My Father Is Strange (2017) s01e21 Episode Script

Episode 21

Mr. Byun and Ms. Na.
I'm very sorry.
I should've come by a lot sooner.
I'll submit to any reproach or rebuke.
How dare you come here?
I'm sorry.
Have a seat first.
You sit down, too.
Say what you have to say.
I'm sorry.
I should've come earlier
and asked you for permission to date her.
I was the one who convinced Hye-yeong
to move out and live with me.
It's all my fault.
I'm deeply sorry.
How could you do such a thing
despite knowing all that?
I'm sorry.
So what's your plan for the future?
If you give us your blessing,
and if Hye-yeong agrees,
I want to marry her.
Who said you could marry her?
How can we give our precious daughter
to someone as rash and hasty as you?
If you had considered our feelings at all,
you couldn't have acted so irrationally.
You convinced her?
Living together might seem like
no big deal to you,
but Hye-yeong is a woman.
If you really treasured her,
how could you do such a thing?
Mom, I…
I'm not a little kid anymore.
I wanted it myself, so I chose to do it.
-Shut up. Who told you to interrupt?
-Yeah. Keep quiet, Hye-yeong.
I'm sorry.
Okay. Now that we know how you feel,
you should leave for now.
-But Father…
-I said leave!
I'll go for now.
If your anger subsides a bit,
I will come back to formally greet you.
Why would you come back?
We want nothing to do with you.
I apologize again.
I did expect it,
but your parents were very angry.
You fanned the flames.
Why suddenly bring up marriage?
I just planned to atone for my sins,
but your father asked me…
Leave. I have to head in.
-My mom was so angry.
-Yeah. Head in.
I'll be going.
-Go in. Call me.
That was a shocker.
What? Marriage?
Oh, I'm dead meat.
Oh, I'm taken aback.
He coaxed her into it?
Nevertheless, how could she fall for it
and take his side?
Good job.
If you hadn't gotten so angry,
I would've gotten much angrier.
I couldn't say
a tenth of what I wanted to.
I was just getting started,
and you told him to get up and leave.
I was too mad
to sit there looking at his face.
You should've let me cuss him out.
You must be surprised.
He didn't tell me he was coming.
I didn't know he would come.
Surprised? Over this?
When our most trusted daughter
lied to us and secretly lived with a man?
And how dare that jerk come here?
How did you treat him
so he just waltzes in here shamelessly?
How am I supposed to respond to that?
He said he couldn't just sit back.
He wanted to apologize no matter what.
So what do you think?
Are you going to marry him?
I'll think about it.
I've never thought about marriage.
You were living with him,
but you never thought about marriage?
Yes. I never thought of it.
Yet you moved in with him?
I'll think about it from now on.
Okay. Think about it.
Yes, sir!
Whose daughter is she?
How dare she hold her head up high?
What are you doing?
Sit down.
-Are you going to marry that producer?
-You heard it all already.
I'd never thought about it, but now I am.
You must've thought about it.
Just let it all out.
Don't tell me you'll never get married.
Tell us. I'm dying of curiosity.
Don't tell Mom and Dad.
I have no plans to get married.
Yeah, why?
Aren't you living with him
because you like him?
I do like him.
But I don't want to get married.
If you like him, why not get married?
Isn't that what people do
when you like someone?
Marriage is a choice now, not a necessity.
The number of unmarried people is rising.
Then you shouldn't have moved in with him.
You tricked Mom and Dad
and moved in with him,
and now you say you won't get married?
You're an awful daughter.
Right, you should think about our parents.
They think you'd definitely get married.
I really don't get it.
You like the guy who has a decent job.
He's not that bad-looking, either.
Most of all, he's willing to marry you
despite your hot temper. So why not?
Right. I said I'd think about it.
Seriously, don't tell Mom and Dad.
Don't tell them, okay?
She's really something.
She really doesn't want to get married.
Come and have a seat.
Did you break up with her?
Why not?
I clearly told you to break up with her.
I clearly told you I can't.
Why, you little…
Are you going to keep disobeying me?
Yes, I'll have to disobey you this time.
Let me tell you once again.
