My Father Is Strange (2017) s01e20 Episode Script

Episode 20

Cha Jeong-hwan!
Why you!
-You! You!
-Mom? Mom!
Come here!
-Please calm down.
-Who are you?
-I'm sorry.
-Move! Move! Come here! Hey!
What are you doing to him?
-Hey! Let go of me!
-Listen! You have the wrong person!
Why are you beating my son?
Lashing out like that… Why my son?
Beat your own daughter if you must!
You! You…
And beauty products?
Have you been living here with this girl?
I don't believe this.
I had no idea you were living with her.
Cha Jeong-hwan!
Put that on.
Put that on and follow me out.
Jeong-hwan, you brat. Where are you going?
-Who are you going after?
How dare you raise your voice right now?
Ingrate! You ingrate, Cha Jeong-hwan!
How could you live with her
behind my back?
Ingrate! Ingrate! Goodness!
Why are you all here?
What is it?
Is something wrong?
Yes. Dad…
You guys go on up.
Go upstairs!
Let's go.
Did you hear?
I did.
Go on in.
You come with me.
Where is everyone?
What's taking her so long?
Mom couldn't have fallen ill, right?
Neither Hye-yeong nor Mom is picking up.
I'm going to lose it.
I should've gone with her.
I should've got in the cab with her.
I'm sorry.
Sorry? You're telling us you're sorry?
This is why
you wouldn't let us visit, right?
You didn't let your dad help you move
or give us the building or room number
as you'd planned to live with him
all along, right?
I'm sorry.
And yet,
you were able to swallow
the beef bone soup
your dad spent three days making?
You had all those side dishes
we gave you without any qualms?
How could you deceive us like this?
How could you put on a poker face
and come see us every week?
I'm sorry.
Friend from a school club?
College classmate?
And yet you call yourself my daughter?
How can you call us Mom and Dad
without any qualms?
How can you deceive your parents
like this?
I really am sorry.
But I didn't deceive you.
He was in my club
and was a college classmate.
I said I was living with a friend.
I never said that friend was a woman.
Excuse me? Do you consider that an excuse?
If that's not deception, what is?
You pretended not to know him
at the police station
and brought him here to apologize.
Do you think that little of us?
Do parents mean that little?
No, it's not that. It's just that
you would've said no if I was truthful.
Shut up, will you?
How dare you talk back in this situation?
How can you open your mouth
after what you've done?
We'd supported everything you did,
yet you give us some insane excuse?
Is that how I taught you?
Is that how your mom taught you?
How dare you deceive us
and live with a man?
How can a grown young woman dare
to live with a guy?
How dare she talk back
after what's she done?
She'll never admit to being wrong. Never.
Hye-yeong, please hurry up
and ask for forgiveness.
Please keep this in your room.
-What is this?
-Oh… It's a purse.
When Hye-yeong comes out of that room,
she might kill me and this purse too.
Hold it for me until tomorrow morning.
Okay, I will. But what's wrong?
Don't ask. Hurry up and go in.
-Oh, okay. I'll go in.
-Okay. I will.
Come in!
Ingrate! Undutiful son!
-You're a real ingrate! A real ingrate!
How could you think of living with a woman
in the apartment I bought you?
You call yourself a son?
How? How can you betray me?
I'm sorry.
This is why you wouldn't let me visit
and changed the passcode, right?
Wow. How could you after how I raised you?
I'm sorry, Mom. But this isn't
something to get this angry about.
What? I shouldn't be angry about this?
Mom. I'm 38.
It's not that wrong
of your 38-year-old son
to live with the woman he wants to marry.
Oh lord.
What's all this commotion?
Is something wrong?
This rascal.
This rascal was living with a woman
in the apartment I bought him.
Living with a woman?
If there's a woman you love,
you should introduce her to us
and get married,
not shame us by living with her.
I am planning to.
