My Father Is Strange (2017) s01e17 Episode Script

Episode 17

Hello, I am Actor An Jung-hui.
-What the heck?
What is he, a celebrity?
Look how shiny his shoes are.
-He is a celebrity.
-Is he?
-He's An Jung-hui, an idol-turned-actor.
-This is for you.
-You shouldn't have.
He's shorter than me.
-Let's go in.
They are my children.
Oh, it's nice to meet you.
He's really tall.
Hey, Intern.
Mr. An.
Wait, why are you here?
-Is he your dad?
-Do you know Mi-yeong?
How do you know my daughter?
-She's my manager.
-She's your…
I knew you belong to the same agency,
but I had no idea
you were working together.
I know.
What a pleasant twist of fate.
I can't believe this.
You must be surprised, too.
Well, honey.
Why don't we introduce the rest of them?
Oh, right.
This is our eldest.
Our eldest son, Byun Jun-yeong.
He just took the civil worker's exam
and is waiting for the results.
He's getting married soon.
Hello, I am An Jung-hui.
I'm Byun Jun-yeong.
You can talk casually to him.
He's a year younger.
Really? Congrats.
Next to him is our second eldest child
and eldest daughter, Byun Hye-yeong.
Oh, the second eldest who moved out?
It was for her commute.
She works at a law firm in Gangnam.
-She's a lawyer.
-A lawyer?
That means you're a SBW.
Nice to meet you. I'm An Jung-hui.
What's a "SBW"?
It's short for "sexy-brained woman."
It's not just my brain that's sexy.
You have a great sense of humor.
That wasn't a joke.
And our youngest, Byun Ra-yeong.
Hi, I'm An Jung-hui.
I'm Byun Ra-yeong,
a rising yoga instructor on social media.
I'm the prettiest in my family.
Are you a former idol star?
I think I've seen you before.
You look so much like her.
This is my immediate family.
My wife's brother
and mother live downstairs.
You can say hello when they come up later.
Oh, wait. I got you gifts.
As you may already know,
I'm really busy working
on the miniseries Oh, My Boss.
Although I prepared them in haste,
I hope you like them.
These are for the two of you.
And this.
Guess whose this is.
It's for the eldest son.
This is for the second eldest.
For the third and fourth.
Go on and open them.
You must have been busy.
You didn't have to.
It's a scarf.
It's pretty. I love it.
-Thank you.
-Don't mention it.
Guys, open up yours.
You're supposed to open the gifts
then and there.
I'll open it later.
Really? Sure, do it later.
Then should we go
and unload your things first?
I can't believe
An Jung-hui's in our house.
What, is he famous or something?
He was in an idol band, Steel Heart.
They were quite big
when I was in high school.
Well, I never saw this coming,
but I guess we won't have to worry now.
Although I didn't say anything,
I was worried about his background.
He's an actor Mi-yeong works for,
so I won't have to worry.
Well, I'm relieved about that, too.
Mi-yeong, you're in shock, aren't you?
I am.
I bought all these gifts with him.
Yours is a watch.
The rest of us got perfumes.
Why didn't Dad say anything?
I mean, if he knew it was the same agency,
he should've mentioned it earlier.
I know.
Are you okay?
Not really. I'm not sure yet.
My mind is blank and numb.
It's not a bad thing he's a celebrity.
What's so good about it then?
Anyway, I don't like him.
Why is he acting so grand
after causing such trouble in our family?
I know. He is acting rather grand.
What kind of person is he?
He's not all that bad.
So he's not all that good, either?
I don't mean it like that.
Meeting him makes it harder to understand.
About what?
Why is he here?
He can't be after
our non-existent fortune.
He said he wanted to feel father's love.
What's all this?
There's much more stuff than I thought.
This room's smaller than I thought.
This is the second biggest room,
followed by the master bedroom.
I'm sorry.
You'll have to send back
things you don't need.
We don't have any storage space, either.
I think you're right.
But I must have these photos and lions
by my side.