I'm going to marry Hye-yeong.
How many times must I say no?
Marriage is a two-way street.
Why on earth are you so against it?
Hye-yeong is a hotshot lawyer
who everyone looks up to.
Anyone would agree
that she's perfect wife material.
So what if she's a lawyer?
The streets are full of lawyers nowadays.
And what's this about you
rejecting her eight years ago?
What does that mean?
That means no, and that's final.
I hated her eight years ago, too.
She doesn't even say hi when she sees me.
Even if we went
to the police station and all that,
she should at least have the courtesy
to say hello to the mother
of her boyfriend.
I've never seen a wench as rude as her.
Don't even start with her mom.
I said not to talk about her
like that, Mom.
What happened back then--
This conversation is over.
She'll become my daughter-in-law
over my dead body!
So break up with her immediately. Got it?
Why are you leaving?
Answer me first!
Break up with her at once!
Why are you so against her?
Like Jeong-hwan said,
you could meet her first
before making a decision.
I said no.
Like mother, like daughter.
It can never happen.
You have to take my side this time.
If you don't side with me,
you'll be on your own.
Are you asleep?
If you're not, let's talk.
We know you're not asleep.
Wake up, Hye-yeong.
Turn the lights off. I'm going to sleep.
Why don't you want to get married?
We just don't understand it.
You should think about your parents.
If Mom and Dad knew that,
they'd be super worried.
They'll be even more hurt
than when they found out
you moved in with him.
Like Jun-yeong said,
you'd be a bad daughter.
Let's sleep.
She'll think about it
since she said she would.
Lie down. I'll get the light.
Okay. One second.
Come to the rooftop right now.
What's wrong? It's late.
I know it's late.
But you're always in a flock with them,
so I was waiting here.
-Have a seat.
Have things been so combative at home
on account of Hye-yeong?
Since she moved in with Jeong-hwan?
You noticed? Yes.
But why is that a problem?
They're both single.
And they're both adults in their 30s.
This is Korea, not the United States.
A lot of people still have negative views
on living together before marriage.
And the bigger problem is
that Hye-yeong tricked our parents.
She said she'd live with a female friend,
but she moved in with Jeong-hwan.
So my parents feel
disappointed and betrayed.
Hye-yeong has always been
their most proud and trustworthy child.
Hye-yeong is the pride of their life,
especially to my mom.
Dad must feel like
he got stabbed in the back.
Wow, this is a conundrum.
Although it's complicated,
I can understand at least.
That's a relief that you understand.
I was so frustrated that nobody told me.
Well, I'm sorry.
I was going to tell you,
but it was about her private life…
I got it. Don't worry. I understand.
Final question.
What should I do at times like this?
Should I play dumb and do nothing?
It's better to do something.
How about you buy us some porridge?
My mom and dad haven't eaten in two days.
I think they'll eat
if you buy food for them.
What do you say?
You'll get brownie points, too.
It's a win-win.
-Porridge sounds good. Deal.
-I know. Deal!
What should I make for breakfast?
They probably have no appetite.
I should make Mom's favorite,
sesame seed porridge.
Jun-yeong, no need to make breakfast.
What's all this?
Porridge. Jung-hui bought it for us.
Help us set the table.
I'll get Mom and Dad.
Move aside.
It looks delicious, right?
You shouldn't have.
It must have been a hassle
to go out early in the morning.
I heard you have no appetite lately.
So I got special abalone porridge.
Since you like blueberry cheesecake,
I put some in the fridge over there.
Nothing beats sweets
when you're in a bad mood.
You shouldn't have.
Thank you.
All right. Thanks.
Let's have a porridge feast for breakfast.
Let's eat.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
It's good.
It's delicious.
I can see why it's called "special."
It's delicious.
Since when did they get so close?
Mi-yeong should've told me
if she was going to buy something.
I make great porridge.
What are you, a bodyguard?
All right. Keep going, Judo!
-Mr. An is here.
-That's it.
The coast is clear, sir!
What the…
My goodness. I missed the fly.
I was this close to catching it.
What's wrong? Did it hurt?
No, I'm fine.
