My Father Is Strange (2017) s01e19 Episode Script

Episode 19

What's wrong? What is it? What happened?
What is this? Who sent it?
-So she found out?
Hang on.
Where are you?
Right here.
Just a second.
-How did you find out?
-Is that important right now?
How could you do this?
What if Mom and Dad find out?
You're clearly in a relationship
from what I saw at the supermarket.
So he's the friend with a place
in Gangnam, right?
You made a fuss and moved out
in order to live with him, right?
Hye-yeong, what if Mom and Dad find out?
Just get married.
What does he do?
Can't you introduce him to Mom and Dad?
He looked perfectly fine.
Is he jobless?
Oh, I got it. Is he married?
Hey! Stop with that nonsense!
How dare you yell at at me right now?
Don't tell Mom and Dad.
some things just can't be kept a secret.
What do you want?
Tell me. You must've calculated
before sending the photos.
No, I didn't!
After Jun-yeong and Dad, Mom will collapse
if she finds out about you.
Latest Mulberry bag?
What do you think?
Like you said, Mom may collapse
if she finds out about me now.
It will be too harsh on Mom
if she founds out
you're living with your boyfriend, right?
Promise to keep this a secret.
If you fail to keep my secret,
this purse will be retrieved
and disposed of.
What's taking her so long?
You're back.
How did it go? What about Ra-yeong?
I sent her away,
ensuring that she won't talk.
-Are you sure? Shouldn't you go home?
-It'll be okay.
She won't keep secrets,
but she'll keep that purse.
I spent a fortune.
I got her the latest high-end purse.
Oh, my. You did spend a fortune.
I said I'd keep any family from visiting.
I don't know what to say.
I'll suffer any penalty.
No, it's okay. Don't worry about it.
And even if we get caught,
we can just get married.
Oh, my. You must be nervous.
Don't worry. We won't get caught.
-I'll go change.
What's gotten into him?
He said he didn't want to get married.
He won't seriously propose, will he?
No, he won't.
So pretty.
What are you doing? Come eat.
What? You got a new purse?
Gosh, you were whining about being broke,
but you had money to get a purse?
Come on out.
Yes, ma'am.
I can't look Mom in the eye.
Oh. Come sit.
Let's eat.
Thank you.
Mom and Dad,
Yu-ju said she'd stop by this afternoon.
Would that be okay?
This afternoon? What time?
Dad and I have to go somewhere.
Around 4:00.
Tell her to come. We can be back by then.
-Why is she coming?
It's nothing. She's just
coming to thank you
for letting her move in
and check the size of the room.
That's great. I was meaning to invite her.
Oh. You heard, right?
His wife-to-be works at your company.
You might know her.
-Which department is she at?
-I heard. Ms. Kim Yu-ju.
You heard?
Oh. Mi-yeong must have told you.
Oh, right.
You two can go to work together.
No, Dad. I have to get to work early.
I have something to do,
so I'll be going in late.
Really? Then you'll have to go separately.
There's a wardrobe meeting at 10 a.m.
for the Oh, My Boss press conference.
There is? I'll have to attend then.
Looks like you'll keep working
since you're tracking my meetings.
I heard that
Ms. Kim's transfer's been finalized.
Will you be okay?
Keep work and home separate.
You're the one who said to keep
-work and home separate.
Next up is a suit from Dior Homme.
We paired the red
and black micro plaid suit
with a black lace-up shirt.
Next is from T Browne.
A subdued black knit top
was paired with slacks.
The point here is the shirt underneath.
Again, it's from the T Browne collection.
Where are the shoes?
Intern, go fetch those shoes.
No. It's okay.
I don't think I have to see the shoes.
Ms. Kim, I saw the first outfit
on Jin Seong-jun for a magazine spread.
Wait. Isn't this it?
The second one. You know Baek Yun, right?
I saw him wearing it at the airport.
As for the third one. What was it?
Jin Seong-jun wore it
on an interview. Right?
And the shoes for the fourth one…
All the pop idols here wore them.
I'm not wearing those.
