My Father Is Strange (2017) s01e18 Episode Script

Episode 18

I object.
I'm dead set against you guys
moving in with us.
-I object, too.
Why? Why are you objecting?
I mean, the number of residents
is high enough.
Look. The bathroom gets
so crowded in the morning.
And you want to add
one more person to that?
You can't.
And you're 35, so you should move out
when you're getting married, okay?
You can't continue to live
with your parents.
What about you?
You're 36, and you moved in here
so you can live with your father.
I'm a special case.
I never got to live
with my father until now.
Mi-yeong, why do you object?
It'll be too hard on you.
Jun-yeong's baby is on the way,
and you'll have to raise it.
His fiancée won't quit her job
when the baby comes.
You're getting old,
and you worked hard raising us,
so I don't want you
going through that again.
I'm okay.
And I won't be raising their baby
just because Jun-yeong's family moves in,
It's not just about the baby.
Thank you.
For thinking of me like that.
But your dad and I made our decisions.
Yes, we have made our decisions,
so even if you don't agree, bear with us.
Your big brother's girlfriend is Ms. Kim?
I saw her with him outside the building.
I was really shocked.
That woman has some mean temper.
It seems your brother doesn't have
good taste in women.
You should tell your family.
If you can't do it,
should I tell them for you?
Who do you think you are to say that?
What? But…
Hey, I'm siding with you right now.
Don't do anything.
You're not welcome
to get involved in my life.
Don't get involved
or even hint you know anything.
Got it?
Why is she venting at me? I'm on her side.
Hi, Hye-yeong.
Yes, I'm home.
Yes, I came straight home.
I have time.
Can we have lunch?
I'll come to your workplace.
I can't forgive her.
She's just going to move in with us
and live here?
Honey, are you ready? Let's go.
If I leave these here,
they'll eat these, right?
Even if you don't, they will.
They're not kids.
Let's go.
Should I tell Jun-yeong?
Our kids will eat them,
but Jung-hui's not used to this yet.
Okay. I'll bring the car around,
so go tell him and come down.
Come in.
-Are you up?
-Yes, I just got up.
I'm going to the fish market
with your mom.
We'll be back,
so you make breakfast for everyone.
Right now?
Okay. Don't worry about it.
Wake the girls up,
and I left some fruits and rice cake
on the table.
Make smoothie with the fruit
and heat the rice cake.
Okay, I got it.
And don't forget Jung-hui.
He's not used to being here,
so he wouldn't feel comfortable asking.
Good. Thank you.
Sure. See you later, father.
Who's in there? Come out.
I have to go.
Who! Is! In! There!
Oh, it was you.
It's been five days.
Mom and father went to the market.
So they won't drive us today?
They can't.
Drink up and go to work.
Mi-yeong, when Yu-ju and I move in,
we won't make things hard on mom.
Don't worry about it, okay?
When's your wedding?
We're thinking about
the end of next month.
Where did your parents go?
I don't see them.
Intern, I said where did they go?
My sister isn't your intern at home.
Jun-yeong, thank you. Bye.
-Thank you. Bye.
-Want to go to work together? I'll drive.
I'm leaving right now.
Shall we? Mi-yeong.
It's okay. Take your time.
Let's go.
Have a good day, Mi-yeong.
Ra-yeong, you too!
This is a nice cafe.
It's a pretty popular place around here.
People in my team
sometimes come here, too.
So, what's up?
Does Kim Yu-ju come here, too?
I know everything,
so don't try to make excuses.
How did you find out?
Kim Yu-ju,
you won't call me or apologize to me.
This was a voice recorder.
She's the one
who made you contemplate about giving up
after three long years of effort
to get accepted, right?
Why didn't you tell us?
I couldn't.
Mom and Dad don't know
I was bullied in high school.
And I couldn't tell Jun-yeong either.
So? What are you going to do?
I already told Kim Yu-ju to apologize.
If she apologizes sincerely,
I will let it go.
You will let it go?
I thought about it long and hard,
but she's pregnant.
Just because she's pregnant,
we don't have to let everything go.
And it's not like they're married yet.
And it's not just about you.
It's about everyone.
She'll be Jun-yeong's wife, our parents'
daughter-in-law and our sister-in-law.
But it'll hurt Jun-yeong so much.