-Are you going to work?
I see. Get going then.
Get in.
Hey, Judo.
Don't drive so close to the wheel.
Right. Lean back.
Lean all the way back.
Well, it's fine. Go.
I'm sorry. Are you okay?
I thought I pressed it lightly.
It seemed so.
I'm not fine, but I'll get better.
Just go.
Hold on. I think my brain is shaking.
Judo. Will my head break open?
-Get out.
What am I doing?
The actor is driving the manager.
I'm sorry.
I'll practice more.
You'd better do that.
Thank you.
How are your parents doing?
A bit better.
We ate breakfast together today.
That's a relief.
Let's get married.
I meant what I said yesterday.
I want to marry you.
I don't plan to get married.
Of course, you haven't thought about it
because we recently got back together.
But Jeong-hwan, isn't marriage
an old-fashioned institution
that was designed for the era
in which people lived up to 40 years?
Now the average life expectancy
is almost 100 years
and is moving toward 120 years.
Isn't it a bit cruel to only love
one person for your entire life?
Especially in Korea,
marriage is brutally unfair to women.
Why do you think people compare
being a daughter-in-law in Korea
to being an untouchable
in the Indian caste system?
Also, society is never going
to provide me the marriage I want.
I'm not kidding.
Neither am I.
Why do you want to get married anyway?
We've been so happy together.
Let's just keep dating like this.
Until when?
I'm not a woman meant for marriage.
I don't have the confidence or will
to carry out the duties
that come with marriage.
To sum up,
rather than living as someone's wife,
daughter-in-law, or mother,
I would like to live as myself,
for my own sake.
Don't you want to be my wife, either?
That's not all that marriage is about.
I'd rather work on self-improvement
or relax at the theater after work
than come home to be buried in housework.
Then go see plays and improve yourself.
Housework? I'll take care of it.
I don't want to feel guilty
for being bad at housework.
You don't need to excel at housework
just because you're a woman.
I don't want to be tied down
as a daughter-in-law
during holidays and other gatherings.
I'll get it all covered.
I won't let you lift a finger.
And marriage doesn't just work
because two people want it to.
In Korea, marriage is a union
between two families.
Do you think your mom will like me?
I'll do my best to convince my parents.
Because of that time
at the police station,
I know you want to avoid my mother.
I understand.
But that's not how my mother always is.
If it bothers you,
I'll do anything to convince--
I just don't want
to get married, Jeong-hwan.
I've never thought about getting married.
Is it that you don't want to marry,
or that you don't want to marry me?
Then you tell me.
Why do you want to marry me?
Because I love you.
I want to spend my future with you.
Is marriage the only way
to accomplish that?
Marriage can be the grave of love.
I've seen so many people get divorced
even though they got married out of love.
I don't want to hear
generalizations like that.
I'll ask you again.
Is it that you don't want to marry,
or that you don't want to marry me?
I thought that your moving in with me
would eventually lead to marriage.
We're not that young.
And we're not dating for the first time.
I thought you felt the same way.
While living together,
learn more about each other
and see if we're compatible.
Isn't that what we're doing?
So you never had any intention
of marrying?
I had no intention of marrying
in the first place.
Then why didn't you tell me that?
You didn't ask.
Okay. I'm sorry.
Sorry that I wasn't clear enough.
But I have no intention
whatsoever of getting married.
I got it. I understand.
I'm sorry. I'll get going.
Where have you been?
You weren't with her, were you?
Don't drag things along. Just end it.
That brat.
Are you not listening to a word I say now?
This one…
I've been eyeing on this one.
What do you think?
I'm not sure.
Is this a good one?
You can use this one while standing up.
It'll be hard to bend down
when I get bigger.
Oh, this is great.
What do you think, Jun-yeong?
I like it if you like it.
We'll have a lot of laundry
with such a big family.
Doing it all at once
will be so comfortable.
-Let's buy this.
-Sure thing.
These are for our school friends,
and these are for the colleagues.
Now that I'm thinking about
giving out wedding invitations at work,
I'm kind of worried.
Married women with no kids
are the worst in the corporate world.