Jung-hui, what uncanny memory.
Of course I remember.
I'm sensitive about these things.
It makes me puke
when I see a comparison photo
of me in an outfit someone else wore.
Ms. Kim, should I be getting
Am I an actor that can wear whatever?
No, it's not that.
It's because we picked out the best
among the existing wardrobe from sponsors.
If it was from the existing wardrobe,
there are no new sponsored outfits.
Is it too much to find me new ones?
Let me know
if there's a style or brand you want.
We'll work around that
and prepare new outfits.
I like anything that goes
with my persona. I do.
But hand-me-downs are a no-no.
Prepare a lineup with the latest.
Very well.
We'll work on a new lineup.
It'll be useless to talk further.
Let's wrap it up and meet again later.
I told you to get new sponsored outfits,
didn't I?
Get me an updated
sponsors list immediately,
from designer to vintage brands!
-Yes, Ms. Kim.
-My goodness. What did you just say?
Why are you chewing her out?
Will you be held to account
if Cho-rong quits?
Ms. Kim, you must have
bullied kids in school.
I get that school bully vibe from you.
I was stunned
by the shrillness of the "Immediately"!
Why do you keep doing this, Mr. An?
Why do you keep giving Ms. Kim
a hard time?
I made it clear to you.
I don't welcome or appreciate
your meddling or interest in my affairs.
Why are you so worked up?
She got on my nerves.
She got my nerves for giving me
hand-me-downs and being mean to you.
Why should it get on your nerves
that she's being mean to me?
It has nothing to do with you.
There is nothing between us.
But it's not absolutely nothing, is it?
What are you so upset about?
Just lay it all out while we're at it.
What's so upsetting and problematic?
This situation.
I hate this very uncomfortable situation.
And Mr. An, didn't you move in
with us to seek revenge?
You came to drop the bomb and harass
and seek revenge on my dad and family.
That was just drunken banter.
Do you believe a drunk?
And you came to use our family
for your drama.
You're right.
I can't deny that.
I don't know anything
about having siblings,
so I moved in with your family
since there are four siblings.
Even so, how can you say I'm using you?
You said I made a good decision
since it'll help me with my drama.
Fine. So what do you want me to do?
Since we're talking,
tell me what you want.
Transfer me to another team.
I can't work with you.
I can't keep work and home separate,
and it's stressful and hard to see you
at home and at work.
Plus, the miniseries of your dream
is coming up.
Get a more capable manager to assist you.
My personal feelings against you
run too high
that I can't do my best in assisting you.
Fine. Let's do that then.
I'll talk to Mr. Kang, okay?
Did you tell An Jung-hui about us?
Didn't we agree to move on?
Are you picking a fight with me?
No, I'm not picking a fight.
But you said you wouldn't tell.
I won't tell.
As long as you behave,
I have no reason to tell my family.
Mr. An, why the surprise visit?
-Get me a new manager.
But you said that intern was great.
I want a new manager.
Bring Tae-bu back.
Anyone else is okay, too.
Mr. An. Hey, Jung-hui!
Darn it.
What's with him this time?
It's just a spam call.
-The contract is ready.
I'll look it over.
Darn it.
I spent a fortune to silence her,
but why do I feel so uneasy?
As they say,
a guilty conscience needs no accuser.
Hi, Hye-yeong.
Are you busy?
No, it's okay. Go ahead.
It's nothing in particular.
Is everything okay at home?
Yes, all's well.
Hye-yeong, I got Kim Yu-ju's apology.
Huh? You did?
So do you feel better now?
Yes. We haven't completely
cleared the air,
but I did sense some sincerity.
So I said she could marry Jun-yeong
and even move in if she'd like.
You did?
It's good that you feel better,
but did she say she'd really move in?
I think she will,
based on what Jun-yeong said.
Wow. She's shameless, isn't she?
She'll move in though I know what she did?
I'll show her
how mean a sister-in-law can be.
I won't tell you not to.
-Come here for a second.
The team manager wants me. Bye.
Okay. Get back to work.