Why don't we put the big photo
in the living room?
The small one will fit here nicely.
Mom, there's no space in the living room.
We can move the family photo.
It's okay. I'll just keep the lions.
Well, then let's put one at the entrance
and the other in here, in the bedroom.
Like the totem poles.
Yes, we could do that. Let's do that.
Intern, get the moving truck back.
Yes, sir.
That's okay. I'll do it.
Mom, Jung-hui is used
to sitting on chairs,
so he's not comfortable sitting
on the floor.
Please excuse him.
You're staring at me so hard
that it feels like a fan meet.
Uncle Han-soo, congratulations.
You're an SF now.
"SF"? What's that?
It's short for "successful fanatic."
He's a successful fan.
Uncle Han-soo even joined his fansite.
Have some fruit.
If you have any questions, you can ask.
First of all, I need to install a bidet.
Where is my bathroom?
-"My bathroom"?
-"My bathroom"?
There's one over there,
and another is in the master bedroom.
But we all share both bathrooms.
You can use the one in the master bedroom.
You all share…
Then where should I put my bidet?
I don't feel comfortable
sharing it with everyone.
Don't worry. Our kids don't use bidet.
Mom, if there's one, I'll use it.
So don't install it.
Just wash with a shower head.
What's a bidet?
It shoots water to your butthole.
Shooting water to your butthole?
Is it on fire?
It's okay. You can install it.
Ra-yeong says it like that,
but our kids don't use a bidet,
so it'll be all yours.
Okay. I'll think about it.
So you're a celebrity?
But I've never heard of you or seen you.
Are you sure you're a celebrity?
Well, did you watch 101, Haengbok-dong?
It was a daily drama series.
Oh, that!
Yes, that one. I was on it.
I didn't watch it.
I watch just about every drama there is,
but that one was so terribly boring
that I quit watching it.
So you were a singer, too?
Then you need to prove it.
Sing a song for us.
My mom has never met a celebrity before,
so she's full of questions.
Grandma, you're the best.
She's totally awesome.
I give you three days.
By the way, what's with the turtle?
He's a pet turtle.
What? A pet turtle?
I see. It's for making turtle soup
in the summer?
Oh, that's great.
We can make turtle soup with the chickens
we raise on the rooftop.
We're going to have a feast this summer.
Al is not for eating.
Al? What's that?
That's the name of the turtle.
It's Al, short for Al Pacino.
What is he, nuts?
I feel suddenly exhausted.
I'm going to bed early.
Right. You must be really tired
from moving.
-You should go to bed.
-Good night.
-Yes, go.
Al, where am I, and who am I?
What am I doing here?
Are you okay? You're not stressed out?
-Sit here.
-No, I'm fine.
I decided to adjust myself
after meeting Grandma.
You were caught off guard, weren't you?
My mom can be a bit mischievous sometimes.
I see.
It's crazy from day one, right?
You used to live alone,
so it must feel very different.
But it's not always
as crazy and loud as this.
Oh, that's a relief.
It's good that we started early.
You're almost settled in now.
All you need is a dresser
to keep those things on the desk.
-Oh, right.
If you wake up and get thirsty,
you can drink this.
You might feel awkward
to come out to the kitchen.
If you get hungry,
you can eat anything in the fridge.
Thank you.
Is there any food you can't eat?
No, there isn't any.
As we're a big family,
the bathrooms are busy in the morning.
I thought I should tell you in advance.
Okay. I'll keep that in mind.
I'm sorry, but I'm pretty worn out
from moving, so…
Oh, right. Of course.
I meant to just give you the water.
Rest up. You must be tired.
It's your first night here.
Have sweet dreams.
-What is it?
I'm just grateful.
Sleep tight.
"Cracker"? A heart emoji?
What's this? What's going on?
This sounds like
what a boyfriend would say.
Right. I knew she was getting
too many spam messages.
You're busted.
I need to know her password.
Are you that happy?
I'm relieved.
I felt bad about him being alone
in such a big house,
living on delivery food.