Once I give birth,
I have to take a maternity leave,
and someone has to fill in for me.
I'm the first to get laid off.
Come on. You're a competent manager.
That's not going to happen.
Who knows?
Do you think all those married women
have been fired
because of their incompetence?
I'm so worried.
So Jun-yeong, you must pass your test.
I know.
By the way, Yu-ju.
Shouldn't I go to your parents' grave
and pay my respects to them?
I think that's my duty.
Jun-yeong, actually…
My parents are alive.
What? Then why…
They divorced when I was young
and both remarried,
and we haven't been in contact since.
I would contact them once in a few years,
but they neither welcomed me
nor cared about me.
They wouldn't come
even if I invited them to our wedding.
They would only see me
as a financial burden
because that's all they care about.
I'm afraid of getting hurt again,
so I don't want to contact them.
I see.
You should've told me earlier.
Sorry. Am I a bad person?
No, I understand how you feel.
You must've had such a hard time, Yu-ju.
I will be your father, your big brother,
and your husband.
I'll be everything you need.
Thank you, Jun-yeong.
Uncle, you're off work early.
You're here.
-Do you want one?
There seem to be many different types
of parents out there.
Why are you suddenly bringing that up?
It just occurred to me.
I want to be a great parent
like Mom and Dad. Will I be able to?
A great parent?
That's not an easy thing to be.
Nowadays, good parents
must be financially well-off.
I've already screwed up.
You can give it a try.
Don't be like that.
No dad works harder than you.
The world doesn't give me a chance
to work hard.
What's wrong?
Is there something going on?
In fact, your wedding will be my last work
before saying goodbye to the photo studio.
The photo studio has closed down.
I haven't told my family
since they'd worry.
Do well and don't end up like me, kid.
Drink up.
Do you have any ramyeon?
Have some snacks.
How can I see Coach Park?
Let's avoid him, at least for today.
I'll die of embarrassment
if I go out like this.
You can have this, too.
Shall we have lunch together, baby?
Enjoy your meal.
Why don't you eat with us?
People might get the wrong idea
if we eat by ourselves.
No, I just ate, so…
I just saw you leave without eating.
Don't be nervous, and just eat.
How can I not be nervous?
You're even making fun of me.
You two seemed suspicious, though.
You guys exchanged rings
and hugged each other,
looking all emotional.
Anyone would think something was going on.
We are overly affectionate
for each other, indeed.
Let go. I don't want anyone
to get the wrong idea.
You're making fun of me, aren't you?
Ms. Byun.
You are pretty cute.
Anyway, I apologize to both of you.
Especially you, Coach Park.
You should've stopped me
when I asked you to be friends.
Why would you become friends
with Cheol-su, but not with me?
It's because I thought
you two had a thing. But now…
What about now?
I mean, that's how it is.
If you don't want me to be your friend,
how about a boyfriend?
Let's continue being friends.
I need to go to class.
Yeong-hui, follow me.
So you want only me
to get an outfit tailored?
What about you?
I'm going to rent one.
Then just forget it.
I'll rent one, too.
I'm not the one getting married.
Why would I need new clothes?
Just get measured.
It's because I want to buy you
a pretty hanbok.
If you say so.
What about me?
Should I wear a hanbok, too?
You can rent one with me.
Well, okay. Sure.
But Hye-yeong will get married soon, too.
So if I buy one,
I can wear it over and over.
That sounds right.
Hye-yeong will get married soon, too.
No, we don't know for sure.
I heard that guy living with Hye-yeong
is the son of that weird landlady.
-Oh, my word.
Then do we have no choice
but to become family with that weirdo?
Like I said, nothing is decided yet.
In fact, I have absolutely no intention
-of becoming her in-law.
-You don't?
But they're already living together,
so they kind of need to get married.
You're quite old-fashioned for your age.
I don't see it that way.
Living together doesn't count
as a blemish nowadays.
I heard young people these days don't
hesitate to live together if they want to.
Mother, take your pick.
Which one do you think I should get?
Turn that frown upside down.
Over here.
You started drinking without me?
What's going on?
Jeong-hwan proposed to me.
We got caught living together.
What did you say?