All set.
Now let's work, Byun Hye-yeong.
They're red bean bread and yugwa.
I got some since Aunt likes them.
I see.
Yu-ju's coming over, so stay home.
I'll go alone.
It'll take too long
on public transportation.
I'll come with you.
It's been a while since I saw her.
I appreciate it. Let's go then.
You suddenly thought of Aunt?
But you visited her recently.
Since Jung-hui moved in,
I've been thinking a lot about her.
When we were little, Han-soo's aunt
doted on not only Han-soo, but also on me.
When we went over after training,
she served us noodles
and boiled sweet potatoes.
If I could,
I'd like to take Jung-hui
to Han-soo's grave
and take him to meet Aunt.
How will you explain it to him?
It's a change of clothes and snacks.
How is she doing?
She's doing much better than last month.
She's eating quite well too.
What a relief.
I'll go say hello.
Aunt, have you been well?
Have a red bean bun. You like it.
You must eat well to be healthy.
Take your time and chew thoroughly.
Yun-seok. You've come, Yun-seok.
Welcome. I made noodles.
Han-soo will be here soon too.
Sit down, Yun-seok.
Have some water.
YEAR 1974
Hey, hey. Gather round!
Gather round!
Good job. We'll wrap it up here today.
It's only a week to the competition.
Mind yourselves.
Don't get embroiled
in any disagreement, let alone a fight.
You know we were barred
from the last team event
because one nitwit
got into a fight, right?
Yes, sir!
Let me stress again. Mind yourselves and
don't get embroiled
in any disagreement or fight.
-Got it?
-Yes, sir!
That'll be all. Dismissed!
Thank you.
Smarten up, will you?
Please let's just live peacefully.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.
Mind yourselves and don't get embroiled
in any disagreement or fight.
Forgive you for what? How?
What a pain in the butt.
-I'll call the police.
-Trample him.
This is Geumseong-ro Intersection.
Hey. Open your eyes. Hey. Hey.
Hey, open your eyes.
Blood. Blood.
Hello? Please help us.
Open your eyes. Open your eyes.
-It wasn't me.
-Zip it. Pipe down.
I didn't do it!
I was the one who called it in, sir.
Why don't you believe me? Sir.
I swear I didn't do it.
Be quiet and behave.
I have to go to Seoul in two days
for a competition.
I swear I didn't do it!
Mom. Mom.
Mom, it wasn't me.
I didn't kill him. I swear.
All I did was call it in.
Yes, okay, Yun-seok.
You're okay now. I'm here.
It's okay. I'm here.
this has to be a misunderstanding.
There's no way my son did it.
My son would never do such a thing.
I swear. Please believe me.
I saw the assaulting kids' school uniform.
Geumseong High School.
I didn't see their names,
but I could identify them if I saw them.
Why won't you believe me?
All rise!
I'll deliver the verdict.
There's sufficient evidence
for manslaughter.
Pursuant to
Article 259 of the Criminal Code,
the defendant Lee Yun-seok
will serve three years in prison.
Your Honor, no.
I swear I didn't kill him.
Sir, please say something!
I swear I didn't kill him!
Are you reminiscing?
I haven't thought about it in while.
How could they jail an innocent person?
You said there was a witness
who saw the three kids.
He changed his tune
and said he saw nothing.
Mom pleaded with the witness
hundreds of times,
but it was to no avail.
No one believed me.
Those heinous people.
Those people that framed you and got away…
Do you think they're alive and well?
Who knows?
I had forgotten for a while,
but since Jung-hui moved in,
I keep being reminded of this and that.
How can you forget it?
Such injustice…
That incident was one thing,
but I wonder if I really had to
take on Han-soo's identity.
Seeing Jung-hui makes me
think of Han-soo a lot.
If I had known of Jung-hui's existence,
I wouldn't have chosen this path.
You didn't know and nor did I.
But still…
Have you already forgotten
the few years you lived
as a murdering ex-con
after your release?
Wherever we went, people pointed fingers
and reviled you
as a murderer and an ex-con.