And I'm glad he willingly moved
into our small house.
What do you think of him?
Like you said, he grew up well.
He looks pure and innocent.
I thought he might be a haughty celebrity,
but he isn't.
-He does seem sensitive, though.
Jung-hui's mom, Ms. An Su-jin.
Is she in America right now?
I think so.
As I know, the late Han-soo and Su-jin
both moved to America.
Do you know how they first met
and ended up getting divorced?
Han-soo was going through a lot,
having lost his parents to a car accident.
That was when he first met Su-jin.
They got married shortly after they met,
but Su-jin's parents
didn't approve of Han-soo.
They didn't want Su-jin
getting married so young,
and though they were quite rich,
Han-soo was an orphan who had nothing.
They were together for a year,
and he was forced to divorce her.
After Su-jin divorced Han-soo,
she got remarried in less than a year.
The reason why Han-soo invited me
was because he decided to get rich
after hearing Su-jin got remarried.
I can see why.
Two days before he died,
he got drunk and cried,
calling Su-jin's name over and over.
He never mentioned his son,
so I had no idea.
Maybe Han-soo didn't know
about Jung-hui, either.
That could be the case.
Even if she was pregnant
when they got divorced,
she might not have known it.
Or maybe she knew but didn't tell him.
I think that might be the case.
If he had known, he would've told me.
You have to be careful not to get caught.
Okay. I'll manage. Don't worry.
Lie down. I'll turn the lights off.
It's hard enough
that Yu-ju is Jun-yeong's fiancée,
and now you're saying Mr. An is Dad's son?
Don't you think
you're being too harsh on me?
You must be overestimating me.
I'm not that strong, you know?
Thirteen times.
They went to the bathroom
13 times last night.
Let's say each person went two times.
One of them must've gone three times.
I'm pooping!
Oh, what do I do? Damn it.
-Intern, you're standing in line?
I've been waiting for a long time.
Can you let me go first?
I'm in a rush, too.
I've been waiting for a long time.
Since I saw it occupied earlier,
I went back to my room for a second.
I'm in a real rush. I'm sorry.
You can't go in now.
Not everyone can handle that smell.
Then I'll go.
-Wait, just a second.
It stinks. So wait and…
-What the heck! Jun-yeong!
-It was my turn.
Sorry. I really have to go.
The master bedroom's toilet is broken.
It was my turn, though.
I really have to go now.
What do I do at a time like this?
You can either go to Grandma's
or use the restroom for shops.
It'd be awkward to go to Grandma's, right?
The restroom for shops.
You mean, on the first floor?
Yes, that'd be the best choice,
though it's a hassle.
If you can't hold it,
use this plastic bottle.
-Come in and have a seat.
Let's eat.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Well, enjoy your meal.
I hope you like the food.
I made monkfish soup
to give you some energy.
Okay. Thank you.
I made spicy webfoot octopus. Try it.
So? How do you like it?
Did you use frozen monkfish?
The meat is a bit dry,
and the broth tastes stale.
How did you know it was frozen?
Next time, I'll make sure
to use a fresh one.
Well, I thought about it.
How about installing another toilet?
Do you want to take a dump next to me?
No, that's nonsense.
I mean, exclusively for me.
I'm sorry to say this
in the middle of the meal,
but I have to use a bidet no matter what.
I told you to use a shower head.
I really didn't want to tell you this.
I suffer from an illness.
-Illness, my butt.
-What kind of illness?
-What? Hemorrhoids?
How gross.
Oh, hemorrhoids.
We should get one, then. Go ahead.
Intern, order a toilet for me right now.
Yes, sir.
Look. The Labor Standards Act states
that work hours shall not exceed
8 hours per day, 40 hours per week,
or up to 12 hours per day
by mutual agreement.
You're slaving her around 24 hours a day.
Are you going to pay her overtime?
And how dare you call her an intern?
She's been a full-time daughter here
for 31 years.
You're the intern in this family.
Right, Mi-yeong.
Don't worry about it and eat.
