My Father Is Strange (2017) s01e22 Episode Script

Episode 22

For how long?
How long can we date?
We'll have no future if we date like this.
Let's break up.
Let's end it.
I don't want to be a bachelor all my life.
I'm sorry.
Let's break up.
What's with you all of a sudden?
You caught me way off guard.
I'm sorry about what my mom did
eight years ago.
You don't have to apologize for that.
And I resent you
for not telling me back then.
Even if I had told you,
nothing would have changed.
After that had happened,
I couldn't date you.
Since I couldn't change anything,
I preferred that you didn't know.
She's your mother.
But at least I wouldn't have pathetically
let you go without knowing a thing.
I wouldn't have resented you
for the past eight years.
And I wouldn't have met you again
and had the stupid wish to marry you
and dreaming of a future with you.
I wouldn't have.
You're right.
I'm sorry.
But at the time,
I was doing what was best for you.
But I made the wrong decision back then.
But now I know, okay?
Now that I know,
let's stop thinking about marriage and…
We can't. It's just too late.
Now I realize
that I have no place in your future.
And how much despair that causes me…
You don't understand at all.
We're not in our 20s anymore.
Simply dating each other
to satisfy ourselves seems…
A relationship with no hope and no future.
I don't want that.
Let's break up.
You'll regret this.
I'll deal with that.
Are you sure?
Okay. Let's end it.
No hope and no future?
Is there any hope
in marrying and moving out?
Hey, forget it.
No, thank you.
Hi, Hye-yeong.
Have some fruit.
No, thanks.
Come to my room.
What for? Can we talk about it tomorrow?
I said get in here.
Did you think about it?
You mean marriage?
We broke up.
-You broke up?
Yes. We just broke up before I got home.
No need to worry
about the marriage problem anymore.
What did he do?
What on earth are you talking about?
He just came here saying
he wants to marry you,
and now he said let's break up?
It just happened.
Are you kidding? It just happened.
What happened?
Explain yourself!
He said we should break up.
And I agreed.
You awful girl.
I want to know why!
I said I couldn't get married.
I kept thinking about it,
and I didn't really want to get married.
And I really didn't want Jeong-hwan's mom
to be my mother-in-law.
Despite that, you moved in with him?
If that was your intention,
why live with him?
Did you move in with him
without knowing that?
Even if you didn't know at first,
shouldn't you have come right home
after the incident at the police station?
I'm sorry.
Whatever. You're Ms. Perfect.
How can you be so confident?
Your shoulders are higher than the clouds.
Honey, is this really our daughter?
I never gave birth to a she-devil
like her. Whose daughter are you?
So then he said he wanted to break up?
I see. Go.
-They broke up.
-Oh, my word.
Sit down.
Did you really break up?
Not just a fight, you really broke up?
Yes! We broke up completely!
Why on earth would you do that?
Who said you could? Who?
After turning this house upside down
and stabbing us
in the heart,
you should take responsibility.
What right did you have to break up?
Why did you end things? Why?
That hurts!
So you want me
to become their daughter-in-law?
You want me to move in with them
and live with such an awful mother-in-law?
See? You don't want that, either.
You don't want to live
with Jeong-hwan's mom,
and you don't want me
to move in there, do you?
Who cares if I don't like it?
If you get caught living together,
you have to marry or take responsibility.
Mom, it's 2017.
The world has changed so much.
You have to marry if you live together?
First, rather than marrying blindly
and divorcing,
it's a good thing
we ended things this early.
You're very lucky.
Divorce is such a pain in the butt.
And is living together a crime?
Do I have to go to jail?
And I'm just now telling you this,
but we didn't really live together.
I just moved my things over there.
Due to dad and Jun-yeong's issues,
I was here half the time.
And the other half,
Jeong-hwan was on business trips.
We were only together for a few weeks!
I'd be fine
even if it were longer, though!
What? How dare you?
You little brat.
And I didn't lie.
I couldn't tell you and dad
because you were so mad.
I never said I'll stay
at a female friend's house.
You just assumed it was a woman.
But I never said that, not even once.
Why didn't you ask if it was a guy,
and why did you just let me move out?