Not only were you jobless,
neighbors chased us away,
so we had to move several times.
You couldn't take your ailing mother
to the hospital
because you had no money.
She couldn't get the surgery
she so desperately needed.
And what about the day Mother passed?
When there was a theft
at the construction site,
you were taken in
just because of your prior sentence.
You were detained for two days,
so you missed your mother's last moments.
I still can't forget…
the bitter tears you shed that day.
That's why
when Han-soo invited you to the States
to do janitorial work with him,
I didn't stop you and let you go.
Because there was no hope.
There was nothing but despair.
So I let you go,
but as soon as you left,
I learned that I was pregnant
with Jun-yeong.
And when I got to the hospital,
I realized it was Han-soo, not you,
who'd died.
Right then,
I thought to myself
the heavens hadn't forsaken us,
that Jun-yeong, whom I was carrying,
wouldn't have to live as the son
of a murderer and an ex-con.
Even if…
I could go back in time,
I would make the same plea to you.
To live as Byun Han-soo
for our children's sake.
To consider…
To consider yourself as having deceased
to at least safeguard our children.
Okay. We'll start today's yoga session.
Please sit down.
You'll be learning couple yoga
with a single towel. Many people…
Cheol-su… Coach Park.
Sorry we're late. Sorry.
Are you both here to learn?
No, it's not that…
Yes! Thank you.
I'm glad you came.
Today's lesson is couple yoga.
-Oh, man.
-Let's do it.
Please sit.
Yeong-hui, straighten your spine.
Keep it like that and stretch forward.
Okay. Good job.
Coach Park.
Straighten your spine.
Keep it straight and…
Good job.
We'll move on to the next pose.
Get into the lotus pose.
Face your partner and sit closer.
Lock fingers with your partner.
Draw a semi-circle like you're stretching.
She knew your name. Are you close?
Not really.
Why would I expect anything from you?
Okay. I'll take care of it.
Take care of what?
He's working out and dating
at the same time.
Oh, hello.
-Did you like the session?
-It was so much fun.
Are you and Cheol-su close?
We're friends in a way.
Then we should be friends too.
Give me your number.
He's not flirting with me, is he?
He wouldn't do that to his boyfriend.
I'll be in touch every now and again.
For various reasons.
For instance, for a date.
I'll see you tomorrow at class.
A date?
Is he going to openly cheat on him?
With his boyfriend's friend?
Rats. I'm meddling
in some one else's love life,
but I'll be blamed
if something goes wrong.
What are you doing?
Hi. How are you?
Didn't we just see each other?
Friends are supposed to ask each other
how they're doing.
That being the case,
I wondered whether I should tell you,
but I decided I had to tell you
as a friend.
-What is it?
-Your boyfriend's weird!
Which boyfriend?
Do you have many boyfriends?
Yes. I do have quite a few guy friends.
So you have many.
They're in a complicated relationship.
Right. One can have many boyfriends.
More the merrier.
That's right.
Mom, we're here.
I'm here, Ms. Na.
Yes. Welcome.
How have you been?
So much has happened.
Jun-yeong told you, right?
Our company manages Mr. An Jung-hui.
-I know. Have a seat.
-Thank you.
Hello, Ra-yeong.
Oh, right.
Yu-ju and Mi-yeong were schoolmates, Mom.
Really? It really must be destiny.
But how did you two not know?
It must be because I lost a lot of weight.
Yes, that must be why.
Mother, thank you for letting me
move in here.
It wouldn't have been easy for you.
No, it wasn't easy.
But is it just me?
It'll be uncomfortable for you
to live with us.
I'm all for it.
I've lived alone without my parents
for a long time.
I always envied large families.
That's why Yu-ju's really looking forward
to living here with us.
What? Really? I doubt that.
I swear, Ra-yeong. I think it'll be great.
That's good because
I'm looking forward to it too.
Right, Mi-yeong?
Yes. I look forward to it too.
Although you're moving in here,
you won't come empty-handed, right?
I was meaning to ask you.
If there are appliances
or furniture you need,
I was going to get them as dowry.