I'll take care of it.
Well, your soup's getting cold. Eat up.
I'm going back to my friend's today.
Are you?
Sure. Don't forget
to come home this weekend.
Do they want to burn me alive?
Their eyes shot a laser beam at me.
What's so bad about installing a toilet?
If I asked for a new bathroom,
they might just beat me to death,
for God's sake.
They hate me, don't they?
Why? Why do they hate me?
I'll have to ask Intern.
Oh, I'm cold.
Hi, Yeon-ji. What time is it?
-Get up. It's almost nine.
Where did the time go?
You haven't been going home
or going out on dates lately.
You look neglected.
-Did you break up with Hye-yeong?
-No, we're great.
It's okay.
I'm still young and pretty, so I can wait.
Right, Yeon-ji.
Since you're young and pretty,
you should go find a man
who's equally young and pretty, okay?
While you're at it,
get me some coffee, too. Go on.
I'm coming back tonight.
Let's have lunch together.
I'll come to you.
Oh, yes!
Oh, my skull.
Here's your double cheese combo.
Thank you.
Gosh, I would've come and gotten you
if you hadn't come back today.
Should I have waited? Have you been well?
No, I haven't.
How could I without you?
By the way, is there something going on?
You look a little pale.
I'm going to tell you something,
but don't give any type of reaction.
Don't be surprised, confused,
flustered, shocked, or whatever.
I got it.
-My dad has a son.
-I know.
One that was born
before he married my mom.
My dad didn't know about him.
And that guy
moved in to live with my family
-On top of that,
-There's more?
he is a celebrity.
An Jung-hui.
I told you not to react.
Give me. I'll unwrap it for you.
Hey, I'm your cracker. Here.
Eat it while it's warm.
You must be so upset.
Is that why you look pale?
I'm better now
than when I first heard the news.
But now that I've met him,
I kind of feel relieved
although I'm not totally happy.
At least I know who he is.
-You eat, too.
So he's Actor An Jung-hui,
who used to belong to Steel Heart?
Do you know anything about him?
Have you heard any rumors?
No, I haven't.
I haven't heard any rumors about him,
but you know I'm shooting
the behind-the-scenes footage.
That's for his drama.
Now you know why I'm so shocked.
What a small world, right?
It's even smaller.
My little sister is Jung-hui's manager!
Your call is being forwarded
to an automated--
Why isn't she answering her phone?
Is she in a meeting?
I'll be in Practice Room Four.
Rush over when you read this.
Go, gyo, gu, gyu, geu, gi.
Na, nya, neo, nyeo.
What happened to her?
Why won't she reply?
She didn't read my text.
-Why isn't she picking up?
-Your call
is being forwarded to voicemail.
Where are you?
You and I need to talk.
Hey, why won't you read my texts?
What kind of manager ignores
her actor's calls?
You're not reading my texts
on purpose, right?
What? You're not reading them?
Okay. Let me test you.
Let's see if you read this one.
You got a gift.
She read it. She did.
What? Why won't she answer?
Did she leave me on read?
I'm a bit busy right now.
I don't want to talk to you right now.
Gosh, I don't know how I should react.
-Excuse me, Intern.
Go down to the lobby.
There will be a delivery in five minutes.
Yes, ma'am.
I'm sorry. Did you wait long?
No. Won't you get in trouble
for leaving too early?
It's okay. I took the afternoon off.
It's still cold.
What's the eldest son doing here?
Is that Intern?
No, it's not. Who is she?
Oh, right.
She said his fiancée works here.
There was this girl
who bullied me really badly.
She and my big brother
are getting married.
It's hard enough to see her at work,
but she's going to marry my brother.
-You look handsome.
-You're so pretty.
Wow, incredible.
Isn't that Ms. Kim?
Was that bully Ms. Kim Yu-ju?
How brutal.
Yes, here it is.
And your hand, too.
Here it is.
Let's go.
Miss Piggy!
-What are you doing here?
-Hey, I called you earlier.
