is this about the Oh, My Boss script?
You're telling it really well.
So when that family
heard about you, what did they say?
What do you think? They're ecstatic.
-Of course.
I'm a star.
They're getting a star in their family,
so who'd say no to that? No one.
People love it
when their neighbor's a star.
If there's a star living
in your neighborhood,
the real estate price
in that area goes up.
But I'm sure they have negative feelings.
What negative feelings?
They told me to come right away.
Judo, I'm An Jung-hui.
So these gifts are for…
Yes, for that family.
They're lucky.
See? They got a star in their family,
and he's bringing them gifts.
There are so many siblings
that I got a lot.
There are many siblings?
Yes, I heard there are four.
-Yes, four.
There are four siblings?
No way.
It's possible. There could be four.
You're finished already?
There's nothing for me to do.
Yes. This is everything.
Seeing your room empty feels weird.
Yes, what is it?
Hye-yeong, can I borrow a pen? A pen.
Art Team, Ms. Kim Yu-ju? Yes.
Okay. I'll get it on my way
to the office tomorrow.
Yes. Goodbye.
Kim Yu-ju.
You haven't apologized or called.
You're going to ignore this
and marry Jun-yeong?
Are you still on the phone?
No, I'm not. Here.
Hye-yeong, call me if you need any help.
What's wrong? You can't sleep?
It must be because it's not my room.
I knew it'd happen
when you insisted on sleeping here.
Mom, are you sure you're okay?
It really is.
Shouldn't you be furious,
hating Dad and feeling unforgiving?
Mom, maybe you don't love Dad.
Could that be it?
The reason why I'm mad at Dad
and feel hatred
for that man I don't even know
is because of you.
He hurt you
and made you suffer.
But if you're truly okay,
I'm okay, too.
But if you're only pretending to be okay,
you don't have to do that with me.
If you want to be angry, be angry.
If you hate dad
and if you can't stand him,
if you want to divorce him, go ahead.
I'll represent you for free.
You can't criticize him morally,
but I know some things
are hard to hold back.
So don't let it give you a hard time
and don't try too hard
to be understanding. Okay?
Or else you'll get sick.
And if you get sick because of this,
I won't ever be able to forgive Dad.
You know what I mean, don't you?
My eldest daughter's all grown up.
Don't you know how old I am?
I know. I guess I didn't realize
how all grown up you are.
The whole neighborhood will be there.
Should I put on a mask?
No, if I put on a mask,
it'll give me away. I'll stand out.
So handsome.
Al, let's go.
Jangan-gu, Suwon.
Voice navigation activated.
Hello, it's me. I'm leaving right now.
It'll take about an hour.
Where is everyone?
He'll be here in an hour.
I'll be there in 30 minutes.
At my office. Leaving now.
No! I'm not coming.
Why do we have to be there to greet him?
We can't avoid him forever.
Ra-yeong, this is no time to whine.
-Come home this instant!
-Hye-yeong, I hate you!
Hey, we can't fight among ourselves.
It's time to unite
and face our common enemy.
Brace yourselves and come home.
It's war.
Welcome. It must've taken you a while.
It's rush hour right now.
-The traffic wasn't as bad as I expected.
-That's great.
Let's go up. My family is waiting.
Oh, let's get your stuff first.
It's not here.
Oh, there it is. Right there.
You brought more things than I thought.
It's not a lot. You said the room's small.
I only brought the necessities.
Let's go upstairs.
I'll say hi first
and then unload my things.
What? Okay, sure.
Kids, lighten up.
You're going to scare him off.
Let's be cool about this, okay?
We're not you.
Kids, humanity. Humanity, okay?
It's this way. Come.
Right here.
We're here.
Welcome. It must've been a long trip.
Hello, I am actor An Jung-hui.
I see.
I'm Byun Han-soo's wife.
It's nice to meet you.
I hope we get along.
I brought you a gift.
You didn't have to. Thank you.
-Come in.
These are my kids.
It's nice to meet you.
Wow, you're so tall.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
It's nice to meet you.
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