We haven't dated long enough
to talk about marriage,
but I plan to do right by her.
She's not some short-term fling, Dad.
Are you proud of what you've done?
You should apologize
and beg for forgiveness.
Do you think your mom got you a place
so you can live with a girl?
No. I'm sorry.
I'm not saying I'm proud of myself.
What I meant is that I lived with her
as she's someone I want to marry, Mom.
Don't be ridiculous.
You're not marrying her.
How can you marry a nobody like her?
Don't you know her parents run
a gimbap shop?
How dare you deceive me?
Living with a woman? A woman? Huh?
We need to talk.
Mom, should I lay out the futon for you?
Byun Hye-yeong, what happened?
Why do you ask?
I'm sure you heard everything.
I got caught living with some guy.
Yet why are you so brazen?
How can you look so smug?
And when Ra-yeong caught you,
you should've come home and dealt with it.
But you bought her silence with a purse?
If you had come clean then
or quickly moved back home,
it wouldn't have gotten this bad!
Yes, I know. I do.
I regret that I shot myself
in the foot like this.
But I didn't know
you'd revile me like this too.
Is it that bad for two adults in their 30s
who like each other to live together?
Byun Hye-yeong!
Why'd you lie
if you thought you were right?
I didn't lie because I thought
I was wrong.
I knew Mom and Dad would say no.
I knew it'd take too much time and effort
to make them understand and come around.
Bottom line is, you did lie to them.
-Mom's crying right now because of you!
-Mom's crying?
I'll never forgive you, Hye-yeong.
Hey, Byun Ra-yeong!
Didn't you feel guilty
when the entire family
sent you off with such fanfare?
You were only moving in with some guy,
so didn't you feel bad
taking the beef bone soup
Dad took three days to make?
I did feel bad.
Do you think I have
no conscience whatsoever?
I'd told him over and over not to bother.
I said no sendoff.
I said I'd move out alone.
But he insisted. What was I to do?
Do you think I wanted to take that?
How dare you raise your voice
despite everything?
You just drove a stake
through Mom and Dad's heart.
Fine! Let's say I did!
But do you have the right to chew me out?
I know I'm in no position
to criticize you,
but you still shouldn't have done this.
If I mess up, I disappoint Mom and Dad.
But if you mess up, you're betraying them.
Don't you know what you mean to them?
The high hopes they have for you,
how much they rely on you,
and how proud they are of you.
Do you really not know?
Yes, I do. I know.
But their interest and expectations
burden me.
For 34 years,
I've always had to be good to them,
never disappoint them,
always live up their expectations.
Yes! I know I must be their pride and joy!
Do you know how tough
and burdensome that is?
Why me? Why me?
Why must I suffocate
under the weight of their expectations?
So you're saying you did nothing wrong?
Did I say that?
But that's what it sounds like.
Living with a guy isn't bad.
Consenting adults can live together.
We're all being stuffy
by giving you a hard time
because you didn't tell us.
She can never do wrong.
She's always right.
You've always been good
and never let us down,
but you did mess up this time.
Go look at Mom and Dad's faces.
Go see what you've done.
Never in my life have I seen Dad look
so upset nor Mom crying so plaintively.
For once, I'm really disappointed in you.
Al, it's been a while,
so get some fresh air
while I practice my lines, okay?
It seems like something's definitely up,
but no one will tell me.
Mother, should we check out
the model house by the gas station
on the main road tomorrow?
What for?
You get free paper towels
just for visiting.
They will also draw for a rice cooker.
Really? Then we must go.
Goodness me. What are you doing here
this late with a pillow in tow?
Grandma, can you put me up for the night?
I don't see why not.
But what happened?
Did you fight with Mi-yeong?
No, it's way more serious.
Why? Is something wrong?
There's been a fiasco at our house,
Uncle Yeong-sik.
Another fiasco?
Bigger than Han-soo bringing a son home?
Tell us, Ra-yeong. What is it?