I feel so wronged!
-Are you crazy? You think you're innocent?
-Yeah. You were totally in the right.
You're so perfect that
you chose a guy like that.
You chose a guy like that,
and he dumped you.
Why did you break up? Why?
-You think you're so great?
-Calm down.
Move! What were you thinking?
Stop hitting me!
I've been hit so many times already!
This is domestic violence!
I'm going to call the police!
Call them. Do it!
Hey! Call them! Why won't you?
You awful girl!
That jerk.
What are you doing?
Why are you packing your things?
Are you running away
from home or something?
Stop right there! Where are you going?
Answer me!
-I said stop right there! Now!
-What's wrong with you? What's going on?
What are you doing?
Why did you pack your bags?
Do you really not know?
I tried hard to understand you, Mom.
I tried hard to understand you,
even when you were so absurdly stubborn
at the police station.
I took your side in front of Hye-yeong,
and we had a huge fight.
But I can't understand you any longer.
Why did you do that? Why?
Why would you meet
with someone's precious daughter
and then insult her?
Do you think I'm such a great son?
How could you do that?
How could you do something so terrible?
She's the woman your son loves!
She's the woman
who your very own son
would risk his life for!
That kid…
How can he say that to his own mom?
When did he become so bad?
He wasn't always like that.
That hussy made him like that!
It was your fault. Don't blame him!
I did it for a reason.
I did it for the sake
of Jeong-hwan's future.
Did they really break up?
I think so.
She doesn't say what she doesn't mean.
She's mad that she got dumped.
She wouldn't stop talking back at me.
Is that really our daughter?
How can she be so unrepentant
and not care about the consequences?
She is your daughter.
You said you wouldn't let them marry.
I said that because I was angry!
No. You're right.
I wasn't intending to let them marry,
but I also wasn't telling them
to break up.
So what now?
Forget it.
That fellow broke up as soon as
she said she couldn't marry her.
I'm more disgusted by that.
He shouldn't have seduced
our daughter then.
I feel that way, too.
He should have tried to
convince her any way he could.
It's fine.
Hye-yeong is a high achiever.
There's no need to marry her
to a guy who doesn't want her.
Let her decide if she wants it or not.
Why have you changed your position?
You said yourself
the world has changed a lot.
How dare he break up with my daughter?
People marry and break up
like it's nothing these days.
That's that.
I have no intention
of sending her to that family.
Did you change your mind again?
You want to send Hye-yeong there?
-No! Never!
-Then why are you making that face?
I'm just hurt.
I mean, why live together
if it would end like this?
Then that's that.
Why force them to be together?
They weren't meant to be.
Wow. An Jung-hui Time?
It's not time yet.
There's less than a minute left.
But a promise is a promise.
What? I came out a minute early.
Go ahead.
Did you succeed?
Yes. For the first time in 7 days.
You finally had a safe delivery.
This is a great system.
I feel relieved.
Let's eat.
Thank you.
-Are you okay?
Nothing. Forget it.
Eat up.
Mom. I'd like to switch rooms
after we eat.
Okay. I was going to bring that up.
Can we switch rooms after breakfast?
Yu-ju is coming this evening.
Okay. Sure.
Huh? I have to go to work.
I have a lot of work.
It's fine.
You don't need to be here,
but why don't you take today off?
Yeah. Don't worry about anything,
and rest.
What's with all of you? I'm fine.
Jeong-hwan and I broke up.
I'm late.
Thanks for breakfast. I'll get going.
I put clams in the seaweed soup.
It's refreshing. Try some.
Eating right is most important
for bowel health.
Eat a lot of vegetables
and a lot of marine plants like seaweed.
It seems like you succeeded earlier.
This is the most successful morning
since I moved in.
It's all because nobody knocked
and quietly kept their promise.
Please keep it up in the future.
Eat up. You'll need the energy.
All right.
How will we move the bed?
Do we need to call someone?
It'll be hard to move the bed in there.
The bed can't go in?
It's narrower than your room now,
with a tricky layout,
so how about just sleeping on a mat?
How about we order a single mat?
We'll bring your bed
back to your old place.