-Byun Mi-yeong.
-And if,
this is a big if,
but if Jun-yeong still decides to
marry Kim Yu-ju after he learns about it,
I don't think I'll be able
to forgive him either.
That's why I want a sincere apology
from Kim Yu-ju.
Okay. I'll go and meet her.
No, don't do that.
I'll deal with her myself.
Do you know what made things
harder for me?
It was me who couldn't say anything
despite being bullied.
Why couldn't I stand up for myself
and tell the girls to stop bullying me?
Why didn't I say anything
and let them insult me
as if being fat was a crime?
So I really want
to take care of this by myself.
After this lunch,
I'm going to go see Kim Yu-ju.
I'm going to have her apologize to me.
Or I could tell Jun-yeong like you said.
But whatever happens,
I would like to take care of it on my own.
And I want to say goodbye for good
to the foolish high school girl Mi-yeong.
Okay. I understand.
Tell me if you need any help.
Jun-yeong, how did it go?
My parents said yes, Yu-ju.
They told us to move in.
The others said yes, too?
Of course.
My parents told them yesterday,
and everyone agreed to it.
Really? That's great.
They'll give me a hard time,
but if I make the sacrifice,
it will help us save more money.
I guess you can't help
but worry about that.
I'll be a good mediator.
I'm going to hold you to that.
Of course.
You said you're moving in with us?
I mean…
Without a decent apology to me,
you're marrying my brother
and moving in with us?
I told you I was sorry.
You haven't changed a bit.
You're still mean,
selfish and underhanded.
What? Underhanded?
Yes, you are underhanded.
You won't admit what you did wrong.
You bully people
and use that to make you feel better.
How dare you say such a thing?
When did you ever apologize?
You call that an apology?
Don't you know what apology means?
Without realizing what you did wrong
or what you should be apologizing for,
blurting out "Sorry"
is your idea of an apology?
What more do you want? I just teased you
a few times in high school.
You expect me to kneel down?
You really don't know what you did?
After all the things you did to me?
You teased me saying I smelled like a pig.
When we changed clothes for PE,
you opened the curtain every time,
making me a laughingstock
in front of everyone.
One time, you flipped my lunch box.
-Hey, that was a mistake--
-I thought…
I was really dirty
and that I smelled like a pig.
So I took showers morning and night,
and sometimes
I ran home during lunch and took a shower.
Even after I graduated
I had OCD because of it,
and I developed a skin condition.
But you know what?
The scars I got on my body were nothing.
You have no idea what kind of scars
you left in my heart and my soul, do you?
You ruined my school life.
I thought all our classmates were laughing
at me, so I didn't want to go to school.
When I went, I hid in the corner,
holding my breath.
Every day I wanted to hide,
and I desperately hoped
for someone to offer their hand.
Because of you,
I became a laughing stock, got bullied,
and became a ghost
no one was interested in.
What about you?
Do you think you did nothing wrong?
I didn't want to say this,
but because of you,
everyone at school found out
about my parents.
Where's Kim Yu-ju?
I think she went to the restroom.
I told her to bring her mom,
so why isn't she doing so?
When Kim Yu-ju comes back,
tell her to come see me.
Yu-ju's mother is her stepmother.
Maybe that was why she couldn't ask.
Then she should've told me.
Okay, then.
Do you even remember?
See? You don't remember.
I said that to help you out.
Who did you think you were?
Who asked for your help?
I would've rather died
than to tell anyone about that.
I never brought it up myself.
What gave you the right to tell her?
Fine. I'm sorry about that.
I was afraid our teacher
was going to scold you.
I was inconsiderate.
I'm sorry.
Forget it. I don't need your apology.
I don't want to make a fuss
about the past.
So can't you please be cool about it, too?
I said those things to help you, too,
to encourage you to go on a diet.
You did those things to help me?
Hey, Kim Yu-ju.
You're hopeless.
I had good intentions
for doing what I did.
You had the same purpose for what you did?
I really wanted to help you out.
You were embarrassed of
being fat, weren't you?
Since you had good intentions,
I guess I can tell Jun-yeong about it.
As you said, you had good intentions.
I gave you so many chances.
I'd rather die
than to have you in my family,
but you're pregnant,
and you're marrying Jun-yeong,
so I was going to keep quiet and let it go
for the sake of Jun-yeong
and everyone else
if you had sincerely apologized to me.