I said no.
So he's mad at me right now.
Why don't you think it over?
He's decent husband material.
Marriage isn't all that bad.
There are more positives than you think.
Right, if I consider Jeong-hwan alone,
I could picture myself
walking down the aisle.
it would never happen
unless he was born again.
It's because of his mom.
What do you mean?
I met his mother eight years ago.
She treated me
like some kind of low-class tramp
and told me to leave her son alone.
She said one should date
only within one's social class.
That happened back then?
He paid my tuition once.
Because I didn't get paid
for my part-time job.
I found out after the fact,
so I threw a fit
and paid him back immediately.
But on the day his mom came to meet me,
she said, "I guess your parents
can't even afford to pay your tuition."
I knew what people meant
by shooting fireballs out of one's eyes.
So that's why you two broke up?
She really went overboard.
But why didn't you tell Jeong-hwan?
Shouldn't he have known at least?
It was because of my pride.
Now I have confidence in myself,
so I can't talk about it.
But eight years ago,
I didn't want to mention it at all.
I felt like I was some kind of insect.
And I was being considerate
to Jeong-hwan, too.
I can just move on
as if stepping on the poop,
but he can't. She's his mother after all.
Are you really Hye-yeong I know?
Since when did you become so noble?
I'm a low-class dragon.
Hey, low-class dragons are still dragons.
Have you ever seen a dragon
looking after other dragons?
If I get married, I'll have no choice
but to look after my husband and kids.
Your self-love knows no bounds,
even when you're drunk.
I said I didn't plan on marriage,
and my siblings called me a bad daughter.
How does that make a bad daughter?
Staying beside my parents
and putting them first
is what a good daughter does.
Hey, you were born in the wrong place.
You should've been born overseas
or in the future.
This is so unfair.
Why does Jeong-hwan get mad at me?
He didn't even ask me
if I wanted to get married.
He didn't ask me.
So what's so wrong about not telling him?
Yes, you were in the wrong.
You should've told him from the start.
Well, he shouldn't have been born
to a mother like that.
Was I brought to this world
with a mission to get married?
Now that I'm over 30 years old,
nobody asks what my dreams are.
All they ask is when I'm getting married!
Mom, before Yu-ju moves in,
we should reassign the rooms.
Oh, my goodness. I forgot.
I'm sorry, but do you mind
switching rooms with Jun-yeong?
Isn't his room on the rooftop?
I feel bad letting pregnant Yu-ju
climb the stairs.
And it doesn't feel right
to send the girls to the rooftop.
Yes, I understand.
Okay. I'll move.
Thank you.
While we're talking,
I also have something to say.
How about we use the bathrooms
in a more organized way?
We can draw up a schedule.
-A schedule?
We have one more person moving in.
As I told you earlier,
I'm not at all a sensitive person.
But when it comes to bathrooms,
I can be very sensitive.
You have to go to work,
so I'll give you full usage
in the morning.
At other times when I'm using it,
please don't even knock.
How do I know you're in there?
Sorry? That's easy to find out.
We can just put our name tags
on the door when using the bathroom.
As I mentioned this before,
I find it quite challenging
to use the bathroom.
All the knocking honestly drives me crazy
when I sit in there.
I'm sorry to say this in front of food,
but I keep missing my timing.
Do you poop on a schedule?
We could knock if it's urgent, right?
Jun-yeong, if it's urgent,
we can use another bathroom
or the one at Grandma's.
But that's a bit uncomfortable for Mr. An.
That's right.
Let's do that.
It's not like it's in the morning.
Are you all fine with that?
And one more thing.
How about we wear slippers indoors?
I can't get a wink of sleep at night
since you guys stomp over to the bathroom.
It must be since you lived alone
for so long.
Let's do that.
Let's all wear slippers from now on.
I'll prepare slippers then.
You don't have to.
Oh, Ra-yeong,
you didn't pay your monthly expenses.
Monthly expenses?
-Then I'll pay it, too.
-No, you don't have to.
No, I should.
I live here, too.
If I don't, it's reverse discrimination.
Okay then. We'll thankfully accept it.