Our washer's over ten years old
and our fridge is very loud.
As you can see, the TV…
Enough with your nonsense.
Don't mind her.
Everything's still good as new,
so we don't need anything,
but since you're newlyweds,
getting a new double bed would be nice.
No, Mother.
I'll look into a new washer
and fridge too.
There's no need.
I'll discuss it with Jun-yeong.
As for family gifts,
this will do for me.
The price is appropriate,
and it'll be nice for the wedding.
-Ow. Mom! Mom!
-Oh, yes.
I thought you could just use
Jun-yeong's room.
Mom, won't it be hard for Yu-ju
to walk up and down
the narrow stairs since she's pregnant?
That's true.
Then will Jung-hui have to
switch rooms with you?
We'd be grateful if he'd do that.
Let's give it some thought.
Oh. How are you feeling?
No morning sickness?
It's not bad now, so it's manageable.
What a relief.
But it's still early on,
so always be careful.
I will.
Can we talk in private?
It's not much.
It's a wedding, so you need a ring.
No, Mother.
This is not necessary.
It's okay. Get a pretty ring made.
Jun-yeong would've gotten you
something nice
if he were better off, but alas.
Have him get you
nicer things down the road.
Let's make this work.
And take good care of our Jun-yeong.
Yes, Mother. I'll do my utmost.
Sir. Byun Mi-yeong speaking.
Hi. Did something happen with Jung-hui?
The division director told me,
to manage Jung-hui starting tomorrow.
Oh, already?
No, nothing happened.
It's just that
I still have a lot to learn.
Yes, good night.
Is there cabbage?
Get me some cabbage from the fridge.
Why are you asking me for it?
Get it yourself.
Can't you get it? You're closer.
I won't consider you older than me.
I have an early birthday. February.
Fine. I didn't expect you to.
Is he flaunting his stature,
insulting me by looking down?
Mi-yeong, come here. We need to talk.
Ra-yeong, come on out.
What is it?
I wanted to ask while Mom was downstairs.
What should we get them for Parents' Day?
Oh, right. Parents' Day is coming up.
Hye-yeong's busy because of a trial.
She said she'd wire us money
once we decided,
so the three of us can decide.
Bounce off some ideas.
Let me throw my idea out there.
How about a physical?
I think it's a good idea.
Mom and Dad have never gotten
a physical together.
It's too expensive.
I'm broke after Dad's 60th-birthday gift.
Right? So am I.
-I have no spare money due to the wedding.
-Should I chip in too?
I'll join you guys.
Why would you join? Buzz off.
But I'd like to get them something too,
and if I chip it, it'll reduce the cost.
I don't want to reduce the cost
with your help.
But Jun-yeong, if he joins, the cost will…
Any ideas?
Can't you let him in on this?
He's willing to pay.
-He's freeloading off our family anyway.
-Ra-yeong, no.
I'm against it too.
Have you changed your mind already?
No, it's not that per se.
It is what it is, so we should reap
the practical benefits at least.
He's rich.
How about hiking clothes?
Mom and Dad sometimes go hiking together,
so matching hiking outfits?
How can they blatantly
hate on me like that?
Hey, Al. This family doesn't bully you too
when I'm not here, right?
Why am I at this house?
The intern won't manage me as of tomorrow,
and Jun-yeong's at my throat
whenever he sees me.
Why am I here?
Should we just go home?
Al, this house is too small
for you, right?
Let's go.
We can just go home.
Are you just getting home?
Oh? Your turtle's here too.
Yes, he is. He's coming with you, right?
What was his name?
Al. Al Pacino.
Oh, right. Al Pacino.
What a great name.
-You had dinner, right?
We haven't eaten yet. Let's go in.
I left chopped cabbage
in the fridge for Al.
I see.
"Separate yet together."
"New approach to life
to be your true self."
This is why one must never cease to study.
Someone came up with such a great concept?
Yum, it's sweet.
Have some, Mom. It's super sweet.
Even if it's super sweet, it's just melon.