But I can't do that anymore.
About your heart-wrenching
good intentions,
I must tell Jun-yeong.
Do you have to?
Do you have to torture your brother
so you can get revenge?
Don't you know how selfish that is?
Yes, I'm going to be selfish for once.
Why do I always have to be the victim?
Hey! Byun Mi-yeong!
Hi, Mi-yeong.
Jun-yeong, when are you free today?
I need to see you.
I have something to say.
I have my package loading job later,
and I'll be working all night.
I have time tomorrow after work.
Then I'll see you tomorrow after work.
I'll get off work early and come home.
Sure. What's it about?
I'll tell you in person.
She won't tell him, will she?
She threatened to tell him before,
but she didn't.
Yes, she's a softie,
so she won't tell him.
Who's this?
This is Kim Yu-ju.
What brings you here, Hye-yeong?
Sit down.
You smile a lot.
They say you can't spit
on someone smiling.
But I do. Depending on the situation.
I came here as Mi-yeong's big sister.
That's why I'm being casual with you.
You and Mi-yeong
were high school classmates.
So you know what I'm talking about.
Indeed, people who commit crimes
always feel guilty.
Not that everyone
who feels guilty repents.
Are you repenting
about the crime you committed?
You better.
And you must apologize.
Do you understand what I'm saying?
Apologize to Mi-yeong formally.
Mi-yeong accepts your apology
and forgives you,
I will let it go.
But if that doesn't happen,
I'm not going to just sit and watch.
Now that we're here,
let me ask you one thing.
Why did you do that to Mi-yeong?
I asked why!
Why were you so mean to her? Well?
She couldn't do judo because of her
injury, and it caused her to gain weight,
leaving her full of scars in her heart.
So why did you bully her so badly?
I was jealous.
I was so jealous of Mi-yeong.
It's lunch time.
-Let's go and eat.
-I'm starving.
Let's go and eat. Let's go.
What? You're not eating lunch?
Your mom didn't give you money
for lunch again?
I'm going on a diet. You girls go ahead.
Let's go.
I'm late.
I'm sorry, okay? Sorry.
I had so many customers.
Mi-yeong, you must have been hungry.
It's okay.
Starting tomorrow,
I'll bring it in the morning.
Then it'll get nasty and cold.
I can bring it to you when it's hot.
I made your favorite,
Soy Sauce Braised Beef.
Sounds delicious.
I was so jealous of Mi-yeong whose dad
brought her lunch every day to school.
My parents got divorced,
and my stepmom
turned my life into living hell.
She didn't pack me lunch
or give me money for the cafeteria.
But I would've rather died
than to tell anyone about my family.
But because of Mi-yeong,
everyone found out.
I hated her.
So? That was why you bullied her?
That was vindictive assault.
You took your pain out on her.
Not everyone who gets hurt
act like you did.
Only a coward who's trying to justify
their wrongdoing would say such a thing.
In no circumstance
can bullying be justified.
Give a proper apology to Mi-yeong.
Because I will be watching you.
Oh, this is hard.
Why did you get up so early?
You should've…
You're up?
I whipped up something. Go wash your face.
Should I try the breakfast made Nut made?
Thank you.
It's incredible. Try it.
Did you pour salt on it?
My only weakness is cooking.
From now on,
you're in charge of cooking, okay?
Of course.
What's this?
Whoa! They're getting married.
They really are getting married.
They've been together for 8 years?
They started seeing each other in college.
They broke up
and got back together many times.
I know.
Wow, but they are getting married.
How come Nut doesn't say
anything about marriage?
From what she said about my mom,
she didn't seem interested
in getting married.
Why won't Jeong-hwan bring up marriage?
I won't because of his mom,
but why won't he?
Oh, there's something I wanted to ask you.
When that incident happened
between our moms,
you said you wouldn't have
to see my mom again.
Oh, right.
So you're not interested
in getting married?
Why? You want to get married?
No, I'm not interested in it at all.
I'm glad.
If one person is while the other's not,
that would be a predicament.
Right. It's great, isn't it?
Did you get the wedding invitation?
Wow, they are finally getting married.
When are you and Hye-yeong
getting married?
Are you kidding me here?
Hye-yeong's not interested
in getting married.
When you are?