Na Min-ha, go to your room.
Why? Am I not allowed to hear?
No. Not for underage ears. Scram.
Son, I think you'll have to hurry in.
It's gotten me more curious.
Oh, my. Goodness gracious.
Good heavens.
How could Hye-yeong deceive us like this?
I know. I never would have imagined.
How could Hye-yeong…
I'm worried about Yeong-sil.
Han-soo's thing only just happened.
Man… Hye-yeong, that imp.
Hey, how is your mom?
I didn't get to see her,
but Mi-yeong saw and said she was bawling.
Goodness me. But of course.
Her heart must have shattered
into a million pieces.
I should go check on her. I should go.
Mom, sit down. Sit. It's too late.
That's right, Mother. Go tomorrow.
Yeong-sil must want to be alone tonight.
How could Hye-yeong stab her
in the back like this?
Her mom has always been so proud of her.
Goodness me. Talk about a betrayal.
My goodness.
Lie down, honey.
You must get some sleep.
Lie down.
You're too shocked to know you're tired,
but you'll collapse
if you sit there all night.
Lie down.
Lie down and close your eyes at least.
I laid the futon. Lie down.
Ra-yeong's sleeping over at Grandma's.
Wretched girl. Wretched girl…
It hurts.
How can you do this to me? Huh?
I was too ashamed to mention it
in front of Han-soo.
You opened the door in your bathrobe?
How could you?
How could you, of all people,
do this to me?
Mom, don't cry.
Why's she crying?
Why are you crying?
Hit me instead, okay?
Hit me until you feel better
instead of crying.
The stew's done,
so turn the stove off in one minute.
Mi-yeong and I will go get Mom and Dad.
Let's go, Mi-yeong.
You should eat.
Mom, get up so we can eat.
Dad, let's eat.
I'm not hungry.
I'm not hungry either.
Go on and eat without us.
How can we eat if you guys don't?
Have a little
even if you don't have an appetite.
you must eat so the kids can eat
and get to work. Please?
Mom, get up and eat just a little.
You didn't eat yesterday either.
You'll pass out.
I'm really not hungry.
Honey, get up. Let's eat a little at least
so the kids can eat.
Mom, please?
Let's eat.
Thank you.
When did you get in last night?
I've no idea.
I got home around seven.
Is something the matter?
There is a bit of a problem,
but don't worry about it.
Please excuse me.
I'll make sure she eats later.
I won't need Mr. An's file anymore, right?
Oh, right.
Mr. An's live interview is today.
No. I don't have to watch this now.
They are the stars of Oh, My Boss.
Lee Hye-rim, Jin Seong-jun, An Jung-hui.
I heard Oh, My Boss is
a reference to father.
Oh? Isn't that a spoiler?
Oh? Is it?
Is it a spoiler, Mr. An?
Is it? Right. Isn't that a spoiler?
So now we can't talk about their fathers.
Do the three of you have
fond memories of your fathers?
My dad and I take
a lot of pictures together.
He enjoys it a lot more than I expected.
Photos. That's nice.
Mr. Jin Seong-jun,
you're famous in showbiz for being
very close to your father.
Some of you may know,
but my dad and I often travel together.
We take a trip
after every project of mine.
I think the countries we've visited
outnumber those we haven't.
Wow, how impressive.
What about you, Mr. An Jung-hui?
A memory with my father…
Hurry up and answer.
Why can't you answer?
There's nothing grandiose…
When he fed me the ends of gimbaps.
Pardon? Your father did?
Yes. He fed me gimbap ends.
It's a very modest memory.
Is it?
Do you want to try this?
The ends are the best part.
Isn't it good?
That's his only memory of his dad?
Oh, right. He hadn't met Dad until now.
So it's modest.
Are you doing yoga today?
Yes, of course.
Do you want to come too?
Yoga everyday? I have a class.
I can join you, right?
Of course.