Oh, my. This isn't melon.
This is candy, candy.
Has Jun-yeong found a place?
His wife will be moving in with us.
What? She's moving in?
You'll let your daughter-in-law move in
in addition to someone else's son?
They can't find a lease
with the money they have,
and a monthly rental would be too much.
They'll save up and move out
in a few years,
so how could we say no?
And we won't have to get a mortgage,
so it'll save us money too.
But still…
That tiny place is crowded enough as is.
How will you manage the discomfort?
Yu-ju will give birth soon.
And when she does,
you'll be the babysitter.
It's okay. I've made peace with it.
I can't babysit around the clock,
but I should help.
I can't do much else as a parent.
Good grief. How maddening. How maddening.
Living with your daughter-in-law
is so hard.
Living with your parents-in-law
is nothing.
Minding your son's wife is more agonizing
than minding your husband's parents.
If your son is successful,
it's slightly better.
Otherwise, you can barely breathe.
Good grief.
Why'd you say yes just like that?
Mother, I'm back.
-Hello, Yeong-sil.
I hear you started babysitting again.
Yes. The family I used to work fo
gave me a call.
Are Jun-yeong's wedding preparations
going well?
Yes. Yu-ju will be moving in with us,
so there's not much to do.
She wants to move in with you?
Yes. At least for a few years.
Why did she volunteer
to take on such hardship?
She must not know what it's like.
But how can she
without having experienced it?
Three sisters-in-law, a mother-in-law,
and a grandmother-in-law…
It's going to be tough for her.
Oh, wow. It's sweet.
"Out of business"?
How can this be?
Hello? Sir.
I'm in front of the store.
Oh, right. Alas.
I'll wire the remaining pay. Take care.
Sir. Hello…
It's too great a secret for me
to bear alone.
What do I do?
What do I do in this situation?
Should I ask Mi-yeong?
Hye-yeong will kill me
if she finds out though.
Aren't you going to shower?
What are you doing?
Mi-yeong, I have a question.
This happened to my friend, not me.
She wants my advice,
but I don't know what to tell her.
Sure. Go ahead.
My friend has an older sister,
whom she found out is living
with her boyfriend.
Her sister begged her
not to tell their parents,
but she doesn't know what to do.
She thinks she should
for her parents' sake,
but she did promise her sister.
I don't know.
It's tough.
But shouldn't she tell her parents?
If she doesn't, she'll be deceiving them.
If her parents find out later,
they'll feel betrayed
by both the sister and your friend.
Right? Right?
Mi-yeong, I'll be honest.
-This is about Hye-yeong and me.
Keep it down.
What? Hye-yeong's living
with her boyfriend?
She made a big fuss and moved out
to live with some guy.
I caught her at the supermarket.
But Mi-yeong,
you can't tell Hye-yeong I told you.
I swear Hye-yeong will kill me.
Did Hye-yeong buy you that bag
in exchange for your silence?
You're nuts.
Both you and Hye-yeong are nuts!
You took that bag
just because she offered it?
Wow. How can Hye-yeong…
Wow. What do we do?
I feel much better
now that I've confided in you.
I think I know this guy.
I think he's the producer for
the behind-the-scenes for Oh, My Boss.
What? So he has a good job.
This is maddening. Geez, Hye-yeong!
Wake up. How can you be sleeping?
How can you ask me why?
I couldn't sleep a wink because of you.
So did you think all night
and devise a plan?
I thought all night, but still nothing.
All I know is this is too major
for the two of us.
We can't tell Mom and Dad,
but we can't not tell.
So what are you saying we do?
Let's tell Jun-yeong.
For whatever it's worth,
he's older than us.
Then you text Jun-yeong.
I have to go down
since Dad got a big order.
Tell Jun-yeong
to come straight home after work.
-Did you sleep well?
-Good morning.
It is a very good morning.
Let's have gimbap for breakfast.
Han-soo made a lot
since he got a large order,
so he suggested we have it for breakfast.
I think you can eat
and head right to work.
Okay. I'll get dressed and be right out.