Yu-ju and I are going house-hunting today.
We'll have lunch first.
Join us if you haven't eaten yet.
No, I'm okay.
I'll see you at home, Jun-yeong.
Ms. Byun.
It's lunchtime. Let's have lunch together.
"Ms. Byun"?
Why are you calling me Ms. Byun?
We went to school together.
You two?
Were you classmates?
It turns out we were classmates.
I don't remember that well, though.
Ms. Byun lost a lot of weight, you know.
I have to go, Jun-yeong.
I have to take this up.
Okay. See you at home!
My, I guess we were really meant to be.
So you and Mi-yeong were classmates?
Jun-yeong, can you head
to the real estate agency first?
I forgot I had something to do.
Hey, Mi-yeong!
How could you break it to Jun-yeong
so suddenly?
You made him flustered.
Wasn't it you who got flustered?
I'm busy. Let's talk later.
Are you doing this
because I didn't apologize?
Do you have to get an apology
for ancient history?
Fine. Sorry. Happy now?
You're still as sulky
as you were in high school.
Anyway, I did apologize.
I got to go. Jun-yeong's waiting.
You call that an apology?
With that kind of attitude?
You still have no clue what you did wrong.
What more do you want from me?
You told me to apologize, so I did.
You want me to kneel down?
Yes, kneel down.
Are you insane?
Why should I kneel down to you?
Do you think you're so innocent?
You still think I'm a joke, don't you?
I thought I made clear that
I'm not the same Mi-yeong.
Think carefully again
about what you did wrong
and apologize to me properly
if you really love my big brother.
This is the best offer I can give you
and your last chance.
You're in full-on victim mode, aren't you?
Suit yourself.
I did apologize.
I'm on my way.
Come in.
Watch your steps.
Here we are.
With new wallpapers, it'll look neat.
I guess we were oblivious to reality.
We shouldn't have trusted listings
on the Internet.
It's so hard to find a decent place.
I know.
But we can't take up another loan.
Well, Yu-ju.
What if… This is just a what-if.
What if we live with my parents
for the time being?
I can't bring myself to ask my parents
to take a loan for me.
And even if they do, it's not enough
for us to get a decent place.
Actually, I did think of that.
I thought you might hate it,
so I couldn't even brought it up.
But don't you think
your family would be against it?
Why would they?
My parents would be thrilled.
Why don't you talk to your family first?
I'll follow their decision.
Really? I'll ask tonight.
Go on and eat.
What is it? Is there
something else bothering you?
Well, Yu-ju.
I have news that might shock you.
What is it?
You have a brother-in-law now.
She's still not answering.
You're home. How about dinner?
I ate.
Did Intern come…
Mi-yeong. Did Mi-yeong come home?
She did come home,
but she went to her grandma's.
She'll spend the night there.
What is it?
Well, it's nothing. Excuse me.
I'm so tired.
I guess being home wore me out.
I haven't been here in a while.
It feels so great to finally be back.
Then go to bed. Take a shower first.
Yes, I know I should,
but I'm too tired to lift a finger.
Let me stay here for a minute.
Come here. I'll remove your makeup.
Ta-da! Oh, boy.
Let's start with the eye makeup.
Hey! Those are mine.
Sorry, they're yours.
Soaking in process.
Stay still. You're making it harder.
-When did you learn this?
-I watched you do it.
I'm making steamed towel.
-I'll go get it and finish the rest.
Just a minute.
Oh, what's that?
I'm going to scold you
if you impersonate Jun-sang
from Winter Sonata.
Look at the mirror.
Gosh, it's hot.
Okay. Come here.
Stay still.
Come on. Don't laugh.
Thank you.
If you don't want to do what I say, leave.
Do you think I'd give in if you said that?
You think I can't leave?
What's the use of living with me
for decades?
You still don't know me at all.
Your credit card has been suspended.
That can't be.
Why don't you try again?
It could be an error.
It is suspended.
I can't believe that woman.
This one, too.
Sir, I'm sorry but,
can you step aside for a minute?