Wow. The lunch today is amazing.
Aren't you having rice?
Should I bring you some?
I have to lose weight.
Oh, come on. You have no weight to lose.
Right, Cheol-su?
Huh? Well, I suppose.
Really? I'm not fat?
Then let me have just one.
Have this too.
Well, then…
Thank you.
Can I have this?
Go ahead.
I didn't eat much for dinner last night.
This feels tight. Did I eat too much?
Slow down.
You must be friendly to everyone.
No… I'm very selective.
I have to go as I have a class.
What? You're just going to leave?
I gave you two of my dumplings.
Shouldn't you get me a coffee at least?
Why are you being like this with me?
I don't know. Guess.
Isn't this wrong of you?
Fine. I'll get you coffee,
so come with me.
-Cheol-su, where are you?
Why? What is it?
Come to the lobby cafe pronto.
I'm with Yeong-hui.
It's urgent. Come right away.
Pardon? Hello?
It seems tastier
because you got it for me.
You said you had a class.
-I called him.
-What is it?
I couldn't let this slide, so I'm going
to say this with both of you here.
You see…
Don't you think this is disrespectful?
Cheol-su, I told you, didn't I?
-Told me what?
-I told you your boyfriend's weird.
What do you mean?
What I'm saying is!
Your lover is…
Coming on to me.
So you think we are…
We're not animals. This is unacceptable.
Cheol-su, I'm telling you as a friend.
Break up with him. He's no good.
-We're twins.
-So what if you're twins?
You don't look the same.
We're fraternal twins.
Park Yeong-hui, Park Cheol-su.
So you're brothers?
Do we make a good pair?
Have a nice day.
You're nuts, Byun Ra-yeong.
What have you done?
So this means
they're not in a relationship.
What am I going to do?
What did I do? What did I say?
Let's see.
Have a good one.
Hang in there
even if love is tough, Cheol-su.
Which side is prettier?
Does my head smell?
Your boyfriend's weird.
I'm done for. I'm completely done for.
Byun Ra-yeong, let's die.
Let's die.
Excuse me.
If you're done, can you come out?
I can't leave.
I'm staying here forever,
so find another stall!
I can't call her
because she left her phone.
Wonder if she's okay.
How can she be okay?
It's bad here, so it must be worse there.
What is she like?
She's a lawyer.
We were in the same college club.
She's 34.
She's pretty, smart, successful,
and attractive.
Like I said, we haven't discussed
marriage as we haven't dated long,
but I already know she's the one.
I know I'll never get to meet
anyone else like her in my life.
If you're so madly in love with her,
you should have been more respectful.
How could you live with her?
Dad, young people these days
have ideas and values very different
from your generation's.
We don't think marriage is necessary,
and we believe it's okay
to live together before marriage
if there is love.
Living with Hye-yeong
wasn't out of disrespect.
We just wanted to spend
more time together,
get to know each other better,
and make sure we were compatible.
They all sound like lame excuses.
How can you be so self-centered?
Why can't you take her
and her parents into consideration?
If I had a daughter
and some guy talked her
into living with him before marriage,
I'd never forgive the scoundrel.
Anyway, you have nothing to be proud of.
Apologize to your mom properly. Got it?
Yes, Dad.
Come downstairs. Let's eat.
I'm sorry.
I was wrong to deceive you
and live with Hye-yeong.
I was too dazed yesterday,
but you were already dating her
when we were at the police station, right?
How could you put on such a charade
in front of me with a straight face?
I'm sorry.
And yet you got top-grade beef
and went to her mom to apologize?
How could you make such a fool of me?
I didn't do that, Mom.
I was fuming all night
that I didn't sleep a wink.
How could you deceive me
and betray me like this
after how I'd raised you?
I'm sorry. It was wrong of me.
He says he's sorry.
When someone's remorseful and apologizes,
you should be gracious and forgiving.
Let's first eat.