We're here for gimbap.
What about Jun-yeong and Ra-yeong?
Jun-yeong went to work earlier,
and Ra-yeong says she'll eat later.
Jung-hui, sit. I'll cut you some.
It's okay. Don't worry about it.
No. Go ahead.
You should do it too as you're family now.
Do you want to try this?
The ends are the best part.
Isn't it good?
Nothing beats freshly made gimbap.
We're like baby birds
being fed by mommy bird.
Good, good, good. One, two, three.
One, two, three.
One, two, three.
I'm in a great mood today.
So you know what? I got us one too.
Hey, why not? Let's do one. It's fun.
You break up if you do this.
Who says? Many of these are married.
What's this? Yeon-ji? Jeong-hwan?
Darn it.
No. Look closely.
Jeong-han. Yeon-ji.
What a ridiculous accusation.
This is nice.
One, two.
Nutcracker. Nutcracker.
I'm home.
Hi, Jun-yeong.
Hi. I came straight home after work.
What is it?
Upstairs. Let's talk upstairs.
Okay. Let me say hello. Mom!
Mom's not in. I just checked.
What is it that you're so serious?
You're scaring me.
Jun-yeong, we'd like you to listen calmly
without getting too shocked or worked up.
It's good that Mom's not home right now,
but please don't get too worked up.
I'll remain calm and composed,
so hurry up and tell me.
Hye-yeong's living
with some guy right now.
What? Living with a guy?
-Keep it down.
-A guy?
Byun Hye-yeong's living with a guy?
I caught her at a supermarket.
She's gone mad. She's gone completely mad.
So she's not living with a friend
but with this scoundrel?
Hey, open up.
Open up right now!
Open up!
Open the door!
Open this door right now!
What are you talking about?
Hye-yeong's living with some guy?
So the friend she moved in with is a guy?
Byun Mi-yeong, Byun Ra-yeong, answer me!
Is she really living with a guy?
Apartment number.
What's her address and apartment number?
My goodness.
Home sweet home.
Going out makes you realize home is best.
Jeong-hwan, let's order in for dinner.
We're tired, so let's not cook.
Delivery? Then how about
fried fried fried chicken?
-Half and half, extra daikon.
I'm going to shower first.
-Send me the photos you took.
Half and half plus extra daikon, right?
Oh, wow. She's so pretty.
I should order the fried chicken.
Goodness me. Why am I so tired?
It's a real drag tending a cafe
that gets no customers. Gosh.
The part-timer I found quit too.
What a headache.
What's this?
Who is this woman?
So Jeong-hwan's girlfriend is the daughter
of the gimbap shop owners?
Mom, then I'll come too.
I'll take you there.
No. There's no need!
Don't you dare call Hye-yeong.
If you tell her I'm coming,
I'll disown you too!
I'm all set!
Seocho-gu, please.
What do we do? What do we do, Jun-yeong?
-We should still call Hye-yeong, right?
-But Mom said she'd kill us.
We should still call.
She'll be flustered when Mom barges in.
I'm calling her.
Darn it. What if Mom really collapses?
She's not picking up.
Hye-yeong, what are you doing? Pick up.
Mi-yeong called.
That idiot.
She's not answering.
The person is unavailable.
Connecting to voicemail.
You didn't send the photos.
Jeong-hwan, you didn't send the photos.
I dozed off. Did you shower?
You haven't sent the pics.
Yes, I did. I sent them. I did.
Open the door.
Byun Hye-yeong, open up! It's me!
Open up!
I know everything, so open the door!
Hurry up!
Byun Hye-yeong!
I'm here. I know everything! Open up!
Open this door!
Cha Jeong-hwan!
Why you!
Why is living together a bad thing?
Shut up, will you?
How can you, of all people,
do this to me?
Break up with her immediately.
I can't. I'm planning to marry her.
She can never be my daughter-in-law.
What's this? What is this for?
Will you accept my apology?
Mr. Cha? What are you doing here?
What sort of bad fate is this?
We should still let them marry.
You want us to become in-laws?
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