Of course.
We just got back together,
so I didn't bring it up
thinking it might put pressure on her.
But she's never even considered it.
Wait, maybe she doesn't want to marry me.
That can't be.
It must be
because you just got back together.
She's not young,
so why would she be with you?
It hasn't been that long, right?
Yes. I got ahead of myself.
Let's get back to work. Thanks.
Why isn't he interested in marrying me?
You said you don't want to get married.
Why? Living with him changed your mind?
Hey, can't and won't
are two different things.
Then ask him.
No. It's embarrassing.
And no matter how much I love him,
I wouldn't marry him.
His mother is beyond…
Wait, I have a good reason.
But shouldn't Cha Jeong-hwan want
to marry me?
Whoa, I'm so…
What are you doing after work tonight?
Should we have dinner together?
Shall we, my Cracker?
I'm leaving.
Have lunch first.
I made spicy cold noodles.
I've had a late breakfast,
so I'm not hungry.
What do I do with these?
I'll eat it, then.
I hope you like it.
Oh, thank you.
You haven't seen my husband
for two days, right?
He's been busy with his snack bar.
Things will ease up tomorrow.
You can talk to me informally.
Maybe later. When I'm more used to you.
Is there anything you find uncomfortable?
No, there isn't.
If there is, let me know.
I will.
It's a check card.
There's 300,000 won in it.
But that's too little.
-Look here, I'm old.
-If you don't want it, fine.
Wait… I'm not saying I don't want it.
We need to renegotiate the amount.
Don't leave the pot in the sink.
Wash it right away.
And don't forget the cup you used.
It's getting hot,
so it'll smell if you don't,
so wash them right away.
And the living room is covered
with dog hair, so vacuum it.
I'm going to work,
so do it before I come home.
Oh, my back.
Darn it.
Ouch, my foot.
I retired after working hard for 40 years.
Does she have to order me
around like this?
Wait a minute.
"Graduate from marriage"?
Loading packages doesn't get easier
with time.
This happens all the time.
Honey, I don't think
I can go to work today.
Can you call my boss
and tell him I'm sick?
No! He'll deduct your pay.
You can't lose your day job
because of your moonlighting.
Go to work and be sick there.
Get up and go to work. Get up.
What are you doing?
Put some elbow grease into it!
Uh, yes, sir.
Sir, I'm sorry,
but since there are no appointments today,
can I go home early?
What are talking about?
What if we get walk-ins?
I'm sorry.
But I'm really sick today.
Again? No, you can't.
You got my car towed
and showed up injured.
Are you going to keep annoying
me like this?
I'm sorry.
Let's work conscientiously.
I'm paying you my precious money,
so you should make it worth it.
Yes, sir.
I'm going out on a job,
so sort all the lights out
and clean every inch of this studio.
Yes, sir.
See you later.
If you want to pay him half the money,
cut the workload.
Where's your conscience?
When you make him work,
you should pay him accordingly!
Who are you?
I wanted to report you for overdue wages,
but I didn't because of my husband.
If you keep belittling
and slaving away my husband,
I won't let it pass.
I'm going to file a complaint. Got it?
Oh, you're Yeong-sik's wife…
If you belittle my husband again…
-Got it?
-Yes, ma'am.
Honey, it's me.
You haven't had lunch, right?
I felt bad about being cold
when you were in pain.
I'm sorry I'm not the cool wife
who can tell you to quit your job
when it gets hard.
Hang in there
until Min-ha gets a college degree.
I will try to get more part-time work.
Honey. Bo-mi…
If you cry while eating,
you'll get sick. Stop.
Chew carefully.
Eat this, too. Open.
It's delicious.
It's good.
It's starting. Hurry. Hurry up.
Yes! I got it.
What are you doing?
-There's an important final game.
-Really? I want to watch, too.
It's on.
-Scoot over.
Which teams are playing?
Suwon and Seoul.
Why are you so casual with me?
Because we're friends now.
You should be casual with me, too.
But I'm a year older than you.
I was born in January.
You want me to be formal?
Mr. Park.
-It's okay.
-Right? It's weird, right?
So which team are you rooting for?
The team in the blue uniform.
Oh, he should've scored.
Why didn't he?
When there was no one blocking?
His feet were tangled.
You can't shoot the ball like that.