Mr. An, you need to eat a bit faster.
This is the first day of filming,
so we should leave earlier than normal.
Is today finally the first shoot?
We're here.
Can I get some coffee?
Quince tea is better for your throat
than caffeine,
and it makes you less jittery as well.
Put ice in it next time.
It's hot.
Put a lot of money in!
-Please let us hit it big!
Excuse me, is Hye-yeong--
How are you doing, Jeong-hwan?
Oh, right. You're not doing well.
Mr. An, you should get ready.
Okay, let's go.
Hold on.
The second eldest is doing fine.
In case you were worried.
I know.
Why don't you go get ready
and try not to screw up your first shoot?
Okay, starting the shoot.
Jung-hui, don't be nervous.
Just act natural.
You can hit me hard.
Nervous? You've got to be kidding me.
I'm not nervous at all.
I don't want to leave a mark
on the lead actor's face.
That's my worry.
Okay, let's go.
Watch me go.
Did you have to…
Jung-hui, calm down a bit.
You're walking like a robot.
Sorry. I'll go again.
I'm sorry.
Let's go again.
Ready, action!
-Did you…
Come on, Jung-hui.
What's with you?
You've been walking for 35 years.
Why do you walk so awkwardly?
Relax, and let's get this done in one go.
Loosen up, Jung-hui.
Actors shouldn't be afraid
in front of the camera.
Did you have to…
Is Jung-hui's manager here?
Yes, I'm here.
Jung-hui, drink some water and relax.
Then let's go again.
I'm sorry.
Get me water.
Give me the script.
"Did you have to betray Father?
You know how well
he treated you as a son."
From the top.
Ready, action!
Cut! It's no good.
Scene 52, take 36.
Ready, action!
Did you have to betray Father?
You know how well he treated you as a son.
Okay. Let's move on to the next scene.
We'll just choose from one of those.
Good work.
Aren't you hungry?
You haven't eaten all day.
I'm not hungry. You eat.
I'm going to practice.
I'm not hungry, either.
Shall I read your lines with you?
I guess.
-Here I go.
"I think you never tried
to find Father at all."
"Why did you come back?"
"It's not sudden."
"I've been preparing to do it
for around 20 years."
Hold on.
Try to put at least
an ounce of emotion into it.
You sound like a voice recorder.
"If you missed me,
you could've come to see me."
"I know."
"I needed some time to prepare myself."
I'm really doing the best I can.
Who am I to criticize?
This is so embarrassing.
I was super embarrassed once in the past.
When I did judo,
there was this player
I really wanted to beat.
I went up against her in the final round.
For that match,
I practiced every single day
and practiced one technique
over 3,000 times.
So I went to that final round
and the whistle blew to start the match.
Then I fell down.
I tripped on my own feet
after taking a few steps.
I was totally sprawled out.
My gosh.
I was too embarrassed to even get up.
To make matters worse,
there was an article
in the local paper that day.
With a picture of me
splaying out like this.
Not only did I lose the match,
but I also had a mental breakdown.
I couldn't go near the dojo
for quite some time.
That must've been really embarrassing.
I felt like dying.
If I were you,
I would've thrown the script aside
and gone out for a drink.
But you came back to practice.
I think you're incredible.
What's the point of practicing like this?
I'm not even improving.
You are!
You suddenly get better at some point.
That happened to me before.
I spent a whole year
practicing a certain technique.
It didn't work all the time,
but one day, it suddenly worked.
Like magic.
If you keep practicing,
you'll get better without realizing it.
That's how I eventually beat that player.
Is that so?
Of course.
You practice this hard.
Your acting potential will explode soon.
It might even happen tomorrow.
You laughed.
Hey! I'm going to do it again. Pick it up.
Thank you.
We're here.
You can let go of the handle now.
Oh, I see.
It's Dad.
He must be waiting for you.
Yeah, right.
He did.
He was worried about you all day.
He kept texting me.
Why now?
He didn't care for 35 years.
You must've worked hard.
Have you eaten dinner?
I'm a bit tired, so I'm going to head up.
Oh, sure.
I'm back.
Did Jung-hui do well today?