All right. I guess so.
I'll prepare the bed so it can be
moved back to his old place.
-I'll order the mat.
-It's fine. I have one.
I'm sensitive,
so I can't use just any old mat.
You must be super sensitive.
Hurry and eat.
Eat up, and let's move the stuff.
Jeong-hwan, is something wrong?
You slept in the night duty room.
No, I didn't.
-Get to work.
Just bring it up the stairs.
Careful. Slowly.
You're going too fast! It's expensive.
Slowly. Slowly.
Hold on. Don't hit the corners.
Hey! Wait!
Slowly! Go slowly!
Go up like that.
How pretty. It's so nice like this.
Once the baby is born,
we can put the crib in this spot.
It feels strange.
Now it's all starting to sink in.
So it didn't feel real before?
You're about to become a dad.
I feel so weird.
Mom. I can do this, right?
You have to.
You will.
You'll be a great dad, just like your dad.
What else would you have learned?
You're right.
Oh, my.
I can feel the newlywed
good luck in this room.
It's definitely a newlywed room.
Oh, my goodness.
The furniture is sparkling.
Good for you.
I wish I was born in a time like this.
I was born too early.
Mom, I'll get you new furniture
once my savings account matures.
Your daughter is the best for sure.
-Lucky you.
-I know.
I need that to be able to go on
living with renewed hope.
And this bed… It's great.
Let me sit down.
Wow, it's great.
This is so tiny.
Way too tiny.
I know I should do
all my life's suffering at once.
It'll be super tough to stick it out.
It'll be so hot here
on the rooftop in summer.
I'll have to install
a new air conditioner.
But if you open both doors,
a cool breeze will blow through.
But you'll have to install
an air conditioner.
Of course.
No matter how cool it is,
it's still a rooftop.
I'll get one and have it prepared
before summer comes.
Do that.
Oh, the mat is already here.
And the room's full
since you have two dressers.
It's rather small.
I'm worried you'll be uncomfortable.
There's no other choice.
But this door connects directly
to the roof,
so you can use the roof.
While looking over your script,
you can practice as loudly as you want.
I heard from Mi-yeong that you work out.
Should I put some exercise machines
up here? So you can work out frequently.
No. They'll get ruined in no time
if they're on the roof.
But the roof has benefits.
It's romantic.
And there are lots of dramas like
Rooftop Prince and Rooftop Cat.
If you open the door,
you can see the clear blue sky,
and at night you can see the stars.
I guess so.
Put my lion next to my bed.
Let's get moving, Al.
Don't you have things to do?
Can you take this much time off work?
-Isn't dad getting on your back?
-Dad is looking for you, not me.
Just go away.
Worried that I'll hit on Ms. Byun?
What are you talking about?
It's nothing like that.
Then I'll ask her on a date.
She doesn't have a boyfriend.
Suit yourself.
Come on. Just be honest.
We're twins. I know you.
It bothers me.
Wow, Park Cheol-su.
You like her.
All right. I'll be a good older brother
and give her up.
Bros before girls.
So when will you tell her how you feel?
As if I'll do that.
How could I just say it so easily?
So will you say it in a difficult way?
Say it in French. Je t'aime.
Just get lost!
There's no other way!
Just be honest!
You're a beginner,
so don't play hard to get.
I'm not a beginner!
You can do it,
forever alone Park Cheol-su.
Breathe in, and then breathe out.
Straighten your spine.
You're so good.
Why is my heart racing?
I need to exercise more.
Let's go exercise.
Wow, Park Cheol-su. You like her.
People do this?
Why are you avoiding me?
When did I?
You're avoiding me right now, too.
No. I'm not.
What is it?
I've said all I have to say.
I already apologized
for the misunderstanding.
I have something to say this time.
I like you.
I think I like you, Ms. Byun.
Ms. Byun?
Didn't you say
you loved someone else already?
Oh, that was a lie.
It was a way to get
all the girls off my back.
Or else they'd keep pestering me.
Girls on your back?
So you're saying that you wanted
to get me off your back.
No. I mean, Back then--
I guess you weren't sure if you wanted to.
And you even lied about it.