Hey, you eat too.
Break up with her.
And move back in here as of today.
Just so you know, I'll have the realtor
put the apartment up for sale.
Mom, I can't.
I'm planning to marry her.
Not her!
She's out of the question.
How can you say that
after you saw how she was to me?
But you were out of line.
Who would just sit back and let her
own mother be falsely accused of theft?
Excuse me? How dare you, you ingrate?
And what you saw isn't all there is
to Hye-yeong.
Once you get to know her,
she's a great person and a great woman.
If you meet her a few times,
you'll see that your son
found a great person.
Don't spew such nonsense.
They say first impressions are everything.
How can you think of marrying a girl
who's so unruly and classless?
There's absolutely no way,
so break up with her.
I can't break up with her.
It was unbearably tough
after we broke up eight years ago.
This time, we're not breaking up
no matter what.
What do you mean eight years ago?
Don't you remember?
My girlfriend eight years ago,
my college club friend Byun Hye-yeong.
Her… Her…
So she's that girl from back then?
Yes. It's the same Byun Hye-yeong.
We broke up eight years ago,
and then reconnected recently.
Good heavens.
I knew I had seen her before.
You remember how tough
it was for me after Hye-yeong and I
broke up eight years ago.
Please give us your blessing.
I can't break up with Hye-yeong this time.
Then all the more reason for me to say no.
She can never be my daughter-in-law.
Over my dead body.
Break up with her immediately.
But Mom…
You're seeing your girlfriend
from eight years ago?
But why did that anger your mom even more?
Right? I don't know
what set her off either.
So it was her?
She's become a lawyer?
It is her.
But did that shrew remember me?
Is that why she came at me with such fury?
Goodness me. The insolence…
Oh, my. You've grown haggard overnight.
You don't look that great yourself.
How are your parents?
They're still very angry, right?
As you can imagine…
I'm sorry.
Geez. Why are you sorry?
I'm sorry I got caught.
Truth is, I got caught too.
Those photos…
I sent them to my mom by mistake.
Oh, that makes sense.
I was puzzled by how they had barged in
at the same time like that.
I was in my bathrobe too.
I'm sorry.
Yes. That you should be sorry about.
I was nuts.
How could I open the door in my bathrobe?
My mom really must've wanted
to die yesterday.
I'm really sorry.
Well… What can we do? What's done is done.
Don't dwell on it.
But I might be out of touch for a while.
If you can't call,
text me every now and again.
I will.
Are you okay?
Don't worry about me.
I don't know what to tell you,
but to hang in there.
Battery recharged. 100%.
If anything happens, call me night or day.
I'll run right over.
I have to get back. I have a meeting.
Right. Go on then.
You're here.
I have something to tell you.
Go ahead.
First of all, I'm sorry.
I was thoughtless
and focused only on my side of things.
I was too consumed by my distress,
that I didn't stop to think about yours.
Why did it have to be our dad?
Why did our household
have to suffer the shock?
Why did our family have to be
taken advantage of for your drama
and endure the pain and distress?
So I resented you.
I was watching your interview…
When you were asked about
your fondest memory of your father,
you said it was being fed gimbap ends.
That broke my heart.
We felt you suddenly showed up
and took our dad from us,
but perhaps you see us
as having taken your dad away
from you for 35 years.
I realized that.
Truth is, I haven't come to terms
with this 100 percent.
Like Jun-yeong and Ra-yeong,
I still find this situation strange,
stressful, and confusing.
But now I think I can at least see
that my dad is your dad too.
Will you accept my apology?
Fine since you went
out of your way to apologize.
Thank you.
I got these for you as a peace offering.
It's blueberry, your favorite flavor.
What's this? What is this for?
If you'd allow me,
I'd like to work with you.
Okay. Do that.
Thank you.
Oh, and once again, I'm very sorry.
I'll be good and work hard from now on.
Do a good job.
And don't bring home into work matters.