There are people behind you.
Well, okay.
Shouldn't she check on her husband
when he's not coming home?
So are you going to ditch
your wifely duties?
Oh, wait. I have to feed Chico.
He must've been starving all night.
I can't stay here.
So he really didn't come home?
Chico! Let's eat!
Jeong-hwan, it's time to get up.
What time is it, Yeon-ji?
What did you just say?
Sorry. I must be insane.
I must be crazy.
Yes, you're crazy.
Goodbye, you crazy jerk.
Hye-yeong, I'm really sorry about that.
It was my subconscious speaking.
"Your subconscious"?
Why would your subconscious call her name?
Does she have control
over your subconscious now?
No! What are you talking about?
My conscious and subconscious
are both ruled by you.
This was nothing but a mistake.
It doesn't mean anything.
I work with her every day,
so it came out of habit.
"Out of habit"?
No, I'm sorry.
It was all my fault.
I have no excuse for my Yeon-ji…
"My Yeon-ji"?
No, I meant…
Hye-yeong, hand me the script.
Hye-yeong, I said, hand me the script.
did you just call me Hye-yeong?
What? Did I really do that?
Oh, I had no idea.
I guess Hye-yeong controls
my subconscious now.
That's mean!
-That was really mean.
Was that enough?
Yes, that will do.
The deposit is too high here.
We can't afford the rent here.
Should I look into study dorms?
I didn't know she was like that.
She used to bawl her eyes out.
I guess she's okay now.
Oh, my heart!
Which side is prettier?
What's with your weird makeup?
I have a blind date today.
I'm going to start looking
for a boyfriend.
I'll be in a relationship
before spring is over.
Speaking of which…
How do I look?
I like this side, but I heard
men don't like smokey makeup.
Look. Which side is prettier?
Do I smell?
Oh, maybe I should've washed my hair.
Hey, do I really smell?
I guess I do.
My bangs feel a bit greasy.
Why do I have to do this?
We're friends,
and friends help each other.
I never asked to be friends with you.
Can I let go of this?
Go ahead if you want
to get kicked out from here.
-How much longer do I have to do this?
-I'm almost done. Just a sec.
I'm leaving now.
Hey, wait.
Do you have a hairdryer in your room?
Oh, when you have long hair,
it's hard to wash it every day.
So we only wash our bangs
and spray perfume on top.
You didn't know, did you?
This is women's secret.
It's a secret I'd rather not know about.
Right, my eyes. Hurry.
Right or left?
It's a hard choice, right? Once again?
I knew it.
Men must know better what men like.
So what is it? Tell us.
Okay, Dad.
Yu-ju and I went house-hunting yesterday.
We were oblivious to reality.
With our budget,
we can't afford a decent place to live.
But if we went with our budget,
we could only afford a lousy place.
So how about we move in with you
for the time being?
You want to live with us?
What did Yu-ju say?
Yu-ju wants to move in
as long as you're okay.
I felt too embarrassed to ask you
to take a loan for me,
but there's no need
if we move in with you.
If you say yes, we'd love to.
Then we won't have to worry
about getting a loan.
Okay. I'll talk to your mom.
What do you think?
What you think matters
more than what I think.
When they move in,
there will be more work for you.
It'll be hard, right?
There's a baby on the way,
and I'll have to help her with that.
But there'll be more pros than cons.
We won't have to get a loan,
to begin with.
And they won't have to pay rent
when they live with us,
which will save them more money.
Even if they have double income,
they'll spend more than what they make
if they pay rent while raising a kid.
Even so, you should think carefully.
Jung-hui is living here now,
and a daughter-in-law, too?
It'll be too much for you.
Are you against it?
It'd be nice if they live here. But--
Then let's do it.
We took in someone else's son,
so why not my son?
We can't give them
the deposit money they need,
but we can do this at least. Let's do it.
Jun-yeong has so little to offer,
so I'd like to help him this way.
Don't call me a doting father.
You're worse.