I got it. I'll get lost.
Ms. Byun!
So now you're saying you like me?
What? I guess it isn't hopeless.
There's still a chance.
Jeong-hwan. What's wrong?
You seemed frustrated all day.
I'm fine. Don't worry about it.
How can I not?
Anyone who sees you can tell that
there's something wrong.
What's wrong? Did something happen
with Hye-yeong?
It's none of your business, okay?
If you keep bothering me about it,
I can't work with you.
Your mother is in the lobby.
She called me.
Why aren't you answering my calls?
Because I don't want to.
Why won't you come home?
How long will you act like this?
Stop this and come back home.
I won't go home for a while.
Are you going to keep doing this?
What did I do so wrong?
This was all for you.
Just stop.
I don't want to be
disappointed in you anymore.
I'm already way too disappointed in you.
I don't think I can see you for a while.
What did you just say?
This is my workplace.
Please don't come back here.
Here's the data you requested.
Good work.
But are you going to look over
all of these?
Please bring me other case studies, too.
And records of other past cases.
Mother, Father, I'm here.
Hi. Welcome.
Welcome. It's great to have you.
Thank you for greeting me.
Aunt, welcome.
Why is she his aunt?
Since he's basically Jun-yeong's brother.
That disgusts me.
You must be hungry.
We'll unpack later. Let's eat first.
No need to be so nervous around her.
I'm just not used to all this yet.
Still, you should start adjusting.
Although you're the same age as Mi-yeong,
Hye-yeong is your sister-in-law.
Mother, what should I do?
Nothing for now.
You can help me later
when you get settled in.
Go and have a seat for now.
Mom, she needs to help out
to get settled in.
Make her start now.
Yes, make me do it now, Mother.
It's fine. Go and have a seat.
If you insist.
Thank you.
This is such a huge family.
How does your family keep getting
bigger and bigger?
It's like Noah's Ark.
It is.
I guess I've been blessed.
I heard that Hye-yeong wouldn't be here,
but she's spoiling the mood.
Where are you going on your honeymoon?
She can't go far, since she's pregnant.
Just go somewhere nicer
once you have the baby.
But you must feel sad.
Everyone goes abroad these days.
It's fine. The location isn't important.
Being together with Jun-yeong
is important.
This is your home now,
so make yourself comfortable.
Yes, Father.
If you're ever uncomfortable, let us know.
Yes, Mother.
And be sure to support your in-laws.
And put your husband first and revere him.
If you respect and cherish your husband,
he'll respect and cherish you back.
Yes, Grandmother. I'll keep that in mind.
And treat
your younger sisters-in-law well.
They're younger,
but they're your sisters-in-law.
Yes, ma'am.
I hope we get along.
We'll see.
And you know about Jung-hui, right?
Yes. I heard about him.
That Jung-hui got a new older brother.
Oh, my goodness.
Don't say "older brother."
Just call me what you do at the office.
Still, we have to use
the proper terms for family.
Yes, sir. I'll call him what you wish.
I hope we get along.
You don't have to hope.
You'll do fine if you put your mind to it.
-What's with the sigh?
Nothing. You know.
It means, "Let's all get along."
Funny, right?
Yeah. Let's work hard to get along.
Wait! The meat is burning.
-Would you take it off the pan?
-I'll turn in. I'm done eating.
-You barely ate.
I had a late lunch.
I'll come back if I get hungry later.
Are you okay?
Are you okay?
I'm fine, really.
Want to grab a drink?
Sounds good.
Are you okay?
Do you know something?
He knows about the Yu-ju thing.
He does?
Then, do you want to get a drink with us?
Do you know
"walk in someone else's shoes"?
Do you?
That means you must put on
someone else's shoes
and walk to see how they really feel.
You must tell brats
like Yu-ju things like that
before they start to act properly.
I feel you.
You guys are so in tune with me.
If they hate you for no reason,
then you give them a reason to hate you.
If you hadn't stopped me,
I would've flown into a rage
and eaten Yu-ju alive!
And during the concept meeting,
I embarrassed her
in front of everyone on purpose.
I also have an awful temper, so I can't
handle anyone messing with my babies.