Yes, sir.
As regards to keeping
home and work separate,
let's clarify a few things.
First, I don't think you should call me
Intern at home.
-The family disapproves.
-What do I call you?
I don't know.
Everyone calls you Miss P. So that?
Hey, but what's Miss P? Miss Piggy?
Then what? Third Sibling?
Not that either…
Then what?
Call me that for now.
Then what will you call me?
Mr. An at home too?
Why? Don't you like it?
No, no. Just call me Mr. An.
So the official title beyond
a one-kilometer radius from home,
and personal title
within a one-kilometer radius.
-What do you think?
Oh. I'll take care of the commute
to and from work if possible.
But I don't think I can do my work
as your manager at home after work hours.
You can't work at home?
But our work tends to be rather fluid.
Then how about texting me
if you need me for work at home?
It's to keep the family
from mistakenly thinking
I'm being overworked.
How can I text you all the minute details?
Then how about meeting
on the rooftop if you text me?
So complicated. Deal.
Deal. I look forward
to our new arrangement.
Yes, come in.
Intern, why are you here?
You're now managing a boy band.
-I think they're looking for you.
Don't worry. I'll handle this.
Take it easy.
Director Kang.
Yes, yes. Of course.
I should've gone to thank you in person.
Hang on.
Yes. I'll be in touch again.
Okay. Have a good day.
-What now?
-I'd like to work with that intern again.
-Assign her back to me.
Hey, It was just a few days ago
that you came in yelling,
demanding a new manager.
Yes. I did,
but I'm just going to stay
with the intern.
Director Kang, I think
Tae-bu's better as a team manager.
And when I take this and that
into consideration,
staying with the intern is
the most sensible.
Leaving the intern
as your manager isn't hard.
-It's not hard, but…
-We're all set then.
Hey, Mr. An. Jung-hui!
I really don't think this is possible,
- but I'm asking just to be sure.
Nothing's going on
between you and her, right?
You're nuts, nuts, nuts!
What are you imagining?
-She's my sister!
-Your sister?
-You said she's your sister.
What I meant is…
She's like a sister to me.
-Wow. Why you…
-I'm off.
Wow. What an oddball.
She probably hasn't eaten.
I'm back.
-Hi, Hye-yeong.
-Mom and Dad?
In their room.
I made dinner,
but I don't know if they'll eat.
Jun-yeong said they haven't eaten all day.
Heat this up. I got grilled eel.
I'm back.
Mom, I got you grilled eel.
Mi-yeong's heating it up.
Get up and come eat.
I heard you barely ate all day.
You should have dinner at least.
I'm not hungry.
I can't stand to look at you, so get out.
Come eat.
Do you want to starve yourself
and collapse?
Since when did you care so much about us?
If you did,
would you have moved in with a guy?
Is it something
you should be this angry about?
Honestly, I just don't understand.
Excuse me?
It was very wrong of me
that I deceived you
and didn't you tell you.
For that, I have no excuse whatsoever.
I'll readily suffer your reproof.
But as for living with Jeong-hwan,
I honestly don't think
it's such a heinous offense.
Why is living together a bad thing?
I love Jeong-hwan.
Jeong-hwan loves me too.
It's not immoral for two adults in love
to live together
because they want to be together.
We're not underage.
We're mature adults in our 30s.
It was meant to be our weekday den,
but we figured
it'd be fine if we were seen
as living together.
We don't think living together
is something immoral and censurable.
The world has changed
a lot more than you and Dad think.
Many young unwed couples live together.
Some want to see if they're compatible,
but others do so out of love,
financial reasons, and so on.
Why'd you deceive us then?
Why weren't you honest and open about it?
Because you'd get like this.
You disapprove of it unconditionally.
You treat me like a criminal
who's committed an immoral offense.
Oh, so you're blameless and proud.
You're right and your parents are wrong.
That's not what I'm saying.