What can I do when they want to move in?
Oh? Jung-hui, what are you doing here?
The intern is here, right?
Where is her desk?
It's the last one, but she's not here.
-The last one?
-Where is she?
What kind of manager
leaves her phone behind?
When she comes back,
please tell her to call me.
Okay, sure.
But she was right here a moment ago.
I'll take her phone.
So tell her to come and get it.
Where did she go?
Darn it.
Gosh, my phone.
Why did he take it?
Should I just go home?
No, ignoring him won't solve any problems.
Give me back my phone.
Is that all you have to say
after ignoring my calls for two days?
You took my phone,
so I couldn't answer your calls.
Huh? Seriously?
You've been ignoring
my calls and texts since yesterday.
I've been busy.
Your actor's here,
so what are you busy with?
I'll brief you on tomorrow's schedule.
The wardrobe meeting and a fitting session
for Oh, My Boss are in the afternoon.
I booked a practice room
for after the fitting, so you can use it.
What's wrong? Why won't you look at me?
-That's not true.
-It is true.
See? You're avoiding my eyes.
I've been dying to ask about this
to both you and your family.
Why is your family treating me this way?
Your grandma seems
to hold grudges against me,
and your siblings give me a death scowl.
What did I ever do to them?
Why do they hate me?
I thought long and hard,
but I did nothing wrong.
I just don't get it.
How could you not get it?
Put yourself in our shoes.
Of course, you're not welcome.
Our dad brought home a half-brother.
We're not happy, of course.
-That, that is true, but--
-The same goes for my grandma.
How could she be okay
when her son-in-law suddenly
brought home a grown-up son
out of wedlock?
I'm well aware of that.
But you all gladly asked me to move in.
Isn't it true that you accepted me
because I'm a celebrity?
We never did that.
My family had
absolutely no idea who his son was
until you stepped in our door.
My dad never said anything.
But he said his family
were happy about me.
Okay. You may go.
Is that why she avoided me?
If they didn't like it,
they should've said so.
It wasn't like I begged them
to take me in.
I didn't move in there
because I wanted to.
I had no choice for the drama's sake.
Hey, Judo.
Is that why you avoided me?
You know that's no excuse.
Work is work.
My drama shoot begins next week.
So get prepared, okay?
Yes, sir.
Was I too hard on her?
But what did I ever do wrong?
They told me to move in.
He's my father, too.
I'm home.
Hello, Mi-yeong.
We were about to eat dinner.
-Go wash your hands.
-Mi-yeong, have a seat. Hurry.
It's hot. Be careful.
Let's eat.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Our place felt empty without Hye-yeong,
but Jung-hui makes it full again.
Soon we'll have another person.
-What do you mean?
Your mom and I decided this yesterday.
Jun-yeong and Yu-ju will move in here
after their wedding.
Why? Mom, did you tell her
to move in with us?
No, it was Yu-ju's idea.
Really? She volunteered
to live with her in-laws?
Come on. I'm trying
to do my part as the eldest son.
I object.
I'm dead set against you guys
moving in with us.
I object, too.
What's this?
I don't recognize this file.
Kim Yu-ju,
you won't call me or apologize to me.
Are you going to play dumb
until you marry Jun-yeong?
What's this?
Why is Mi-yeong talking
about Jun-yeong's fiancée?
I feel as if I'm back in high school
when I see her.
Someone who bullied your friend
happens to work there, too.
So she's wondering
if she should keep working there?
Hello, I am Kim Yu-ju.
I hope we get along.
Kim Yu-ju?
Are you going to move in with us
as if nothing happened?
You should tell your family.
Should I tell them for you?
Who do you think you are to say that?
Get out. I'll do it by myself.
I can't believe she really left.
They say you can't spit on a smiling face.
But I do.
I really hated Mi-yeong.
Hye-yeong's not interested
in getting married.
Jackpot! That must be Cracker.
Don't you know how selfish that is?
Are you saying this is my fault?
Jun-yeong, let's meet.
I have something to say.
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