Wow. You're so in tune with me.
Bottoms up!
Bottoms up! I feel great!
Forget it.
Let's not go to concept meetings again.
I'll take care of my own work.
Hi, Ra-yeong.
I'm in Jung-hui's room.
Hye-yeong is here, too.
How could you not invite me?
But why are you in this room?
Come here. It just happened.
Come in.
What's that?
I'm so annoyed.
Do you know what just happened?
Yu-ju is a huge brat.
Yu-ju, it's me.
What's up?
I wanted to give you this.
What is it? Wedding gifts?
Wow. They're so pretty.
Are you only giving these to me?
The other girls are more petite,
but you know how tall you are.
I can't wear heels tomorrow,
since I'm pregnant.
But I worried you'd outshine me
if you wore heels,
so I got you these instead.
Low-heeled shoes.
So you're giving these to me
so that I won't steal the spotlight.
It's not that.
I'm just asking you to be considerate.
She doesn't want anyone
to be prettier than her?
She's worried because I'm so pretty.
Kim Yu-ju is really something.
She's got some nerve.
If it makes you angry,
don't accept the gift.
But they're so expensive
and so pretty
that I can't just turn them down.
That makes me angrier
the more I think about it.
She doesn't worry
that we'll be prettier than her?
I won't look ugly just
by wearing these flats.
They fit me perfectly.
This is getting me riled up.
Let's show her how it feels
when her wedding
is full of overly pretty guests!
-Shall we?
-Stop! Don't drink that!
Put it down. Your faces will get swollen.
Put it down.
Listen to me carefully.
Let's go to the shop
early tomorrow morning.
I'll pay for everything,
from head to your toe.
We'll teach her a lesson
by having you look prettier than her.
Don't drink!
Jun-yeong, you'll be late. Come down.
Traffic will get bad soon.
We have to leave now to get to Gangnam.
I know, I'm coming.
-We'll be back.
-I wish you could eat before you go.
She's not eating,
since she has to wear a wedding dress.
-See you later.
-See you.
Get dolled up,
and see you at the wedding hall.
Don't rush. Drive carefully.
Sure. Don't worry.
See you at the wedding hall.
-Hurry along.
Mom, Dad, we'll get going now, too.
Right now? Why so soon?
We'll get dolled up at a shop in Gangnam.
Jung-hui's paying for us.
Oh, my. Jung-hui is?
We have no time. Traffic will get bad.
See you at the wedding hall.
Thank you.
Get prettied up.
Although you're all pretty
without makeup anyway. Hurry along.
-Let's go!
They've won the lottery.
All thanks to having a celebrity
as a family member.
I'm happy that they're happy.
Right this way.
Make them prettier
than all the top actresses.
All done.
All right.
Wow! Stunning!
You're a bit too pretty.
Byun Mi-yeong!
Quit feeling embarrassed, and come out!
You'll make us late.
Come out, Judo!
Wow… She's so pretty.
-It's not weird?
-Are you crazy?
After 35 years, I've finally realized
that you are actually pretty.
Please dress like this in the future.
Is it weird?
It's not bad.
-Aren't you getting out?
-Go ahead. I'll be right in.
Hurry up.
Why aren't you getting out?
I should go in with you.
What if something happens
while you're alone?
You're still acting like a manager now?
I won't go in.
Don't worry, and head in there.
Why not?
So many people from the company will be
here. They'll think it's weird if I go in.
I see.
I don't think so.
Yu-ju is in charge of managing you,
and it's my family member
who's getting married.
I don't think anyone
will think it's weird.
And I really want to go with you.
Then let's do that.
Father. I'll head
to the bride's waiting room.
You're so pretty.
Oh, my.
-I'll take a lot of photos.
-Thank you.
-You're pretty.
Wow. You're so pretty, Yu-ju.
You look like an angel.
Wow, I can't handle hearing that sober.
-He really has no shame.
-He's on top of the world right now.
Go on up. Take a picture with her.
Have a seat.
Scoot closer.
How nice.
Oh, my word!
They're so pretty.
You girls should be getting married.
Congrats, Jun-yeong.