Yes, he did okay.
I see.
Hurry up. You must be tired.
Have a seat.
I thought you looked familiar.
It turns out you're the girl
from eight years ago.
You knew from the moment you saw me
at the police station, didn't you?
Yes, I did.
You're the one who changed my life.
After I broke up with Jeong-hwan
on that day eight years ago,
I studied like crazy and became a lawyer.
So shouldn't you be thankful to me,
rather than being so rude and spiteful?
You're dating my son again,
so how could you treat me that way?
Both at the police station
and when you came to the cafe later on.
That issue was about my mother,
not about Jeong-hwan.
And if you hadn't been so rude,
I wouldn't have been rude, either.
Fine. No need to drag things out.
Break up with my Jeong-hwan.
I didn't like you then,
and I don't like you now.
Why aren't you answering me?
Are you saying you can't do that?
I'm not the same person
I was eight years ago.
No matter what my choice is,
I'll decide after discussing it
with Jeong-hwan.
Oh, I have a trial to get to.
I'll get going.
My neck…
That stupid brat.
Why does he have
such awful taste in women?
Is this how you're going to do this?
Are you going to keep ignoring me
for that good-for-nothing little hussy?
-Her name is Hye-yeong.
Don't call her a hussy.
She doesn't deserve that.
Why, you little…
You've gone completely insane.
Do you even know what kind of girl she is?
She came to my cafe and threatened me!
She said the building
had an illegal extension.
How can I accept a witch like her
as my daughter-in-law?
How has she changed so much?
She used to be at least obedient
and well-tempered eight years ago.
Now she's spiteful as a viper
and unspeakably crass.
Eight years ago?
What do you mean?
Did you meet her eight years ago?
Yes, I did.
What did you tell her then?
Did you tell her to break up with me?
Yes. I told her to break up with you.
Why? Why would you tell her to do that?
Do you think I would sit back
and let a girl like that ruin your life?
Didn't she take your money
and bleed you dry?
You brat.
How dare you raise your voice at me!
How could you?
You met Hye-yeong
and said that to her face?
What's all this noise?
Did you really do that?
Did you give her
an envelope filled with money, too?
Money? Who do you think I am?
That's exactly what you would do.
I'm ashamed that I took your side,
even briefly.
Are you saying we should let
our one and only son meet
a low-class girl like that?
It's not the first or second time
you disappoint me,
but it never gets old.
What exactly did I do wrong?
You should've called.
Let's talk.
What happened?
Why didn't you tell me that you met my mom
eight years ago?
How did you find out?
Did you break up with me because of her?
It's all in the past.
How is it in the past?
I asked you so many times.
I begged you to tell me why.
Is my mom the reason
you don't want to marry me?
So you didn't want it from the start?
Answer me.
Since we're on the topic,
I'll just say everything.
I really enjoyed myself
spending time with you
If it were only you, and you alone,
I thought I could even get married.
But when I think about your mother,
I'm not confident enough
to have my mother-in-law like her.
I get what you mean. I understand.
In that case…
I'll move out.
I'd be too ashamed to make you live
with my mother as your mother-in-law.
I'll move out. So marry me.
Then we can get married, right?
No. We can't.
Why? I said I'd move out.
Why are you suddenly talking about that?
How can you abandon your parents
to get married?
I refuse to be responsible
for breaking up a family.
And I don't fancy a man
who chooses a woman over his family.
So Jeong-hwan,
let's stop talking about marriage
and just keep dating.
Why did you bring that up
and make things so difficult?
Things were perfect
before we talked about marriage.
For how long?
How long can we date?
We'll have no future if we date like this.
Let's break up.
Let's end it.
I don't want to be a bachelor all my life.
I'm sorry. Let's break up.
Yu-ju is a huge brat.
I'll pay for everything,
from head to your toe.
I won't go in.
Don't worry, and head in there.
I really want to go with you.
Jeong-hwan and I broke up.
Why on earth would you do that?
-Calm down.
-What were you thinking? Move!
I have no intention
of sending her to that family.
Are you running away
from home or something?
Why did you do that?
She's the woman who your very own son
would risk his life for!
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