Why won't you recognize changing values?
The value system of you and Dad's
generation is different from that of ours.
Why do you simply say
I'm wrong and vilify me
instead of recognizing
that the world has changed?
So we're stuffy, backward old folks
who can't see the changing tides of time,
unaware that the world has changed?
All we do is unjustly vilify you,
who are blameless and proud?
-In short, we're wrong because
we must change in tandem with the world
but are unable to…
If you'll ignore our values
and live as you will, then leave.
Are you adding fuel to the fire?
Why debate whether or not
living together is right?
Right now, you should ask for forgiveness
to diffuse Mom and Dad's anger.
You're smart,
so why are you being so stupid?
Who's debating
the right or wrong of the matter?
This is about difference,
not right or wrong.
What I'm saying is
not that I'm right and Mom's wrong
but that our value systems are different.
Why does she equate different as wrong?
I'm right and Mom's right too.
We just see things differently.
You must force yourself to sleep.
Otherwise, you'll really collapse.
I'm off.
You should eat today.
Jun-yeong said he'll cook
after the kids leave, so eat with me.
What do you think we should do?
Have you thought about it though?
I'm sure your emotions still run high.
I've thought about it.
We should let them marry.
You want us to become in-laws?
Don't get worked up.
How can I not get worked up?
You know very well
what that woman is like.
What can we do? We have no other choice.
Sure we do.
Must living together lead to marriage?
But Hye-yeong is a woman.
If I could have it my way,
I wouldn't say this,
but we must let them marry.
But why must they?
How can you have no qualms about
marrying Hye-yeong into that family?
You're so different from your usual self.
How come you're so quick
to jump to conclusions?
Do you think I like the solution?
I feel exactly how you feel.
I feel it's a marriage
we can't allow but must.
Hye-yeong is a woman.
And this is Korea.
Yet we do nothing about a daughter
who's lived with a guy?
Think about it.
I'm going down to the shop today.
Why do you always bring me bad luck?
It's just a big mess of entanglements.
It's too disgraceful to even discuss.
I'm fearful people will find out.
Shouldn't you have kept
your daughter in line?
How could she do such a thing
if not to ruin my son's future?
I'm sorry.
I have nothing to say
since you say you're sorry,
but it's so maddening and brutal.
I never should have bought this building.
Talk about ill-fated ties.
In any case,
the cafe is closed for good as of today,
and I put the building up for sale.
I have listed the sale as urgent,
so I'm desperately hoping
it'll be sold ASAP.
Ideally, I'd prefer that you moved out
of the store space and the house,
but I figured you'd accuse me
of being a mean landlord,
so I'll suffer the loss and deal with it.
Just please make sure
our two families won't cross paths again.
I don't even want us
to graze past each other.
Dad, why didn't you say something?
She was putting the blame solely
on Hye-yeong.
Not a peep to Hye-yeong or your mother.
Yu-ju, it's me.
I can't go appliance shopping with you.
No? Oh, well then.
Then I'll send you the list
I came up with.
Take a look at it later.
Yes, okay.
You know I'm a busy man.
You're here, Mr. An.
This wasn't easy. Take good care of it.
Director Kang. Director Kang!
Whoa. Celebrity van.
Mr. An, they gave you a van?
-Will you be able to drive it?
-I'll learn.
I'm good at all physical tasks.
So giddy over nothing.
-First van?
-Of course.
When would I have been in a celebrity van?
This is all thanks to you.
Mr. An, thank you.
Practice so we can go for a test drive.
Yes, sir.
Who could it be?
Huh? What? Mr. Cha?
What are you doing here?
He's Hye-yeong's boyfriend.
Hye-yeong's boyfriend is here.
Why are you here?
It's only right.
I was taken aback.
You should've called first.
Mr. Byun and Ms. Na, I'm very sorry.
I should've come by a lot sooner.
I'll submit to any reproach or rebuke.
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