Thank you.
We should take a picture with you, too.
With you first, Yu-ju.
Oh, okay.
How nice.
Smile, please.
One moment.
Oh, my word! Wow! Fantastic!
One moment.
What a fine pose! Incredible!
Bride, please smile.
Great poses.
How nice.
Welcome. Thanks for coming.
-Thank you.
-You made it!
-What brings you here?
You're at a coworker's wedding for once.
My manager's family member
is getting married,
so I had to come.
You didn't go
to your manager's wedding before.
-Did you eat? Are you hungry?
-I didn't eat.
Let's sit next to each other.
This is great!
Head in. I'm going to the bathroom.
-Are you sure you know what you're doing?
-One second. I'll try this.
-Do you really know how to do it?
That's wrong!
Oh, no… One second.
No, I can do it.
Come here.
You put this over, and here,
and put this part in.
Like that.
-What are you doing?
-I'm fine.
-Let go! No!
-I'll do it!
The wedding ceremony will now begin.
The bride and groom may now enter.
Now the bride and groom
will read their wedding vows.
I can't promise
that I won't make her do dishes,
but I'll take care
of the cooking and cleaning.
I won't make my husband be the only one
in charge of the household.
I earn more than he does.
She's awesome.
Although a six-pack is impossible,
we'll exercise regularly
so we can live a long time.
The oldest family member will now come
onstage to offer her blessing.
Oh my, I couldn't.
Go up.
I'll courageously say a few words.
I didn't know my grandson
would get married so early.
He failed the public service exam
for five years,
but he passed and got a job this year,
and he's getting married,
and oh, dear, he's just way too impatient,
so they already have a baby on the way.
They just got it all done
at lightning speed.
She's already pregnant?
He's such a nice boy,
I'm sure he'll trust
and take care of his wife
and form a great family.
And most importantly,
you reap what you sow.
My son-in-law
is the world's most hardworking
husband and father.
Since Jun-yeong saw that growing up,
he's definitely taken it to heart.
Cheers for my grandson Byun Jun-yeong!
I love you!
Now we'll take pictures with the family.
Family members, please step forward.
Grandmother, please smile.
Great. You're a bit too close.
Please spread out a bit.
Please smile.
-I'm leaving.
-You're not eating?
I have to rehearse. Enjoy the food.
Let's see some smiles.
Say "cheese." Look this way.
I'll take another.
Great. One, two!
-Have fun!
-We'll get going. Don't worry.
Have a safe trip.
-Have nice dreams.
Of me.
You'll be late. Hurry and get in.
See you later.
Oh, my.
You two went through a lot today.
You went through a lot.
Hooray! One down, three to go!
One down? Come on.
You just got two more in no time,
both a daughter-in-law and a grandchild.
But he's gone for now.
Yeah! How about you buy us dinner?
Shall I?
There's a karaoke machine inside.
Shall we indulge?
I don't know why I feel small
In front of you
My eyes fill with tears
When I stand behind you
Oh, my goodness… What's up with him?
-Come on.
Let's do it together.
I didn't know you liked me
What do I do? This is so great
It feels like a dream
Pinch me, it feels so great
Thinking that you might like me
I'll get going.
What are you doing here on the weekend?
Did you come to get your phone?
My phone?
Didn't you lose your phone?
It's not here.
When did I lose it?
It's here.
I called you earlier,
but someone else picked up.
It was a taxi driver.
Thankfully, he brought it over to me.
Thank you.
Where are you? I'm here.
I'm waiting for you to roll over here.
I'm rolling over.
Almost there.
But why do you want to meet at Namsan?
It's classic.
We couldn't come to Namsan
when we were in college,
so I wanted to come once.
There's a lot of things you want to do.
A lot I want to do with you.
Heart, heart, heart.
Hye-yeong, have you eaten?
I'm worried that you're starving again.
Don't worry about me,
and make sure you eat.
Don't just have instant noodles again.
I miss you.
I feel like you'll give me energy
if I see you.
I miss you, too.
Jeong-hwan! It's me.
I'm on my way to the TV station.
Can you meet me?
Okay. I'll be waiting.
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