There's a risk of injury.
I see. Too bad.
The other side!
Shoot toward the other side.
Yes, yes! It's a goal!
Wow, soccer players are so cool.
Did you see?
He ran like 50m and boom! Wow!
What position were you
when you played soccer?
Offense? Defense?
-I was a forward.
-For what?
Whatever it was, it sounds amazing. Cool.
Hey, wait for me!
It's for real.
Be happy, you two.
They're both really handsome.
How sad.
How is the night duty room?
I got used to it.
But I think I need to find a place.
I can't hide there forever.
I'm going to try
to save money for deposit.
Father's been waiting for you.
Why don't you just come home?
If I go home, I have to quit soccer.
No. You learn how to run the company.
I'm going to live my own life.
Oh… We're twins,
so how come we're so different?
Why do you make trouble for yourself, huh?
Just go with the flow.
Excuse me. I'm sorry,
but can I have your number?
-Excuse me?
-I'm not some weirdo.
I've been watching you for a while,
and you're my type.
I'm already in a relationship.
Okay. I see.
Hey, you're still doing that?
You said this is how to nip it in the bud.
Are you trying to become a wizard?
How come you never had a girlfriend?
My coach said dating
will affect my playing.
You're not a soccer player anymore.
Start dating.
Oh, never mind.
If you get in the game, too,
it'll make things hard for other men.
Your big brother will do the dating
for both of us,
so you keep on studying. Okay?
Big brother, my foot.
Oh, hi.
Oh, Mr. An, you're here.
What's this?
You never greeted me like this before.
What do you mean? It's what I should do.
So? How are you feeling?
I'm feeling great.
I'm ready to discuss my contract.
Let's go.
So? Did you read the new contract?
We tried our best to meet your demands.
Why worry about minor details?
When we're so close?
Mr. An, you're such a loyal friend and…
The contract isn't the problem.
How this company thinks of me
is the problem.
I've been rather disappointed lately.
Right? I know.
This company has neglected you a bit. Yes.
So I thought
maybe I should move people around.
What do you think?
Didn't you say you didn't like the intern?
Should I assign Tae-bu back to you?
You have your own TV show, so you
can't have an intern as your manager.
No, it's okay. Leave her be.
-She's been doing great lately.
I mean, how much longer
should Tae-bu be a driver?
He should get promoted.
I don't stand in the way of promotions.
I could get another team leader for you.
I said it's okay.
It's not good
to get new managers too often.
So you don't have any other demands?
Is there a van available?
-A van?
-A van.
Oh, there isn't any available right now.
Right? I figured.
I'll try to find a way!
I'll tell you if I have
any demands in the future.
I better go. I have to practice.
You know? Oh, My Boss.
Of course. You should practice.
Call me if you need anything.
"It's not you couldn't find father
but you didn't.
So why did you show up suddenly?"
I don't think this is right.
Come in.
-Did you ask for me?
Sit down.
Help me practice my lines.
I can't get into
character practicing alone.
Read Seung-min's lines.
-Here we go.
"It's not you couldn't find father
but you didn't.
Why did you show up so suddenly?"
"Just because.
It wasn't really sudden.
I've been preparing for like 20 years
to come and see the man who's my father."
"Does it take 20 years of preparation?"
"I guess. I needed to prepare for it."
"If I had the chance to prepare myself…"
I'm not doing this.
This is how you're reading?
What did I do?
You're not trying. You should
at least add some intonation.
Try it again.
Here we go.
"It's not that you couldn't find Father.
You just didn't.
Why did you show up so suddenly?"
"Just because. It wasn't really sudden."
It's the same.
And you meet the other person's eye.
I'm looking at the whiteboard,
so how can I look at you?
It's not like I memorized the lines.
Judo, this is work.
Don't let your emotions affect this.
I never did.
I'm reading the lines with you
because you asked.
Okay, I give up.
Get out. I'll do it by myself.
Whoa, I can't believe she really left.
If she was always like this,
I wouldn't complain.
This was 100 percent personal for her.
"It's not that you couldn't…"
The siblings are all treating me
like a ghost.
What do they want from me?
If they hate me so much, ask me to leave.
Excuse me.
If you're a star,
can you give me a tour of the studio?
Excuse me?
Uh… Yes, I'm sure I can.
Which studio would you like to visit?
Do you know who Nam Jin is?
I want to meet him.
I don't know him personally.
How about Seol Woon-do?
I don't know him…
So who do you know?
Are you sure you're a star?
Compared to Jun-yeong's height,
you're like a dwarf.
And you're ugly compared to Jun-yeong.
How can you be a star?
Does wearing those dark sunglasses
make you one?
That son of a…
You didn't find it?
I found it!
You installed the new toilet?
Hi, you're home.
They just came and installed it.
I'm attaching the bidet now.
Don't you see it?
The screwdriver must be there.
Oh, here it is, Father.
Come and hold this for me.
Father, be careful.
What's wrong?
Does your throat hurt?
Yes, a little.
It must be from the practice.
Jun-yeong, there's quince tea
in the fridge.
Make him a cup.
Have some quince tea.
Quince tea is great for a sore throat.
Father, I have to go see Mi-yeong
right now.
You don't have time to make him tea?
It's okay. I don't drink quince tea.
Oh, you should've made him a cup.
Go. You said you have to go.
Can I talk to you for a second?
What is it you want to say?
I can't stay long.
Did you see your brother?
It's too late.
I've made up my mind,
and I'm going to tell him today.
You were right.
It wasn't out of good intentions.
I'm sorry.
Forgive me.
I really hated you.
I was really annoyed
about people finding out about my family
because of you.
And I was jealous of you
because you had a loving father.
Are you blaming me right now?
No, I didn't mean it like that.
I'm saying it wasn't just you
who got hurt.
I got hurt, too.
But I'm sorry.
Forgive me.
Let me marry your brother.
Don't tell him anything.
I don't want Jun-yeong
to find out about that.
If you say no,
I won't move in with your family.
I'll find a place.
Hi, Mi-yeong.
What's this about?
When you girls ask to see me outside,
I get scared.
Is it something bad?
Tell me. What is it?
it's okay. What is it?
Your fiancé…
Do you love her?
You wanted to ask me that?
Yes. I wanted to know.
Do you love her a lot?
Yes, very much.
What about her do you love so much?
She encourages me and believes in me.
It's not like I have a job,
and I'm not a good eldest son at home.
But when I'm with Yu-ju,
I feel confident.
I feel like I can do anything,
and I feel like
I'm a pretty decent person.
She wants me to become
an even more decent man.
It's me.
I want to see you tomorrow.
I thought about it long and hard.
Can I forgive you
and accept you into my family?
Can I really accomplish
something like that?
No. To be honest, I don't think I can.
I'm just an average person.
So why should I forgive you?
-Byun Mi-yeong…
-Let me finish.
It's because of Jun-yeong.
He really loves you.
And just as much as you…
No, even more than you,
I don't want him to get hurt.
But it doesn't mean
I've forgiven you completely.
The pain and suffering you caused me,
I'm not over them completely.
But I can see
you were sincere in your apology.
Though I'm not sure
if that was from the fear of losing
or from the guilt you felt for me.
But I've decided to accept
your apology for now.
You can marry my brother.
If you want,
you can move in with my family.
But you'll have to change
and make efforts.
Be good to Jun-yeong and my family.
If you don't,
I just might tell everyone what you did.
Sirloin or tenderloin?
-Tenderloin's better than sirloin.
Let's see…
Can you slice this and pack it?
You look even more beautiful today.
How weird.
Not too thinly.
-It's Cracker.
I got you, Hye-yeong.
No, it's still in there.
Okay. Wait.
What's going on there?
-You're the best.
-Here's your beef.
Thank you.
They're grocery shopping together?
They look like newlyweds.
I have a bad feeling about this.
The friend Hye-yeong's living with…
Wow. It's huge.
Are you okay? Oh, no!
What the hell? You scared me.
Let's go.
-This isn't a laptop, is it?
-They're documents.
That's good. I thought it was a laptop.
I got startled.
Calm down. Let's calm down.
Excuse me.
Can you press 20?
Thank you.
Oh, we're home.
Go in.
Wow, they say you can't trust anyone.
But how could she…
I got you, Byun Hye-yeong.
If Mom and Dad found out about this…
Just a minute.
I'll make you a delicious meal.
This will make it even better.
All finished.
I think that's your phone.
It is.
-It's spam.
What's wrong? What is it? What happened?
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